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January 31, 2007

A friend of mine who went to NATPE has sent me some screen captures of the Kamen Rider Dragon Knight pilot presentation. Enjoy. 🙂

Lionsgate recently announced a Teenage Mutant Ninja Tutles (1987): Season Four DVD set for release on March 13th, in order to coincide with the theatrical release of the new CGI movie. But this is “the year of the turtle”, so more cashing in must be made. On May 22nd, FUNimation will release Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2003): Season One onto DVD for a mere $24.95 retail price. The 26-episode season was previously released (in order) in eight volumes, which have since gone out of print. I own every single release so far… but I’m a sucker, so I’ll probably buy this too.. And anyway, 4Kids removed some pre-opening-credits scenes from multi-part episodes for the early volumes, so maybe they’ll fix that here. *crosses fingers for new special features.. and the old ones too* :p

Jetix now has a new Power Rangers Operation Overdrive game on its website, titled “Overdrive Override“. Even though it seems like it’s just a redone Dino Thunder game they previous had… While on topic: lol @ this exchange..

I stayed up past 2AM online last night before finally heading off to sleep.. I awoke in the morning and got online for a bit. I was surprised when I was given a mission to post some Dragon Knight images to Rangerboard so the original source can remain anonymous. The images are also posted above. Coool.. Then I watched a couple more episodes from the PRMF Vol 3 DVD (1st and 2nd this time, in original order.. still didn’t completely suck.. I’m surprised that the all the openings and closings are included, as well as the Fire Heart recap on Petrified Xander).

We eventually watched Passions (eh it’s okay I guess). Then I went to my bedroom DVR and watched the 1/21 episodes of The Dresden Files (interesting.. I liked it) and Battlestar Galactica (eh.. “the best show on television”? overrated). I also found time to write some more Monark. Yes, I began the second chapter already. I also did some news-gathering during Galactica. We had some supper of whatever we could find, then I finished up my news-gathering. I finished up online pretty close to 8PM..

We watched Bones (awesome episode to open 2007), According To Jim (lol), In Case Of Emergency (lol.. *drools @ Kelly Hu more than usual due her scantily-cladedness this week*) and Medium (pretty good again this week 🙂 ). Then I wasted over an hour adding more movies to my Netflix queue. I’ll be getting Little Miss Sunshine next. Everybody seems to be talking about it, but I think it’s overrated based on what I’ve seen. I hope I’m proven wrong..

See ya.

[ Cheney Handwritten Notes Implicate Bush In Plame Affair ]
[ Olbermann On Bush’s Claim Of Stopping ‘4 Terror Plots’ ]
[ Official Lies Of US ‘Victory’ In Najaf Battle Exposed ]
[ Major Iran Paper – 911 A ‘White House Conspiracy’ ]
[ Hard Evidence Of Pod On South Tower ‘Flight 175’ ]
[ 911 – Those ‘Missing’ Black Boxes ]
[ UK Plots X-Ray Street Cams To See Through Citizen Clothing ]
[ Major Climate Change Warning For Sydney ]
[ Most Back Pain Triggered By Psychological Origins ]
[ The Dulce NM ‘Underground Base’ – Fact Or Fiction? ]
[ Mystery Animal Washed Up On Russian Beach ]


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January 30, 2007

EMI, the company distributing the Power Rangers CD in the UK, has a listing for the CD on their website. It claims the release date has been moved to March 5th. The site also has a larger look at the cover art. Or better yet, check out the Amazon version.That date is better than July 9th anyway.. 🙂

Now ABC and CBS have issued press releases for February sweeps as well. ABC’s release provides spoilers for the month’s new episodes of Lost, Ugly Betty, Desperate Housewives and Grey’s Anatomy. Lost will see its sixth recap special on February 7th at 9PM ET with the Lost Survival Guide Special. I may actually tune into this one though, since it’s being hosted by executive producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse. 🙂 ..Meanwhile, CBS’s release mentions the Super Bowl and episodic spoilers for How I Met Your Mother and the CSI series. Nelly Furtado’s role on CSI NY sounds cool. 🙂

