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March 31, 2005

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers‘ Johnny Yong Bosch is still visiting Rangerboard and answering more fans’ questions. πŸ™‚

Scimitar has linked to an online petition to get Power Rangers on DVD. πŸ™‚ Now get signing. It couldn’t hurt, right?

I got the new issue of Home Media Retailing in the mail today, and it includes a full-page ad for Devon’s Ghost: Legend Of The Bloody Boy. The direct-to-DVD horror film, starring Mighty Morphin‘s Johnny Yong Bosch and Karan Ashley, seems to have a baseball theme based on the cover. The ad’s cover art is a little different than that though. The baseball bat is more defined, and there’s less blood on it. Here’s some details…

After Ten Years He’s Back. Splatter Up!

Starring: Karan Ashley: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Kenan & Kel – Johnny Yong Bosch: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Extreme Heist

A serial killer terrorizes the horror-stricken town of Canyon City. Plagued by a tale of the 10-year-old murder of Devon Anderson, this community still harbors curiosity when the current victims — and the evidence surrounding their murders — appear to be very similar to what happened to Devon and the parents accused of killing him. Did Devon die? Convinced Devon is alive — and the killer — a group of teens set off to find and stop him from murdering again. Staying one step ahead of the authorities, they find out the killer is too smart and too strong — running is not an option. They must fight to escape the killer’s wrath and get one step closer to answering the legend and mystery that surrounds that fateful night.

[Rated R for “Bloody Violence through out, Language, Some Drug Material, Sexual Content”]

DVD features: Full Frame format, Behind The Scenes, Producers Commentary, Outtakes, Interactive Menus, Scene Selection, Cast Bios, Trailers, Optional Spanish Subtitles.

Pre-book date: April 20, 2005
Street date: May 10, 2005

I stayed up late again last night. But first, most of it was spent online, downloading a few awesome anti-war songs. I especially like Sonic Jihad’s “What Would You Do” and Chumbawamba’s “Jacob’s Ladder (Not In My Name)” (right-click, save target as). πŸ™‚ Soon after, I watched the latest two episodes of Dragonball GT. lol @ the spaceship chase having the same shots over and over and over again. And that super-lame Parra Parra dance. :p These episodes were okay.. I guess. Eventually, I went to sleep..

I woke earlier than usual to my dad feeding me a few burgers.. when I wasn’t really hungry. :/ Soon, I went to my room and got online.. I got off in time for Passions, which was mostly very boring. Ugh. Another stolen baby. -_- lol @ Fox suddenly giving up this rescue mission out of nowhere. *rolls eyes* ..After my dad returned, we watched two more DVD episodes of Lone Gunmen: “Three Men And A Smoking Diaper” & “Madam, I’m Adam”. I really liked these episodes, especially the latter one. Once that was over, I returned to my room to news gather. Eventually, I took a break for supper.. then got back online.. k..

In primetime, my dad departed to watch yet another basketball game at his friend’s place. So with everything else tonight being either reruns or DVRed for later viewing, I was free to watch / tape the 2-hour season premiere of Tru Calling. These were some great episodes. Jack really makes the situations more dramatic. *shakes fist @ FOX for canceling this show* I’m liking the new characters: Davis’ love interest (awww) and Tru’s new friends at med school. πŸ™‚ *drools a bit over that pink lacey shirt Tru wore during the second hour* :p Can’t wait for next week’s episode.. My dad’s friends are weird. They’ve had their computer for such a long time (years at least).. yet they think they can use my Win98 install CD to unfreeze their computer. *rolls eyes* ..Once that was all over, I (of course) returned to my room for the night..

Does anyone happen to have Page 70 of the Race To The Volcano script scanned? Funaro uploaded every page but that one in some kind of vicious blackmailing scheme. He posted on Rangerboard that he wanted more praise for providing the script before he would upload that page.. then never did. You can see that some of the other pages were uploaded a day later, making me think he was originally thinking about holding out on more of the pages.. I’d really appreciate it if anyone has it. I haven’t even read it yet because it isn’t complete.. :/

Today was okay. I guess. The highlights had to be TV and DVD once again. :/ Well.. see ya..

[ US Soldiers Told To ‘Beat The F**k Out Of’ Detainees ]
[ 68-Year-Old Man Gets Shocked By Police When Trying To Return Home ]
[ Iraqi Children Starving In Bush’s ‘New’ Iraq ]
[ $1 Billion A Year In Israel White Slave Trade ]
[ Terri Has Passed & Comments On Terri’s Murder ]
[ CBS Announces Terri’s Death Before She Dies! ]
[ Web Log Comments Show Sickness Of Pro-Death Crowd ]
[ Mars – Planet Of A Thousand Mysteries ]
[ Man Tries To Fool Breathalyzer With Feces In Mouth ]


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March 30, 2005

Dodgeball has provided the Power Rangers fandom with page scans of Lightspeed Rescue‘s “The Fate Of Lightspeed, Part 2” Final Draft script. Nice.. even though the watermarks are pretty annoying.. -_- I hear that he’s also trying to get a hold of an early draft of “Forever Red”…

Kevin Munroe will write and direct a new computer-animated feature-length Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles film, targeted for U.S. release in spring 2007, the Gamerz-Edge Web site reported.

