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November 30, 2010

I awoke in the morning and got online, soon watching some 145 Days of Power Rangers (“The Ninja Encounter” Part 1 & 2), then I eventually headed to the living room and watched some morning TV with my dad. After some of that, I got back online again for a bit.. Once he was done with the TV, I watched Conan (lol), followed by five more episodes of Power Rangers Operation Overdrive (*yawn* ..managed to stay awake today though.. hehe, I enjoy Ronny’s gadgetgasms.. but the moments I do enjoy are so few and far between this season :/).

I checked out PlayStation Home for a little while (new reward is given in the Konami space after 30 minutes of out-of-game dancing.. having a hard time doing it though with the freezing 😦 ), then moved on to some more Batman: Arkham Asylum (awesome game!). We had some supper, then I got online to news-gather.

In primetime, we watched Christmas At Rockefeller Center (lol @ NBC playing the wrong lipsync tape again.. stupid bastards :p), Raising Hope (lol @ the comment about shows about babies not lasting very long.. *hopes*), Running Wilde (lol, good episode) and No Ordinary Family (good episode.. team-up! ..but aw, only a one-time thing..). My dad headed to bed and soon so did I..

See ya.



November 29, 2010

I awoke in the morning and soon checked out 145 Days of Power Rangers. I downloaded it twice and got a file size a bit too small. The quality wasn’t as good. So I downloaded yet again and got the more-usual 200MB file. :/ Didn’t watch it though.. I then watched Superman / Shazam! The Return of Black Adam ..aka DC Showcase Animated Shorts Collection Volume 1. Once the second short was announced, I wondered if they would put them on their own disc for easier viewing.. and they did. But there’s only five on this release. :/ The main short (which really should have been feature-length) is closer to 30mins, but the others stay at 13mins or under. The total runtime is about 65mins. I enjoyed seeing all these shorts again, and I’m glad to have this in my DC Universe movie collection. I really need to complete it though by upgrading those first few movies to Blu. :p

I followed that with Men In Black: The Series (good episode 🙂 ). My dad returned home from dialysis and we watched some morning TV. I got online for a little while, then soon tried to get started on Power Rangers Operation Overdrive. I watched the first five episodes.. including the behind the scenes special that shouldn’t really count. :p And yes, I’m watching downloaded data disc versions even though I have it all on official DVD. This would be the third time watching through the season… I’ll probably just continue to fall asleep for the less important episodes, like during the last one today. :p

I played through Batman: Arkham Asylum for a few hours.. then got to a difficult part just before 6PM. I tired a few times, then just gave up for the day. Oh, and my Big Bang Theory: Season 3 DVD came UPS too. Yay.. I got online to news-gather, then we eventually had some supper.

In primetime, my dad mainly slept because he didn’t do it in the afternoon like he usually does on dialysis days.. I watched Chuck (wow, very good episode this week), The Event (good episode, but.. no more episodes until late February..? aw man 😦 ), Transformers Prime (rewatched Darkness Rising Part 1, good stuff.. there was also a promo announcing that regular episodes of the series will begin in February) and Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes (“Panther’s Quest”.. very nice).

And that was it.. See ya.

Saturday 11.27.2010 — three days, SOE! three days!

November 27, 2010

I awoke in the morning from a dream. It was a cool movie-like one where me and some of my (non-existent) friends were all walking through a mall after it closed or something. And then this huge bloodthirsty orange lizard showed up and we had to fight it off. And then a bunch of tiny baby ones and teenage ones followed (yeah, just a bunch of different sizes). And we all worked to together to fight them off.. or something. It was pretty neat. And then I woke up..

So I watched the day’s 145 Days of Power Rangers, soon followed by Young Justice (very good start, looking forward to more.. in January 😦 ) and Glory Daze (eh.. not as good as episode 1). My dad returned home from his holiday-postponed dialysis day.. and I had a hard time finding something we both would enjoy… Okay okay, I just wanted him to go to bed like he always does so I could play some games. I caught the new SpongeBob SquarePants on Nick2 (partly.. well, mostly.. to see the Power Rangers Samurai promo again.. it premiered with the SpongeBob movie on Thursday.. good scheduling of it, both shows are aimed at kids but also have an older audience).

