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roswell books / ID4 2? / upcoming media

June 30, 2003

Andy Mangels has added pages to his site for the upcoming (and final) Roswell novels, Pursuit (Part 1) and Turnabout (Part 2). I’m so excited. And I haven’t even read the latest, Roswell: Nightscape, yet. I’m maybe halfway through Harry Potter 5. And then Area 51: Nosferatu is set to ship from Barnes& tomorrow. But I’ll still read Nightscape before that.

Independence Day 2: Yep the sequel is going ahead after all with Bill Pullman, Jeff Goldblum and Vivica A. Fox but no Will Smith according to The Z Review.

😦 …Let’s hope it doesn’t suck…

definate media buys for july 03
7/1 – “There’s Something About Mary (2-Disc Widescreen Collector’s Edition)” DVD
7/1 – Justin Timberlake & Christina Aguilera Target Exclusive CD Single (That is..if it’s there this time…)
7/8 – Evanescence, “Fallen” CD [Target Sale: 11.96]
7/8 – “Phone Booth” DVD
7/22 – “Final Destination” DVD [Keep Case version only]
7/22 – “Final Destination 2 (Infinifilm)” DVD
7/22 – “Now That’s What I Call Music! Vol. 13” CD
7/29 – “Daredevil (2-Disc Widescreen Edition)” DVD
7/29 – “Solaris (2003)” DVD
7/29 – “RahXephon – Orchestration Four: Dissonance” DVD

Looks to be a pretty light month compared to what’s ahead. I especially can’t wait for the Final Destinations, Daredevil, and RahXephon.

…And I have nothing else to speak of. Nothing major happened today. Nothing ever happens. Well, we’re getting the repaired CD stereo installed back into the new car Wednesday. Yay.



fuck mtv / blah / pr / eva

June 30, 2003

*shakes fist @ MTV for banning the “Cant Hold Us Down” music video until it’s edited* The song’s subject is how there’s double standards in music and this is just another example…and the video isn’t even anywhere near “Dirrty” proportions… MTV sucks. Here is an article on it and here is a shot of the 3-second scene MTV doesn’t like in the video. They’ve had more “suggestive” stuff than that before in male artist videos…

Ok, so that practical joke in the previous entry wasn’t set up right. Oh well. What’s done is done…

Ugh. I missed taping Best of Power Rangers again this morning. Oh well. It was one I already had taped anyway…and now I’m off taping until Thursday. Yay.

I wonder if this Japanese Evangelion game set to be released on PS2 will ever make it to the US…sounds interesting…

‘K, I’m gone. See ya.

last entry for a while…

June 30, 2003


By Tom Daniken, Staff Writer

WASHINGTON, D.C. (Monday, June 30) — Federal authorities announced today they have begun a manhunt for a fugitive who escaped military custody at Nevada’s Groom Lake Air Force Base, popularly known as “Area 51.”


That’s me. I…have to go. See ya.

eva’s 325425345th dvd release / blah etc

June 29, 2003

The new “Renewal of Evangelion” DVD set being released in Japan looks awesome (Click here to view). It says the audio and video has been cleaned up quite a bit. I wonder if it will ever reach US release? If it did, I probably couldn’t afford it anyway…

I doubt we’ll be doing anything on the 4th. Ugh.

I only use a blue Power Ranger default icon because it matches with my current layout. I’ve already uploaded a helmet shot of the blue Dino Thunder ranger for use some time after Ninja Storm ends… or I could always change the layout…

Anyways, see ya.

sleeeeep / reeeeaaad

June 29, 2003

I’m so glad I slept most of the day. My dad went off to church and hasn’t even come back yet. Blah.

Damnit. I should be reading. See ya.

Power Rangers Revelations Archive, Part 2

June 29, 2003

Well, there’s so much, I needed a Part 2…and yes, I stayed up all night doing this… Thanks to CLFunaro of Funaroverse for providing most of the info in AIM chats over the last few months.

CLFunaro: This is my PRTF bitch, actually.
CLFunaro: They had an overplot — and got rid of it for Timeranger’s.
CLFunaro: … Why? It opened GREAT!
Cyrax9: What do you mean?
CLFunaro: I’d hold the first ten eps of PRTF as some of the finest PR ever.
CLFunaro: Dynamic, electric writing, good acting, stuff is perpetually HAPPENING…
CLFunaro: … And then we’re locked into sentai plotting for 20 eps.
CLFunaro: Where we move like glaciers.
CLFunaro: We had multiple eps reinforcing the same idea — “Jen needs to learn to trust Wes more.”
CLFunaro: Dammit, you know why Sentai writes like that?
CLFunaro: They have no reruns, they HAVE to pace slowly.
CLFunaro: The first ten eps of PRTF sallyed forth.
CLFunaro: And once Alex shows up as Mystery Man, we’re COMMITTED to the Time overplot of the Captain returning.
CLFunaro: Why? We used… One fight from when the Captain was Red, and they were morphed the whole bloody time.
CLFunaro: And then we get the Ferricks thing, which is just a giant retcon — even Chip admits it. A GOOD retcon, yes, but it clashes badly with how Frax is initially written.
CLFunaro: And once we get the Ransik/Frax conflict set up, which is GREAT…
CLFunaro: “ten eps with no fight between them until the finale.”
CLFunaro: Dammit, you don’t end an ep with “Daddy’s going hunting” without follow-through.
CLFunaro: See, I like Time Force. It had so much potential, and a great cast. Neat characters.
CLFunaro: And that said — I fucking HATE the show we got.
KeithCrichton: what’s a “retcon”… besides a cool word?
CLFunaro: Retcon means “retroactive continuity.” Something changed after the fact.
CLFunaro: “we act like it was always the case, but it’s a damn lie.”
CLFunaro: Like… Tommy is Native American.

