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Sunday 11.30.2008 — done.

November 30, 2008

I awoke to the alarm at 8AM. I then awoke an hour later and looked through the newspaper’s ads for.. Wednesday. I’m now pretty sure I’ll be getting my first Blu-ray this week. Maybe.. We had some breakfast, then I watched Bleach (bleh), Code Geass R2 (great episode.. though starting to feel a bit too much like Death Note) and Shin Chan (lol). I then filled the rest of the morning on Home Beta (surprisingly enough, I found sitting my avatar beside a small fish-filled river on the UK server relaxing.. until everyone else started doing it too.. and talking.. and getting in the way of my camera’s view of said river :p).

Soon before my dad’s game was due to start, I shut off the PS3 and got online for a bit. A long bit. Then I only had enough time to watch the latest Bones (very good episode). We also had some supper. I was going to watch another Sanctuary, but wasn’t in the mood.. so I just got back online instead. I have all Sanctuary episodes aired so far on the bedroom DVR (‘cept the two-hour premiere, which I already watched), as well as the first 13 episodes of Primeval and the latest nine episodes of Naruto. :p

In primetime, we watched Funniest Videos (well sorta), Simpsons (*Bart makes fun of Apple in episode* *commercials for Apple air at just about every break* lol, now that’s funny :p), Desperate Housewives (good episode) and American Dad (lol). I also fit in another chapter of Twilight during the course of the night. The plot sure is moving slowly. But it is nearly 500 pages after all. :p

And that about it..? For November……. See ya..

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Saturday 11.29.2008 —

November 29, 2008

I awoke in the morning.. unfortunately. :p After some time online, I watched last Friday’s South of Nowhere (just wasn’t in the mood until now).. soon followed by TMNT Back To The Sewer (what started out okay is now come back around full circle to FF quality.. if you can call it quality.. two episodes left for the eighth season and most likely the series :/ ). I then just wasted time watching stuff that’s piled up on the PS3 because there was nothing else to watch because my dad kept doing one thing or another all day..

And so I watched episodes of Scream Queens, Crash (very good show), Legend of the Seeker (finally got around to episode 3 :p ..and I liked it.. why can’t Disney film PR in NTSC too? Rather than being all cheap by filming it in PAL, then editing the picture to look more NTSC.. but not completely.. it’s probably the main thing I haven’t liked about PR since Ninja Storm.. *randomly haha’s, recalling the PROO episode accidentally released in PAL blurry video on R1 DVD*) and another Scream Queens (oh, now I’m caught up.. until Monday.. I’d like Lindsay to win.. but Michelle or that black lady probably will..).

My dad finally got the clue by about 4PM and we watched Wanted. Ugh @ PAL DVDrips. They should tell you these things before you download them illegally for free. Damnit.. But the movie wasn’t all that great anyway. Felt a little like Jumper by the end, which was only made to set up later films in a series and didn’t have all that much story to it by itself. Angelina Jolie’s brief bare ass was nice to look at, as was the unbelievable special effects.. but there much else of substance. It also felt rushed and in need of an extended version.. Glad I watched it now. I was actually considering buying this on DVD Tuesday. :/

After the movie ended, I returned to my room and got online. Then we had some supper and I headed to the bedroom DVR. There, I watched last week’s Bones (great episode) and two episodes of Everybody Hates Chris (haha). I read a couple chapters of Twilight (oh, so this rips off Roswell High then.. still liking it though), then watched a couple episodes of Naruto (sooo behind now.. these episodes were from 9/6 :p).

And.. that was about it. See ya..

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nothing / today

November 28, 2008

I awoke in the morning and got online, and then watched the last five episodes of Robot Chicken: Season 3 (lol). My dad soon returned home from dialysis and we watched some morning TV. But I mainly got online.. again.. In the afternoon, I watched another Gurren Lagann (eh, the first half was alright.. but now I’m not liking it all of a sudden, hmm).. then we both watched Monday’s Prison Break (wow, that.. ending.. -_-).

I then got on Home Beta for a few more hours. Now I’m really getting frustrated about Ice Breaker. I want the outfit soo bad, but I just can’t make it though twenty levels of breaking ice bricks with balls. All I got was a headache by the end of it. Can’t even reach the points needed to unlock Item 2. Ugh.. I shut off Home about an hour earlier than usual. We had some supper, then I news-gathered (yes, again quite futile).