The mail man came to our door to deliver a couple pieces of certified mail. I signed for them. Both were the same thing. It said there was mass on my dad’s left lung and they would have to check it to see if it was cancer like that that took his kidney. Those appointments he missed were to check out the mass. He’s been scheduled for a couple appointments in a little over a week. We might have just found out the cause of his out of control coughing…

That news just made the air between us even more dense than it already was. My dad was already talking all gloomy, as if his fate was sealed. *sigh* ..I found something to watch on TV, then he eventually fell asleep.. I turned on the PS3 and played Batman: Arkham Asylum from about 5PM to maybe 9:30PM. And then I switched over to the God of War Collection rental that had come in yesterday (God of War I.. not too sure I like it just yet.. haven’t been a fan of this genre of story). It was like I was in a trance. My dad awoke and eventually went to bed for a while, then returned again. Arkham Asylum is an awesome game, in case you haven’t heard yet. lol @ how you get that Riddler trophy after capturing Harley Quinn. “How’d you get out?” :p And I like her outfit dangit… Yeah, I have a thing for schoolgirls.. >_>

I finally shut off the PS3 at about 10:30PM. My dad was now awake and.. awake. He watched a few things after I returned to my room.. then he went right back to bed again. *shrug*

See ya.

Transformers Prime & GI Joe Renegades today!

November 26, 2010

I awoke in the morning and got online to check out 145 Days of Power Rangers.. and again StreamTransport would not work. After about an hour online while fiddling with it, it finally worked. Jeez. :/ I watched “White Light Part II” followed by today’s “Two For One”.. We watched some morning TV, as well as last night’s Conan (lol).

I got online for a little while before returning to the living room. And then I watched The Event (a bit bored by this one actually.. not bad though), two episodes of Men In Black: The Series (from Tuesday & Wednesday, good episodes.. liked the recurring villain Alpha.. Thursday & Friday were reruns :p), Hubworld (eh, pretty bored by it.. glad I was behind on the DVR so I could fast forward past that awful music video), Hub Exclusive (behind the scenes of the Hub’s two new series.. that I’m about to watch..), the first two episodes of Transformers Prime (“Darkness Rising” Part 1 & 2.. of 5! A very promising start to the series, really liking it so far.. this only counted as a sneak peek though, and featured an annoying bug in the corner the whole time saying “3 days until..” even though I was watching right then! my only complaint though.. I’ll probably watch again next week before Part 3-5 on Wed-Fri 🙂 ), and the first two episodes of GI Joe Renegades (“The Descent” Part 1 & 2 ..aka Attack of the Living Jello Molds!!1 lol, but really.. I liked it.. it was pretty good.. I liked the series’ premise that this two-part premiere set up and I look forward to more.. only not as much as Prime :p ).

I got online to news-gather, then we eventually had some supper.. In primetime, there was nothing on.. that my dad and I could both enjoy. And so I watched Monday’s House (pretty good episode), a new-to-us month-old Mentalist (good episode too, hey look that chick from High School Musical, nice), Victorious (my dad got busy elsewhere, so I watched.. thin plot again, but it was still fun.. songs were good.. though slightly disappointed to not see the Power Rangers Samurai promo, especially after they did show that House of Anubis promo) and The Soup (lol). And that was about it.. I’ll likely fit Young Justice in first thing tomorrow.. after 145 Days. :p See ya.

Power Rangers Samurai @ Macy’s Parade! / blah thanksgiving today

November 25, 2010

The Power Rangers Samurai appeared on the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade today. Missed it? Find it below. And much like this blurb, their appearance was brief…

I awoke pretty early in the morning and got online to check out the day’s 145 Days of Power Rangers. But for some reason, the program I use to download the episode was no longer able to capture it. I tried and tried again throughout the day, but it just refused to work. I restarted to the program a bunch of times, I rebooted the whole computer.. nothing. Ugh. I thought it was the site itself until someone else was able to catch it no problem. Ugh. 😦 And since I like watching the copy I download, I never got around to watching today’s episode.

I eventually fell asleep for a few more hours and awoke after 8AM. Damn. I had wanted to keep tabs on Nickelodeon for the Power Rangers Samurai preview even though we most likely already had it.. I got online and checked 145 Days again, then eventually kept running back and forth from living room to bedroom (parade, online, parade, online..) while the Thanksgiving Parade aired. But then the Power Rangers Samurai finally appeared for their very breif moment, then I stayed online for a while after that.

