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Saturday 03.31.2007 — feels like a sunday..

March 31, 2007

Robert Rodriguez & Quentin Tarantino’s double feature Grindhouse will be released separately overseas, with deleted scenes added back into the films. In the US version, Vanessa Ferlito’s lapdance in Death Proof is removed and replaced with a “MISSING REEL” title card. The International versions will include the lapdance and a scene of male nudity, among other scenes. Hopefully, these scenes will show up on the first US DVD release…

I awoke to.. my useless cell phone running out of battery power. I plugged it in, then went to the TV. For some retarded reason, Jetix refused to air the final three episodes of Oban Star-Racers separately after airing them as a movie a couple times last September. I preferred to have them on my tape separately, so I waited and waited for them to air the episodes separately. Then recently, Jetix finally scheduled the first two of the three episodes to air separately. I deleted my DVRing of the movie and soon DVRed them. But then I looked over the recordings and noticed they were only episode 1 & 2, not 24 & 25. Grrrrr. When the hell will they air them again? They haven’t since the “movie’s” original airdate. Instead, they keep skipping around through episodes 1-23. It’s really starting to piss me off. 😡

I took over the TV and watched TMNT Fast Forward (this episode wasn’t that bad either, wow.. next week looks bad though 😦 ), Chaotic (blah, I only watched it for the TMNT FF next week promo in the end credits.. I think I’ll just DVR that part next week), Acceptable TV (lol @ “1337 Haxx0rs”), Best Week Ever (lol), and last night’s Six Degrees (ooh, great episode 🙂 ). Then I played some GTA VCS. The bikers have taken over a few more of my empire sites. None of them are Robbery though. Damnit.

We took off to the grocery store finally and I spent the rest of my money (until Tuesday). We returned home and watched some.. NASCAR truck race. There isn’t anything on.. 😦

I had a little time to waste, so I went to the bedroom DVR and watched Australia’s Next Top Model (episode 2.. it’s neat hearing the different words that Australians use for things). We had some supper, then eventually watched my next Netflix selection… National Lampoon’s Van Wilder 2: The Rise of Taj. I’ll never get those 90-some minutes of my life back. Besides the fine bare breasts, it wasn’t good. At all. haha’s @ them even blurring some boobs during a particular scene. And this was the unrated version. :p

My dad watched some stuff after the movie was over while I got online for a bit. But at 10PM, I briefly took over and watched Ebert & Roeper (i don’t know why) and .Hack//Roots (coool). It was then I realized that I had forgotten to DVR Gunslinger Girl & Basilisk last night. No repeats. And that was the last episode of Gunslinger Girl. *sigh* I soon returned to my room for the night.

If anyone cares, I’ve added personal star ratings onto my DVDAficionado’s “Have Seen On Netflix” folder. Check it out.. See ya.

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[ ‘V’ Visits The White House ]
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[ Sex In Class? Child Killers? Berserk Kids? No Respect? Orwell Knew ]
[ MELAMINE & Nanotubes Found In The Pet Food! Read! ]
[ CA Company Hired Illegals To Build Border Fence! ]


pr super legends game? / zodiak scriptlets / ff ee dvd art / today

March 30, 2007

GaiaRanger has a new hint as to what Power Rangers Super Legends may be. JSCOMIX has put it in their resume under “Recent Projects” and “Handheld Games – 2D/3D Art and Animation”. Interesting..

MR-Aftershock & Poweranimals provide RangerBoard with the casting scriptlets for the pending Power Rangers style series Zodiak Guardians. Cooool. Though 02 & 03 are the same? :/

DVDActive now has cover art for Fox’s June 5th DVD release of Fantastic Four: Extended Edition. Eh, not bad. And of course a sexy shot of Jessica Alba has to be out in front even though she’s not the leader of the team. Not to mention that her head is floating in mid-air (hope that’s fixed before release).. I also notice some special features here that were previously only included on store-exclusive bonus discs. :p

I awoke in the morning and watched Zoey 101 (haha, what an inaccurate quarantine), Tim & Eric’s Awesome Show, Great Job (I DVRed it at the last second on Sunday.. I have no reason why.. it’s still retarded) and Saul of the Mole Men (eh it was alright.. i guess). Then –guess– I played GTA VCS. I mostly did more waiting for the bikers to take over my empire sites. Only one more business type to unlock.. and it’s nowhere to be found.. yet. What’s even more annoying would be that the bikers only attack enough to get the sites 75% damaged before moving on to another. I attack a site on my own and get it in one attack, yet they have to attack it four times. I took a bikers site, then the bikers took it back, then the Sharks took it from them. Ha.

