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September 30, 2005

Nickelodeon and Paramount have announced a January 24th 2006 DVD debut for Avatar: The Last Airbender – Book 1: Water, Volume 1. has first details & cover art. This first disc will run 95 minutes. That’s.. 4 episodes, right? I would’ve preferred a boxed set of the first 13 episodes, but.. Yay. So can’t wait.. 🙂 has now received DVD cover art for the December 13th release of Sin City: Recut & Extended Edition. Nice. 🙂

Cyberblue has done an interview with Power Rangers S.P.D.‘s Blue Ranger, Chris Violette. Click here to check it out.. 🙂

Click here for a free PS2 playable demo disc of Dragon Quest VIII… :p

I awoke early the next morning.. and got online for a bit. :p Then we watched the usual morning TV and had some breakfast. *shrug* At 11AM, I watched last night’s episode of Reunion. It barely kept my interest though. My viewership is in doubt.. Once that ended, I got online s’more so my dad could watch his damn news. But then the mail arrived with the my dad’s check. We went out to deposit it, get some gas, then got some water & diet pepsi at Target. He also bought me an Icee. He was surprised by how much it cost. :p Then we returned home and eventually watched the day’s episode of Passions on DVR. Today’s episode was pretty uneventful. Except maybe for Jessica’s storyline. And a couple other things..

My dad went off on another errand, so instead of what I had planned to watch.. I just watched the first two DVD episodes of Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex 2nd Gig. The series is pretty good so far. 🙂 Then I got online and downloaded a few anime themes. And soon moved on to the usual news-gathering. I had some supper during, and finished up online a little before 7PM..

My dad was out talking with his friends again (they don’t even know how to work their DVR). So I watched Degrassi TNG: Behind The Scenes (pretty cool special.. and I’m really looking forward to Season 5) and Ghost Whisperer (this episode didn’t hit me emotionally as much as the first.. since it was roughly the same story as last week). My dad returned at 9PM and we watched the one-hour season premiere of Hope & Faith (a laugh here and there.. but mostly *yawn*.. I guess I wasn’t in the mood for it) and tonight’s new episode of Reba (lol). Then I soon returned to my room for the night.

Today was rather boring.. except maybe for all the media. I’m looking forward to the weekend for some reason. When there’s really not that much to do (I don’t get my money for the month until Monday 😦 ). See ya..

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September 29, 2005

A new series of novels are set to begin on November 1st, with the release of Lost: Novelization #1 – Endangered Species by Cathy Hapka. And Hyperion, the publisher, is really planning ahead. already lists Novel #2: Secret Identity (January 1st 2006), Novel #3: Signs of Life (March 1st 2006), and an untitled Novel #5 (July 1st 2006). And I’m betting Novel #4 is out on May 1st.. Wow. These are expected to be completely new stories based on the hit ABC TV series.. 🙂 reports that American Dad has been picked up for nine more episodes, bringing its series total to 41 episodes.. Meanwhile, in more exciting news, 20th Century Fox has quietly begun production on 22 additional episodes of Family Guy, bringing its “revival” total to at least 57 episodes. Wow. 🙂

USA has announced that The 4,400 has been picked up for a third season of 13 episodes, which are expected to air next summer. Awesome. 🙂

Prison Break has been picked up for a full season! *celebrates* *hopes for a 24-like DVD release* 🙂

As I previously reported, new episodes of Avatar: The Last Airbender are starting to air on Nickelodeon. According to Yahoo! TV, you can catch re-airings of the first new episode, 114: “The Fortuneteller”, this coming Saturday and Sunday at 11AM ET. Then, the next new episode, 115: “Bato Of The Water Tribe”, is set to debut on Friday, October 7th at 8PM ET.. 🙂

Back by popular demand, Cartoon Network will once again be airing repeats of the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles animated series. From the beginning. Starting on October 8th.. At 6AM ET.. -_-

Jive Records has issued a press release announcing the November 1st DVD release of R. Kelly – Trapped In The Closet, Chapters 1-12. Beside the series of music videos, the DVD will also include a behind-the-scenes documentary and a feature-length commentary by R. Kelly himself. lol. And I had heard that R. Kelly said there would be 22 chapters on BET, so this may not even be the last DVD release. :p

In the morning, I woke up earlier than usual and got online for a bit. My dad soon left for a handout place, and I took the time to watch Elfen Lied episode 10 and Ghost In The Shell: Stand Alone Complex episode 24 on their respective DVDs. 🙂 Soon, my dad returned home and we watched some of the usual morning TV, then watched last night’s season premiere of CSI NY on DVR. Pretty good episode. I bet I know who’s getting fired next week. 😦 ..I had some lunch and got online for a bit. Then returned in time for today’s installment of Passions. But it was rather boring today. Stalling. Ugh..

Soon after that was over, I finally got to watch Family Guy Presents Stewie Griffin: The Untold Story. Hilarious. 🙂 Only not as much as I thought it would be. But that may be only my expectations trying to ruin it for me.. Then I fit in the last two DVD episodes of GitS SAC. Wow. Can’t wait to begin 2nd Gig.. Then it hit 5PM, so I got online to news-gather once again. I had a little supper during it, then finished online some time past 6PM..

