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Sat 12.31.2005 — an uneventful new year’s eve..

December 31, 2005

I was detoured to checking out MySpace a little (*uses the new “Top 8” feature to place some of the hottest female friends on the profile page.. teehee*), then finally finished up the LJ stuff for the night. Next, I watched / taped another episode of How I Met Your Mother to VHS. Two episodes to go on the DVR. I hope to finish them up tomorrow. Er, today. :p ..But now, I’m finally going to sleep..

I remember having a rather odd dream involving me getting around on some kind of little vehicle. And seeing Chuck Norris at a strip mall. I was there to shop at one of the stores, but he was there to fight some people or something. I remember driving to the place, then having to walk a bit to the actual store. Upon entering the store, I also remember pulling a turkey sandwich out of my front pocket that I forgot was there. Weird..

I awoke to my alarm clock at 7AM. Then fell back to sleep until nearly 8:30AM. And now here I am, watching more damn MadTV repeats that I’ve a few times already because there’s nothing better on.. :/

So I was watching some more MadTV repeats. Then I decided to watch / tape another episode of How I Met Your Mother. And this one was my most favorite episode yet, “The Pineapple Incident”. Sooo funny. 🙂 ..But then I returned to MadTV. But that ended as we had rather late almost-lunch breakfast. Then I watched a little Attack of the Show & Judgment Day. After that, I woke up my dad and we watched a couple more episodes of Girls Behaving Badly. Upon getting the mail, a friend of my dad’s called and got him to drive him somewhere..

I stumbled upon another Strange Days At Blake Holsey High marathon. lol @ the last episode “Radio”, where one of the characters find a receiver that can pick up radio transmissions from the future. Bruce Kalish worked on this show.. and later copied that future radio thing on Power Rangers S.P.D.‘s “Messenger, Part 1”.. -_- ..Pretty uneventful day so far..

I was bored, so I played GTA: San Andreas for a couple hours (rampaging is fun).. until I fell asleep while playing. :p I returned to the Strange Days marathon and watched that “Radio” episode. I’d like to see this entire series. I’ve only seen parts so far.. After that, I watched / taped the latest episode of How I Met Your Mother, which just happened to be a New Years Eve episode. My tape is finally up to date. 🙂 As it was ending, my dad returned with more McDonalds for supper. Argh. I let him watch the news, then we watched some Funniest Videos repeat. Then I found Miss Congeniality over on TNT. I was finally able to see this movie. Pretty funny. I really enjoyed it.. Might have to get the two movies on DVD..

I then returned to my room to do the online stuff that I usually do later in the night. So this entry will be posted a bit earlier than usual too.. Man, today was boring. But there’s hope for the new year. Even though that hope is usually misplaced and 2006 will still resemble the year that’s about to close. Resolutions? I don’t usually do something so lame, but.. I’d like to stop buying so many damn DVDs. Will I keep this resolution? I guess we’ll have to wait and see (but I doubt it)..

See ya. And Happy New Year to all.. 🙂

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film slate 2006 / cruise irritating / today

December 30, 2005

SciFi Wire has an article announcing some movies already scheduled to arrive in theaters throughout 2006. I’m looking forward to a good number of them.. 🙂

An Empire magazine readers poll voted War of the Worlds star Tom Cruise “the world’s most irritating actor” in the magazine’s 200th issue, which also named Cruise “the biggest actor of all time.”

lol. :p

After I finished up on LiveJournal, I uploaded that Lost: Season 1 Soundtrack to a couple other places since the original RapidShare links are down (MegaUpload & YouSendIt Beta – 94MB ZIP file). While I did that, I watched / taped yet another episode of How I Met Your Mother. Only three left to transfer now. 🙂 Then I got back online for a while, before finally sleeping at 3AM.. I awoke the next morning right at 9AM and got online s’more. Then watched some morning TV, had a lame breakfast, and played with our cat. Eventually, the mail arrived. My dad got his check and went off to use some of it, while I got two things from Best Buy Reward Zone: another $5 certificate and notification of the free year membership. Yay. They even included a double-points coupon on any single item. I’ll have to wait and use it on a higher-priced DVD later this month..

