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pr rpm 21 spoiler / spec spidey 203 info / dvd ads jun 28-jul 4

June 28, 2009

Ow. 😦

In other news… KyL416 has revealed the next Power Rangers RPM episode title and spoiler description. Episode 1921: “Not So Simple” (or possibly “E-Motion”) will premiere on August 22nd.

PRRPM Episode 1921 – “Not So Simple” (or is it “E-Motion”?) – For the first time, Gem and Gemma split up on something. Gemma believes in what Flynn can do. Together they work on a wheelzord on the side. With all their resources used up, Dr. K has to trust the untested technology and they use it to destroy the latest attack bot.

Also, up tomorrow is another all-new episode of The Spectacular Spider-Man on Disney XD! It’s episode 203: “Reinforcement”, premiering Monday June 29th at 7:30PM ET. So once again, here’s some additional information and a trailer…

“As Christmas approaches, the SINISTER SIX reconstitutes with SANDMAN, RHINO, VULTURE, ELECTRO and new members MYSTERIO and KRAVEN. All they want for Christmas is SPIDER-MAN – dead. Meanwhile, PETER PARKER finds his wandering eye prevents him from being with GWEN STACY. He’ll have to learn to focus if he wants to get the girl… and if he wants to stay alive.”

Oh, and perhaps a few people would like to see these too? Best Buy ad for Jun 28-Jul 4 & Target ad for June 28-Jul 4. Reaper for just $16.49 at Best Buy is pretty hard to pass up..

Well… see ya…

[ Rockefeller Official Said US Would Be De-Industrialized ]
[ US Builds Bankster World Empire ]
[ Makow – We Are All Anti-Semites Now ]
[ Obama-Backed Plan – Americans To Pay GLOBAL Taxes ]
[ Soros, CIA, Mossad & Media Destabilization Of Iran ]
[ Bilderberg 2009 Intel Already Proving Accurate ]
[ Iran Arrests Local UK Embassy Staff ][ Iran ‘Uprising’ Fizzles As Mousavi Backtracks ]
[ Roberts – ‘Savior’ Mousavi Ordered Murders Of US Troops ]
[ Heroic Galloway In New Storm As He Backs Iran ]
[ Demonizing Iran Hides West’s Dark Side ]
[ Obama Plot To Create More Illegal Immigration ]
[ Obama’s ‘Kenyan Birth Certificate’ On eBay ]
[ eBay Removes Obama’s Kenyan Birth Certificate Auction Again! ]
[ Obama Admits He’s Still Addicted To Cigarettes ]
[ 9-11 – The Highest Treason SubstantiatedComments ]
[ Did AA Flights 11 & 77 Fly On Sept 11? ]
[ Obama Seeks To Quash Suit By 9-11 Families ]
[ Talk Show Hosts May Be Accomplices Under Hate Bill ]
[ Hate Bill Protest Overwhelms Senate! ]
[ Beware Of The ADL’s Cyberbullying Law ]
[ New NSA Massive Data/Surveillance Facility ]
[ Video: It’s Happening – They’ve Won ]
[ US Stocks, Dollar Down On China World Currency Call ]
[ Double Whammy For US Businesses & Consumers ]
[ China Worries As US Prints Dollars On Massive Scale ]
[ China Dumping T Bonds For Gold As US Debt Surges ]
[ Bernanke Suffers From Major Selective Memory Loss ]
[ Latest – Journalist Files BioTerrorism Charges Against WHO ]
[ US Swine Flu Cases Hit 1 Million ]
[ Britons With Swine Flu May Top 45,000 ]
[ How To Legally Say ‘NO’ To All Vaccines ]
[ Scientific Analysis Of Morgellons Fiber – Fascinating ]
[ Jim Marrs Rebuts JFK Driver As Shooter Theory ]
[ Michael Jackson – ‘I’m Better Off Dead’ – One Week Ago ]
[ Jackson Family Wanted Michael In Drug Rehab ]
[ Jackson Had Stomach Pumped ‘Many Times’ – Nanny ]
[ Jackson Had Secret Library Of 100+ Unreleased Songs ]
[ Honda’s 350mph Flying Car Concept ]
[ Junk Food Triggers Human ‘Bliss Point’ ]
[ ‘Oldest’ Prehistoric Art Unearthed – 35,000 Yrs Old ]


tmnt 25th update again / media / today

June 23, 2009

Another viral marketing blog post for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 25th Anniversary Special has appeared at 4Kids.TV. I probably wouldn’t have posted it.. if it weren’t for the MP3 that the image links to.. that provides a tiny audio peek at the upcoming movie. “Cowabunga!” “I am Oroku Saki, the one TRUE Shredder!” “Say your prayers, Turtles. *snort*” Wow. O_O *shakes fist @ making most of us wait months to see it*

