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July 31, 2008

I awoke in the morning.. and immediately got online for a while. I read all about “Life with PlayStation” and got reasonably excited about it. It was due “at the end of the month”.. which is today.. but it never came out. I also made plans to get the new PS3 system update.. We watched some morning TV and had some breakfast.. and watched more TV..

But I soon took over the TV and watched the remaining six episodes of Freakazoid!: Season 1 (lol, through episode 13’s audio sounded off somehow 😦 all other were okay though.. great featurette too, never knew Bruce Timm was originally producing a more serious version of this show before Spielberg decided to take it in a more comical direction.. they show some art from this more serious take, and even say this early Freakazoid would have been like Batman TAS‘ Freaker, heh). Then I got the PS3 online and updated, then rampaged in GTA IV. The update was said to make some games run better.. and there were a lot less mini-freezes on this game than before. Yay.

After some Qub3d, I shut off the PS3 and then got online to news-gather. We had some supper, then I finished up online by 8PM. Once my dad returned from outside, we soon watched Factory (lol– oh who am i kidding? -_-), the three “unaired” episodes of Back To You (they recently aired in Australia, but remain “never-before-seen” on the US ‘Season 1’ DVD :p ..Ima miss this show 😦 ) and Flashpoint (another great episode.. It’s all methodical like CSI, but it’s hostage situations instead.. hope it catches on). Then I returned to my room for the night..

I got a really bad back pain today, near the base of my spine. It mostly flares up when I’m sitting down. And with all the other things wrong with me, I guess the world wants my death to be just like my life — drawn-out and painful.. See ya.

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spec spidey s2 / 24 exile dvd / disney pr / today

July 30, 2008

A new promotional poster has appeared for the second season of The Spectacular Spider-Man. Nice. Greg Weisman has revealed that a new network has been chosen for the series, but can’t say which network it is. Nonetheless, he revealed at Comic-Con that Season 2 will premiere in March 2009.. and that the premiere episode will feature an animated cameo by Stan Lee. :p ..Sony still hasn’t picked up the series for a third season though. And if they keep waiting, it could mean the loss of some or all of the show’s fine cast & crew. I hear they’re waiting to see the DVD sales of The Spectacular Spider-Man – Attack Of The Lizard on September 9th (and possibly the following DVDs) before making a decision. 😦

24 returns to television on Sunday November 23rd in the form of a special TV movie that bridges Season 6 and Season 7, which premieres in January 2009. And just two days after its first airing, 24: Exile – Special Creator’s Cut will be arriving in DVD stores (on Tuesday November 25th). The 88min feature will be accompanied on disc by a commentary track, making-of featurette, a Season 7 trailer, an exclusive “First Act” Season 7 preview and more. Cooool. I’ll probably pick this one up..

Oh look, Disney stars Demi Lovato & Selena Gomez like Power Rangers. But maybe it’s just some Disney cross-promotion in effect.. or maybe not.. lol @ how these videos have been online for months and the celebrity newsmagazine shows are just now mentioning and overhyping them. :p

I awoke to the alarm at 8AM and got online for a while. Then I watched an episode of MST3k (“Catalina Caper”.. it was actually fun to watch, due to the riffing of course.. but also because it was one of those fun 60s movies :p), then my dad returned home from dialysis. We watched some Price Is Right, then he saw his news as I got online for a bit. But then I watched four more episodes of Freakazoid!: Season 1 (haha’s @ the Pinky & The Brain cameo that I forgot about.. and I really liked “Office Visit” back in the day.. “Lord Smoked Meats and Fishes!” lol).

Once those ended.. I played more GTA IV. No rampaging though. I failed a mission two more times, then explored in order to add a couple more things to the map. Twice. Because I died and reloaded the game. My gamesave has no arrests and only one death.. somehow.. I shut it off soon after 4PM and watched The Secret Life Of The American Teenager (lol, so lame.. but.. there’s worse stuff on TV.. like reality shows, yuck.. but what was up with her looking at the restroom? Can you really abort a baby with a simple visit to the tiolet? *grunt* *plop* *walks out* :/).

I got online to news-gather, then we had some supper. I finished up online by 7PM.. At 8PM, my dad took off outside and I finally watched Bloodrayne: Unrated. I purchased the DVD on release date, then returned it. Since, I have wished I kept it.. and other times knew I made the right decision. And now.. only the latter is true. Bad movie. I’d say the cheap gore effects ruins it for me, especially when they chose to provide a closer look at those effects near the end of the film. Ugh. So glad I returned it..