I read another chapter of Roswell High #7, then watched Martial Law 9-11: Rise Of The Police State again. Very powerful documentary, even the second time around. 🙂 Fahrenheit 911 is nothing compared to this film.. My dad soon returned home and fell asleep. I woke him up once the 2 1/2 hour film was over and we watched the day’s episode of Passions on DVR. Wow. This was one of the best episodes of the year, hands down. Loved it. The mystery woman’s identity finally revealed.. even though we knew who it was weeks ago. But damn that cliffhanger ending that’ll leave us hanging until Tuesday. :p Once that was over, I returned to my room a bit early to news-gather. My dad got supper from McDonalds once again, then I finished up online at 8PM..

Should’ve stayed online. There was nothing for me to watch, so I read the remaining three chapters of Roswell High #7 and the first of Roswell High #8. 🙂 A bit later, we watched the final episode of Hot Properties over on ABC. Canceled already. 😦 ..Then I watched some Duck Dodgers over on the just-added Boomerang and some Whose Line too. *sigh @ my viewing falling on a Richard Simmons guest appearance, so my dad has even more reason to believe the show is gay* Dumbass. 😦 ..My dad headed off to bed before the news even started, and I returned to my room soon after..

While online earlier, I started laughing again while my dad was coughing his ass off in the next room. I tried my best to stop myself. I have no idea what the hell’s going on. I’m feeling bad for him.. yet I keep unconsciously laughing for some reason. So weird. 😦 ..See ya..

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lost promo only s1 sndtrk / robot chicken s1 art / hp&gof dvd / resident evil afterlife / today

December 29, 2005

Here’s a bit of surprising news. That recent download of an unofficial Lost: Season 1 Soundtrack was more official than I first thought. is the original torrent site (warning: link not work-safe due to porn ads). The CD’s cover art reveals that it is a “Promo Only Original Soundtrack”. It also says that it originally came on 3 CDs.. when I’m able to fit it all on one. Here’s that tracklist, consisting mostly of sound clips and score music from the show’s first season:

01 LOST (intro)
02 – Higher Ground (Climbing)
03 – At The Beach (Kate Edit)
04 – Wash Away (Episode Edit) Joe Purdy
05 – Campfire At Night
06 – Leavin On Your Mind (Original Version) Patsy Cline
07 – The Jungle (Jack Edit)
08 – Hunting Ghosts (Jack Edit)
09 – In Danger (Rescue Edit)
10 – At The Cave (Jack Edit)
11 – Memories (Jin & Sun Edit)
12 – You All Everybody (Charlie Edit) Driveshaft
13 – Hope (Charlie Edit)
14 – Are You Sure (Original Version) Willie Nelson
15 – I Shall Not Walk Alone (Episode Edit) Blind Boys Of Alabama
16 – I Shall Not Walk Alone (Original Version) Blind Boys Of Alabama
17 – The Cable (Sayid Edit)
18 – The Jungle (Sayid Edit)
19 – The French Woman (Danielle Edit)
20 – In Danger (Ethan Edit)
21 – Campfire At Night (Locke Edit)
22 – Hunting Ghosts (Boone Edit)
23 – The Jungle (Kate & Sawyer Edit)
24 – At The Beach (Michael & Walt Edit)
25 – At The Cave (Charlie Edit)
26 – La Mer (Shannon Edit)
27 – Night Watch
28 – In Danger (Claire baits Ethan Edit)
29 – Delicate (Episode Edit) Damien Rice
30 – Delicate (Original Version) Damien Rice
31 – At The Beach (Sawyer’s Glasses Edit)
32 – Hope (Locke’s Hatch Edit)
33 – LOST (outro)
34 – Goodbye (Boone Edit)
35 – At The Beach (Mourning)
36 – LOST (End Title)
37 – Bad Robot (Note)
38 – Wash Away (Acapella) Joe Purdy
39 – Wash Away (Reprise) Joe Purdy
cinematic orchestra – channel 1 suite(trailerUK)
Driveshaft – You All Everybody
portishead – Numb – Lost Edit

[Edit: The original RapidShare links seem to be down due to “low bandwidth” or whatever (yeah right). So I’ve uploaded the entire 94MB ZIP file to MegaUpload & YouSendIt Beta.] now has DVD cover art for the March 28th release of Robot Chicken: Season One. Yay. So can’t wait. 🙂

DavisDVD has some details on the March 7th two-disc DVD release of Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire. It’ll be the first in the DVD series to include an audio commentary. And WB has hinted that they will eventually revisit the previous three films to include more special features.. 🙂

The Web site reported rumors that Sienna Guillory and Milla Jovovich will return in the third Resident Evil movie, subtitled Afterlife.

