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Sunday 02.28.2010 —

February 28, 2010

I awoke rather early in the morning and.. began playing Heavy Rain. I didn’t go to where I left off though. This time, I played some past chapters in order to get more trophies. There’s a few choices you can make in the game that will give you a trophy no matter which choice you make.. so I played one of those scenes twice and got both trophies. Bwahaha. But that was after I checked out Madison’s shower scene that I had somehow passed up on my first playthough of the scene. *ahem*

And then I watched Big Time Rush (lol, good episode).. before I fell asleep.. A few hours later, I awoke and got back on PlayStation Home for a bit (LocoIsland chores.. yay, got the 3rd floor hut in the treehouse 🙂 ). And then I watched The Sarah Silverman Program (lol, weird.. as usual.. fell asleep twice trying to watch this episode before :p), Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood (another good episode.. still liking the original better so far though) and Greek (yup, took me this long to get to it.. cute very late Valentines episode that they probably could have aired a few weeks early without any messing up of the series’ plots.. hm).

After that, it was nearing the time for my dad’s NASCAR race. And so I got online while he.. fell asleep.. I stayed online pretty much all afternoon, doing work that needed to be done a long time ago or didn’t need to be done for a long time. :p Should’ve made more time for the bedroom DVR. Damnit. 😦

We had some supper, then it eventually reached primetime… We then watched two episodes of Til Death (lol.. they recast their daughter again?! this must be like the fourth time now! lol), Funniest Videos (haha, sbeen awhile) and Desperate Housewives (haha, another very good episode). After that, I got online.. then fell asleep waiting for a disc to burn. :/

Well, see ya.

[ Big Pharma Fabricates ‘Female Sexual Dysfunction’ To Sell More Drugs ]


Saturday 02.27.2010 — OMG, Power Rangers is in the DC universe!

February 27, 2010

I awoke in the morning and got online for a bit. And then I soon watched The Ricky Gervais Show (lol, though not as funny as episode 1 😦 ), five more episodes of Power Rangers Wild Force (more very good episodes.. may not watch tomorrow so that I can watch “Reinforcements” without any dad-related interruptions.. it’s definitely my favorite teamup 🙂 ), and the “new” episode of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Reversioned (eh… hawhaw, Kim’s zord forms the Megazord’s breastplate.. >_> ..nm).

I then watched some iCarly.. while waiting for my dad to leave. Once he did, I got online.. and then got the PS3 online and checked out PlayStation Home. There was a Homeling gathering that I was interested in attending. But then my dad had to return home and continued to complain about all the time I’ve spent on Home lately. And so I shut it off and we watched my next Netflix selection — Post Grad (hmm, not that great.. but definitely some funny moments throughout 🙂 ). He of course fell asleep during that.. and I think he also did during the next chosen movie — The Taking of Pelham 123.. via Netflix PS3 streaming. Sweet. Both the service and movie. I’d almost buy it on Blu someday. 🙂 ..I see though that Netflix is removing a few movies from my streaming queue on March 1st. Lame. 😦

After that movie, I snuck onto PlayStation Home again while my dad made supper. Heehee. I only did the “chores” on my LocoIsland again though. Collecting pickories. Sooo close to unlocking the 3rd level gazeebo now. 😀 ..We had some supper, then I got online. Then all night, my dad just watched his usual shows.. and I was online for parts of that time. *shrug*

Well.. see ya.

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ghostwriter on dvd! / yesterday and today.. it’s a two-fer!

February 26, 2010

I was totally never expecting this.. but here it is! Shout! Factory has acquired the popular 90s PBS series Ghostwriter. And according to Amazon, they will release Ghostwriter – Season 1 as a 5-disc, 870min DVD set on June 8th. Cooool. This was the series that first got me into writing. I’ve slowly been rewatching the series one multi-episode story at a time on data DVD (VHS rips, and one YouTube rip.. the torrent was incomplete 😦 ), but I’m sure the official DVDs will look a lot better. I might just pause on watching my data DVDs and pick this up instead.. Perfect cover art btw. 😉

I awoke in the morning and.. convinced my dad to let me get on PlayStation Home for a bit. I turned it off and soon fell asleep.. My dad awoke me to tell me it was nearing the time to go to the hospital again, and so we got ready and soon headed out. The main chick there is pretty hot. I’m going to miss seeing her every week. 😦 ..We eventually returned home and watched Ellen. And then I returned to PlayStation Home (I’ve noticed over the last week I’ve only been visiting the LocoRoco spaces.. I really want my island fully upgraded. :p).