Yay. I hope it’s close to the style of new animated series.. only more 3D. πŸ™‚ And I hope it doesn’t suck..

LOST (ABC) – The Alphabet has confirmed the smash freshman hit will close its season with an expanded two-hour installment on Wednesday, May 25 at 8:00/7:00c. The news means that 25 hours of Lost are set to be shot this season, as well as a special one-hour “introductory guide” next month. The season closer had previously been indicated to be 90 minutes however when the script came in long it was expanded to two hours. It’s not clear how the move will affect lead-out “Alias,” which had also been previously slated to wrap with a 90-minute installment on May 25.

Wow. Can’t wait to see what they have planned story-wise.. πŸ™‚

Damnit. Wal-Mart has some Star Wars: Episode III — Revenge Of The Sith promotion this weekend too. Just like Target, only sounding extremely better.

On April 2 & 3, approximately 400 Wal-Mart Supercenters across the country will be hosting the ultimate “48 Hours of the Force” Star Wars fan celebration event. This celebration includes interactive toy & game demonstrations from Hasbro, product sampling, Star Wars character appearances, and, while supplies last, free Star Wars force detection collectable cards. There is a different collectable card for each day.

Click the link for additional details… I was going to go to somewhere near a participating Wal-Mart on Friday.. But I might just wait until Saturday now.. :p

Manga Entertainment has announced some upcoming DVDs… Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex 2nd Gig Volume 1 is now set for release in Standard and Special Editions on September 27th, as is Volume 2 (also in Standard & Special) for November 22nd. Also, Manga has finally scheduled a US release of Neon Genesis Evangelion Movie Box Set for July 26th. ..I’m not rebuying those movies until they license the Renewal / Platinum versions damnit.. >:|

I stayed up late again last night (of course). Only this time, most of it was spent reading this interview. I did stop reading for a little while to watch the latest episode of Full Metal Alchemist (another awesome episode, by the way). But soon returned to it. His account of being Ground Zero is just so compelling..

I awoke in the morning a little earlier than usual (before noon anyway), and got online to waste some time. :p Eventually, Passions started. But I wasn’t in the mood to watch a lot of stalling / a rehashing of what I had already heard before. So I read my mail though most of it instead. :p The ending was rather odd. And there was no preview. Just some PSA dealing with what’s going on with Jessica that should’ve aired with an earlier episode instead. :/ ..After that, we had a late supper and watched two more DVD episodes of Lone Gunmen: “Eine Kliene Frohike” and “Like Water For Octane”. Great episodes. πŸ™‚ Hate flipping the disc. Not because I’m lazy (though I am). I just hate having to be extra careful not to get my fingerprints on the readable sides. 😑 Once those were over, I got back online while my dad went to pick up a few things.. I soon stopped for supper, then I eventually went back to it.. :p

In primetime, my dad was once again gone (maybe because he doesn’t like Lost just because they flash back too much, very much like how he dismissed the X-Files pilot all those years ago with a “they didn’t solve anything” :/ ). I watched / taped a very awesome new episode of Lost. This episode had to be in my top 3 episodes so far this season. So much revealed (omg @ that ending). And next week’s episode looks great too. πŸ™‚ After that I watched new episodes of King of Queens (lol.. my dad finally returned during this) and Yes Dear (lol.. this episode had to be the better one of the hour). After that, we watched the CSI NY repeat that we had missed on its original airing. Pretty good episode.. Soon after that was over, I returned to my room..

Today was pretty boring in all.. except for the TV and DVD. :/ See ya..

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[ Deputy Describes Minn. Shootings Scene ]
[ Capitalism Wants People To Be Interchangable Cogs ]
[ Draft May Be Needed In A Year – Military Analysts ]
[ How To Avoid The Draft Or National Service ]
[ World On Brink Of Disaster, Say Top Scientists ]
[ Worldwide Earthquake Map Exploding ]
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[ Build Your Own Stun Gun ]

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March 29, 2005

Scimitar has posted an address to Buena Vista Home Entertainment, claiming it’s the one that the Sweet Valley High fans wrote to in order to get the series released on DVD (Season One was released a few weeks back). We’re thinking some nice letters to the same address could convince Buena Vista to release more than the current Power Rangers season on DVD. I’d recommend that we get writing. πŸ™‚ Here’s the address:

Buena Vista Home Entertainment
Attn. Consumer Relations
800 Winneconne Ave
Neenah, WI 54956
(800) 477-2811

CHAPPELLE’S SHOW (Comedy Central) – The long-awaited third season of Chappelle’s Show is now set to premiere on Tuesday, May 31, one week after its second season release on DVD.