I wasted some time watching some syndicated repeats of Everybody Love Raymond & Friends up until 8PM. Then we watched the Smallville season premiere. Great episode. Loved it. But something that just about ruined it for me was the commercials. It felt like I was watching commercials with a side of Smallville. And there was what seemed like local affiliate audio problems. The episode just went silent for a bit. Twice. Turning on the closed captions during those parts made it a bit better. I guess. Then the idiot affiliate put a local commercial over the show for a few seconds too. Grrr. I wish it were re-airing sometime later in the week.. Next, we watched the new CSI Vegas. But I wasn’t getting that into it for some reason. *shrug* lol @ those funny moments though.. After that, we finally watched Joey (lol) and Will & Grace (lol) on DVR. Then I returned to my room..

Now that I look back on today, it felt rather.. odd. Maybe because I’m on media overload, if that’s even possible.. It’s going to get cold tonight / in the morning. But my dad is refusing to try out those space heaters. And so am I. Just too much of a damn fire hazard. So he’s turned on the oven instead.. Tomorrow should be interesting. My dad finally gets some money in. Can’t wait to live for two weeks, then barely survive until the first of the month. Again.. See ya..

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September 28, 2005

According to of all places, Carlo Smith has been cast to play Nate, the Red Ranger, in next year’s Power Rangers Mystic Force. Hey, they were right with Matt Austin last year. :p Click here for a bit more info about Carlo.. Also, a Rangerboard member claims Carlo has already became a member of the board, but hasn’t spoken up yet.. JohnCrichton has asked Producer Bruce Kalish about it and was told this was false. But you never know. He could be covering up.. *shrug*

There’s rumors about that all the Superman films will be re-released on DVD in 2006, to coincide with the new film, and will be done in the style of the recently announced Batman Anthology Collection (coming out next month).. Yay. Glad I held off on buying the current releases.. 🙂

Universal is trying to cash in again. *sigh* They’ll be releasing King Kong: Peter Jackson’s Production Diaries on December 13th. The two-disc & book set will retail for $39.98. Idiots. This should’ve been on King Kong‘s Special Edition DVD set, not by itself.. -_- now has a track listing for the November 1st release of Now That’s What I Call Music! Volume 20. And has cover art. I only dislike five of the tracks this time. But they’re all at the beginning of the CD. -_-

1. Missy Elliott – Lose Control
2. Black Eyed Peas – Don’t Phunk With My Heart
3. Pussycat Dolls w/Busta Rhymes – Don’t Cha
4. Rihanna – Pon De Replay
5. Ludacris/B.Valentino – Pimpin’ All Over The World
6. Bow Wow W/Ciara – Like You
7. Dem Franchise Boyz – I Think They Like Me

8. Destiny’s Child – Cater 2 U
9. Lyfe Jennings – Must Be Nice
10. Natasha Bedingfield – These Words
11. Kelly Clarkson – Behind These Hazel Eyes
12. DHT – Listen To Your Heart
13. Backstreet Boys – Just Want You To Know
14. The Click Five – Just The Girl
15. Franz Ferdinand – Do You Want To
16. Weezer – Beverly Hills
17. Fall Out Boy – Sugar, We’re Goin’ Down
18. Lifehouse – You & Me
19. Coldplay – Fix You
20. Keith Urban – You’ll Think Of Me

Once I was done with the usual online crap, I once again headed off to sleep.. I woke in the morning freezing. My dad was too fucking dense to take the hint to close the damn window though. Dumbass. So I went to my room that had been closed off all night and got online for a bit. At 9AM, I finished up and returned to the living room to watch some of the usual morning TV. We had breakfast, then watched more TV. :p Then we watched / taped Monday’s new episode of Surface. Awesome. So hooked. 🙂 I got online a bit more, had some lunch, then eventually watched the day’s episode of Passions. lol @ the ending and the horrible wedding music.. While I was doing that, I downloaded and burned a CD. It took three tries for this damn computer to get it right. Grr. Then I deleted that one and downloaded another (I’m such a bloody leech)..

When my dad returned from an errand, we watched the final two DVD episodes of Smallville: Season 4 — “Forever” & “Commencement”. Great episodes, especially the finale. I so can’t wait for the season premiere tomorrow night.. Then I had to deal with another damn computer problem. I deleted the last downloaded CD to have space for the next one, which was smaller. But the computer pulled some “disk fill” bullshit anyway. I did “Disk Cleanup” and got rid of 30MB. But it still claimed there wasn’t enough space. I deleted another 30-some MB of mp3s, and it still did it.. It’s probably because my hard drive is damaged.. I paused the torrent for a minute after every “no space left” BSoD warning, and finally got the whole damn thing downloaded.. *sigh* I wish I could afford a better computer.. After all that bullshit was over, I decided to news-gather. But there wasn’t much news today, so I got done rather quickly.

I set up another CD burn, and made a small supper (there’s very little left). Even before I was done, the CD burn had finished. On the first try. Yay. I got back online to do some additional news-gathering. Then found time to read another chapter of Extreme Zone #8, and episode 9 from the Elfen Lied Vol 3 DVD. Great anime series. My dad came back in from outside during this.. In primetime, we watched Still Standing (lol), Yes Dear (lol), Lost (whoa, beyond awesome.. and not just due to Evangeline Lilly’s large amount of cleavage while in that air vent *makes note to check that out on the DVR later* 😉 ), and Invasion (okay, this show’s growing on me.. and I had almost decided to stop VHSing it :p ). Once that was all over, I returned to my room..