In primetime.. oh look, everything’s reruns. :/ So I finally watched the next Netflix selection that’s been sitting here for weeks.. Flightplan. It was somewhat flawed.. but okay. It was sorta like watching two pieces of two different movies. The plot turned that much for the remaining 40 or so minutes. :p ..A bit after that was over, we watched The Soup (haha) and The Soup Presents (oops, missed it Monday.. or opted to).. before I returned to my room for the night.

See ya.

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[ Marijuana Stash In 2700 Yr Old China Tomb ]

krdk promo pics / thanks-for-not-giving

November 27, 2008

HenshinJustice has some new promotional images for Kamen Rider Dragon Knight. Nice. 🙂

I awoke in the morning.. and got online. Then we had some breakfast and watched some of the parade. But then we got bored of that and watched two episodes of Rita Rocks (haha.. caught up now). My dad fell asleep, so I went ahead and watched Chuck (great episode), Heroes (I’m starting to notice the flaws everyone else is talking about now.. it was difficult to like this episode) and Scream Queens (soo behind.. yay’s 4 Lindsay).

Since we surely couldn’t afford a Thanksgiving, we ordered a free one delivered. But by 2PM, we had all but lost hope in it ever coming.. I’ve been downloading Power Rangers a lot lately, getting the seasons on data DVDs one season at a time in reverse. I’ve made it back to Time Force and can’t find any website that actually points out each and every known episode that was edited post-9/11. I was quite surprised that I couldn’t. I’d like to archive both versions of the episodes, but I only know of one or two episodes for sure. So I’m downloading both great quality edited episodes and lower-quality uncut episodes at the same time. :/

So after all that TV, I’d like to watch a movie. But all the ones I really want to see I can’t because my dad keeps falling asleep. That and the afternoon glare on the TV screen sucks. The sun sucks.. I got online instead. My dad took over the TV, changed the channel.. then fell asleep again.. Eventually, I decided to watch a movie after all — Tropic Thunder: Unrated. My dad slept for parts of it.. and I ended up not really liking it all that much. Our free Thanksgiving meals never arrived either, of course. So we just reheated some damn leftovers.. and that was it..

I got online to news-gather.. even though there definitely wasn’t anything there either.. Once I was done there, I read some Twilight. Yup, I follow whatever’s popular. So lame. Didn’t start reading Harry Potter until I heard about the sales for book 4 on the news. :p ..My dad had fallen asleep yet again. All this sleeping does have me a bit worried.. So as he slept, I watched another Gurren Lagann (innnteresting).. then ended up visiting Home Beta.. for about five hours. Ack. My dad woke up at about 11PM.. and went to bed.. so I stayed on it..

I’ve made a Power Rangers club in Home, but I’m mostly just messing around with the new option. I made a dancefloor out of Echochrome tables (they have green glass surfaces). Then I was about to go to bed when I was invited to a party in the other club I was in, so that took up another 90 minutes or so. It was pretty fun, though I’m shy there just like I am in all the IRC chats I’m idling in right this minute. I mainly just inject a comment or two into the convo, then depart with a “see ya”. :/

See ya. :p

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dvd ads nov 30-dec 6 / today

November 26, 2008

Click the corresponding retailer for their ad for the week of November 30th to December 6th: Best Buy, Target & Circuit City. Quite a few major film releases out this week, including The X-Files: I Want To Believe, Step Brothers, Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian and Wanted. Disney is once again price-gouging their DVDs with the new 3-disc Narnia. The lowest price you can find it for here is $27.99. Or you could get the “basic” 2-disc Blu-ray for as low as $24.99 at Best Buy. Hmmm. Best Buy also has a “special” 3-disc Blu-ray for $34.99. Ack.. X-Files is $22.99 at both Target & Circuit, but $24.99 at Best Buy. Target may or may not be hinting at an exclusive. The X-Files Blu is $29.99 across the board, as is the Step Brothers 2-disc DVD ($22.99) and Wanted 2-disc DVD (also $22.99). But with Wanted, Target has production notes and Circuit City a chrome keychain.