I awoke.. but then I fell asleep.. and then I awoke again.. We eventually watched some morning TV, but then.. we got ready and headed out to media buy…

First, I visited Best Buy and picked up The Pink Panther 2 on Blu (I felt contractually obligated to purchase and ignored the bad reviews.. I suck) as well as Death Note Re-Light Vol 1: Visions Of A God on DVD (it was until I had got home that I noticed it was encased in one of those shitacular “eco-friendly” cases with all the damn holes in it due to Warner Bros now distributing Viz DVDs.. what horse shit that is, only thing its saving is Warner’s money). Then I got the usual icee (blended the two flavors perfectly, was the best one I’ve had in a while) and made a short visit to another story before returned home..

While my dad went off to continue his shopping, I watched The Spectacular Spider-Man (the two-episode season premiere.. tried to watch it late last night, but fell asleep, so here I am again.. very good episodes, great start to the season πŸ™‚ ) and Aaron Stone (eh it was alright.. I find it odd that the girl acted like she was going to be a fighter too, but now she’s only helping out from the sidelines :/). I then checked out PlayStation Home for a while.. before finally returning to inFamous (so I quit when I got stuck on a rather difficult mission.. but I’m back.. I looked around for a few more blast shards.. then I couldn’t believe it when I actually beat the mission and moved forward to the next island, yay.. and even better, I got three new trophies πŸ™‚ ).

We eventually had some supper, then I got online to news-gather.. In primetime, we watched Harper’s Island (been a bit since I saw this last.. good episode though) and America’s Got Talent (could I finally be tired of this show? over the course of the whole thing, I only enjoyed like 2 or 3 acts.. all the rest were just boredom for me.. sooo looking forward to all the coming weeks of watching it just because my dad still enjoys it). And after all that, I returned to my room for the night.

It seems my condition didn’t like what I did today. I guess I walked too much.. and so by primetime it felt like my leg was going to explode or something. So that’s just great.. I may just begin making these entries even more bare than they are now. The chair in front of my computer is rather uncomfortable and has become even more uncomfortable now. Perhaps.. news only? Or maybe nothing at all? The barren comments space goes to show how much my very very small base of readers actually care anymore. And who knows how much longer I’m going to live anyway..

Well.. see ya. Maybe.

[ CIA/Mossad Shadow War Against Iran ]
[ Iran – All’s Well That Ends Well ]
[ Video: Death Of Martyr Of Tehran ]
[ Tehran Protesters Focus Anger On UK Embassy ]
[ Makow – Rockefeller Official Said US Would Be De-Industrialized ]
[ US, UK Will Both Default On Their Debt By Summer’s End ]
[ Trading Financial Stability for National Sovereignty ]
[ Why Obama Must Bail Out CA – But Won’t ]
[ Obama’s Honeymoon With Voters Is Over ]
[ New ADL Hate Bills Attack America ]
[ US Sen DeMint Says Hate Law Must Be Stopped ]
[ Swine Flu Vaccine A Serious Threat To Your Health ]
[ Flu Vaccines Deliberately Contaminated ]
[ Major Nanotechnology Article In Russian Magazine ]
[ Remarkable New Mars Photos ]
[ June 1947 – UFOs Visit Elsewhere In The World ]

tmnt 25th anniv special update / fear itself s1 ce dvd / today

June 22, 2009

A 4Kids representative has revealed a little bit more about the upcoming Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 25th Anniversary Special. We should know the official title within about a month, the DVD release version will be longer than the version that will air on CW4KidsTV, and that the film will be first screened for those lucky bastards who are able to go to the San Diego Comic-Con next month. Damnit. :p Dong Woo (who did the 2003 series animation) is working on this project, though the animation quality will still be better than your average episode. And hooray, there’ll be absolutely no mentions of Fast Forward or Back To The Sewer. πŸ™‚

And while you think about all that, check out these viral marketing blog entries. :p …Oh, and did I forget to mention that the promo that aired Saturday morning is now on 4Kids.TV as well?

