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Saturday 01.31.2009 — Power Rangers to go animated..?

January 31, 2009

Now that Mighty Morphin Power Rangers bible author Jack Olesker has gotten situated at Rangerboard, he’s posted a “challenge” to the fans of Power Rangers: create a new season — from the characters, suits, zords, weapons.. the whole world. “Could you be hinting at something?” “Aren’t we perceptive? :)” “Budget would not be a consideration. Trust me on this.” “Either this is hypothetical (which I doubt), or animated.” “And me being the president of an animation studio. My, my…just think of that! (Yes, you may all consider one layer as having been peeled away and revealed.)” Hmmm, interesting. I recall hearing of Disney trying to turn Power Rangers to animation twice, but was ultimately scrapped both times. Perhaps the third time will be the charm… Mr. Olesker has asked that the thread be closed on February 7th (aka the deadline), then hinted at giving some sort of gifts on February 14th. 😉

I awoke in the morning and got online for a while. And then I took over the TV and watched Best Week Ever (haha.. I guess), 10 Items Or Less ( *blinks*), Batman: The Brave And The Bold (this one was alright) and Star Wars: The Clone Wars (awesome episode, loved it). My dad took off somewhere.. so I got online again..

But soon, my wait was finally over and I watched today’s new episodes of Kamen Rider Dragon Knight (whoa, I definitely see some improvement over the first four episodes.. still getting better every week 🙂 ). And then I also watched The Whitest Kids U’Know (they cut the episode length in half for this season.. and the episodes somehow became better? wow.. I especially liked the skits about dumb people running the news and the car commercial haha).

My dad returned home and we eventually watched Pineapple Express on Blu-ray. I enjoyed it about as much as I did the first time I saw it, in the theater. I chose the extended version, but didn’t really notice anything different. And most of the special features were in standard def. Ha. What I found really odd though was that the menu didn’t load up right after the movie was over. It was just the montage playing and at first and I was all “wtf is this?”. Then I scrolled from side to side and the menu suddenly appeared.. in parts. :/

I dread the thought that I’m wearing out my PS3 already. I use it literally every day since I’ve gotten it. And now this, as well as not being able to load video data discs correctly. I burned Crusoe today and the first time I loaded the disc, it would take forever trying to play the episodes then would come up with “this file is corrupted”. Then I take the disc out and put it back in.. and all is good now. That’s happened a couple times already. *sigh* 😦

I wanted to watch another movie, but my dad didn’t. Especially after I told him I wanted to watch Saw V next. Haha. Oh well.. I returned to my room slightly angered and got online for a while. We had supper, then I soon went to the bedroom DVR and watched two episodes of Everybody Hates Chris (haha).. and two episodes of Supernatural (the 1/15 & 1/22 episode.. about time I started catching up with this one again.. good episodes, hoping to fit in the latest one tomorrow). I also fit some syndicated Family Guy somewhere in there..

And I also wrote some more Truth Seekers: Prometheus. I thought the way I planned and writing out out the plotlines for a little while there (during Monark, Meta Theta Pi etc) started making the stories feel artificial in some way, so now I’m back to the old “write whatever comes to mind” option that I used for most of the original Truth Seekers. I’d like to introduce more new characters (from their POV), but I think I’ll wait until after the world-changing event that I’ll be hinting and foreshadowing for a little while. :p

See ya.

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middleman dvd / twilight borders dvd / spec spidey v2-3 art / today

January 30, 2009

The Middleman Executive Producer Javier Grillo-Marxuach has announced on his Middleblog that the ABC Family scifi comedy series The Middleman will finally head to DVD in Summer 2009. I thought this show was pretty good, and with ABC Family still unsure about picking up a second season, I’ll probably be in store on release date to get my copy and support the show. 🙂 Expect its release to be timed with the San Diego Comic Con, since the series is based on Javier Grillo-Marxuach’s comic book of the same name. And Shout! Factory will be releasing it, so I’m sure it’ll be a great DVD. 🙂

Warner Bros has now announced the second Watchmen tie-in disc release. Watchman: The Complete Motion Comic will first arrive on DVD & Blu-ray on March 3rd, as I previously reported. But now on March 24th, Warner will also release Watchmen: Tales Of The Black Freighter & Under The Hood onto DVD & Blu-ray.. “The release includes a pair of stories that were in the original graphic novel, but are not included in the upcoming feature film. One is animated and the other is a live-action piece staring some of the film’s cast.” Sounds like they excised these segments from the film because they made the runtime a bit too long for theaters. I think I’ll buy both on Blu.. and then the latter material will probably show up in some “Extended Cut” release of the film sometime down the line. :p ..I should get to reading this. I downloaded it a long time ago.. Hmm..