*yay’s* I liked the first, then the second one even more.. so I’m hoping this one continues that. 🙂

After I was done online, I watched a little Conan (repeat) and watched / taped yet another episode of How I Met Your Mother, Yay. Five left to get off the DVR. Soon after that, I fell asleep.. I awoke the next morning and read two more chapters of Roswell High #7. This book series got so different than the Roswell TV series (after the first book, which the first episode is based on). So awesome.. We watched the usual morning TV and I had some boring breakfast (cereal). I fell asleep a couple times. Then I thought about buying a PSP. At first, I thought of maybe buying one right away when the next check came, like I did long ago to get that crappy Cybiko Xtreme ($150 wasted there). But then I thought a little more wisely. I was considering trying to buy fewer DVDs recently and since January is looking to be a lighter month DVD-release-wise anyway, I may just try to save up a little. Hmm.. Passions soon started. I’m really like this whole mystery woman thing. I haven’t really been looking forward to the next episodes like this in a while..

Once that ended, I watched / taped yet another episode of How I Met Your Mother (lol @ the cockamouse) while my dad was out getting something for supper with his remaining money.. Then I watched the final episode of Elfen Lied. Wow. Nice ending. Even though it forced me to think for a second there. Argh. :p ..Next, I watched The Hole on DVD.. damn, Kiera Knightley’s nudity was too shor– I mean, great movie. I really enjoyed it. 🙂 I finished that up just after 5PM, so I got online to news-gather again. And had some supper during. I finished online a little after 7PM.

I read two more chapters of Roswell High #7. Then we just watched ABC Extreme Bloopers and a couple Will & Grace reruns. *sigh* So bored.. After some playing with the cat, I returned to my room for the night.. I have no idea where its coming from, but a couple times over the last few days when my dad had a coughing fit, I caught myself holding back laughter. And I have no idea why I’d be laughing. I’m very worried for his health. Strange.. See ya..

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prspd in youmacon report / dolittle 3 without dolittle / today

December 28, 2005

Power Rangers S.P.D. & Johnny Yong Bosch’s band Eyeshine were mentioned in the January 2006 issue of Newtype USA, in their Youmacon report. Coool.. 🙂

Production has wrapped on Doctor Dolittle 3, a straight-to-video sequel to Eddie Murphy’s hit movie, but Murphy won’t be in it, the Web site reported.

lol. So lame.

..Slow news day. 😦 Dang holidays being so close together..

After I got done online, I watched / taped another episode of How I Met Your Mother. Funny stuff. Too bad the gawdamn DVR decided to perform its auto shut-off in the middle of it. Then I rewound it and restarted taping from the last commercial. But that caused the tape to get caught in the VCR in the end, something I’ve been really hoping it wouldn’t do. All that sure didn’t help the very depressed mood I was attempting to get out of. *sigh* After that, I just headed to sleep.. I awoke the next morning a little after 9AM. We watched the usual morning TV, had some breakfast, and watched more TV. Blah. I played with the cat a little though too.. Then I got online for a little while, to do some various things. Eventually, Passions started. Today’s episode was pretty good. But lol @ New Years Eve directly following Christmas Eve. Looking forward to the party..

Once it was over, I taped another episode of How I Met Your Mother. I didn’t pay as much attention to this one since I had watched it twice already. Then my dad fell asleep as I watched the American Pie Presents Band Camp: Unrated DVD. It was a direct-to-video deal, so I wasn’t expecting much. But it was actually pretty good. Guess I won’t return it after all.. but lol @ filming a movie that takes place in the summer in October (2004). You saw their breath in one night scene, while they were dressed summer-like. :p ..After watching some special features (and reminding myself to watch the rest when I had more time), I watched Elfen Lied episode 12. Finally, the story all comes together. Nice. Love this series. One episode to go.. By the time that was over, it was bit after 5PM. So I returned to my room to news-gather, while having a rather blah supper (but we’re poor, so it’s okay). It was a slow news day, so I got done pretty early. But then I stayed online until a little after 7:30.