NBC’s short-lived horror anthology series Fear Itself will hit DVD shelves on September 15th, in the form of Fear Itself – The Complete First Season: Collector’s Edition. All 13 episodes will be included, featuring five episodes which never aired on TV and four episodes that will now be “Director’s Cut” versions. Guest stars included Rachel Miner, Eric Roberts, Cynthia Watros, Colin Ferguson, William B. Davis, Elizabeth Moss, Stephen Lee, Brandon Routh, Shiri Appleby, John Billingsley and Eric Balfour. For special features, each episode will have a behind-the-scenes featurette and director interview. The packaging (and maybe the price) is probably the thing that will make me pick it up right away. It looks to be a steelbook case shaped to look like a tomb with a skeleton lying in it. Cooool. πŸ™‚

I awoke rather early in the morning and got online for a bit. Once my dad headed off for dialysis, I watched the last four episodes of Family Guy: Volume 7 (a real shame the Christian Bale thing was taken out of “Ocean’s Three & A Half” and only aired once 😦 ..but otherwise, lol).. then soon fell asleep again. I awoke a few hours later, had some breakfast, and watched Mighty Boosh (“Electro”.. lol, probably my favorite episode so far.. the hat bit was so funny).. followed by two episodes of Caitlin’s Way (well, VHSed one while online.. then watched the other because my dad had come home from dialysis :p).

So my dad had returned home. I let him watch his Price Is Right, then he took off for a nap soon after. I got on PlayStation Home.. and that was about it for the afternoon. I visited a bunch of different spaces, played a few games of poker.. but that was about it. Then I chose to shut it off early (even before 5PM), returned to my room and got online to news-gather..

Eventually in primetime, we watched The Secret Life Of The American Teenager (pretty good start to the half-season.. we both enjoyed it), Make It Or Break It (didn’t really expect to like this one.. as much as I actually did.. hm) and finally True Blood (awesome episode, cannot wait for next week now). I really liked 10 Things I Hate About You, so I’m really looking forward to the upcoming TV series based on the movie. πŸ™‚ And then that was pretty much it..

So I guess I’ve known what I’ve had for a while now.. but it hadn’t gotten particularly annoying until just recently. I don’t have any kind of health care program apparently, so I can’t just go in and be all “fix me” without them being all “you cannot afford it” and shoving me back out the door to possibly die. On the other hand, I’ve been wanting to die for years. Just.. not like this. I was hoping for something less painful and more short really. *sigh*

…See ya…

[ Iran Had A Democracy Before We Took It Away ]
[ Paul Craig Roberts – Iran Falls To US Psy Ops ]
[ Roberts – Iran… Another Attempted ‘Color Revolution’? ]
[ The Failed Rothschild Zionist Iran Coup ]
[ Iran Says UK Intel Behind Much Of Protests ]
[ US ‘Fully Prepared’ For North Korea Missile Launch ]
[ Utah Man Disturbs Illuminati Hornet’s Nest ]
[ Feds To Get Power To Target Websites Making ‘False Claims’ ]
[ Dictator Obama Slams Doors On Openness ]
[ Obama’s (Latest) Grovel To Wall Street ]
[ Kidd – Every ‘Law’ Obama Signs Brings US Closer To… ]
[ TV Station Attack Escalates ChΓ‘vez Media War ]
[ California Collapsing ]
[ We Can’t Ignore The California Meltdown ]
[ Warning Of Stimulus Cash Paying For Bribes ]
[ Using The Economic Crisis To Attack Workers ]
[ Young, Jobless & Broke – Today’s Lost Generation ]
[ A/H1N1 Epidemic Escalating In Middle East ]
[ Video: RFK Jr Explains Vaccines & Autism Coverup ]
[ Hmm… Why Does USAF Oppose LA Solar Power Plant? ]
[ 98% US ‘Green’ Products Make False Claims ]
[ Polar Bears NOT Dying Out – Scientists ]
[ NASA Moon Bombing Is Cause For Worry ]
[ Why Do We Want To Bomb The Moon? ]
[ Space – Everybody’s Going To The Moon ]
[ Amazing, Enormous Dust Devils ]

Sunday 06.21.2009 — spectacular spider-man s2 premiere promo

June 21, 2009

In case you need to be reminded yet again, the second season premiere of The Spectacular Spider-Man will debut tomorrow — Monday June 22nd at 7PM ET on Disney XD with two back-to-back episodes. It will then settle into its regular timeslot the following week — June 29th — at 7:30PM ET.

In the season premiere, “Blueprints,” Peter wants to talk to Gwen about their first kiss, but before he gets the chance, Spider-Man has a run-in with the sorcerer Mysterio. Following in the additional brand-new episode, “Destructive Testing,” Peter wrestles with his feelings for both Gwen and Liz, but in the meantime, Kraven the Hunter has arrived to make Spider-Man his prey.

Soo cannot wait to see this new season. Also, here’s a very brief Season 2 promo I received. I guess Sony is putting the promotion into other people’s hands because they’re less-than-happy with what little Disney XD has done so far. But anyway, here it is.. πŸ™‚

After my dad went to bed, I got on PlayStation Home.. and might’ve actually enjoyed the last few remaining hours of the lame “Hamsters vs Humans Dance Off” event. I found it lame until I logged on and read that based on which side wins, there’ll be different free stuff.. at least a month from now. I donned my Hamster suit and got on the front lines. :p A few hours later, everyone had dispersed and I sat my avatar aside on a bench.. and fell asleep. Damnit. When I woke up, there were avatars all around me and they seems to be making light-hearted fun of my inactive avatar. While I was considering how to make a hasty exit, that decision was made for me. The power went off and back on. I took that advantage to switch the internet back over to the rebooted PC, then soon went to sleep again.