Next, I watched the unfinished & unaired pilot of True Blood, this fall’s vampire series for HBO starring Anna Paquin. Wow. Great show. Can’t wait to see this in the fall.. via download since I don’t have HBO. But if it continues to stay this good, I think I’ll even buy the DVDs. This reminded me a little bit of Roswell, though done more seriously and for an older audience (obviously.. *nudity*). And with vampires instead of aliens. Carol Dunn Trussell is producing the series, and her past work just happens to include Roswell.. The series debuts September 7th. Can’t wait. 🙂

And that’s about it.. See ya.

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dvd ads aug 3-9 / media / today

July 29, 2008

Click the corresponding retailer for their ad for the week of August 3rd to 9th: Best Buy, Target & Circuit City. The hit anime series Code Geass: Lelouch Of The Rebellion is making its US DVD debut this week, with separate Volume 1, Volume 2, Part 1 & Part 1 Limited Edition (with artbox and useless extra items for more $$$) versions. The basic Part 1 release, which includes both Volumes (the first nine episodes) and all of their special features, will be on sale at Best Buy for just $24.99. Nice. Looking forward to picking that one up. I wonder if the picture dramas included will be dubbed too..

Get Smart is finally making its retail DVD debut this week with Season 1, including all 30 episodes.. but none of the special features that the more-expensive Time-Life version has. Target has the cheapest price for it though — only $16.99. I’m considering it. 🙂 ..Nim’s Island is being released this week with various kid-friendly store exclusives, and Circuit City has the cheapest price — $15.99.. Does Assassin’s Creed have open-world gameplay? It’s now a PS3 Greatest Hit as well.. Ratchet & Clank Future is already a Greatest Hit in the UK and Japan, but not here. 😦

I awoke in the morning and got online for a bit. We watched some morning TV, then I got ready and we headed out to media buy…

There’s three other titles I was considering, but due to low funds, I think I’ll wait until Friday on those.. First, I headed to Target and got some Ice Mountain.. and Freakazoid: Season 1. For some reason, my store only puts one copy of this and Tiny Toon on the shelf. But Freakazoid was just $19.99, so I got it there since Wal-Mart is farther away and is only about a dollar less.. Next, I went to the bank and got my dad $10 for gas.. even though he had just bought some gas yesterday. 😐

Though at the Speedway gas station, while getting my usual icee, I sighted the $20 PlayStation Network card for the first time. Cool. I don’t think I’d like to use my debit card on the PS3, so that may be a nice alternative. Even though I’d definitely like to import Europe’s Ratchet & Clank Future: Quest For Booty game disc rather than just downloading it for $14.99 on PSN (it’s not getting a US disc release 😦 ).. My dad went to get a few more groceries, then we returned home. I then got online right away to inventory the new release.

As soon as my dad was done with the TV, I immediately watched the first four episodes of Freakazoid!: Season 1 (lol awesome), followed by playing some more GTA IV. It’s been freezing slightly, so I tried cleaning a few smudges that were on the disc. I got them off for the most part.. and now it seems to be freezing more..? 😦 And yeah, the usual rampaging.. even though every time I put the disc in, I say to myself to get back to the missions.. but no.. :/

I shut it off and returned to my room to news-gather. We had some supper, then I finished up online by 8PM. We then watched Wipeout (haha fun), America’s Got Talent (about time the auditions were over.. damn) and last night’s The Middleman (wow, very good episode.. maybe my favorite so far). Then I returned to my room for the night.


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[ EPA Silences Employees On Climate Change ]
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prspd uk dvd edits / heroes game / robot chicken star wars ep2 / casino royale ce dvd / today

July 28, 2008

Jason38uk was great enough to put together a list of edits for the Power Rangers S.P.D.: The Complete Season UK DVD set. Thanks Jason. At this point, with all the edits and out-of-order episodes, I’d probably only consider a purchase of Power Rangers Dino Thunder. It’s just about the only Disney season I really enjoyed.. for an obvious reason. Plus, it only has one episode out of order..