Today was actually pretty good. But again, that was mostly because of the media. All the problems I had with the computer and VCR sure didn’t help though. *sigh* See ya..

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September 27, 2005

Surprise, surprise. Lucasfilm & Fox Home Entertainment have released DVD cover art for a Star Wars Trilogy: Limited Edition 3-DVD set. It’s set to arrive in stores just in time for the holiday season on December 6th, and will contain the special editions of the original trilogy only. No extras. Except some easter eggs.. *rolls eyes* :/

This article from SCI FI Wire lets a little out of the bag concerning what to expect this season on Smallville, which begins this Thursday night at 8PM ET. 🙂

On second thought, the DVD release of Dumb & Dumber: Unrated on January 3rd 2006 doesn’t look that bad at all. There’s six minutes back into the films, over a half hour of deleted & alternate scenes, and a retrospective documentary.. Check out the press release.. 🙂

Once I finished up online (around 2AM), I headed off to sleep once again, as usual.. I woke up the next morning and watched some TV. But I kept falling back to sleep. Next thing I knew, I woke up again and it was time to media buy..

There wasn’t much to today’s buys. Since I have so little money. And my dad has so little gas.. I went to Circuit City and bought the Family Guy Presents Stewie Griffin: The Untold Story DVD, along with the Fox TV Sampler DVD (Including the episodes Stacked: “A Fan For All Seasons”, Arrested Development Season 2: “Good Grief”, and American Dad: “Francine’s Flashback”). The DVD also included news that American Dad: Volume 1 is coming soon to DVD. Yay.. Next, I moved onto Walgreens and bought a few things. While he was out in the car, my dad checked his voicemail. The damn TV rental guys called again. My dad claims they sounded a little more urgent this time. Life blows. *sigh* ..We headed home..

We watched the rest of Ellen, then watched last night’s great episode of Medium on DVR. “I Will Survive” has never been more annoying. lol.. Once that was over, I got online to inventory the new DVD. Then I looked through the video retailer magazine I got in the mail up until Passions started. Today’s installment of Passions was great. Mostly for the court scenes.. Once that was over, I watched two more DVD episodes of Smallville: Season 4 — “Blank” & “Ageless”. I liked the first one more than the second. Maybe because I’m rooting for Clark / Chloe a bit more than Clark / Lana. :p When that ended, I checked out that free trailer DVD that came in the mail with the video retailer magazine. I may have to buy Mr & Mrs Smith right away after all.. Then my dad finally woke up and we watched last night’s very awesome episode of Prison Break. Loved it. Maybe my favorite of the season so far. So want it on DVD. :p But that “to be continued” point. Ack! O_O

That all ended just after 5PM. I got online to news-gather, and had a little supper.. I got done online just after 6:30. At that point, I watched last night’s episodes of Arrested Development (lmao) & Kitchen Confidential (lol) on my bedroom DVR. Then I joined my dad in watching the rest of some Everybody Love Raymond repeat. Then came primetime. We watched Bones (pretty good.. but damnit, don’t air episodes out of order) & House (awesome episode). Too bad these won’t be back until November 1st. 😦 Then we watched the episodes that just finished DVRing: My Name Is Earl (lol.. a little better than last week) & The Office (still barely on my radar.. of.. liking it.. >_> ). After all that was over, I returned to my room to check out Cinematech: Nocturnal Emissions..

Today would’ve been pretty okay, if it wasn’t for that call from the TV rental guys. If they take back their TV, I’ll be left with one less DVR to use. So I’ll have to stop watching some shows that I enjoy in order to keep watching others that I enjoy more. My dad likes King of Queens, but I’d be forced to drop it in a second to watch Arrested Development if we only had one DVR to use (that can only watch / tape two shows at one time). And I’d might have to stop watching most of the ones I DVR in my room, like Supernatural & Veronica Mars, completely. *sigh* When I quit life, I did it to get away from the drama. But it only followed me. I try to hide from it using media, but it doesn’t always work. I guess there’s really just one true way to escape it… See ya.

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September 26, 2005 reports some special exclusive items you can get free with purchase of the Family Guy Presents Stewie Griffin: The Untold Story DVD starting tomorrow. Er, today. Tuesday. Anyway.. Circuit City is offering a Free Fox DVD including episodes of American Dad, Arrested Development Season 2, and Stacked (I’m getting this one). And Coconuts has some free Family Guy book or something.. :p

Funimation has revealed the release date for the Degrassi: The Next Generation – Season 3 DVD set. It will arrive on March 28,2006. 🙂 …I still need to purchase Season 1 & 2.. since I thought $45 was a bit much for 13 half-hour episodes (Season 1).. 😦

Kirsten Dunst herself now claims that Venom and Sandman will be the featured villains in Spider-Man 3. She also eventually helped confirm that Topher Grace will be playing Venom. Ugh. I think Thomas Hayden Church would be so much better in that role.. :/

Once I finished up on the usual LJ stuff, I headed off to sleep. Like usual.. I woke up the next morning and watched the second half of Thursday’s Reunion on DVR before my dad woke up. A DVR mix-up caused me to miss the first half. 😦 Then we had some breakfast and watched some of the usual morning TV. Blah. But then I went out and sold those DVDs to GameStop. I needed some extra money for the DVD purchase tomorrow. I also plugged in the old car stereo back in. My dad couldn’t get it in last week. Heh.. We arrived back home and watched the latest episode of Over There. One of the best ones yet. Then we waited until Passions started. Not much happened. Just stuff leading up to other stuff. But it was still better than the recent episodes..

