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veronica s1 dvd info / war opening / 4400 ratings / today

June 30, 2005

Warner has officially announced some details to concerning this fall’s DVD release of Veronica Mars: The Complete First Season. The 6-disc, 22-episode set is currently due on October 11th for the retail price of $59.98. The episodes will be in their original widescreen, and expect a director’s cut of the Pilot episode, as well as 25 minutes of “unaired scenes and bloopers”. Check out the article for the tentative cover art, which I don’t like too much (damn airbrushing). I like the release date though. It’s staying away from my busy TV-on-DVD-buying September, so I might just be able to purchase it after all.. 🙂

War of the Worlds, a Steven Spielberg film starring Tom Cruise, has opened to an estimated $34.606 million, worldwide, in its first day.

Wow. 🙂

USA’s summer entries The 4,400 and The Dead Zone continued to impress on Sunday with 4.1 million and 3.8 million viewers respectively tuning in. Among adults 18-49, The 4,400 averaged a 1.7 rating/5 share with The Dead Zone pulling in a 1.6 rating/4 share.

Yay. 🙂

Lord of the Rings star Sean Astin will appear alongside Adam Sandler, Kate Beckinsale and Christopher Walken in Click, in which Sandler plays a workaholic architect who discovers a remote control that allows him to control his life, Variety reported.

Coooooool. 🙂

After everything was done online last night, I fell asleep watching Conan again. I had a dream where my dad and I were able to go out to eat again (that biscuit was HUGE). We can’t afford to do so right now. Or anything else really.. I woke up to my dad sulking again. He had tried another food handout place. It said they were open today. But they were closed. For the holiday. 😦 I got back online for a bit to get away from the depression.. I tried to install LimeWire, but it asked for too much damn space for Java. So that was a big waste of time. But then I found that I still had Kazaa Lite installed, and found what I was looking for there. It also looked like the fake files once shared there have moved on. Yay. Then I burned another CD.

Prometheus Hits, Volume 18
Lisa Marie Presley – Dirty Laundry
Natasha Bedingfield – These Words
Missy Higgins – All For Believing
Britney Spears – Someday (I Will Understand)
Pras featuring Sharlie McQueen – Haven’t Found
D.H.T. – Listen To Your Heart (Unplugged Vocal Mix)
50 Cent – Just A Lil Bit (Radio Edit)
Fall Out Boy – Sugar, We’re Goin’ Down
JTX – Party Like A Rockstar
Foo Fighters – Best Of You
Joss Stone – Spoiled
Shelby Lynne – Wall In Your Heart
Saving Jane – Girl Next Door
Hope Partlow – Who We Are
Ingram Hill – Almost Perfect
Tyler Hilton – How Love Should Be
Sarah McLachlan – World On Fire
Modest Mouse – Float On
Frankie J & Baby Bash – Obsession (No Es Amor)
Shakira – Underneath Your Clothes
Crazy Frog – Axel F (Radio Edit)
Amanda Abizaid – A Place In Time (The 4400 theme – TV version)

We had a simple lunch and ended up watching the women’s semifinals of Wimbledon. Maria Sharapova lost. 😦 *hugs her* … *gropes* *slap* ow..

Anyway, I tried loading up the long movies that I had wanted to watch this week into the DVD player. But it decided to be an ass, and I gave up. Let Forrest Gump & Pearl Harbor sit with my other unwatched DVDs for a few more months.. I soon watched my VR Troopers Season 1 Vol 1 VCD (that I had burned ages ago) instead. It was a nice nostalgia trip, since I haven’t really seen it since I watched it on TV. Ah, the memories of waking up, watching VR Troopers, and heading off to school. *sigh* @ our landlord mowing the dead lawn today after the first rain in a while yesterday. He must be addicted to it or something.. So after that, my dad went off and bought what he could still afford for supper (which was very little).. and I listened to the CD that I had burned. 🙂 I eventually got online to do the usual news-gathering though, and had the cheap supper during it..

In primetime, I watched tonight’s episode of Kept. I felt like a different show without Ricardo. I found it hard to pay attention in the latter half. :/ Spotted dick?! wtf was that? ..My dad came in during the episode, then I made him watch the Will & Grace season finale from the DVR after it was over. He missed it the first time.. Then, we watched the Stella series premiere on DVR. Weeeeiiiiird show. My dad said it won’t last to July (haha), but I actually laughed at a few parts. *shrug* Soon after that, I returned to my room for the night..

Today was alright, I guess. Tomorrow, we get our checks for the month. So I guess we made it. Barely. We’ll probably be in this same predicament this time next month though. But it’ll probably be even worse.. See ya.

