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November 30, 2005

It’s about time Marvel came out with its own “Justice League”-like animation… Marvel and Lions Gate Entertainment have joined forces to create a series of Ultimate Avengers animated films. They currently plan to release at least four of them (and maybe as many as eight), with the first one heading straight to DVD & UMD for PSP on February 21st 2006. It will include such heroes as Captain America, Iron Man, Thor and Hulk. Presented in 1.77:1 anamorphic widescreen and Dolby 5.1 Surround Sound, the DVD will include an Avengers trivia subtitle track, “Avengers Assemble” & “The Ultimate Voice Talent Search” featurettes, an Ultimate Avengers 2 sneak preview and a “Which Avenger Are You?” DVD-ROM game. It all will retail for only $19.98. Click here to check out the cover art..

I received the new issue of Video Business in the mail today (Nov 28 2005 issue). It reveals that Fox will once again attempt a double-dip just in time for a sequel with the X-Men 2.5 DVD. -_- But Marvel also has plans to make feature films with Paramount for Captain America, Ant-Man, Power Pack, Nick Fury, Black Panther, Hawkeye, The Avengers, Cloak and Dagger, Doctor Strange and Shang-Chi. The first of them in expected in 2008. Other movies on the way are Fantastic Four 2, Punisher 2, Hulk 2, Black Widow, Deathlok and Namor. Wow. Overflooding the market much? >_>

Dean Devlin has revealed to SCI FI Wire that he and Roland Emmerich did write a sequel to Independence Day just after 9/11, and that it was inspired by it. But in the end, they just didn’t feel it was right and didn’t go any further with it.. 😦

Fox has announced some scheduling plans for 2006. American Idol returns on January 17th & 18th (ugh -_-). In news more actually care about, 24 once again opens its season with a “two-night, four-hour event” on January 15th & 16th, Bones is moving to an unfortunate timeslot opposite Lost beginning January 25th (*rolls eyes*), That 70s Show & Stacked will be moved to Thursdays at 9PM starting March 2nd, and new episodes of Prison Break don’t return until March 20th (but they will recap by airing the previous episode again the week before). Still no Freebirds starring Time Force‘s Erin Cahill though. 😦 ..They just have too many shows to air right now. They should try and take the 10PM hour from the affiliates and try to schedule some more things in there, like most the other networks do already.. reveals some upcoming special bonuses to be included with some of December’s biggest DVD releases. Best Buy will include a clip-on watch with December 6th’s 24: Season Four boxed set, and Wal-Mart has bonus DVDs packaged with December 6th’s Fantastic Four & December 13th’s The Island (but keep in mind that Wal-Mart idiotically raises the price for copies that include their bonus discs). There’s also a list of DVD bonuses available now..

Production has begun on The N’s first one-hour dramatic thriller series, Whistler. It’s filming until April 2006 in Vancouver, but won’t air on The N until Fall 2006. The series, which takes place at a ski resort, also stars X-Files alum Nicholas Lea. For more details, just click here to check out the press release..

I fell asleep last night before I could get some DVR transferring done. Ugh. I awoke the next morning and got online a bit. I updated some archival data CDs, then watched some morning TV. Sorta. Then my dad went out to the grocery store again and I took that chance to transfer some crap off the DVR onto VHS. I also read another chapter of Roswell High #2.Three hours off the DVR. Yay. I then rewatched Green Day’s “Jesus Of Suburbia” music video as my dad returned home. Just because some guy cut himself with a razor blade in the video, he started saying “dope head” for some retarded reason. Then he made some stupid comment about it being devil music or something. I ignored him and returned to my room for a bit. I started leeching another torrent. 🙂

Passions was somewhat interesting. I can’t help but think they’ll stretch out this Ethan thing even more just to have some kind of “Christmas miracle”. Ugh.. Once that was over, I watched Monday’s awesome episode of Surface. Loved it. Too bad it’s the last one of the year. 😦 ..Next, I watched four more DVD episodes of Family Guy: Volume Three. Sooo funny. But only five left already. 😦 ..I left my dad to watch his news and got online to news-gather. I had some breakfast for supper. Thanks to my very slow computer, I didn’t get done online until just before 8PM. Grr. So I rebooted.

In primetime, I watched the new episodes of That 70s Show (lol), Stacked (lol.. i guess), Lost (omg @ the cliffhanger ending that won’t be continued until January), and Invasion (whoa.. they revealed quite a bit here.. awesome). Soon after all that was over, I returned to my room for the night.