Yay. Can’t wait. πŸ™‚

Speaking of Comedy Central DVDs, now has details on the upcoming Reno 911! The Complete Second Season DVD set. All 16 episodes of the second season will be “uncensored”, as in the bleeps, not the blurs. I liked the bleeps really. It made it seem even more like Cops. Oh well. Anything to get that word on the box to sell more copies. *shrug* Also expected are 90 minutes of deleted scenes and outtakes. πŸ™‚ The three-disc set is coming to a store near you on June 14th 2005…

Target has issued a press release outlining their exclusive Star Wars merchandise promoting Star Wars Episode III — Revenge of the Sith. The toys sound nice, but I’m really only interested in that gift card with a sound-chip for Darth Vader’s breathing sound and “glowing” lightsaber. I might just get one of those. :p The merchandise is due in Target stores by this Saturday, April 2nd… now has an extensive DVD easter egg guide that points out how to find them on all of the TV series and film DVDs currently available. Also listed are all of their Best Buy bonus discs. It will also be updated with future releases.. πŸ™‚

I stayed up late again last night. This time, I was online for a while, wasting time by filling out a meme to post on LJ (friends-only entry). Soon after, I watched / taped the latest episode of Robot Chicken. rofl. Very funny episode. I especially liked the “twist endings” and “Teen Titans” skits. :p Then, I watched two more awesome episodes of Evangelion Platinum (13 & 14). I so love this series. πŸ™‚ Eventually, after a little difficulty, I went to sleep..

I awoke to the alarm at 9:30AM. And soon, we were off to media buy…

First, I stopped off at Best Buy and got all of those DVDs above, as well as two copies of the Sin City Free Sneak Peek DVD (I wonder if they’ll ever release the Sin City animated series on DVD? Now would be the perfect time). I forgot to check out the new PSP section though. 😦 ..Next, I headed to Target with the $20 I had left in the bank. But unfortunately, I saw why they had no ad in the paper last weekend. No good deals whatsoever. I had considered picking up the new Apollo 13 DVD, but it was $20 there (while only $15 at Best Buy). So I bought a few small items and returned home.. after my dad picked up lunch at Rally’s..

When we arrived home, the dreaded meat salesman was ready to attack. He swooped down and offered my dad $100 in chicken. And he actually bought it. -_- We had to wait until he was gone before we could have lunch.. I got online until Passions began. Today’s installment wasn’t that exciting. Except maybe for the cool 24 spoofing at the Crane Compound and the Beth revelation. πŸ™‚ After that, I watched the Sin City sneak peek DVD. It’s almost 40mins long and includes the movie’s opening scene, a compilation of scenes (*drools @ Rosario Dawson in that costume.. and Carla Gugino briefly seen topless* πŸ˜‰ ), a short behind-the-scenes thing, and the teaser trailer. It also has a number of trailers for similar films. In all, a very nice promotional disc. It really makes me want to go and see the film in a theater instead of waiting for the DVD. πŸ™‚ ..I was watching it to give my dad time to go to the grocery store before watching something else.. but he does leave until it’s almost over. Gr.. I get online for a while to inventory the new DVDs etc.. and to waste time until my dad returns. Eventually, he finally did. And we watched the first two DVD episodes of Lone Gunmen: the controversial “Pilot” and “Bond, Jimmy Bond”. “Pilot” is definitely my favorite episode of the series, because it explored what I think most likely happened on 9/11 — and it aired just months before the horrible event. Remote-controlled planes used by the US government to start a new war. A profitable war. I waited for my dad to return so he watch it.. even though he may have seen it before.. “Bond, Jimmy Bond” was pretty good too. πŸ™‚ ..I’m disappointed again though. I forgot that they’re two-sided discs. Ugh. Fox managed to have five episodes on one side of a Wonderfalls DVD, why not here? Instead, there’s three on one side and two on the other. Grrr. Once I finished watching that, I returned to my room and got online.. I took a break for supper, then went right back online.. :/

In primetime, I slept through most of the Will & Grace repeat and something else had my attention through most of the Scrubs repeat. My dad had gone outside for a bit, but returned in time for the new episode of Scrubs. Hilarious episode. πŸ™‚ rofl @ Hooch. I was only about 85% paying attention though, so I may watch it again later in the week. *shrug* After that, a pretty funny new episode of The Office. This series is alright.. I guess. ..I didn’t really like the UK episode I once watched all that much either though.. Then, we watched the night’s new episode of House on DVR. Great episode once again. πŸ™‚ Who’s getting fired damnit?! By now, I’m guessing no one. No one on-screen at least. :p I played with the cat a bit, then eventually returned to my room..

Today was mostly good because of the media buying and TV that continues to keep me in my fantasy world. πŸ™‚ ..See ya..

[ Rescue Worker Drops New 911 Revelations – Explosives, Looting & Cover-Up ]
Illegal Invasion – From An Officer’s Squad Car – Part 1, Part 2 & Part 3 ]
[ Witness Says 20-30 Pedophile Legislators Abused Abducted Children ]
[ Mars Case For Liquid Surface Water ]
[ Steven M Greer MD – Inside The ABC News UFO Documentary Hoax ]

a boring ol’ meme…

March 29, 2005

Current mood: bored
Current music: conan o’brien
Current taste: ice mountain water
Current hair: messy, somewhat long
Current clothes: black pants and shirt
Current smell: my nose rarely
Current thing: this meme?
Current windows: mirc, notepad, explorer, mp3 player, AIM IM, semagic
Current desktop picture: SciFi Channel’s Roswell / Shiri Appleby wallpaper
Current favorite band: *shrug*
Current book: i don’t read books that often anymore
Current cd in stereo: I store CDs in their cases.. so nothing..
Current crush: *silent* >_>
Current favorite celeb: Jessica Alba *drools*
Current hate: my life sucking

