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Sunday 08.31.2008 —

August 31, 2008

I awoke in the morning and got online for a bit, then looked through the newspaper’s ads for Tuesday. Think I may be getting close to getting my first Blu-ray.. again.. Next, I watched Shin Chan (lol), Bleach (couldn’t keep my attention all that well :/ ), Code Geass (awesome episode once again 🙂 ), Moribito (not bad.. a bit boring here though) and Dave Chappelle: For What It’s Worth (oh, i’ve seen this before.. but probably not uncut).

We eventually had some breakfast, then I watched five more episodes of Big Bang Theory: Season 1 (lol.. may purchase.. someday.. even though Tuesday’s $21.99 sale price is a little hard to pass up), followed by The Bank Job (not what I expected.. but not bad) and the Pretty Handsome pilot (this one wasn’t picked up to series.. it wasn’t all that bad either, really.. maybe I should check out Nip/Tuck).

We had some fast food for supper, then I got online for bit again. But soon, I watched the 8PM premiere episode of Ben 10: Alien Force (one of my favorite episodes so far). I was sorta worried that the “big announcement” was just gonna be about the upcoming Ben 10: Alien Force live-action movie.. but instead, it was a trailer for the Star Wars: The Clone Wars TV series.. as I had hoped. And the rumored premiere date is true — October 3rd at 9PM ET. I hope very much it’s in the same vein as the miniseries.. though the movie reviews sure don’t make it sound that way. 😦

After another hour wasted online.. I then wasted another two hours watching The Star Wars Holiday Special. So painful. Though it was a little better due to the Rifftrax audio on it. lol. Though afterwards, I still had a headache. The cartoon during it was the best thing about it.. and now I’d like to see more of the classic cartoons. Hmm.

Well.. see ya.

[ Israelis WILL Nuke Iran To Stop Its Nuclear Program ]
[ US Nukes Being ‘Guarded’ By Zionist Israeil Co. ]
[ Tehran Times – Invasion Of Iran Would Trigger WWIII ]
[ Russia May Send Iran Top New Missile System ]
[ Georgia Planned Attack On Sleeping Civilians ]
[ Video: Cops Raid ‘Possible RNC Protesters’ ]
[ Food Not Bombs’ House Among Those Raided ]
[ Child Handcuffed As Cops Raid St Paul Activists ]
[ Why Dr. David Kelly Couldn’t/Wouldn’t Kill Himself ]
[ ‘Living Wires’ Inside & Growing Out Of Indonesian Woman ]
[ Dr. Alan Cantwell, MD – Just Say NO To ‘Stand Up To Cancer.Org’ ]


Saturday 08.30.2008 —

August 30, 2008

I awoke in the morning and watched Gong Show and Reality Bites Back, followed by the first four episodes of Big Bang Theory: Season 1 (yup, another data DVD season :p). And since the funds could only help so much, my still went to that monthly food handout place.. Later, we watched my next Netflix selection — American Dreamz. My dad fell asleep rather quickly, but I thought it wasn’t all that bad..

My dad took off somewhere else, leaving not enough time for another movie.. so we just watched another pilot — Leverage. Cool. We both rather liked this one. Feels sorta like the new Ocean’s movies. Too bad we have to wait until December for this one to begin airing (on TNT) though. We had some supper, then I got online.. for the rest of the night. Though I did fit in some more issues of 52.. but that was about it..

See ya.

[ Paul Craig Roberts – War With Russia Is On The Agenda ]
[ Russia Issues War Warning To NATO ]
[ Russia’s Awesome Weapons – Oil And Natural Gas ]
[ S Ossetia To Become Part Of Russia ]
[ Moscow Points Out West’s Double Standards ]
[ Obama – Tough Talk To Iran ‘Not Enough’ ]
[ Comcast To Make Monthly Download Cap Official ]
[ Denmark – Model Matrix For A Brave New World ]
[ By 2042, America’s Minorities Become New Majority ]
[ CA – Citibank Stole $14M From Its Customers ]
[ Schwarz – The RNC Just Gutted The DNC Again ]
[ Video: Palin Wisely Pushes Oil Development ]
[ Cure For Deafness Now Within Reach ]

jason smith music / voltron director / today

August 29, 2008

Power Rangers Jungle Fury‘s Red Ranger, Jason Smith, can sing. Check out these two songs on his official site.. or on MySpace. And he sounds pretty good too. 🙂 ..But since when has MySpace changed the download filetype to m4a? Ew. Haven’t really been on the site in months. And now you have to login in order to download, so that Fox News’ parent company can track who downloads what. :/