My dad returned home from dialysis.. but I kept right on playing. My dad got his check in the mail and deposited it.. while I continued playing. I finally shut it off when he returned with some fast food for lunch. We watched Passions (yay @ supernatural stuff.. and cliffhanger.. boo @ Spike getting away :p).. then I played some more GTA VCS. This time, I mostly did the impound lot thing and turned in some vehicles, listened to the radio, had a car stolen (lol), and fixed some empire sites I preferred to keep. I also noticed that the Sharks had gained one of my weakened sites without even knowing it. But it was a site type I already had unlocked. 😦

My dad got a kick out of my poor in-game driving.. even though most of it was on purpose. He then went to get more fast food for supper. I shut off the game right at 5PM, and got online to news-gather. Then I watched Everybody Hates Chris on the bedroom DVR (this really isn’t much more than a black and less funny version of Malcolm in the Middle). At 8PM, we watched Ghost Whisperer (heh @ the story always turning out the same.. yay’s @ Jay Mohr’s character.. being.. involved.. next week looks rather interesting), Close To Home (I got an idea for an episodic story series during this.. but I doubt anything will come of it 😦 ), The Soup (lol, especially @ the clip from the Japanese Spider-Man series.. it was like if a Power Ranger tried to take on a huge monster without a zord) and Identity (eh it’s okay). Then I returned to my room..

See ya.

[ US Ready To Hit Iran In Early April – Russian Intel Sources ]
[ America Unprepared For ‘Likely’ Nuke Attack ]
[ NeoCon – ‘Execute Rosie For Questioning The Government’ ]
[ MP3: Morgellons – Nanotech Machines Running Wild In The Human Body ]
[ Cops Execute US Marine On Porch Steps In Delaware ]
[ Kids Have Classroom Sex During Assembly About Killing ]
[ Tesco Sells Porno Toys To 8 Year Old Girls ]

4400 s4 date / spidey 3 / gta4 trailer / hp7 covers / today

March 29, 2007

The USA Network has issued a press release detailing their summer programming. The 4400 & The Dead Zone return June 17th starting at 9PM ET, while Monk & Psych both return July 13th starting at 9PM ET. Soo can’t wait for 4400.. 🙂

Oh look, Target is already planning their Spider-Man 3 DVD bonus disc. Click here for more about the webisode contest.. Meanwhile, AintItCoolNews provides a spoiler-filled review of the Spider-Man 3 novelization.

The first trailer for the upcoming PlayStation 3 game Grand Theft Auto IV was released today, providing a look at a more detailed and real-looking version of Liberty City. It looks more like New York City than ever before. With a tiny sign in the subway scene stating “Visit Vice City $300”, there’s already rumors swarming about the game including more than one city. The game is currently set for US release on October 17th…

Cover art has been released for this summer’s Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows, the final book in the best-selling series… That is all…

I awoke in the morning. Duh. Lately, I’ve been trying to get in some late night playing of GTA VCS. But ever since that first session, I’ve been more sleepy at bedtime. And fall asleep before I’m able to start. 😦 ..We had some breakfast, then watched my next Netflix selection — The Pursuit of Happyness. Very good movie. A sad one, but I’m a sad person in general so I enjoyed it. 🙂 Right afterward, my dad went off to mail it away and to get something to make for supper.. I watched last night’s installments of South Park (lol, 24 parody :p) and Halfway Home (haha).