=Do I=
Smoke?: never
Do drugs?: never
Have sex?: 😦
Give oral sex?: maybe
Receive oral sex?: i wish
Have a dream that keeps coming back?: not really
Remember your first love?: yes i do
Still love him/her?: yeah
Read the newspaper?: rarely ever
Have any gay or lesbian friends?: nope
Believe in miracles? i guess so
Consider yourself tolerant of others?: i guess so
Consider love a mistake?: not really
Like the taste of alcohol?: ew no
Have a favorite candy?: anything reese’s?
Believe in astrology?: maybe
Believe in magic?: *shrug*
Believe in god?: not really
Have any pets: a cat πŸ™‚
Go to or plan to go to college: nope
Have any piercings?: nope
Have any tattoos?: nope
Hate yourself: frequently
Have an obsession?: yeah
Have a secret crush?: *ahem* *moves on*
Have a best friend?: not in real life
Wish on stars?: nope
Care about looks?: I hate that i do at times 😦

=Love life=
First crush: ..Tami..
First kiss: ..I’ve never been kissed.. at 22.. yeah..
Ever been in love?: guess so
Do you believe in love at first sight?: nah
Do you believe in “the one?”: maybe
Describe your ideal significant other: a female human that actually likes me.. -_-

=Juicy stuff=
Have you ever played a game that required removal of clothing?: nope
Have you ever been intoxicated?: nope
Favorite place to be kissed?: …
Have you ever been caught “doing something”? nope
Are you a tease?:
Shy to make the first move?: definately

=Word association=
Rubber: condom
Rock: hard
Green: grass
Wet: water
Cry: me
Peanut: reese’s
Hay: farm
Cold: freeze
Steamy: hot
Fast: cars
Freaky: weird
Rain: wet
Bite: eat
Fuck: stick
Blow: pop

Hair: brown
Eyes: green?
Height: 5’5.. if i remember correctly

Bought: dvds?
Ate & Drank: burgers, water
Read: this meme
Watched on tv: letterman

Club or houseparty: club
Beer or cider: cider
Drinks or shots: neither
Cats or dogs: cats
Single or taken: single?
Pen or pencil: pen
Gloves or mittens: gloves
Cassette or CD: CEE DEE
Coke or pepsi: pepsi!!!!1
This or that: this..?

Kill: i can’t say, or i’ll have the secret service on my ass..
Get really wasted with: one?
Look like: *shrug*
Be like: Alex Jones.. i guess..
Avoid: ..*shrug*

Talked to: dad
Hugged: cat
Instant messaged: jake

Eat: in front of the tv and computer
Cry: anywhere it happens to come up
Wish you were: a complete opposite of my life

Dated one of your best friends?: nope
Loved somebody so much it makes you cry? i guess
Drank alcohol? i guess so
Done drugs? nope
Broken the law? I think so..
Run away from home? a long time ago
Broken a bone? don’t think so
Played Truth Or Dare? nope
Kissed someone you didn’t know? nope
Been in a fight? yeah
Come close to dying? i wish

The most embarrassing cd you have? backstreet boys
Your bedroom like?: a mess
Your favorite thing for breakfast? eggs and sausage
Your favorite restaurant?: golden corral

What’s on your bedside table?: nothing anymore
What do you eat when you raid the fridge late at night or early in the morning?: whatever’s there?
What is your secret guaranteed weeping movie?: can’t think of just one..
If you could have plastic surgery, what would you have done?: maybe
What is your biggest fear?: to make a life for myself
Do you ever have to beg?: rarely
Are you a pyromaniac?: not really
Do you have too many love interests?: nope
Do you know anyone famous?: Tony Stewart’s grandpa lives very close.. but i don’t really know him..
Describe your bed: mess, covered in magazines and misc crap
Spontaneous or plain?: most times plain
Do you know how to play poker?: nope
What do you carry with you at all times?: keys, wallet, cell phone, pen
How do you drive?: i still don’t have a driver’s license
What do you miss most about being little?: less responsibility
Are you happy with your given name?: it’s okay
How much money would it take to get you to give up the Internet for one year?: a lot, but even then.. i’d try to cheat.. :p
What color is your bedroom?: white?
What was the last song you were listening to?: Rob Thomas – (I Don’t Wanna Be) Lonely No More
Have you ever been in a play?: nope
Who are your best friends?: i have no friends in real life
Do you talk a lot?: only to my dad
Do you like yourself and believe in yourself? definately not
Do you think you’re cute?: nope
Do poor, homeless, or starving people sometimes annoy you? not really
Do you consider yourself to be a nice person?: i dunno
Do you spend more time with your girlfriend , boyfriend, or your friends? none
What is the first thing you think when you see two gay guys or lesbians holding hands?: *shrug*

