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June 30, 2006

Nickelodeon has greenlighted Avatar: The Last Airbender for its third and final season. The press release also hypes the upcoming Season Two hour-long specials (of two episodes each): “The Fury of the Avatar” (episode 210: “The Library” & 211: “The Desert”) on July 14th 2006 & “Secret of the Fire Nation” (Part 1 & 2) on September 15th. 🙂

Kevin Smith is giving MySpace members the chance to be part of film history.. sort of. The first 10,000 people to add this as their friend on the site will have their names placed in the closing credits of Clerks II, in theaters July 21st.. I knew about this yesterday. But waited to make sure I’d have my name in first. I’m such an ass. Like the three people who read my LiveJournal would make any difference in whether of not I get in the closing credits.. -_-

The final night of The WB has been scheduled to be a very special occasion. On September 17th, The WB is re-airing the pilot episodes of Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Angel and Felicity. I would’ve preferred Roswell‘s pilot. Even though I have it on DVD. And VHS. And VCD. 🙂

NBC has scheduled a three-hour rerun block of Miami Vice for July 22nd in order to help promote the new feature film based on the TV series. :p

I awoke at about the usual time. We watched the usual morning TV and had some breakfast. Then I pretty much stayed online all morning, but while still getting bored. The mail arrived with my dad’s check. He took off to cash it and to go to the store, while I watched three more episodes of Justice League: Season 2 (aww @ “Comfort and Joy” & lol @ most of “Wild Cards”.. yay @ the ending :p). He returned by the time I was done with that, so we watched Passions (*rolls eyes @ Alistair getting away AGAIN*). Then I played Ultimate Spider-Man for a few hours (*plays story mission like a hundred damn times before giving up, then gets some city events & combat tours done instead*).

My dad bought some fast food for supper, then it took forever for me to finally get back into my room to news-gather. So I ran a little late. No big deal. There wasn’t anything to watch until 8:30 anyway.. At that point, I watched Beyond The Break. Great episode. It’s neat to see Micheal Copon’s character becoming a main one. You can so tell the first four episodes were taped separately as some kind of “pilot movie” thing.. After that, I watched / taped Kyle XY on ABC just as my dad came in. He was able to watch it this time and he liked it as well. But it looks like I’ll have to retape it from the ABC Family airing on the DVR. They edited the episode for network airing. Sure, it’s just a close up shot of Kyle’s wet pants that was removed. But the scene doesn’t make as much sense without it. You can barely see the wet pants now. And anyway, I want complete episodes for my tapes dangit. :p ..Once that ended and my dad took off outside, I also taped another episode of Beyond The Break before returning to my room for the night.

My dad tried once again to talk to me about my obsession with media.. and I ignored him completely. I fucking suck. See ya.

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[ Courts, Congress Move To Limit Bush Power ]
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[ Big Three Cars Emit 230 Million TONS Greenhouse Gas ]
[ Huntingburg, Indiana Crop Circle ]


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June 29, 2006

TheDigitalBits reports that New Line’s Limited Edition DVDs of The Lords of the Rings Trilogy will be available as a boxed set of all three two-disc sets, besides being available separately. The site also has word that these DVDs will look better than the original 2-Disc Theatrical Edition DVDs, but not better than the original 4-Disc Extended Editions. Heh. :p

Click here for the Best Buy, Circuit City & Target retailer ads for the week of July 2nd to July 8th. Since Tuesday falls on July 4th, there isn’t that many new DVD releases this week. But there are some pretty good sale prices on older releases. I’m especially intrigued about Circuit City’s July 2nd-4th $8.96 video game sale. There’s a couple in that list that I’d like to pick up. 🙂

I awoke earlier than expected in the morning, ignored my dad’s depression like he does mine, and got online for a bit. He soon went off to the handout place and I watched some morning TV. But I returned online before my dad returned. Again, he couldn’t get much. We had some late breakfast, then I stayed online for quite awhile. My dad’s changing hospitals to one closer to home. His first appointment there just happens to be the same day our cable bill is due. If I don’t get my check in the bank in time, we’re screwed. And even though the hospital has given him the decision to only go two out of the three days each week.. he’s going anyway and possibly ruining everything. Just perfect. Ass. 😡

I downloaded and burned a new CD.. We soon watched Passions (*stalling* *muscular men without shirts on for no reason* *rolls eyes*). Once that ended, my dad took off for a bit and watched two more episodes of Justice League: Season 2 (“Hereafter”.. omgsoawesome.. my favorite of Season 2 so far) and Dog Bites Man (lol). My dad had returned by the time that was over. I just played some Ultimate Spider-Man up until 5PM (woohoo). Then I shut off the PS2 and got online to news-gather.