I read the first two chapters of Roswell High #7. I finished that up in time to watch most of a Yes Dear repeat. Then we watched TBS’ Funniest Commercials Of The Year 2005. I don’t see how the Paris Hilton car wash ad was funny, but I didn’t really mind its inclusion. :p ..Then there was nothing else to watch on TV. So I read another chapter of Roswell High #7 and returned to my room for the night..

See ya.

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[ Secret Societies And The New World Order ]
[ The Beginning Of The End Of The Bush Administration ]
[ White House Leaked Classified Intel To Make War Case ]
[ NSA Spied On Own Employees, Journalists, Other Intel ]
[ $2.6 TRILLION Still Missing From Department Of Defense ]
[ Israel To Begin Deporting Masses Of Non-Jews ]
[ Survey Scout Creates AOL Accounts – Then AOL Spies On YOU ]

streaming himym / 1800th entry ..yay..

December 27, 2005

Yahoo! TV will be streaming two complete episodes each of CBS’s How I Met Your Mother and Two & A Half Men now through January 2nd. So if you haven’t seen the awesomeness that is How I Met Your Mother yet (and have a computer that is better than mine), I recommend you check it out. 🙂 They even chose a couple pretty good episodes. “The Pineapple Incident” is definitely my favorite episode of the series so far. :p

When I got done online, I watched / taped another episode of How I Met Your Mother. Three episodes down, eight (on the DVR) left to go. :p I sooo hope there’s a DVD release though. After that was over, I finally slept. At 2AM.. I awoke a bit before 8AM the next morning, tried my best to ignore the coldness throughout the apartment, and got online a little while. I watched the usual morning TV, had the usual breakfast.. and watched some more morning TV. *drools @ the hottie who lost on Price Is Right* >_> ..Eventually, Passions started. Unfortunately, the mystery woman and Theresa were the only interesting things going on. *rolls eyes @ Miguel possibly returning home when the actor on the phone is definitely not the who left* ..Soo can’t wait for Luis to return to shatter Sheridan & Chris apart. I’m getting sick of seeing their scenes together.

Soon after that was over, I watched the Fantastic Four DVD. Great movie. Again. Can’t wait for the Extended Edition DVD. :p They even included a little more special features for this release (to trick you into thinking it’s the only DVD coming). haha’s @ the Mr Fantastic’s Wolverine impression deleted scene. Again, I say team-ups are the next logical step in comic book movies. Start out easy, with two franchises that are under one company.. like Fox’s Fantastic Four & X-Men? Or maybe try a company team-up (if that’s even possible).. Fox’s X-Men & Paramount’s Spider-Man? The comic books did it, why can’t the movies do it too? *shrug* ..After that, I watched Elfen Lied episode 11. So awesome. Even though it mostly just led up to the next episode. 🙂 ..Then I returned to my room to news-gather. My dad got supper from McDonalds again, then I finished up online about 6:45..

I read two more chapters of Roswell High #6, then waited for 8PM.. At that time, we watched Jersey Girl on Encore. I had passed up on the DVD, so I was wanting to check it out (the only Kevin Smith film I don’t have on DVD). Great movie though. I liked it more than I thought I would. Maybe I’ll get it on DVD someday.. Wasn’t expecting Will Smith’s appearance. lol @ him mentioning waiting after what he did seven years earlier. :p ..My dad got very little sleep last night, so I understood when he slept through most of it. Not long after it ended, I turned the TV over to my dad’s basketball game and read the last chapter of Roswell High #6. My dad checked on his bank balance. He thought he had $4 left, but now he’s somehow $31 overdrawn. And we don’t know how. *sigh*

Things just seem to get worse and worse, as if some higher power were applying the pressure. Waiting to see how long it will take for his playthings to pop. -_- I’m sick of this shit. A sick, poor father. An asshole son who spends like crazy to try and cover his growing depression. A computer that’s his only real connection to the outside world, but should’ve been destroyed ages ago. And the downward spiral all began that day my mother passed away. I wish for a quick end, but I have a feeling it won’t be that way.. See ya. I guess..