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March 28, 2005

*sighs, missing The Days* Anyway…

Johnny Yong Bosch was back on RangerBoard today and answering more questions… “How did you guys (or anyone) breathe in those helmets?” “Remember when you were a kid and you caught that lady bug and poked a hole in the box so it could have some air and later you found it dead? …that’s what it was like” “What did it sound like when people talked in them?” “Mhmm hmhm hmhmhm mhmh”. lol. :p

A recent issue of Variety carried a full-page advertisement for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, claiming a “CGI film in 2007”. The issue is now for sale on eBay. Also, here’s a look at the ad. πŸ™‚

FOX has issued a press release for its April 10th episode of Arrested Development, which includes a guest appearance by Scrubs‘ Zack Braff. Beware the spoilers though. πŸ™‚ has some special feature details for the upcoming Smallville: The Complete Fourth Season DVD set. It will include commentary for “Spell” and a Lois Lane retrospective featurette. As of now, it’s expected to be release in September or October 2005. πŸ™‚

Also… Judd Apatow, creator of Undeclared, has spoken up to confirm some special features to be included on the Undeclared: The Complete Series DVD set. He also said that the July 5th release date from may be pushed back a month, to August.

Fiona Apple‘s unreleased album, Extraordinary Machine, has been leaked. Click here to go to a download page. *flips off the RIAA* Oh, and buy the CD when or if ever it’s released.. :/

Danger: Diabolik will street on 6/14 (SRP $14.99) with commentary by actor John Phillip Law and Tim Lucas (director Mario Bava’s biographer), the From Furnetti to Film featurette, The Beastie Boys’ Body Movin’ music video (with commentary by Adam Yauch) and the film’s teaser and theatrical trailers.

That is the same Danger: Diabolik from the MST3k series finale… right? O_o

I stayed up late once again. This time, I watched / taped this weekend’s episodes of Shinzo. And I didn’t fall asleep this time. Yay. There were some great revelations in these episodes too. I’m pissed that ABC Family will only be airing one episode again next weekend though. I’d almost move to Toon Disney to finish up the series. *rolls eyes @ promos for the next Pokemon / Digimon / Geyblade clone, Battle B-Damen* ..I’m sure glad I found that I had forgotten to reset the recording speed on the VCR. *shakes fist @ the electrician bastard turning off the power* Anyway, I forgot to do it and accidently taped Avatar & Desperate Housewives in SP. Grr. At least I can re-record Avatar before watching / taping the new one next week, but Desperate is screwed.. until I get the DVDs.. >_> ..I eventually went off to sleep..

I awoke in the ‘morning’ slightly after noon. :p I got online for a while.. until I learned that Passions wouldn’t be on today because of some damn golf. Grr. We watched a MadTV repeat (lol) over on Comedy Central instead, and stuck around to watch Trigger Happy TV (lol). I played with the cat a bit, then got back online.. But soon remembered another show that I have DVRed. I returned to the living room and we watched last night’s Sketch Show (rofl). πŸ™‚ …Then, I got back online.. I stopped for supper….. but got back online after that. :p

In primetime, there really wasn’t much to watch. I barely watched most of the CBS comedies, since they were all reruns. Instead, I actually played with my Legos that were recently discovered during the remodeling of my room. :p My dad was at a friend’s house again watching another basketball game. I stopped once the new episode of Medium started though. Great episode. Too bad my dad missed half of it for his damn game. I played with the cat a little, then retired to my room for the night..

That maintenance guy didn’t come over to plug up these walls after all. I guess he wanted to wait until tomorrow so he could spy the new DVDs I buy like the two other times he’s ruined my Tuesday. Maybe he’ll even steal another one. ..Dumbass..

With my dad’s ‘vacation’ week approaching, I’m only getting more angry and worried. I’ll be here at home alone for eight days in row. while he’s off having a great time in Florida with his real family. He was gone almost a full day once and my depression almost got the best of me. I was the most depressed I’ve ever been then (well, except for after my mom’s passing). I’m thinking eight days will be pure fucking hell. Oh sure, he says he’ll stock up enough food and all that. But that’s not really as important. A part of me really hopes I survive. Another part doesn’t. Either way, I feel this is a test from my dad to see if I can live on my own. If that’s true, I must and will fail..

See ya.

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[ Uncle Sam’s Promises Broken Under Bush ]
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Sunday 03.27.05 — Easter? ..What the heck is that?

March 27, 2005

Damnit. I stayed up later than I had wanted to. But I watched Jeff Foxworthy roast unedited on Comedy Central, then the new episode of Zatch Bell from earlier in the night. Unfortunately, I’m really getting hooked to the show. :p Now off to bed. ‘Night.