Twilight fansite His Golden Eyes has images and other details on a Borders Exclusive Special Edition of the Twilight DVD, in stores on March 21st. The store’s exclusives include alternate digipak packaging, a booklet, 10 photo cards and some exclusive disc content as well. Cool. 🙂 Wish I could get that, but Borders may be more expensive with it. Plus I prefer to get the Blu-ray version, so I dunno..

TVShowsOnDVD now has updated DVD cover art for The Spectacular Spider-Man, Volume 2 & Volume 3, making sure to make mention of which episodes are on each DVD on the front cover (as well as titles on the back). Ack. It’ll be odd having a “movie” disc for episodes 1-3 and “volumes” for the rest. Since Sony was gauging interest in this series by its DVD release, what may have happened was that the first DVD didn’t sell as well as expected and they have canceled the “Season 1” double-dip release that a lot of fans held off for.. 😦

I awoke in the– well.. wait.. No, I didn’t. Not really. I stayed online a lot of the night. And then I nodded off in a chair for a few hours, then in another chair for a little while longer. But I was mainly awake all night. My dad awoke and eventually left for dialysis. Then I watched Cinematic Titanic (lol.. finally caught up, yay). Though I fell asleep again during it and had to rewind once I awoke. :p

After that, I watched the latest episode of Crusoe (episode 12.. it’s getting good again 🙂 ..damnit, “To Be Continued” ending lol.. hope it airs tonight in Canada again, so I’d have the season finale at least by tomorrow.. a day earlier than NBC), then another Wolverine And The X-Men (episode 7 “Wolverine Vs Hulk”.. I just don’t see why so many think this is a good show.. there are good elements, but they’re just not very prominent 😦 far anyway.. episode 15 aired last weekend in Canada, so that’s how far behind I am).

My dad returned home from dialysis just as Wolverine ended. He watched some morning TV as I got online for a bit. And once he was done with the news, I took over the TV again.. and pretty much played video games all afternoon. I started off with some PlayStation Home, then made to the WipEout HD Demo (deleted my HK version and downloaded the recently-released-and-identical US version :p ..damn, this game’s fun.. if only it were on Blu) and s’more Lego Star Wars (yay).

My dad began getting bored.. and then began annoying me, trying to get me off the PS3. I was on it from about 12:30 to 6PM though, so I was tiring of it by the end.. We had some TV dinners for supper (…), then I got online to news-gather.. In primetime, we watched three episodes of Howie Do It (yup, two “live” on NBC.. and then another downloaded.. I thought it was one I missed last week.. but now I think it might be an episode premiering next week :/), followed by last night’s CSI (not as great as the week before, but still pretty damn good.. and my dad says his favorite is Miami, psh :p) and The Soup (lol.. John Henson!).

So Bush let all these illegal aliens into America. They come in and take away our jobs, then ship their earnings out of the country to their families back home. And then the economy slowly worsens until the mainstream media can’t ignore it anymore. The worsening economy will soon cause rioting (like that in France), which will give the Zionists the perfect excuse to declare martial law once and for all. Their plan for world domination will nearly be complete. And due to the dumbing down of the schools, it will be simple from there. The world will change forever… See ya.