[ Bush Pressed Papers To Kill Spying, Prisons Stories ]
[ Bush Was Denied FISA Wiretaps – So He Bypassed Them ]
[ US Rush Approves Tamiflu For Children Under 12 ]
[ Fundamentalist Islamic Judge Blames Tsunami On Women ]

Chumbawamba – Jacob’s Ladder (Not In My Name)

December 27, 2005

This anti-bush & anti-war song comes from the “one hit wonders” who sung about “pissing the night away”. :p It’s become one of my anti-war favorites. 🙂

Like the sermon on the mountain
Says the dumber got dumb
Hellfire and brimstone
Swapped for oil and guns
When we’re pushing up daisies
We all look the same
In the name of the Father, maybe
But not in my name

On this Jacob’s Ladder
The only way up is down
One step from disaster
Two to make the higher ground
Jacob’s Ladder

And they sent him to the wars to be slain, to be slain
And they sent him to the wars to be slain

A million lifetimes
Left dying in the sun
In the streets down in Whitehall
Dog’s picking at the bones
9/11 got branded
9/11 got sold
There’ll be no-one left to water
All the seeds you sowed

On this Jacob’s Ladder
The only way up is down
One step from disaster
Two to make the higher ground
Jacob’s Ladder

And they sent him to the wars to be slain, to be slain
And they sent him to the wars to be slain

And they sent him to the wars to be slain, to be slain
And they sent him to the wars to be slain

On this Jacob’s Ladder
The only way up is down
One step from disaster
Two to make the higher ground

On this Jacob’s Ladder
The only way up is down
One step from disaster
Two to make the higher ground
Jacob’s Ladder

Puppy dog leader, sooner or later
We’ll dig up your cellar and try you for murder

Puppy dog leader, sooner or later
We’ll dig up your cellar and try you for murder

Puppy dog leader, sooner or later
We’ll dig up your cellar and try you for murder

Puppy dog leader, sooner or later
We’ll dig up your cellar and try you for murder

[Download MP3: RapidShare / SaveFile / YouSendIt Beta]

tmnt s5 preview / avatar b1v2 art / media buys / today

December 26, 2005

The next season of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, beginning in Fall 2006, is set to be pretty interesting. Here‘s some spoilers…

TMNT: Fast Forward – The Turtles are accidentally thrust 99 years into the future where Manhattan Island is a settling point for numerous alien species from all over the galaxy. When the TMNT find themselves thrust into a “dark” future, they must team up with Cody Jones, descendant of the Turtles’ former ally.

Fall action figure releases: Future Mike, Raph, Leo, Don and Splinter – Dark Mike, Raph, Leo and Don – Serling – Baxter Stockman – Rat King – Bishop – Quarry – Purple Dragon – Nobody has DVD cover art for the March 28th release of Avatar: The Last Airbender – Book 1: Water, Volume 2. Coool. Can’t wait for this or Volume 1 next month. 🙂

Once I finished reading the LJ friends page (and continued to make myself feel horrible by reading peoples’ “what I got for Christmas” lists), I headed off to sleep.. I awoke the next morning at about 8AM feeling rather cold. I got some hot chocolate and watched some morning TV. But I soon headed out to media buy…

It was very tough this week. First, I went to Best Buy (of course) and bought Elfen Lied Vol 4. Finally! I’ve been waiting for them to get it in forever (but it was really more like a month and a half ago — the release date). I would’ve passed on it and waited a week if they had a sizable amount of copies. But no. Only one. *sigh* *shakes fist @ ADV for screwing up his Elfen Lied DVD collection by having Vol 2 & 4 with clear cases and reverse covers while Vol 1 & 3 are in black cases with no reverse covers* ..And that one copy of FMA Vol 4 I was looking forward to buying next month was gone (I’m starting to consider watching the three I have.. so I need more). 😦 ..I had to pass on Into the Blue though and picked up the slightly-cheaper Band Camp. I headed up to the register with them, but had to take Band Camp off. It just a little over what I had in the bank. Damnit.. I moved on to Circuit City and attempted to buy it there after realizing they were doing the “$3 off coupon on pack” thing like they did with 40-Year-Old Virgin (the ad alluded to $14.99). But the cute girl at the register was clueless about the whole thing and wouldn’t take the $3 off. $17.99? Fuck no.. I moved on to Target next. There, I finally bought Band Camp.. after ripping a $3 off coupon for it off a copy of 40-Year-Old Virgin. $13.99. Yay. But that left me just $1.64 (until a week from tomorrow). I returned home Icee-less. -_-