I woke up to the alarm at 7:30AM and proceeded to look through the morning ads. I was worried when one of my Tuesday media buys wasn’t even included in any of the ads. 😦 But has it for a price lower than I expected, and the website price is usually the same as in-store, so.. I watched most of the VH1 Countdown (the parts I missed yesterday).. Then I decided to watch the planned X-Files DVD episodes. But the crappy living room DVD player disagreed. So we just watched my Daredevil: Director’s Cut DVD instead. I liked the original version a lot, and so I liked this version even more. I also liked how they’ve set it up to be a supplemental disc to the original DVD release. I can see why they may have decided to get rid of that subplot. It was weird having a light-hearted court scene, then a sad funeral scene right after it. Ack. :p ..I had held back on watching it until closer to the Elektra DVD release (a week from Tuesday). πŸ™‚

*shakes fist @ ABC Family for moving Power Rangers S.P.D.* Next Saturday, the new episode debuts at 9AM here. So it’s back-to-back with TMNT for me. Again. Grrrr. At least if the whole daylight saving time thing isn’t passed for my state.. S.P.D. will move to an hour earlier for me (after April 3rd). So there’s still a little hope.. :p

I tried out those X-Files DVD episodes on both DVD players. No work. On either one. For both “Dod Kalm” and “Humbug”. *sigh* So I ended up watching some movie that my dad was watching on the Sci Fi Channel (Momentum), then briefly fell asleep during Mystery Men. Then I got online for a bit..

This small hole in the wall next to my chair isn’t that bad after all. I get a nice breeze every once in a while.. :p

We had supper. Then, with nothing better to do, I stayed in the living room and watched this movie with my dad on the Sundance Channel: Julie Walking Home. *drools @ LotR‘s Miranda Otto topless* Oh. and the movie was quite good too. πŸ™‚ I’d like to even consider purchasing the DVD, but the US DVD is edited down to 113 minutes (the version I saw was 118 minutes). 😦

Once that was over, we watched Malcolm in the Middle from the DVR (just after it ended) and the new episode of Arrested Development rofl @ all the references to the episode order being cut from 22 to 18, as well as that Family Guy pop-up on Tony Wonder’s site. I thought it was from the network at first and was all pissed. :p ..After that, I watched / taped the new episode of Desperate Housewives. I very much liked this episode, and finally noticed how much I’ve missed it while it was on its month-long rerun spree. πŸ™‚ My dad mostly slept.. After that, it was finally time for Grey’s Anatomy, Katherine Heigl’s new series. I also liked this series a lot. It’s like Scrubs, but more drama than comedy. I only came out of it disappointed that Katherine didn’t get more screen time (and that her “stripping” scene from the commercials wasn’t in this episode *pouts*). :p Soon after that, I retired to my room..

At least today was better than yesterday. :/ See ya..

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Saturday 03.26.05 — a magnificent waste of time…

March 26, 2005

Everything was going quite boring and normal.. Until my dad came out of his room. He told me that he had just thrown up on the floor next to his bed. I’m really starting to get worried now.. 😦

I didn’t mean to stay up this late.. But I just had to watch / tape the new episode of Avatar: The Last Airbender on the DVR. I couldn’t wait. I like the series that much. :p Great episode too. I like a nice short season like they are doing here (without commercials, I can fit this 13-episode season on one six-hour tape :p). I just hope it comes back.. πŸ™‚

Now I’m off to bed… or soon..

Since I stayed up so late (and there was no new S.P.D. in the morning), I set my alarm for an hour later. πŸ™‚ I woke up and eventually watched this week’s Best Week Ever. This had to be one of my favorite episodes in recent memory. The original narrator’s back. Yay. rofl @ “Spring Cleaning Bear Attack”. :p And the parts mentioning Pat O’Brien, the PSP, and Precious’ departure from Passions were pretty funny too. πŸ™‚ Then I saw that Rachel Perry was back hosting the VH1 Countdown. Double yay. I want something nice to look at in between my videos damnit, and that Canadian dork wasn’t cutting it..

First, I watched the new episode of Ninja Turtles — “The Real World, Part One”. Awesome episode. I was wondering why Leo wasn’t fading out like the others though. Hmm. Can’t wait for the conclusion to this five-episode story next week. πŸ™‚ After that, I watched Thursday’s Hollow Men on DVR. lol @ the cell phone that goes up your ass.. :p

I managed to watch the last episode of the GitS SAC Vol 5 DVD. OMG @ the cliffhanger! *shakes fist* And the next volume won’t be released until the end of May. 😦 ..I so love this show. πŸ™‚ ..Soon after that, I sorta fell asleep. And I slept. And I slept. And I slept all afternoon. So did my dad. :/ Next thing we knew it was 4:30PM. We got another visit by that meat salesmen, then we watched MadTV repeats on Comedy Central for a few hours.. until now.. :p *wonders if these Sin City behind-the-scenes interview thingies during the commercials will be on the DVD* … *returns to MadTV*

We continued to watch those MadTV repeats and had some supper. Then we watched the new episode of LAX. The “heist” subplot was funny. πŸ™‚ And wow. Pretty much everyone slept together in this episode… *keeps it on the DVR for a little longer* ..After that, I played with the cat a little while my dad started to watch his damn basketball game.

lol @ the cat jumping to the highest point in the house by himself. I was laughing, but my dad didn’t find it too funny. :/ I suggested we call him Snoopy, since he’s so damn nosey with what we’re doing.. He seems to like me more though, because I play with him more often. But still follows my dad into the kitchen almost every time (he feeds him). The cat has even managed to push open my bedroom door a few times (I slammed the door so hard once that the locking thing no longer works), and he sometimes meows outside my door while I’m in here. :p

Today was rather uneventful. ..Well, MadTV’s about to start.. so.. See ya. :p

Oh, and happy Easter to those who actually celebrate it..