Max Makowski has been chosen to direct the upcoming live-action film version of Voltron. His past work includes.. Queer Eye For The Straight Guy. Ugh.. I’m hoping this film does well though. I heard interest in adapting it was raised after the success of Transformers last year. So who knows, maybe if this is a hit.. Disney may consider a new big-screen Power Rangers movie..? Just a thought..

I awoke in the morning.. and watched Sunday’s Tim & Eric’s Awesome Show, Great Job! (..for some unknown reason), then got online and later watched another episode of MST3k (lol). My dad returned home from dialysis and soon got all weak like usual. But we first had some breakfast (really running out of food now), then I got online again. My dad awoke from a brief nap and was surprised to receive the smaller check in the mail. Duh, Monday’s a holiday. Should’ve known.

While he went off to use some of that much-needed money, I watched the last three episodes Heroes: Season 2 (wow, great episodes). And upon seeing the 18-minute alternate ending as well as the footage from the unfinished episodes to follow.. and the featurette revealing even more stuff that would’ve happened, I cursed the Writers’ Guild strike again. That latter half of the season would have been awesome 😦 No wonder a certain part I still won’t spoil felt tacked on at the last minute: it was.. just like the Terminator cliffhanger, only that one wasn’t as well done. :p

Once all that ended, I got online to news-gather. We had some supper, then I finished up by 8PM. Then we watched Shoot ‘Em Up on data DVD. Great movie. Very fun. I gots to buy this one on real DVD someday.. After that, we watched Lewis Black’s Root of All Evil (I saw that ending coming from the start :/ ) and The Soup (lol @ the cat eating spaghetti.. making reference to this).

See ya.

[ Video: Russian Duma Member – Neocons To Attack Iran ]
[ Bush May Bomb Iran To Stop Obama Win ]
[ Russia Could Destroy Black Sea NATO Ships In 20 Min ]
[ Russia Wins Backing From China Against West ]
[ Georgia Is Graveyard Of BushCo’s New World Order ]
[ Russia – US Citizen Among Georgian Commandos ]
[ Russia’s Mideast Cards Quiet Israel On Georgia ]
[ Video: Ron Paul Blasts Russia Policy, The Fed, The ‘Candidates’ ]
[ Ron Paul – McCain, Obama ‘NO Difference’ ]
[ McCain Picks Alaska Gov Sarah Palin As VP ]
[ Sarah Palin – America’s Chance ]
[ Another Friday, Another Bank Fails ]
[ Credit Crunch – ‘Just The End Of The Beginning’ ]
[ Halliburton Sued For Human Trafficking ]
[ Canada Airline Drops Life Vests To Save Fuel ]
[ Video: Total Myth – Gun Control Reduces Crime ]

mmpr 15 years / chuck s2 pickup / today

August 28, 2008

Just fifteen years ago today (August 28th), the very first episode of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers premiered on the Fox Kids Network. The series flourished for most of those years, then it eventually became a husk of its former self… Happy birthday!

The second season of NBC’s Chuck won’t begin until September 29th, but that didn’t stop the network from already picking up the back nine episodes for the season. This makes for a total of 22 episodes this season. Coool. I watched the first episode, really liked it.. then left the whole season on my bedroom DVR for months.. then deleted them about a week ago, deciding I might as well wait until next month’s DVD release to see the rest of the season for the first time.. :p

I awoke in the morning.. and we had some breakfast. And then I got online a few hours.. Eventually, it had reached afternoon.. so I watched four more episodes of Heroes: Season 2 (I continue to enjoy this more than my previous weekly viewings, cool.. last three up tomorrow already 😦 ). Once those ended, I got online to news-gather.. and eventually we had some supper..

Due to my dad’s damn football game, I continued to stay online. All night. I read some more issues of 52.. until my eyes got tired. Then I mainly got bored.. and depressed..