DC Universe Ultimate Movie Collection is only $49.99 at Best Buy.. even though I noticed it in stores last Tuesday. It contains the 2-disc DVD versions of Superman: Doomsday, Justice League: The New Frontier, Batman: Gotham Knight and some empty room in the box to store 2009’s releases of Wonder Woman and Green Lantern. Neat.. Having heard of the upcoming re-release, Target will offer The Back To The Future Trilogy for just $14.99. Wow. Maybe I should finally pick it up.. and y’know.. see’em for the first time..

4Kids.TV is now hosting the original Kamen Rider Dragon Knight trailer on their website as well. Neat.. With the site and trailer now on their site, I better keep my eyes peeled Saturday morning. I want to catch the first promo. :p

I awoke in the morning.. and watched the usual morning TV. Blah. Then I got bored and got online for a few hours. I checked out Kamen Rider Strike’s profile on the Dragon Knight site and saw he was a “hacker and UFO conspiracy theorist” on the run from the US government. Cooool. So I quickly made up some LJ icons and made one of them my default. Google couldn’t find me a better shot of him (aka Kamen Rider Ouja in the original Japanese version), so I just went with 4Kids’ profile image for now. :/

Next, I watched five more episodes of Robot Chicken: Season 3 (lol), followed by Ben 10: Alien Force (haha, I like the real-world aspects with his parents.. dont know why they don’t have more, both here and in PR 😦 ) and Gurren Lagann (wasn’t expecting that seven-year jump, but it improved the series so far.. nice).

My dad and I then had to go to the grocery store, taking out of my Home Beta time. I still had a few bucks left for this month, so I came with to buy something he claims he couldn’t afford: milk. And I finally found white chocolate & macedamia cookies in a grocery store. My favorite cookies.. I returned home and got on Home Beta.. for only an hour. I used to be excited to see all the regular nicknames everyday in the central plaza. But since 1.0, it’s just strangers. A familiar nick is few and far between. At least they’ve tried to fix that with clubs. Hope they don’t start charging for them in Open Beta, like I had heard. Due to the “strangers” reason, I’m actually beginning to get bored of Home. All I do anymore is play games in the arcade to unlock items. :/ Hence why I only stayed on an hour..

We had some supper, then I got online to news-gather. I then finished up online by 8PM. We watched Old Christine (lol), Gary Unmarried (lol, one of the funniest episodes so far), Pushing Daisies (good episode, damn that ending :p), True Blood (season finale.. and what.. one.. it was.. ack @ that cliffhanger :/ ) and Samantha Who (haha, promotion of a movie within a TV show is always funny– heywaitaminute).

I returned to my room for the night. Then my glasses came apart again and there was this whole ordeal where my dad got pissed off. I should purchase new glasses.. and other new things.. rather than spending it all on DVDs. I had told him earlier in the evening that I was trying to cut down on my DVD purchases and he said nothing, as he didn’t care. And then this.. What’s annoying is how picky the PS3 is about files it’ll play. First 21 and now Wall-E. Every version I download is unable to be watched for one reason or another..

Umm… see ya.

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krdk 4kids site / eagle eye / today

November 25, 2008

4Kids.TV’s Kamen Rider Dragon Knight section is now online with wallpaper, AIM icons, character profiles.. and rather spoilery descriptions for the first 14 episodes. And we’re talking multiple paragraphs per episode. Ack. Must resist.. reading.. spoilers.. Dragon Knight debuts with a “sneak peek” of the complete first episode on CW4Kids December 13th at 9:30AM ET. 🙂

On Sunday, December 28th.. bring Eagle Eye home on DVD & Blu-ray.. many many times. Yup, it’s another one of those spread out releases. Such as: the 1-disc DVD gets the best cover art and only the 2-disc DVD gets an alternate ending. Nope, it’s not on Blu. :/ In other words: they’re trying to get the true collectors to get all of them. Or at least more than one copy. :/ This is also happening on the December 9th release of The Dark Knight, with two History Channel documentaries only being included on the Blu-ray release. :/

I awoke to the alarm in the morning, then watched five more episodes of Robot Chicken: Season 3 (lol).. followed by Gurren Lagann (great timing to quite watching for a while, right before the recap episode.. which this was :p I need to get through the rest). My dad returned home from dialysis and we watched some morning TV. But I soon got ready.. and we headed out to media buy..