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forever red deleted / family guy unrated / dbz uncut dvd dates / avatar s2 / today

June 29, 2005

Dodge Ball has finally decided to reveal some script pages from Power Rangers Wild Force‘s epic “Forever Red” episode. Said pages include deleted material. Pretty cool.. Unfortunately, he’s going to post only so many pages per day. 😐

The upcoming straight-to-DVD film Family Guy Presents Stewie Griffin: The Untold Story has been officially announced by Fox. The DVD, out on September 27th, will include an alternate “unrated” audio track, an audio commentary, and a “making of” documentary.. 🙂

It looks like FUNimation has decided to spread out the release of Dragon Ball Z: Ultimate Uncut Special Edition after having a few problems getting Volumes 2 & 3 out on time. and both now report an August 9th release date for Volume 4: Gohan’s Trials and an October 4th release date for Volume 5: Goku Held Hostage.. 😦

This article over at Animation Insider reports on the huge success of Avatar: The Last Airbender. It also announces that Nickelodeon has already picked it up for a second season of 20 episodes, expected to begin airing early next year.. Yay. 🙂

I fell asleep watching the Conan O’Brien repeat last night, then was awoken in the morning for breakfast. We watched Regis & Kelly (*drools @ Jessica Alba*), then I watched last night’s hilarious episode of Fire Me Please on the DVR as my dad mostly slept. 😐 We started watching Price Is Right too, but my dad started spouting depression again and I had to get outta there. So I got online for a bit, where the sight of no LJ comments depressed me a bit anyway. Comments tell me people actually care what I am doing.. and I haven’t gotten any real ones in a while. *sigh* I stay online until Passions starts. Today’s episode was rather good. But the thunderstorm had to take out the power for a minute, so that kinda sucked..

I got online for a second to make sure the computer was okay, then watched an episode of MadTV over on Comedy Central. I was finally going to watch Schindler’s List today (after purchasing a copy, having it stolen, then buying another copy).. but I didn’t realize how long it was. Damn. So I’ll have to hold off on it until later.. s’more.. Instead, we watched last night’s hilarious new episode of Reno 911! on the DVR. Then I tried watching that climate change documentary from the Day After Tomorrow DVD. Unfortunately, I was more interested in reading the magazines that had come in the mail for me today. :p So I stopped it about halfway though. Then my dad made supper early. But the salmon burgers he tried to make didn’t go down too well (with the humans anyway :p ). At 5PM, I returned to my room to news-gather. I got done early though, and watched a little Attack Of The Show!. It let me know that Yahoo!’s My Web feature was finally available to the public. That lead me to trying once again to install of the Yahoo Toolbar. And it did. Yay. It’s so much better than Google’s.. And My Web is pretty cool too. It bookmarks and archives webpages. 🙂

I eventually got around to wasting some time on Yahoo!’s new MySpace clone, Yahoo! 360°.. and stayed online into primetime in the process. It was almost 9PM when I got done with everything. I started to watch the Veronica Mars repeat. But when I noticed it was one I had already seen, I slowly lost interest.. until I decided to watch / tape another episode of Rocko’s Modern Life. Very funny stuff. 🙂 Then I went over and watched the rest of Veronica.. My dad soon came in from outside and we watched last Wednesday’s episode of The Inside on the DVR. Great episode too. 🙂 Soon after that was over, I returned to my room for the night..

Today was alright, I guess. 🙂 Much better than some of the days to come before. *shrug* ..See ya..

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fathom to surface / reba on wb afternoon / today

June 28, 2005

NBC has renamed its upcoming fall sci-fi series from Fathom to Surface. No wonder that promo I saw recently didn’t even have the series’ title. I can’t wait to see it though. It involves a new form of sea creature discovered that may be from outer space.. 🙂

Now we’re getting an idea of what’s really to come in January 2006, when Kids WB’s weekday afternoon block is dropped for a more mature block.. The network has decided to begin airing back-to-back repeats of its hit sitcom Reba at 4-5PM ET, starting in Fall 2006. Hmm..

After my usual LJ stuff, I fell asleep watching TV.. I awoke in the morning at about the usual time, and got online for a bit. We had a little breakfast. I eventually fit in a couple more chapter of Extreme Zone #4, then tried watching something my dad was watching on TV. But I got bored and got back online. Then finally got my posters back on my wall, and played with the cat a little. Then got online again. 🙂 ..I got off in time for Passions though. I rather liked this episode, unlike my father..

My dad went somewhere after that and I stayed online until he got back. Then, we watched the Day After Tomorrow Special Edition DVD. It’s a very fun movie, even though I bought it twice on DVD. *shakes fist* I liked the twenty minutes of deleted scenes too.. expect for the special effects being unfinished. *looks out window* *sees balloon-like palm trees swaying* :p I wanted to watch the one-hour documentary on climate change, but it had to wait for another day. It was already after 5PM.. I got online once again and news-gathered for the day. And I got done before supper was ready. I played with the cat some more, then watched the evil dictator’s bullshit speech. Actually, I got so sickened by his lies.. I gave up like 5 minutes in..

At around 8PM, I went into the living room to find my dad watching the boring NBA Draft. Ugh. He left outside as soon as the Pacers picked though.. I took over the TV and.. somewhat watched the Average Joe 4 premiere. I mostly played with the cat though. Then I somewhat watched I Want To Be A Hilton too. Damnit. I was too lazy to let go of the cat and put the Rocko tape in the VCR. :p But at 10PM, I watched a Rocko episode that I had DVRed just to see it again. It may just be my favorite episodes too. It’s definitely my most memorable from the mid-90s, when the series first aired. Then I also watched / taped an additional episode. Mostly because I needed the DVR space. Once that was done, I gave the TV back over to my dad and soon returned to my room for the night.

