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NOW they make Roswell good…

February 26, 2002

I have to admit, since the beginning of season 3, my love for this show was actually fading…

That was until I saw these last few episodes…

The show is finally getting good again, but now it might be too late to save it…again… 😦

And now the next episode won’t air until late April after a 7-week run of these 2 grotesque “comedies”, even though the first looks nothing like. “As If” and “Random Years”. Do not watch these shows. Based on the promos they’ve shown (every single commercial break), they look to be very very bad. Do not watch.

I’m going to be watching Smallville during the hiatus. I’ve only seen a few episodes during previous Roswell hiatuses. I do like this show. If Roswell wasn’t on, I’d watch this series every week. My #2 choice in the timeslot. Now all I gotta do is find a place where I could get the Smallville pilot (preferably VCD)…

So, now I shall tell my Roswell soundtrack story. I heard a month or so ago of this soundtrack and I was counting the days to buy it. Today is the release date.

I head over to Target. It was nowhere to be seen.
I head over to Kmart. It was again nowhere to be seen.

Since it was snowing pretty bad and my father still drives me everywhere, we had to go home instead of searching elsewhere. As soon as I got home, I got online and bought it on Amazon and chose 2-day shipping for a total of nearly $20. I MUST have this CD.

So, now I’m waiting in anticipation for Friday…

And I hope my Power Rangers cards get here soon also…

Well, see ya…


Leaving Me Behind

February 25, 2002

I just got back from the grocery store. I picked up a few *ahem* ..magazines and once I got to checkout, I saw that the cashier was this hot chick I knew from back when I used to go to school. Years ago, before I had dropped out. I never really knew her name and i sorta got embarrassed when she rang up my.. magazines…

It just reminded me that everyone is passing me by. I don’t have enough self-esteem to make anything of myself. So I end up sitting here in front of the computer, in front a TV, or masturbating…

Well, better get back to my non-life now…

See ya.

A boring survey thingy

February 22, 2002

I wanted to add an entry but I haave no idea what to do… So, I’m just doing this.

*About You*~

~Name: Richard
~Nicknames: Prometheus, Alien Hunter
~Parent’s names: Ken and Joyce
~Candles that on your last birthday cake: I don’t remember cuz I haven’t had a birthday cake in years…
~Birthday: February 1, 1983
~Pets: none 😦
~Eye color: Green
~Hair color: brown
~Piercing: none
~Tattoos: none
~Scars: one on the back of my left hand
~Car you drive: i haven’t learned yet 😦
~Where do you live: Indiana
~Where do you WANT to live: on a peaceful alien world

~*Have You Ever*~

~Been to Niagra Falls? nope
~Been in love? of course
~Been to Africa? nope
~Been toilet-papering? nope
~Been toilet-papered? nope
~Liked someone so much it made you cry? yeah
~Wished you could fly? yeah
~Got number from sumone you just met? yeah
~Been in a car accident? sorta yeah

~*Which Do You Prefer*~

~Mr. Pibb or Dr. Pepper: DR. PEPPER
~Coffee or tea: eww…neither
~Winter or summer: winter
~McDonalds or Wendys: McDonalds
~Nice or mean: nice

~*What’s Your Favorite*~

~Number: don’t got one
~Place to be kissed: lips
~Movie: Contact
~Quote: “Facts do not cease to exsist because they are ignored” -Aldous Huxley
~Holiday: Christmas
~Food: Pizza
~Day of the week: Friday
~TV show: Roswell, Power Rangers, X-Files
~Boys names: Scott
~Girls names: Krystal
~Hotel: *shrugs*
~Store: target
~Door: my bedroom’s door, even though i sometime slam it
~Least Favorite Subject: can’t think of one..
~Shape of Ice: *shrugs*
~Song:Nine days, “End up alone”
~Love Song: i dunno..
~Country Song: i dunno..
~Fast Food Restaurant: again, i dunno..
~Friends you are with the most: i have no friends in real life

~*Random Questions*~

~What time is your curfew on the weekends? none
~When was your last hospital check in? i can’t remember
~Do You Drink? nope
~How close is the bathroom to your bedroom? never door over..
~Highschool? i’m a dropout 😦
~Do you have a crush? yeah
~Who was the last person you fell in love with? Tami Routier
~Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend? nope 😦
~If yes, who is it?
~How long have you two been together?
~Do you fight a lot?
~Ever cheated on a gf/bf or thought about it? nope
~Have you ever been cheated on? nope
~Do you have a cell phone/pager? i wish
~Who is your last ex? Tami Routier
~What is a secret that no one knows about you? *silent*
~Where do you see yourself in 10 yrs? still right here in front of this computer…or dead
~Have you ever been convicted of a crime? i think so
~How many buddies are online right now? 2
~Biggest fear? can’t think of one..