My dad’s really down. Wish I could help. He worries that our family members moved to Florida because they wanted to get away from him. So he’s being more of a grinch about Christmas than ever before. Since it’s a family holiday and all. I’m doubting this Christmas will be any better than last year. It’ll probably be even worse.. See ya.

[ Miami Police Take New Tack Against Terror ]
[ Miami Model: ACLU Shysters Stab US In Back Again ]
[ Apocalyptic New Video Game Features NWO Takeover ]
[ Rumsfeld Bans The Use Of The Word ‘Insurgents’ ]
[ US Paying Iraqi Newspapers To Publish Stories ]
[ China Has Two New Bird Flu Outbreaks ]
[ Reunion – 300 Former Area 51 Workers Talk About Base ]
[ Deadly ‘Choking Game’ Becoming Popular With Kids ]
[ Woman Has First ‘Face Transplant’ ]


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November 29, 2005

FOX’s Reunion and ABC’s Hot Properties have been canceled. 😦 In more fortunate news, CBS makes Threshold‘s cancellation official. Yay. *pouts @ the Still Standing / Yes Dear news though*

Cable network E! has purchased the rights to air a new season, as well as repeats, of FOX’s The Simple Life. They’ll be handed the repeat rights in January 2006, and the new season is expected to start sometime in the spring. Hey, they need something to fill Taradise‘s timeslot. :p

The Cartoon Network has reportedly officially canceled plans for a sixth season of its Teen Titans animated series.


The Business Online reported a rumor that SCI, the game company that owns the Lara Croft: Tomb Raider franchise, is in talks with Paramount Pictures to license a third movie based on the Croft character.

Yay. I hope, I hope, I hope. 🙂

After many years of waiting, Version 2.0 is finally coming along a bit. Check out the test site. Looks pretty cool to me. 🙂

I had heard there was a new Mystic Force promo, so I tuned it over to Toon Disney in hopes of DVRing it. I was lucky enough to catch it within minutes. Yay. 🙂 I soon headed off to sleep. I didn’t truly wake up until about 10 minutes until 9AM. My dad had already left for the handout place. I got online, then watched some morning TV. My dad soon returned home with a bit more than usual. But it was too tiresome for him. So we had to wait a while. But soon, we finally went out to media buy..

First, I went to Best Buy and bought Family Guy: Volume Three. This release has an insert promoting the DVD releases of American Dad: Volume One & Family Guy: Volume Four, coming in “Spring 2006”. Coool. Dunno if I’ll get American Dad though.. There were other things I wanted too, but I couldn’t afford them. I’ll have to return for them on Friday. Then I moved on to K-Mart and got my 99-cent Icee refill. And there was a coupon there for a free small popcorn with purchase of an Icee. But the nice lady at the register got me a large. Yay. 🙂 After that, we returned home..

I soon got online to inventory the new DVD just as I receive another $5 off certificate from Best Buy Reward Zone. Damnit. Could’ve used it today. I guess I’ll use it Friday instead.. Passions soon started. There wasn’t that much to it again. I also hated how they spun around this guys decision. One second, Sam agrees with Theresa. The next, he doesn’t. -_- ..Once that was over, we watched last night’s “fall finale” of Prison Break on DVR. So awesome. Except for where they left us in the end. Until March. Grrr. I guess they’ll be placing it at 8PM Mondays after Arrested Development & Kitchen Confidential are done for the season? I hope not .That’ll screw up my other two recordings at the 8PM hour.. Then I watched the first four DVD episodes of Family Guy: Volume Four. So funny. Almost too many laughs in one sitting. :p Next, I filled in a half hour by transferring that hilarious Scientology episode of South Park to tape while.. watching it. I finished up just after 5PM, then got online to news-gather.

I finished up at about 7:30, then watched Green Day’s 9-minute “Jesus Of Suburbia” music video on DVR. Damn, that was awesome. Hope to see the uncensored version someday.. I then returned to the living room and it soon became 8PM. We watched the usual new episodes of Bones (great) and House (awesome). But near the end, my dad decided to check out his damn basketball game again. Ugh. I fit in another chapter of Roswell High #2 (teehee @ the comment from Alex about them being like the Power Rangers after finding out all six of them represent a color.. near the end of book 1.. that I forgot to mention until now), then returned to my room for the night.