I should really just write up a template for my weekday entries. The same damn things go down almost every week day. I must be a shoe-in for the “most boring blog” award.. Anyway, today was rather boring in all. The movie in the afternoon was the high point. But it’s going to get worse. We’ve run out of suppers. And money. And we don’t get our checks until Friday… See ya.

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now music site / grey’s dvd s1 / elfen lied dvd / today

June 27, 2005

The official US website for Now That’s What I Call Music! has been redesigned in preparation for the release of Volume 19 on July 19th. And the track list isn’t that bad either. I actually like 15 of them this time around.. I’m actually happy for Relient K, a group that was featured on an episode of Power Rangers Ninja Storm, for finally making it to NOW also.. 🙂 reports that Grey’s Anatomy: Season 1 will be heading to DVD. Soon. 🙂

[At Metrocon over the weekend, ADV Films’] Mr. Williams had no comment on whether or not the American release of Elfen Lied will include the Japanese home video exclusive episode.

I hope so.. 😦

After all my usual LJ stuff is finished, I gathered a bit more info for a newsbyte tomorrow.. then head off to sleep.. I awoke in the morning at about the usual time to more bad news. My dad is almost out of minutes on his cell phone. And we don’t have enough to pay for everything next month. Next month will most likely be even worse than the week to come. *sigh* My dad went off to buy a couple more food items with his very small amount of money left (he thought you couldn’t use a debit card to pay a dollar), and I got online for a bit.. He came back, and we had breakfast. Then I got back online. All morning. Mostly at MySpace, and then downloading some mp3s.. But soon, it was time for Passions. Again, today’s episode was mostly stalling. *yawn* omg yay @ the closing scene.. too bad Beth’s going to get away though…

After that, I watched an episode of Rocko that I had DVRed this morning. It was just a favorite of mine that I already had on tape. “Popcorn Pandemonium” is hilarious (mostly for the movie parody trailers).. Then I watched / taped the funniest episode of Robot Chicken in a while, from last night (rofl @ The Ring dating video). I saw no point in CN censoring the monkey defecating though. It’s just clay! ..Once that was over, I finally watched my Fight Club Special Edition DVD. I had bought the one-disc version. Then liked the movie so much that I bought the once-out-of-print two-disc set. But I didn’t want to watch it again so soon. So it’s probably been sitting on my shelf for like a year. The one-disc version has gone missing within that time. Maybe it was stolen like the others. *shrug* Beyond awesome movie, though (my dad refuses to like it because it forces him to think). A very-well-put-together DVD release too. I must discover that song from the music video and download it. 🙂 The movie ended just as the news was starting, so I moved into my room to watch the special features while my dad watched the “news”. Then I eventually got online to news-gather. After having a supper of hot pockets. I was just about done with news, and ready to watch Wildfire live with my dad (instead of from DVR). I had told him about it the night before. But with his simple mind, he must’ve forgotten. Just minutes before it was about to start.. he goes outside. Ass. So I waste an additional hour online instead..

In primetime, I stayed online for a little past 8PM. Then I watched most of a Still Standing rerun, and watched / taped another classic episode of Rocko’s Modern Life. Following that, I watched the King Kong trailer that had just recorded to the DVR. I had thought it was going to take place in the present time, but it still looks pretty damn cool. 🙂 Then I waited for my dad to come back inside. Soon, he did. And after he did all of these various things, we finally sat down and I showed him the King Kong trailer too. Then, we watched the episode of Wildfire that he had forgotten. We rather liked the episode, except for the kind black guard not being at the prison camp at the start of the episode. We miss her already. 😦 After it was over, I kept it on the DVR. I trailed off in thought during a scene where the hott female star’s nipples were.. poking out. I’ll.. have to.. watch that scene again later. >_> ..Finally, we watched what was left of an excellent rerun of Medium while I played with the cat a bit. Soon after, I returned to my room for the night..

Today was rather average. At least it didn’t suck. See ya…

“The real reason behind water fluoridation is not to benefit children’s teeth. The real purpose behind water fluoridation is to reduce the resistance of the masses to domination, control and loss of liberty.”

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Sun 06.26.05 — the depression is coming… thanks, dad.. and bush!

June 26, 2005

Last night, I pretty much went to sleep after finishing up the LJ stuff. And downloading another CD.. Though I did watch more Comedy Central.. for that commercial.. >_> Then I fell asleep watching Beavis & Butt-head over on MTV2…

I awoke in the morning (actually around 5AM) to see another new eBay infomercial starring Wild Force‘s Ann Marie Crouch. I checked it later on the DVR. It’s definitely different than the one I DVRed in January. :p ..I fell asleep for a few more hours, then woke up and looked through the newspaper. No media to buy Tuesday. Though Best Buy’s offer of $20 for the only media I had really considered getting, the Revelations DVD, is a bit too much, in my opinion. Target is actually offering an exclusive level on the Fantastic 4 movie video game for the consoles. Haha. I’m also wondering if that’s Power Rangers in Space‘s Melody Perkins on the front of Target’s ad this week. It looks somewhat like her anyway..