I awoke in the morning with nothing to watch once again. At least at how early that I had woken up. I looked through the newspaper’s ads for Tuesday. But eventually (maybe hours later, after more sleep), I took over the TV and watched two episodes of Bleach (ugh @ “powering up” episodes.. so boring.. though the way-too-brief comedic moments were nice) followed four more episodes of Family Guy: Volume 7 (lol.. the swearing seemed more worthy in these episodes, at least part of the time) and four episodes of Iron Man: Armored Adventures (yup, enjoying this show.. now only have two episodes before I’m caught up with Nicktoons though).

After that, my dad’s last-minute excuse to take over the TV was starting, so I returned to my room and got online.. very briefly, due to the chair again. I then went back to the living room and slept most of the painful afternoon away. Yup, still pain.. for like the fourth day now. But it seems to slowly be getting better at least.. After those hours, I got back online again for a little while..

We had some more fast food for supper, then soon watched Just For Laughs (haha), Funniest Videos (hahaha), Home Makeover (my dad watched, I mainly ignored..) and finally the “ABC Premiere Miniseries Event”.. Impact – Part 1. Wow, I see a lot of mid-to-low-grade actors here that I’ve seen on TV a few times before.. oh, and there’s that JAG guy and that Species girl. :p Once all the basic and boring plot elements that I’ve seen in 395474652 other disaster movies got started and the.. disastering finally got underway, I started to enjoy it more. A meteor hits the moon, sending it in a course to hit the Earth. Oooh. But Part 1 was all about Earth’s electromagnetics getting all screwed up or whatever. I couldn’t help but laugh at the quality of special effects when objects and people began floating off of the Earth. :p But overall, I enjoyed it. It’s pretty good for a TV miniseries anyway. Part 2 next Sunday..

Well.. see ya.

[ CIA Has Poured $400 Million Into Iran For Coup ]
[ Iran Election Turmoil In Iran Paid For By CIA ]
[ Western Zionist Picture Of Iran Outrageous Lie ]
[ A History Of CIA Coups And Atrocities ]
[ Secret US Plan To Provoke Iraq Invasion Revealed ]
[ Iraq War Inquiry Could Disclose More Lies, Secrets ]
[ Wag The Dog – Β­Israel Threatens To Punish US ]
[ Half-Hearted Republicans Could Bungle Hate Bill Hearings ]
[ Time To End Grotesque Bailouts And Face Reality ]
[ Goldman Sachs To Make Record Bonus Payout – Endless Greed ]
[ Swine Flu May Hit Half The Population ]
[ Apples, Avocados, Red Wine Can Help Arthritis ]
[ NASA Moon Bombing Violates Space Law ]
[ After 40 Years, Laser Moon Mirror Project Axed ]
[ Video: Complex Obstacle Course Aced By Squirrel ]

Saturday 06.20.2009 — pr rpm 1920 spoiler / tmnt 25th anniv promo caps

June 20, 2009

KyL416 has revealed the next Power Rangers RPM episode title and spoiler description. Episode 1920: “Heroes Among Us” will air on August 15th. πŸ™‚

PRRPM Episode 1920 – “Heroes Among Us” – In an effort to impress his father, Scott makes a reckless trip out to the wasteland. He and Gem stumble upon human prisoners and their field trip turns into a rescue mission. Venjix test drives his new and improved robotic form. His new body doesn’t hold very well against rangers.

A new promo aired this morning on CW4Kids, for the upcoming Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 25th Anniversary Special. Unfortunately, no one has been able to get it up on YouTube yet, but there are four blurry screenshots to tide us over until then. The screenshots plainly show that this three-part episode (that will later be released as an uncut movie on DVD & Blu-ray) will feature a joining of three different TMNT universes — those from the original Mirage comic, the classic 1980s series and the 2003 series. Wow. The promo claims it will air after a top ten countdown of TMNT 2k3 episodes as voted on by you on the 4Kids.TV website.. that begins in September.. Sooo looking forward to this. πŸ™‚
TMNT 25th Anniv DTV 1TMNT 25th Anniv DTV 2TMNT 25th Anniv DTV 3TMNT 25th Anniv DTV 4

I awoke at like 5AM or something.. but had absolutely nothing to watch. So I soon fell back to sleep for a few more hours.. I awoke to my dad watching.. The Daily Show.. and wondering why its on Comedy Central.. I eventually took over the TV though and opted to watched the first five episodes of Family Guy: Volume 7 (lol, nice.. though the new uncensored-swearing-in-every-episode thing is starting to feel forced, ugh) and Batman: The Brave And The Bold (eh, it was okay I guess..).. Then I ran out of things to watch again..