I got home and inventoried the new DVDs. And considered returning Band Camp with the gift receipt if it sucked. Teehee. :p But not being able to afford Into The Blue ruined my plans to watch all three Alba DVDs across three days (with Sin City Recut & Fantastic Four). *pouts* 😦 ..I had some lunch and waited until Passions started. Can’t wait for this New Year’s Eve party that the mystery woman’s throwing. :p Still can’t stand all the super-sweet moments between Sheridan & Chris through. Yuck. Can’t wait for Luis to come back. >_> ..Once that was over, I watched the Sin City: Recut & Extended DVD. Nice. Even though 20 of those 23 minutes of new footage are only end credits for each story. The actual new scenes were nice, but I still prefer the theatrical version, since it’s altogether. Afterward, I looked through the special features (the 14-minute ‘all green screen’ version of the film was pretty cool) and finished up just in time for my dad’s news. I then got online to news-gather, and finished up at about 7:30..

My dad wasn’t in the mood to make supper, so I had to put something together from what little we have. And I could make with the microwave. *sigh* My dad isn’t feeling that good today. So I sat down in the living room and prepared to eat. But he was sitting over there moaning like he was fucking dying or something. He only has a gawdamn cold. He should be taking cold medicine. But no. After a couple minutes, I couldn’t take anymore bullshit and returned to my room to have my totally lame supper.. I returned to the living room close to 8PM. We watched the repeats of King of Queens & How I Met Your Mother (I also taped the latter). Well, I did mostly. As I tried to avoid the tension and awkward silence.. At 9PM, my dad moved to my room to watch his basketball game as I watched the Two & Half Men repeat. I then passed on Out Of Practice and watched the DVRed repeat of last Monday’s Deal Or No Deal (that I missed last week). Pretty good. My dad got into it a little too. I watched Whose Line for the rest of the hour (another show my dad doesn’t understand). Then I returned to my room for the night..

My dad felt rather bad today, and not just due to my careless spending of money. He coughed quite a lot. I ignored it, hoping it would go away with the sadness and worry that I felt over it. *sigh* With all the media I can buy, the protective shell still has its cracks. All is wasted. All is useless.. See ya.

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[ Bush Arrogantly Ignores FOIA Demand For WMD Evidence ]
[ CIA Chief Tells Turks To Prepare For Attack On Iran ]
[ NeoCons Use CNN To Continue Psyops Vs US Muslims ]
[ Aspartame – India Newspaper Article Warns About Dangers
[ Hurricane Katrina – Hundreds Of Children Still Missing ]
[ Jewish Volunteers Spend Hanukkah Rebuilding New Orleans ]
[ One Second To Be Added To The Year 2005 ]

Sun 12.25.2005 — ..and definitely not christmas day either..

December 25, 2005

*yay’s @ this possibly good news concerning Bush’s pending impeachment* *celebrates*

Seeing the commercials for tomorrow night’s airing of Family Guy really made me want to see the Christmas episode. So after I was done looking through my LJ friends list (and getting more depressed upon hearing what other people got for Christmas), I pulled out the DVD with said Family Guy episode on it and decided to watch it in the morning. But now I’m off to sleep..

I fell asleep in front of the TV. I caught an episode of Perfect Hair Forever. I can not explain to you how retarded it is. There are not enough proper adjectives.. I awoke this morning at about 7:30 and looked through the morning newspaper..’s ads. For tomorrow. Then we watched some lame movie on USA (Three Wise Guys) and a bit of a MadTV repeat. Then we had breakfast and I watched that Family Guy Christmas episode. They should do another one next year or something. Make a better one..

