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proo 31 spoiler / office 2 / today

October 31, 2007

Kyl416 has revealed a brief spoiler description for next Monday’s new episode of Power Rangers Operation Overdrive. Luckily, there’s only two more episodes remaining. But it isn’t a two-parter… 1731 – Nothing To Lose: The Rangers travel to Japan to battle for a key to unlock the last hidden jewel; Flurious tricks Moltor into entering his ice den so he can destroy him.

What’s NBC going to do with the Thursday night half-hour that will soon be vacated by Scrubs? Try for something original? No! Expand The Office to an hour permanently? No! They’re working on a spin-off! The Office II will star another “name” actor and as well as characters to be introduced later this season on The Office. *shakes head in disappointment* -_-

I awoke in the morning.. and immediately played some Bully. After failing the last chemistry class 42758 times, I played through some missions instead.. My dad returned home from dialysis. We had some late breakfast and watched Ellen (oh, slightly more entertaining that usual). I got Monday’s Kaya out of the way (aiyaiyai), then watched Hostel Part II. I liked how it picked directly where the last movie left off. Then it didn’t completely copy the first film. It felt more like a straight-to-DVD movie than a theatrical though. I liked the movie, though not as much as the first.

After the movie was over and my dad had fallen asleep.. I played more Bully. :p I did a few more missions and errands.. and other stuff. Haha @ my girlfriends fighting over me. Er, Jimmy.. Before I knew it, it was already 5:30. Ack. I shut it off as my dad woke up, then got online to news-gather. We had some supper, then I finished up online close to 8PM.

We watched Pushing Daisies (great episode 🙂 ). But then watched Private Practice just because Bionic Woman was pre-empted. 😦 But it got too boring, so we changed it over to Phenomenon. It was slightly less boring, but still blah. Then I tried my best to watch CSI NY with no audio (*closed captions*). I first noticed that it was like that at 5:30 and the cable company hadn’t fixed it by 10. Grrrr. My dad called them and they claimed they were working on it. But I bet everyone who could fix it were off for the holiday. Because the audio was still fucked up at 3AM. We pay over $100 a month total and this is what we get. Gawdamnit.

See ya.

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x-files 2 dec / spidey 4 in 2009? / nick nov / cbs nov / media pt1 / today

October 30, 2007

According to, The X-Files 2 will begin filming on December 10th. Yay. 🙂 The film will be directed by TV series creator Chris Carter. He and Frank Spotnitz wrote the script. The film has rumored to be non-mythology though, meaning no aliens.. Meanwhile, Spider-Man 4 already has a writer attached and is currently set for a 2009 release. The villains appearing have been rumored to be Lizard and Carnage..

Nickelodeon has also issued a press release detailing their November sweeps offerings. What most interests me is the new episodes of Avatar. Though the Nicktoon pilot episodes marathon on November 22nd sounds rather tempting too, with such classic first episodes of Doug, Ren & Stimpy and Ahh! Real Monsters. The last page also details The N’s new November episodes of Degrassi TNG & About A Girl.

It’s CBS’ turn to.. issue a press release detailing what they have to offer on their schedule this November. Included are spoilers for the month’s new episodes of How I Met Your Mother, Ghost Whisperer, the CSI series (including a two-hour CSI / Without A Trace crossover on Nov 8th)… and more. :p

I awoke in the morning and watched some boring morning TV. Then we got ready and I took off to media buy…

Yup, you see that right… First, I went to Target and picked up their exclusive Spider-Man 3: 3-Disc Widescreen Deluxe Edition. Argh @ the packaging being similar to Ghost Rider‘s Circuit City exclusive. At least the cover art is a little better. Within the side-opening slipcover is a Production Notes book and the basic 2-Disc with the original vertical slipcover. Inside it is the bonus third disc in a sleeve similar to the one the original Spider-Man 2 bonus “VH1 Goes Inside Spider-Man” DVD was in.. I moved on to Wal-Mart and actually picked up their exclusive Spider-Man 3 edition too. Theirs includes a lenticular slipcover (that only switches the red & black suits back and forth), a comic book / “mega guide”, and another bonus DVD.