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entry 1500: glenn interview / undeclared dvd date / punisher dc dvd / alba’s no sinner / today

March 25, 2005

FreedomXRider has posted an interview he has done with Glenn McMillan, who played my favorite male character from Power Rangers Ninja Storm. It’s rather short though.. :/

A DVD release date has at last been set for Undeclared: The Complete Series: July 5th 2005. Stay tuned for further details.. Yay. Can’t wait. πŸ™‚

The Rumor Mill reports that The Punisher: Director’s Cut DVD is on the way, including new scenes shot in front of a green screen on the set of the currently-in-production Punisher 2. The DVD is expected to be released leading up to the theatrical release of the sequel.. Nice. πŸ™‚

Jessica Alba refused to be nude in Sin City. I guess she’s right though. It would have been distracting. But if it were something like that, I would want to be distracted, damnit. 😦 *waits for the DVD* *shakes fist @ Alba’s father* *waits for the DVD more*

With not much to watch, I mostly spent late last night online. And listening to Coast To Coast AM. The first hour with Alex Jones anyway. I eventually watched Wednesday’s Ashlee Simpson Show on DVR before going off to sleep..

I can’t believe how late I woke up in the ‘morning’. 12:30PM. Ack. :p I got online until Passions. It was a rather interesting episode. I guess. Next episode looks way better.. After that, I successfully loaded up the GitS SAC Vol 5 DVD (oddly enough) and watched episode 18 & 19. Those were some great episodes too. πŸ™‚ Then, I watched Ewoks: The Battle For Endor from that Double Feature DVD. I liked this one better than Caravan, if by just a little. I thought Cindel gave up on finding her family too quickly. “Oh, they’re lights went out. They’re dead.” *moves on immediately* O_o After that, I played with the cat a bit and returned to my room to news gather. I took a break to have a rather good supper, and to watch the final episode of Star Wars: Clone Wars. Awesome finale. Wish I had the Volume 2 DVD now. 😦

My dad went over to his friend’s place to watch a damn basketball game. With most of what I usually watch either a rerun or not airing at all, I was difficult to find something to watch. I just watched everything on ABC (except that Easter special): 8 Simple Rules (lol), Hope & Faith (lol), and Less Than Perfect (lol.. my favorite of the night). Then I just returned to my room..

Blah. See ya..

“You’re hypnotized by this place, all of you. It’s so bright and neatly wrapped that you don’t see it’s a prison too.” — Jeff Weise’s forum signature

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turtle cove map / mars spoilers / pepsi star wars ep3 / today

March 24, 2005

A friend of mine has made a few screenshots of a Turtle Cove map. It was featured in a deleted scene from a Power Rangers Wild Force episode. Pretty cool. πŸ™‚

It has been officially announced that Point Pleasant is canceled. Haha. Meanwhile, UPN has revealed info on the April 5th and April 12th episodes of Veronica Mars. Beware the spoilers though. πŸ™‚

Pepsi has issued a press release concerning their Star Wars — Episode III: Revenge Of The Sith tie-in promotions. I’m interested in seeing that Pepsi commercial mentioned, that includes appearances by Yoda and Chewbacca. :p

I stayed up late again last night. Luckily, my dad didn’t decide to sleep in the living room.. So I watched an awesome episode of Full Metal Alchemist (so awesome, that I may just decide to get the Volume 1 DVD without the tin, since I can’t seem to find it). Then, I watched a pretty funny new episode of South Park. lol @ Kenny being killed again.. At that point, I couldn’t think of anything else to watch and went to sleep a little earlier than usual..

I awoke in the morning (just after 11AM) to the electrician paying a visit. He asked me to turn off things like my computer because the electricity would be turned off for about an hour. I go into my room immediately and shut things down like crazy on my computer — too late. He’s already turned it off. And I lose a little information that I had wanted to save. Thanks, asshole. So the electricity’s out for maybe ninety minutes while he connects these crappy heaters. Then we had to test them out. The first time you turn them on, they stink. This causes the smoke alarm to go off. And that causes the cat to go insane. *sigh* They closed up the wall below the fuse box, but now I have a nice little peep hole from my room to the back yard. They won’t be back to plug up the holes in the wall until Saturday or Monday. -_- ..Eventually, Passions started. Damn those writers for tricking me. I should’ve known. Now it’s back to rather boring crap, except for the whole thing with Whitney’s baby. They could get from the house to the hospital rather fast, yet it takes Fox many episodes to get to the Crane Compound? 😦 ..After that was over, my dad went to the grocery store (again) while I watched episode 17 on the Ghost In The Shell: Stand Alone Complex Volume 5 DVD. Pretty.. okay episode. I had wanted to watch another one after that, but the DVD played decided otherwise. It stopped playing after the episode was over. Then I couldn’t get the disc to load again. At all. So I moved on to the Star Wars: Ewoks Double Feature DVD and watched Caravan Of Courage. It was a nice little family film. It took a better part of the movie before I even got into it. :p I was surprised that I hadn’t noticed that the Ewoks have a resemblance to George Lucas before. Freaky. I guess the other movie tomorrow. I tried the GitS SAC DVD again. No luck. So I retired to my room as my dad decided to fight back against the druggie neighbor blasting his music.. by blasting his own music from the living room DVD player. :/ The CD skipped like the DVDs often do, but I think it was effective nonetheless.. I got online and news gathered. Didn’t really find all that much though. Eventually, I watched the Chapter 24 of Star Wars: Clone Wars. More awesomeness. πŸ™‚ I hope the DVD comes out alongside the Sith DVD.. With my dad being very depressed over the worst ‘urinating blood’ incident yet, he decided not to have supper, but made me a little something simple. Wish he would go the doctor or something.. I wish I had gotten sick first. I wanted to die first damnit. Whatever higher power there is out there seems to have decided to screw me over once again. *sigh*