My dad eventually returned and we watched Passions (wow, stuff actually happened.. and some quite good stuff at that.. Yay’s @ Ethan’s revelations and Spike’s little problem, haha). Next, we watched last night’s Medium (great episode, but my dad fell asleep). I took advantage of my dad’s nap and began playing GTA VCS. It wasn’t that exciting really. I mostly tried to get the bikers to take over my property so I could.. take it back over again and get those other empire site types. I’ve unlocked Drugs, and Smuggling is available to unlock.. but I needs Robbery somewhere on this map. 😦 The rest of the time, I just goofed off.. and delivered a jet ski to the impound thing..

I wanted to shut it off by 5PM, but I went just past 5:20 again. 😦 I shut it off and got online to news-gather. We had some supper, then I finished up close to 8PM.. We watched Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader? (bleh.. except for the guy who got the first question wrong and left with nothing, lol), CSI Las Vegas (ooh showgirls.. too bad they’re dead 😦 ) and Andy Barker P.I. (lol, great episode.. *still wants DVD*). Then I returned to my room for the night..

Another boring LJ entry that’s pretty much like every other is complete. *sigh* See ya.

[ Kill All Three Hate Bills With One Call Or Letter! ]
[ WTC Blueprints Leaked By Whistleblower ]
[ Blueprints – Official Towers Construction Misrepresented ]
[ O’Donnell 911 Rant Reaches 30 Million Viewers ]
[ Video: Rosie Suggests WTC7 Brought Down Intentionally ]
[ Video: The Untold Story Of Post-Katrina Gun Confiscation ]
[ Global Warming – Thousands Of Harp Seal Pups Perish ]
[ Dulce, New Mexico Revisited – Mysteries Still Remain! ]

pr 15th spoiler / zodiak / spidey 3 venom / today

March 28, 2007

DiscoInferno has translated a “shocking spoiler” for Power Rangers Operation Overdrive‘s rumored 15th anniversary team-up later this year. It claims that the villain for this two-part team-up will be Rita Repulsa & Lord Zedd’s son! Whoa… They better not screw this up, like with Rita in the Mystic Force finale. *shudders just thinking about it*

Yet another Power Rangers style series may be heading for the US soon. Zodiak Guardians, based on the Japanese series Gransazer, is in its auditioning phase for a pilot presentation. Cooool. 🙂

The International trailer for Spider-Man 3 includes the first look at Venom at the very end. Beware the spoilers…

I awoke in the morning to find that my dad stayed home from dialysis and slept in. I took over the TV and played GTA VCS up until noon. I did a little of everything, really. Some missions, some of the car scavenger hunt thing.. My dad made burgers for lunch and I shut it off. We eventually watched Passions (of course the blackmailer recording was only a computer recreation of Luis’ voice.. even though it already sounded a lot like Vincent in the first place *shifty eyes*), but I couldn’t wait to get back to GTA VCS..

So instead of watching the movie I had planned, I played GTA VCS for about another three hours twenty minutes, mainly playing through the missions with the help of the strategy guide. And.. I finally reached the other island. Officially. Yay. The Clymenus Suite (the save house) is freakin’ awesome. I even have my own mini-helipad! 🙂 ..It wasn’t until almost 5:20PM that I finally shut it off.. even though I wanted to explore the new island a bit more. 😦

I got online to news-gather. We had some supper, then I finished up online a little before 8PM. We watched Bones (great episode, next week looks rather interesting as well), According To Jim (lol), In Case of Emergency (was this the pilot or something? that guy’s suddenly a little fat and a scene here was used in early promos) and Lost (eh it was alright.. I never really cared for the new people, so I.. enjoyed the ending :p). Then I returned to my room for the night..

See ya.

