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My IQ (surprising)

March 31, 2002

I was bored last night and went over to and did the test. Moments later, I got my IQ in an e-mail.

My IQ Test score was: 122

Average: 85 – 115
Above average: 116 – 125
Gifted Borderline Genius: 126 – 135
Highly gifted and appearing to be a Genius to most others: 136 – 145
Genius: 146 – 165
High Genius: 166 – 180
Highest Genius: 181 – 200
Beyond being measurable Genius: Over 200

I was very surprised to find that I was “above average”!

…Well, anyway…

See ya.


Power Rangers. DVD. NOW!

March 31, 2002

I demand it! After missing “Best of PR” this morning and feeling as if it was the end of the world, I MUST have PR on DVD. I can’t stand the wait any longer!

They must release every season, every episode, on DVD. Include extras, behind the scenes stuff, and an uncut version of the lost episode/pilot, if possible.

I would even take 3-5 episodes on each release, never skipping an episode like Dragonball Z has been doing. In fact, I might prefer that. A plastic case would be better than a cardboard one…

I must make my dreams a reality, dangit…

And I shall…

What Could’ve Been (an improvised poem)

March 28, 2002

When I look back upon that day,
That my mother passed away,
I had cried and cried,
It felt as if my life ended that day as well,
And in a way it did.

She only wanted the best for me,
She wanted me to succeed in life,
Who knows where I would be now,
If she were still here with me.

I might have graduated and made a life,
I might have been more confident and talk to others,
I might have been a successful writer,
But my life went wrong.

My life was only getting better,
Until that fateful day,
When my mother left me here,
But I hope she is still here with me,

Watching over me as I continue on my path,
Even though the path is continuing downward,
And will someday lead to the terrible,

I wish my mother was still here with me now,
Living, breathing, alive,
Who knows what could’ve been,
Had the doctors saved her life that day.

–November 11, 1988–

I miss the days…

March 19, 2002

…when I used to research UFOs and aliens and conspiracies etc etc… But I’ve gotten lazy lately. I used to research as a hobby. I guess a person can read every supposedly true UFO/alien encounter in UFO history… I used to read UFO/alien books all the time. I read one after another. I probably own 40 or more non-fiction UFO/alien books alone. But, anymore I can’t… the true stories just don’t pique my interest anymore.

I only read science fiction anymore (I highly recommend the Area 51 book series by Robert Doherty, even though it seems more like a military thriller than scifi). The only book series I’m following are Area 51 by Robert Doherty, the Roswell novels based on the TV series, and… Harry Potter.

My favorite movie ever is Contact. Some people just didn’t understand what happened at the end like I did. I own it on dvd. I also have Mission To Mars, Red Planet, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Roswell: The UFO Cover-up, etc.

Well… gotta go now…

Life’s mystery…

March 19, 2002

What is the meaning of life on this wretched planet?
Why are we here?
What were we created for?
What purpose do we serve?

If I knew the answers, I might not be so quick to decide to leave this life. But there are no answers. If God did exist, wouldn’t you think he would tell us these answers. Thus, I believe he doesn’t exist. Just some ultimate being for some insecure humans to believe in to make them feel safe.

If there was some kind of proof that God or Satan exists, I may believe. But, there is none.

Where was “God” on 9/11? Where is he when a plane or car crashes? Where is he when you’re in your darkest hour? Where is he when your best friend or relative dies for some reason?

I’ve been traumatized by death at a very young age. My mother passed when I was only 5. My grandfather and grandmother soon followed. Sometimes, I’m scared my father may be next. Without him, I don’t know what I would do.

I’m not making a life for myself because I don’t want to leave where I am. I don’t want to grow. I fear responsibility. I fear living alone. I have nothing and am nothing.

As I sit here typing, tears fall from my eyes. I find it difficult to see the screen. I don’t want to be alone. But eventually I might. When that time comes, I won’t want to live any longer.

There is no reason revealed to me to answer why I live here. I don’t want to live if there are no reasons.

Cybiko: do not buy

March 14, 2002

I’ve given up on Cybiko now. My Cybiko Xtreme (handheld computer) f*cked up somehow today and erased almost everything on it, including almost all of my deadly important files. I now have to somehow recreate these files on the PC. So, do not buy a Cybiko Xtreme. I’m giving up on them and thinking about buying a Palm.

It’s like bad things happen to me so often, and the great things are so few and far between…

I find myself saying “kill me” or other such things to myself out loud all the time. I’ve been doing it more and more lately, because of all the terrible things happening…

Well..see ya…..

Roswell returns a week early…

March 13, 2002

After terrible ratings (even worse than Roswell’s) for the back-to-back “comedies” filling Roswell’s timeslot, Roswell’s return is already being promoted. I’ve heard that a promo for Roswell’s return on April 23rd aired after Buffy.

Could it be that Roswell still has a chance of returning for a 4th season?

View my airing schedules for the updated Roswell schedule:

Amy Jo Johnson’s CD is awesome

March 7, 2002

I bought Amy Jo Johnson’s CD from her site at ($15 + $4 shipping) and it arrived today. And I’m listening to it right now. There’s some really great songs on it. She sounds a little like Alanis. Definitely worth the $19.

And if no one know who Amy Jo Johnson is, she was the original pink ranger on Power Rangers. But she doesn’t want that to be known for some reason. Power Rangers began her career and yet it isn’t mentioned anywhere on her site.

I’ll admit, one of the reasons I watched PR in the early days was to see Kimberly… I wonder what her thoughts are now that the episodes she appeared in are finally being re-aired after being locked away since 1998.

…But the songs on her CD are cool. All written by her also. (Make sure to check out the photo gallery at her site as well…)

Well, see ya…


March 6, 2002

Why are there always tormenters? I guess evil will always exist in one form or another. Why must people you thought were friends laugh at you? They were never friends to begin with, I suppose.

They use me for my quotes. That is why I have taken the quote page away. My supposed friends like my quotes but hate me. Why? Simply because i am overweight? I have never done anything to them and yet they still hate.

I ask. They won’t answer.

I’ve been calling out for help. But no answer has come.

The tormenters think I am simply acting depressed to gain something, but I have nothing left to gain. Especially with no help coming.


I’m bored ‘n stuff

March 5, 2002

The MMPR episodes aired Sunday were:

101: “Day Of The Dumpster”
103: “Teamwork”
109: “I, Eye Guy”
113: “No Clowning Around”

I hope the Green With Evil saga begins airing next week.

Anyway, PR’s now on 7 days a week. Check out my airing schedules.

Hmm…can’t really think of anything else to say right now…so…

See ya…