Click the corresponding retailer for their ad for the week of February 4th to 10th: Best Buy, Circuit City & Target. I have quite a few DVDs to pick up next week.. and barely any of them are in the ads. The 39-episode Dragon Ball Z: Season 1 for only $29.99 at Best Buy? Nice. That Best Buy exclusive 2-disc set for The Grudge 2 sounds cool as well. I didn’t really like the original film that much and decided not to get the sequel.. but now I may reconsider.. partly to convince Best Buy to do more Target-like Exclusive Editions that are done better than Target. :p *shrug*

The Digital Bits Rumor Mill reports some tentative DVD release dates… A Night At The Museum (March 20th), The Pursuit Of Happyness (March 27th), Children Of Men (April 3rd), Smokin’ Aces (April 17th) and The Hitcher (Friday April 27th). I’m especially looking forward to picking up those last three.. 🙂

Image Entertainment has made a deal with NBC Universal to release 14 SciFi Channel original movies onto DVD, including Terminal Invasion (starring Bruce Campbell), Manticore (starring Jeff Fahey), Snakehead Terror, Interceptor Force 2, Darklight (starring Roswell‘s Shiri Appleby), Crimson Force, Alien Siege, Locusts: The 8th Plague, Threshold, Webs, Bugs, Encrypt, Deathlands and Do or Die.

I stayed up a bit late and watched Conan. Why did they have to censor the word “retarded” in Sarah Silverman’s song? It’s after 1AM, for chrissake.. I awoke the next morning, watched some morning TV, then went out to some places. I checked out Best Buy, but only for any items that were out a week early. None, of course. 😦 I bought some water at Target (*sees the well-made multi-disc sets for Disney’s Ducktales & Rescue Rangers.. and sighs that there are none for Power Rangers*), then picked up some other stuff elsewhere.. We returned home and watched Passions (eh, it’s okay.. get back to the supernatural, dangit)..

My dad went out somewhere else, then we finally watched Inside Man on DVD (my first Netflix selection). Eh, it was okay. I’m glad I passed on purchasing it that first week though. I haven’t really seen any Spike Lee movies. But this one looked more mainstream and it interested me, so I checked it out. I like how part of it was sorta based on a true story (*coughBushfamilycough*).. Once I was done watching that (as well as the mainly useless deleted scenes), I got online to news-gather. We had some supper, then I finished up around 8PM..

We watched Dateline NBC: To Catch A Predator (haha’s @ the guy formerly employed at Nickelodeon and the double offender), House (superb episode, very refreshing after the arc that ended) and Big Day (rofl, great episode, so want it on DVD.. too bad ABC had to be assholes and air a damn Knights of Prosperity rerun after it instead of the season’s final episode.. we’ll probably never see it now, since they called this episode the “season finale” when it’s actually not). I then returned to my room for the night.

See ya.

[ Rockefeller Admitted Elite Goal Of Microchipped Population ]
[ RFID – A Tiny Chip Is A Huge Threat To Civil Liberty ]
[ Senators Challenge Bush’s War Powers ]
[ Join Campaign Against Attacking Iran ]
[ A ‘Perfect Storm’ Is Rising To Oust Dick Cheney ]
[ Roberts – The Empire Turns Its Guns On The Citizenry ]
[ Proposed California ‘Terror Bill’ Called Insane Witch Hunt ]
[ Livermore Nuclear Weapons Lab’s 200 Executioners Ready – SF Bay Area Targeted ]
[ Bush Is Left Isolated As America Turns Green ]
[ New Mexico Bill To Ban Aspartame – Update ]

“I used to say to him what’s the point of all this,” states Russo, “you have all the money in the world you need, you have all the power you need, what’s the point, what’s the end goal?” to which Rockefeller replied (paraphrasing), “The end goal is to get everybody chipped, to control the whole society, to have the bankers and the elite people control the world.” — Rockefeller Admitted Elite Goal

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January 29, 2007

Another Monday, another Power Rangers Operation Overdrive episode title from BurgundyRanger… Episode 1704: “Heart Of Blue” will premiere on Toon Disney Monday, March 12th. But it will already deviate from the series’ usual 8PM timeslot. It will debut at 9PM ET instead due to a likely-to-be-lame Yin Yang Yo! “blockbuster”. :p

The new UK-exclusive Power Rangers CD indeed seems to have been pushed back. The UK sites that listed 1/29 as the release date now say it’s out.. but not in stock. 😦 UK does have a slightly clearer look at the cover art though, which states that it includes the Mystic Force theme..