Here I sit in this darklit room. Day by day, ignoring the loss of my humanity. I use movies and TV to ignore my life and the world around me.. as they both turn to shit. Over the years, I’ve lost all my emotion. My father and I seem like less than roommates. When he went to the hospital, I felt sad. But deep inside, I knew I only felt sad for the possible loss of.. a driver. A provider. Not a father. And it made me feel sick. I disconnected myself from everyone, hoping not to be hurt again by the loss of another parent. And in the end, I’ve only made it all worse. So it seems this shell that I’ve built is now my prison as well…

[ Putin – US Created The Georgian Conflict ]
[ Putin – US Military Aid To Georgia Declaration Of War ]
[ US & Russia Deploy Warships In Black Sea ]
[ Russia Warns US Naval Build-Up May Mean War ]
[ Twietmeyer – Gustav & Other Evidence of Weather Control ]
[ Obama Birth Certificate Found In Kenya – Barak Is Not A US Citizen ]
[ Obama’s Insoluble Predicament – From 50 States To 18 ]
[ Black LA Talk Radio Host Exposes Obama Lies ]
[ Video: Like Father, Like Son – Bush Jr Will Walk Free ]
[ US Military Lies About Female Soldiers’ ‘Suicides’ ]
[ Video: Total Myth – Gun Control Reduces Crime ]
[ FDIC Will Need Half A TRILLION Dollars ]
[ UFO Hacker McKinnon Extradition To US Appeal ]

superman doomsday se / today

August 27, 2008

Warner has officially announced Superman: Doomsday – Two-Disc Special Edition for release on DVD & Blu-ray on November 25th. And while I do have the original DVD release, I’m still considering picking this one up. Maybe even the Blu-ray. *shrug* It will include all the special features of the previous release, as well as new ones such as four bonus episodes of Superman: The Animated Series, two new featurettes and a sneak peek of the upcoming Wonder Woman animated film (probably the same one on the Batman: Gotham Knight release). And by the look of the cover art, it may consist of gold foil. Neat.

I awoke in the morning.. and watched the Gen 13 animated film. And I was quite enjoying it.. until the file went corrupted about halfway through. Damnit. So I missed about 20 minutes of it before I was able to watched the last 25 minutes or so. But I really liked what I saw and want to see the whole thing. But I can’t find an alternate encode anywhere. Ugh. I was surprised by how mature it was.. with blood, gore, strong language, even some female nudity. So apparently Buena Vista owns the movie, but Time Warner’s DC now owns the comic.. making a US video release unlikely. But it was released overseas. I must find it. Damn..

My dad returned home from dialysis and we eventually had some late breakfast. I got online and he eventually headed off to bed. I then watched The Middleman (great episode.. finale next week.. when ABC Family’s too damn cheap/lazy to make episodic promos for every episode.. like they do with every other show.. that’s not a good sign 😦 ), followed by the first four episodes of Heroes: Season 2 (somewhat better than their first viewings now that I’m seeing the stories progress more than one bit a week 🙂 ).

I finished that, then got online to news-gather. We had some supper, then I finished up online by 8PM. We watched America’s Got Talent (eh, it was okay) and last night’s The Secret Life of the American Teenager (possibly my favorite episode yet, surprisingly enough.. everybody had pizza.. and the special kid also ordered a hooker with a heart of gold — played by Jennifer Coolidge — and learned a lesson.. her little monologue about her profession made it feel like I was watching an after-school special or something lol).

And that was about it..? ..I’d really like to redo Meta Theta Pi.. Have I said that already? Anyway.. I’m even considering a retitle, a new setting, and making it more of a sequel to Truth-Seekers.. but I dunno.. *headdesk* See ya.