Digimansion02: but back on topic, I thnk that if there was some how a way to bring Evil Zedd back from the inside of the man he became I`d go for it
Digimansion02: And possibly ressurect the Psycho`s in the process
CLFunaro: I wouldn’t do Zedd without Ed Neil and Bob Axelrod.
CLFunaro: I’d bring Specter back before that.
CLFunaro: Or, being me… Lokar.
Digimansion02: Bob is still working last I checked, he`s done a lot of anime
CLFunaro: yes, but he’s union
Digimansion02: Personally Lokar was my number one choice for most unsung villian
CLFunaro: And it’s… Simpler.
CLFunaro: “Well, Satan’s back.”
KeithCrichton: i don’t even remember… “Lokar?”
Digimansion02: He was a big head
CLFunaro: The dark god Rita worshipped.
CLFunaro: Great Satan from Zyuranger.
KeithCrichton: oh yeah!
CLFunaro: He got a cut ref in PRWF.
KeithCrichton: what was the reference?
CLFunaro: Taming of the Zords, Jindrax’s commentary.
CLFunaro: “That one’s JUST for the fans. By Lokar!”
CLFunaro: They trimmed that.
CLFunaro: I’d been lobbying Amit since Jan for that.

[Concerning Episode 500]:
CLFunaro: See, post-reconstruction Eltar would be great.
CLFunaro: And you can pull some stunt like making “Alpha Eight” guardian of Eltar now.
CLFunaro: And Alpha explains the origins of the Rangers.
Digimansion02: If you can get an Alpha unit with a large memory bank to tell the story of PR then that would work fine
Superpower1979: perfect.
Digimansion02: yeah
Digimansion02: Or hell, make it Alpha Five
TREKBR: just get the original Alpha
Superpower1979: The original Alpha’s dust.
TREKBR: how is the original Alpha dust?
CLFunaro: I’d prefer not to have A5 be alive, per Amit’s wishes.
TREKBR: PA how is Alpha dust?
CLFunaro: And more Alphas is… Cooler.
Superpower1979: Battle of Eltar..
KeithCrichton: what happened to Alpha 5?
CLFunaro: Amit felt he died in the Seige of Eltar.
CLFunaro: He said so on the message boards.

CLFunaro: Place your bets that Shuri’s death is Cam on a suicide run, losing the powers.
CLFunaro: But he’s okay — so he can angst for the finale.
Superpower1979: Well, if they want him in the teamup, he shouldn’t even lose his powers.
Superpower1979: Eric never lost his powers either.
CLFunaro: Well, that’s fudgable.
CLFunaro: Yeah, but they also shot the “Eric dies” ending just in case BS&P would allow it.

TREKBR: lets face it folks
TREKBR: were never EVER going to SEE a PR dying
CLFunaro: Well, we did twice.
CLFunaro: It just didn’t take.
CLFunaro: And the Force script SPECIFICALLY says Alex died.
CLFunaro: He got better, but he died.
Superpower1979: Alex died? When did that happen
CLFunaro: Force From the Future, when he blows up. The script specifies “not to show the moment where Alex dies directly.”
CLFunaro: And then says the techs swarm around Alex’s corpse.
Superpower1979: Well, apparently they changed it by the time later eps rolled around
CLFunaro: The timeline changed was the answer I got.

CLFunaro: Amit had to leap through hoops to kill Cole’s parents and Adler.
CLFunaro: And damn if it wasn’t successful.
Superpower1979: Yeah, I’m glad he was able to.
CLFunaro: What’s great is — you can TELL the moment Adler dies, and MO takes total control of the body.
CLFunaro: The push off the cliff by Mandilok.

CLFunaro: Weirdly…
CLFunaro: Turbo had a bigger budget than Space.
CLFunaro: But Space USED theirs better.

Superpower1979: I don’t think you were here at the time, but we were talking about them having an Alpha 8 explain the origins on the Power Rangers.
Puperazzi: An alpha would be cool… But I want something more epic…
CLFunaro: You want Phanty.
PrometheusUFO: Originally posted by Darky Yeah, can you please explain the Phantom Ranger? Also, how did you feel about PRT/Carranger?
PrometheusUFO: Doug: I wasn’t there for Phantom Ranger. I left right after the first couple of Eps of Turbo. I remember Shuki saying in a meeting that it was going to be a ghost, but that’s all I can recall on that. Sorry.
CLFunaro: YES!
PrometheusUFO: lol
CLFunaro: Amit agreed with Ghost Robot also. 😉
Superpower1979: Think about it.. He needed a Power Ruby to survive. The Power Ruby was his source of plasma. 😛
CLFunaro: The Power Ruby contained the spirits of the dead Rangers.
CLFunaro: Without them, he WOULD die.
Superpower1979: There were no dead Rangers.
Superpower1979: 😛
CLFunaro: Sure there were.
CLFunaro: The Ancient PRLG.
Superpower1979: well okay, got me there.
CLFunaro: The Ancient Warriors count, per WT…
Superpower1979: The Ancient Warriors never morphed.
CLFunaro: And he said there were dozens beyond the core five, so that’s a number.
CLFunaro: Yeah, but he said they count as Rangers. That they did morph to the armor.
CLFunaro: So… Yeah.
CLFunaro: Author infallibility.

TREKBR: justin was the blue ranger and they made him grow so that no one would know
TREKBR: that was just assonine
Superpower1979: They had to make him grow.
Superpower1979: Would you really want to see him in costume at the same size?
TREKBR: yeah but u know how they would have the rangers with their helmets off?
CLFunaro: The internal physics…
CLFunaro: The instant you helmet pop, you lose the morphing template.
TREKBR: did they actually show him with his helmet off at that size?
CLFunaro: he shrank.
Superpower1979: Yeah, I always wondered what it looked like when he took off his helmet.
CLFunaro: Like, when Zack helmet popped, he lost the finger.
CLFunaro: The morphing template only works so long.
CLFunaro: Rov had a great essay on this.
Superpower1979: Actually, Carlos grew when he unmorphed in “Always A Chance”
CLFunaro: Yeah, we clearly SAW tha.
TREKBR: all i remember is that kimberly once said that the helmets helped fix a bad hair day
CLFunaro: Which was… Surreal.
Superpower1979: I always thought that was kinda weird.
CLFunaro: Leo changed heights when his helmet was compromised.
CLFunaro: I assume the closed helmet contains the morphing template body. When compromised — back to normal.
CLFunaro: So it’s like a “standby” form.
CLFunaro: It’s… A circuit key.
CLFunaro: You need the whole suit on.