But eventually, it was time for a new Power Rangers RPMepisode 1915: “Ghosts”. I thought this one was even better than last week. Great episode. Though with that ending leaving us hanging for two weeks? Argh.. Again, I didn’t know what to watch. So I changed to some Punk’d reruns I found on MTV2 and fell in and out of sleep while my dad watched them. Hours later, I finally decided to return to room and get online. We eventually had a small supper. This is the third day I’ve found myself not all that hungry. Or maybe that’s only a reaction to the nauseous feeling I get whenever I eat lately.

I stayed online for a surprising amount of time.. then I returned to the living room and fell asleep again watching my dad’s mostly boring TV ((America’s Most Wanted and the new all-Country Singing Bee). When I could take any more of the latter, I returned to my room and got online once again.. and that was about it again.. See ya.

[ Central Bankers Strike Back ]
[ Video: Kissinger Threatens Regime Change In Iran ]
[ A Billion To Go Hungry As Food Costs Rise ]
[ Police Open Criminal Inquiry Into MPs Expenses ]
[ MPs Fear ‘Lynch Mob Mentality’ Over Expenses ]
[ ‘Virulent’ New Strain Of Anti-Semitism In UK ]
[ Speculation Mounts Over Kim Jong Il’s Health ]
[ Common Fish Species Has ‘Human’ Ability To Learn ]
[ Aurora Borealis Photographed From Space ]
[ Video: UFO Found In 1961 War Movie Footage ]

x-men vol 3-4 dvd / today

June 19, 2009

Disney has announced X-Men: Marvel DVD Comic Book Collection – Volume 3 & X-Men: Marvel DVD Comic Book Collection – Volume 4 for DVD release on September 15th. The 90s animated series continues in these volumes, set to release alongside the theatrical feature X-Men Origins: Wolverine on DVD & Blu-ray. πŸ™‚

I awoke in the morning.. and pretty soon got on PlayStation Home, followed by four more episodes of Veronica Mars: Season 1 (more great episodes, of course :p). My dad returned from dialysis during them, but went to sleep soon after. And so I got back on PlayStation Home (without Xi, Home is getting boring for me.. For most of this session, my avatar just sat in Central Plaza while I went in and out of sleep :p).. followed by the last two episodes of Veronica Mars: Season 1 (might as well get it over with, awesome finale.. and show.. but I think I’ll watch a different TV DVD next, rather than Season 2).

And then.. yup, I got on PlayStation Home again. I didn’t really know what to do and I felt that was my only option for some reason. But then my dad started bitching anything and everything, then shed most of his clothes like he seems to enjoy doing lately. He’s more comfortable that way, but in return I’m way less comfortable. So I shut off Home early and got online to news-gather. Blah. And during most of the day, I still felt really weak..

In primetime, we mainly watched Surviving Suburbia (haha), The Goode Family (bleh), an hour of Samantha Who? (eh) and The Soup (lol.. until the thunder flickered the power, grr). And I soon just gave up and returned to my room for the night. See ya.

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[ Obvious Soft Coup Attempt On Iran Exposed ]
[ Iran’s Election And US – Iranian Relations ]
[ Obama Attacks FOX News ]
[ Leaders Worried By People Power In Iran ]
[ Bush Launches Criticism Against Obama ]
[ Fed To Lead Banks Into ‘Real World’ (huh?) ]
[ ‘Council Of Regulators’ Has No Power Over Fed ]
[ Japan Might Abolish Cash To Fight Deflation ]
[ IRS To Ban Tax Returns Filed By All But ‘Experts’ ]
[ Free Speech Is The Oxygen Of Civilization ]
[ Internet Tops TV, Radio As Preferred News Source ]
[ Tennessee Lawmakers Allow Guns In Bars ]
[ Cop Pulls Gun – Too Long A Wait At McDonald’s ]
[ H1N1 Flu Has Mutated ]
[ Makow – Hitler’s Psychiatrist Cited Sexual Motivation For War ]
[ Ancient Lake Bed Found On Mars ]

no news / today

June 18, 2009

I awoke at 5AM in utter pain. It seemed to be emanating from my right leg and feels like it may have to do with bad blood circulation. I was unable to sit down otherwise the pain would worsen when I stood up. Also, there was an urge to throw up after attempting to consume food and water. For some reason, I tried not to let my dad know what was happening because he always yells at me about bad health. I got online and finished the previous entry, then I finally gave up and decided to lay down. I slept for maybe an hour and then it hurt like hell when I stood up. But then it soon partially subsided. I got back online for a little while, trying to ignore it and the seemingly non-stop shaking throughout my body.