I’m wondering when this game will be announced here. I can’t find it on any US sites yet.. According to, Heroes: Official Game Of The TV Series is set for UK release on May 1st 2009. Wow. Long time, or just a far-off date because they don’t know the real date yet. It’s being released across the board on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PC, PlayStation Portable and Nintendo DS. Hope it doesn’t suck like that Lost game.. but it probably will..

Now here’s something I didn’t see coming… “Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim will premiere a new Robot Chicken special, Robot Chicken: Star Wars Episode II, on November 16, 2008 at 11:30p. Created by Seth Green and Matthew Senreich in conjunction with ShadowMachine Films, the second Robot Chicken Star Wars special will feature Carrie Fisher and Billy Dee Williams from the original Star Wars movies, as well as, those returning from the first special, including Ahmed Best (Jar Jar Binks), Seth MacFarlane (emperor Palpatine), Breckin Meyer (Admiral Ackbar and Boba Fett), Conan O’Brien (Zuckuss) and Donald Faison.” Coooooool. 🙂

Time for yet another double dip. Casino Royale: Collector’s Edition will be released on October 21st, in three-disc DVD and two-disc Blu-ray editions. Both include new audio commentaries, deleted scenes and more. But probably not the unrated cut of the film that’s already been released internationally.. I might just get this. When I Netflixed it.. I.. only liked the awesome action scenes.. which were few and far between. 😦 It also includes e-Movie Money for November’s theatrical release of Quantum of Solace. Nice cover art too..

I awoke in the morning and watched Tim & Eric’s Awesome Show, Great Job (haha.. Dick Dousche) and Fat Guy Stuck In Internet (hehe). I transferred Degrassi TNG to VHS while online, then tried burning the DVD again. Why are these video files “unsupported” on the PS3 when burned to a DVD, but play fine from a USB drive..? Ugh.. But then I discovered that I was thinking of two different files of the same thing. Oh. I had downloaded it again because the other one didn’t work on PS3.

My dad returned home from dialysis and I got online while he watched his stuff. I eventually returned to the living room and watched another episode of MST3k (I should catch up.. I’m watching Season 2, but already downloading/burning Season 6 :p), then soon played some more GTA IV. Yes, there was rampaging. But in between, I just explored some of the oddities marked on the map. I should check out that “haunted” Sprunk factory next time..

I got online to news-gather and soon had some supper. I finished up online by 8PM. We watched those reruns of Big Bang Theory & How I Met Your Mother, then returned to my room when he watched his Nashville Star. He headed to bed early, then I checked out another episode on the PS3. The PS3’s narrow filetype compatibility is really starting to piss me off. I’m trying to get all of John Doe PS3-compatible, but episode 20 didn’t work.. so I found one that did work. Now episode 19 needs replacing and I downloaded one.. and it’s also unsupported. And I can’t find any other alternate encodes of that episode. All the others now work, except that one. PS3 supports xvid & divx or whatever, but not some of the earlier versions of the codec. And that’s the main problem. -_- Other videos seem to need to be perfectly encoded as well, or the audio is played all garbled. :/

I got back online for a while, then soon watched the new episode of Power Rangers Jungle Fury — 1822: “Arise The Crystal Eyes”. I somewhat enjoyed this episode. Though I did go into it with low expectations, so.. yeah.. With his new power, Dai Shi reclaims his throne. But first, upon seeing the remaining five crystal eyes conveniently advertised in the newspaper, RJ finally explains the backstory on the eyes and tells the Rangers they shouldn’t get into evil hands. I don’t know why they felt like having so little explanation about them up until this point. I thought maybe it was due to them wanting more self-contained episodes, but the episode ends with no real conclusion to its storyline. And with the marathon, I was expecting one. Hahaha’s @ the part where Flit begins commentating the zord battle then runs off at the sight of Dai Shi. Then Dai Shi watches as the Rangers destroy Grizzaka for him. Lazy. :p

Well.. see ya.

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Sunday 07.27.2008 —

July 27, 2008

The DVD burner defected again. Damnit. So I had to shut the whole computer down just to unplug and replug the thing again. It shows up under Computer correctly again, but I don’t want to try burning another DVD for a bit.. I woke next morning and looked through the newspaper’s ads for Tuesday. Looks like I’m going to Wal-Mart for Freakazoid: Season 1. Best Buy’s $24.99 is just a bit too high, but Wal-Mart’s $18.86 is a bit more reasonable for a 2 1/2-disc, 14 episode set.. that I’ve been waiting for for years. Dunno why they made one double-sided. Yuck.