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pris dvd date / spec spidey v2-3 press & freakazoid s2 art / today

January 29, 2009

And here go already. Ha. The German DVD release date of Power Rangers in Space: The Complete Season was first pushed back a week, into late February. But now it’s been pushed back once again. The new date is now April 3rd 2009. Ack. But if this time is needed to ensure the best quality and/or the inclusion of special features, then I’m fine with it. 🙂

TVShowsOnDVD has Sony’s press release for The Spectacular Spider-Man, Volume 2 & Volume 3. A press release and they still don’t have the volume’s titles attached to them? That may not be a very good sign.. maybe.. I’ll definitely keep buying these to support the show though.. Meanwhile, they also have front & back cover art for Freakzoid!: Season Two. Nice. Can’t wait for that one either. 🙂

I awoke in the morning and got online for a bit, then had some breakfast and watched some morning TV. Epic blah.. like my life.. I then got online again.. But once my dad was done watching his news, I watched three episodes of Legend of the Seeker (now I’m all caught up on this one too.. very good episodes too, I seemed to enjoy them more than the earlier episodes so yay 🙂 ..hopefully, I can keep caught up now.. haha, like that’ll happen).

Once those were over, I got online and checked out PlayStation Home. This one girl removed me from her friends list because I haven’t been online much lately, then re-adds me upon seeing me in Home and claims that she deleted everyone because she was considering leaving something. Or maybe she was telling the truth. I dunno.. I went into the same old Central Plaza and got all bored. But then I was invited into the Events Space. It was only supposed to be for UK Home, but US people got their way in there anyway. I was invited by a friend and spent the rest of my afternoon in there. :p

There’s a new game.. but with a very annoying glitch. I was so far away from the thing, yet a box came up announcing who won and I couldn’t close it without leaving the area (luckily, there’s two spaces “Events Landing” and “The Gallery”). That happened a few times. There’s also a contest. Find eight codes (numbers) and put them in the “keypad” to enter a chance to win a PSP-3000. Cool. So there was a few people going around looking for those numbers. I mostly hung around some friends and glitched..

Then it was time for supper and my dad kicked me off the TV so he could see his news. :/ I then got online to news-gather.. In primetime, we watched Smallville. This one was pretty good.. though I’m still not liking how Lex is becoming prominent in the plotline. If they can’t get the actor back, I’d prefer it if they’d just leave him out of it for the most part. They had been doing a pretty good job at that this season until now. And he’s even going to be onscreen next week, according to the preview..? Oooh boy. >_> Though I am liking where the Lana stuff is going. I have a pretty good idea of what’s going to happen to her by season’s end now. At least I hope so. 🙂 But what’s up with Lois Lane and Doomsday just disappearing from the show completely? Is some sort of odd affair going on? lol :p I mean, if Doomsday was going to go “missing” like this, they might as well have taken a page from the comic and place short references to him at the end of these episodes..? “Doomsday is coming!”

And since the rest of the usual was all reruns, we watched Rita Rocks (haha), last week’s CSI (wow, great episode 🙂 ) and Kyle XY (another very good episode 🙂 ). Aaaand that’s it… See ya.

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no news again.. damnit / today

January 28, 2009

I awoke in the morning and got online for a while. My dad was making serious business out of the extended local news coverage about our recent snow storm. We got quite a bit out front over the last 12 hours or so. And the local news claimed downtown got 10 inches of it. Wow.. We had some breakfast and watched a little morning TV, but I otherwise spent it online.. After noon, my dad went outside.. for a couple hours.. to clean off the car.. and I took over the TV. I watched two more episodes of Crash (great ending to the season, I’d definitely purchase this series on disc if the price were good enough 🙂 ).

Then I watched my Hulk Vs Blu-ray. Hulk vs Wolverine was definitely the better of the two. I was surprised by how violent it really was, then was offput a little by Deadpool’s endless joking while all that violence was going on. He was funny, but still. :p “Oh, you cut my arm off.. could you give me a hand? Haha! … No, that’s okay. I’ll get it.” *re-attaches* That actually happened. Sorry for the spoiler.. Hulk Vs Thor was pretty good too though. This is likely the best Marvel Animated Features title they’ve done so far. Keep this up, plz. 🙂 My only gripe is how the plot just whizes by soo fast. You barely have time to ingest a plot point before the next one comes along.. Now I’m wondering if I should restart Wolverine And The X-Men from the beginning now, or start from where I left off — the sequel (yet no-doubt less violent) “Wolverine Vs Hulk” episode. :/

I spent the rest of the afternoon playing Lego Star Wars. Awesome. I’m starting to tire of it a little though. And I’m tired of waiting for Little Big Planet to go on sale again. I may just buy it at the beginning of the month and get it over with. Looks like an awesome game. And I was able to play it for a couple hours in beta before it expired. Fun.. We had some supper, then I got online to news-gather..