After that was over, we watched last night’s episodes of Family Guy (rofl) and American Dad (lol) on DVR. Then I watched two more Smallvile: Season 4 DVD episodes — “Onyx” & “Spirit”. Great episodes, especially the latter. 🙂 I also watched the “Being Lois Lane” featurette. It pretty cool, even though it was a bit short. Then I found time to watch a chapter of Extreme Zone #8, and followed that up with the usual news-gathering.

I finished up online a little after 6:30PM. Then I watched / taped the new episode of Power Rangers S.P.D. — 1529: “Katastrophe”. Very awesome episode. And mostly because of Kat. :p The episode opens with Kat and Boom working on some robotic arm for some reason. Sgt. Birdie calls her and offers her a promotion to SPD Headquarters. She said she would think about it.. The Rangers soon find out the news and agree that they wouldn’t like to see her go. Omega makes some stupid comment about her leaving would alter the future. What the heck? Shouldn’t he know what happens? They begin thinking of a way to get her to stay when they’re interrupted by an attack on the city. They take out their Megazords, discover the robot has no pilot, and soon take it out. Meanwhile, at some remote location, some guy named Mooney collects information on the zords for his next creation.. Hmm, how could the Rangers convince Kat to stay? Apparently, the best they could come up with was to make her feel completely useless at her current job. Boom and the others put this plan into action right away. A little later, Doggie finds Kat sitting outside feeling useless. He asks her if she’s made her decision. Kat replies that she has. Next time we see her, she’s flying a spacecraft to what appears to be the moon. No goodbyes to the others, because she hates goodbyes. Kat soon discovers that her job here involves more staff meetings than getting your hands dirty. And she likes the latter.. Back on Earth, Boom is having a tough time keeping everything in the lab in order, including that robotic arm. Kat contacts him to see if everything is going okay. Boom lies and says that it is. Even after she notices some smoke behind Boom. He lies and says that he’s barbecuing.. The Rangers are sent out in the Delta Megazord to battle another robot. They see this one doesn’t have a pilot either and Jack deduces that this will be a piece of cake. Wrong. This is Mooney’s new creation that can predict their attacks. Soon, the Delta Megazord is knocked out, leaving the Rangers laying on the ground nearby.. But the Rangers go SWAT mode and call on their SWAT Megazord as Omega & Doggie arrive as back-up. Boom discovers that this robot has an unstable power source that must be disabled before they destroy it. Kat soon finds this out as well, and knows who’s behind it. It’s an old classmate of Kat’s, Mooney. He takes this information to Birdie, and he sends her back to Earth to help. But not before handing her an ominous morpher-sized box. He tells her that it will only work for an hour (stingy bastard).. As the SWAT Megazord takes on the robot, Kat lands beachside and searches for Mooney with some kind of device. She soon finds Mooney and Broodwing at their cave hideout, and a Crybot battle commences. Woohoo. Cat-style fighting, complete with hissing. 🙂 After a while, she begins having a bit of trouble. So she pulls out her morpher and morphs into KatRanger (an orange and white suit with cat-shaped helmet). They take the battle outside as Broodwing comments “another one?”. Haha. Now that she’s morphed, she takes them all out quite easily. Doggie & Omega join her on the beach. Broodwing announces that the Helios reactor inside the robot is overheating and will soon explode. They are practically given the suitcase-sized control panel as Broodwing escapes. KatRanger takes the control panel and goes into the cave hideout. She de-activates the reactor with mere seconds to spare. The SWAT Megazord now takes out the robot easily, by going into space and blasting it with the huge cannon. Kat then corners Mooney and captures him. The other Rangers head to the beach and are surprised by Kat’s Ranger form. Sadly, she explains that this will be the last you see of KatRanger. *sigh* 😦 ..Later, the Rangers have gathered to see Kat off. She’s heading back to SPD Headquarters. The Rangers continue to keep up their “we don’t need you” act. Until Boom comes in and begs her to stay, saying that the lab is a disaster area without her. The Rangers come out of their act and finally admit they need her there too. And Kat decides to stay. The end. 🙂 Next episode — 1530: “Missing”: Bridge is captured by some bug monster and put into a shrinking room. Uh oh. Will the others find him before its too late?

I wrote up the description above after it was over, and got done just before primetime. Whew. But my dad had to screw that up too. He kept saying how bad he wanted to see the first show, then went outside and started chatting with his retarded friends (“it’s pronounced ‘warsh'”) past 8PM. Grr. After about 10 minutes of waiting (pausing), I gave up and watched King of Queens (lol) and How I Met Your Mother (lol.. great show) anyway. I wish I had kept the latter on the DVR last week to transfer it to VHS. I’m liking the show that much. :p My dad returned from outside at this point. But he was too obsessed about knowing what this guy was doing parked in a car out front all night. He thinks its a cop on a stakeout or something.. We watched Two And A Half Men (lmao), Out Of Practice (lol) and CSI Miami (wow.. pretty good episode). After that, I fit in another chapter of Extreme Zone #8 and returned to my room..