Would’ve got more at Best Buy if I could. But that must wait. Damnit. See ya..

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[ BYU Discredits Prof Jones For 911 WTC Paper! ]
[ Video: US Mercenaries Randomly Shooting Iraqi Civilians ]
[ Evidence Of Death Squads Mount In Iraq ]
[ Is American Journalism Dying? ]
[ Former FBI Official Calls For New OKC Bombing Probe ]
[ Has H5N1 Recombined In Israel To Form S227N? ]
[ Astonishing New Holographic Storage / Recording Technology ]
[ US Air Force Unveils Hand-Held Laser Gun ]

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November 28, 2005

ABC Family & Toon Disney have begun airing a promo for a “Power Rangers vs W.I.T.C.H.” marathon, starting next Monday (December 5th) and running for a full week. This is probably some sort of promotion of the current Power Rangers & W.I.T.C.H. Happy Meals at McDonald’s. The promo particularly boasts that they will also air what sounds like profile promos for the Red & Green Mystic Force Rangers during the marathon. Coool. 🙂

According to the Forbes article mentioned here, ADV Films has raised “about half of the $100 million to $120 million” needed to produce the Neon Genesis Evangelion live-action movie.

Yay. Maybe they’ll be able to start production before the end of the decade after all. :p

Hmm, let’s see. The first movie was a reasonable success, but the TV series didn’t do that well at all. Why not make a cheap direct-to-DVD sequel of The Net? Sony Pictures will release the instant classic The Net 2.0 to DVD on February 7th 2006. And no, Sandra Bullock is not in it.. *rolls eyes*

I awoke at 7AM and got online for a bit. I also posted my first essay to my LJ. Yay. Don’t know if there’ll be anymore though. I also burned another CD. Then listened to it instead of watching most of the usual morning TV. I fell asleep, like I usually do when listening to a CD. -_- My dad fell asleep too. But we awoke about 11AM and watched War At Home (including the half we saw last night.. so funny), Family Guy (rofl) and American Dad (lol). My dad went off to pick up some stuff at the grocery store and I had some lunch. I got online until my dad returned. Then we watched the day’s episode of Passions. It was okay, but not that much happened again. :/

Once that was over, I watched / taped last night’s episode of But Can They Sing? on DVR. But it stopped taping a little over halfway though. POS VCR. Grrr. 😡 So I watched the Dragonball Z Uncut Vol 6 DVD while it cooled. I was surprised to see some actual fighting in these episodes. And Goku finally reached the end of Snake Way. Whew.. When that was over, I watched / taped the remaining part of But Can They Sing?. And I mostly just watched Michael Copon’s part. lol @ Micheal actually doing the morph pose during rehearsal: “Time for Time Force! I’m a Power Ranger now. *play fight ensues*” :p He’s the only one who can actually sing on this show, so he better win next week.. Then I watched The Boondocks (lol) and soon returned to my room to news-gather. We had some supper, and got done online about 7PM.

I read two more chapters of Roswell High #2. Then came primetime. We watched King of Queens (they should really have Ray Romano on this spin-off more). But then my dad moved into my room to watch his damn football game. Ugh. I watched How I Met Your Mother (highlight of the night.. quite possibly my most favorite episode yet), Two & A Half Men (lol), Out Of Practice (hahaha) and CSI Miami (awesome episode). Not far after that, I returned to my room for the night..

You are 87% Conspiracy Nut

Locator Image!

You are the most paranoid conspiracy nut ever! You trust no one, ever – Unless they can gain your trust over months and years of friendship. You are very clever, and you most likely have built a bunker for the pending avian flu outbreak.

Take this quiz at

Damnit. I was expecting higher.. :p

I wish CBS would air the How I Met Your Mother repeats in order. I’m trying to get them all on tape. I have five in limbo on the DVR, and now they skip from episode 1 to 3 in the reruns. Gr.. See ya.

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Sun 11.26.2005 — Santa’s Slay = super-cheesy

November 27, 2005

I watched the night’s hilarious new MadTV, then watched some SNL and got online for a bit while transferring last Monday’s Medium to tape. Before I knew it, it was.. *points to time above* Damnit. I need to get to sleep..