After that, I had almost forgotten about this but managed to fit in five more episodes of Power Rangers Wild Force anyway (more good episodes.. the the start of the Zen-Aku saga! yay). I also fit in some time on Heavy Rain (and I end up with two of the four main characters dead.. so far.. wow, I suck :p). We had some supper, then I got online.

In primetime, there was again nothing on. Ugh. And my dad made sure to watch the most boring crap he could find. He eventually gave up and chose to go to bed early though. I took over and watched The Tester (first episode.. and probably my last episode.. reality shows suck after all, especially the ones that insist on using stupid nicknames for their contestants rather than their real names.. ugh), then got on PlayStation Home again for a while. Pickory collecting be fun. You can do it every 12 hours. And now I have a farm to water in my personal space everyday now too. lol. :p

I tried watching something else after that.. but fell asleep.. 😦 ..I awoke the next morning and pretty much immediately began watching five more episodes of Power Rangers Wild Force (awesome episodes today, since it included most of the Zen-Aku saga 🙂 ). I got on PlayStation Home for a little while once again, then my dad returned home and we watched some morning TV (including Ellen).

The mail arrived and I got a surprising package. Quite a lot of cool stuff in it, especially the Power Rangers magazines. I have some but I don’t think they include these. Thanks so much! 🙂 ..Next, I played some more hours of Heavy Rain. The story where half the main characters died ended rather unfortunate for everyone.. then I went back and began playing from the point that it all went wrong and saved them. Yay. This is definitely a cool game. I finally got to the infamous stripping scene, accidentally ended it prematurely.. and got a trophy for it. Cool! And later I went back to play it all the way through. >_>

I got onto PlayStation Home yet again, though very briefly, then we had some supper.. I got online to news-gather.. In primetime, we watched Smallville (wow, pretty good episode.. *ugh @ the promo saying next new episode is April 2nd* Argh.. as well.. :p). My dad eventually went to bed early again. And I watched American Dad (lol, finally got around to Sunday’s episode), Blue Mountain State (lol, nice.. and this one’s renewed for Season 2, cool 🙂 ), The Secret Life of the American Teenager (omg, its the first few episodes all over again.. something that must be seen to be believed happens off-screen and the characters spend the whole episode talking about it, aiyaiyai) and Make It or Break It (wow, quick recovery.. good episode though).

Annd.. that was about it for the night. Bubye now…

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February 24, 2010

Back to normal? …I awoke in the morning and got onto PlayStation Home for a little while, then soon watched the first five episodes of Power Rangers Wild Force (yup, starting another season on data DVD.. still unsure if I want to continue on data DVD or begin ordering the UK DVD sets since Ninja Storm is next, hmm). And then I returned to PlayStation Home for a little while.

Next, I began watching some morning TV. My dad returned home from dialysis and we watched it together. He eventually went to bed and I returned to PlayStation Home though. I’ve rarely visited any spaces but the two Locoroco spaces (public & private.. gimme more pickories!) and that new MotorStorm space. I should return to MotorStorm next time and give those arcade games a try. 🙂 ..I then moved on to Heavy Rain and played it for quite a few hours. Very good game. Six more trophies.. and I’m really enjoying it as well. I’m trying to play it only when I’m wide awake. Don’t want to fall asleep during it or miss something with my sleepy eyes. :p

Shortly after 6PM, I shut off the PS3 and got online to news-gather. We also eventually had some supper. We’re nearly broke for the month again. And no new money comes in until at least Monday. 😦 ..My dad chose to watch the sitcom reruns tonight, so I got nothing watched tonight. I did some of them, but I mostly just stayed online for the majority of the night.

*shrug* Well.. see ya..