In primetime, we watched Knight Rider (first episode in the new format.. it wasn’t that bad I guess.. but I found it difficult to stayed interested for part of it *shrug* could be that I’ve never liked hostage situation episodes of any show), Lost (wow, another great episode 🙂 ) and last night’s two episodes of Scrubs (lol.. ugh Sesame Street.. though the ballad-y cover of “Sesame Street” near the end was a nice touch :p ). My dad saw the latter and went to bed rather quick. He doesn’t like Scrubs..

I’ve been hanging around Justin.TV lately.. cuz I’m a perv. The older I get, the worse it looks. My 26th birthday’s on Sunday. 😦 I swear I was a teenager when I started liking teen girls. Damnit.. But at least I’m not one of these idiots I see screaming “show” to these underage girls. Ugh. I’m shy even in chat rooms (and having an attractive girl on cam doesn’t help that). It took me quite a while just to stop lurking back in the good old days on SciFi’s dominon chat. And yet I put every single detail here. Weird. But even if I wasn’t shy, I wouldn’t be all “show”. That’s just retarded.. Justin.TV also has channels that broadcast movies and MST3k, so I also check them out. As well as a few gaming channels…. See ya.

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jack at rb / dvd ads feb 1-7 / x-men on dvd / media / today

January 27, 2009

Jack Olesker, who had apparently done some uncredited work early on for Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, has joined RangerBoard for some discussion. He wrote the series bible and worked on the series during the show’s first season.. Cooool. 🙂

The man who was so nice to provide these early ads on the DVDTalk forums is now unemployed, so these will be his final ads. Good luck finding another job, Speedy. And so possibly for the final time.. click the corresponding retailers for their ad for the week of February 1st to 7th: Best Buy & Target. Only two titles I want this week, and I’m hoping for cheaper Blu-ray prices on them elsewhere. Both stores will offer Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist and Zack & Miri Make A Porno for just $16.99 on DVD or $26.99 on Blu-ray. And perhaps I’ll stock up on some DVD-Rs at Best Buy as well (50pk for $14.99). Hmm..

TVShowsOnDVD now has larger looks at cover art for Disney’s DVD releases of X-Men, Volume 1 & Volume 2.. and that about it for now. Still no other details, except that it’s being released in Canada too. The two 2-disc sets are expected in stores on April 28th.. Meanwhile, Wolverine & The X-Men will have its first DVD released on April 21st. Volume 1: Heroes Return Trilogy will include the first three episodes of the series and some neato special features. All three of these releases are timed for the theatrical release of X-Men Origins: Wolverine on May 1st. :p

I awoke in the morning, had some breakfast, and soon got ready.. and then I soon went out media buying. Hooray.

Only one stop this week, and fortunately so. A few inches of snow had fallen overnight and quite a bit more was expected within hours. So I headed to Best Buy and picked up the Hulk Vs Blu-ray Disc. The two Best Buy exclusive trading card packs look to be one for each short movie: Hulk Vs Wolverine & Hulk Vs Thor. The two-disc DVD only has one trading card pack. I wonder which one. Hmm. I hear Wolverine pushes its PG-13 rating, so I’m interested in seeing that one more. “Intense Bloody Animated Violence”, the rating states. Niiice. The second movie’s PG-13 rating drops those first two adjectives and only adds “Action”.

Best Buy had the Hulk Vs Blu for $24.99, but I price-matched Target’s price of $19.99 and added a $5 Reward Zone certificate on top of that. So I got it for about $16 total.. I got an icee (yes, with snow on the ground) then soon returned home. We watched some Ellen, then my dad saw some news before heading out again for a couple groceries he forgot and decided he couldn’t live without during the coming snow storm.

I got online to inventory the new disc, then watched Crusoe (oh, that was pretty good), CSI (finally got around to Part 2, damn.. great episode.. I’ll miss you, Grissom *tear*).. and another Crusoe (yes, catching up now.. this one was pretty good too). And then I just played Lego Star Wars for a few more hours (still can’t believe how many studs are stowed away in Episode 4 Chapter 1.. I collected around 150,000 in just that one level alone, just like in the PS2 version.. awesome).