I took my weekly visit to Best Buy. :p It was soo hard to pass on Hancock. But I had to. Though I did get 24: Redemption. I wish they had made the cover art of Best Buy’s exclusive version a bit more different. It was hard to tell them apart. “24” is in a different color and there’s a “Digital Copy Edition” banner across the top. My Best Buy only had eight copies of it, and a lot more of the basic-and-cheaper 2-disc version (I saw a similar phenomena with the Hancock 2-disc & 1-disc DVDs). The Best Buy versions had broadcast version on disc 1 (nice), while the extended version is on disc 2 along with all the special features and Best Buy’s exclusive special features. As expected, disc 3 is the digital copy coaster. :/ I also picked up a new HBO promo disc, with first episodes of Little Britain USA, Summer Heights High & Life & Times of Tim. It must be a bit old, since it denotes a premiere date that has passed on the cover. It rang up as $5 since I didn’t purchase an HBO DVD, but I had a $5 Reward Zone certificate.. and I have all HBO promo discs so far.. so.. yeah..

Next, I made it to the grocery store and.. bought groceries.. for both of us.. Once that was taken care of (as well as the icee — not gonna try coke / orange / cherry again.. maybe..), we returned home and watched Ellen (wow, a whole episode for Beyonce.. and this is the first time I’ve enjoyed her music.. maybe it took this long because I had liked Destiny’s Child more), followed by Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles (wow, good episode.. and that ending, omg).

I then wasted a few more hours in Home Beta. I finally unlocked all items in one of the arcade games. Now I need to work on the other. Achieving certain amounts of points in Home’s arcade gets you some nice items for your Home Space, or clothes for your avatar.. We had some supper, then I got online to news-gather. I then finished online by 8PM.

We watched House (ooh, extended-by-eight-minutes episode.. it was pretty good, as usual), Fringe (I was excited, then bored, then really excited.. by this episode.. I guess I just don’t like the magic bathtub.. haha’s @ the “Oceanic Air” plane ticket :p) and The Mentalist (pretty good episode here too). I then returned to my room for the night. See ya… I hope…

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disney xd promo / fox infomercials / today

November 24, 2008 is now online with a sneak peek promo video. Toon Disney will transform into Disney XD in February 2009, just as Power Rangers RPM premieres on the network. The only shows mentioned in the video though are the channel’s other two upcoming live-action shows, Zeke & Luther and Aaron Stone..

With 4Kids vacating FOX’s Saturday morning schedule at the end of this year, what’s going to replace it? Well.. two hours of infomercials. Eww. 😐

I awoke in the morning and saw the usual morning crap on TV. I got online for a while, then watched the first five episodes of Robot Chicken: Season 3 in the afternoon (lol, especially like the “Worst Halloween” skit with the Pink Ranger costume :p).. But then it arrived in the mail. A form to fill out. My monthly social security benefits check is “under review”. The form mainly asks for medical records.. that don’t exist.. because I haven’t visited a doctor on a regular basis in many, many years.

Most of you anonymous commenters are probably cheering that my “free ride” is over now. But in actuality, it’s my entire life that will be over. I’ve been giving my dad $140 each month to help pay the bills and rent. So if this monthly check ends, we’ll both be screwed. We barely scrape by at the of each month. We’re nearly out of food for us and our cat yet again this month. And there’s still a week left to go.And we certainly can’t afford the upcoming holidays. I really am trying to lessen my DVD purchases as well. It’s an addiction I must at least get under control. Just look at last Tuesday. I really wanted Tropic Thunder.. but I didn’t get it. But I guess it’s too late now. With the check gone, we’ll probably have to drop DVDs, cable TV and internet altogether just to survive. And with them would go all my connections to the outside world, then my sanity.. My dad’s shoplifting again as I type this just so that we could eat. And it’s pretty much the same thing every night because it’s all he can get..