TREKBR: they never explained what EXACTLY happened to the Zeo powers
Puperazzi: they weren’t enough
Puperazzi: what’s to explain?:-P
TREKBR: no but they were good enough for the tv show
TREKBR: its not as if they were taken away
Puperazzi: Nope, just set aside.
Superpower1979: They weren’t strong enough.
TREKBR: they couldve morphed into the zeo rangers at any time but it was forgotten
Superpower1979: That’s all you need to know.
TREKBR: yeah
CLFunaro: There weren’t Zeo Rangers for a time. Now there are.
CLFunaro: Well, Amit confirmed Kat and Rocky are active.
CLFunaro: That’s the in-continuity “where’s Rocky.”
CLFunaro: He’s Blue Ranger now, not Red.
CLFunaro: And Kat is active alongside her husband.
TREKBR: rocky is kat’s hubby?
CLFunaro: … No, Kat married Tommy. Like we saw. 😉

CLFunaro: Look, here’s how I regard PRNS. It’s how I regard PRLG.
CLFunaro: “This was a bad sentai to try and adapt — so they tried to get through all the unavoidable stuff as quickly as possible.”
CLFunaro: “It took about half the run.”
CLFunaro: God, I would never have wanted to try and adapt Gingaman.
Superpower1979: I don’t see why Hurricanger was so bad to adapt.
Puperazzi: Me either
CLFunaro: All I know is that the last staff, upon seeing it, had a panic attack.
CLFunaro: “Oh god, this is gonna smart.”

Digimansion02: Does Bandai pay for the armors?
Digimansion02: on the show that is
CLFunaro: You know, I’ve gotten contradictory info on that.
CLFunaro: I know Bandai forced the Wild Rider solution in FR.
CLFunaro: “We don’t have the budget for the climax.”
CLFunaro: “We’ll pay for it. Pimp the new bike.”
CLFunaro: We got gypped on a ten Megazord battle.
Digimansion02: You mean original footage?
CLFunaro: CG.
Digimansion02: Well that would be against the norm wouldn`t it?
CLFunaro: It was the cheapest solution, they didn’t have all the suits in workable shape.
CLFunaro: What was it, give me a minute…
CLFunaro: Thunder Megazord, Red Shogunzord, Red Battlezord, Lighting Fire Tamer, Astro Megaship, Galaxy Megazord, Lightspeed Megazord, Time Force Megazord, the Q-Rex, and Isis Megazord.
CLFunaro: I think that’s right.
CLFunaro: Wait, was it Lightspeed Solarzord?
CLFunaro: That could fly, I might be wrong on that one.
Songlad1: what’s the explaination on the Thunder Megazord?
Digimansion02: I`m just guessing that the majority of PRWF`s budget was speant on the team up and the finale, and FR got what was set aside
CLFunaro: “Jason got it back from Osamu,” I think.
CLFunaro: FR was the highest budgeted ep of PRWF.
CLFunaro: Well, Amit and I had that discussion.
CLFunaro: “Yeah, the Dark Rangers work.”
CLFunaro: he didn’t much care. 😉
Songlad1: I got the ref, from the Ninja Ranger flipbook
CLFunaro: Precisely.
Digimansion02: Did they throw history out the window for FR?
CLFunaro: Not at all, just…
Digimansion02: Such as how certain rangers morphed? Or was it just ot be assumed how they were able to?
CLFunaro: “Jason had adventures we didn’t see.”
CLFunaro: Thus — when Jason met Wes and Eric.
CLFunaro: Tommy got the Zeo Crystal back at some unspecified point, the Zeos are semi-active.
Digimansion02: So I guess Amit used the theory that Trini, Zack and Jas still had their powers when they left
CLFunaro: No, that he got them back.
Digimansion02: With the Morphin Grid gone?
CLFunaro: “He got them back, it doesn’t much matter how. It’s like how everyone knew TJ.”
CLFunaro: The Grid isn’t gone.
CLFunaro: The LOCAL Grid in the Command Center was destroyed.
CLFunaro: But fuck, you can fix that with a couple Power Coins.
CLFunaro: If the Grid was destroyed, Aurico couldn’t morph.
Digimansion02: And Zordon did creat the white ranger coin

CLFunaro: Well, I suspect the Karovan spaceports were used by Zordon as building grounds for his tech…
CLFunaro: But that’s not canonical.
CLFunaro: I mean, why else did Spec take out KO-35 so early pre-invasion?
CLFunaro: Or assign them Zhane’s powers, one of the most powerful morphers in the universe?
Digimansion02: Whats canonical about Spectre and Maligore
Digimansion02: I remember someone saying they were brothers
CLFunaro: Lies.
CLFunaro: Spec is a shape-shifter.
CLFunaro: That’s all we know.
Digimansion02: Well, we never got to see his other shapes, that’s what I don`t understand
CLFunaro: Ah, but he does.
CLFunaro: He morphs into Zordon in a tube once, he’s cloaked himself as starfield…
Digimansion02: Was his character around prior to PRIS, like the idea of an anti-zordon during zeo
CLFunaro: Not that I know of.
CLFunaro: Spec is a demon, apparently a remnant of Bansheera’s era.
CLFunaro: (untamed water kills him in the movie)
CLFunaro: Errr00-
CLFunaro: Maligore.
Songlad1: His character was always around, just never talked about. Like anything in the PR-verse, he didn’t come up until he was a threat
CLFunaro: Right, he was a retcon.
Digimansion02: What about the constant use of 3,000 years?
Digimansion02: It`s been my theory that they meant something really huge happened around then
CLFunaro: Well, we know one thing that apparently synches up PRLR and PRLG.
CLFunaro: “Why were the Lost Galaxy portals opening up?”
CLFunaro: “Grand Cross occurred then.”
CLFunaro: I think a prelude to Grand Cross is dimensional portals ripping open.
CLFunaro: Which IS what Bansheera needed to ascend.
CLFunaro: (she was bodily destroyed and in a sub-dimension, like Zordon)
CLFunaro: But PRLR’s demonic era was 5000 years ago, of course.
CLFunaro: Just that Bansheera missed the FIRST Grand Cross she could have used to get out.
CLFunaro: Which is, I presume, why Diabolico took Ryan.
CLFunaro: Somebody to do the ceremony who wasn’t banished.