I finished up online as my dad returned from another handout place. We had a late supper, then watched Gameshow Marathon. After that, my dad took off outside. So I transferred another Beyond the Break episode to VHS. Once 10PM came around, I watched Windfall (pretty good episode.. the teens and criminals storylines anyway, couldn’t care less about the rest.. but sure, kill off the only character I really like.. looks like next week may be my last week watching). Once it was all over, I returned to my room for the night.

See ya.

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tmnt s4 dvd / teen titans movie & arrested 3 / ace ventura double / encore anime / today

June 28, 2006

Navarre, FUNimation’s parent company, has now altered their listing for the next Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles DVD release. The title is now listed as “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Season 4 – 14 Episodes”. Yet they still leave the old cover art and Vol 21: Hun On The Run description intact. :p There’s fifteen episodes of Season 4 left unreleased. Did they leave off the cliffhanging season finale “The Ninja Tribunal” or the unaired “Insane In The Membrane”? I’m thinking the latter, due to the upcoming “Lost Episodes” collection. Stay tuned…

TVShowsOnDVD reports first details on the October 17th release of Teen Titans: Trouble In Tokyo, a direct-to-DVD movie. The disc will include the 75-minute feature, as well as a “lost episode” that never aired on TV. Click here to check out the cover art.. The site also reports a list of special features for the August 29th DVD release of Arrested Development: The Complete Third Season. 🙂

Warner Home Video has detailed their September 5th DVD release of Ace Ventura: Deluxe Double Feature. It will include Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls (both with new and improved digital transfers), some episodes of Ace Ventura: The Animated Series, and some nice special features, all for an SRP of $19.96. 🙂 ..I wonder if that third bonus disc of even more Animated episodes is going to be a store-exclusive..?

More anime is heading to the Starz Encore channels. Gokusen begins airing this Saturday July 1st on Encore WAM, replacing Vandread. It begins with the first episode just after 6:30AM and the second just after 4:30PM. Then only one episode per day around 4:30PM with a repeat of it the next day near 6:30AM.. And believe it or not, Encore Action will air both parts of Eiken, an adult anime, on July 4th at 7:40PM. :p

I awoke in the morning, watched some TV and had some breakfast. Then I began work on the next MP3 Share: Ron Wasserman Rarities Redux. I had uploaded both huge zip files and posted it before noticing that the first one didn’t have “Go Fly Win” like I had thought. So I had to add it to the second one then re-upload it to both sites all over again while the entry was set to “private”. Ugh. But I eventually got it all straightened out.. Soon, Passons started (lol). When my dad took off afterward, I got online a bit. Then I watched Paranoia Agent episode 5 (mostly to transfer it to VHS), the new Oban Star-Racers (nice) and two more DVD episodes of Justice League: Season 2 (“Secret Society”.. eh, these were pretty good.. I especially liked the not-completely-wrapped-up ending). My dad returned with some clothes given to her by his sister. It’s his birthday, after all..

Once those were over, it was already 4:30 so I got online to news-gather. I had some trouble with this crap computer, had some supper, then finished up pretty close to 8PM. We watched Blue Collar TV (lol.. even though the second one was a rerun) and America’s Got Talent (eh, it’s okay.. when there’s nothing better on). Then I stuck around a bit as my dad watched the NBA Draft (ugh), but soon returned to my room for the night.

I suck. I’m having writer’s block on The Prisoner and am thinking about continuing Operation Stranger or Westmont High instead. 😦 See ya.