[ Russia Again Warns US Against Attacking Iran ]
[ Iran Says Detained Brits’ GPS Showed Incursion ]
[ CIA Claims North Korea Nuclear Test A Failure ]
[ Australian Gulf War I Vets Test Positive For Radiation ]
[ Accept Peace Plan Or Face War, Israel Told ]
[ Israel Rejecting Peace Plan Is Asking For War – Saudis ]
[ FBI Agent Told To Keep Quiet About Atty Firings ]
[ Cops Murder Another American – No Cause Says Witnesses ]
[ Mind How You Walk – It Could Be A Crime ]
[ Globalists Love Global Warming ]
[ US Gasoline Prices Soar On Refinery Trouble ]

dvd ads apr 1-7 / behr & mars / media / today

March 27, 2007

Click the corresponding retailer for their ad for the week of April 1st to 7th: Best Buy, Circuit City & Target. Circuit City’s $17.99 price on seasons of Angel and Dead Like Me are tempting, but I was also considering The Office: Season 2 for $29.99 at Target. Though recent events may just have me going with a few seasons of Angel.. I’m disappointed to not see the George W. Bush assassination “mockumentary” Death Of A President in these ads though. They’re likely to have it for $19.99 then. Or not at all. 😦

Roswell‘s Jason Behr has been cast in the title character of FOX’s new drama pilot Company Man, “about a family man (Behr) recruited by the National Security Agency as a spy within the defense contracting company he works for”. Coool.. Meanwhile, Veronica Mars has been set to return for the remainder of its third season on May 1st. Yay. 🙂

I awoke in the morning and surrendered yesterday’s entry. :p Then I got online for a bit, and eventually watched the new Power Rangers Operation Overdrive episode — 1706: “Pirate In Pink”. It was an okay episode, in my opinion.. when compared to previous Dsiney episodes. But how could a pearl also be a jewel? O_o Anyway, they got another new zord. I wonder in how many more episodes they will get new zords? Just because this is the second episode in a row.. Ack @ Rose as a pirate. Her bits of character building were nice though. And at least the Red Ranger didn’t take over the episode. Though the part about protecting a ghost from falling debris was rather retarded. I hope Disney takes the smarter route on the first DVD release and releases Volume 1 with episodes 1-4 & 6. It would make a complete story after all. I’d prefer the episodes be completely released and in order, but I doubt we’ll get that.. Soon, we went out to media buy…

I headed over to Best Buy and picked up Children of Men and Now 24. That’s it. Except the Icee, of course.. We returned home and watched some TV.. then Passions (yay @ getting close to revealing the blackmailer). I got uneasy about watching Buffy: Season 4 without Angel: Season 1.. especially after starting the fourth episode and not knowing what was up with Buffy. 😦 So I postponed Buffy: Season 4. I’ll probably wait and buy Angel: Season 1 next week, then watch one of each at a time :/ The crossovers were only during Angel‘s first two seasons, right? After that, I believe Buffy went to UPN and they stopped doing it..

I played GTA VCS up to 5PM. I finished the Umberto mission strand with ease.. a little less so on the last mission, but still. I finished it. Yay. Then I rampaged.. A little after 5PM, I shut it off, got online to news-gather, and had some supper. I finished up online a little after 7PM, then watched some syndicated sitcom repeats. Yay. :p ..At 8PM, we watched Dateline NBC (while my dad found more reasons to distrust the Internet, I found the career of an ID thief to be something I’d like to get into.. until it all got too complicated with “middle men” and all that crap lol :p) and House (ooh, Idol is soo important we must pre-empt this very awesome episode for 7 minutes.. yeah fucking right). Then I returned to my room for the night..

See ya.

[ Ominous Signs Suggest Iran War Close ]
[ Tarpley – Russian Intel Sees US Military Buildup On Iran Border ]
[ Navy Warplanes Fly Simulated Attacks Off Iran Coast ]
[ Did The Federal Reserve Have Prior 911 Knowledge? ]
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[ Senate Keeps Iraq 2008 Pullout Date In War Bill ]
[ Sean Penn – An Open Letter To The President ]
[ Madsen – US/Israeli Connection To Bali Bombing ]
[ Madsen – White House/Justice Dept Coverup Pedophilia Cases ]
[ Historian Irving Refutes Claims Of Auschwitz GassingsComments ]
[ Report – Bush Major Efforts To Stifle Climate Research ]
[ Majority In US Back Removing Criminal Pot Use Penalties ]
[ China, Russia Joint Mars Mission In 2009 ]

proo 10 title & mercury / tmnt box office / pilots / today

March 26, 2007

It’s Monday, and BurgundyRanger brings us another Power Rangers Operation Overdrive episode title. Episode 1710: “Lights, Camera, DAX” has an “all but confirmed” airdate of Monday, May 7th on Toon Disney. 🙂 ..Meanwhile, check out this scan of a cast picture that includes an unmorphed shot of our Mercury Ranger. Heh. :p