I tried removing the extras and returning the crappy 1-Disc (without slipcover), but I guess too many people did that recently with Transformers. It didn’t work. So I went straight to FYE.. and only got $6 out of it. It was still unopened! I could’ve grabbed it off the shelf and removed the slipcover for all she knew! :/ ..I moved on to Best Buy and tried purchasing Scrubs: Season 6 & Avatar: The Last Airbender – Book 3: Fire, Volume 1. But I didn’t have enough, so I had to take Scrubs off and just got Avatar. I won’t be watching Scrubs this week anyway (but then again, I won’t be watching Avatar on this DVD anytime soon either). I’ll just return for Scrubs on Friday.

I got an icee, then returned home. We watched Ellen, then I got online to inventory the new discs. We had a late breakfast and watched last night’s Heroes (eh it was alright). Then I watched my Hostel: Director’s Cut DVD. I liked just as much as I did the first time I watched it. That’s because this new release is actually the same unrated version that was originally released, only with an option to view an alternate ending instead. But I got this 2-disc and the sequel for $25, so it was still worth it. I liked the new deleted scenes with text intros the most. I’ll be watching the sequel, that I haven’t seen yet, tomorrow.. I filled the afternoon by watching last night’s The Boondocks (haha).

At 5PM, I returned to my room and got online to news-gather. Somehow, I feel wrong by no longer owning the damn Spider-Man 3 1-disc. It feels like a broke up a set. It’s the exact same disc as the first of the Target 3-disc. Damn my DVD collector mind. 😦 ..I got done online a bit early and watched Journeyman (ooh nice). Then we watched Bones (*drools @ Wonder Woman.. er, Emily Deschanel as Wonder Woman* good episode too.. haha @ how they built up to her appearance in the costume), House (eh, pretty good) and Reaper (haha, good episode.. though I didn’t like the slightly higher amount of drama than usual :/).

I soon returned to my room for the night. See ya.

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prjf abc date / family guy star wars dvd / jl on blu / nbc nov / models on mother / today

October 29, 2007

Even though it doesn’t matter much due to how late it is, BurgundyRanger has revealed that Power Rangers Jungle Fury will premiere on March 22nd 2008 on the ABC Saturday morning kids block. Toon Disney may very well debut it as much as a month sooner…

It’s beginning to sound like Family Guy will further throw originality out the window, if there’s any indication from this upcoming DVD release. A Family Guy Presents Star Wars DVD will be released on January 15th, containing an extended 48-minute version of the current season’s premiere episode “Blue Harvest”. And among the special features is a Family Guy Presents Empire Strikes Back teaser. I didn’t really care for the episode as much as I thought I would.. but I’ll probably buy it anyway. :p

The next DC Universe Original Animated Movie, Justice League: The New Frontier, will be released on February 26th 2008. But this time, it’ll be released on Blu-ray Disc and HD-DVD as well as DVD. Also expect Superman: Doomsday to hit Blu-ray Disc and HD-DVD on the same day. 🙂

NBC has issued a press release detailing their November sweeps offerings. It contains spoilers for the month’s new episodes of Heroes, Chuck, Journeyman, Bionic Woman, The Office, Scrubs and more. 🙂 ..I better start watching Chuck soon. I have all the episodes so far on the bedroom DVR..

Victoria’s Secret Supermodels Heidi Klum, Miranda Kerr, Alessandra Ambrosio, Adriana Lima, Marisa Miller and Selita Ebanks will guest-star on the November 26th episode of CBS’ How I Met Your Mother. Perhaps in order to promote the premiere of The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2007, also on CBS, on December 4th. :p ..Meanwhile, on a completely unrelated note.. ABC’s holiday special Shrek The Halls will premiere on November 28th.