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[ Bird Flu Fatalities Almost Triple This Year ]
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MP3 Share #19 — Ron Wasserman Rare Power Rangers Tracks Redux

June 28, 2006

A few more rare Ron Wasserman tracks have been released to the internet, so I thought I would re-upload the original collection and include the new ones, which are mainly new instrumental versions. :p — SendSpace / RapidShare – 12 files – 44.3MB

MMPR – Fisher – All To Myself — Fisher is Ron’s wife’s band. “All To Myself” was in a Kim episode of Mighty Morphin Season 2.
MMPR – The Mighty RAW – Ride The Machine — “Ride The Machine” is the song heard in “The Mutiny”. This is the complete song. It’s all that was produced.
MMPR – The Mighty RAW – Zords Instrumental
Ron Wasserman – Got No Time
Ron Wasserman – I Know A Place
Ron Wasserman – New Rangers To The Rescue (Extended Version) — This song is featured on Disney’s BoPR CD.. but this is an extended version.
Ron Wasserman – Take Them Down
Ron Wasserman – Tenga Bye Bye — At last, a good quality version of this song is available..
Ron Wasserman – Power Rangers Kitchen Sink Cue
Ron Wasserman – Various Cues — These cues are pieces of score used in Mighty Morphin. These even include bits of the Bulk & Skull theme.
PRiS – The Mighty RAW – Mach 23
PRiS – The Mighty RAW – Silver Ranger — Ron made these songs for PRiS, but Saban never used them. 😦 — SendSpace / RapidShare – 11 files – 39.8MB

Ron Wasserman – Go Fly Win — Used during Power Rangers in Space.
Ron Wasserman – Go Fly Win (Instrumental Version)
Ron Wasserman – Got No Time (Instrumental Version)
Ron Wasserman – Hope For The World
Ron Wasserman – Hope For The World (Instrumental Version)
Ron Wasserman – Unite
Ron Wasserman – Unite (Instrumental Version) — I decided to include the full song versions of these as well.
Ron Wasserman – Go Green Ranger Go (Evil Rita Version) — This song is the same except its the original version with “Evil Rita” in place of “Lord Zedd”.
Ron Wasserman – Lord Zedd’s Theme
Ron Wasserman – Rita Rita Rita — aka “Hey Rita”.
MMPR – Saban – Bulk & Skull Theme — This may not be by Ron, but it’s rare. *shrug* :p

Enjoy. And let me know if there are any problems. 🙂

fullmetal finish / office webisodes / spidey 3 teaser / media buys / today

June 27, 2006

[Current Music Download|SendSpace & Lyrics – should’ve shared this with the other anti-war tracks]

FUNimation sure are in a hurry to finish up Full Metal Alchemist on DVD. The DVD releases of Volume 13: Brotherhood and The Movie have been moved up once again, this time from September 26th to September 12th (they were originally scheduled for October 3rd). That’s only one week after the release of Volume 12: Truth Behind Truths on September 5th.. Volume 10 came out today and Volume 11 still arrives August 1st.. 🙂

NBC is starting a series of webisodes for The Office. Each two or three minute webisode will premiere each Thursday at from July 13th to September 14th. Neat. 🙂

The Spider-Man 3 teaser trailer that was discussed yesterday is now online at Check it out. 🙂

I awoke quite early in the morning. Before 6AM, in fact. So I finally did something I had been wanting to do for a while. I finally started transferring Beyond the Break from DVR to VHS. I have no idea how after deleting an hour-long DVRing last night, I don’t have enough space on it to DVR another hour. -_- ..I fell asleep for about another hour or so, then watched some morning TV. Soon, I went out media buying one last time for the month..

First, I went to Best Buy and picked up Ultraviolet: Unrated & Full Metal Alchemist Vol 10. Then went and bought some bottled water and an Icee. By then, I was really broke. So I returned home.. We watched Price Is Right and had a late breakfast. Then I got online to inventory the new DVDs. Passions soon started (lol @ the stalling). Once that ended, I watched Simple Life (lol so fake) and a couple episodes of Justice League: Season 2 (“The Terror Within”.. whoa, that was crazy :p). Then I just rampaged in GTA Liberty City Stories for a few hours (I’ve given up on completing anymore missions for now.. might switch to another game soon).