I eventually moved into the living room and fell in and out of sleep for a few hours as my dad watched his usual morning TV. But then I finally saw my chance and got onto PlayStation Home. I bought some of new stuff that I wanted, but I just couldn’t enjoy any of it with my right leg continuing to act up. I shut off the PS3, had some milk (which only made me feel sick again), then got back online on the PC as my dad took off to the grocery store. I wish I could have gone, but I definitely cannot. I keep wiping the sweat off my face, but it returns near-instantaneously.

Instead, I sat down and fell asleep once again. I was awoken my my dad returning from the store maybe an hour later. I was feeling somewhat better by this point, so I watched Reno 911! (lol) followed by four more episodes of Veronica Mars: Season 1 (more great episodes of course.. six episodes left, and I might just watch Season 2 right after this one’s over.. Veronica: “We used to be friends. A long time ago.” *theme starts* lol priceless :p). And after that, I got back on PlayStation Home for about 90 minutes. Buy the Ghostbusters Firehouse and get a Mr Stay Puft head for your avatar. lol. I added that to the echochrome suit and it was really working then. :p

So I shut off the PS3 at about 6:30 and got online to news-gather. I couldn’t even stay in there the whole time until 8PM. The chair was cutting off my leg’s circulation, so I had to returned to the living room nearly a half hour early.. In primetime, we watched Saving Grace (the third season premiere and our first episode ever.. just because Time Force‘s Erin Cahill is in it this season.. but I didn’t enjoy the show at all, so nm that), Raising The Bar (haha, very good episode this week πŸ™‚ ) and The Listener (it started out alright.. and that’s all I can say because I fell asleep during it for a few hours :p).

And that was about it again.. See ya. I hope.

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[ Will War Between Iran And Israel Be Averted? ]
[ Iranian Elections – The ‘Stolen Elections’ Hoax ]
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[ US Accused Of Spying On Millions Of Emails ]
[ Why Deflation, Not Inflation, Is Order Of The Day ]
[ Coming Soon – BIS Global Currency? ]
[ Bollyn – The Zionists Behind GM’s Demise ]
[ Airbus Computer Bug Main AF 447 Crash Suspect ]
[ E627K Acquisition in A-H1N1 Raises Pandemic Concerns ]
[ ‘New’ Swine Flu Strain In Brazil? Not New At All ]
[ 33 Premature Babies In NC Hospital Exposed To A-H1N1 ]
[ Democrat Fumbling Gives Hope To Hate Bill Protest ]
[ Kennedy Gives Up Hate Bill Trick – Hearing Will Be Held ]
[ Man Shot 28 Times With Taser By Australian Cops ]
[ Oz Cops Execute Man With 28 Taser Shots ]
[ Parents Barred From Photographing Own Kids ]
[ Video: Chemtrails Outrage Florence, OR Residents ]
[ Artificial Sweeteners Downstream Of Sewage Plants ]
[ NASA Readies To Bomb The Moon ]

cw fall dates / ghostbusters firehouse home & more / bionicle reborn press / today

June 17, 2009

[Current Music Download|The Dandy Warhols – We Used To Be Friends (Veronica Mars theme) @ MediaFire]

The CW has now announced their fall start dates as well. It will all begin on Tuesday September 8th with 90210 followed by Melrose Place. Blah. Thursday September 10th will see the series premiere of The Vampire Diaries, followed by a new season of Supernatural. And for some reason, One Tree Hill and Gossip Girl have switched timeslots (possibly has something to do with keeping viewers on their channel longer :p). Those two will premiere on Monday September 14th. And coming in as nearly an afterthought, the new season of Smallville will be the last series to premiere, on Friday September 25th at 8PM ET.. followed by repeats of that Top Model garbage.. That stings. :/

Starting Thursday June 18th, you too can own the classic Ghostbusters Firehouse… well, virtually anyway. PlayStation Home will offer a virtual version of the location from the films, complete with a full-size Ecto-1 and Slimer that your avatar can interact with. The personal space will also have a lot of Stage Set functionality including virtual cameras and blue screens so that you can make some cool machinima videos too. I am definitely buying this tomorrow. I’ve purchased all the personal spaces so far, and this space looks cooler than most of them. So why not? :p

PlayStation Home will also be updated with a new SOCOM game space, more race tracks in EA Sports Complex (until the Golf area opens anyway), the inFamous Cole virtual costume will finally appear, as well as more Street Fighter IV clothes for purchase in the Mall. There’s also four events occuring in Home over the weekend, including a long-awaited “furry” one on Saturday night. :p Also, everyone who downloads the new episode of Qore off PSN will receive a Qore T-shirt for they Home avatar…