I awoke in the morning and played my usual Bully right away. I’ve reached the last story chapter already. I better finish classes before the part comes up where I’m expelled.. My dad returned home from dialysis, then we watched Ellen (blah). I got online for a bit, then returned to the living room to watch last night’s Unfabulous (this one was more.. crazy than usual) and Robot Chicken (rofl, especially @ Laff-A-Munich and that scientist).

After that, I watched Saw III: Director’s Cut. I love when they always make the runtime longer, then it still seems like the same exact movie somehow. I liked it as much as the Unrated DVD cut. Just wish my dad hadn’t rolled up the living room rug, making a bit more glare in the process. The afternoon glare on the TV screen was bad enough, but now there’s also the glare from the bright patch on the floor.. with dirtiness all around it. That looks sooo much cleaner, father. *rolls eyes*

I returned to my room once the film ended and got online to news-gather. We had some supper, then I finished up online rather close to 8PM. We then watched How I Met Your Mother (lol, really liked this episode), Big Bang Theory (lol), Two & A Half Men (lol), Rules of Engagement (ha) and CSI Miami (hmm, allergic to the sun.. *takes note*). Then I returned to my room..

At 12:30AM, I returned to the living room to watch the new episode of Power Rangers Operation Overdrive — 1730: “Two Fallen Foes”. Surprisingly, it was a good episode. I liked it quite a bit.. compared to the PROO episodes that came before. The fallen foes are Kamdor and Miratrix. After being shunned by her master Kamdor, Miratrix interrupts a ceremony the Rangers are performing to find the final jewel and takes the power for herself. She grows big, then is defeated. Kamdor later comes by and puts her in the stone Kamdor was originally trapped in.. so she can probably be saved by Dax in the finale. Then Kamdor does a one-on-one battle with Black Ranger while the others hold off some power ball thing from hitting Earth. :p The whole part at the end of the fight where Black Ranger falls first and Kamdor starts walking away.. then falls and ‘splodes was kinda odd. *shrugs* Meanwhile, Norg has snuck into Kamdor’s cave and stolen the blue sapphire for Flurious. He hands it over to him and still gets no respect.. The Rangers take a look at the chalice, which has turned into a plate somehow earlier in the episode, and go to Egypt. They stumble upon a sealed chest. Black Ranger can’t open it. A key is needed. The episode comes to a close with Moltor surveilling them. Two episodes remain…

So yeah. See ya.

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Sunday 10.28.2007 — wishes Sophia Bush were in a tv show that wasn’t mind-numbingly boring

October 28, 2007

I awoke in the morning and looked through the newspaper’s ads for Tuesday. *salivates over Target’s 3-disc Spider-Man 3 with slightly-improved cover art* With my dad still asleep, I took over the TV and watched Futurama (lol), Death Note (awesome), Blood Plus (eh alright) and Drawn Together (hahaha.. what a waste of time). We had some breakfast, then I filled the rest of the morning playing Bully. I kept reloading the game until I passed a class.. then passed another. Only one left now. I also did a mission.. I gave the TV over to my dad, then returned to my room.

So my dad made his first comment about me throwing away some of my possessions if we moves. Oh, fuck no. 😡

Once I was done online, I watched The Hitcher on DVD. I Netflixed it and liked it so much that I bought it. And decided to watch it pre-Halloween. :p Yum @ Sophia Bush.. Next, I went to the bedroom DVR and watched last night’s Torchwood (pretty good), two episodes of Naruto (great) and the first two episodes of Samantha Who? (oh, it’s like My Name Is Earl). We had some supper somewhere in there, then my dad took off outside.

We watched Funniest Videos (the unfunniest choice wins again…). Then my dad watched some Extreme Home Makeover while I finished up the first scene of the new Meta Theta Pi episode. Yay.. We then watched Desperate Housewives (great episode).. bu7t then ran out of things worth watching and I returned to my room..

Another weekend complete. Somehow. See ya.

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Saturday 10.27.2007 — autobots, transform and roll out!