I then watched my DVRings from Adult Swim last night. But those assholes decided to switch around the airing schedule at the last second. So I only got three of the four shows that I had wanted to see. Grrrrrrrr. No Fooly Cooly this week.. I only watched Samurai Champloo (sad ending 😦 ), Zatch Bell (awesomeness), and Paranoia Agent (on Fooly Cooly‘s recording.. this episode was stranger than usual :p ). During my viewing of these, by dad headed back to bed for a bit.

After these, I watched Comedy Central some more.. and actually got the commercial DVRed at last. Now to get the actual scene DVRed next weekend. >:) After that success, I watched / taped another funny episode of Rocko’s Modern Life (“Wacky Delly, yeah!” 🙂 ). Then I had a little lunch while I burned the CD I had downloaded during the night. Then I.. wrote this as I listened to it. :p ..”Best of Sugar Ray”.. Ah, so many good memories of simpler times.. *passes up most of the new / never-heard-of-’em songs*

I reburned the CD once I noticed a not-as-popular single that I had liked wasn’t included (“Mr Bartender”). While that was going, I read the first two exciting chapters of Extreme Zone #4: Deadly Secrets. I might just finish it before Harry Potter 6. 🙂 After much waiting, we finally went out to a few places to spend the money I had left on food. We barely had anything left for the coming week. But what little we could afford should hold us for another few days at least. On our way out to the car, I got another “charley horse” in my lower leg. It hurt quite a bit. My dad tells me it happens because I don’t walk enough. 😦 ..Maybe I’ll be a wheelchair by 25..

Now there’s nothing to do……. *goes online*

I wasted a few hours online (mostly at Vin Diesel facts :p ), then we had supper. I got back online (again, mostly Vin diesel facts). Then I was about to watch / tape my scheduled shows. But my dad got wrapped up in a movie he had already fucking seen (Runaway Bride) and just flat-out refused to hand me the TV. Even after I told him the overlapping DVR recordings at 9PM will automatically change the channel to one of the recordings anyway, making him miss the climax of the film. Asshole. So thanks to him, another night is fucking ruined. He’s an expert at it after all..

After storming into my room over my dad’s bullshit, I got extremely bored. And he made it all even worse by going outside just late enough so that I couldn’t rewind the DVR recording and begin taping. This made his win rather useless.. except for wasting a large amount of my fucking time. Thanks again, fuhrer– er, father! ( :p ) ..Once it came upon 9PM, I finally watched / taped tonight’s episode of The 4400 from the DVR. Great episode. Though the next episode in two weeks looks even better.. After that, I watched the new episode of Family Guy on the DVR too. Hilarious. It was great to see the old perv and the monkey in the closet again. Haha. Then I checked out a couple things on the DVR, including the Power Rangers segment from E!’s lame I Love The 90s ripoff, Totally High (the “1993” episode). A lot of PR bashing on this series (“gayest show ever”), unlike VH1’s reunion of sorts (Walter Jones and Amy Jo Johnson commented fondly on MMPR).. I then returned to my room for the night.. and ta-da! dad comes back in from outside, as if waiting for me to leave the living room..

Today was mostly boring, and it sucked. Even the “getting out of the house” thing that I usually like had to be ruined by the high temperatures and my leg giving me immense pain (it still hurts a little as I type this too). At least the weekend’s finally over. And I can get back to the busy week. And hope we don’t starve too much by week’s end.

Life sucks, then you die. Whoever first said that was a very wise person.. See ya.

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Sat 06.25.06 — the good (dream), the bad (SPD episode), and the ugly (me)..

June 25, 2005

After all the LJ stuff was done, I checked out a site that I had heard about: Cool site. It lets you compare two of anything to see which has more search results. Haha. I spent some time on that and MySpace, then headed off to bed..

My dad woke me up from a pretty damn cool dream. Damnit. In the dream, I was like this guy. I forgot to put on clothes. And I think I was in a wheelchair of some kind. Anyway, I went down to the nearest convenience store and began looking around. I was thinking of buying a few things, and actually didn’t notice I was naked until I got in there. I told the clerk with a mustache that I was sorry and would soon be gone. He had no customers at the time anyway. I began looking through the aisles, searching for something to buy. I had been doing it for quite a while, and the clerk was about to get me a long shirt from the back room, when he got a call on the phone. I now find it hard to recall what he said on the phone, but I think it had something to do with renting a movie..? Once he hung up, I was near the register, looking through stuff up there. He pulled out a rifle all of a sudden and aimed it right at me. He asked what was I really doing there. I had no idea what he was talking about. I had a sense that he thought I was sent by the guy on the phone just now. He repeated the question.. I was suddenly awoken by my dad getting the morning paper. Damnit. Perfect timing…

Once I had returned to the living room from typing that dream out, I noticed Roswell‘s Michael Horse on the local news. He’s in town for some Indian Market thing. Wow. Wish I had enough social skills to go there and get an autograph or something. Ah well..

I was just trying to watch TV. But my dad just had to keep bringing up the fact that we’re going to be starving this coming week. And how poor we are right now etc. I just couldn’t stand that bullshit anymore and had to get out of there. My media shell that keeps me sane must not break, after all..