I woke to the alarm at 7AM. Then fell asleep. But finally awoke about 30 minutes later. The newspaper guy was late, so my dad had to go out twice to get one. While he was out the second time, I watched BoBoBo-Bo BoBo-Bo (lol.. and I suddenly have a craving for some soft serve) & Full Metal Alchemist (lol great episode). Then I took a break to look through the newspaper’s ads for Tuesday.. even though I knew I could only afford one release this week. I finished that and watched Samurai Champloo (whoa, awesome). We had some breakfast..

I filled some time watching a little MadTV, then watched the DBZ Uncut Vol 5 DVD. I’m still enjoying it, even though there’s some filler. A part of me would like four episodes per volume, but it is easier to get through three in one sitting. Why did they have to make a new super-long opening credit though? Ugh.. I found a Stacked mini-marathon to watch.. since there was nothing else on. But my dad took over the TV to watch a football game he doesn’t even care about at 1PM. :/

With nothing better to do, I watched the usual stuff that had piled up on the bedroom DVR during the week. But due to the holiday, there wasn’t much. I watched Everybody Hates Chris (lol), Supernatural (pretty cool), Veronica Mars (awesome) and Starz’ Chronicles Of Narnia preview (it actually made me want to see it a little less :p ). Then I watched a movie that had been sitting on my DVR for a while now: Santa’s Slay. Very cheesy horror movie. I mostly watched because it starred Roswell & Lost‘s Emilie de Ravin. teehee @ the part at the end during the “character updates” where it read Emilie’s character got “Lost“. :p Don’t know why they’re waiting so damn long for the unedited DVD release (which is on December 20th). I doubt I’ll buy though..

I fit in two chapters of Roswell High #2, then we sorta watched some Reba repeats. At 8PM, we turned over to FOX to find their damn football game still going. So I had to push back the DVR recordings. We watched the new Simpsons (lol), then only half of War At Home. At that point, we had to move over to ABC and watch Desperate Housewives (awesome) and Grey’s Anatomy (also pretty great *drools @ Katherine Heigl’s brief scantily-cladedness*). Soon after 11PM, I returned to my room for the night. I can only hope we can watch Family Guy & American Dad tomorrow..

Another weekend complete. *sighs with relief* See ya.. *falls alseep on desk*

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Sat 11.25.2005 — Alien Vs Predator: Unrated = slightly improved..

November 26, 2005

After I got done online, I finally stayed awake long enough to transfer Wednesday’s new episode of Lost to tape while reading two more chapters of Roswell High #2. But now I’m heading off to sleep..

I awoke to the alarm. Then fell asleep again. Then woke up maybe 90 minutes later and watched some music videos (*drools @ Elisha Cuthbert in Weezer’s new video “Perfect Situation”*). Then I watched / taped the new episode of Ninja Turtles — “Still Nobody”. Pretty good episode. 🙂 Still miss the multi-part episodes and continuing storylines though. 😦 ..Then we had some breakfast and I watched Best Week Ever on DVR. My dad took off on an errand, and the DVR recording ended before Best Week Ever was even over. And I put the usual two buffer minutes on each side of it too. But VH1 had to start the fucking thing so late. Grrrr. I set another recording with hope that that one would get the whole thing.. *sigh*

My dad was gone, so I played the Spider-Man 2 video game for a few hours. But I soon turned it off and watched Alien Vs Predator: Unrated. I actually enjoyed this version just a bit more than the version I saw in-theater. There seemed to be a bit more blood, for those into that kinda thing. Glad I held off on the original DVD release. I used my $7.50 off coupon that I got with Elektra: Director’s Cut on this.. and got another $7.50 off coupon packaged in this one. Wow. But there’s only five releases to use it on, and I already have three of them. Hmm, Man On Fire 2-disc or Dodgeball Unrated..? :/

After that was over, I watched a couple more episodes on Anime Network on Demand: Fuccon Family episode 4 (*ignores dad’s negative comments toward it.. even though he’s right*) & Cromartie High episode 20 (lol so weird). Then we watched Earth To America on TBS on Demand. Awesome. lol @ Will Ferrel as George W. Bush.. and Triumph the Insult Comic Dog’s segment.. and the Spongebob short.. etc. 🙂 Great message about Global Warming too. Al Franken said they couldn’t criticize Bush though. But some did get in. Haha. near the end we had a small supper. Now dad’s watching the news. Hope I can get the TV back afterward..