A cast list for Kamen Rider Dragon Knight has been found on IMDb… Matt Smith as Kit Taylor / Dragon Knight, Matt Mullins as Len / Wing Knight, Kandis Erickson as Maya Young, Jeff Davis as Frank Taylor and Aaron Toney as Minion #3. And here’s a picture from the cast party..

Before Heroes, there was The 4400… The fourth season is now filming for its usual summer debut on USA Network. But before that, The 4400: Season Three will be released onto DVD on May 8th. It will include all 13 episodes (some say 12 just because the season-opening two-parter was aired together), four featurettes, six commentaries, a gag reel, and an introduction. I soo can’t wait.. for both. 🙂

FOX has issued a press release detailing its February sweeps stunts next month, including a huge amount of celebrity guest appearances.. and some episodic spoilers. 🙂 24 will once again go “Jack-to-Jack” on February 12th with two new back-to-back episodes at 8PM & 9PM ET. The month also features the final four episodes of The O.C...

I stayed up late again.. then awoke early in the morning.. but then fell back to sleep. I awoke again and watched Friday’s Degrassi TNG (yes, again) and Beyond The Break (good episode.. but a preview for next episode with no airdate? with rerun next week instead? *shakes fist @ The N*). My dad arrived home from dialysis and he was feeling more cold than he should be. *sigh* We watched the news and Passions (ooh’s @ the new supernatural entity on the horizon). Then my dad took off for another doctor’s appointment..

I watched two episodes from the PRMF Vol 2 DVD. I’m watching them in episode order, so these are the 4th and 1st episode of the disc. Ah, the early days of Mystic Force that only moderately sucked.. compared to all of SPD‘s and MF second half’s major suckage. You can really tell Kalish tried to make it good, but then gave up halfway through the season. *Catastros’ story is told* Chip: “That was the scariest story I have ever been told!” *roflmao* *rewind, repeat* I didn’t say it was without faults, I said it was somewhat less sucky then what came before and after..

I was going to watch some things on the bedroom DVR, but I wasted too much time adding to my Netflix queue (my first one shipped today, yay). So once I finished that up, I just began to news-gather. We had some crap supper, then we watched Prison Break (awesome.. *hopes for the complete tape on DVD* :p) and Heroes (awesomer.. *hopes for season one on DVD in the fall* 🙂 ). My dad fell asleep during the latter. He could never really get into it for some reason. :/ Then I just wasted an hour watching some various things on the DVR (and transferring the rest of Heroes.. since the VCR stopped during the very last act). Then I finished up the short first chapter of Monark (I’ll have to flesh it out a bit in places when typing it up though) and returned to my room for the night..

See ya.

[ Senators Vote Against English As Official American Language And Give Illegals Social Security! ]
[ Bush Warns Iran Against Action In Iraq ]
[ Rep. John Conyers – ‘Congress Can Fire Bush’ ]
[ Bush’s Dad Complains Of News Media ‘Hostility’ ]
[ CIA Helped Bush Senior In Oil Venture ]
[ Tax Protester Exposes Federal Government Fraud ]
[ Veon – Who Runs The World And Controls The Value Of Assets? ]
[ US Voting Machine Testing Disaster In Nov 2006 ]
[ WWII Artifact – Russian Tank With German Markings Pulled From Lake ]
[ US Urges Scientists To Block Out Sun (Cuckoo… Cuckoo) ]
[ Mystery – 50 Pound Ice Chuck Falls On, Destroys Tampa Car ]
[ Alert – Failure Of DVD/VHS Combo Players ]