Universal has now issued a press release for the September 15th DVD release of Bionicle: The Legend Reborn. No Blu-ray apparently. Oh well.. Star Trek: The Next Generation‘s Michael Dorn will voice the main character Mata Nui in the film. And– *gasp* — “For a limited time, every copy of BIONICLE(R): The Legend Reborn includes a free one-year subscription to the LEGO Club Magazine (a $10 value!)”. WOW. :p

I awoke at 4AM due to my dad’s odd sleeping schedule, then I got online to finish the previous entry. My dad soon went back to sleep, so I got on PlayStation Home for a little while (I tried for that one missing butterfly again and again, then finally gave up and finished Xi.. then I bookmarked White Hall and got the trophies for my UK account as well.. teehee.. then I played some Watchmen book dominos in my personal space, wheee :p).

My dad woke back up close to 8AM, so I soon returned to TV and let him watch some of his bland morning TV. And then I fell asleep for a short amount of time.. I awoke to find my dad preoccupied elsewhere.. so I got on PlayStation Home briefly before watching four more episodes of Veronica Mars: Season 1 (more great episode.. I’m worried with all the new Home content tomorrow, I may not be able to fit any more episodes in then :/).

I said I was only going to get on PlayStation Home briefly before watching something else. But I stayed on there for the rest of my time. Damnit. I was too interested in the Hamster suits.. which may coming very soon. πŸ™‚ ..I got online to news-gather.. In primetime, I finally had supper. My dad made something for himself earlier and left me to fend for myself again, so I was left with the microwavable crap I purchase.. My dad took off outside as I somewhat watched Wipeout, followed by Mental (okay, I was going to drop this show after this one.. but this video game-themed episode was cool.. plus the small subplot with a scantily-clad Kay Panabaker was nice too :p) and The Unusuals (the series finale 😦 ..good episode too, would have liked to have seen where some of these plots went.. that line about “honoring Israel” came out of nowhere and didn’t make any sense though).

And that’s about it.. U thought I’d share the Veronica Mars theme even though I bet everyone who wants it has it by now. :p I was never able to find that Season 3 remix version though. 😦 See ya.

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spec spidey s1 dvd press / bionicle reborn / media / today

June 16, 2009

[Current Music Download|Rooney – Iron Man Armored Adventures theme @ MediaFire]

TVShowsOnDVD has gotten a hold of the press release for the July 28th DVD release of The Spectacular Spider-Man: The Complete First Season. Blah blah blah, all the same info we’ve heard before really.. But I want to promote this show. It definitely deserves another season, but Disney’s being stingy and waiting until they air Season 2 before picking it up for another. So much time has passed since the end of Season 2 that all the crew working on the show have had to move on to other projects. But they can return, once Disney says so after they see some ratings numbers for Season 2.. which premieres next Monday night June 22nd at 8PM ET on Disney XD. πŸ™‚ I’m.. glad to have bought the separate DVD volumes that I’ll never even watch now that this release is coming. It means I supported the show. That and my now-out-of-print version of “Volume 1” is a pretty neat thing to have (all mentions of it being a “movie” have been removed from the cover art since I bought it, replaced with “Volume 1”). Plus Volume 1 also has a theme song music video that doesn’t seem to be on this release. 😦 …June 22nd. 8PM-9PM ET. Disney XD… πŸ™‚

On September 15th, Bionicle returns to home video in Bionicle: The Legend Reborn. Buena Vista released the original three CG animated films (which I thought were very good, especially 1 & 3), but now Universal will be releasing this title. Just check out this very short trailer. I’m definitely looking forward to this. :p

I awoke to my dad complaining at 6:30AM about the overlapped DVRings that I told him about days ago. Ugh.. I got online to finish up the previous entry.. then my dad went back to sleep.. on a Tuesday. Damnit. -_- I watched some of said overlapped DVRings — Caitlin’s Way (the 3-part series premiere.. The N finally aired it, seems like they never do.. totally forgot about Andy Dick & Dave Thomas as the pair of bumbling criminals, haha.. I thought they were airing this series out of order.. but they’re actually airing it in production order rather than airing order.. so good enough for me *begins transfer to VHS*).

Once I was done, my dad was still asleep. Grr. I got online for a while, waiting.. and waiting.. Wasting all the time that I had had plans for.. I played music somewhat loudly, but no reply. But when I sorta.. slammed a door.. he awoke. Then we soon got ready.. and headed out to media buy..

