today / dino thunder power up

I awoke in the morning and got online, then watched a very small bit of morning TV before getting online for most of the morning. Waiting for my dad to get off the TV. lol. He finally did at about 12:30 or so, then I got onto PlayStation Home. lol @ the new cat & dog suits. They have their own kind of walk. It’s pretty funny-looking. I got the orange cat suit (to somewhat match my cat) as well as the brown bull dog. You change the body’s width to get the suit to open it’s mouth. The cat has his wide open, while the dog not so much but with a tongue sticking out. :p

And from there, I checked out ModNation Racers (mainly to make my first golf cart, woot.. got a voucher code online that gave me the proper pieces.. yay 🙂 ).. and then finally watched the first five episodes of Power Rangers Dino Thunder. It was a great start to this season. *drools @ Kira* The first five were kind of like a movie in a way, with Tommy’s return and all. This is probably my second favorite Disney season though, behind RPM. I just can’t excuse the White Ranger clone debacle. Blargh. I notice they didn’t mention Forever Red in “Legacy of Power”. Perhaps there was another untold adventure with the Time Force Rangers that made those events never happen? And maybe that same adventure caused Lord Zedd & Rita to have a son? Haha. Nonetheless, that’d make a heck of a fanfic. :p

And then I returned to PlayStation Home and did a little redecorating of my personal spaces. I kept forgetting to put out the Alien Invasion event trophies. They’re UFO-shaped lava lamps in silver and gold. And it’s pretty awesome how they project an image onto the wall. 🙂 ..My dad had gone to bed, gotten up, then went back to bed again. And then he woke up again and we had some supper. I eventually shut off the PS3 and got online to news-gather.

In primetime, my dad wanted to watch a baseball game again. So I gave in and let him watch his game. But then he decided to watch the movie anyway. That movie was my next Netflix selection — She’s Out Of My League. It was a pretty fun and funny movie. We both liked it a lot… And that was pretty much it.

See ya.


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