Next, I watched Shin Chan (lol), Bleach (cool), Cowboy Bebop (yup, I gave it a 2584968th chance.. this particular episode wasn’t bad), Code Geass (awesome episode) and Reality Bites Back (horrible episode). My dad awoke somewhere in there and we had some breakfast. Then we eventually watched my next Netflix selection — Over Her Dead Body. For a comedy, it sure took a while to get funny. But in the end, we both liked it. It was an alright movie..

Once my dad’s NASCAR race started, I got back online for a while. I was wanting to play my PS2 for the first time since moving it into my room permanently, but I got too into things on the computer.. and pretty much stayed in front of it all day. :/ Eventually, we had some supper and watched Funniest Videos. Then I watched Don’t Mess With The Zohan (it follows a rather basic comedy movie formula, but I liked it). My dad just.. went to bed early..

So I burned a couple more DVDs today. I waited at least 30 minutes between them, but now I guess I know even that is not enough. The second one completed “successfully”, but some of the disc’s files were corrupted or something. *sigh* I guess I’m just destined to not be happy. Ever..

See ya. 😦

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Saturday 07.26.2008 —

July 26, 2008

I awoke in the morning.. at 4AM. The alarm went off. I had no recollection to setting it to that early, or turning it on. So it must have been our cat. He just enjoys standing on top of it. :/ So I got up and finished the previous entry, then.. slept s’more. Hours later, I awoke and eventually had some breakfast.. and reclaimed the TV. I watched Best Week Ever (lol), Degrassi TNG (very good episode), Swingtown (cool) and Fear Itself (Brandon Routh & Shiri Appleby, nice.. good episode too).

My dad went to the.. food handout place to try and sustain us a bit further toward Friday. I offered to buy some groceries, but he said to just buy groceries for myself. Oookay.. He soon fell asleep, so no movies again today. Instead, I played GTA IV for a few hours. I mostly rampaged, of course. My dad woke up and got pissed once it was time for his IndyCar race. So I shut it off and returned to my room. Even though rampaging is starting to seem boring, I still find it hard to stop. That’s not anything new though.. Before rampaging, I did find the boat junkyard with two half-sunken boats. That was pretty cool.

I returned to my room and got online, but not for very long. I soon went to the bedroom DVR and watched the 7/5 episodes of Naruto (wanted to be caught up in time for tonight..). We had some supper, then I soon returned to my room and watched Naruto The Movie 2: Legend of the Stone of Gelel. Like the previous film, this one seemed better animated than the series, but I understand why you would cheapen the animation if were making 24534 episodes. Though I think I liked the first film a little bit more than this one. I think I may like the films so far more than the series though. I’d almost get them on DVD.. if the first film’s steelbook edition didn’t cost so damn much. And haha’s @ all the elements in this film that are stolen from Fullmetal Alchemist. :p

I then followed that up with tonight’s new episodes of Naruto (wow), then.. that was about it.. See ya.

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iron & indy / bbca torchwood & wizard retitle / gurren lagann scifi / today

July 25, 2008

Possibly due to how highly popular their exclusive 300 DVD gift set became, Best Buy is already providing online pre-orders for their upcoming exclusive DVD gift sets for Iron Man and Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. Iron Man comes with a helmet replica, while Indiana Jones will feature a crystal skull replica. Nice.. especially the latter. Each will also include the Special Edition DVD and a $50 gift card. They are currently going for only $49.99 each.. If you don’t feel like spending so much, Transworld stores (such as FYE) are already taking pre-orders for a 2-disc steelbook Special Edition of Iron Man.. Expect Iron Man on DVD & Blu-ray on September 30th, while the new Indiana Jones adventure will arrive in October..

Paramount sure cannot wait to close the book on this series. They have scheduled The 4400: The Complete Series for DVD release on October 28th. It will include all the episodes and special features from the previous season DVD sets, plus a bonus 15th disc of new special features. Great. And the cover art looks to be foil. Nice. but I already have all four seasons separately, so my repurchase is highly unlikely..

BBC America has announced that they will be the US home for the brief third season of Torchwood. Yup, all five episodes will premiere on the network in 2009… Meanwhile the syndicated series Wizard’s First Rule has been retitled to Legend of the Seeker.