In the afternoon, after my dad was done watching he news, I took over the TV and checked out PlayStation Home (had to get one of the new pets.. even though it doesn’t really do much.. would’ve been nice to add some animations, like with the dice.. that I also purchased) while my dad took off somewhere. He went to the grocery store.. but again barely bought anything at all. -_- ..My dad ordered some free Thanksgiving dinners (for poor people like us) and we had that.. while watching last night’s Conan (lol wow, very good episode).

I eventually returned to PlayStation Home for a little while.. and only chose to stay there longer when my dad went to bed for a nap.. And then I also played some more Batman: Arkham Asylum (with my purchased disc now, yay.. really liking this game!). I didn’t even shut it off until nearly 7PM. My dad awoke at about 6:30 and had to be told it wasn’t 6AM but PM. He also trying calling someone with the remote control earlier today…

In primetime, I mainly stayed online while my dad watched some Taylor Swift special and some reruns in the living room. Blah. I did watch some of a Big Bang Theory rerun.. then ordered Season 3 on DVD from Amazon (price-matching Target’s Black Friday price of $12.99 on all three seasons, awesome). And that was pretty much it really.. See ya.

Power Rangers Samurai First Look! / today

November 24, 2010 & Yahoo! Kids officially revealed the very first promo for Power Rangers Samurai today. This looks rather promising, for what little we’re actually given. :p To see it in better quality, I’d recommend looking for it on Nickelodeon & Nicktoons over the Thanksgiving weekend. 🙂 Also don’t miss the new Rangers in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade!

Later that night, I got the PS3 online to peruse the new releases on the PSN store. And then I thought I’d at least install the next game from Blockbuster — God of War Collection. But when the disc wouldn’t load, I checked and found it had a big crack running all along one side. Wow. :/ I reported it before going to sleep.. I awoke the next morning and watched the day’s 145 Days of Power Rangers, then watched Nightmare On Elm Street (2010) (the half of this Netflix selection that I fell asleep during a few days ago.. really wanted to see it all :p), Caprica (so bored.. until the very end.. where I screamed “FINALLY!” :/ ) and Futurama (hah, holiday episode.. Snoop Dogg’s rap was probably the highlight too).

My dad soon returned home from dialysis, then we watched some morning TV.. and I got online for a little while. And that little while turned into most of the afternoon. I watched some Conan, then returned online. That was when I found the Power Rangers Samurai promo upon reloading the page. And it seems like I was the first one to discover it was online, then I posted the link in a tweet that I had pre-written (and just changed the ending). Then I quickly booted up the StreamTransport program I usually use for 145 Days, downloaded the promo, then got it up onto YouTube. I did it so quickly mainly due to some people saying they couldn’t view the promo.

After I had watched the promo 45645756756 times and the excitement had died down, I returned to the living room and soon got the PS3 online. A friend of mine of PSN that had been offline for months had returned. Cool. And then UPS dropped off my copy of Batman: Arkham Asylum. The listing said it was “Greatest Hits”, but there was no ugly red case to be seen. Sweet. I sealed up the rental copy and set it aside to mailed away. :p

And then I got onto PlayStation Home for a little while, playing a mini-game.. and trying to show off my newly-purchased glowing cat’s eyes.. added to the Force Unleashed 2 Starkiller outfit, dual lightsabers, and a black hood. lol. Some say the PlayStation Rewards system doesn’t update until you buy something, so I hope to see a surge soon now…

While I got all this great news, my dad got some bad. Due to not addressing an envelope currently, he didn’t get some paperwork delivered on-time. And now the state won’t pay for his medicare. He received the notice today that the money would be taken out of his monthly check instead. He barely has enough to pay all the bills (beside the one I pay). Upon hearing this, he at least decided to return both the heater and the oven now. They both had monthly payments attached. 😦

We had some supper, then I got online to news-gather.. In primetime, we watched The Middle (lol), Better With You (lol, very funny opening scene), Modern Family (lol, girl sweater), Cougar Town (eh, didn’t really pay as much attention to this one..) and Human Target (the new female cast continues to feel a bit tacked on, as if it were a ‘suggestion’ by some bosses at the network or studio.. *shrug* ..but even with the watering down, it’s still pretty good.. I’d much like to see Emmanuelle Vaugier come back at least a few more times this season, plzplzplz).

