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fox january / aeon flux suit / today

November 30, 2004

FOX has announced some January premieres, including the returns of 24, The Simple Life and.. American Idol, as well as the new scifi-esque drama Point Pleasant.

In the footsteps of the major box office flop Catwoman, Hollywood has redone the costume for Aeon Fluxoriginal / film version. 😡

I stayed up late last night.. and finally found a place to download Bickley’s “(I Wanna Fuck The) Pink Power Ranger“. I thought I lost it forever when the tripod account it was on (that’s linked to on my PR mp3s site) was deleted. But now I’ve found it again. Yay. 🙂 ..In the morning, I actually woke up fairly early, watched the usual shows, and had breakfast. My dad finally called about the non-working disposer in the kitchen sink.. and pretty much invited one of the DVD-stealing suspects right back into our home in order to fix it. The young maintenance guy had mentioned my DVD collection to my dad within the timeframe they went missing: when he was installing the new front door. Don’t ask questions though, dad. Just forget that around $100 of my property ever went missing. It could have been the druggie next door.. but wouldn’t it have been more like him to choose random DVDs if he plans to sell them anyway? This doesn’t rule him out, but most of the DVDs taken just happen to be of the science fiction genre… Passions was somewhat interesting. I was surprised by the “In Loving Memory” for the actor that just recently began playing Alistair though. Hmm.. After that, I watched last Tuesday’s episode of House. It’s definitely a new kind of medical show. I like it, and I don’t like many medical shows.. Then, I watched my Mighty Morphin Season 3 Vol 15 VCD (“Hogday Afternoon” Part 1 & 2.. I must get to work on the Zeo VCDs soon). I almost even shed a tear during the explosion of the command center. 😦 I also watched Robotech: New Gen episodes 63 & 64. For some reason, these were good.. but not as good as yesterday. Then I went online for a bit, between supper. In primetime, there wasn’t much on at all. I half-watched Christmas At Rockafeller Center, then According To Jim, Rodney, and even a show my dad likes, Judging Amy. But I mostly played with the cat. 🙂 And that was it.

I miss media buying. 😦 See ya…

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doug interview / degrassi tng cameos / gundam live action film / today

November 29, 2004

Poweranimals has put together a very informative interview with the now-former Power Rangers Executive Producer Doug Sloan. There’s some nice behind-the-scenes info revealed. And haha @ him not replying concerning the possibility of a S.P.D. / Dino Thunder team-up. :p

Now here’s some very interesting Degrassi TNG info from IMDb:

Ben Affleck has turned down the chance to make a cameo appearance in Canadian TV show Degrassi: The Next Generation, despite director pal Kevin Smith’s desperate attempts. Jersey Girl director Smith will fulfill a life-long ambition when he appears in three episodes of the show, a spin-off of his favourite childhood programme Degrassi: Junior High, which ran from 1986-1991. Smith has convinced Canadian singer Alanis Morissette – who starred in his 1999 film Dogma – to make a cameo appearance and hoped Affleck would join them. But the actor wants to stay out of the limelight following his split from Jennifer Lopez and a succession of movie flops. Smith explains, “Affleck, honestly, could use the work right now. What better way to reboot your career than starring in a Canadian melodrama? He was just like, ‘You know what, dude? I’m a little too high profile right now. I’m trying to scale back.’ He was just feeling the burn. It’s been a bad f**king year for him, and he keeps getting the s**t kicked out of him. I’m not gonna add to this dude’s misery right now, where you know the episode would air and people would be like, ‘Affleck winds up in Canadian teen soap opera.’ And they’d somehow tie it into Jennifer Lopez.'”

According to an Ain’t It Cool News report, Mobile Suit Gundam creator Yoshiyuki Tomino has revealed that an unspecified Hollywood studio will collaborate with Japan’s Bandai and Sunrise Studios on the production of an American live action Mobile Suit Gundam movie based on the original TV series story.

Ya think they’re pulling this together to go up against the live action Evangelion?

After staying up all night online, I slept all morning.. and almost completely through Passions. *shrug* I woke at 2PM and watched my Mighty Morphin Season 3 Vol 14 VCD (“Along Came A Spider” & “Sowing The Seas Of Evil”). Awesome episodes. Can’t wait for the grand finale tomorrow. After that, I watched Robotech: New Generation episodes 61 & 62 on DVD. I’m already hooked. :p Then, I played San Andreas until supper. I found a way to get into Area 69’s underground base without getting to the mission. Use the jetpack cheat (L1 L2 R1 R2 Up Down Left Right x2), find a hole to the underworld (like that big building to the west from the most-south Las Venturras strip club), go through it, ‘fly’ under everything until you get there, then fall.. and you’re in. There wasn’t really that much there. :p After finding a a very heavy-duty weapon there and dying for no good reason, I rampaged for the rest of the time. 🙂 ..I got online up until primetime. We watched the usual CBS comedies and CSI Miami (which was quite good). And that was about it..

Today was alright.. but after yesterday, any other day would probably be alright.. See ya.