In case you forgot, the anime series Gurren Lagann (from the company behind Furi Kuri & Evangelion) will make its dubbed debut on the SciFi Channel’s Ani-Monday block this coming Monday night at 11PM ET. Two new back-to-back episodes are currently scheduled to air every week. The current US DVD release only contains the original Japanese audio tracks. The English tracks will be included on a later bilingual DVD release, so SciFi’s the only place to see the English dub at this time. :/

I awoke pretty early in the morning and got online to finish up the previous entry. Damnit.. Then I watched three more episodes of 4400: Season 4 (coool.. two to go..). My dad returned home from dialysis and we had a late breakfast. We then watched The Gong Show (Triumph The Insult Comic Dog made this the best episode yet.. and I doubt any other episodes will beat it because this show’s pretty lame), then my dad went to bed for another nap. He really doesn’t like doing it, but it’s the only way to alleviate his weak feeling. 😦

I watched the first MST3k episode in a while (the one I fell asleep during.. and again today.. moving on..), then played some more GTA IV. I actually tried to beat a mission a couple times, but failed and rampaged the rest of the time. lol @ U.L. Paper’s phone calls after the rampages.. My dad was bored once he woke up, so he wouldn’t quit with the depressing talk. If you remember, he overdrafted his bank account and still has no idea how. We’re almost out of food and we both don’t get anymore funds until next Friday. Then my dad has to pay off the overdraft, making for a tight August as well. 😦 I’m at least considering not getting most of Tuesday’s DVDs until Friday and using the remaining money for groceries instead, like I’ve done before..

I shut it off before 6PM, then got online to news-gather. We had some supper, then I finished up online by 8PM. I took over the TV once again since there was nothing on tonight and watched the final two episodes of 4400: Season 4. Great episodes, especially the finale. It does end on a bit of an open-ended note, but at least it’s not cliffhangery. It’s been a while since I last saw the finale, so I found it hard to notice what was added in the director’s cut version which is about three minutes longer than the TV version (also included). Some parts seemed new during the very end, but.. *shrug* It was announced canceled early in the year, about the time production would have started.. if the writers’ strike still hadn’t been happening. I’m thinking it was possible it may have been canned just because they couldn’t start production in time for their usual summer season. 😦

We watched The Soup (lol.. especially @ appearances by Keith Olbermann and Simon Pegg) and The Soup Presents (hahaha), then I returned to my room for the night..

When I wrote The Prisoner, I truly had no idea there was a short-lived TV series in the 1960s by the same name.. and has a somewhat similar plot. And now AMC is making an updated miniseries version to premiere on the network in 2009. I doubt it even attempts to touch the material I explored in my story though.. I’ve been considering getting back to Meta Theta Pi for a while now, maybe retitling and editing.. or starting it over from scratch. Make the more interesting stuff begin right away instead of holding it off as long as I did.. *shrug*

See ya.

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jetix sched headache / skyler update / today

July 24, 2008

[Current Music Download|Flobots – Handlebars @ MediaFire]

Toon Disney’s Jetix has once again changed the schedule for the 2934853245th time this month. They just don’t seem to know what they want. They abruptly changed the schedule this morning, removing the daily run of X-Men for a couple days (while not rescheduling the episodes, thus skipping two more of them) and adding some mini-marathons that ran past Jetix’s usual hours. In fact, Jetix has scheduled Power Rangers‘ first afternoon airings since 2001 in a two-hour re-airing of Monday night’s “Quest For The Crystal Eyes” marathon. The rerun of the new Jungle Fury episode had been airing at 1AM Monday night, but has now been running at 11PM. It was due to return to 1AM next Monday, but they’ve now changed it back to 11PM today. I like the earlier time slot though, it was just annoying to record last week’s PRJF as PRDT on the DVR last week. Also so glad I switched to data DVD for X-Men..