October 27, 2007

I awoke in the morning to my dad watching his usual MadTV reruns. Argh. But at 9AM, while he slept.. again, I took over the TV. I watched TMNT Fast Forward (yay @ last episode of FF ever.. now I never have to watch it again if I don’t want to :p), Best Week Ever (haha), Degrassi of the Dead (hmm, I was expecting a half-hour special and got half “webisode”, half “making of webisode” :/) and About A Girl (lol.. hate that blond bitch :p).

My dad returned from an errand, then I took off to the library.. just to print up a few things. My dad and I were surprised when I finished up in there quickly. Unlike last time, which was like an hour.. We returned home and finally watched Transformers. My dad kept falling asleep and waking up again, scoffing at all the robots in between. I, on the other hand, thought it was an awesome movie. I’d definitely watch that again (in the near future, in fact). And I’ve never really watched the animated series. No deleted scenes on the DVD though. *horded for the inevitable Extended DVD* I then found four easter eggs (a couple covering deleted scenes) while my dad went off to clean his room.. for the big move he’s forcing on me, then suddenly said it wasn’t definite yet. But I have no doubt it eventually will be. *sigh*

I was wanting to get another movie out of the way, but he ran off to his room just because I wanted to see some of Transformers‘ special features. -_-

When my dad finally returned to the living room, we watched my next Netflix selection — Evan Almighty. I should really pay more close attention to my queue. :p But actually, this movie wasn’t that bad. Barely anything compared to the first of today’s two films, but still. It was funny, though my dad still had a problem staying awake. :/ Once it ended, I emptied the DVR a bit then returned to my room..

So the landlord is forcing these people out just because they have kids and his employee gave them apartments after he told them he didn’t want kids here. I hope the damn landlord loses in court next Tuesday, then we won’t have an apartment to move into. Haha.

After some time online, I went to my bedroom DVR and watched Flash Gordon (yay @ managing to fit boring clipshow and a multi-episode story conclusion into one… episode), Supernatural (pretty good), Carpoolers (lol) and two episodes of Noein (I fell asleep through a lot of it, but deleted them anyway.. and thinking about do the same to the four other episodes waiting). And that’s about it.

See ya.

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tmnt lost season dvd / today

October 26, 2007, The Official Website, reports that 4Kids have scheduled the long-awaited Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2003): Season 5 – The Lost Season for DVD release in the “first half of 2008”. The episodes are also expected to air on 4KidsTV by then, Check out the website for other interesting news, like Kohl’s sudden hypeage of the Season 1 Part 1 DVD and retro merchandise coming to Hot Topic…

I awoke in the morning and played Bully. I’m going through the missions too fast. I need to finish my classes before finishing Chapter IV, thanks to the online walkthrough. I better do some of the side stuff next time. I would say Christy is my favorite girl to make out with (for a health bonus :p).. My dad returned home and we watched Ellen. But I mostly started writing the next episode of Meta Theta Pi.

We had some breakfast, then I eventually watched Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer on DVD. My dad chose not to watch because we had already seen it in theater. It was the same as then: not as good as the first.. in my opinion. But I chose to get it anyway to complete my collection. The deleted scenes included on the second disc were pretty cool. I’m hoping the inevitable “extended cut” improves on it, like the first movie did..

My dad then returned from a grocery store and dropped a bomb is if it were no big deal whatsoever. We’re moving to another apartment in the complex. Of course, he doesn’t care because he barely has any possessions in his room. I have my collections of books, DVDs, and magazines. He must think I’m leaving a lot of the magazines that I paid for behind for some reason. Fucking idiot. There’s also all my magazine subscriptions that must be changed. And I was thinking about buying those Buffy: Season 8 comics on Amazon at the beginning of the month. But now I can’t because that’s when we’re moving. He seems to think it’ll only take two or three days. Yeah fucking right. I’m so out of shape that when I just go through my boxes of DVDs, I sweat like crazy. How the hell am I going to move hundreds of magazines?

I tried to get my mind off of it and went to empty the living room DVR by watching Prison Break (eh), The Office (lol) and Scrubs (haha). I didn’t mind to wait for my dad to watch them with like I usually do. If he wants to be so fucking inconsiderate of me, I’ll no longer be considerate of him either. Asshole.. I finished them up and escaped to what will soon no longer be my room.. even though it has been for at least 10 years of my life. I got online to news-gather, then had a crappy supper.