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Sunday 11.28.04 — vulnerable & helpless

November 28, 2004

I can’t believe that it happened again. I was just sitting on the couch. Nothing worthwhile was on TV at around 9PM or so.. and I feel asleep. I didn’t wake up until maybe 30 minutes ago. When the cat walked onto me.. again. I really hope this doesn’t continue. Grrr. And I woke up with this strange urge to download that version of “Hallelujah” from Shrek.. and I didn’t even remember it was from that movie at first…

Now we have something living in the center (of our apartment) wall. It keeps making scratching sounds. I said it could be a mouse, my dad thought it could a raccoon or something… Hmm.

It seems that my DVDs are being stolen right from my room. And my dad doesn’t give a flying fuck, because I payed for them with my money. First Love Actually, now Species, Schindler’s List, Godzilla (1998), Perfect Blue, Contact and Wing Commander… That asshole drug dealer next door stole our car stereo before (not to mention spliced into my cable line, making me lose my internet connection for a few days). And then the landlord made him a maintenance man with access to keys to the apartments. And the landlord’s in his pocket because he’s his supplier. My life just keeps getting better and better… *sigh* Kill me now.

The worst part? I didn’t even notice they were gone for a while after… I just have so many, and all the ones taken were from my “New / Unwatched / Watch Again Soon” stacks that are separate from the others…

First, I felt too depressed over the burglary-I-can-do-nothing-about, so I didn’t watch what I had planned to and slept all morning. After 1PM, I woke up and watched the last two Smallville Season 3 DVD episodes (awesome), as well as Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban. Excellent movie. The best one yet. My dad and cat mostly just slept. I was going to look through the special features disc, but my dad blackmailed me so he could watch his all-important news instead. He’ll probably be leaving to watch his precious basketball tonight anyway. Ass.. We had supper right after the movie was over.. and that was about it. It did get my mind off the crime.. until now. *sigh*

So I pretty much stayed online after that… I managed to watch the new episode of Unfabulous somewhere in between, and stopped again to watch the new Desperate Housewives. So hooked. And that ending so surprised me.. But now I must wait another two weeks for the next episode?!?!? *deflates* Damn crap religious miniseries..

I guess all that I can do now is eventually buy new copies of all those DVDs… *sigh* See ya.

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Saturday 11.27.04 — saturday becomes boring sunday

November 27, 2004

Wow, how people change… new Christopher Khayman Lee headshot. 🙂

I couldn’t get to sleep, so I watched some music videos on VH1… Then, my dad woke up quite early. He couldn’t sleep either. Eventually, we had a pancake breakfast.. A no-new-PR saturday morning is pretty boring. I’m just waiting for TMNT now… So I watched last night’s new episodes of Degrassi TNG and Radio Free Roscoe. Great episodes, especially the former. But next week’s? Whoa…

Wow. the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles episode, “Hunted”, was pretty awesome. The jist: Crocodile Hunter & R2-D2 hunt down a biped croc with a temper. :p And yay, happy ending. 🙂 ..My dad’s putting the Christmas lights in the window. I doubt there’s any plans to put up the tiny tree though…

I watched Best Week Ever on DVR, then two more Smallville Season 3 DVD episodes: “Memoria” and “Talisman”. Great episodes. I was intrigued by the whole deleted subplot for “Memoria” within the deleted scenes, and the other episode’s deleted scenes were pretty interesting too. After that, I watched the rest of the episodes on the GitS:SAC Vol 3 DVD (eps 11-12). Episode 11 was freaky, Then episode 12 seemed like it was going to be some light-hearted affair.. but totally twisted near the end with a message I should take, but probably won’t. These people were so entranced by this movie that they kept watching it, living in a fantasy.. ignoring the real world.. They commented that they were “as good as dead”, like me… Then, I watched the Ninja Turtles episode “The Christmas Aliens” on DVD. It won’t air for another few weeks on Fox Box. It was a great episode with a nice and sappy ending. 🙂 Now I’m bored. Can’t think of anything else to watch… 😐

So I played San Andreas for a few more hours, up until supper. Then we watched MadTV repeats for a few hours. But now, there’s really nothing to watch… My dad went off to drop off something. :/

Today was rather boring after everything in the morning… See ya.

mini-dvd / free fiona / today

November 26, 2004

CyberHome and Warner are teaming up for the introduction of a portable Mini-DVD player. Warner plans to release over 30 movie & TV titles on December 3rd (to coincide with the player), all on those 3-inch DVDs that anime distributors have been testing for a while now. I myself think it’s neat, but I doubt it’ll get off the ground. For all the info, check this out.