Here’s a Skyler Deleon update.. that was posted last week.. and I just found it now.. but don’t wish to repeat it here. Ow. 😐 And they keep connecting him to Power Rangers even though, if I remember correctly, his child role was only one line in one episode of MMPR. :p

I awoke in the morning and.. yeah, ya know already. I got online and read some Smallville spoilers. Some of it sounds positive.. but one particular thing worries me.. I got real bored and headed over to VideoETA. Oh, Camp Rock is coming to DVD & Blu-ray on August 19th. Then High School Musical 2 is being released again as a Two-Disc Deluxe ‘Dance’ Edition on September 23rd (ew @ cover art).. and they’re trying to get you to pay $22.99 (on first week of release) for it by that retail price. Ugh. If it has a free ticket for HSM3, I’m in.. Otherwise.. I’ll probably get it anyways.. -_-

We watched some morning TV, but then I was able to take control (while my dad went out) and watch two more episodes of The 4400: Season 4 (great episodes). My dad watched his news next, so I got online again for a bit. Then I watched a couple more episodes of X-Men (“Time Fugitives” Part 1-2.. not bad), followed by quite a few hours of GTA IV online. I was invited to a Deathmatch game, then raced s’more. And found that the only way I could win one was if there was only one other player.. I guess. Then I just rampaged in single player.. up until 6PM. Ack. I shut it off and quickly got online to news-gather.

We had a crappy supper (due to our lack of funds), then I finished up online by 8PM. But my dad had gone outside yet again, so I stayed online instead of watching a movie. Then I eventually watched another episode of 4400: Season 4, then my dad came back in and we watched Bill Engvall (hahaha) and Flashpoint (another very good episode.. though just a little less good than last week).

Someone requested Flobots’ Handlebars on a local radio station the other day. They downloaded it, but only played like a minute before shutting it off. :/ Meanwhile, my MediaFire download of the song has already reached over 70 downloads, the highest I’ve ever seen one of my downloads go.. Well.. see ya.

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warner oct dvd / today

July 23, 2008

It seems a little late, but Warner has announced Chuck: The Complete First Season & Supernatural: The Complete Third Season for release on Blu-ray Disc as well. And due to the late announcement, both of them will arrive in stores about two months after their DVD counterparts — on November 11th.. Warner will also release The Sarah Jane Adventures: The Complete First Season on US DVD on October 7th with a retail price of $49.98.. for the equivalent of about 12 half-hour episodes. Ack. :/

I awoke in the morning and got online, then watched three more episodes of The 4400: Season 4 (I thought I’d get them out of the way early.. pretty good episodes though.. especially looking forward to “The Marked” tomorrow). My dad returned home from dialysis and we had some breakfast, then I got online for a while again. Once my dad’s news was over, I watched another X-Men (“X-Ternally Yours”.. that.. was one weird episode), followed by The Secret Life Of The American Teenager (was 7th Heaven written like this? if so, how the heck did it last so long? *morning news shows security video multiple times as if its the only news they’ve got.. and as if internet video sites don’t exist* and all that religious crap– *watches Francia Raisa’s character remove her shirt.. multiple times* ..I’ll give it a couple more weeks).

I got the PS3 online early to try and get the rest of the E3 press conference downloaded, then soon played some GTA IV.. online. I did some Deathmatchs and Races and made it to Level 2.. solely due to the Deathmatchs. I’m pretty average at that, but I usually end up in last place in the Races. The first turns with all the crashing are fun. At least I’m now on Press Conference Part 3. I think I’ll transfer it to PC and burn to DVD. Looks like all three parts will just about fit on one. :p

I shut it off at about 5:30, in time for supper. I got online to news-gather, then finished up by 7PM. We watched Leatherheads (well, my dad lost interest rather quickly.. but I liked the film.. definitely a bit mispromoted though), then my dad took off outside again.. so I couldn’t watch a second movie. So instead, I transferred some files from the PS3, then soon watched another fall pilot Raising The Bar (I’m wondering what channel this will be on.. the sets look rather cheap.. but I liked it) followed by Mind of Mencia (lol).

I then awoke at 5AM the next morning and finished this entry. Oops.. See ya.

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dvd ads jul 27-aug 2 / himym s3 & fg v6 / avatar ratings / cbs switch / media / today

July 22, 2008

Click the corresponding retailer for their ad for the week of July 27th to August 2nd: Best Buy, Target & Circuit City. I’m eyeing quite a few releases this week.. The only exclusive for Harold & Kumar Escape From Guantanamo Bay seems to be Best Buy’s three mini-posters with the $22.99 two-disc edition. Avatar: The Last Airbender – Book 3: Fire, Volume 4 is being released this week, featuring the final six episodes.. of Season 3, including Saturday’s epic two-hour finale. 🙂 Doomsday seems fairly priced, and Heroes: Season 1 is once again on sale at Target — for just $18.99.