I put in Sims Bustin Out and played that for the rest of the morning. Man, how long does it take for a kid to grow up in this game.. if they even do at all? ..My dad started bitching just after noon. He was bored.. and he wanted me to be bored too. I turned off the PS2 and changed it over to Last Laugh ’05 just in time to see the second half that I haven’t seen yet. Unfortunately, I fell asleep. Damnit.

I awoke when it was over and had a little lunch. Then I found Van Helsing on Encore West. Always wanted to see this one. And so I did. Most of it anyway (it had just started). Pretty good film. Shouldn’t have passed it up when I considered purchasing the DVD. Too bad Josie Maran’s appearance was so short. I was looking forward to her performance and she died way too soon, and with barely a line said. 😦

I left the room to write this and my dad has taken over the TV. Ah well.. back to boredom. It’s been raining all day. Then during the movie, it’s changed over to snow. The cat is so used to watching the squirrels in the back yard that he waited for them all morning. But they didn’t come because of the rain. When the cat realized they weren’t coming, he began running back and forth through the apartment, as if angry they weren’t coming. lol.. See? Bored already. Nothing better to discuss. :/

My dad decided to watch Fast And The Furious, so I stayed online for awhile. But that eventually got boring. I finished online at about 5PM. I returned to the living room and read two more chapters of Roswell High #6. The TV began screwing up during the movie my dad was watching. Looked like digital interference. More and more channels got worse or weren’t on at all. We called the cable company, but their phone line was “busy”. Eventually it got better though. We had a rather simple supper, then watched the Funniest Videos repeat. But now we’ve ran out of crap to watch..

I read two more chapters of Roswell High #6, then watched most of the Family Guy repeat. Once that ended, I found the Insomniac Tour special over on Comedy Central. lol. Sooo funny. And it just ended. Now I’m here..

I can’t believe 2005 is almost complete already. And next holiday weekend promises to be as boring as this one was. Or possibly more.. My bank balance was off a bit, so now I’m in more trouble tomorrow. Ugh. I can barely afford the two I was set on now, and I may have to forget them both if Elfen Lied Vol 4 is finally there and in low supply. *sigh* ..See ya..

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[ The Outrageous Demolition Of WTC 7 ]
[ DU Horror – Bush / Cheney Actively Engaged In War Crimes ]
[ Israel Is The Reason America Is At War ]
[ TiVo Files Patent For RFID Video Recorder Based On Chip Implant ]
[ NSA – The Agency That Could Be Big Brother ]
[ US Woman Who Caused Gulf War I Still Gagged ]

Sat 12.24.2005 — ..definitely not christmas eve..

December 24, 2005

I read the penultimate chapter of Roswell High #5, then got back online for a little while longer. Then I went to watch a bit of Conan and fell asleep. And I just now woke up to my dad’s snoring.. :p

First, I checked out Coming Attractions on E! and some MadTV repeats. Then I transferred another Degrassi TNG episode to tape while reading the last chapter of Roswell High #5. Then transferred another Degrassi TNG while reading the first chapter of Roswell High #6. Unfortunately, since this episode was an hour long, the VCR fucked up again and shut off. I had to wait a while, then start taping again. *sigh*

I watched some more MadTV repeats. My dad went off on an errand and I transferred a couple more more things to VHS.. that I didn’t want him to see. Soon after that, I watched episodes 10-12 of the TMNT Vol 3 DVD. These were pretty good. Hope Vol 4 comes out ASAP. 🙂 ..When that was over, I watched the rest of the MadTV repeat and then the following movie Look Who’s Talking. Sooo bored. Not from the movie, but still..

My dad got a call from the bitch that I used to despise (from Florida). They stayed on for a good 30 minutes. He discovered that his sister (my aunt) had lied to him again yesterday during her call. Uh oh. The liar’s coming back up here just in time for my birthday, February 1st (it’s just a coincidence, I’m sure).. My dad took over the TV once the movie ended at 4PM so he could watch his football game. And so I’m bored. Again.