And that was pretty much it. See ya.

media & oven / today

November 23, 2010

I awoke pretty early in the morning again and got online to finish up the previous entry, then I watched the day’s 145 Days of Power Rangers. After some more time online, my dad and I watched some morning TV.. then I fell asleep for a little while. I then got back online and had an annoying problem with Amazon’s Black Friday lightning deals. They offered Batman: Arkham Asylum for just $14.99 (50% off), so I jumped on that right away. And somehow it went down to just $4.99 (I later realized it was a $10 video game credit that I had forgotten about). Ack.. But the site said the order had to go through by a certain time, and I thought a 1-click order wouldn’t complete in time. So I canceled it in order to put in another. But the site wouldn’t allow me to. I’m such an idiot.. I then made a whole new account and managed to get it for $15 before they sold out. I hope they don’t discover it and screw me over again. But then again, a $10 premium is probably something they’re just fine with. :p

After some more time online (a lot of time), the afternoon was already half over. I fit in last night’s episode of Chuck (wow, great episode) before trying out White Knight Chronicles from Blockbuster Online. I didn’t really like it, and mainly got it for the PlayStation Home rewards anyway. You get one just for loading the game and another for “450 binds”. The latter seemed too difficult to accomplish in a game I didn’t like, so I just gave up on it and checked out my huge new statue ornament in PlayStation Home. Very nice. :p

At the same time, my two new Blu-rays and my dad’s NuWave Oven came from UPS. Ugh, the slipcover on Prince of Persia was a bit dinged up and Remember Me didn’t have one at all. :/ But more importantly, my dad appears to be more weak to suggestion than he used to be. First, he buys the heater.. and now is underwhelmed by that. He says he’s going to return it.. but he isn’t doing anything to actually do it. And now he this oven that he’s having a difficult time understanding how to use. He should have just told the manager of our apartments to get us a working oven. But no. He wasted $40 first payment and $90 shipping to get it here.. and now he nothing to cook in it. At least I make sure I don’t run out of money in the bank. He don’t seem to care at all.

He seems to still have a surplus in the bank from his time away (for now.. well, before the oven), and he kept putting off fixing the brakes that he screwed up by accidentally pushing down on the gas and brake at the same time. SO they’re slowly getting worse and he decides to spend it on this instead. Urgh. He saw the NuWave infomercial twice before in times of less money and I tried to make sure he never saw it again. But while I was online Saturday morning, he saw the infomercial and ordered right away. -_-

So anyway, after the game and Home, I put in the oven’s instructional DVD because it sounded like a better option than my dad’s “put it aside until I understand it”. Hopefully he’ll get out of his “I don’t know what to buy” BS at the grocery store. Hopefully.. I got back online and eventually news-gathered. During that, my dad added a couple more empty boxes to the living room decor (as well as said oven) and made supper the way he usually does. :/

In primetime, we watched No Ordinary Family (hm, very good episode), two episodes of Raising Hope ( last week’s & this week’s.. and liked them, actually.. especially the newer one.. but still getting annoyed by seeing Kate Micucci everywhere, and it wouldn’t be so bad if she didn’t sing 😐 ) and Glee (haha, another Power Rangers reference on TV.. Saban really must be succeeding getting the brand name out there, nice.. good episode too, of course :p).

And so ends another day.. See ya.

mean girls 2? / buffy reboot?! / being human us! / today

November 22, 2010

Paramount has announced straight-to-DVD release of.. Mean Girls 2 for February 1st. Now that’s a birthday gift I DO NOT WANT! Unless it doesn’t suck.. but that’s pretty unlikely.. :/

In other DO NOT WANT news, a Buffy The Vampire Slayer theatrical reboot is moving forward without any involvement whatsoever from Joss Whedon, the man who made it all awesome. I’ll probably check this out, but I highly doubt it’ll hold up to the TV series.. Joss Whedon has already commented on it, in fact. See? Awesome. 🙂

SAIFAI Channel has announced some upcoming premiere dates for its slate of crap reality shows.. oh, and Being Human (US). It premieres on January 17th at 9PM ET. It has a fairly good cast on it, so I hope it.. doesn’t suck.. :p

I awoke in the morning and noticed that my dad again didn’t go to dialysis. Ugh. I awoke him and told him he slept in again. He got up and complained about a sore throat, then went back to bed. :/ ..I got online and watched the day’s 145 Days of Power Rangers. And then I soon watched Men In Black: The Series (good episode) and Caprica (the first of the “final five” episodes.. hm, somewhat interesting). My dad woke up and we watched some morning TV.. then I got online again.