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no news fer you! / media / today

February 23, 2010

[Current Music Download|Rain Perry – Beautiful Tree (Life Unexpected theme) @ MediaFire]

On Monday, not all that much happened really. I got on PlayStation Home late the night before.. then fell asleep.. then awoke later and got on it again. And I didn’t get off until after 8PM. A PSN friend that I had known quite a while wouldn’t be able to get back online for at least six months, so she got all her friends together for a going-away party of sorts. My dad returned from dialysis and then went to bed. He awoke at 5PM, then went to bed again. Then awoke around 8PM.. and then returned to bed again at around 9:30. He wasn’t feeling good at all yesterday. 😦 On Monday morning, I did watch School Gyrls though. It sucked. It felt like one huge infomercial for a new pop group.. called School Gyrls. *shudders @ the Justin Bieber fawning*

I fell asleep trying to empty the PS3 a bit more.. to fit in new stuff.. I awoke the next morning and got online for a while. After some discussion between my dad and I, we decided not to go to my leg rewrapping today. UPS was delivering my game today and the possibility of them leaving it on the doorstep for the alcoholic next door to pick up was just too much of a nightmare. UPS knocked once before and left it at the door, then that woman had to peek out just as I was out there picking it up.. then she quickly went back in. Psh. :/

While my dad watched the usual morning TV (blah), I stayed online for most of the morning. Bored. And my dad says he only gets the TV on Sunday afternoon a week. Bah.. After he saw some of his news and left on an errand, I took over and got onto PlayStation Home for a few hours while waiting for the UPS guy to show up. I was invited to a friend’s LocoIsland and got the visitors-only reward item. Yay. He also pulled off some pretty cool glitches as well. I’ve gotta try those out myself. It’s fun going where you’re not supposed to. :p

UPS finally arrived at about 4PM. I opened the package and left the game installing as.. we went to media buy (it is a 4GB install after all)…

I wanted to get back to my game ASAP, so I went into Best Buy, bought Justice League: Crisis On Two Earths on Blu-ray and got out with not much milling about like usual.. A fellow customer told me to get the version with the action figure in it at no additional cost, but I refused. I don’t like the packaging of it (the Blu-ray and toy in a box with a plastic window). If it had a bonus disc, that’d be another story. But just a toy that’ll collect dust. No thanks. I already passed on all the past action figures they had with these movies as well.

After I got my icee (of course), we returned home and I got to playing Heavy Rain.. for about 2 hours. It’s all the time I had left to play it. But I quite enjoyed it. Very interesting start (with two trophies!). I hope I can play it a lot more tomorrow. 🙂 ..We had some supper, then I returned to my room (with my forgotten icee that was now almost completely liquid) and got online to inventory discs and news-gather.. for what little time I had to do it in.

In primetime, there wasn’t really much to watch.. again. We tuned it to the Olympics for a while, but were disappointed and lost interest once realizing the moments of female figure skating were so few and far between. Argh.. I watched the new episode of Lost (wow, another really good episode.. I see that the Australian Woman is now the new French Woman.. neat.. but is it wrong I thought Emilie de Ravin looked rather hot all rough and crazy like that? :p, maybe it’s just because I haven’t seen her in so long) before my dad went to bed. And I followed that with last night’s new Life Unexpected (really cute show.. I like it 🙂 ) before returning to my room for the night.

I.. felt that I actually tried with the writing of this journal entry for the first time in quite a while. Too bad no one will read it. Ah well.. See ya.

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Sunday 02.21.2010 — in one word, *yawn*

February 21, 2010

I awoke in the morning and soon had some breakfast, then watched The Troop (very good plot to this one, very nice), two episodes of Being Human (very good episodes, only two left to go already.. really needed to catch up on this one.. to free up space on my PS3 for Heavy Rain‘s 4.5GB install :p) and Caprica (yay, another episode where barely anything happened.. *YAWN* ..and I like Patton Oswalt in his other stuff a lot more than here :/ ). And then I found and deleted X-Men Origins: Wolverine game data and freed 2GB. Yay. I rented that one, so no need for that anymore. :p ..I should really get back with Gamefly, hmm..

I then got on PlayStation Home for about 30 minutes before my dad forced me off. It was time for his NASCAR, after all.. another 30+ minutes later. :/ ..So I got online for a while.. I did pull myself away to watch another episode of Supernatural on the bedroom DVR (such an intense episode too, wow). Only four more until I’m caught up now. :p

I got back online for a while, then soon had some supper.. In primetime, we watched 1 1/2 episodes of Til Death (NASCAR ran late, cutting off half of the NEW episode :/), Simpsons (heh), The Cleveland Show (haha) and Desperate Housewives (hehe, pretty good episode). I found the new Sinbad stand-up special on Comedy Central.. but we soon bother headed off to our rooms for the night.