First, I headed to Best Buy and retroactively price-matched True Blood: Season 1 from $32.99 to $24.99. And then I looked for Death Note Re-Light Vol 1 but was told that that’s coming out next week. Must’ve been delayed? 😦 ..I did eventually buy Zodiac: 2-Disc Director’s Cut on Blu for just $14.99 though, with the help of the money I had just gotten back. Yup, now there’s a second title in my New & Unwatched list with both DVD & Blu-ray version unwatched. Ack. But at least with this Blu-ray, you can get $10 back by mail if you own the DVD. πŸ™‚

I moved on to Borders.. and of course they didn’t have any new Gantz manga volumes. Not much new there. But then the in-store computer had the release date for Volume 5 pushed back. And I later noticed that Amazon didn’t have it in stock either. And tomorrow is supposed to be the release date of the next volume. 😦

Then I moved on to Target and picked up some grocery items.. as well as Family Guy: Volume Seven. I had decided to see the Target-exclusive “Big Peter Pack” for myself before deciding. A poster, an art booklet and a rather simply-arted outer slip case for $5 more? Nah, I stuck with the basic edition for $24.99.. Then I went to the grocery store for additional grocery items (the Game Fuel 12-packs are in, woohoo! *buys one of each.. for $5 each…*).

Upon returning home, I immediately watched Greek (very good finale.. look forward to Season 3 in just two months) followed by four more episodes of Veronica Mars: Season 1 (great episodes, I’ve seen them all before but it’s been a while). Due to my dad’s sleeping in (and possibly a few other things), I didn’t finish these episode until nearly 7PM. I really wanted to get four more in today, so I didn’t have the time to get my PS3 online at all. 😦

We eventually had some supper, then I got online to inventory the new discs and news-gather.. And then I stayed online the rest of the night, bored out of my mind. I really should have watched something on the bedroom DVR or played a game on PS2.. but nope. Just wasted the night away on websites and IRC. Blah. All because my dad wanted to watch his CMT Awards. Ugh..

Well.. see ya..

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prlg dvd german only / fox fall dates / today

June 15, 2009

Due to a “problem with Disney”, it has now been confirmed (on the DVD set’s release date, coincidentally enough) that the German Power Rangers Lost Galaxy: The Complete Season DVD set does not contain the original English audio tracks like the previous six seasons have. Suspicions were first raised when the Amazon listing failed to mention English audio.. Well, that sucks. I was looking forward to seeing this season.. But on the other hand, it’ll save me some money..? 😦 *shakes fist @ Disney for the 45356345th time*

FOX has now set the rest of their Fall 2009 season start dates. Glee begins Wednesday September 16th, followed by Bones & Fringe on Thursday September 17th, Brothers, Til Death and Dollhouse on Friday September 18th.. and a two-hour premiere for House on September 21st. Sunday September 27th will see the premieres of Simpsons, Cleveland Show, Family Guy and American Dad, followed by Lie To Me on Monday September 28th.. and the talk show The Wanda Sykes Show will debut on Saturday November 7th. Phew. :p ..But beware the scheduled pre-emptions to come in October due to the MLB Playoff games. 😦

I fell asleep at about maybe 12:30AM.. so I awoke the next morning at about 4AM or so. I got online and finished the previous entry as my dad woke up and took off to dialysis. Then I watched The Mighty Boosh (lol).. then got back online again.. But then I watched the first four episodes of Veronica Mars: Season 1 (I have a lot of cartoon DVDs to get through.. but I really wanted to watch something live action next.. pair that with being reminded how HOT Kristen Bell is with a recent viewing of Fanboys and the rest is history.. I’ve been holding back on these for a little while only because of the talk about a movie, but now that it’s sounding not very likely.. I begin.. yes, I bought all 3 seasons months ago and they’re just now getting watched.. very good start with these episodes. look forward to more tomorrow πŸ™‚ ).

During the episodes. my dad returned home from dialysis, didn’t seem to feel so good.. and took his usual nap. And so I went right ahead into PlayStation Home for a little while (just noticed that only females get the Ghostbusters logo cap, so not fair.. they better update this software soon, it froze my PS3 twice just today 😦 ) and played some more Ratchet & Clank Future (played a level, then another.. then another.. and then the game was over.. wow.. I swear the only games I’m able to / care enough to finish are in this series.. I really like the stories, though this one felt a bit short).

I finally shut off the game at about 7PM, we had some supper, then I got online to news-gather.. In primetime, we watched True Blood (last night’s season 2 premiere.. great start to this season, wow πŸ™‚ ) followed by Zack And Miri Make A Porno (I really liked this movie.. very funny, and more.. and now I have to buy it at Best Buy when I do buy it because Target and Wal-Mart were douches and got shortened-title cover art versions, ugh.. oh no, the word “porno”! *cuts*). And then that was about it for the night.

See ya.

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