My dad found out T-Mobile has been taking minutes away from him again and got all pissed, even said something about not paying the cable bill after all. Ass. He’s trying to keep track of how many minutes he has left manually since his cell phone is so old, it doesn’t do it for him. And he’s probably just being too stupid and not counting any additional seconds as another minute or something. *rolls eyes* He took off on another hospital appointment. I eventually shut off the PS2 and transferred another Beyond the Break to VHS. Then finally got online to news-gather awhile past 6PM. I had some supper, then finished up pretty close to 8PM.

I returned to the living room watched two episodes of According to Jim (lol), the penultimate episode of Pepper Dennis (awesome episode.. too bad next week is the last), and a Carlos Mencia special on Comedy Central (rofl, though it sounded like I had seen it before). My dad didn’t return home until nearly 8:30, then insisted that I eat something.. even after telling him that I already had. :p An ambulance came during the night and took the woman next door again. She must’ve overdosed again. It happens so often that his whatever-he-is (the one that previously stole our cable) doesn’t even go with her. He just goes to the hospital later and picks her up. :/ ..Once everything was over on TV, I returned to my room for the night..

I so miss real food. See ya.

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[ Morgellons Mystery – Micro-Bugs Or ETs? ]
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spidey 3 teaser / prison cast / abc sched / today

June 26, 2006

AintItCoolNews has a description of what you’ll see in the first teaser trailer for Spider-Man 3, which will be attached to Superman Returns in theaters. And man, does it ever sound cool. If you happen to have one of those huge satellite dishes, you may be able to see it as it premieres. Click here for the satellite info..

William Fichtner has jumped the sinking ship that is Invasion and is now joining the cast of Prison Break for its second season. He will play the role of Buck Mahone, an FBI agent in charge of tracking down the escapees. Coool. 🙂

For those who missed ABC Family’s new sci-fi series called Kyle XY, that has been described as The OC meets Roswell (felt more like Roswell meets John Doe to me), ABC will be re-airing the first episode on Friday night, June 30th at 9PM ET.. ABC has also scheduled their long-in-the-works miniseries based on the bullshit-full 9/11 Commission Report, titled The Path To 9/11. It will air in two parts on Sunday September 10th & Monday September 11th at 8PM ET. How inconsiderate. -_-

I awoke in the morning and got online for a while. When my dad went off to the grocery store for the last time this month, I watched Full Metal Alchemist DVD episodes 27 & 28. Damn, I’m getting close to the current releases. I might have to take a short break soon. When he returned, he watched his news while I got online a bit longer. We watched Passions (lol so crazy). When that ended, my dad took off again as I watched two more Justice League: Season 2 episodes (“Eclipsed”.. awesome) and played some GTA Liberty City Stories. But I only played for about a half-hour. I couldn’t find anything I wanted to do, then my dad returned and received a message from the cable company. They’re giving us until Thursday to pay up. When we don’t get any money until Friday. *sigh* -_-

I shut off the PS2 and returned to my room nearly 90 minutes earlier than usual. I got online and got to work on the day’s news-gathering. I finished that up pretty close to 6PM. My dad must’ve been affected by my storming off to my room so early. He called the cable company back. But now we must pay one month each. *shrug* July looks to be a light DVD month anyway.. We had supper, then my dad went out for a bit. I soon watched the new episodes of Power Rangers Mystic Force — 1617: “Ranger Down”. I liked this one. Most of it anyway. :p Koragg gives Imperius his magic in order to prove something, then he gives it to Necrolai in the form of a dark-morpher-looking wand. The first thing she does is transform her daughter into a bug. Yes, again. Ugh. Necrolai goes and battles the Rangers with a new monster of the week that gets her kicks by turning humans into feathers for some reason.. But lets get to the main story. Jenji gets jealous of Fire Heart and leaves him in the woods, where he meets up with Phineas. The Rangers soon find out what he’s done and Jenji runs away. Daggeron tells the Rangers Jenji’s origin story. He must get back in his lamp within two hours or he will parish. Madison goes off to find him while the other Rangers soon get turned into feathers. Jenji meets up with Piggy near a mound of trash. Yes, Piggy. From Power Rangers S.P.D.. He tells Jenji that he just arrived on Earth from another star system and that this city will be crawling with aliens in 20 years. :p In his own way, he also convinces him that running away isn’t the right thing to do. Piggy hides as Madison shows up to apologize for not paying enough attention to him. Jenji & Madison eventually save the day and get everyone back to their non-feathery forms. Not to mention that Fire Heart goes through one hell of a growth spurt. Later, Phineas absentmindedly mentions in front of Udonna & Daggeron how he took Udonna’s child, Bowen, away to live in the real world during a battle in order to protect him. And earlier in the episode, it was mentioned that Nick was adopted. Interesting. :p ..On July 10th — 1618 through 1620: “Dark Wish” Parts I – III: Imperius gets a hold of Jenji and wishes the Rangers never existed. The Ranger teens go to the Tribunal of Magic to try and convince them to reverse the wish. But the Tribunal denies their request. Now it’s up to the depowered teens to get their Ranger powers back before all is lost. Sooo can’t wait to see this one. 🙂