Today was okay. The SPD episode, as well as the other media, improved it. Can’t wait for tomorrow. 🙂 See ya..

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Sun 09.25.05 — more media. some boredom. all day. but no one cares…

September 25, 2005

I watched the new episode of MadTV. Hilarious. Especially the parody of The View where the ladies acted like hens. rofl.. Also, the ads for the upcoming movie Domino make it look fuckin’ awesome. It’s gonna hurt waiting for the DVD of that one.. I just got done online. So now I’m heading off to sleep.. k..

If you missed the new episode of Avatar: The Last Airbender (“The Fortuneteller”) this weekend, the schedule states that it will re-air next Saturday, October 1st, at 11AM ET.. Also, if you have yet to see the awesomeness that is Surface, NBC will be re-airing the first two episodes of the series next Saturday night at 8PM ET.. 🙂

I woke up in the morning and looked through the newspaper for this Tuesday’s ads. Then I looked through my DVDs for ones to sell. Since I barely have enough money to buy the one DVD I want to purchase this week.. Then we had some breakfast and I watched the new episodes of Full Metal Alchemist (nice) & Best Week Ever (lol) on DVR.Then I watched two more Smallville: Season 4 DVD episodes — “Sacred” & “Lucy”. These were pretty good, especially the first one. After that, I turned it on QVC for a bit to torture my dad. He hates Christmas and they’re already selling stuff for it. lol @ his comments. Only 90 days to go! :p

My dad soon took over the TV and watched his damn sports. I relocated to my room and watched this week’s episodes of Head Cases (yay @ Brooke Nevin on another show), Tripping The Rift (haha) & Supernatural (freaky.. not as good as last week.. but I enjoyed all the Smallville: Season 5 promos). And now I’m bored again. 😦

We had a little supper and watched some America’s Funniest Videos. Then I watched the new episode of Unfabulous. Pretty good. Except the music video didn’t air here. Probably due to the assholes at the cable company putting their local commercials all over the damn thing. Gr. I found time to read another chapter of Extreme Zone #8, then watched a little King of the Hill. Still can’t stand the show.. Then we watched Simpsons (lol @ The OC parody where they were robbed), The War At Home (lol), Desperate Housewives (another great episode) and Grey’s Anatomy (this was pretty good too). And I DVRed Family Guy, American Dad, and Over There for later.

I idled in an AIM chat for Roswell fans tonight. I just can’t believe that it’s been three and a half years since the show ended.. and they still discuss it. Wow. I’ve mostly moved on to other shows now. Though when I did finish watching the final season on DVD, I felt like I wanted to just watch the entire series over again. 🙂 ..Today was alright. Thanks to Hurricane Rita, it rained all day. Woohoo. :p See ya..

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[ Indonesia Tourism Call For ‘Transparency’ Regarding H5N1 ]
[ US Military Armed Dolphins May Be Missing After Katrina ]

Sat 09.24.05 — media. all day. all evening.

September 24, 2005

I had tried to stay up to listen to Alex Jones on Coast To Coast AM.. but I fell asleep. Damnit.. I awoke in the morning a little before the alarm. Argh. :p I watched some music videos, then watched the Instant Star season finale on DVR. Pretty good episode. 🙂 After that, my dad was done with the paper, so we watched the last two episodes of Mind of Mencia on DVR (we were getting a little behind). And we watched some more MadTV repeats on Comedy Central until it was time to watch / tape the new episode of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles — “A Wing And A Prayer”. I wasn’t expecting it to be more backstory on Atlantea. So that was cool.. My dad went out to another handout place. I hope he’s more lucky with this one than the other. We still have to survive all next week..

My dad soon returned from the handout place. He fared a little better there. Then we watched two more DVD episodes of Smallville: Season 4 — Recruit” & “Krypto”. Both were pretty good, especially the first one.. I’m looking around the channels.. and out of nowhere, I see a new episode of Avatar: The Last Airbender airing on Nickelodeon. WTF? I thought the new season wasn’t supposed to start until next year. I hurriedly scheduled the DVR to record the encore a few hours later on Nick2 (what seems to be the last airing for the rest of the week), then got online to investigate. Luckily enough, I discover this to be the first new episode. *sighs in relief* But it’s part of Season 1..? *scratches head* :/

I could find nothing to watch on TV, so I played some more Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal. I finally finished that level that was so hard last time. But I pretty much ended while I was ahead. I put in a free demo disc that had just arrived in the mail — Genji. I played through the whole demo. Pretty cool.. even though I don’t usually play RPGs. Then I played a little on the latest OPM demo disc. But soon got bored of that too and shut off the PS2 completely. Now there’s still nothing on TV. 😦