See ya.

Saturday 02.20.2010 — >>KRAK!<>KRAK?<<

February 20, 2010

Right after I got done online, I watched five more episodes of Naruto Uncut: Season 1 Vol 2 (ah, more good episodes).. but fell asleep during the last one. I awoke hours later and got onto PlayStation Home for a little bit. Then I soon fell asleep again.. I awoke and got online for a bit. Then eventually, I watched The Soup (lol), Life Unexpected (another very good episode) and the final four episodes of Naruto Uncut: Season 1 Vol 2 (great.. conclusion? the season.. finally done with this.. need to pick Season 2 Vol 1 now :p).

Not long after that, I watched today’s “new” Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Reversioned — 2011: “For Whom The Bell Trolls”. Argh @ the on-screen text, particularly “Krak!” “Krak?”.. Is that how that word is spelled? Now the little kids probably think so. :/ And hey, I didn’t know a cake could be “kraked”. Learn something new everyday.. Otherwise, I suppose I enjoyed it. *shrug* ..I then found The Best of I Love The… over on VH1. So they made a new six-hour series with what they deem “the best” of the 70s, 80s & 90s, giving each decade just two houris each now. Heh. :p

I soon watched Batman: The Brave And The Bold (lol @ the title cards.. Batman was barely in this one at all, haha.. and I got a kick out the DC universe map with all the familiar city names on it :p), How To Make It In America (new HBO “comedy”.. gave up and deleted after like 10 minutes :p), The Ricky Gervais Show (lol, really liked this.. abrupt ending though.. and it should be longer than 22 minutes 🙂 ) and two episodes of Vampire Diaries (all caught up.. yay.. the latest episode was particularly good.. cool 🙂 ).

My dad had a TV dinner for supper, but I passed on supper altogether. Instead, I returned to my room and got online. I soon played some games on my computer.. and before I knew it.. it was already nearing 11PM. Damn. I was hoping to get to the bedroom DVR again tonight. 😦 Ah well.. My dad went to bed right before Midnight, so I was able to watch Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood live again. Yay. And luckily, I didn’t fall asleep where I sat until shortly after it was over. :/

See ya.

pr to return in 2012? / lovely bones dvd blu date / today

February 19, 2010

CollectionDX headed to New York Toy Fair and reported back on Bandai’s Mighty Morphin Power Rangers 2010 toy line. Pretty neat. But the most interesting bit came at the very end of the article. “When talking to the Bandai reps about the future line, they said that the plan is to move back to the Japanese series, starting with Shinkenger, probably in 2012.” Hmm, very interesting indeed…

The Lovely Bones will be released onto 1-disc DVD and 2-disc Blu-ray on April 20th. Check out that cover art. I downloaded and watched it illegally, but I cannot wait to pick up a Blu-ray copy of this one (on release date, of course). 🙂

So after the last entry, I got on PlayStation Home.. and eventually fell asleep.. I awoke the next morning and returned to PlayStation Home. LocoIsland is pretty fun. I’m actually spending more time in a personal space that I used to.. My dad returned home from dialysis and we eventually watched some morning TV.. and then I returned to PlayStation Home and hung out with some friends there. All afternoon.

We had some supper, then near the end of my time on Home.. it began acting up. I kept getting a lot of disconnects and errors. Ugh. One of my Home friends had this happen to her and she left Home for months before it began working again.. After much worrying, I eventually got my PC back online for the first time since last night.

In primetime, my dad and I watched Smallville (hahaha, very good episode.. great ending.. next week looks even better 🙂 ). Then I watched The Sarah Silverman Program (lol, more crazy.. neat message though) as he went off to bed again.. Then I chose to get online and finish up this entry early.

Heh. So.. see ya..