My dad found something else to watch after the news, so I listened to Now Christmas Disc 1.. and fell asleep. Damnit. But I woke up at 8PM, took over the TV, and watched Outrageous TV Moments (rerun I’ve seen a few times :p), Zatch Bell (lol awesome), Naruto (also awesome), and Viewtiful Joe (barely interesting enough to keep me watching). Just before 10PM, my dad said he was going to bed early. *sigh* I hope he’s okay.. I returned to my room soon after.

See ya.

[ CIA Torture – More Flight Routes, Front Companies Named ]
[ US Envoy ‘Do-Gooders’ OK With Torture Flights? ]
[ Protesters Pro & Con Converge Near Bush Ranch ]
[ The American Economy Has Left The Building ]
[ Public Urged To Remain Alert – New Bird Flu Outbreak ]
[ WHO Now Says China Not Hiding H5N1 Cases ]

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November 25, 2005

Next Wednesday’s all new episode of Lost, “What Kate Did”, will once again be “slightly lengthened” and will air from 9PM to 10:04PM ET. :/

Fuse will premiere Green Day’s Jesus of Suburbia nine-minute music video. It will debut Monday, November 28th at 8:30PM ET and will re-air all week long at the same timeslot. 🙂

Haha. Threshold‘s as good as gone. Thanks, CBS. *celebrates*

I awoke at 8AM to discover that I had fallen asleep too early again. Damnit. 😦 I got online for a while and did some uploading. I watched some morning TV, had a crappy breakfast, and soon learned I had to upload this huge file all over again. Grrr. While it was uploading, I listened to a CD that I had burned yesterday. Then the upload screwed up again. Grrr. So I moved on to another site. We watched Passions (it was okay). Then the upload fucked up again. So I had to stoop to uploading it at YouSendIt. It finally worked there. On the second try. 😡

Meanwhile, we watched Steven Spielberg’s War Of The Worlds on DVD. Awesome movie. Loved it. And don’t go bitching about the ending. It’s the original ending, damnit. Glad I bought the 2-Disc. This movie deserves such a great release.. in my collection. 🙂 ..Soon after that was over, I returned to my room, posted the “Media Share”, then began to news-gather. I got done rather quickly again today. So I made my new default LJ icon, then burned a couple more CDs during supper. We watched a Raymond repeat and a local Christmas special before primetime..

At 8PM, my dad moved to my room to watch his damn basketball game again while I watched Ghost Whisperer (neat), Hope & Faith (lol) and Hot Properties (lol.. then drools @ the cleavage). The game still wasn’t over, so I took the time to watch episodes 5 & 6 of the GitS SAC 2nd Gig Vol 2 DVD. I enjoyed the stand-alone episode 6 somewhat more than the complex episode 5. 🙂 When that was over, it was time for my dad’s local news. I returned to my room for the night..

See ya.

[ Two 911 Planes Were Never Deregistered – Are Both Still Flying? ]

[ Erasing America ]
[ Saddam’s Use Of Chem Weapons Bad – US Use Just Fine… ]
[ Sheehan Back At The Ranch In Crawford ]
[ An Innocent Man In The Hell Of Guantanamo ]
[ One In Seven US Workers Born Abroad ]
[ Greenhouse Gas Levels Highest In 650,000 Years ]
[ Russia Finds New Bird Flu Cases, Strain Unknown ]
[ Secret US Government UFO File Unveiled ]
[ ‘Karate Kid’ Sensei Pat Morita Dies at 73 ]

MP3 Share #11: The Complete Zeo Serial ..but they’re not mp3s..

November 25, 2005

I’ve decided bend the rules a bit and share something that isn’t mp3s. :p

Way back in 1996, a series of commercial-length episodes was made to promote the upcoming Power Rangers Zeo. The Rangers were nowhere to be seen in this serial though. Most of the episodes starred Bulk & Skull and some scientist-type people. They are looking to the skies because something is coming toward Earth (the Machine Empire). But it was soon lost to the fandom. Now thanks to Rovang & DragonRanger of the #power-rangers IRC chat room at, it can be enjoyed again… 🙂

the_zeo_serial_promo.mpg – 5MB – MegaUpload / SendSpace

The_Zeo_Serial_(DragonRanger_&_Rovang).avi – 99.4MB – MegaUpload / YouSendIt

Enjoy, and let me know if there are any problems..

bruce speaks / happy turkey day.. i guess..