The morning was mostly long and boring. I tried my best to ignore my dad’s whining. I watched the weekend’s episode of Best Week Ever. It was pretty good. We had breakfast, then I watched whatever I could find on TV. My dad soon fell asleep.. And eventually, it was finally time for the new episode of Power Rangers S.P.D. — “Perspective”. I barely liked this episode.. Wow. The same story repeated five times over, showing just how full of themselves the Rangers really are. *rolls eyes* At least Syd’s version had a small change of pace, with everyone trying to impress Syd and vice versa. Most of Bridge’s parts made it watchable though (*beating down cyclobots* “..Four, five, seven.. I think I missed one..”). As did the mystery surrounding the white ball of light seen at the end of the previous episode, and seen saving the Rangers’ asses in this one. No doubt the ball of light is the Omega Ranger that comes from the future to help the other Rangers in the next episode, “Messenger Part 1”. Nice foreshadowing. Though I sorta wish that the Omega Ranger would be coming to beat the Rangers’ asses, like the White Ranger beat down the vain Dino Thunder Rangers last year. :p Ah well.. No episode preview again. Damnit. But this time it’s because the next new episode isn’t until the morning of Sunday, July 10th. 😦

More time to waste… I start by watching whatever I could find interesting on TV: a little Lizzie McGuire (perv) and BibleMan (a really lame superhero show on TBN.. but at least they know they’re lame by actually joking about casting within an episode.. ugh).. Then I watched / taped a classic episode of Rocko’s Modern Life. And I chose my favorite of the ones waiting on the DVR to start the new tape (“R-E-C-Y-C-L-E.. Recycle!” haha). After that, I got mesmerized by.. Wimbledon on NBC (*drools @ Maria Sharapova.. especially when she.. hops.. >:) *). After that, we finally watched the American Psycho DVD. I liked it, but it wasn’t what I was expecting. It also left me scratching my head a little at the end. :/

My dad went off to get something cheap for supper while I continued to watch TV. I also fit in another chapter of Extreme Zone #3, and I discovered that I had $10 more in the bank than I thought I did (I thought the CD return amount was already in). Yay.. My dad eventually returned and we watched The Thing over on Encore. Even though it was an alien-themed film, I just couldn’t get into it. The cheap special effects turned me off from it. Though we did watch it to the end.. After that, we soon found some kind of “blue collar weekend” on Comedy Central. We watched that for a while, even though we had seen it before. My dad soon went outside for a bit, and I managed to read the rest of Extreme Zone #3. But I kept it on Comedy Central just so I could try and DVR that “Fantastic 4th Weekend” commercial.. with the clip from Fantastic Four.. where Jessica Alba’s character suddenly appears in the middle of a crowd.. wearing only underwear.. >_> (I am looking forward to seeing Fantastic 4 just a bit more now :p ).. But the local cable company kept placing their boring commercials over it. Grrrr. I gave up once the marathon ended for the day and returned to my room for the night..

Today was alright. I guess. The evening was very, very boring though. 😐 ..Except for finishing up Extreme Zone #3.. Can’t wait for tomorrow’s boredom. :/ See ya.

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pr spd sched change / episode 3 dvd details / titanic ce dvd date / edgemont dvd / today

June 24, 2005

The Power Rangers S.P.D. episodes schedule has changed again. Because ABC Family wants the first run, damnit. Here’s the new schedule, from BurgundyRanger

June 25 – ABCFam: 11:30 a.m. – 1520 – Perspective
July 2 – SPD rerun
July 9 – pre-empted
SUNDAY July 10 – ABCFam: 10 a.m. – 1521 – Messenger, I
July 16 – ABCFam: 10:30 a.m. – 1522 – Messenger, II
July 25 – TD: 7:30 p.m. – 1523 – Zapped
(That’s right, Zapped will show on Toon Disney BEFORE ABC Family)
July 30 – ABCFam: 10 a.m. – 1523 – Zapped

I won’t be surprised if that other first-on-TD episode is eventually changed too..

DavisDVD’s Regional Spy has details on the upcoming worldwide DVD release of Star Wars — Episode III: Revenge Of The Sith on November 2nd (November 1st for the US). According to an online retailer, extras on both of the separate widescreen & full screen two-disc sets will include an audio commentary track, a full-length documentary, exclusive featurettes, web documentaries, five fully-produced deleted scenes, a photo gallery, “Battle of the Heroes” music video, teaser and launch trailers, twelve TV spots, a video game trailer, “Star Wars Battlefront II” game demo and DVD-ROM links. ..Where’s Revenge Of The Brick? *sigh*

DavisDVD’s Regional Spy also has a release date for the worldwide DVD release of Titanic: Collector’s Edition on October 26th (again, the 25th for the US). You be be able to choose from a “bare-bones” two-disc edition, or a more special feature-filled four-disc edition. Nonetheless, both will include the option of viewing an extended version of the movie (ack, it was long enough already). But you will have to keep your remote handy for when an icon appears on the screen and press Enter to view the additional scenes (much like on the X-Files DVDs). Ugh..