I eventually checked out that Rome Free Preview DVD with the first episode on it. I don’t usually enjoy this kind of show, but I did. A little. I’d probably watch.. if I had HBO. The large “HBO” logo watermark over the center of the screen for the entire thing kept annoying me though. 😦 My dad kind of took over the TV and I fell asleep.. I awoke nearly two hours later to see the ending to Night At The Roxbury. My dad was watching. I never have seen it before. As soon as my dad noticed I was awake, he took off outside. Strange. ..The shows I usually watch aren’t on until 7:30PM.. :p

I started off by watching Elfen Lied episode 8 on DVD Vol 3. I’m really liking this series. Too bad there’s only one more volume to go.. My dad came in and made some popcorn. :/ I watched the new episodes of Zatch Bell (awesome.. next week looks even better) & Naruto (great episode). My dad left a bit into the first show. He can only get into cartoons if it’s the classic Looney Tunes or Tom & Jerry. :p

Then, I watched / taped the new episode of Avatar: The Last Airbender — “The Fortuneteller”. Great episode. I especially liked the abundance of comedy from Sokka and seeing Aang & Katara’s relationship finally starting to form. 🙂 I hope there’s a new one next week. The DVR schedule only lists a rerun next Friday. But Nickelodeon has been known to change a rerun to a new episode with only days’ notice. Idiots.. I made a new tape for Avatar just in case another one does air next week and watched some America’s Most Wanted with my dad. Then I returned to my room..

Today was could’ve been worse. But with the media, it was just okay. Just a little boring.. Tomorrow will probably be worse, with my dad’s damn football & NASCAR all afternoon. But that would give me a chance to watch all the stuff that’s been building up on my bedroom DVR all week. *shrug* See ya..

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dumb unrated / head chopped / today

September 23, 2005

New Line has discovered that a crappy prequel won’t rake in the dough… so they’ve decided to release Dumb And Dumber: Unrated Edition on DVD January 3rd 2006 instead. The new version will include six additional minutes to the film.. I’ll most likely buy though, since I don’t have the film on DVD yet.. :p

FOX is first to cancel a new fall TV series. Head Cases has been pulled, after losing half its audience from the premiere episode.. :/

I got done with the usual LJ stuff. Then added a couple schools I attended to my user info with the new schools feature. I added the years even though I’m not sure about them. I dropped out pretty quickly.. I also discovered that this entry will be my 1,700th. Wow.. I headed off to sleep rather early, then woke up the next morning to my dad waking up. He thought it was Saturday already for some reason. :p Eventually, I got online and visited my MySpace account for the first time in a while. Then we watched some of the usual morning TV. Regis & Kelly’s Relly Awards must be one of the stupidest things on TV. Not to mention a huge waste of time.. Eventually, we watched last night’s Everybody Hates Chris on DVR. Verrry funny. Too bad I’ll have to DVR it in my room starting next week (due to Smallville).. After some Price Is Right, I got online again a bit.

I returned in time for Passions. Today’s episode was somewhat better than yesterday. The court inaccuracies nagged at me again though. *shrug* ..Once that was over, I watched two more DVD episodes of Smallville: Season 4 — “Unsafe” & “Pariah”. Loved this two-parter. And not just for the scantily-clad Sarah Carter. *rolls eyes @ the plothole where Alicia couldn’t just teleport away from that asshole holding her* 😦 ..Once those were over, I found the time to read another chapter of Extreme Zone #8. Then I organized some of my free bonus DVDs that DVDAficionado refuses to add to their database. And got online to news-gather.

Surprisingly enough, I got done before 6:30PM. Once my dad’s news was over, I took over the TV and watched / taped the new Power Rangers S.P.D. episode — 1533: “Impact”. I expected it to be crap, but it was actually pretty good. 🙂 ..The episode opens with a recap of scenes.. we haven’t seen yet. Why is that? Because the idiots at Disney decided to air episode 1533 (the episode that follows “Wormhole”) after 1528. -_- The scenes pretty much show Broodwing hiring an ally against Gruumm. Gruumm sent some creature to battle the Rangers, called a Dragoul. Gruumm explains that Broodwing went against him somehow. Then Broodwing says he has a more powerful Dragoul in his possession.. The episode really opens with Jack and Sky in some firing range at SPD Academy, trying to fire at a target (which is actually Boom in a costume again). They are interrupted by a small tremor. Unknown to them, it’s the other Dragoul getting restless deep underground.. Meanwhile, a professor (Broodwing’s ally) attempts to look at the stars from his observatory when Broodwing arrives to ruin his view. The professor tells Broodwing he has a plan to keep the Rangers busy battling the Dragoul while he redirects a meteor to impact New Tech City, using a remote control. Broodwing pays him to pull off this scheme. The Dragoul attacks the city and the Rangers take it on with their megazord. But the creature soon gets away. They return to SPD to discover that a meteor is heading toward Earth. The Rangers visit the professor and get a reassurance that the meteor will not hit Earth. But Bridge doesn’t believe him. He uses his aura arm trick to discover his true form before they leave. A little later, the Rangers confront the professor outside. The professor eventually reveals his true form to them and a battle ensues involving the SWAT Rangers against some Crybots. In the end, Sky captures the criminal and returns the remote control to SPD. But Kat says that it’s too late. the meteor’s path has been set. Both Sky and Jack volunteer to try and use the the SWAT Megazord Cannon to destroy it, but Doggie chooses Sky. But Jack sneaks on board as well, as the other Rangers battle the Dragoul that has just returned. Sky can’t lock on to the meteor right away, but soon fires a direct shot. Unfortunately, the shot doesn’t destroy the meteor. It only blows a hole through it. Jack disengages his SWAT Flyer from the cannon and makes the audience assume that he rams his Flyer right into the meteor. The meteor is destroyed. The death of his comrade makes Sky admit to himself that he respected Jack. He returns to the battle on Earth to fight and deliver the bad news. The others are shocked.. until Jack arrives in his Flyer. He explains how he destroyed the meteor by just firing at the glowing core of the meteor with his gun. The Rangers join together and finally take down the Dragoul. A little later, Jack and Sky are back at the firing range. The others look on and comment that they’re back to normal. Meanwhile, Gruumm has picked up the remains of the meteor. He has big plans for the minerals it contains. He also reveals that “the time of the magnificence is drawing near” and that the Earth will fall when it arrives. Morgana looks a little curious by what he means.. Broodwing is attacked by pairs of Orangeheads and Blueheads, sent by Gruumm to destroy him. He defeats them easily and swears to take Gruumm down.. The end. I guess.