After some time online, I returned to the living room and watched Kyle XY (the reviews I read weren’t that great, so I came in with low expectations and liked it.. I think I’m already hooked.. it reminds me just a bit of Roswell 🙂 ) and Hex (awesome episode). Once those were over though, there wasn’t much else worth watching. So I returned to my room for the night.

This thing about me paying so damn much of the cable bill angered me a bit. But I must pay it. Damnit. As I said, July is a light DVD month. But I was hoping to save a little for the extremely heavy DVD months of August & September (*shakes fist @ all those damn pre-season TV DVD releases*). I was even preparing to pay for more LJ paid time next month since it expires at the end of September. *shrug* See ya.

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Sunday 06.25.2006 — PR-style action returns to LA for one night only

June 25, 2006

I woke up, then fell back to sleep. Then woke up and soon took over the TV. I watched Samurai 7 (awesome), Eureka 7 (omgsoawesomer *shakes fist @ cliffhanger*), two more DVD episodes of Justice League: Season 2 (“A Better World”.. also awesome) and Making The Video: Christina Aguilera – Ain’t No Other Man (for the entire making-of, my face was like this: O_o ..I liked the video, and those little parts of another song at the beginning and end of the video.. but not so much on the actual song :p ).

I found a movie to watch, but when my dad took off I opted to play GTA Liberty City Stories instead. I collected enough hidden packages for another weapon at the safehouse (I like having them there so I can pick them up every time I’m there and raise my ammo.. one weapon went up to 9969 before reaching its limit), then finally finished the car collecting thing. From now on, a V8 Ghost (sports car) and a PCJ (motorcycle) spawn at my safehouse in a separate garage. Yay. 🙂 I also explored that huge hill on the north side of the third island. I climbed pretty high before it blocked me. What a view though. 🙂 ..My dad soon returned home and I returned to my room so he could see his NASCAR race.

I went to my DVR and watched Wendy Wu: Homecomng Warrior. I enjoyed it quite a bit. Partly for Kiochi Sakamoto’s awesome fight choreography. While watching those fights, it really reminded me of Power Rangers. I hope there’s an equally awesome sequel. A Disney era Power Rangers episodic director (John Liang) directed the movie as well. Maybe that’s where all the slow motion stuff came from. I wonder if Kiochi got them to put in the Power Rangers reference though. Power Rangers Ninja Storm‘s Light Blue Ranger Sally Martin appeared as “Tory”, which is only one letter off from her Ranger character name. And she even wore some light blue and drove a light blue car (traded in for that light blue van from PRNS, maybe? :p). A few Disney era Power Rangers voice actors even showed up in a few short appearances (James Gaylyn, who voiced PRDT’s Zeltrax, and Geoffrey Dolan, who voices PRMF’s Koragg)..