The official Edgemont website is offering Edgemont: Seasons 1-5 on DVD. The catch? This is the only place they will be available. For around $100 (Canadian), you can own a 10-disc set including all 70 episodes and some extra features. They’re currently limiting it to only 200 copies, so reserve your copy now by e-mail.. Personally, I would only buy if the seasons were released separately, and in regular stores. I just don’t like paying out so much at one time. 😦

Last night, I barely stayed online at all after finishing up the usual LJ stuff. So I got to bed earlier than usual.. But then woke up at around the usual time. We had breakfast and watched some TV. Soon, I got online and updated my Rocko “taped episodes” list quite a bit. Then, I had to deal with an adware infestation. *sigh* And Ad-Aware can’t see it. Perfect. I tried to remove it the best I could manually before watching the day’s episode of Passions. Today’s episode was pretty good. Except for the bait-and-switches. And Beth escaping. Again. *pouts*

After that was over, we watched an episode of Montel Williams Show. Then watched / taped another funny episode of Rocko’s Modern Life. It wasn’t until I was done that I realized that I had been taping in SP again. Grr. The landlord blew one of our fuses while vacuuming the outside hallway (the outside hallway’s power outlet runs on our power.. ugh). So I had to reset the VCR the other day because of that. I just forgot about the SP thing again. 😦 I prepared a new tape for Rocko while watching the DBZ Uncut Vol 3 DVD. Wow. An entire episode previously cut here. And I didn’t like it all that much.. because it mostly felt like a Dragonball episode. Though I was saddened by that ending. 😦 Once that was done, I watched few minutes left of Oprah, played with the cat, then returned to my room to begin the day’s news-gathering. I took a break for a cheap supper, but soon returned to it..

My dad went outside for primetime, and I took over the living room TV. But there wasn’t much on once again. I watched most of Power Rangers Generations — “Green With Evil, Part II: Jason’s Battle” over on Toon Disney. Ahh, nothing like classic Power Rangers to make me dislike the substitute now churned out by Disney even more.. I’m just so disconnected from S.P.D. this year. I’m just not enjoying it. Wild Force was probably the last time I truly enjoyed the show (during Dino Thunder, I was mostly just waiting for that next reference to the past to come up).. *sigh* ..Anyway.. after that, I somewhat watched a Hope & Faith repeat while playing with the cat. Once that was over, I taped / barely watched the last of the Degrassi: Unscripted episodes. Then watched / taped another funny episode of Rocko. 🙂 Soon after that, I turned the TV back over to my dad and returned to my room for the night..

Today was average. *shrug* ..I hope my dad can convince the rental people tomorrow to hold off on hassling us about a payment on the living room TV for another week. Or we’re really screwed.. See ya.

[ Major New Report – ‘Peak’ Oil Not Coming Soon ]
[ OPEC ‘Unable’ To Lower Oil Prices ]
[ Bush To Address Americans From Fort Bragg Tuesday ]
[ Has FOX News Decided To Abandon Bush? ]
[ Gallup: Those Opposed to Military Draft Hit Record High ]
[ Russia To Deliver Nuclear Fuel To Iran Soon ]
[ Tax Activist Joe Banister Wins In Federal Court ]
[ Adenovirus Outbreaks In Eight Mass. Mental Facilities ]
[ Feds Claim Medical Marijuana Clubs A Front ]
[ Perverts Cause Yahoo! To Shut Down Chat Room Services ]

viewtiful anime on kids wb / today

June 23, 2005

The Kids’ WB has acquired broadcast rights to the first 26 out of 52 episodes of the Viewtiful Joe anime series and plans to air them as part of its top-rated Saturday morning broadcast block during the 2005-2006 season.

Neat. 🙂

I stayed up a little late last night, mostly due to LJ and MySpace. :p But I did get to bed earlier than the night before.. I awoke the next morning, and got online for a while. Then, we had what would mostly likely be our last warm breakfast of the month.. I listened to my anti-war CD, and that got me inspired to try and finish Version 2. So I got back online once again, in search of the one song I still needed.. But I eventually got side-racked looking into something else. And before I knew it, it was time for Passions once again. Today was pretty good too. lol @ the previews with Sheridan peeking through the wall..

Once that was over.. and my playing with the cat.. and my dad’s annoying interruptions before he went off to the grocery store with the quarters that I had saved up.. I watched the DBZ Uncut Vol 2 DVD. Great episodes, especially when I skipped most of the opening / ending sequences this time around (damn, they’re long). I really like that we finally get the characters saying the power numbers. Yay. 🙂 Can’t wait for Vol 3 tomorrow. Then I must wait for 4 & 5 on August 2nd. 😦 ..After that, I played with the cat a little more, watched some of the Oprah rerun where Tom Cruise acted insane, then finally got online. I continued my search for that song until supper. After that, I just gave up and decided to news-gather instead..

In primetime, I watched the night’s new episode of Kept. I knew when Ricardo lied to Jerry and did that striptease, he was a goner. Haha @ everyone all happy that he’s gone. Now whether or not I’ll continue watching this show is up in the air.. After that, I watched / taped another funny episode of Rocko’s Modern Life from the DVR. Awesomeness. Definitely my favorite nicktoon.. Then, I read two more great chapters of Extreme Zone #3. I’m nearing the end already. 🙂 After that, I played with the cat a bit more, then left my dad to watch the rest of the NBA Final (the season really does run on too long.. the draft is next week!) as I returned to my room for the night..