At 6PM, I got online to news-gather. And then in primetime, we watched last night’s 24 (great episode.. and this is why I don’t like my dad being all selective in watching shows like this.. he got into it again due to the action and I had to catch him up on what was happening 😐 ), Fringe (great episode.. though now I’m starting to worry it’s losing things I liked about the show early on.. I get that it doesn’t have to be about Massive Dynamic every week just like the alien mythology in X-Files, but I miss them now 😦 ..and I’m worried it’s also losing that Lost-esque vibe and is feeling more “mainstream” than it was.. but at least it still doesn’t seem as boring as those first few episodes *shrug*) and Primetime: What Would You Do? (nice). And then I returned to my room for the night..

See ya.

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no news / today

January 26, 2009

[Current Music Download|Nickelback – Gotta Be Somebody @ MediaFire]

I awoke in the morning and got online, but then watched another Cinematic Titanic (lol, so bad.. the movie, I mean.. so it was good?), followed by Robot Chicken (lol). My dad soon returned home from dialysis and we watched Ellen. Then he saw his news. I eventually took over and watched last night’s Simpsons (haha).

But then my dad wanted to go out.. so I went with him. I went to the library just to print something (from my gmail), then we visited the grocery store for a few more things. We returned home and I watched American Dad (lol). But then I just played Lego Star Wars for about 90 minutes (episode 3 complete, yay).

We had some supper, then I got online to news-gather. My dad wasn’t feeling good since he didn’t get in his usual post-dialysis nap, so he went to bed. I wrote some more Truth-Seekers: Prometheus. Yup, that’s the title.. for now. The story of Prometheus sorta describes the main plot I have planned for this series, plus its a bit more cryptic (or a whole lot more) than the other (more lame) one-word title I had in mind. Heehee.

My dad was still sleeping in primetime, so I watched Battlestar Galactica all night.. even though he woke up like 5 minutes into it.. I watched “10 Things You Need To Know” recap thingy, then the first two last episodes. Wow, boring. Except for the few-and-far-between events that are exciting. But I think I’ve said that quite a few times about this series already, so.. After that, we watched tonight’s House (very good episode.. and next week looks even better 🙂 ).. and then I returned to my room for the night..

Oh hey, my 26th birthday’s on Sunday. Huh. Oh well. See ya.

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Sunday 01.25.2009 —

January 25, 2009

I awoke in the morning and looked through the newspaper’s ads for Tuesday.. And then I watched Bleach (Adult Swim started early again.. I missed the first few minutes even though I added a couple minutes to each side on the DVR, grr.. didn’t look like I missed anything though.. of course), Code Geass (another great episode 🙂 ), two episodes of My Name Is Earl (the recent two-parter.. was surprised when something was left unresolved.. for now), Kath & Kim (lol), CSI NY (pretty good episode), Knight Rider (wow, all that build up over the last few weeks for such a short fight.. and is there even a chance for a rematch? damn, I was expecting at least a two-parter.. otherwise, I thought it was a great episode.. but then the new mission statement was mentioned that the end and I was all “oh well, good while it lasted”.. and then the preview for next week just cemented that opinion).

My dad was really sleepy.. and slept most of the morning. But I finally decided to just go ahead and watch a bunch of stuff on the PS3 (it even gave me the “under 500MB left” warning, so I’d better). And so I watched Kyle XY (very good episode, hehe), two episodes of Leverage (especially liked the western bank robbery episode 😉 ) and an episode of Crusoe (it was alright). And instead of scheduling another DVD set for this week, I think I’ll use that time to empty the PS3 even more.

My dad took over the TV by 4PM. He slept a lot, then had some sort of paperwork to do before that.. I returned to my room and got online for a bit, but then moved to the bedroom DVR at last and watched two episodes of Gossip Girl (caught up on this anyway.. pretty good.. then ran out of time already :/).. We had some supper and soon watched Funniest Videos.