TMNT opened in theaters over the weekend and debuted at number one at the box office with $25.4 million in ticket sales. Awesome. 🙂 ..While on topic, RightStuf now has much-improved cover art for the May 22nd DVD release of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2003): Season 1, Part 1 of 2. 🙂

More pilot casting news… I’m getting more and more interested in ABC’s The Thick Of It, a comedy project from Mitchell Hurwitz, the creator of Arrested Development. It’s “about the nonpartisan high jinks that ensue in the office of a newly elected congressman”. Arrested alum John Micheal Higgins has been cast as said congressman, and Alex Borstein (voiced in Family Guy & Power Rangers Zeo) and Micheal McKean (The X-Files) also star. I hope ABC picks this up..

I awoke in the morning and immediately watched the remaining three DVD episodes of Justice League Unlimited: Season 2. So sad that the series had to end. 😦 But I understood the finale a bit better upon seeing what came before for the first time (the first few episodes here and quite a few more on the previous DVDs). Now I wants Superman, Batman & Batman Beyond (the rest of the DCAU).. maybe.. After that, I played some GTA VCS. I rampaged, found some balloons, rampaged again, etc. My dad returned from dialysis feeling better than usual. I shut off the PS2 and got online for a bit..

A little later, we watched Passions (blah for the most part), then I watched the first three DVD episodes of Buffy: Season 4 (about time I started this, great stuff.. still haven’t seen any of these until now.. how are the Buffy/Angel crossovers treated? I’d hate to go from one episode to the next and feel I missed part of the story.. should I try to begin getting Angel early.. since they seem to be going on sale next week? Circuit City April 1-7 for only $17.99). My dad took off, but eventually came back. Then he took a nap. I guess he wasn’t feeling as great as he first thought.

After sitting with the cat a little, I got online to news-gather. My dad woke up and we had some supper. Then I watched Battlestar Galactica on the bedroom DVR (pretty good.. interesting cliffhanger.. that’ll leave us waiting a frickin’ year! I refuse to use “frak”.. it takes me right out of the seriousness of the show every time it’s used). Since the usual stuff wasn’t on, my dad and I watched Prison Break (awesome.. looking forward to the finale next week) and 24 (great episode here too). Then I returned to my room for a while..

I had intended to stay up and watch the new PROO at 12:30AM, but I fell asleep just minutes before it started. Then, I woke up the next morning.. after my dad had already woken up. Damnit.. My LiveJournal paid account will expire on April 6th. So I’m glad I’ll have my check before then an be able to extend it. 😦 It was just odd because I got my first e-mail saying it’s expiring. Usually, I pay up a lot sooner and and never get the e-mail. Heh.. See ya.

[ War Psycho Bush Admin Increases Pressure On Iran ]
[ UK, Iraq Puppet Government Raise Pressure On Iran ]
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[ Why George Bush Is Insane ]
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[ Hate Bill Early Warning System – It’s Working ]
[ Cheney Funds Al Qaeda & No One Cares? – Engelhardt ]
[ Gonzales Implicated In Cover-Up Of New Pedophile Scandal ]
[ Florida City To Seize Homes Over $5 Parking Ticket! ]
[ China’s Mobile Execution Bus – Can US Be Far Behind? ]
[ How Eisenhower Solved Illegal Invasion From Mexico ]
[ Our Moon Isn’t ‘Ours’ – Secrets Of The Moon ]

Sunday 03.25.2007 — …one month and one day later

March 25, 2007

I awoke in the morning, checked out the newspaper’s ads for Tuesday, then took over the TV. I watched Gunslinger Girl (cool), Basilisk (eh alright), Bleach (neat), Blood Plus (cooool), Eureka 7 (awesome.. 4 episodes left 😦 ) and Ned’s Declassified (lol.. the creator described this show as a live action cartoon.. I doubt I would be watching if it was a cartoon).