Digimansion02: You know, sometimes when I look at LR
Digimansion02: it looks like Ryan is a demon himself
CLFunaro: Ryan’s dead, yes.
CLFunaro: He died in the car crash.
CLFunaro: (they couldn’t SHOW that)
Digimansion02: I`m not sure what you mean
CLFunaro: He’s a spirit given physical presence.
CLFunaro: Like I presume the Lights did to Kendrix.
Digimansion02: Diabolico caught him?
CLFunaro: Well, that’s what we saw.
CLFunaro: That’s not what they intended HAPPEN to him.
CLFunaro: The police found the mangled body. Or else there’d be… Investigations as to where…
Songlad1: How’d Diabolico get out there to catch him, if he was in the tomb?
CLFunaro: Well, Diabolico was a spirit.
CLFunaro: He could physically affect another spirit.
CLFunaro: He’s just… Bodily in the tomb.
Songlad1: I realize it was a spirit, but as a spirit he could catch things, so that spirit could go open the tomb to get the physical bodies out all along… Does that make sense
CLFunaro: Well, he didn’t really “catch” Ryan.
Songlad1: Ooh, I see now, spirits only
CLFunaro: He took Ryan’s soul… As the body hit the ground.
CLFunaro: BS&P didn’t like that script much.

Digimansion02: Ok what do you know about my boy Trip
CLFunaro: Xybrian… Trepanation… Hatched out of eggs…
CLFunaro: That’s all I know.
Digimansion02: What was dropped about Ranzik?
Digimansion02: He was killed in the end, no wait nadira was suppose to die right?
CLFunaro: Nadira as his wife, his dying at the end of FFtF, and being remade in Ransik Lives…
CLFunaro: No, End of Time ended in that regard as scripted.
CLFunaro: (Ransik wears his wedding ring on a necklace, which is seldom visible)
Digimansion02: ah, so who was his wife?
Digimansion02: Cause it seems that when they changed Nadria to his offspring she was just never thought of
CLFunaro: His wife is dead.
CLFunaro: That’s all we know.
CLFunaro: I dubbed her “Lira” for lack of anything better, but that’s no more canonical than Morbis as Ransik’s mentor.
CLFunaro: (though I also use that)

Superpower1979: Chris “I blame those blabbermouths at JDF’s board, who nearly got every important PR site on the ‘net closed down.” What was this about?
CLFunaro: Something I like to call the “Secret Crisis,” re: Forever Red.
CLFunaro: That nearly got everybody shut down.
Superpower1979: What exactly happened?
CLFunaro: You guys have no clue how close Jacci was to totally narcing the fandom.
Superpower1979: You mean the one in charge of Jason David Frank’s group?
CLFunaro: Yep.
CLFunaro: The JDF club nearly demolished fan/show relations by illegally posting those backstage pics, etc.
CLFunaro: Thus the sudden reworking of the ‘verse and PRC’s public domain banners…
CLFunaro: Remember when Saban almost shut down Manny?
CLFunaro: Imagine the entire fandom.
Superpower1979: wow, they were going to actually do that?
CLFunaro: They were prepared to.
CLFunaro: BV legal was THAT mad.
CLFunaro: And meanwhile I’m so sick I can barely move at the time.
Superpower1979: wow
Superpower1979: I heard Jason David Frank got in trouble for leaking info.
CLFunaro: Yeah, it wasn’t pretty.
CLFunaro: So you appreciate why I often go after the fans?
CLFunaro: A lot of stuff goes down, and it’s stressful.

Astinus753: What about at the end of the TF/WF teamup? Were we supposed to assume that Jen stayed then or was it more just whatever we wanted to believe?
CLFunaro: Ambiguity.
CLFunaro: Amit never intended for people to believe Jen stayed.
CLFunaro: “Yeah, Jen stayed — and then the timestorms killed everyone.”
Astinus753: Would the timestorms happen if Wes went to the future?
CLFunaro: Not exactly, just…
CLFunaro: The universe would have to plug Eric into Wes’ slot for history, I think.
CLFunaro: The timestorms were to prevent a paradox.
CLFunaro: End of Time was sloppily written, the core of it was meant to be…
CLFunaro: “The universe has a choice. A paradox WILL occur if the Trizirium Crystals are left to be developed.”
CLFunaro: “Silver Hills can be destroyed, or Millennium City can be destroyed.”
CLFunaro: Destroying Millennium City, and the future of Time Force, would destroy everything.
CLFunaro: … So Silver Hills has to die.

PRdudeX: So Millennium City was the city in 3000-3001 that the Time Force Police protect?
CLFunaro: Yep.
CLFunaro: Two separate cities occupying the same space.
CLFunaro: There was an apocalypse in the 25th century, per Time Blaster.
CLFunaro: PR is a team effort.
CLFunaro: Storyliens get discarded, reworked…
CLFunaro: Ryan doesn’t end up as the seventh PRTF, piloting the Time Shadow…
CLFunaro: (a plot I wish they HAD done)
Superpower1979: Wait just a minute..
Superpower1979: The seventh PRTF?
CLFunaro: Well, Titanium.
PRdudeX: They were going to bring Ryan back?
CLFunaro: With a new belt buckle.
CLFunaro: Rhett talked about it with Chip for a time.
CLFunaro: Titanium looking SO LITTLE like GGV in design…
CLFunaro: And the staff loved Rhett.
CLFunaro: But you see why that’s impractical.
CLFunaro: Ryan would be the crossover element for PRLR/PRTF, as I gathered.
CLFunaro: Ah, the plots that got away.