In primetime, not much was new. So I jut DVRed the new cartoons my dad doesn’t like anyway and watched two episodes of 24 and got all caught up with that show too. Since all of CBS are reruns, I’ll probably watch all of FOX instead.. so glad I got caught up. My dad wasn’t all that interested though. He went to bed early.. so once it was over, I got my PS3 online and checked out Home. Particularly Japan’s crashed UFO. lol @ the orange cheese design for the ship and radar for your homespace. Then they made the alien itself tiny and resemble a cat. :p

My dad just happened to wake up right before 11PM, as if expecting to be able to watch the news. But he didn’t say anything. He just sat there that whole time. I also got on Lego Star Wars for a bit.. but started feeling sleepy, so I shut it off. And then I returned to my room for the night..

See ya.

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Saturday 01.24.2009 — “This is SO uncool!” *vented*

January 24, 2009

Now that the network order for his new series Cupid has already been cut down from 13 episodes to just eight, Veronica Mars creator Rob Thomas now has some time on his hands. And so he’s starting production on a Veronica Mars movie. Coooool. 🙂 And apparently, it looks like filming already begins in March..? Hmm..

PlayStation Home is having a very cool UFO event in their Central Plaza.. in Japan. Damnit. There’s a crashed UFO in the water, an alien gives you a radar for your homespace, and asks for you to watch for UFOs between the apartments and the theater. And there’s also an alien costume for sale in the mall..? Wow.. Damnit, US Home. Get in gear, already. 😡

I awoke in the morning to my alarm. Then I eventually took over the TV and watched Best Week Ever (Doug Benson was good.. but everything else.. eh..), Star Wars: The Clone Wars (wow, another great episode 🙂 ) and Batman: The Brave And The Bold (wow, another good episode for this series.. still surprised, due to all the mediocrity that came before it). My dad woke up and took off on some errands.. while I got online for a while. So it looks like the usotsuki encode is the only version of Dragon Knight episode 3 right now. It doesn’t work in my PS3.. and I’m not able to re-encode it for some reason (it stops at 9MB every time). I have all episodes on the living room DVR, but still.. 😦 I’m thinking about making a new torrent once the first hiatus break starts and I want the best encodes for each episode. I currently have all encodes for each episode and have a pretty good idea which ones are the best so far. I also have some promo images, interviews and trailers to include as “bonus features”. :p

Once it hit 11:30, I watched the new episode of Kamen Rider Dragon Knight (great episode, it’s getting better and better every week 🙂 ). After that was over, I watched the final six episodes of Get Smart: Season 1 (I was going to stop at three.. but I didn’t want to leave it in the middle of a two-parter.. and then there were only two left, so.. yeah.. I’m pretty likely to get Season 2 in March now, as long as it’s at a good price like this one was).

Some race was on, so I let my dad watched that for a bit. Then I wanted to fit in some TV episodes (I’m getting behind, just because a lot of the shows are ones my dad likes as well), but he decided to waste the time by channel surfing, finding a show he’d already seen many many times.. and then falling asleep. But I had given up by the channel surfing part and got online for a while a bit angered instead.

So I got online for a while, then eventually had some supper and wrote some more Truth-Seekers (the “new team” is forming, heehee). Then my dad and I watched a syndicated rerun of Family Guy (could be watching this on DVD uncensored, but oh well.. lazy.. lol), followed by Game Show In My Head (lol.. might as well get it out of the way tonight). Then I got online.. again. I was really wanting to watch some bedroom DVRings since it’s already full again.. but.. didn’t get around to it again. Two weeks behind on Gossip Girl & Supernatural now. 😦 I hope I can get to them tomorrow.. but knowing me, I probably won’t..

Ah well. See ya.

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pr rpm title 01-05 / mmpr ernie passes / x-men disney dvd / watchmen comic dvd / today

January 23, 2009

BurgundyRanger has revealed the first five episode titles of Power Rangers RPM. All of them will debut in the month of March. Episodes 1901: “The Road To Corinth” & 1902: “Fade To Black” will premiere on ABC Kids March 7th at 12PM ET. Or at 5AM, or 6AM. Or Sunday morning. Or not at all. It all depends on your local ABC affiliate. *shakes fist @ it being on ABC Kids* After that week, new episodes will air at 12:30PM ET, following a previous episode repeat. Episode 1903: “Rain” will debut on March 14th, episode 1904: “Go For The Green” follows on March 21th, and then 1905: “Handshake” will premiere on March 28th.. I’m liking these titles. 🙂

Richard Genelle, best known as the Juice Bar owner Ernie in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, passed away on December 30th from a heart attack. He was just 47 years old. 😦

Out of nowhere, Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment will release X-Men, Volume 1 & Volume 2 on April 28th. Each two-disc set has an SRP of $23.99. But unfortunately, no details are known about which episodes are included at this time. The releases are set to coincide with the theatrical release of X-Men Origins: Wolverine. The early cover arts shown feature a “Marvel Comic Book Collection” banner. Let’s hope they’re complete seasons (or more) and that Disney won’t stop releasing them just because there’s no other related theatrical release in the near future (like they’ve done in the past with Spider-Man)..