My dad woke up and we had some breakfast, then I played some more GTA VCS. I went back to my previous save game. Weird how the bikers got back a lot of their empire sites on the locked island without me even noticing. :p I mostly drove around, re-failed a mission, found some balloons (only up to 70 or so on this save), and rampaged a little. The pipe glitch that usually sends me to the golf course sent me to the middle of the main street halfway across the island. Strange. :p

I shut it off because I was tiring of it for now and my dad’s NASCAR race was starting shortly. I returned to my room and got online, finally finished the previous entry. Heh..

After some time online, I went to the bedroom DVR and watched Ugly Betty (great episode), Dresden Files (2/25 episode, I’m a bit behind.. it was alright *drools @ Instant Star‘s Laura Vandervoort as a sexy vampire*) and the VH1 premiere of Australia’s Next Top Model (mmm, Australian chicks.. *droooools* thanks for airing it here, VH1.. even though it’s gone from the schedule already after only three episodes 😦 )..

We had some supper, then watched Funniest Videos (haha). My dad went outside (it’s getting to be that kind of season) while I watched Simpsons (lol) and Beakman’s World (which I only watched because my dad was still outside.. ah, memories of watching this and classic TMNT on Saturday mornings). My dad returned in time for Family Guy (rofl) and American Dad (lol). Then we watched Bill Engvall: 15 Degrees Off Cool because my dad enjoys that kind of stuff.. After all that, we both returned to our rooms for the night.

See ya.

[ Tarpley – Operation Bite: April 6th Sneak Attack On Iran By Bush ]
[ Capture Of UK Sailors Occurred In Long-Contested Waters ]
[ British Sailors Confess Trespassing Into Iran Territory ]
[ Iran To Try British Sailors For Espionage ]
[ Lang – Bush Obstructs Justice ]
[ Makow – ‘The Queen’… Why Movies Lie ]
[ How The Military Scams Vets Out Of Benefits ]
[ Idaho Urges Congress To Get Out Of SPP (NAU) ]
[ Morgellons Fibers Found In Colorado Snowmelt ]
[ Nano Technology Could Lead to Cloaking Devices ]
[ Scientists Create A Sheep That’s 15% Human ]
[ Video: The Secret Underground Lectures Of Commander X ]

Saturday 03.24.2007 — one month later

March 24, 2007

I awoke a little before my alarm went off, then watched Best Week Ever (lol), Degrassi BTW (yeah), TMNT (“Membership Drive”, a Lost Season episode.. so good, yet so brief 😦 ), Instant Star (lol @ the subplot.. good episode), TMNT Fast Forward (a new episode of this cra– oh, that wasn’t that bad.. I liked the story anyway, even though they may have rewritten a character a little just to do it) and Chaotic (bleh). My dad made me some breakfast, then he went off somewhere. A preview for next week’s TMNT Fast Forward aired after Chaotic. Shredder’s back? Aiyaiyai. It probably isn’t the 2k3 version we all know and love, of course..

I watched the season finale of Beyond the Break (now that was a season finale.. this was a 20-episode first season, not two seasons of 10). It ended as my dad returned from the handout place.. I then watched .Hack//Roots (cool), followed by playing GTA VCS for a few hours (I reached 93 of 99 red balloons.. before I was abruptly busted). I put in a DVD but saw my dad was napping so I took it back out. Instead, I watched Acceptable TV (why the heck is this on VH1? feels more like an internet-only kind of thing :p) and Ebert & Roeper (two thumbs down for TMNT, hahaa– fuck you guys, you think boring movies are awesome).

Then I finally placed the DVD back in and watched my next Netflix selection — Casino Royale. Eh, it was alright. *watches opening action scene* omfgawesome! *low-speaking scene* *raises volume, falls asleep* *high-volume action scene begins* *lowers volume* omg cool.. *low-speaking scene again* *raises volume, falls asleep again* Etc etc.. :p Ooooh @ the unpredictable plot twist near the end that I predicted.. would.. happen.. k.