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[ Israel Intended US To Take Fall For Iran Bio-Attack? ]
[ Link Between Georgia Attack And Iran ]
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[ Massive Gold Price Manipulation In The US? ]
[ FDIC – 117 Banks In Trouble ]
[ Use Of Food Stamps At Farmers’ Markets Rises ]
[ Schwarz – Stupid Is NOT Going To End Until There Is A Crash ]
[ Clinton, Obama Both Nominated ]
[ Obama Tries To Block Ad Tying Him To 60s Radical ]
[ McCain Owes America An Alzheimer’s Test ]
[ Portal To Maya Underworld Found In Mexico? ]
[ Twietmeyer – UFO Material Handling & Analysis ]

dvd ads aug 31-sep 6 / torchwood & other tv / media / today

August 26, 2008

[Current Music Download|<a href=”” target=”_blank”>Katy Perry – Hot N Cold @ MediaFire]

Click the corresponding retailer for their ad for the week of August 31st to September 6th: Best Buy, Target & Circuit City. I’d say The Office: Season 4 is the big DVD release this (er, next?) week. Circuit City is still offering their exclusives at no extra charge.. but theirs isn’t all that great anyway. Basic editions of The Office: Season 4 will go for $32.99 at both Circuit City and Best Buy, while Target will have it a bit lower at $29.99. Circuit City will include a “stapler in jello mold” keychain with their copies. See what I mean? ..Meanwhile, Target will have a Deluxe Edition with added notepad and possibly a bonus disc for $36.99, while Best Buy will once again be offering their boxed gift set (this time with Fun Run T-shirt. water bottle and wristband) for $42.99. Next Avengers: Heroes of Tomorrow (the Teen Titan wannabes) will be on sale for only $14.99 at Target and Best Buy. Target offers their usual digital comic CD-ROM, while Best Buy will have an actual Avengers comic book. Circuit City will offer it for only $12.99, while all previous Marvel Animated Features (Invincible Iron Man, Doctor Strange, Ultimate Avengers & Ultimate Avengers 2) will be just $4.99 each..

Supernatural: Season 3 has a couple exclusives as well. Target has it for $37.99 with a calendar, while Best Buy is offering a Chevy Impala model with their copies for $39.99. Cool. Circuit City has the cheaper price again though — $36.99.. The Transformers: Two-Disc Special Edition is back out in stores next week, with transforming Megatron packaging.. to match the Optimus Prime version released exclusively at Target last year. Psh. Circuit City will have the cheapest price for that: just $17.99. Target will have it for $19.99. All three are staying firm on the Blu-ray debut of the 2-disc set though — all have it for $27.99. Not bad, but I’ll probably wait until it gets even cheaper. Just look at those $14.99 Blu-rays in Best Buy’s ad. Great to see them get so low, now they just need that price (or lower) on a title I’d actually want. :p

DVDActive has new details about The Incredible Hulk‘s upcoming DVD & Blu-ray release. As stated before, the DVD will come in one-disc bare-bones and three-disc special editions as well as a Blu-ray. A whole disc is wasted on a digital copy of the film, so don’t get all excited over the extra disc. :/ It’s set for release on October 21st, just about a month after Iron Man‘s DVD & Blu-ray release on September 30th..

BBC America has issued a press release with new details concerning the upcoming third season of Torchwood. Filming has begun on the five-episode mini-series/season titled Torchwood: Children of Earth. Looking forward to it.. Meanwhile, ABC has picked up five new series for the fall, including a second chance for past ABC series Cupid from Veronica Mars creator Rob Thomas.. And CTV has ordered a second season of the hit CBS series Flashpoint, though CBS hasn’t signed on to air it in the US just yet.. TV Land just continues to try and catch up to current TV, throwing classic TV away in their vaults. A marathon of Scrubs is scheduled for Labor Day, September 1st. :/

I awoke in the morning before my alarm, which is odd because I went to sleep pretty late again last night.. I got online for a while, then prepared.. and headed out to media buy..

First, I headed to Target. If their Heroes: Season 2 – Target Exclusive Collector’s Edition DVD set didn’t have a bonus disc, I was going with the $8 cheaper basic edition. But luckily/unluckily, it does have a fifth bonus disc that features a 30min featurette on last summer’s Heroes world promotional tour. So *mine*. :p And here’s someone else’s pictures of this release.. Next, I went to Best Buy.. and managed to “buy” two free copies of the True Blood: Episode 1 promo disc all by themselves. Yay. My store didn’t have that many on the shelf though, so I’m glad I went instead of waiting over a week.