Sunday 01.28.2007 — Passions canceled.. big surprise there

January 28, 2007

NBC has canceled Passions. The soap will end in August 2007 unless another network picks it up. I wonder if this has anything to do with the Passions creator / head writer being fired as the Days Of Our Lives head writer? :/

I awoke a little later than usual, looked through the newspaper’s ads for Tuesday, then had some breakfast. I watched .Hack//Roots (wow), Gunslinger Girl (whoa), Basilisk (coool) and Beakman’s World (yeah). But then my dad wanted to go to the grocery store, so we did and got very few things for quite a bit of money. 😐 ..We returned home and I was finally able to watch Trinity Blood (whoa *resists tiny urge to buy the DVDs*), Bleach (pretty good) and Eureka 7 (lol, sweet and funny).

My dad baked a cake.. though I didn’t mutter anything about it being a birthday cake. I haven’t had one those in years. Ten at least. Just a regular cake..

After wasting some time online and watching some Comedy Central, I went to the bedroom DVR and watched 24 (awesome) and the 1/17 episode of CSI NY (eh it’s okay). And now we’re having some supper..

Throughout the night, we watched Funniest Videos (of course the unfunniest one wins the $100,000 *shakes fist @ Disney* It’s not Cutest Videos dammit), Simpsons (lol, especially @ Homer’s line about framing Maggie for the time he shot Mr Burns :p), Reba (lol), Family Guy (rofl), American Dad (lol.. except maybe the pro-illegal alien parts) and Lisa Lampanelli: Dirty Girl (lol.. though not as lol as I was hoping).. Then I returned to my room..

*shrug* See ya.

[ Armageddon Imminent By Nuking Iran? ]
[ Ex-Cheney Aide Reveals Media Tactics ]
[ Rove, White House Spokesman Get Subpoenas ]
[ $Billions To Israel Because Israel Slaughtered Lebanon? ]
[ Makow – Stalin Intended To Strike Hitler First ]
[ Computer Chips Push Through 45 Nanometer Barrier ]

Saturday 01.27.2007 — *drools @ the go-tarts girl*

January 27, 2007

I awoke in the morning (an hour before the alarm) and had some breakfast. Then I watched Best Week Ever (lol) and Degrassi TNG (omgwhoa). But then I stopped there because my DVRing of Beyond the Break wasn’t complete due to the Degrassi: On The Set thing making it start later. 😦 My dad eventually fell asleep in the chair and I watched most of the “All Day X-Play Marathon” ..that ended at 4PM.. >_> *drools @ Morgan Webb* *sees a TechTV episode* I think I now see why TechTV would’ve been better to see than G4. I just wish I had gotten a chance to see it before G4 ruined it..

I got online for awhile. I also finally chose to sign up for Netflix, even though I’m probably the last one to do so. I signed up for 1-at-a-time since I already find it hard to fit in viewings of the DVDs I purchase. :p *adds a bunch of DVDs he passed on purchasing in the past* ..I soon went to the bedroom DVR and watched War At Home (eh, rerun), Everybody Hates Chris (eh, okay) and Supernatural (omfgawesome *now definitely considers DVD purchase sometime down the road*). We had some supper in there somewhere too..

I returned to the living room and mostly wrote s’more of Monark while my dad watched some Cops. Still excited about Monark. Maybe one more scene to go in this chapter.. After that, I watched two new episodes of Naruto (coool), Ned’s Declassified (pretty good episode, my dad even laughed a couple times.. grr @ the Naked Brothers Band countdown though the entire episode *sees clips from the movie and laughs his ass off at the little kids trying to act much older than they are* It’s a world premiere movie.. yet it’s a 2005 movie.. that somehow got three stars on the DVR guide O_o) and Chaotic (I may just drop this one too.. *shrug*). Then I returned to my room..

See ya.