November 24, 2005

Power Rangers S.P.D. & Mystic Force Executive Producer Bruce Kalish has posted to RangerBoard today. Only a small amount didn’t like S.P.D.? *rolls eyes* The personal threats he mentions are going too far though.. Now that he claims to have finally watched some pre-SPD Power Rangers episodes, I’m looking forward to Mystic Force a bit more. Just a little. *shrug* ..Oh, and Matt Austin, that guy who played the SPD Green Ranger, posted briefly a little while back too..

I awoke at about 7:30AM and checked some crap on the DVR. I really want to catch the new McDonald’s promo for my Mystic Force tape. 😦 Then I got online for a bit. I also watched some of the Ninja Storm rerun on ABC Family (again, promo). I thought Ninja Storm wasn’t that good. But after seeing S.P.D... We had some breakfast, then my dad was put back to sleep by the Macy’s parade while I burned some CDs. :p I tried watch the parade too (and wanted to watch something on the DVR). But I got side-tracked and played with the cat. Then I got bored. So I returned to my computer to play some mp3s. I updated Semagic, started leeching on another torrent, and asked again. But he actually wanted to watch the rest of the parade.. then probably the news. So I got online. Again. 😦

After the news was over (and while burning more CDs), we watched last night’s CSI NY (pretty good episode). Then I left my dad watching an Everybody Loves Raymond marathon while I got online again.. to leech another torrent. I read another two chapters of Roswell High #1 while he kept watching. Then the free Thanksgiving meals arrived. Twice. My dad ordered four. We got six. But before they came. My dad called again, thinking they weren’t going to deliver them. So in the end, we got twelve. Ack. 😐 We got stuffed while watching Raymond.. and while I burned another CD. Then I wanted to watch the movie I had planned. Too late. My dad was too into the Ray-a-thon by that point. Gr. I fit in the last two chapters of Roswell High #1, and it was 5PM before I knew. So I got online to news-gather. But I found nothing of interest (of course). Should’ve known. Waste of time. I wasted some more time online, started leeching another torrent, then got done about 6:30..

I watched some more Raymond, read a chapter of Roswell High #2, then passed on reading another. I got online for a bit instead. I returned to the living room and watched Joey (lol), Will & Grace (lol) and CSI Vegas (wow, good episode). For the latter two, my dad watched his damn basketball game in my room. -_- Once those were over, I checked out my DVR recordings that had just ended. That I only DVRed to try and catch that Power Rangers Generations Happy Meal promo. It was pretty damn short. And no speaking parts from either Ranger, of course. 😦 But I also managed to catch a promo made just to mention the Power Rangers float in that Disney MGM Studios parade in Florida. It was neat to see the float in action for the first time though. I’ll have to add both of these to my tape. :p ..Once that was finished, I returned to my room for the night..

lmao @ the huge promotional push for Xbox 360.. and then they get lots of complaints about frozen systems. At least Sony is holding back for a while to perfect their next system….. *suddenly considers making a “Complete Zeo Serial” MP3 Share.. er, whatever* ..See ya..

[ Still Doubt There Was A Highest Level 911 Conspiracy? ]
[ European Council Urges Inquiry Against CIA Flights ]
[ Texas Supreme Court Eliminates Public School Funding ]
[ Another H5N1 Fatality Reported In Anhui, China ]
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pr happy meal promo / prmf toy pics / today

November 23, 2005

McDonald’s has put the Power Rangers Generations Happy Meal webpage online (it’s quite useless really). They’ve also began airing a commercial for it featuring the Mighty Morphin Red Ranger and the Mystic Force Green Ranger. Check out this Rangerboard thread for more details and a couple commercial screenshots. Also, has the latest Mystic Force promo, as well as this Happy Meal promo, ready for download in AVI video format. Yay. 🙂

Check out all the Power Rangers Mystic Force toy pictures. *drools.. even though he never buys the toys.. even though he’s tempted to get the morpher every year* :p

My computer really screwed up last night just as I was preparing to post the previous LJ entry. I had to reboot. Then I fell asleep for the night. So I didn’t get to post the entry until morning, when I woke up. :/ But I woke up to the first snow of the year. Yay.. I got online for a while. Then we had some breakfast, and watched some morning TV. But it got boring, so I got online again. I wrote out this whole 9/11 timeline essay thing in Semagic.. then most of it was erased with an autosave. Grrrrr. 😡 *headdesk* I moved what was left to a text file and started all over again. I was done by 11AM (I still want add some later though). While my dad was napping, I took over the TV and transferred a new Power Rangers Mystic Force promo to the tape. It premiered Monday on ABC Family, but I caught it on the DVR this morning. It’s a mix of the “Don’t Go Into The Forest” and “Mystic Helmet” promos, but there’s a few new stuff too. 🙂 I also transferred the first episode of How I Met Your Mother to a tape. I hope they rerun the other four I need. My dad soon went off on an errand and I sat with the cat until he returned. Then I got online s’more..