Then I.. passed on my icee.. and bought some more ice cream at the grocery store instead. They had gotten some new stuff that mixes cherry italian ice and vanilla ice cream. Wish the cherry ice was by itself though.. We returned home, then I got online to inventory etc etc.. I eventually returned and watched the last four episodes of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles – Season 1 (great episodes, the series really came together in the second half.. I’m sorta hoping next season is short like this one too, maybe 12-13 episodes.. makes it seem more like a movie on DVD.. the terminated scenes “scissors” icon after the episode title is handy, like those in the Smallville sets.. but the branched recaps that are turned off by default.. not so much.. and the extended episode wasn’t all that great either.. rather than finishing music and effects on the new scenes, they stripped the music and effects from all the episode’s scenes so they match up, including one scene where Summer Glau just stares a green screen -_-).

I returned to my room and got online to news-gather. We had some supper (the best we could anyway), then I finished up online by 8PM. But then I had to wait nearly 40 minutes for my dad to come back in from outside. *sigh* Then we watched America’s Got Talent and Wipeout (lol).. that that was it..?

See ya.

[ Fox News Taunts Convention Demonstrators ]
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[ Feds Investigate Possible Obama Hit In Denver ]
[ Suppose Building Seven Was A Murder Victim ]
[ America – The Newest Third World Nation ]
[ WalMart Is An Economic Disease ]
[ Bush Ratchets Up Tensions With Russia ]
[ Hypocrite King Bush Slams Russian Recognition ]
[ Russians Find Evidence Of S Ossetia Genocide ]
[ Russia To Defend Freedom Of S Ossetia, Abkhazia ]
[ Oprah Teaching Women To Hate Husbands ]
[ Lucrative Holocaust Memoir Is A Hoax ]

kamen rider roll call / dark dc / marvel anime / nick dvd press / today

August 25, 2008

Henshin Justice now has a complete rundown of all thirteen Kamen Riders to appear on CW4Kids’ Kamen Rider Dragon Knight early next year. Coool. Looking forward to this.. because Power Rangers has been lacking what this show seems to have for a while now. Just check out the trailer at the very bottom of the article and see what I mean. 🙂

Due to the recent box office success (understatement) of The Dark Knight.. and the not-so-success of Superman Returns, Warner has delayed plans for the Batman vs Superman & Justice League films so that they can reintroduce Superman in a new darker-toned film like The Dark Knight. 😦 Other films in development that are also likely getting a darker tone are Green Lantern, Flash, Green Arrow and Wonder Woman.. Justice League was originally set for a July 2009 release, so its delay explains why they needed a film for that date and then pushed back Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince from November to July. :/

While on that topic, TheDigitalBits reports that Superman Returns will be re-issued on Blu-ray Disc on September 9th in order to upgrade the audio from Dolby Digital 5.1 to Dolby TrueHD. You’ll be able to identify it by the new UPC code or the TrueHD logo on the back cover..

Meanwhile, Marvel Entertainment is teaming with anime production company Madhouse to create four anime series based on their superheroes. The first of these four projects, which is set to begin airing in Japan in spring 2010, will feature Japanese-origin versions of superheroes such as Iron Man and Wolverine. Click this for the press release.. “This collaboration will result in a completely new character base, which will eventually cross-over into the current Marvel Universe.” Hmm..

Nickelodeon has now issued a press release detailing their upcoming Amazon-exclusive burn-on-demand DVD releases that I first mentioned last week..

I awoke in the morning and.. got online for a bit. Then I took over the TV and watched the first two episodes of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles – Season 1 (nice). I got online for a bit while my dad watched his news, then returned and watched MST3k (“Pod People”.. the only official VHS I own.. so I’ve seen it hundreds of times, enough to recite riffs before and as they are done :p).

Next, I managed to watch three more episodes of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles – Season 1 (now it’s starting to come together.. cool.. final four episodes tomorrow). Once those were over, I got online to news-gather and eventually had some supper. I then finished up online by 8:30. My dad watched Deal Or No Deal. Then we finally attempted to watch my Netflix selection — A Mighty Heart — and gave up on it too quickly.. even though the “jews did 911” theory was mentioned. Close, but it was actually the zionists who did it, who are mostly jewish.. I should really pay more attention to my queue. We watched the recently-downloaded Baby Mama instead (lol.. though only worth a rental).