On March 3rd, Warner Bros will release Watchmen: The Complete Motion Comics onto DVD & Blu-ray. All 12 episodes have slowly been released on iTunes and Xbox Live, but now you can own them on disc. The DVD’s only special feature will be a Wonder Woman sneak peek (the animated movie also on DVD & Blu-ray March 3rd), while the Blu-ray will also include a scene from the Watchmen theatrical film. Both versions will include movie cash to see the film as well.. I’ve downloaded most of these already (for free), but now I think I’ll just delete them and buy this instead. The artwork is pretty cool, except for that damn Blu-ray banner..

I awoke in the morning and got online for a bit, then soon watched another Cinematic Titanic (“Legacy of Blood”.. horrible movie, lol ending.. even without the riffs :p). My dad returned home from dialysis sooner than expected. We watched some Ellen, then got back online. He soon went to bed for a nap and I watched four more episodes of Get Smart: Season 1 (lol.. though I fell asleep during one.. damnit 😦 ).

I followed that with another Legend of the Seeker (wow, two Jungle Fury cast members in one episode.. of a Disney-produced, New Zealand-filmed show produced by PR Disney era director Mark Beesley.. small world.. and what I found funny was they the plot made it so they were only in like one scene together :p). Next, I got on Home (wow, nothing new.. ah well..).. then played some more Lego Star Wars (awesome.. gotta get the other Lego games eventually).

My dad woke up way later than he expected himself to.. At 6PM, we had some supper, then I got online to news-gather.. In primetime, we watched Ghost Whisperer (pretty good), Flashpoint (awesome episode, great show.. and the new girl Kira’s hot :p), The Soup (lol) and 10 Items Or Less (“Star Trok”.. I guess the internet folk really liked the light Star Wars references last season.. so they made this very very bad Star Trek heavy episode this season.. Jolene Blaylock appearing as herself couldn’t even save it, though it did help :p).

And that was about it…….. Yup. See ya.

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home cafe space / today

January 22, 2009

PlayStation Home US will finally be getting the Cafe space seen in the Japan & Hong Kong servers. Neato. There’s even a contest to name the new space. Check out these images of the space if you haven’t seen it already. Hope they put some additional items inside it when its released though..

My dad decides to drink some of my Mtn Dew late into the night.. then I’m subjected to his whining about not being able to get to sleep. >_> That’s what old people do, I guess.. I went to bed earlier than usual.. and woke up earlier than usual. I pretty much stayed online all morning. But not long after my dad left for his ultrasound (to see if he still has cancer before they put him on the list for a new kidney), I went to the living room and watched four more episodes of Get Smart: Season 1 (lol).

I was surprised when my dad arrived home earlier than expected. We eventually watched Ellen.. then went out to a few stores. Then I complained a little about the lost time by visiting one store and not getting anything, and about how far behind I was on watching TV shows. Once we returned home, my dad refused to watch anything. I started episodes of Leverage & Kyle XY, but soon gave up. Watching TV is just about the only thing we do together anymore.. and now he doesn’t even want to do that. 😦 And so I just played Lego Star Wars for a few hours instead.

At about 6:30, I returned to my room and got online to news-gather. Then in primetime, we watched Smallville (ooh, good episode.. very different from usual, yet still a segue into the hero to come.. ack @ that ending.. I’m sad that Lois has not been seen AT ALL since Lana’s return 😦 ), Grey’s Anatomy (very good episode this week.. even though Isabel’s plotline started making me think I was crazy :/ ), The Office (rofl, superb) and 30 Rock (lol @ how those two plots intersected at the end.. otherwise.. okay I guess).

And that’s all I wrote.. for today.. See ya.

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