[ Roberts – Why Can’t Americans See Bush About To Attack Iran? ]
[ UN Holocaust Denial Resolution – Brave New World War ]
[ Russia Has Penetrated Highest Level US Secret Traffic ]
[ Journalists Who Confront Authority ]
[ Fake ‘War On Terror’ Used To Oppress Activists ]
[ Toll Road Giant Buys Newspapers To Silence US Critics ]
[ Rockefeller – Cheney Applied Pressure To Stall Iraq Data ]
[ Bush Wants Up To $8 Billion More For Afghan War ]
[ Tens Of Thousands In DC Demand Iraq Withdrawal ]
[ Americans People Speak Out Against Iraq War In DC ]
[ Hitlery Admits Her Part In Authorizing Iraq Disaster ]
[ Open Mike: Hillary Doesn’t Know National Anthem – Video ]
[ Illegal Numbers Outnumber US Job Growth By 7,000,000! ]
[ NJ Toddlers To Be Forced To Take Flu & Pneumonia Shots!? ]
[ XDR TB Forced Quarantining Called For In South Africa ]
[ Arctic Blast Sends Temps Into Danger Zone ]
[ UFO Crashes In Central Iran ]

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January 26, 2007

MR-Aftershock has revealed that he knows who has picked up Kamen Rider Dragon Knight, and fortunately it isn’t Disney. But he can’t say who it is until the deal is final. *yay’s* 🙂 reports that Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Fast Forward will now return to FOX’s 4KidsTV Saturday morning line-up on February 3rd with episode 132: “Graduation Day: Class Of 2105”, with episode 133: “Timing Is Everything” to follow on February 10th.

The Spanish DVD website ZonaDVD have gotten their hands on cover art for Spider-Man 2: Extended Edition. Two discs is nice and the cover isn’t that bad, but.. Spider-Man 2.1? Ugh. :p

Damn, the UK gets everything Power Rangers. The Jetix magazine (with PR comics and DVDs sometimes included), the new CD.. and now Mystic Force cereal.. *jealous* 😦

I awoke in the morning (duh), finished up yesterday’s entry, then got last night’s Afro Samurai out of the way (only one episode left.. I doubt I’ll get it on DVD). I tried searching for the new PROO promo, but I guess they prefer airing the other ones right now. I fell asleep during so, then woke up soon after my dad returned home from dialysis. We had a late breakfast and watched last night’s CSI Vegas (nice). After that, we caught Passions (yay.. at.. stuff.. happening) and Montel Williams (he was talking about how Bush and Cheney are ruining this country, so you know I had to stay tuned).

Once that ended, I watched Saw III while my dad promptly fell asleep. Great movie.. even though I guessed correctly on one of the big twists. :p After that ending, I’m surprised that Saw IV is due this Halloween.. The Circuit City bonus disc is only about an hour of scenes from 40 other Lionsgate horror titles. I’m not going to pay Target $7 more for a two-featurette bonus disc I probably won’t ever even watch. That and the packaging didn’t match with my other two original Saw DVDs (plain black case, cardboard slipcover.. blah).. Once I finished all that, it was already past 5:30. So I — you guessed it — got online to news-gather..

I finished up close to 8PM, then watched 1 Vs 100 (blah), a Close To Home repeat (sorta blah), The Soup (lol) and this morning’s Ellen DeGeneres (I had kept forgetting I had DVRed it, so yeah). Then I returned to my room for the night..

My 24th birthday is now less than a week away. Strange. :/ ..See ya..

[ Bush Orders Troops To Kill ‘Iranian Operatives’ In Iraq ]
[ The ‘Wipe Israel Off The Map’ Hoax – What Ahmadinejad Really Said ]
[ UN Approves Resolution Condemning Holocaust Denial ]
[ Girl’s Death Pushes Indonesia’s H5N1 Death Toll Higher ]
[ XDR TB Pandemic Begins In Toronto, Canada ]
[ ‘Government UFO Hacker’ McKinnon Interviewed ]
[ Man In Michigan Builds His Own Flying Saucer ]

pr uk cd update / avatar review / today

January 25, 2007

The mysterious upcoming Power Rangers CD being released in the UK on January 29th now has a cover. It features a blue background, the basic “Power Rangers” logo, and the Mystic Force Rangers (the current season in the UK). The track list meanwhile will feature “music from all of the Power Rangers series, past and present”. Could this in fact be a new UK-exclusive release? I’m thinking it’s looking more and more likely… But now for some more unfortunate news. The release of the CD seems to be postponed. Virgin Megastore & Tesco now both list a conflicting release date of July 9th.. 😦