I got online for quite a while, then went to the bedroom DVR and finally watched The Wedding Bells (the creators of Roswell and Ally McBeal — Jason Katims & David E. Kelley — join forces to make.. this.. *watches almost halfway through, yucks, then deletes all three episodes DVRed). Then I got online for a while longer.. At 10PM, I took over the living room TV and watched BoBoBo-Bo Bo-BoBo (craziness) and Naruto (sad episode.. until CN screwed up the ending and skipped ahead to the next show early 😡 ). Then I returned to my room for the night..

I’ll never be able to get down on my hand and knees again to play with my cat. The kneecap that I fell on a month ago today still hurts whenever I put weight on it. And the leg bends backward a little at times. It doesn’t hurt after it does that, but it’s a bit scary. It still hurts if I stand or walk for a long period of time though. *sigh* See ya.

[ 911 Human Remains Used To Fill NY Street Potholes ]
[ What May Have Melted The WTC Vehicles ]
[ US Tries To Avert Turkish Iraq Incursion ]
[ Documents Show Gonzales Approved Atty Firings ]
[ Video: Bush Adamant Advisors Retain Right To Lie ]
[ Exploitation Of The Patriot Act – Any Privacy Left? ]
[ EU Prez – ‘Political Correctness Is Killing Our Freedoms’ ]
[ Outrage – Illegals Allowed 6 Arrests Before Feds Prosecute ]
[ Study – 1 Million Sex Crimes Committed By Illegal Aliens ]
[ W Post Publishes Op-Ed By ‘Anonymous’ On FBI Abuse ]
[ ‘The More Mosquito Bites, The Better The Immunity’ – Huh? ]
[ Video: Astronauts Refuse To Swear They Landed On Moon ]
[ French Space Agency Puts UFO Files Online ]

proo 06 early / today

March 23, 2007

Oops. Power Rangers Operation Overdrive episode 1706: “Pirate In Pink” is on the Jetix.TV Player early. And it’s only the first two acts. So it’s incomplete. I’d rather wait until Monday.. even if I could watch it.. :p

I awoke at 6AM, which wasn’t long after my dad had left. I got online for a bit, then played GTA VCS, while only pausing for some morning TV a few hours later. When I figured out I couldn’t take over all the empire sites on the other island (a vehicle you must destroy is missing), I started a new game. After the first mission, I collected the laser sniper on the other island and burst all but one of the balloons on the first island (the one on top of the building). The guide said one was under a satellite dish, but it was in a palm tree nearby. :/ I haven’t used a single cheat code on this new game.. before saving it anyway.. :p

My dad returned home from dialysis and I shut it off. We watched a few things on the DVR, including Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader? (ugh.. okay, now I’m tired of this.. I only DVRed it for my dad.. who fell asleep near the end). We then watched Passions (too much stalling).. After that, we watched last night’s Scrubs (lol.. whoa @ ending.. great time for a cliffhanger, with no episode next week) and Andy Barker P.I. (rofl, sooo funny.. it’s official: I must see this on DVD), followed by another three episodes of Justice League Unlimited: Season 2 (err, Season 3.. maybe.. anyway, great episodes.. including a taste of what League of Superheroes might’ve been if WB hadn’t screwed it up *shakes fist*).

It wasn’t even 4:30 before I finished all that. I got online to news-gather soon after. We had some supper, then I watched Supernatural on the bedroom DVR (great episode *yay’s 4 gratuitous TV-14 sex scenes* ..but why do they get a next episode preview so far ahead while Smallville doesn’t? PR SPD‘s Alicia Purrott is even appearing in the next episode, airing April 19th.. that’s two Power Rangers alums in one season).. At 8PM, we watched Identity (damn, there was some tough ones this week.. after all the easy ones last week), Six Degrees (yay it’s back.. great episode 🙂 ) and The Soup (lol).