You could tell this was filmed in California. It’s always bright and sunny. While Disney era Power Rangers from New Zealand looks all foggy and cloudy most of the time. I miss Saban era Power Rangers. Probably because back then, they actually cared to make a good story. And that was a big part of why I watched. Very few live action shows were telling stories like Power Rangers. But nowadays, they just seem to care more about the action and explosions. *sigh* 😦

After some time online, I returned to the living room and watched the rest of that NASCAR race. Yay @ Jeff Gordon winning. We had some supper, then there was nothing to watch on TV. My dad went outside and I took over the TV to play GTA Liberty City Stories for about another hour. My dad came back in in and saw that I was having a good time. So he had to try and ruin it by bringing up the cable disconnect notice again. I’d be willing to pay a part of it if he payed the rest (one month of the two months due anyway). But he refuses to see how important the DVD purchases are to me. He acts like he wants me to pay the whole gawdamn thing (over $200 due) because I hog the TV. I guess when he goes outside all night while I watch TV, it’s called hogging. *rolls eyes*

So he went back outside and I shut off the PS2 in time to watch / tape the new episode of The 4400. Awesome episode. The season felt a bit weak to me until now. Wow. So can’t for Part 2 next week.. Then I stuck around and watched my first full episode of Dead Zone. It was pretty good too. My dad just happened to come back in in time fore the 11PM news. That’s fine. I was leaving anyway.. But before I went, my dad revealed to me that a kid I played with so long ago, and got in trouble with on a few occasions (once we vandalized a place >_> ), had took his father’s shotgun and shot someone with it. And now he’s in jail. Wow.

Another damn weekend complete. Here’s hoping my dad grows his brain back before my cable and internet are gone forever or I shall be gone with it. See ya.. I hope..

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[ Water Seeps To Base Of Icecap In Greenland ]

Saturday 06.24.2006 — Everything always goes wrong in the end

June 24, 2006

I awoke, then fell asleep. Then woke up again maybe an hour later. I soon took over the TV from my dad and watched Best Week Ever (lol), The Soup (best of.. ugh), two more Justice League: Season 2 episodes (“Hearts And Minds”.. awesome) and some VH1 Top 20 Countdown while keeping track of 4KidsTV. Of the last commercial breaks I saw, they aired no new TMNT shorts though. 😦

Once 4KidsTV was over, I found a Superman animated series marathon to watch on Boomerang. I would’ve preferred the Luthor / Brainiac block of episodes to come later, but the Darkseid block wasn’t bad. Yay’s @ Supergirl. I also watched “World’s Finest” (I barely remember watching on Kids WB so long ago). Man, a live action Batman & Superman movie would be awesome.. It was difficult to keep track of what was watching as first, since the episodes airing were about an hour behind what was being shown on the on-screen guide (one of the negatives of having no commercial breaks). My dad made some lunch, then headed off to another hospital appointment. When the marathon changed over to Justice League episodes that I will watch later in the week on DVD, I passed and.. here I am.. So bored.

I watched Web Junk 20 (lol), then got online for a bit. Next, I played GTA Liberty City Stories for nearly five hours. I was mostly collecting the rest of the cars needed in that Love Media thing. I’m down to only one left to go, and I was having no luck finding it. After entering the “cars drive on water” cheat, I just drove off the dock and onto the airstrip across from it. Back and forth, back and forth, finding all the more-rare cars on the third island. That one the garage wouldn’t accept the other day was only because I had already found that one. :p

I shut it off soon after my dad returned from the hospital. We had some supper, then I let him watch some TV before I took over and watched Naruto (awesome), Zatch Bell (also pretty awesome) and BoBoBo-Bo Bo-BoBo (lol). My dad started feeling bad from what was done at the hospital again. And he said he may not be paying the cable bill again next month. We already have a disconnect notice. My televison and internet will be gone.. as well as over 65% of the reason I haven’t ended my life yet. Televison, Internet, DVD. And without the internet, I won’t know how to plan my DVD purchases so far ahead. All will be lost. But my dad’s probably just sick of me being around. Looks like it won’t be much longer anyway..

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dc new frontier movie / today

June 23, 2006

[Current Music Download|RapidShare]

AintItCoolNews reports that the comic mini-series DC: The New Frontier is being made into a new PG-13-rated Direct-To-DVD animated movie by Warner Bros. Now that I’ve read the Wiki page about it.. Cooool. I’m looking forward to this. 🙂

So I woke up and saw the news report on the Sears Tower terror plot. Larry Silverstein bought the World Trade Center just months before 911 and got super-rich off an insurance policy afterward ($3.5 billion dollars). Then he purchased the Sears Tower in March 2004. Interesting to say the least. But it’s probably just more bullshit to make Bush look like he’s doing his job.. I got online for a bit, then had some breakfast. My dad soon took off for groceries, so I watched the usual two episodes of Justice League: Season 2 earlier than usual (“Maid Of Honor”.. great episodes). Then I mostly played with the cat while my dad watched his news.