Check out DVDActive’s beamingly positive review for the recent DVD release of Avatar: The Last Airbender – Book 2: Earth, Volume 1. “Avatar: The Last Airbender is probably the best kids show to come along since Justice League and Samurai Jack.” 🙂

I ended up staying awake and online until about 3AM. I got addicted to all the funny IRC quotes over and and lost track of time. :p ..I awoke a little later the next morning. My dad returned from the handout place, then we had some breakfast and watched According To Jim (lol). My dad soon left for yet another doctor’s appointment while I watched Knights of Prosperity (lol, especially @ the taxi crash quick cut :p) and In Case of Emergency (mmm, Kelly Hu.. in her most stereotypical character yet.. as far as I know.. lol @ the subpoena plot.. except the ending when it felt like there could’ve been another scene after that).

I got online for a bit, then watched The Invincible Iron Man on DVD. I liked this one even more than the previous two Ultimate Avengers films. And unlike the last DVD that only provided an early animation / storyboard sneak peek at Iron Man, this one includes a complete scene from Doctor Strange. And now I’m already looking forward to that one. :p Once that ended, I woke my dad up (he returned during the film) and we watched Passions (yay’s 4 Theresa.. even though she’ll probably screw it up like everyone else the rest of the time). Then we went to the grocery store for some things..

We returned home at about 5:30, then I got online to news-gather. We had some supper, then I finished up online at 8PM. While my dad slept (again), I watched the new episodes of Smallville (coool.. Lex got his “dream world” last season, now Clark gets his own.. in a way.. neat) and Grey’s Anatomy (heh, it was okay). Then I pretty much saw some of that crappy show after Grey’s, my dad woke up.. then I fell asleep until the next morning..

I was considering watching the Power Rangers Generations episodes of Time Force, but have since changed my mind. I think I’ll watch my tapes someday soon instead.. due to Jetix’s episode skipping and post-9/11 editing (I recorded all of PRTF on the original airdates 🙂 ). I just wish I had started taping every episode sooner than Lost Galaxy.. See ya.

[ Bush’s Treasonous War On The American Republic ]
[ Bush Thugs Surge Toward War On Iran ]
[ Iran Must Get Ready To Repel A Nuclear Attack ]
[ Ron Paul – America’s Last Chance ]
[ Eyewitnesses To Sarasota Vote Fraud Speak Out ]
[ US Massacres Pregnant Women, Civilians In Ar-Ramadi ]
[ Israeli Holocaust Official Likens Jewish Settlers To Nazis ]
[ Ray Gun Makes People Feel As If On Fire ]

no news / today

January 24, 2007

I awoke earlier than usual and eventually got online for a bit. My dad was late for dialysis just because the driver wouldn’t come. :/ I watched some morning TV.. then got back online. In fact, I stayed online pretty much all morning. My dad returned from dialysis, then he left for a doctor’s appointment. He finally returned a couple hours later. We watched Passions (yay, get the hell out Gwen) and some stand-up special I had DVRed. It didn’t take long for him to fall asleep during either. :/

A little after 5PM, I got online to news-gather. I finished that up close to 8PM. There wasn’t much on tonight, so my dad mainly watched Armed & Famous (heh, that wasn’t that bad.. for a crap reality show) and Deal Or No Deal (Hanson? Who’s they? *hears mmbop acapella’d* oh.. yeah..) while I mainly wrote some more of my new story, now simply titled Monark.. after the name of the spaceship featured. I’m feeling pretty good about it so far. 🙂 We then watched Medium (*relates to Morgan and sighs* good episode). I DVRed the usual sitcoms for later.. and returned to my room .