~*Who Is The Last Person Who*~

~Called you? no one calls
~IMed you? Asmodeus
~You kissed? i’ve never been kissed… ;(
~You talked to? my dad
~Drove your car(besides you)? i told you i have no car
~Whos the friend you’ve known the longest? i dunno..
~Name people you’re friends with that live far away: just about everyone on my AIM list..
~Most annoying thing is: that i won’t die…and MilPhuckitt
~Bedtime on school nights: as late as i want since i dropped out…

See ya..

When the top 3 become 1

February 21, 2002

My Top 3 favorite TV series right now:

1. Roswell
2. Power Rangers
3. The X-Files

Roswell will most likely be ending after this season because the ratings are so low. It’s been a great show but I think it’s time for it to end.

Power Rangers has continued to do well for almost 10 years, as it is now in its 10th season, with Power Rangers Wild Force. And I definitely can’t wait for the classic episodes airing again on ABC Family. That channel will most likely become PR’s new home (as it has been said in the new ABC Family Kids Block ads airing now) later this year when Fox Kids fizzles out.

The X-Files should have ended long ago. And now it finally is. For the first 5-6 seasons, I thought every episode was great, but anymore there are only a few that are great. I’ll definitely buy all the X-Files DVDs though…

Roswell – Gone.
X-Files – Gone.
Power Rangers – Still alive and kicking (and now owned by Disney).

I gotta find some more favorite shows…

See ya…

Trading Cards & TV

February 20, 2002

These Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie trading cards are so cool. I just got them thru FedEx today, but they just left it at the door. It seemed as if the box had been opened and taped shut again…(Remember, I live in apts with rednecks abound).

Anyway, the entire set is 150 cards. I went through the box of 100 packs (600 random cards) and I don’t have a full set. Damn it…

Ah, well… I also have a box of MMPR Series 2 coming, and I’m about to order Series 1.

I can’t wait to go out and get the Roswell soundtrack when it comes out on Feb. 26th. I recommend that everyone get it. Too bad the show probably won’t last for a fourth season.

Power Rangers Wild Force is pretty good so far. Though I’m more excited about the classic MMPR episodes finally being aired on TV again! Watch PR on ABC Family Sundays 7-9AM and Mon-Fri 8-9AM beginning March 3rd! Now all we PR fans need are DVD releases!

X-Files is finally ending. *sighs in relief* I will miss it though, even though I will have the DVDs to watch… The 2-hour series finale airs May 19th.

See ya…

Alone (an improvised poem)

February 19, 2002

I am alone,
on this terrestrial sphere,
There’s no one to be with,
no one to love,

I dream of someday leaving this planet for another,
Where I’m not repulsive and disgusting,
Where I can actually be happy,
For once in this terrible life i live,

I want a female companion,
But none would actually want this,
No confidence, no good looks, no good health,
Who would want that?

I dream of being taken to an alien world,
Where I will no longer be dieing inside,
Wishing I could just end this life now,
Alone, so very much alone…

Now this sucks…

February 19, 2002

All my friends have to get FreeOpenDiary or OpenDiaryPlus accounts to post notes in my diary… *lame*


Well, everything else seems cool…

See ya….

Welcome To OD+

February 19, 2002

I finally got tired of all the ads! So here I am! Yay me…!

But anyway….

I went out and bought the new Stuff magazine (I love “softcore porn” mags) and I noticed Sheryl Crow was in this issue. I always liked her music and have all of her CDs. It was the only female artist I liked for her music alone, until now anyway.

She’s so fine in the pics. But I feel kinda odd talking like that. She’s in her mid-to-late 30’s, I think. But I am 19. Hmm…

Well… see ya ’round…

My top 3 loves

February 17, 2002

1. TV : It’s always there for me when no one wants to be…

2. DVD : I don’t know how I obsessed with this, but i am…

3. Money : It’s..sometimes there (unless i run out) whenever i need it…

I may be getting cable internet access soon and give up on this old 56k modem…but the jury’s still out.

And I’m still aiming toward making this an OD+. I might do it tommorow…but i’m still not sure.

Non-Life becoming an OpenDiary+?

February 15, 2002

I haven’t actually decided yet. I am thinking about it. $20 for 6 months…$4/month. It’s reasonable. No more ads, a simpler URL,… I may just change over. There is a thing there where I can move the diary over to Plus. Post with your thoughts. It may help me decide.

See ya.