I really wasn’t in the mood to watch anything, but I really needed to in order to free up space on the PS3.. So I watched another Crash (great episode) and Pushing Daisies (pretty good episode.. why’s everyone saying this has been canceled? All I saw online was that no additional episodes were picked up for the rest of this season :/).By then it was nearing 5PM, so I returned to my room and got online to news-gather. We had some supper, then I finished up online by 8PM.

We then watched Big Bang Theory (rofl, great episode this week), How I Met Your Mother (lol), Two & A Half Men (lol), Worst Week (lol) and CSI Miami (wow, great episode). The whole night, my dad was acting all depressed.. over the mail today. So more than usual. But because of my media (and the cat), I was fine.. on the outside anyway. Inside was a whole different story. In a little over a month, our lives will be over..

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[ Makow – Overrated: Romantic Love, Young Women, Sex ]
[ UFOs, ETs, Ghosts More Believed Than God ]
[ Video: USAF Pilot Ordered To Shootdown UFO ]

Sunday 11.23.2008 — krdk ep 01 spoiler

November 23, 2008

BurgundyRanger has come through again with the episode description for the December 13th sneak peek (aka first episode) of Kamen Rider Dragon Knight on CW4Kids. Coool. 🙂

Sat Dec 13 9:30AM — 101: “Search for the Dragon” — Turning eighteen should be cool, but not for Kit Taylor. His dad has been missing for a year, he’s being kicked out of his foster home, and he keeps getting busted for things he didn’t do. Then life gets truly strange.

I awoke in the morning.. and looked through the newspaper’s ads for Tuesday.. I then watched Bleach (found it difficult to pay attention.. so bland lately), Code Geass R2 (great episode) and Shin Chan (oh, they switched out a new one for another fucking rerun.. awesome! *deletes*). And I passed on watching anything else..

Instead, I moved on to Home Beta for a while. I mainly played the arcade games and unlocked some items. Yay. The items are related to the arcade games. There should be Home items unlocked from full games too. That’d be neat.. Don’t know how much longer I should call it “beta”. It technically still is Closed Beta. But with the 1.0 update, it’s now able to be game-shared. You could borrow a friend’s PSN account and download it to your PS3, and it’ll work. The 1.0 update also locked everyone in their own region’s server, but you can get around it by making a PSN account for those other regions. I already have UK & JP accounts, aside from my own.. The place is so full anymore, at least in the US server. I hear the official “Open Beta” is coming pretty soon…

By the time I was getting bored of Home for now, I woke up my dad and I eventually shut it off.. then got online in my room. I then watched Ugly Betty (lol, very good episode this week), 90210 (also pretty good..) and Supernatural (“God’s little Power Ranger” haha.. very good episode too, especially that ending, wow). We had some supper.. somewhere in there..

My dad took off to my room to watch his football.. as I watched 24: Redemption. Awesome movie. I was looking forward to own it on DVD Tuesday. Now I cannot wait. It does start out a little slow, but it gets really good for the last 3/4 or so. Interested in seeing what the DVD’s extended cut adds to it as well. And I’m definitely getting Best Buy’s exclusive 3-Disc Special Edition with exclusive bonus features and useless digital copy. I’m just still unsure about buying Hancock is all. And I’d say Circuit City’s Hancock bonus disc trumps Best Buy’s steelbook.. *shrug*

Once the movie was over, I gave my dad back his TV for the rest of the game.. then returned to my room for the night.. See ya.

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[ Video: Amazing – Willard Wigan Micro Sculptor ]

Saturday 11.22.2008 — damn it.

November 22, 2008

Damn it. 😦

I awoke in the morning.. and finished up yesterday’s entry. Then I watched The Soup (lol), TMNT Back To The Sewers (eh it was alright.. last season had not enough Shredder, this season has too much Shredder :/), Best Week Ever (lol @ another “hating the new format” joke.. I swear it’s just about the only thing I enjoy in this show anymore.. due to the shitty new format..), Batman: The Brave And The Bold (hmm, not as good as last week.. maybe I spoke too soon), Ben 10: Alien Force (not bad) and Star Wars: The Clone Wars (lol, it was alright.. and this was a Jar Jar Binks episode.. ‘swhy it’s only “alright” :p).