I really starting to get worried about my computer. It’s slowly getting worse. It’s freezing more often. And it’s mostly due to the spyware, adware etc that I end up picking up pretty much everywhere online. If this thing does break down, I don’t know how I’ll recover. I use most of my money on media. And we’re pretty poor in general. We not be able to afford another one…

Today was alright. I guess. *shrug* See ya.

“Noah realized that ordinary people traveled through time like logs caught in a flood. They rushed forward exactly an hour’s distance with each passing hour, never a minute more or less, with no hope of changing that sequence. Now Noah moved outside that flood. He stood on the shore of the stream, watching the hopeless victims of time sweep past.” — Extreme Zone #3: Unseen Powers, Pages 147-148

[ American Soldier Kills Little Girl To Win A Bet ]
[ US Pressures Foreign Countries To Censor Iraq News ]
[ US Handed Out $20 Billion Of Iraq’s Money ]
[ Supreme Court Rules That Cities May Seize Homes ]
[ The Militarization Of Our Police ]
[ Bush’s Lies Can No Longer Be Ignored By The Press ]
[ BBC To Begin Editing Delay On Live News Events ]

james napier interview / bionicle 3 dvd details / today

June 22, 2005

RangerKing has now done an interview with Power Rangers Dino Thunder‘s Red Ranger James Napier. Sure, there’s some repeated questions. But some of the answers are actually interesting. Especially the news that he won’t be appearing on the Tribe spin-off, A New Tomorrow. But lol @ him admitting Conner was “a bit of an idiot”.. RangerKing is now asking for questions for his next interview, with Wild Force‘s Jack Guzman..

This week’s issue of Video Business magazine that I got in the mail today includes some basic details on the upcoming Bionicle 3: Web Of Shadows DVD. So can’t wait to see this..

Release Date: October 11th – MSRP: $29.99
Children’s: Based on the popular toy franchise, this CG-animated video premiere is the third film in the series. Bonuses: comic, music featurette, set-top game, animated movie “The Toa Hordika and the Mask of Light.”

Once I was finished with my LJ stuff, I ventured to MySpace once again. But just for a bit, before heading off to sleep.. I awoke in the morning, played with the cat, watched some TV.. but mostly got online for awhile. I just couldn’t stay away from MySpace. Damnit. :p And I stayed on the site for quite a while.. Soon, it was time for the day’s installment of Passions. It was a little stalling today, but still pretty good. lol @ Whitney breast-feeding without uncovering her breast. And Tabitha’s new hairdo tomorrow looks nice..

After that, I finally watched last Wednesday’s new episode of The Inside. Great episode. 🙂 Then, I finally watched the DBZ Uncut Vol 1 DVD from start to end for the first time. I very much enjoyed it.. even though it didn’t get really exciting until the end. :/ To tell you the truth, I don’t like the new opening and ending credits. The opening seemed too long, and the ending sounded too.. weird. I was probably one of the only ones who actually liked “Rock The Dragon” though. :p Can’t wait to watch the other volumes.. After some playing with the cat, I returned to my room and got back online to news-gather. I finished up in time for another “whatever’s left” supper.. *sigh*

I got done online and found the living room empty. So I took over the TV and started watching last night’s Video Game Vixens on the DVR. But my damn dad came back in from outside. Grrr. So I stopped that and watched / taped an episode of Rocko’s Modern Life from the DVR instead. Good stuff. My dad leaves outside again, so I begin watching Video Game Vixens again. But then he came back in again. Grrrrrrr. I gave up at the point and watched it through to the end, ignoring any comments that were thrown my way. Then, we watched the night’s Veronica Mars repeat. I had thought this was the episode that Lightspeed Rescue‘s Alison MacInnis was in for a second. But I didn’t see her anywhere. 😦 *drools @ the appearance by that chick who played Lex’s wife on Smallville* I keep hoping that she returns, since her character didn’t really die.. After that (and a search for my beloved collection of MMPR VCDs that I had buried under my huge piles of magazines), I returned to my room for the night.

Today was okay. Except for the whole “being poor” thing. Again. I’m betting it’s going to get worse too. We’re broke until a week from Friday. 😦 ..See ya..

[ ‘Secret’ Air Base For Iraq War Started Prior To 9-11 ]
[ Osama bin Laden – A Dead Nemesis Perpetuated By The US Government ]
[ Humanity Has Fallen Into Deadly Mass Psychosis ]
[ Kiss Your Vitamins Goodbye! ]
[ No Refuge For Pervs In The Storm ]
[ Eerie Ultra-Lifelike Female Robot Debuts In Japan ]
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prmf revealed – barely / family guy movie info / xmen 3 cast / media buys / today

June 21, 2005

RangerBoard’s Ray-Z once again brings in the Licensing Show details for the upcoming 14th season of Power Rangers. Mystic Force will begin airing on ABC Family in February 2006. I don’t know what to say about the new season yet, since they’ve given us so little here. The logo looks a little fan-made, and the title is pretty unoriginal.. *shrug* I wonder what this “White Ranger Event” at Target mentioned on the back of the one-sheet is though. I guess we’ll have to wait until “Back-to-School 2005” to find out. Here’s the rather undescriptive description for next season..