I finished up online early, then watched Ergo Proxy (damnit I’m really starting to want this on DVD now *pouts*) and Ugly Betty (haha, great episode). At 8PM, we watched Ghost Whisperer (ooh’s @ Amy Acker as JLH’s great great great grandmother..’s ghost.. my favorite part of the episode), Women’s Murder Club (I didn’t really pay all that much attention to this one, but my dad didn’t either) and The Soup (lol). Not long after that , I returned to my room.

See ya.

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kyle xy 2008 / fox nov / today

October 25, 2007

It sounds like ABC Family cannot wait to get Kyle XY: The Complete Second Season on DVD shelves. The first 13 episodes have already aired and the remaining 10 are expected to begin airing in January 2008. Also, the Season 2 DVD (containing all 23) has been tentatively scheduled for Early Spring 2008, due to word that the third season will begin airing this summer. Wow. *flooded by episodes* :p

And now it’s FOX’s turn to issue a press release detailing their November sweeps offerings. Included are spoilers for the month’s new episodes of Prison Break, Bones, House, The Simpsons, Family Guy and more. Oh, so the 100th episode of Family Guy on November 4th is only a half-hour and the first episode of a two-parter. Neat. 🙂

I awoke to the sound of my dad’s cell phone ringing. Someone else ordered narcotics in my dad’s name at the pharmacy, using a nurse’s name from dialysis. He also took some of my dad’s prescription too. My dad first thought they had gotten the information from a discarded prescription bottle like we had seen on the news. But if they knew the nurse’s name, they must be in dialysis too. The pharmacy has already contacted the FBI and are looking for the security tape. Hmm.

Once my dad took off somewhere, I played some Bully. Then we watched Ellen once he returned. Then we watched Grindhouse Presents: Planet Terror. My dad said it was weird and fell asleep. I liked it (can’t go wrong with Rose McGowan nudity.. though however brief *shakes fist @ missing reel* :p), though I didn’t expect to like Death Proof more. Heh. That Machete trailer was awesome. *impatiently waits for theatrical DVD with both films and all trailers* Hope it’s in a steelbook too..

I found time to watch Kaya (eh, it was alright.. though MTV cut off the end of it even though I placed two minutes on each side of its timeslot 😦 ..nice to see Danielle Savre in a more major role) and The Sarah Silverman Program (sorta.. *looks up from magazine* *rolls eyes as something stupid happens* *looks back down* *repeat* *delete*). It reached 5PM and I got online to news-gather. We had some supper, then I finished up online with enough time to watch Gossip Girl on DVR2 (getting tired of typing “Bedroom DVR” all the time.. good episode).

At 8PM, we watched Smallville (eh, not much focus on the A-plot.. still good though), Grey’s Anatomy (eh it was alright), My Name Is Earl (lol.. *pouts @ not seeing the Alyssa Milano nude pic* :p) and 30 Rock (lol @ Redd Foxx impersonation.. and Carrie Fisher’s Star Wars line that you knew they were going to put in there somewhere). Soon after that, I returned to my room for the night.

I think I’m ready to start on the next episode of Meta Theta Pi. The plotlines are outlined and ready to be fleshed out. Yay. See ya.

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tmnt 2008 finalized / prsl stylus / garfield cgi / today

October 24, 2007

Murphy has revealed on his blog that Mirage, 4Kids & Playmates Toys have finally come to an agreement on what to do in the seventh season of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2003), set to debut in Fall 2008. The final concept “takes some of the more realistic elements of the Overload concept and marries it to the 2K3 and FF continuity”. The Overload idea was to accidentally bring the kid versions of the turtles back to the present time with the grown-up turtles. The quotes from the pitch sound promising (due to no mention of the kid turtles :p), though the idea of restyling the animation again.. doesn’t so much..