Writing the short description above left me too late to watch the Instant Star season finale, so I just left it to the DVR. Then I waited until 8PM to watch the series premiere of Ghost Whisperer. I had heard it wasn’t that good. But I liked it. I even teared up a little over the story of a dead soldier trying to contact his son. I think I’m hooked. 🙂 My dad liked it too. Next, I decided to try out Threshold again. At the halfway point, I decided it was just too bad to continue watching. So we gave up and watched the Reba episode that I had just finished DVRing instead. We actually liked that. Then I gave the TV over to my dad to watch a show he likes (Numb3rs) and I returned to my room..

Today was pretty okay. Even though I’ll probably have to keep today’s SPD episode on DVR until I can put it on my VHS in the correct order. 😦 ..See ya..

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lost ratings / medium 3d / more gits sac / blog sitcom / today

September 22, 2005

23.1 million viewers tuned in to watch last night’s season premiere of Lost. In fact, the Adults 18-49 audience was 51% higher than the turnout for the last year’s season premiere. Wow. 🙂

TV Guide and NBC have joined to air an episode of Medium in 3D on November 21st. 3D glasses will be included in the November 21st issue of TV Guide (on newsstands November 17th). Click here for more details.. 🙂

Ghost in the Shell TV series director Kenji Kamiyama revealed at the recent 9th Annual Kobe Animation Awards that Production I.G. has plans for a continuation of the Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex anime. However, what format the sequel will be in has yet to be decided.

Coooool. 🙂

UNTITLED JASON MULGREW, MARK RIZZO AND JOSH STOLBERG PROJECTS (NBC, New!) – Feature writer Josh Stolberg (the upcoming “Evan Almighty”), blogger Jason Mulgrew and Groundlings performer Mark Rizzo have all reportedly scored script orders from the Peacock. All three comedy projects are set up at the NBC Universal Television-based Dreamworks Television with Darryl Frank and Justin Falvey executive producing. Stolberg’s effort is a blind script commitment for a yet-to-be-determined series while Mulgrew’s is a semi-autobiographical story of his life in New York and Rizzo’s is a coming-of-age story. No other specifics were given.

Wow. A sitcom semi-based on the life of a blogger. Haha… My show would be the most boring show ever. :p

Wow. A search engine just for LiveJournal. Now I’ve seen everything.. Well, probably not really.. After the usual LJ stuff, listening to that Mystic Force theme quite a few times and rebooting, I finally got off to sleep.. I awoke in the morning to my dad going off to that handout place. I took the time to transfer Surface from DVR to VHS while reading two more chapters of Extreme Zone #8. Then I watched Episode 8 from Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu Vol 3. Took them long enough to introduce the supporting characters from the original series. :/ Great episode though. 🙂 I watched a little morning TV . My dad soon returned from the handout place. They didn’t have all that much to give. *sigh* After some more morning TV, we watched last night’s episodes of Still Standing & Yes Dear on DVR. Well, my dad mostly slept. :/ ..After that, I got online for awhile..

I finished up online and watched the day’s Passions. Today’s episode was boring. Too much stalling. I hope Pilar finally drops that ex-husband of hers after what happened today. And I don’t like where Noah & Fancy’s storyline is heading either. *sigh* ..Once that was over, I watched two more DVD episodes of Smallville: Season 4 — “Bound” & “Scare”. Both were okay. *shrug* My dad soon returned from using his last five bucks on some more bottled water and a little gas.. Then I wasted a little over an hour playing that short Sly 3 demo disc. Blah. *haha’s @ the 2-player game where I was the only player* :p Once I finished that up, it was time for my dad’s news again. So I returned to my room to news-gather. When I was done, we had supper..