We eventually watched Passions. It was alright. I guess the Thanksgiving episode will be on Friday.. I didn’t feel like watching the movie I had originally planned to watch (again), so I just watched R Kelly: Trapped In The Closet Chapters 1-12 (lol @ R Kelly voicing the white southern woman, accent and all.. but I must admit I got pretty bored of it by the last chapters) and Dragonball Z Uncut Vol 4 (nice.. except for all the fillery parts). I eventually returned to my room about an hour earlier than usual and news-gathered. Supper was rather lame. Once I was done news-gathering, I checked out a few sites, including the PlayStation Underground site (they seemed to start sending me more demo discs after my last visit, so why not? :p). I also checked out my DVD collection page and discovered I went over the 600 DVD release mark yesterday. Wow.. I finished up online at about 7PM.

I fit in three chapters of Roswell High #1. Then came primetime. We watched the new episodes of Still Standing (lol), Yes Dear (lol), Lost (whoa.. great episode) and Invasion (great episode.. I wanna read Dave’s blog 😦 ..edit: oh, here it is). Once all that was over, I returned to my room for the night..

Hmm. I need to find a Magiranger image site. I want to try and make a default icon for the year that doesn’t suck. Can anyone help? ..See ya.

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[ Utah Lawyer Targeted By Homeland Security ]
[ Woman Dies Of Bird Flu, Clinical Trials ‘Within Days’ ]

black friday / media buys / today

November 22, 2005 has compiled the Black Friday deals ahead of time, complete with scans of most of the ads. There’s some nice deals this year. Too bad I can’t afford it. And I don’t want to deal with the insane crowds.. :p

I headed off to bed about 1:30AM last night, then woke up the next morning around 8:30. This part was rather uneventful this time around, so I don’t know why I’m mentioning it. I got online for a bit. Then watched some morning TV. But soon, we headed out to media buy..

First, I stopped off at Best Buy and bought War of the Worlds: 2-Disc Limited Edition, Alien Vs Predator Unrated, Dragonball Z Uncut: Vegeta Saga Vol 6 & GitS SAC 2nd Gig Vol 2 on DVD. I also picked up two free copies each of War of the Worlds: Shooting Script book, Animerica Quarterly Fall 2005 magazine (I guess they switched from Borders to Best Buy) and City of Heroes: Bootleg Edition (wow, 2 discs.. wish I could play this one). They still didn’t have Gantz Vol 9 or Elfen Lied Vol 4! Grrrr. Actually, they could’ve had them. But the guy I asked was too damn lazy to go check in back. I also asked him about GitS SAC 2nd Gig Vol 2. He said the same thing, then I found it on a cart at the end of the aisle. -_- I’m getting sick of our local news promoting the fuck out of the craptacular Xbox 360. Then Best Buy was already out of them at 10AM. Ugh.. I moved on to Target and bought nothing.. but an Icee. My dad got a couple things though. Then my dad had to get some milk elsewhere. Then we finally headed home..

I got home, unwrapped everything, and got online to inventory the new DVDs. When I finished up, we had some breakfast for lunch and watched Passions. Damnit. No lady in white today. I have a feeling that tomorrow’s holiday episode is going to be something.. When that ended, we watched last night’s episodes of Surface (whoa.. now this show’s going all Lost mysterious with a guy walking on the ocean floor O_O), Prison Break (awesome.. the 24: Season 5 teaser was pretty cool too), and Medium (without 3D glasses.. but still pretty good). Then it became 5PM. Can’t believe how fast the day is going. I got online to news-gather, had some supper, then got done online about 6:30.

I played with the cat a little and fit in two more chapters of Roswell High #1 before 8PM. In primetime, we watched Bones (it was okay), House (pretty good.. haha’s @ that first House & Mouse scene), My Name Is Earl (lol) and The Office (lol). After some more playing with the cat, I returned to my room for the night. Man, that day went fast..

See ya.

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