Monark is about a family who are lucky enough to escape a dying planet. The human race has just taken the planet for granted with their pollution, and so a lucky few (mostly the rich and powerful few) are able to escape.. I’m sorta doing separate scenes from separate viewpoints, and that’s kinda new for me. There’s a nice twist I plan to reveal at the end of the first chapter as well. Or maybe I’ll hold onto it until later into the story. *shrug* And lately, I’ve been considering extending the School story a bit too, with more actual scenes before the.. end.. See ya.

[ CIA Report – ‘No Proof’ Of Iran Nuclear Arms Program ]
[ Debunking Iran’s Nuclear Myth Makers ]
[ Top UK Prosecutor Says ‘War On Terror’ Doesn’t Exist ]
[ Snooping, Spying On Americans Began Well Before 911 ]
[ Rep Goode’s HCR 40 Will Stop NAFTA Superhighway & NAU ]
[ Militarization, Moon-Mars Program – Another US Wrong Turn? ]
[ 2 OH Election Officials Convicted Rigging ’04 Presidential Recount ]
[ Diebold Vote Machine Key Copied From Online Store Pic! ]
[ Bush’s Oil Reserve Plans Sparks Price Surge ]
[ US Heat-Beaming Weapon Ready By 2010 ]

proo tracker / jyb podcast / dvd ads jan 28-feb 3 / avatar game / adult swim live / media / today

January 23, 2007

[Current Music Download|Pink featuring Indigo Girls – Dear Mr. President @ SendSpace]

Jetix has begun airing a new Power Rangers Operation Overdrive promo on Toon Disney today. Another Ranger profile promo? No, that would make sense. Instead, it’s a promo showcasing the Overdrive Tracker, this year’s multi-purpose morpher. :p Click here for details and to download..

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers alum and anime dub voice actor Johnny Yong Bosch will begin hosting the Anime TV video podcast on February 15th… Wasn’t he supposedly involved in filming the special two-part Disney era Power Rangers team-up next month? *shrug*

Click the corresponding retailer for their ad for the week of January 28th to February 3rd — Best Buy, Circuit City, Target. I have no DVDs to get this coming week. At all… Unless this new Power Rangers CD ends up being something new.. :p

Nickelodeon will begin a special online game promotion next month for Avatar: The Last Airbender, titled “Escape From The Spirit World“. Special cheat codes will be revealed on the network on Saturday mornings. Completing each level will unlock part of a four-part online-exclusive Avatar short (I hope that makes it to a DVD) which you can download to a video mp3 player. I’m guessing this is to help promote that the third and final season of the series begins in March… Ugh @ Nickelodeon claiming it’s a “comedy/adventure” series instead of a “adventure/comedy” or just “adventure”. I hated those few moments early last season where the comedy just went too far, as if Nickelodeon forced them to write it in or something..

Click here for a press release detailing two new live action series premiering on Adult Swim on February 11th, Tim And Eric Awesome Show, Great Job and Saul of the Mole Men. I’m sure they’re awesome, like most of the other non-anime crap they choose to air.. Tim And Eric even sounds like a rip-off of Robot Chicken, which is one of those few non-animes that don’t suck.. *rolls eyes*

I awoke in the morning and watched some TV. When my dad woke up, we went out media buying…

First, I visited Target and got The Invincible Iron Man. I passed on their $23 exclusive deluxe edition of Saw III. Then moved on to Circuit City and picked up Saw III Unrated there instead. Yay’s @ the bonus disc being packaged like the Best Buy bonus disc for the original Saw: a two-disc clear case with the flap in the middle. Ugh @ the plastic slip cover slipping off too easily. At Best Buy, I was able to exchange the open Speed Grapher Vol 1 for Avatar: The Last Airbender – Book 2: Earth, Volume 1 after lying that there no more copies of Speed Grapher in stock. And I got the $10 difference back in cash. Yay. I got another hot chocolate on the way home..