I got online a bit more and my dad went outside. So I chose to watch the fan-service-filled Episode 8 from the Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu Vol 3 DVD. >:) Pretty funny episode. But my dad came back in as it was starting. Damnit. But he stayed quiet for most of it. I turned off the DVD just as the Joey season premiere was starting. I rather liked this episode. haha @ the scene with Kevin Smith. :p After that, we watched the season premiere of CSI Vegas. It was also a pretty good episode. I was going to watch Reunion after that. But due to me making a stupid mistake on the DVR, it didn’t record. 😦 I add a few minutes to most recordings to ensure I get the entire episode. I screwed up by turning back the start “minutes” but not the “hour”. And I didn’t notice until it was already half over. So I only have half of the episode. *sigh* 😦 ..After that, I didn’t feel like watching anything on the DVR and left my dad to watch Criminal Minds..

I’m worried for my cat. He’s being a real ass lately, scratching at the curtains all the damn time. My dad is threatening to get rid of him if he rips a hole in them. You can see many small holes in them already. *sigh* ..Today didn’t go down too well in general. My screwup on the DVR hurt. So did the not-so-good episodes of Smallville (at least that two-parter I really enjoyed is up tomorrow). And the computer’s usual fuckups. And the Sly 3 demo was somewhat lame. Etcetera, etcetera.. 😦

See ya.

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prmf rap / spd title / family guy v3 art / sw ep3 bonus / quentin csi / house / 24 / closet / today

September 21, 2005

Ron Wasserman has leaked a rejected rap demo version of the Power Rangers Mystic Force theme to RangerBoard. Check it out. It’s actually pretty good, in my opinion.. 🙂

Kyl415 has received the next Power Rangers S.P.D. episode title. Episode 1535: “Insomnia” will premiere Monday, October 24th at 7PM ET on Toon Disney.. 🙂

Twentieth Century Fox has released DVD cover art for the November 29th release of Family Guy: Volume Three (Season 4, Part 1). Rather average, really. *shrug* But we’re not buying it for the cover art.. :p

Russell Hammond has the scoop on recent and upcoming exclusive items & discs that come with purchase of DVDs. He reveals that Wal-Mart of all places will have an exclusive bonus DVD with purchase of Star Wars, Episode III – Revenge Of The Sith on November 1st. Damnit. *pouts* Wonder if there’ll even be any widescreen copies there at all..

Yay. Something I very much hoped would happen is happening.. On Region 2 DVD. *sigh* CSI: Grave Danger, last season’s finale directed by Quentin Tarantino, is heading to DVD in the UK on October 10th. I want a US release damnit. And I don’t wish to buy the whole season. 😦

Fox has picked up House for two more episodes this season, making a full order of 24 episodes. Yay. 🙂

Fox has also moved back the two-night fifth season premiere of 24, from January 8th & 9th to January 15th & 16th…

Damnit. R Kelly is now releasing Trapped In The Closet as a separate DVD on November 1st. I wonder if this one will also include Chapters 6-10.. :p

Once I got done online, I returned to the living room and fell asleep watching Conan O’Brien.. I awoke in the morning to my wallet on the floor. That must’ve been an odd dream. That I don’t remember. For me to take it out of my pocket and get it to the floor somehow.. I watched some of the usual morning TV. I had some breakfast and my dad finally woke up. After some more morning TV. We watched Monday’s series premiere of Surface. Awesome. I was hooked to this show even before the first commercial break (unlike Threshold.. yuck). I loved every aspect of this show. It better stay, NBC. I highly recommend this series. For sci-fi fans. Or mystery fans, for that matter. The first episode re-airs on Sci-Fi Channel this Friday at 6PM ET and late Sunday at 12 midnight ET. New episodes air on NBC Mondays at 8PM ET. 🙂 ..Once that was over, I got online for a while. Eventually, we watched today’s Passions. It was somewhat less boring than yesterday. But I still miss the old days where the supernatural was more involved. :/

After watching a bit of Montel, I moved on to watched two more Smallville: Season 4 DVD episodes — “Jinx” & “Spell”. I enjoyed both of these (again), especially the latter. Once that was over, I finally found time to watch the rest of PR SPD Vol 3 — “Abandoned” & “Wired” Part 1 & 2. I enjoyed “Wired” more. Now I can finally move on to those anime DVDs.. It finished just in time the news that my dad enjoys for some reason. So I returned to my room to news-gather. I had a lame supper during it.

I finished up online just as my dad went outside. So I watched Episode 7 from the Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu Vol 3 DVD. Great show. Funny episode too. *anticipates the fan service in the next two episodes* >:) ..Then I waited until Lost started. First, it actually was a new clip show. With Peter Coyote narrating, it was almost as if I was watching a real-life documentary at times. lol. My dad came back in during that.. Then came the big event: the Lost second season premiere. Wow. I had read an early spoiler that they wouldn’t get into the hatch until Episode 3, so I was thrilled to see it happen here instead. I’ve since tried to stay away from spoilers for this show. Great episode. It revealed a lot more than I expected. And that surprise ending. Ack. :p ..After that was over, we watched / taped the series premiere of Invasion. Now that was a Lost clone. So little was revealed. But I still see some promise for this show. I like it. Just not as much as Surface, and definitely Lost.. Once it was over, I returned to my room.

Today was pretty cool. But again, that was largely due to the huge amount of media my eyes digested today to keep me sane for another day.. We’re very low on food now. Supper consisted of shoplifted hot dogs. At least there’s another handout place to go to tomorrow. We’re both just about broke. And there’s still a little over a week before more money comes in.. See ya.

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