Wal-Mart has a store exclusive with their release of Power Rangers Super Legends for the DS. A Mighty Morphin Red Ranger stylus is included. Neat. 🙂 ..But meanwhile, the PS2/PC version’s release date has been moved back to November 13th. 😦

After the second Garfield live action movie failing at the box office, 20th Century Fox has chosen to go in a new direction by making a new film in CGI and sending it direct-to-DVD. Garfield Gets Real will be released to store shelves on November 20th…

I fell asleep in front of the computer again in my uncomfy chair. But I guess it be somewhat of I wouldn’t have fallen asleep in it. Luckily, I got the entry in beforehand this time. I awoke in the chair at 5AM, then went back to sleep. I awoke at 8AM to my alarm, but slept another hour anyway. :/ But I finally awoke after 9AM and watched two more episodes of Buffy: Season 7 & Angel: Season 4 (Buffy 7ABB20 & Angel 4ADH20.. great episodes, though the best was still to come..). Once I watched those, I played Bully for about an hour or so. *missions*

My dad returned home from dialysis and I eventually shut off the PS2. We watched Ellen, but he fell asleep during. :/ ..When that was over, I watched the four remaining episodes of Buffy: Season 7 & Angel: Season 4 (Angel 4ADH21 & 4ADH22, Buffy 7ABB21 & 7ABB22.. Angel’s last episodes were alright, but the final episodes of Buffy.. wow.. I got a bit emotional during the final opening credits and final battle.. now I really want those Season 8 comics *waits a few impatient weeks until he can afford them all so far* I was expecting more to Angel’s appearance though :/ ). After them, I also watched Monday’s Heroes (eh, pretty good.. okay, Kristen Bell was my favorite part :p).

We had some supper, then I got online to news-gather. I then finished up in time to watch Journeyman on the bedroom DVR (great episode.. damnit, too many shows I’d like to own on DVD next fall). At 8PM, we watched Pushing Daisies (another show I’ll most likely wants on DVD), Bionic Woman (though I’d probably choose this on DVD over the latter, if I had to.. haha’s @ the whole “fake british accent” thing.. when the actress is british and usually uses an American accent :p) and CSI NY (first time watching this on DVR1 in quite a while.. haha’s @ how the episode’s just one big commercial for Second Life.. and then ends rather openly so they could do another one later on :p).

Now I don’t feel like detailed sex is the direction I want to go with Meta Theta Pi. :/ I still have to think up plotlines for the next episode, though I have the basic idea on what I’d like to do. Kyla will be back and that creature will be explained.. Well, see ya later.

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prsl ds rangers / transformers sales / cw nov press / more daisies / media / today

October 23, 2007

Rockman over at Rangerboard has unlocked all sixteen playable characters in Power Rangers Super Legends for the DS. They are Mighty Morphin Pink & Red Rangers, Lost Galaxy Blue & Green Rangers, Time Force Blue & Green Rangers, Wild Force Black & White Rangers, Ninja Storm Red & Yellow Rangers, S.P.D. Blue SWAT, Red SWAT, Omega & Orange SWAT Rangers (yes, Boom), and finally Operation Overdrive Black & Red Rangers. There’s also the “assist” option of having other Rangers show up briefly to help you out, like the legendary Mighty Morphin Green Ranger or Time Force Quantum Ranger… Still no confirmation on which Rangers are playable in the PS2 version though.

“Paramount and DreamWorks are reporting that Michael Bay’s Transformers has become the fastest selling DVD this year, with over 4.5 million DVD copies sold on its first day and some 8.3 million sold by the end of the first week.” Wow. 🙂 TheDigitalBits also reports that all signs are pointing to a Resident Evil: Extinction DVD release on January 2nd 2008 due to the Resident Evil Trilogy set coming out the same day. On a Wednesday.. O_o

The CW has issued a press release concerning its November sweeps offerings. Included are spoilers for the month’s new episodes of Smallville, Supernatural, Reaper, Gossip Girl and more. 🙂

ABC has picked up nine more episodes of Pushing Daisies to complete its first season. Yay.. And CBS has ordered more scripts for Moonlight.. for some reason..