I went online for a while, and eventually made it to editing my LJ styles again. I really wish I knew how to edit this crap better. Everything provided just isn’t me. I find something I don’t like with each and every one. I’m getting tired of seeing the same LJ style here every single day. I soon moved on to attempting to make a new LJ Scrapbook style, but it didn’t save for some damn reason. And I was too lazy to go back and do it all over again. *sigh* It was time for supper by then, so.. we had that.. But now I’m bored again..

While my dad’s game finished up, I read two more chapters of Roswell High #6. When it was over, we watched some That 70s Show repeat (lol), Funniest Videos (lol) & the movie I’ll Be Home For Christmas (neat.. should’ve bought this on DVD). All three were Christmas-themed. Whadaya know? :p I didn’t expect to see promos for Wildfire: Season 2 so soon. Or that it’d be starting so soon. *marks Jan 2nd on calendar* ..When all that was over, I left my dad to watch the news.. and now I’m here..

I haven’t had a day this boring in quite awhile. It got a little better in primetime, but still. The most boring Christmas ever, as expected. *sigh* See ya…

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prmf premiere date / today

December 23, 2005

BurgundyRanger has revealed to RangerBoard that Power Rangers Mystic Force will be premiering a little late on ABC Family — Saturday, February 25th 2006 at 10AM ET. He thinks we could be getting a Toon Disney premiere date of Monday, February 20th. But with all the switching of Toon Disney premiere dates near the end of Power Rangers S.P.D., I wouldn’t rule out Friday, February 24th either..

I awoke around 8:30… and got online. Then we watched some of the usual morning TV and had the usual breakfast. My dad wanted to go out to sell his camcorder.. but the car wouldn’t start. Once he got AAA back out here again to give him a jump, we was off. I watched / taped last night’s Robot Chicken Christmas Special. Wasn’t all that special to me though. Even the new skit. *shrug* I watched some more TV and played with the cat. My dad soon returned home, and eventually Passions started. Today was somewhat interesting. It was the Christmas episode and all. I wonder what’ll happen to those two stuck in the ornament? And I knew they’d wake Ethan up just in time for Christmas, but I didn’t expect the promise Theresa made to God to bring him back.. that she’ll break in no time. :p I found it hard to pay attention though. I came up with a new idea: I’m thinking of rewriting The Truth-Seekers as a novel. It’ll probably start the same way my short stories did, but then they’ll probably be different. And I’m changing the character names. Hope I don’t drop it and forget all about it.

Soon after that, we headed out to the grocery store. I bought a couple things, and my dad bought some too. I should’ve thought of this before. I used the 50 cent off coupon for the new TV Guide and they doubled it. So I pretty much got it for free. Yay. 🙂 We headed home and I watched episodes 7-9 on the TMNT Vol 3 DVD. The latter two were especially good. Yay @ Rat King’s debut. haha’s @ “I wish we had those antigravity boots from Episode 6.” ..when that episode is the fourth one on this DVD.. when the disc is supposed to be the start of Season 3.. I looked through the new TV Guide next. Grrr. Why must Prison Break, Surface, and King of Queens / How I Met Your Mother be on opposite each other starting March 20th? I tape the latter two, and my dad really likes Break, so I just can’t DVR it in my room instead. *pouts* 😡 ..I soon returned to my room and got online to news-gather. I finished up quite early though. My dad got supper at McDonalds yet again, and I stayed online to do a few other things. I finished up around 7PM anyway. :p

I read two chapters of Roswell High #5 before 8PM. At that point, we watched Deal Or No Deal (pretty good again). Then I watched Hope & Faith (repeat.. barely watched) & Hot Properties (lol) while my dad went to my room to watch the rest of his damn basketball game. Then I watched Dai-Guard 02 (eh, it was okay) & Cromartie 23 (lol) on Anime Network. It was nearing 11PM then, so I returned to my room for the night..

As you may have noticed by now, my Christmas is nonexistent for the first time ever. I’m not ‘in the mood’ enough to watch more of my Christmas movie DVDs, there’s no family members nearby at all anymore, and we just can’t afford it. Christmas used to be my favorite time of year. And now its been ruined like just about everything else in my life. *sigh* Merry Christmas to those who’ll have one though.. See ya.

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