We then watched The Mentalist (pretty good episode..). I then got in a rare weekend visit to the Home Beta while my dad fell asleep. The strange beeping I heard last night is back. But this time I mainly only noticed it in the mall (of both US and UK). Weird. I then finally made it on an arcade game (been busy since the new games showed up) in order to win some avatar clothes. But I did not..

We had some supper, then we soon watched.. Larry The Cable Guy’s Star-Studded Christmas Extravaganza on CMT. My dad really wanted to see it.. and I guess I did a little too. There was some funny skits (some of them anyway), and I liked Montgomery Gentry’s original Christmas song.. Once it ended, I made my way back to my room and got online for a bit.

I soon went to the bedroom DVR and watched Gossip Girl (damn that torrent site comment for spoiling a major upcoming event.. that I was expecting in this episode for some reason.. good episode though). And that’s all I got around t o watching. I was going to watch another, but I got online.. and that was it.. :/ See ya.

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[ Bollyn – How Zionism Subjugates Entire Nations ]
[ Anti-Zionism – ‘The State Of Israel Was The Creation Of Satan’ ]
[ Holocaust Researcher Toben Wins Release ]
[ Brits Forced To ‘Recycle’ All Food Scraps ]
[ Hairspray Linked To Boy’s Birth Defect ]
[ Helicopter Near-Miss With ‘Sinister’ UFO ]

bttf back on dvd / crusoe & scrubs / today

November 21, 2008 has announced that new DVD re-releases of the Back To The Future films are on the way for a February 10th 2009 release. All three films will be released separately with special foil packaging. The original film will be a 2-Disc Special Edition with new special features, while the other two films will be similar to the their single discs in the current trilogy DVD set.. I still need to see these movies.. :p

After its really bad ratings last Friday night, the NBC series Crusoe will be moving to Saturdays at 8PM ET starting December 6th. Ew, that sucks.. But in more positive news, ABC has announced that the new eighth season of Scrubs will premiere on Tuesday January 6th at 9PM ET, with two new back-to-back episodes. Awesome. 🙂 The new season of According To Jim will also premiere that night with back-to-back episodes, at 8PM ET..

I awoke in the morning and watched Sarah Silverman Program (lol.. so damn stupid), Wolverine And The X-Men and Gurren Lagann. I was asleep for a good part of the last two.. but deleted them from the PS3 anyway. Damnit. Now I must re-upload.. My dad returned from dialysis, thus subjecting me to the usual morning TV. Ugh. I got online for a bit, then during the afternoon I returned..

I attempted to watch Wall-E again (for the 345345th time! damn french DVDR with French text in-movie.. *torrents for the 345346th time*).. but then just watched CSI (wow, great episode.. no longer a week behind either), Crusoe (I got about 10 minutes int oit before realizing I couldn’t keep interested in it right now.. so I moved on and didn’t delete), the last two episodes of No Heroics‘ first season (lol great episodes, missing this show already.. damn UKers making higher quality yet incredibly short TV “series” 😦 ) and Rita Rocks (catching up.. lol, they soo weren’t singing or performing in that closing scene.. very easy to tell, like usual).

I then got on Home Beta for a while. They reportedly invited 100,000 more today for the load test tonight. Wow. But with all the new people, I’m not seeing any of the people I’ve been accustomed to seeing everyday before 1.0. I miss them. I was surrounded by strangers. Surprised that more of them weren’t being annoying.. I finally got on one of the arcade games and unlocked some new clothes: an echochrome suit. Woohoo. :p

We had some supper, then I got online to news-gather. At 8PM, we watched Ghost Whisperer (wow, these have been some episodes lately.. and the ratings show it, it seems), My Name Is Earl (lol) and Kath & Kim (one of my favorites yet.. felt proud and embarrassed at the same time during the cable TV speech.. because it’s all true).

I wasn’t going to get back on Home Beta until late. But my dad brought up going to bed early, so I said ‘why not’. I got in during the load test. There were loads of people there. I finally found some of my pre-1.0-beta friends and stuck with them through most of it. Then the test was over, so I decided t o head over to the UK server to check out the new Watchmen trailer. But before I reached the theater, a beeping sound started up.. and the next thing I knew I was disconnected. Weird. In fact, I couldn’t get on any of the Home servers. So I just gave up and returned to my room for the night. *shrug*

See ya.

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