CubeRanger: silly me thought alex was going to be the quantum ranger
CLFunaro: There was discussion of Alex as Quantum, actually.
CLFunaro: I own a coloring book back when that was a possibility.
CLFunaro: But the impracticality of that much Faunt…
CubeRanger: but im glad he wasnt
CLFunaro: Really, it’d be MURDER on Jason.
CLFunaro: “Quantum is the mysterious Ranger from 3000, with a tie to Jen…”
CLFunaro: “who NEVER demorphs.”

[ Continue on to Part 3… ]

Power Rangers Revelations Archive, Part 1

June 29, 2003

I’m just doing this for archiving purposes. It includes info like there was a DVD commentary made for Forever Red but was never used, Disney has an early version of Forever Red that lasts nearly 40 minutes, and other cast problems for example. I don’t even know what’s true and what isn’t. If you want to read, go ahead. I bet it will take quite a while though…

CLFunaro: Foam rubber falls apart.
CLFunaro: These suits aren’t meant to be used for years on end.
CLFunaro: Toei makes them to last one year. If they hold out for PR, good. If not, not their problem.
CLFunaro: They got a box full of Necronomica last year.
CLFunaro: “Well, fuck.”
Sir Montford III: What do you mean by the last 2 statements?
CLFunaro: She fell apart in transit.
CLFunaro: That’s why there’s no US footage of her.
Sir Montford III: How do you know all of this stuff?
CLFunaro: * blink *
CLFunaro: Wow, I haven’t been asked that for a long time. 😉
CLFunaro: I used to be tight with the staff.
Sir Montford III: But how are you like..related to one of them? I mean..don’t pull a Hariken Yellow lol
CLFunaro: I used to have friends on the crew.

Sir Montford III: Is it Chip Lynn or Judd Lynn? Are they two different people? Same person?
CLFunaro: Chip is Judd’s real name.
CLFunaro: Judd’s professional.
CLFunaro: And yes, they named their kid Chip.
CLFunaro: Not Charles, not anything that starts with Ch… Just Chip.
CLFunaro: His story editor title is as Chip, writing and directing is as Judd.

CLFunaro: Chip had no involvement in PRWF.
CLFunaro: Chip’s too busy as a contract architect these days to read or watch much TV.
CLFunaro: He’s very realistic about PR.
CLFunaro: “Wait ten years when we do a convention, then I’ll be more enthused.”

CLFunaro: Amit only wrote three episodes outright.
CLFunaro: But as story editor, he rewrote large portions of the show.

Sir Montford III: Oh yeah you mentioned something about a commentary he did?
Sir Montford III: Do you have it at all on the computer or in words?
CLFunaro: Amit mentioned the FR commentary once, bitterly.
Sir Montford III: Do you have it?
CLFunaro: Nope.
CLFunaro: Amit doesn’t even have a copy.
Sir Montford III: Ohhhh…do you know why he mentioned it “bitterly”
CLFunaro: Because they didn’t use it for the DVD release.
Sir Montford III: Oh that would’ve been awesome
Sir Montford III: I like the commentaries
CLFunaro: It’s like the forty minute cut of FR Disney has in the vaults.
CLFunaro: Lot of bad blood.
Sir Montford III: ?????
CLFunaro: It’s a work print, not finished.
CLFunaro: No ADR, no Slavin, no FX.

CLFunaro: Chris Glenn was Leo in Triple Force because Slav walked out in ADR.
Sir Montford III: Do you know why Slavin walked out?
CLFunaro: They’d have had to pay Russ to do it.
CLFunaro: Some pay dispute.
Sir Montford III: always
CLFunaro: The PRLG cast got told they’d get a full reunion, not a crossover.
CLFunaro: Val was still getting better from chemo, Reggie nearly didn’t appear AT ALL…
Sir Montford III: Oh you mean like their own episode?
CLFunaro: Reggie’s stuff was shot in about two days, simply because Amy walked right before shooting.
CLFunaro: And, ya know, she is his wife.
Sir Montford III: I know..Reggie and Kendrix didn’t appear until part 2
Sir Montford III: Why did she walk out?
CLFunaro: I never got a clear story on that.
CLFunaro: Amy was IN full Trakeena attire when she bailed, on the set.
Sir Montford III: That sucks
Puperazzi: That’s gotta suck… trying to wak out in full costume! LOL
Sir Montford III: LOL
CLFunaro: She took it off first. 😉
Sir Montford III: And it was probably from an argument right?
CLFunaro: One assumes.
Puperazzi: You know what i mean… Having to take it all off in a hurry to storm out.

Sir Montford III: It seems like behin the cameras at PR it was dark
CLFunaro: Naw, not much of the time.
CLFunaro: Every family has its squabbles.
Sir Montford III: from what I hear lol
CLFunaro: And out of a cast of hundreds of actors…
CLFunaro: You expect SOME dissension.
Sir Montford III: Same thing with {atricia right?
CLFunaro: Well, Padee is awkward.
Sir Montford III: Patricia*
CLFunaro: They wouldn’t pay her being a regular cast member.
Sir Montford III: She’s akward?
CLFunaro: No, the situation,.
Sir Montford III: Oh lol
CLFunaro: They paid her as an extra.
CLFunaro: She, understandably, said fuck that and let.
CLFunaro: left, bah.
Sir Montford III: Some people are so greedy lol..I would kill to be on a tv show
CLFunaro: She did the end of Power of Pink, and —
CLFunaro: It’s not greed, it’s money issues.
Sir Montford III: I mean getting paid so much money to act?
CLFunaro: She made more money doing another job.
CLFunaro: The PR cast wasn’t union until Space.
Puperazzi: So Melody was paid as an extra then?
CLFunaro: They got pennies.
CLFunaro: Even when Space made them SAG, they got bare minimum.
Sir Montford III: What do you mean that they weren’t a union?
CLFunaro: It’s NOT a good paying job.
Namus12: DavidYost is the example of Greed
CLFunaro: Saban Entertainment wasn’t SAG, people.
CLFunaro: They could pay anything they determined, for any number of hours per day.
CLFunaro: DY was not greedy.
CLFunaro: DY was going to have his part reduced to Ernie status.
Sir Montford III: I heard DY was hard to work with
CLFunaro: Semi-recurring.
CLFunaro: He was, by all accounts.
CLFunaro: Padee was not being greedy, though.
CLFunaro: She was going to be given pennies, and last billing in the credits.
CLFunaro: She walked. It was her choice.
CLFunaro: Melody is financially stable, she’s successful as a model.
Namus12: jason,Zack and trini had issues as well
Namus12: that’s why they left
Namus12: i heard
CLFunaro: And Austin, Walter, and Thuy walked DUE to union issues.
CLFunaro: They did ADR until five in the morning.
CLFunaro: They had no regulations, no anything. But PR was being produced quickly, to capitalize on the boom.
CLFunaro: o they stopped appearing for dub work.
CLFunaro: They figured, hey, they won’t fire us!
CLFunaro: Then they stopped showing for photography.
Namus12: why every pr Actor had to fight for money?
CLFunaro: Most didn’t.