We returned home and watched some more morning TV, followed by last night’s new chapter of Heroes (awesome). My dad took off for another doctor’s appointment, then I got online to inventory the new DVDs. He returned sooner than I expected and we watched Passions (blah again.. except maybe with Theresa & Ethan) and Prison Break (great episode.. so supper time to fall asleep, dad). I watched some other things, then got online to news-gather. We had some supper, then I finished up online close to 8PM.

With our dictator’s “State of the Dictatorship” speech tonight, there wasn’t all that much on. I watched some Funniest Videos rerun (hahaha) and the new Veronica Mars (pretty good). Then I just started searching for the new PROO promo. My dad fell asleep then headed off to bed early. I also returned to my room..

The world keeps turning (for now) as the ones who control us thirst for more power and the controlled innocents continue to suffer under them.. See ya.

[ Ex-State Dept Official Warns Of Broad US Attack On Iran ]
[ US Accuses Iran Of Trying To ‘Dominate’ Mideast (Right) ]
[ US Warns Iran To Back Down ]
[ Gonzales – ‘There Is No Grant Of Habeas Corpus In The Constitution’! ]
[ Al-Qaeda Runs PR Stunt For Bush Before Big Speech ]
[ Bush Continues To Unite The World – Against Him ]
[ China Successfully Shoots Down Aging Satellite ]
[ China Confirms Satellite Shoot Down – BIG Message To Bush ]
[ Government Refuses To Look Into O’Hare UFO ]

proo title 03 / prdr dvd typo / krdk trailer re-up / heroes 360 / avatar dvd / veronica mars / today

January 22, 2007

BurgundyRanger has revealed the next episode title for Power Rangers Operation Overdrive — 1703: “The Underwater World”. The episode will premiere March 5th at 8PM ET on Toon Disney..

The February 2007 issue of Disney Adventures magazine has, under February 8th in their calendar feature, an announcement that “Power Rangers: Drive Rangers Volume 1 powers up to DVD this week”. I bet they meant to mention the Power Rangers Operation Overdrive season premiere on February 26th (8PM ET on Toon Disney). But somewhere along the line, it got majorly screwed up and was never corrected. Oops. 😐

Aaron Toney, who worked with Zero Gravity Stunts on the Kamen Rider Dragon Knight pilot, has supplied RangerBoard with a new YouTube link for the trailer, straight from Steve Wang’s MySpace page.. Meanwhile, MR-Aftershock has seen the 15-minute pilot presentation and provides some details about it. Still no word on if or who has picked up the series though..

Beginning January 22nd (er, today), a new “360 Degree Experience” will begin for the hit series Heroes, including hidden websites, secret files and phone numbers. Click here for the press release. It sounds a little like the “Lost Experience” thing that ABC did last year. Cooool.. 🙂

AintItCoolNews’ Moriarty has seen Tuesday’s DVD release of Avatar: The Last Airbender – Book 2: Earth, Volume 1 and gave quite a positive review for it. He also provided a sneak peek of the comic book to be included with the DVD.. 🙂

And now we have our answer… The CW has altered Veronica Mars‘ current season. It returns this Tuesday night, but will then disappear after February sweeps. When it returns, the first five non-serialized episodes of the series will complete the season. And there’s no word on whether the series will get another season. Ugh..

I awoke and watched some morning TV, then we went out to a few places. I found the new Disney Adventures and bought it just because of a Power Rangers-related typo (well, there is a High School Musical article revealing just a few sequel details.. summer vacation in London? ha). I wish there really was a PR DVD coming out that week.. We returned home, had some lunch and.. watched s’more TV. I got online a bit, then watched Passions (blah).

Not long after that ended, we watched last night’s Desperate Housewives (eh, it was okay) and I played some more 24: The Game (this may be the last time I’ll play for a while.. 😦 ). Before I knew it, it was already 5PM. I shut it off and got online to news-gather. We had a lame supper, then I finished up online at about 8PM.. We watched How I Met Your Mother (rofl, awesome), The Class (lol, surprisingly good yet again), Two & A Half Men (lol), Old Christine (haha, about time New Christine did something besides being nice) and CSI Miami (coool.. what I actually watched of it anyway). Then I returned to my room for the night..

See ya.

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