My dad got pissed during the latter just because I had to change the channel from something he was interested in watching but wouldn’t have lasted very long, then once again complained about me hogging the TV so much. Then he claimed that I was going to pay the $5 more that was added to the cable bill. Uh, no. I already pay $50 every month damnit (most is the cable internet, but still).. I found that Instant Star wasn’t airing again and reset it for later in the night where it will probably overlap with something else. I hope my dad’s in bed by then. Or he’ll bring up this bullshit all over again…

See ya.

[ Bush Paves Way For Martial Law – Overturns Posse Comitatus ]
[ No Chance For Justice Under A Criminal Regime ]
[ House Approves Iraq Pullout For September 2008 ]
[ Bush Denounce House Pullout Vote As ‘Political Theater’ ]
[ Bush/Cheney Iraq Death Score Now Over One Million ]
[ Report – Bush Retiring To Uruguay (Or Is It Paraguay?) ]
[ What Melted Cop Cars 7 Blocks From WTC On 911? ]
[ CBS News – Sheen & O’Donnell Back 911 Conspiracy ]
[ Scarborough Attacks Walters Over O’Donnell 911 Comments ]
[ Sheen/O’Donnell Attack Dogs Are Bush Payroll Neo-Cons ]
[ 14-Year-Old Girl Gets Seven Years In Prison For ‘Shoving’ ]
[ US Judge Strikes Down Internet Porn Law ]
[ Evidence Undercuts eBay’s Tough Talk On Fraud ]

proo press pics / matrix hd / today

March 22, 2007

Oh, look. ABC Medianet has new press photos online for Power Rangers Operation Overdrive. I’m sure, like in the past, certain snickering people who are able to get the full versions will share it among themselves and not with the fandom so they’ll feel more special. Then they’ll shove it in our faces that they have them and we don’t.. *rolls eyes*

The Ultimate Matrix Collection and The Complete Matrix Trilogy will be released onto HD-DVD on May 22nd. Collection will include everything included on the boxed set DVD release and retail for a $119.99 SRP, while Trilogy will only include the three films and their special features for a $99.99 SRP. Expect Blu-ray Disc versions later in the year.. Ugh @ all the discs being two-sided though. How retarded. -_-

I awoke in the morning, watched morning TV, had some breakfast.. Blahdy blah.. I eventually was able to take over the TV and watch ‘Til Death (lol), Halfway HomeSouth Park (lol.. omg @ the ending, so bad :p), Tim & Eric’s Awesome Show, Great Job and Saul of the Mole Men (haha’s @ the funnier parts.. it reminds me just a bit of MST3k.. believe it or not, I’d may buy the DVD *hides in shame*). Once those were done, my dad got back his TV in time for the news and I got online for a bit..

We watched Passions (three daytime emmy nominations? how the heck did that happen?!), then I watched three more episodes of Justice League Unlimited: Season 2 (great episodes, especially Patriot Act :p). After that, I played more GTA VCS. I mostly took over more empire sites, while repairing and protecting my own. I wonder if I should take over the four remaining sites (on the still-locked island). The guide says you’ll get bulletproof vehicles at the sites when you take over them all, but it doesn’t say if the attacks will continue. The attacks from random bikers every five minutes is getting rather annoying. Or I may just start a new game. 😦

I shut off the PS2 shortly before 5:30, then got online to news-gather. We had some supper, then I went to the bedroom DVR and watched The Black Donnellys (wow, those brothers have like the best mom ever.. wish I had had one like that.. or at all). At 8PM, we watched Smallville (argh @ the WWE roles.. even the hottie.. episode was pretty good, other than that), Grey’s Anatomy (blah for the most part) and Raines (pretty good). I was also a slight bit relieved to see the new Scrubs airing (and being DVRed) on our local NBC affiliate’s.. weather channel.. while a weather special aired on the NBC affiliate. -_- The local weather people always have to remind us how to react in severe weather as if we’re all idiots that have forgotten..

The cat has been acting odd lately. He meows a lot, especially at night when we’re trying to sleep and before or during using the litter box. Then he sleeps during the day. :p See ya…

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