GreenSamurai12: Once Kendrix’s actor got Lukemia i believe, they wanted Cassie for the part to replace Kendrix
CLFunaro: Most PR actors also didn’t feel they were big league celebrities who deserved massive paychecks, despite the rumors.
CLFunaro: Yes, as I said.
GreenSamurai12: Then when contract issues didn’t go well with her, they got MELODY to play that part
CLFunaro: They shot two eps with Patricia, ya know.
GreenSamurai12: Melody wasn’t even the first choice to be Astronema
CLFunaro: Chyler was.
CLFunaro: She was “too old,” despite being CKL’s younger sister IRL.
CLFunaro: And Melody is ten years older than Chris.
Sir Montford III: Who/s Chyler? Are you serious? Christopher Kaymen Lee? She’s older than him?
Puperazzi: Were they originally looking for real-life siblings? Or was the consideration just a coincidence?
CLFunaro: Chyler Leigh is Christopher Khayman Lee’s sister.
CLFunaro: They wanted sibs, yes.
CLFunaro: And yeah, Melody is 33.

Sir Montford III: Hey I also heard (I believe by you, Funaro) That there were two C2D Scripts?
CLFunaro: Two endings shot, actually.
Sir Montford III: Same exact story just the final scene was different?
Sir Montford III: Like same EXACT words?
CLFunaro: Well, they SHOT a lot more footage than they used.
CLFunaro: Like the unused part of Fate of Lightspeed.
GreenSamurai12: It was this girl Angelica Bridges that was supposed to play Astronema
CLFunaro: But every PR has stuff cut.
CLFunaro: She was auditioned by Iris, she wasn’t a lock.
Sir Montford III: Can you tell me what you know about the finale of Lightspeed?
GreenSamurai12: Iris is who
CLFunaro: Mostly stuff in the Skull Cavern.
Puperazzi: Hampton, the Casting Director
CLFunaro: Iris Hampton, the casting direc– thank you. 😉
Sir Montford III: Anything important?
CLFunaro: Not a lot, just more of a Ryan/Carter focus.
GreenSamurai12: Thanks Chris
Sir Montford III: Oh lol
CLFunaro: The “bad” ending of Countdown is awesome.
CLFunaro: And only that bitch Dairenn Lombard saw it.
CLFunaro: Andros stays on KO-35.
CLFunaro: With Zhane and Karone.
CLFunaro: He has everything he wanted, from the first ep.
CLFunaro: And he’s miserable.
Sir Montford III: Was that the ending that allowed the PRIS cast to return for PRLG?
CLFunaro: Well, the notion that it was open ended.
GreenSamurai12: When was the scene with the Phantom unmasked in C2D like the end of it or no
CLFunaro: They never wrote that scene.
GreenSamurai12: oh
CLFunaro: Chip was adamant, Phanty has no other identity.
CLFunaro: He is a ghost robot.
CLFunaro: That’s it, end of story.

symbolicagony: Yeah I’ve heard CKL is a bit on the eccentric side to say the least
CLFunaro: Ignoring his girlfriend to noodle on a Playstation.
CLFunaro: And he’s a BIG GIANT FATTY now.

symbolicagony: I am still amazed JDF became an even worse actor by Forever red
CLFunaro: He couldn’t even “aw man” right anymore.
CLFunaro: Amit should have done ADR for JDF in FR.
CLFunaro: He did it for Scorp, it was awesome then.
CLFunaro: Amit does a GREAT Tommy.
symbolicagony: does anyone actually have a copy of scorpion rain?
symbolicagony: I want to see for myself that Amit is a better Tommy than JDF
symbolicagony: But yeah, JDF’s one line was fucked up
CLFunaro: I have a copy.
CLFunaro: Me, Derik, and…
CLFunaro: That’s it.
symbolicagony: Not to mention when he was delivering the speech to the other rangers
CLFunaro: JDF’s “Sea of Tran-QUIL-Lit-Tee” was the best delivery they had.
CLFunaro: They did it like twenty times.
CLFunaro: Ya know, we want Tommy to do three things.
CLFunaro: Spinning jump-kick, “seep-kaya”, and aw man.
CLFunaro: He can’t even aw man right anymore. Fuck him.
CLFunaro: And he has Fido Dido hair.
PrometheusUFO: i heard ASJ had a scene or two in FR as a business man or something.. but it was cut..
CLFunaro: Jason was most decidedly not a business man by then.
CLFunaro: That’s not one of the cut scenes.
symbolicagony: lol
symbolicagony: baybe a buisness man as in hired thug for the mafia
CLFunaro: One of the cut scenes IS Daggy’s ref, which is sad…
CLFunaro: Right, that’s what Amit WANTED him to be.
CLFunaro: Professional punk.