And.. that was about it.. See ya.

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[ NZ Patriot Targeted By Zionist Academics ]
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[ Lone Accountant Takes On IRS And Wins ]
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[ Biden – Warmonger, Wordmonger & Political Hit Man ]
[ Kidd – Joseph Biden: Liar, Cheat, Traitor ]
[ New Nanopaper More Break-Resistant Than Cast Iron ]
[ Video: Human Robot Lifts 200 lbs & Boxes ]
[ Steiger – Are UFOs Alive? ]
[ Steiger – Poltergeists & Our Plastic Reality ]

Sunday 08.24.2008 —

August 24, 2008

I awoke in the morning.. before my dad did. Odd. I looked through the newsapaper’s ads for Tuesday. Click here for a look at Target’s “Collector’s Edition” of Heroes: Season 2.. which looks nothing like their first season CE. But I may still get it. I’ll have to look it over in-store. The S1 CE’s packaging surprised me upon looking at it in-store, so maybe this one will too.. I told my dad that I would not be going to Best Buy this week, but now they have to offer a True Blood Episode 1 sampler disc this week that I gotta have (since I already have all three HBO sampler discs so far). Damnit. 😦

Next, I watched Shin Chan (“I’ve assigned you each a colored hood in the tradition of Japan’s finest ninjas, the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.” lol, then they got in a Ninja Turtles reference too :p ), Bleach (this was actually pretty boring for me this week.. :/), Code Geass (another great episode), Moribito (pretty good start..) and Ron White: You Can’t Fix Stupid (I knew my dad would want to see Comedy Central’s 1AM “uncut” version.. so yeah..).

Once that was over, I got online for a bit and my dad took off somewhere.. Remember that day (July 29th) when I bought Freakazoid! on DVD at Target and the “debit system was down”, so I had to use credit? Well, that charge never appeared on my account after all this time. Credit usually takes a week or less for the transaction to be completed, but there’s no sign of it anywhere. So.. do you think I should spend that amount (to help refill our very low amounts of food and gas, of course)? Hmm..

Once my dad returned home, I explained and then made my decision. We headed to the bank for gas money, then.. he got some gas. Then I went to the grocery store and bought a few things we needed before returning home. I see the new PlayStation magazine has a free PSN download code for Qore Episode 2 now, pretty much solidifying the theory that Qore is just a lame monthly demo disc replacement. I bet those who bought the downloads upon release are feeling a bit silly now that they’re being offered for free.

We returned home and watched Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines. It really wasn’t all that bad of a movie, except for the somewhat ruining of the John Connor character. But thankfully, the new TV series pretty much makes it so that it never went down that way. Yay. I ran out of time and wasn’t able to begin the series though. Damnit..

We had some supper, then I soon returned to my room as my dad’s football game started. I had time to watch some things on the DVR again.. but I didn’t. Instead, I was online most of the time. I also read some more 52.. and that’s about it..

See ya.

[ Russia Threatens Retaliation Against Israel ]
[ Pentagon, CIA At Odds Over Direct Action In Pakistan ]
[ 9-11 WTC ‘No Planers’ Intel Op Exposed ]
[ Two Cockroaches Race To US Presidency ]
[ McCain’s Citizenship Called Into Question ]
[ McCain’s Birth Abroad Stirs Legal Debate ]
[ Both Sinclair Obama Sites Blocked On Eve Of DNC ]
[ Sinclair Back Online – Overcomes Another Hurdle ]
[ Obama / Biden Plan Their Own 9-11 ]
[ Obama Betrays Anti-War Support With Biden ]
[ Biden – ‘I Am A Zionist’ ]
[ Car Exhaust As Dangerous As Smoking ]
[ EPA Scientists Pull Study That Found C8 In Eggs ]

Saturday 08.23.2008 —

August 23, 2008

[Current Music Download|Saving Abel – Addicted @ MediaFire]