Planet Earth is living in a time of peace when quiet serenity is shattered under attack from a new evil… It is then that five daring teens learn their true identities – heroes entrusted with mystical powers destined to defend the Earth as Power Rangers Mystic Force.

Here’s a little more info on that upcoming Family Guy straight-to-DVD movie…

20th Century Fox Home Entertainment will release Family Guy Presents Stewie Griffin: The Untold Story, an original feature-length DVD of the recently resurrected animated series on Tuesday, September 27th. The 83-minute installment is comprised of three interconnected episodes from the show’s fourth season that have yet to air (“Stewie B. Goode,” “Bango Was His Name Oh” and “Stu & Stewie’s Excellent Adventure”) in which Stewie, the maniacal baby genius, sets out on a road trip to find his real dad after a near-death experience. The single-disc release will also include audio commentary, deleted scenes and other bonus features. More than 4 million units of the three “Family Guy” DVD releases have been sold thus far, generating more than $100 million in revenue.

X2 star Alan Cumming announced on his official web site that 20th Century Fox has not picked up his option to reprise his role as Nightcrawler in the upcoming sequel film X-Men 3.


I finished up my time online rather early. And an “out of space” shutdown of internet explorer help me get away from the MySpace addiction for the night. So I got to sleep sooner. Yay. 🙂 But before sleep, I listened to a little of the mp3 CD I had just burned. Listening to 50 Cent’s “Just A Lil Bit” through headphones freaked me out.. since it sounded like he was talking in my ear.. about taking off my pants. >_> ..I awoke in the morning about an hour before the alarm to find that my bandaid had moved from one finger to the next. Weird. ..My dad departed to get some free food somewhere and I got online for a bit. I also fit in another chapter of Extreme Zone #3 before he returned. My dad had been counting on this place providing food for us for the rest of the month, since we’re pretty much broke. But the handout wasn’t happening where the bitch that I despise said it would: on the third Tuesday of the month. So I was happy and sad about this at the same time. Happy that my dad is starting to hate her too, but sad that we might starve before the beginning of the month. 😦 ..We got ready and I went out media buying one last time for the month..

We stopped at Best Buy and bought American Psycho and Dragonball Z Uncut Vol 2 – Piccolo’s Plan, and I also picked up some free discs. I was looking forward to the free music video DVD.. but it only had R&B videos on it. Ugh. So I only like about 3 out of 7 of them.. Couldn’t believe they only had one copy of DBZ. And it was in the back room. :/ I had considered picking up The Jacket too, But with the bad DVD review I read and the $20 first-week “sale” price, I passed.. I also checked out the headphones (mine are wearing out).. Next, I moved on to Borders and bought the new issues of Rolling Stone (Jessica Alba.. *drools*).. and *cough*Playboy*cough*.. Finally, I stopped by Target and bought a few more things (including that weekly Icee). Then, we finally headed home..

We eventually had breakfast for supper, we watched the boring news.. then Passions started. And once again, stuff actually happened. Yay. Great episode. But tomorrow looks even better (*watches Sheridan punch Beth.. over.. and over.. and over..*).. After that, we watched the 2-hour season premiere of ABC Family’s new TV series, Wildfire. And we really liked it. 🙂 *sets the DVR for next Monday’s episode* ..Then, I headed to my room to inventory my new DVDs. Then, while doing some file saving on Semagic, my dad kept calling me for supper. But I kept working until the work was done. I sped up in the process and.. accidentally saved over a file I didn’t want to. *sigh* ..I had supper, then returned online to news-gather for the day. But got caught up in a few other things, so I I got way behind. But surprisingly finished right at 8PM.. :p

After some playing around with the cat (and not being able to find anything to watch on TV), I watched / taped an episode of Rocko’s Modern Life from the DVR. Nicktoons is actually airing episodes I don’t have on tape yet. Yay. I’d rather have (official) DVDs, but I doubt that’ll ever happen.. After that, I decided to watch the first the first three volumes of DBZ Uncut across the next three days. So I started by watching the new DBZ Movie 1: Dead Zone DVD tonight. Great movie. It was only spoiled by my dad coming in from outside early. He started bitching about why I couldn’t have watched this earlier. Because I hadn’t decided to yet? Besides, there was nothing else on TV. I also watched the Degrassi TNG DVD promo on the DVD.. that made me want to buy the DVDs more. Damnit. Season 1 is like 15 or 16 half-hour episodes for like $40. It’s crazy. The Season 2 DVDs (out today) have more episodes though. That’s more worth it… But I don’t want to buy them out of order, so.. *shrug* Anyway.. After that, we watched the new episode of Reno 911!. Hilarious. Especially the ending and the Season 3 preview. 🙂 Soon after that, I gave the TV back over to my dad so he could watch the ending of his damn NBA Finals game. He only wants the Pistons to get beat because they beat the Pacers.. :/

Today was pretty good. Except for the computer problems. And the part about becoming poor. 😦 See ya.

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