We soon watched Passions (haha’s @ the stuff that should be funny but isn’t.. lol @ Kay’s predicament), then I played GTA Liberty City Stories for about three hours (after failing a mission 23536563 times, I gave up and started the car collecting thing.. and got pissed when it wouldn’t accept the Shoreside Vale-exclusive car I brought over before that island is officially open.. rofl @ these two peds getting stuck in place and stayed there the whole time while I went up the island to save the game and back.. and even to the locked island and back). I shut off the PS2 just after 5PM, had some supper, and got online to news-gather.

I finished up online at about 7PM. I read more of the GTA Liberty City Stories strategy guide. I’m surprised by how many pastimes they’ve fit in this game. There’s Cop, Paramedic, Car Salesman, Bike Salesman, Noodle Delivery, Pizza Delivery, Car Collecting and quite a few more. Wow.. At 8PM, my dad went outside and I took over the TV. I watched Whose Line (lol), Beyond The Break (*shakes fist @ cutting away from the sextaping so early*).. and four more Whose Line episodes (lmao x 4). I finally gave the TV back to my dad at 11PM and returned to my room for the night.

Friday already, eh? *shrug* See ya.

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proo? wtf? / fox fall dates / smallville details / futurama returns / today

June 22, 2006

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In a new press release issued by Disney today, they reveal that the next season of Power Rangers has been retitled yet again. From Drive Force (ugh) to Relic Hunters (yay)… And now it’s Power Rangers: Operation Overdrive. I personally don’t like it as much as Relic Hunters, but I guess they had to change it over copyright issues or something.. I wish I had a better, more full version of Ron Wasserman’s “Overdrive” now (all I got is a snippet from an episode). It’d be the perfect theme song. 🙂

FOX has already announced their fall TV premiere dates! Prison Break & Vanished will debut back-to-back on August 21st, Bones will begin its second season on August 30th, House starts its third on September 5th, and the Sunday night shows The Simpsons, American Dad, Family Guy & War At Home all premiere their new seasons on September 10th. FOX has finally thought smart and decided not to schedule the 7-8PM hour on Sundays with new programming due to the many football pre-emptions. But unfortunately, King of the Hill will still return mid-season. :p

TVShowsOnDVD now has the back cover art for the September 12th DVD release of Smallville: The Complete Fifth Season, which reveals the full list of special features to be included.. Also, there’s word that Smallville will begin its sixth season on September 21st, since last season’s finale has been set to re-air the week before and the change to The CW occurs between the two airdates. 🙂

TV Week reports that Comedy Central has ordered 13 new episodes of FOX’s canceled animated sci-fi series Futurama. Wow. Apparently, Comedy Central will soon own the rights to air all past episodes of the series.But the new episodes won’t begin until 2008. :/

I awoke pretty early in the morning and got online once again. Then I returned to the living room once my dad left for the handout place and got in some more playing time on GTA Liberty City Stories. But once he returned, I shut it off. I watched Dog Bites Man (lol), then got online up until Passions started (*rolls eyes @ Alistair & JT’s getaway* *then yay’s @ Kay & Miguel’s kiss*). Once that ended, I watched two more episode of Justice League: Season 2 (“Only A Dream”.. awesome once again) and played some more GTA Liberty City Stories (the missions are getting harder, so I’m starting to complete less of them.. I rampaged, completed one or two, then rampaged :/).

I didn’t shut it off this time until after 6PM. My dad was called to the hospital early for his appointment and left right after Passions.. I got some lame supper, then got online to news-gather. My dad returned home close to 7:30, then I finished up online rather close to 8PM. We watched Gameshow Marathon (eh it’s okay), Blue Collar TV (yes, again), Sanford & Son (lol) and Windfall (I’m really starting to not care about this show.. except the teen love story.. and maybe the criminal storyline). My dad wasn’t feeling too good and headed to bed early. I returned to my room for the night once the shows were over.

See ya.

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