I awoke in the morning.. and eventually took over the TV. Should’ve set the alarm. :/ ..I finally caught both TMNT: BTTS promos on the DVR from CW4Kids. Yay.. Not looking forward to Viral at all. She was one of the most annoying things to me in Fast Forward.. along with all the other FF-original characters.. among the many other things. 4Kids really shouldn’t have rushed them into starting Fast Forward. That was why it failed and didn’t start to get any good until the end. :/

I couldn’t really think of anything else to watch, so I watched another MST3k (“Gamera”). Once my dad returned home from an errand, we watched The Terminator (when I first watched this DVD, I fell asleep during the middle.. then put it away for a few years.. so a lot was still new to me, coool.. so I like it a bit more than I did before) and Terminator 2: Judgment Day (still a great film.. I see they casted John well in the TV show.. Sarah, however.. much hotter here :p).

We had some supper, then I got online for a bit.. er, few hours. I had some stuff to watch on the bedroom DVR, but I never went. Another night wasted. Ah well… DVDAf’s new user pages are.. rather interesting. Don’t like how they’ve shoved my collection layout thing into a little box like that though. :/

Well.. see ya..?

[ Obama NOT A US Citizen – Ineligible For President ]
[ Zogby Poll – Obama Loses Key Electoral Votes ]
[ Buchanan Accuses McCain Neocon Warmonger Of Treason ]
[ US Debates Going After Militants In Pakistan ]
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[ Georgia Crisis Sparks New Cold War In Space ]
[ Banking Systemic Crisis – Losses Pass $500 Billion ]
[ Another Friday, Another Bank Closing ]
[ The Real US Dollar Crisis Is Ahead ]

disney season dvds / today

August 22, 2008

Hannah Montana: The Complete First Season will arrive on DVD on November 18th. It will include all 26 episodes and some special features.. And I’m only reporting this here because this is the first time in quite a while that a Disney kids series has had a complete season DVD release. This, as well as the UK Power Rangers DVD sets, bodes well for a complete season set of Power Rangers Jungle Fury by February. It also may provide an idea of a price for such a set ($39.99 SRP?). Can’t wait.. for Jungle Fury.. though I’m looking forward to Germany’s Power Rangers Turbo DVD set a bit more, if you can believe that. :p

I awoke in the morning and immediately watched.. Confessions Of A Go-Go Girl. I really needed to get it off the DVR. *space* It stars Sarah Carter and Rachel Hunter in supporting (go-go girl) roles. Nice. Corbin Bernsen as the manager / father figure was pretty good too. And the storyline wasn’t all that bad either. :p ..My dad returned home from dialysis, then I got online for a bit.

A while after he went to bed.. and woke back up, I watched the final three episodes of Dexter: Season 2 (this season has been superb, loved it.. the way the ending twisted a few times before it was over, wow.. and watching them altogether like this, like a 10-hour movie.. I’ll probably wait a whole year until the next DVD, rather than downloading weekly.. Season 3 begins Sept 26th on Showtime..), followed by Lewis Black’s Root of All Evil (…).

I got online to news-gather, then we had some supper. I finished online by 8PM to find my dad asleep in the living room. I took over the TV and watched Gong Show and Reality Bites Back (for a while now. watching most Comedy Central shows makes me feel dirty afterward.. and I don’t like it.. damnit), followed by ..Saturday’s Biker Mice From Mars 2k6 (oh, now we’re on Earth.. ew..). The cat woke up my dad with his meowing, then I eventually played some MP3s.. on my PS3. And also watched The Soup (rerun? weird..) before returning to my room for the night.. Eliza Dushku revealed on Jimmy Kimmel that Dollhouse will be premiering before 24 in January. Yay. She’s definitely not in enough TV and movies. I’ve missed her. 😦

My dad’s bank’s screwup last month is still affecting us. My dad’s pretty much out of money.. and I should have saved that $20 from Tuesday’s Death Note DVD and got some groceries instead. It’ll still be the same price next month (unlike most DVDs I get).. but I already opened my copy.. and we’re about out of gas anyway (Best Buy is a bit far away). If that Heroes: Season 2 Target exclusive isn’t a bonus disc (Target’s closer), I’m so getting the basic DVD for $8 less.. then getting some groceries and/or gas.. ..See ya..

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[ Planned Parenthood Promotes Casual Sex To Kids ]
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