In primetime, it was rather tough ti find things to watch. We watched Joey (awesome, a storyline forming), Blue Collar TV (lol @ that exercise thing), Jake In Progress (first time watching a full episode.. it was okay), Life On A Stick (i liked very little about this show.. I’ll watch for the few weeks that it’s still on), and the US series premiere of The Office (lol.. though next week looks better). Then I returned to my room..

I think that there is something more to the Minnesota school shooting. But most of the American people just hear “he admired Hitler” or “he took Prozac” and decide that that explains everything. Maybe the government orchestrated this to happen, in order to tighten gun laws just a little more. To slowly take away our “right to bare arms” completely, as well as other freedoms. I doubt the computer animation linked to below was made by Jeff Weise. The government is probably trying to attribute it to him to worsen his name, like the whole nazi thing. Reports said he wanted to die.. yet he was wearing a bullet-proof vest? That sure doesn’t make much sense…

Today was mostly boring. And some moments sucked. *shrug* Tomorrow: entry #1500. I’m planning nothing. :p See ya..

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jyb message & appearance / mystic force casting / today

March 23, 2005

I thought I would pass on this message from Mighty Morphin‘s Johnny Yong Bosch: “i’ve seen some Johnny Yong Bosch websites out there that haven’t been updated. if you run one let me know and i’ll email you some updates and some new pics you can post.” ..Just in case any of the four people that read my news every day are JYB site webmasters..

In addition to MetroCon, it’s been brought to my attention that Johnny Yong Bosch will also be appearing at Anime Boston 2005. This convention runs from April 29th to May 1st.. πŸ™‚

Sladedals has let us know that casting for Power Rangers Mystic Force is set to begin in May 2005…

I got done online earlier than usual last night. So I watched Conan, then listened to my newly-burned CD. ..I sent me to sleep.. 😦 Four hours later, I woke up and watched what I had planned to watch: Zatch Bell (now that some back story has been revealed, I’m hooked.. :p ) and the latest two episodes of Dragonball GT (now two episodes a week to get to the “uncut” early DBZ sooner.. great episodes too πŸ™‚ ). By that point, it was almost 6AM. I soon fell asleep..

I wake up at around noon, where I have to listen to more of my dad’s depressing talk about getting older. That weird hard bump on his shoulder that’s been there for as long as I can remember is starting to hurt. And he finds it hard to sleep in his own bed. *sigh* I eventually escaped to my room and got online until Passions started. Another rather uneventful episode. Well, not really.. between Whitney’s birth of her baby (with her pants still on under the sheet), Precious’ departure (*sniff*), and Beth finally stabbing Sheridan (a little too slowly), tomorrow should be interesting. :p After that, we finally watched last night’s new episode of House. Very great episode. It may just be my most favorite yet. πŸ™‚ Then.. nothing much else happened. We.. sat around. I looked through the new GamePro that I had gotten in the mail (with my free subscription) while my dad continued to complain about his pain that he doesn’t do anything about. :/ ..Eventually, I just got back online. We had a ‘whatever we have left’ kind of supper.. I got offline early and watched Star Wars: Clone Wars “Chapter 23”. Damn, it was awesome. πŸ™‚ Already can’t wait for the Volume 2 DVD.. I also uploaded some Majandra Delfino pics to my ‘gallerys’ (a typo in-joke that no one who reads this LJ will get).. *drools*

In primetime, I watched the new episodes of That 70s Show (lol) and Simple Life: Interns (also lol). But then, with that American Idol crap being repeated, we could find nothing to watch for an hour. At 10PM, we watched a rather interesting new episode of CSI NY. πŸ™‚ And pretty much the whole night, we were playing with / annoying the cat. :p Once that was over, I returned to my room..

Today was rather average. It looks like my late night viewing pocket may be in danger. My dad feels like he may be sleeping in the living room at night as well, because he can’t get to sleep in his bed. *sigh* ..See ya..

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Jeff Blamed For School Threat In April 2004
“By the way, I’m being blamed for a threat on the school I attend because someone said they were going to shoot up the school on 4/20, Hitlers birthday, and just because I claim being a National Socialist, guess whom they’ve pinned,” he wrote in comments posted at 11:41 p.m. on April 19, 2004. Five weeks later, he wrote that “the school threat passed and I was cleared as a suspect, I’m glad for that. I don’t much care for jail, I’ve never been there and I don’t plan on it.”

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