CLFunaro: * explains to morons that Turtle Cove is in Colorado *
Nxt2LstSong: hmm?
CLFunaro: It’s in the bible.
CLFunaro: And Silver Hills is Washington state.
Puperazzi: Oh that prison ship…
Puperazzi: Pshaw… old news…
Nxt2LstSong: educate me on this “bible,” Chris
CLFunaro: The series bible is the tome I live by.
CLFunaro: It teaches me things like “never escalate a battle unless forced to do so.”
CLFunaro: And “always keep your true identity a secret.”
CLFunaro: NO ONE MAY KNOW who I really am.
Puperazzi: They never did get the concept of a secret identity, did they?
CLFunaro: Not particularly well.
CLFunaro: I like —
CLFunaro: “Keep your identities a secret. Oh, and the bad guys all know your faces, names, where you live, and families.”
Puperazzi: exactly!
CLFunaro: I think I see the logic, though.
CLFunaro: Celebrity would be a tempting thing for the team.
CLFunaro: Look at Doomsday.
CLFunaro: Zack would totally blow his cover to get with Angela.
Puperazzi: That is true I suppose
CLFunaro: And once your ID is compromised, you never get a NORMAL LIFE.
CLFunaro: I think, in large part, Zordon kept their identities a secret so they could quit and fade into obscurity.
CLFunaro: Except Tommy, who made his fortune cashing in on it.
Puperazzi: Oh is that the backstory?;-)
CLFunaro: Bulkmeier’s is in Tommy’s backyard.
CLFunaro: Nobody got that.
CLFunaro: He has a PAY RESTAURANT by his pool.
CLFunaro: He makes guests pay for food and drink. 😉
Puperazzi: “Aw man!”
CLFunaro: That’s so Tommy.
Puperazzi: See… These are the jokes PRNS could use.
CLFunaro: I don’t want old continuity jokes, though.
CLFunaro: I keep offering this one to Doug for ADR.
CLFunaro: “Let’s toast this milquetoast!”
CLFunaro: “With you, bro!”
CLFunaro: For the Thunders.

SamuraiPrinceXR: ok now I got trade secret
SamuraiPrinceXR: but I bet you wont believe me
Superpower1979: what is it?
SamuraiPrinceXR: See I use to have connections in MMPR productions
Superpower1979: really?
SamuraiPrinceXR: I learned quite a bit
SamuraiPrinceXR: yeah, now hears the most shocking thing I learned
SamuraiPrinceXR: “Gaoranger was a joint project between Saban and Toei”
Superpower1979: what do you mean?
SamuraiPrinceXR: “Gaoranger was designed to be easily tranlated into power rangers”
SamuraiPrinceXR: No I`m saying that hasn`t anyone else notice how simple Gaoranger is?
MEGAGreenSamurai: but then disney got there nasty hands on it
Superpower1979: that’s not too unsuprising
Cyrax9: Fasciniating, so GaoRanger was designed to become PR no matter what?
SamuraiPrinceXR: yeah
SamuraiPrinceXR: this is also why PRWF followed Gaoranger almost to the letter
Cyrax9: A sort fo “Direct Translation” right? Minor changes?
Superpower1979: so why’d they do that anyway?
SamuraiPrinceXR: exactly, except for taylor being a girl

SamuraiPrinceXR: another thing I learned a few years back
SamuraiPrinceXR: was that PRTF was going to have a film
Cyrax9: I heard about that
Cyrax9: It was caned after 9/11
Cyrax9: Right Samurai?
SamuraiPrinceXR: but due to the fact that SAG threatened to strike and 911 it was canned
SamuraiPrinceXR: yeah half right
SamuraiPrinceXR: Rememebr that striking thing in 2001?
Cyrax9: That’s right! That was also why PRTF ran all year, right?
SamuraiPrinceXR: Yeah
Cyrax9: They wanteds to make sure the eps all got done adn they weren’t stuckw itha Striek, right?
Cyrax9: OK I thought I remerbed that.
SamuraiPrinceXR: yup
Cyrax9: So was a script written or anything?
SamuraiPrinceXR: yes it was
SamuraiPrinceXR: well barely
Cyrax9: Could they have filmed the movie at a later date, like this year if they wanted?
SamuraiPrinceXR: Fox said if PRTF got good ratings, better then PRLF theyed go ahead with a film
Cyrax9: But it didn’t?
SamuraiPrinceXR: No it did
SamuraiPrinceXR: like I said the SAG threat of a strike help kill it
Cyrax9: Then what kileld the moive if ti wasn’t SAG or 9/11 in the end?
Cyrax9: Oh.
SamuraiPrinceXR: yeah
SamuraiPrinceXR: and by then the actors were let go

SamuraiPrinceXR: See this is how FR went from what I know
SamuraiPrinceXR: The time force and wild force team up was going to be a three parter
SamuraiPrinceXR: and they wanted FR to be a big budget DVD OAV type movie
SamuraiPrinceXR: But due to the fact that Disney had placed new budgets on the MMPR productions and they had only enough money for so many episodes
SamuraiPrinceXR: the three part team up was cut up into a two part team up and forver red
SamuraiPrinceXR: FR had the blunt of the money in it