I awoke at about 9AM, watched some morning TV, then got ready and went out to media buy…

I headed to Best Buy and picked up Hostel: Director’s Cut, Hostel Part II, and Saw III: Director’s Cut with no problem at all. I also picked up three Spider-Man 3 trick-or-treat bags. Wow, Best Buy’s so stingy with their “free” stuff now. The bags are $3.99 each unless you purchase media. I bought three DVDs, so I got three bags free. But still. Yeesh.. I was also prepared to purchase the new The Shining: Two-Disc Special Edition as well, but I passed on it in the end.. Wow, Saw III: Director’s Cut runs just over 2 hours (121 minutes). The theatrical version was 108 minutes and the “unrated” DVD was 113 minutes..

I got an icee and returned home. We watched Ellen, as well as last night’s Big Bang Theory & Two & A Half Men (again.. only because my dad missed them for that damn game). Then I watched four more episodes of Buffy: Season 7 & Angel: Season 4 (the storylines are wrapping up and it’s all quite awesome.. Jasmine on Angel reminds me of Bush directly after 911 :p ..I hope I can fit in the remaining six episodes tomorrow). I even had enough time to watch last night’s Boondocks as well (lol).

I returned to my room a little after 5PM, then got online to inventory the new discs and to news-gather. We had some supper, then I finished up online in time for 8PM. We then watched Bones (pretty good episode.. hehe, liked the ending), House (haha, great episode) and Reaper (ooh @ the drama forming 🙂 ). Then I returned to my room for the night.

See ya.

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dbz s4 dvd date / today

October 22, 2007

FUNimation has set Dragon Ball Z: Season Four – The Complete Garlic Jr, Trunks & Androids Sagas Uncut, a six-disc set containing episodes 108 to 138, for DVD release on February 19th. 🙂

I awoke in the morning.. and played Bully. I finished Chapter 3 and opened a teeny tiny new part of the map. Yay..? Though the Bottle Rocket Launcher is pretty cool. Haha’s @ not having to beat a difficult arcade game.. in the game.. to get it like a walkthrough said. I also played through a mission like 4275 times before I finally beat it. My dad returned home from dialysis and tried to get me off of it, but I refused.. until I succeeded..

Once my dad saw some news, I finally watched Wednesday’s Bionic Woman (wow @ episode.. and the VCR for not shutting off for the entire hour.. like last night), followed by four more episodes of Buffy: Season 7 & Angel: Season 4 (Buffy 7ABB16 & 7ABB17, Angel 4ADH16 & 4ADH17 — too lazy to switch discs so much again :p — awesome episodes though, especially “Inside Out”.. ten more to go, hoping to finish Wednesday now). It all ended right at 5PM, then I got online to news-gather. Only to find my computer rebooted. Ugh. Then the power flickered off and it rebooted again. Grrrr.

But we had supper, and I was able to finish up online with no more problems. But instead of watching something on the bedroom DVR, I finally transferred some Meta Theta Pi instead.. at 8PM, my dad went to my room to watch his damn football game while I took over the living room TV. I watched How I Met Your Mother (lol, awesome episode.. possibly even the best this season so far), Big Bang Theory (lol @ the genius stereotypes.. as well as Kaley Cuoco’s less-than-good fleeting moments of dramatic acting), Two & A Half Men (lol), Rules of Engagement (haha i guess) and CSI Miami (pretty good).

Once everything was over, he got his TV back for the rest of the game. I sacrificed too. I had to not DVR a show in my room so they wouldn’t overlap during the game. Damnit. Last week, I accidentally delete it, and now this. :/ ..I got back online for a while, then returned to the living room to watch the new episode of Power Rangers Operation Overdrive — episode 1729: “Way Back When”. Oh, it’s a clip show. *barely pays attention throughout* After that, I stayed up late and finally finished transferring and uploading the new episode of Meta Theta Pi. Now that I read it, I don’t think it’s all that great. Still looking forward to the.. upcoming Violet episode though.. >_>

See ya.

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