In the afternoon, I took over the TV and.. played Batman: Arkham Asylum. All afternoon, from about 1PM.. to 6PM.. Wow. I’m really liking this game. I’ll have to buy it once I see a good price. :p ..I shut it off just in time for my dad’s news.. and supper.. And then I got online to news-gather.

Then in primetime, we watched How I Met Your Mother (lol, Hurley! his Lost references just made this awesome episode even awesomer :p ), Rules of Engagement (lol), Two & A Half Men (lol), Mike & Molly (lol, with the inclusion of his mother.. maybe it’ll go another season..? *shrug*) and Desperate Housewives (from a little over a week ago, but still Thanksgiving themed, haha.. good episode). And that was about it. Except when I fell asleep during Conan. Damnit. Glad I DVRed.

See ya.

Sunday 11.21.2010 —

November 21, 2010

I awoke in the morning and got online to check out the day’s 145 Days of Power Rangers. Eventually, I looked through the newspaper’s ads for Tuesday (not going out Tuesday.. which means I’m not going out at all.. *prisoner*), then watched Bleach (eh..), Kekkaishi (as usual, better than the former 🙂 ), Glory Daze (not bad, a little more drama than I was expecting.. plus I wasn’t expecting it to be an hour.. but I liked it 🙂 ), Life Unexpected (wow, VERY intense episode.. finally.. how come some shows appear to do the really good episodes too late? grr) and Hellcats (pretty good here too, actually).

After that, I got online for a while so that my dad could enjoy his sports. But I returned to the living room a bit later.. and fell asleep for most of the afternoon. Gr. Hate sleep for taking all my time away.. I got back online, then watched a single bedroom DVR episode of Supernatural (October 8th episode.. great timing to see that opening scene just as supper was ready :p). So yeah, supper.

In primetime, we watched Funniest Videos (is there too many females in the audience voting or what? this is Funniest Videos, not Cutest Videos! -_-), Simpsons (lol @ a movie reference in the same week they’re premiering the movie on FOX :p), Cleveland Show (ugh, subplot and message at the end.. so stupid.. so remaining off my “buy this DVD” list), Family Guy (lol, felt a bit like an older episode, made me feel nostalgic), American Dad (lol, Francine should have left this ass ages ago!) and The Walking Dead (another great episode.. and two episodes left! boo! :p).

And that was about it once again… See ya.

Saturday 11.20.2010 — l@@k, links!

November 20, 2010

I awoke in the morning and got online to watch the day’s 145 Days of Power Rangers, then I ended up staying online for a little while.. But eventually, I watched The Soup (lol), iCarly (“iStart A Fan War”.. I liked Jack Black’s singing of course, and some other moments.. but when the plot’s thin and they stretch it to fill an hour? *yaaawn*), Big Time Rush (lol, a bit over-the-top for me at times though.. don’t like “live action cartoon” moments this much), Degrassi (good episode.. but “finale” already? aw man), Star Wars: The Clone Wars (another yawn episode.. so much so I fell asleep.. ah well, I’ll see again on the inevitable Season 3 Blu-ray) and Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura (JFK, some interesting stuff even I didn’t know…).

My dad eventually left to try and buy some groceries (he fails more often than not anymore), then I eventually got into playing some more Batman: Arkham Asylum. I’m liking it.. until I got stuck again.. My other two games came in today though: White Knight Chronicles and God of War Collection. I’ve been eyeing a purchase of the latter for a while now, but just wasn’t sure.. The former I’ll probably just try and get the two PlayStation Home unlockables out off. Haha. :p

My dad returned home.. and I eventually shut off the game./ We had some supper and soon watch my next Netflix selection — Nightmare On Elm Street (2010). I was mainly in it to see Jackie Earle Haley (who’s awesome in Watchmen & Human Target). My dad kept pointing out the similarities between it and the original version he saw, incorrectly recalling it to be in black & white.. But of course, I fell asleep like half way through. I guess I won’t get it back in the mail tomorrow. Damnit.

I got online for a while.. which turned into the usual rest of the night. *shrug* Well.. see ya.

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