SamuraiPrinceXR: Turbo sucked in part because of David Yost
Cyrax9: THe walkoff, right?
SamuraiPrinceXR: Billy was the one who made the powers, billy was going to save tommy from jason at the last minute as the blue MMPR ranger, billy was a big part of that movie
Cyrax9: The “Yosties” wanted to see him again on the big screen, right?
SamuraiPrinceXR: yeah but he walked off
SamuraiPrinceXR: and heck I could see it a mile away
Cyrax9: Right the whole Gold ranegr thing?
Cyrax9: *Ranger
SamuraiPrinceXR: ok this is what I see
Cyrax9: Where they really wanted you to thinkit was Billy and they mae it Jason.
SamuraiPrinceXR: You remember Billy`s bad attitude in PRZ?
Cyrax9: Yes.
SamuraiPrinceXR: That was only half fake
Cyrax9: The way he seemd to be a little anyed with his role change.
Cyrax9: *change
SamuraiPrinceXR: David Yosy really was annoyed
SamuraiPrinceXR: yost
Cyrax9: He was pissed, about the Ranger tunered Tech, right?
SamuraiPrinceXR: Yeah
SamuraiPrinceXR: The fustraighted billy role, was true to life
Cyrax9: That was when they planned for him to get the Gold Ranger stuf and he wlked out of one to mnay incidents, correct?
SamuraiPrinceXR: yeah exactly
Cyrax9: David Yost was’t happy with the No-Ranger role, just like Billy.
SamuraiPrinceXR: yeah
Cyrax9: He would have been the Gol Ranger beofre the walk-off.
SamuraiPrinceXR: He also didn`t like Jason Frank
Shihen Aitsu: Why was that?
Cyrax9: Which lead to friction on the set no doubt.
Cyrax9: My guess is that Frank
Cyrax9: “stole the show” so to speak.
SamuraiPrinceXR: From what I heard Frank had quite a few people who ddin`t like him
SamuraiPrinceXR: Haim hated him
SamuraiPrinceXR: this is why he left
Cyrax9: I knwo they wanted him gone in S3 of MPR.
Cyrax9: But I thought he wanted to leave as well.
SamuraiPrinceXR: Frank and Saban would fight through out S3 to PRT
SamuraiPrinceXR: Tommy became the God of the show, and other actors didn`t like it
SamuraiPrinceXR: namely Yost
Cyrax9: See I could actually see some people nt liking Frank because he had a bunch fo huge roles.
Cyrax9: Because Yostw as there before he was.
SamuraiPrinceXR: yeah exactly
SamuraiPrinceXR: and as far as Foster goes
Cyrax9: Yost wanted the Zeo Powers, to eb Billys not Tommy’s right?
Cyrax9: Wasn’t Foster brought in last-minute.
SamuraiPrinceXR: I liked him in the movie because he embodied what a lot of us wanted, to be a kid and a power ranger
Cyrax9: A sort of “Quick-Fix” to the Yost Problem?
SamuraiPrinceXR: yeah he was
Cyrax9: Me too it was in PRT I had a problem with him.
Cyrax9: *with
Cyrax9: I belvie he was supposed to be replaced but then Steve walked, right?
SamuraiPrinceXR: yeah you got it
Cyrax9: Austin came back to Zeo because he was unemployed if I remerb correctly.
SamuraiPrinceXR: yeah again correct
SamuraiPrinceXR: Amy Jo came back because of a contract
Cyrax9: Right when she stated she’d NEVER do another PR Show.
Cyrax9: And didn’t Austin come back due to contractual isues as well?
SamuraiPrinceXR: yeah but also he liked being a ranger
Cyrax9: True.
SamuraiPrinceXR: see whats funny
SamuraiPrinceXR: ranger fans post PRT loved the job
SamuraiPrinceXR: I mean loved it

Cyrax9: CForect me if I’m wrong Samuraui but wasn’t MMPR S2 to eb DaiRanger and a new cast beofre the wole cnesorship/violance thing started?
SamuraiPrinceXR: no it was just going to be a new suit change
Cyrax9: Like Zeo, right?
SamuraiPrinceXR: yeah
Cyrax9: BUt that turned into a fiasco with Turbo
Cyrax9: ‘Wasn’t there orignallya different cast change for PRiS
Cyrax9: the revelation of the Phantom Ranger keeping Adam adn tanya I belive?
SamuraiPrinceXR: from what I know Adam was going to be red
Cyrax9: SOunds about right, Tanay would have been yellow?
Cyrax9: *Tanya
SamuraiPrinceXR: yeah
Cyrax9: The others were still being changed I know JDF was out, and so was Kat
Cyrax9: then Steven Walked
Cyrax9: That, if I rmerb correctly lead to Justin in PRT who was a temp-thing anyway.
Cyrax9: Now what gets me is that “other” Lost galaxy we never saw as well as rumours that PRiS had an alternate ending and opening.
Cyrax9: I heard hat fi Doug had remained they’d have kept Zordon, correct?
SamuraiPrinceXR: yeah
Cyrax9: Like a non-C2D ending before PRLG.
Superpower1979: the death of Zordon was inevetable
Cyrax9: Then DOug was laid off, adn Judd took over
Cyrax9: I agree it becomae old hat.

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Ninja Storm DVD Correction

June 28, 2003 has corrected their news article on the upcoming Power Rangers Ninja Storm DVDs. Apparently, they will be released on September 2nd. That is all.

sleeeep / Prelude To A Storm DVD Review

June 28, 2003

I slept all day. I think I only slept for 3 1/2 hrs last night so I guess I needed it. Glad I didn’t miss Ninja Storm though. Speaking of, check this out: – Power Rangers Ninja Storm – Prelude To A Storm DVD review

And unlike his Ultimate Rangers DVD review, he liked this one. Though I still don’t like those few little negative criticisms he’s added in.

I guess I’m gonna try and read a few more Harry Potter 5 chapters. See ya.

Saturday morning 6/28/03

June 28, 2003

Reruns, reruns, reruns. That’s almost all you get in the summer anymore. Both Ninja Turtles and Pirate Islands are reruns this morning, leaving only Power Rangers Ninja Storm still airing a new episode. Then, we get the same next week (7/5). The next two weeks after that (7/12 & 7/19), Ninja Storm isn’t even on at all. Then the series finally returns (7/26). I’ll update my airing schedules page with this new info once the next week of ABC Family listings are released.

Anyway, I woke up to my alarm at about 6:45AM. Like I said above, there was mostly nothing to watch. This made me fall in and out of sleep. The next thing I knew, I had slept a few hours.

When I awoke, it was time for the Pirate Islands repeat already. Of course I didn’t mind watching though and began drinking Kool Aid (my alternative of coffee) in order to stay awake enough to watch the new Ninja Storm episode a little over an hour away.

Kim Possible: repeat, as always. Moving on…

So my dad left for work a few hours ago…on this birthday. I sorta wish I remembered to get him something. Oh well…

Finally, today’s Power Rangers Ninja Storm episodes begin. First: a “I Love Lothor” repeat. Another episode that’s just as great in it’s 2nd viewing as it was in it’s 1st. Next: the all-new episode, “Good Will Hunter”. I have to say, this episode was almost as great as last week’s episode. The new power sphere was cool. And Choobo’s back? Ugh. Though I did laugh when he slipped in that dog pee at the end. HA.

Well, another Saturday down. I doubt I’ll even do this entry on July 12th and 19th since nothing is new. I might just sleep in instead.

See ya.