The new release of Dark City: Director’s Cut is featured in none of the ads, but Best Buy has a $14.99 DVD price and a $24.99 Blu-ray price on their website. But now that I hear that the theatrical version is only included on the Blu-ray, my purchase of it is now up in the air. 😦 ..But the title I’m most looking forward to isn’t in any of the ads either — Freakazoid!: Season One. Best Buy’s site claims the 2-disc, 14-episode set is going for $24.99. :/

Circuit City is advertising the first three PlayStation 3 Greatest Hits titles in their ad this week: Warhawk, Motor Storm & Resistance: Fall Of Man — all for $29.99 each, with new red trim on the cover art and a clear red case (well, once your store runs out of the non-GH versions anyway). Out of these, I was only interested in Resistance.. until I played its demo. I don’t like FPS’s. Wake me when Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction is $29.99.. if I can wait that long to purchase it..

TVShowsOnDVD now has complete details and cover art for the October 7th DVD release of How I Met Your Mother: The Legendary 3rd Season. Wow @ all those extras. Can’t wait to own it.. Fox has also announced specs and (temporary?) cover art for October 21st’s DVD release of Family Guy: Volume Six, featuring just 12 episodes.. and a truckload of special features. That includes commentary on every episode, the 100th episode special, and 50 deleted scenes.

This isn’t much of a surprise, but I’m reporting it anyway. The “season-three finale” of Avatar: The Last Airbender pulled in the highest ratings ever for the series among its demographic. “The season-three finale, Avatar: Sozin’s Comet, was the number-one telecast on broadcast and basic cable television for the week of 7/14/08-7/22/08, averaging 5.6 million total viewers, up +195% over last
year’s like time period.” Nice. With Nickelodeon refusing to use the term “series finale” to describe it as well as these series-record ratings, you think they’re now begging the creators to bring it back in some form..? Heheh. :p

CBS has switched its two new drama series effective immediately. Swingtown will move from Thursday to Friday at 10PM, while Flashpoint will move to Thursday at 10PM. Flashpoint would make more sense after CSI than Swingtown does.. and Flashpoint is a way better series than Swingtown and deserves such a spotlight IMO. 🙂

I awoke in the morning and got online for a bit. Then watched a little morning TV before getting ready and heading out to media buy..

First, my dad wanted to go to this tour of the new stadium downtown. But because they’re offering tickets online at Ticketmaster for free, everyone wants to get them then sell them. The first time they offered the tickets, they sold out in under twenty minutes. Just think of all those people waiting in line downtown. They must’ve gotten 15-20 people before selling out. 😦 But they offered more tickets today. And due to the local news falsely claiming (for the second time) they were available at all Ticketmaster locations, my dad didn’t get any tickets..

We moved on to Best Buy, where I picked up Robot Chicken: Star Wars on DVD at last. She price-matched me down as if someone had already come in with the same ad though the place has just opened.. and also took my free X-Files tickets away. Damnit.. I got an icee, then my dad went somewhere before we returned home.

While my dad watched his news, I got online and discovered that those tickets had already run out again. The news said they sold out in under 20 minutes again too.. and some are already on eBay for like $35.. for free tickets. *rolls eyes* I eventually took over the TV and watched the Robot Chicken: Star Wars DVD (lol.. coool), followed by the first two episodes of The 4400: Season 4 (time to get this final season out of the way, I guess.. 😦 ), and last night’s The Middleman (this was my favorite episode yet.. and yes, it’s about aliens).

I found it difficult to pay attention though because my dad had brought in a mostly-black cat from outside. She acts very similar to the smaller cat we previously let into our home.. and looks the same. She was definitely looking better than she used to though. My dad fed him, but she doesn’t get along with our cat at all. Probably due to him being a male. My dad let him back out a few hours later and now she won’t leave our porch. You think my dad would learn this by now..

We had some supper, then I got online to news-gather. I finished up online by 8PM, then I watched Wipeout while my dad was outside. It’s been so long since I’ve experienced the comedy of John Henson. 😦 ..My dad eventually came in and we watched America’s Got Talent.. and that was about it………

It’s been a while since the first one.. due to so few downloading the first one, but here is Marvel’s Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Issue 2. I couldn’t find Issue 1, but do have 2-7.. See ya.

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