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avatar dvd & blu date / fox finale dates / today

February 18, 2010

In an interview with director James Cameron, he revealed to The Wall Street Journal that Avatar will hit DVD & Blu-ray shelves on Thursday April 22nd (aka Earth Day :p), then will see a “value added” DVD and 3D Blu-ray sometime around November. Awesome. As I said.. probably buying it more than once. Great movie. 🙂

FOX has revealed season finale dates for quite a few of its hit series.. Human Target concludes its first season on May 5th, House wraps its season on May 17th, Bones & Fringe both end on May 20th, and Glee doesn’t reach the end of its freshman season until June 8th. Wow. 🙂

I awoke in the morning and got online to finish up the previous entry (of course). Then we watched some boring morning TV.. before I took over and got onto PlayStation Home (I spent way too much today.. $5 Stormtrooper uniform, $5 Lightsaber, $3 Androids vs Aliens bundle.. ack.. the androids look just like Silver Surfer, so that’s rather cool.. may actually like them more then the aliens I was so looking forward to.. yes, $5 just to put a blue lightsaber in your avatar’s hand.. crazy.. looks rather good with my villain avatar though :p).

But I wasn’t able to stay on it long. I wanted to go to the grocery store.. and my dad said he was going right now. Argh. So I had to come along.. and I spent too much on groceries too. Hooray. We went to two grocery stores actually since one didn’t have some things that the other did and vice versa.. Now I’ll be broke by next Tuesday.. luckily its the last one of the month. >_>

We returned home and eventually watched Ellen, mainly only because of the insanely long “downloading” screens from.. buying LocoIsland and an associated item on PlayStation Home. Loco Island is very interactive (and is probably the most expensive personal space so far — $6.99) Wow. Collect nuts around your island personal space and exchange them for rickori or whatever (currency), then unlock cool items for your island with the more rickori you have (you can also collect rickori in the LocoRoco public space). I’ve only unlocked the swing so far.. and a cannon to shoot me to the top of the tree slide.. by buying a 99-cent vase. Then I hear you can unlock it later without spending money. D’oh.. There’s also a jukebox, chair and hammock to unlock. Yes, for once your avatar can actually lay down. Surprising. :p

We had some supper, then my dad bugged me to shut off the PS3 for his news.. so I did.. I got online to news-gather. In primetime, we watched Human Target (another very good episode.. pleeeeease bring this one back, FOX) and Blue Mountain State (lol, another crazy episode). My dad wasn’t feeling too well so he went to bed early. And then I watched five more episodes of Naruto Uncut: Season 1 Vol 2 (really didn’t have time for these earlier.. so I’m glad I found that time.. very good episodes 🙂 ). And then.. room.

I want to get back on Home ASAP, so no bottom links again today… See ya! *runs off*

home update feb 18 / today

February 17, 2010

A huge update is coming to PlayStation Home tomorrow (Thursday). First up, there’s going to be two new public spaces — ones for LocoRoco and MotorStorm. Add on top of that there’s a highly-interactive LocoRoco personal space.. and a rather cool looking PlanetLand personal space. And there’s more! Four new stores will open in the Mall, including ones for EA Sports, Loot, Exclusives and the much-talked-about LucasArts store which will feature Indiana Jones and Stormtroopers costumes, as well as lightsabers and Sith banners. Awesome. Cannot wait.. to.. go broke tomorrow.. on virtual items.. >_>

I awoke early in the morning and watched Iron Man: Armored Adventures (for some reason, Nicktoons held back an episode featuring Hulk and didn’t mind airing it until just last month.. and I just found out a bout it this weekend.. good episode btw :p), followed by four more episodes of Naruto Uncut: Season 1 Vol 2 (good episodes.. but a part of me wants to hurry to get these over with because I plan to watch Power Rangers Wild Force next :p ).

My dad returned home from dialysis somewhat later than expected and we eventually watched some Ellen. But I soon took over again and checked out PlayStation Home for a little bit.. until I remembered something. I heard that Heavy Rain will be a 4GB install on the PS3. Argh. Only because I have maybe a gig free space right now. :p So I went to its Video section and watched Blue Mountain State (lol, hilarious episode), Leverage (good episode here too) and Legend of the Seeker (wow.. I still like this series, but sometimes the setup for some fight scenes recently have felt forced somehow.. like the “setup” scenes in porn movies.. only for fights here :p).

We had some supper, then I got online to news-gather.. My dad still wasn’t feeling very good, so he chose to sleep all night. There was only one thing on.. and I chose to keep that for later. And so I watched Make It Or Break It (wow, very intense ending.. the series seems to getting better all the time.. really starting to outshine the other two shows.. and the chicks in leotards are a nice touch too 😉 ) and Greek (lol @ the Dale subplot.. very good episode 🙂 ). And it took a while to get them done since I kept pausing to do things. :p But I soon finally returned to my room for the night.

See yas.

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