A group of Fiona Apple fans have put together a campaign to get her latest album released, after Sony Music / Epic Records shelved it because they didn’t think it would make enough money for them. For more details, visit Why am I mentioning this here? Because I actually really like the two songs available for download from this album, and would like to see it released. 🙂

I stayed up late online, then woke up in morning to the cat’s meows for food. All he does is eat and sleep. It’s like he’s Garfield or something. :p I fell asleep again and didn’t wake up until after 11AM this time. There was some taped Thanksgiving parade on CBS for some reason. Blah. Passions was quite interesting though. 🙂 lol @ the giant turkey. And during that, my dad actually got the first of his unemployment checks. We’re hoping it’s not the last. We’re barely surviving as it is.. And I also got a postcard warning me about the PlayStation Underground demo disc (that I reported previously).. I just happened to DVR an hour of The Tribe last night at around 4AM, even though it looked like there won’t be any new episodes today. And that hour just happened to include the 2nd episode from last Friday and an all-new one. Yay. So I watched / taped that one (grr @ DVR defects). Great episode. Then, I watched two more Smallville Season 3 DVD episodes (“Legacy & “Truth”). Only four to go. But I’m really thinking about replacing them.. After that, I watched episode 10 of GitS:SAC. Awesome. The most gruesome episode yet. I didn’t even notice the supposed defect in the opening credits. *shrug* ..My dad came home with pizza burgers from Rally’s for supper. Wow. So good.. Then, I spent some time online. In primetime, I watched Joan of Arcadia, Hope & Faith, and Less Than Perfect. Than, I finally watched last Saturday’s Dragonabll GT on DVR. It was all *DBZ Vegeta clipshow*.. that only made me want to watched DBZ again.. Soon after that, I somehow fell asleep on the couch until 4AM, when our cat woke me up by walking on me.. :p

Today was a lot better than yesterday.. See ya.

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lgm dvd info / roswell dvd commentary / katherine’s anatomy / thanksgiving day

November 25, 2004 has two new tidbits concerning the DVD release of Lone Gunmen: The Complete Series — it will be released in March 2005, and will include the series’ wrap-up episode of X-Files (“Jump The Shark”). Yay.. even though I already have that episode on the X-Files Season 9 DVDs. :p TVShowsOnDVD also alludes that we’ll know an exact release date and whether the pilot episode will stay intact in a couple more weeks… 🙂

A fan has completely transcribed the Jason Katims commentary for “Graduation”, included on the UK DVD release of Roswell: The Complete Third Season (also expect it to be on the US version next Summer). Why? Well, he speaks about where Roswell would’ve went if it were allowed to continue into more seasons… *sigh*

Roswell hottie Katherine Heigl stars in a new ABC medical drama titled Grey’s Anatomy. It was set to begin airing in January, but ABC has removed it from the schedule. 😦 Feel free to e-mail ABC’s audience relations to bitch.. er, voice your opinion in a friendly manner. >_>

I stayed up late.. online. In he morning, I woke up earlier than usual. Then, the first half of our charity meals came early too. My dad ordered four each from two places. Ack. :p We were full after the first one, so we kept the other ones for later. After the parade (*yawn*.. but lol @ the Meet The Fockers ads), we had the other dinners.. then proceeded to watch my dad’s precious football game. And his relatives that are going out to eat called. He says they were probably wanting to pay for us on their Thanksgiving dinner get-together since they like us so much (well, my dad anyway). They’ve been calling like crazy. But he says it’s too late now.. I wonder if he chose to stay home like this all along just because of his fucking football game. Sure, make this the boringest holiday ever for me. He doesn’t fucking care. I actually like those relatives (with an exception of one) and would’ve enjoyed their company. But nope. My dad managed to screw up another holiday. Something he’s become an expert at over the years. 😦 *sigh* ..So I pretty much stayed at my computer all afternoon since there was nothing better to do. ..After the game, he kept watching more crap on TV.. and I pretty much stayed online.. Most of that was dedicated to searching and downloading more mp3s for my next hits CD.. Then, my dad suddenly went against what he said earlier in the day and went off to watch the basketball game at his friend’s house. And he convinced me to DVR tonight’s shows for him. *sigh* ..But his exit did give me the opportunity to watch episode 9 of Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex. To tell you the truth, I found the episode mostly boring because most of it took place inside an internet chat room. *talktalktalk* *talktalktalk* But one of the chatters sounded as if it was voiced by Power Rangers‘ Johnny Yong Bosch. 🙂 And haha @ this very brief PR / sentai-inspired parody that was shown.. within the same episode that a PR alum is dubbing. :p After that, I watched Will & Grace and CSI Vegas. Then, my dad arrived home and I watched both. Again. Damn this new DVR software. The “Copy to VCR” option is nice, though I’ll never use it. And the percentage of how much space is taken up is great. But when watching the DVRed shows, they seem to pixelate and shortly freeze often. Ugh.. And that was about it. We never did get those other four charity meals. Glad my dad called that other place this morning…

Didn’t I tell you my holiday would suck? *sigh* I’m just hoping my rising anticipation of Christmas won’t end in the same way… See ya.

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dbz uncut! / hp3 magic number / ps2 demo disc defect / today

November 24, 2004

FUNimation has finally scheduled the DVD release of Dragonball Z: Ultimate Uncut Special Edition!!! …Or the first 63 episodes of the series that was originally edited down to only 50, available uncut and bilingual for the first time in the USA. The first two volumes are set to be released in April and June 2005. Also, they’re re-releasing remastered versions of those first three Dragonball Z movies beginning in May 2005. I’m at least glad I didn’t buy those inferior Pioneer releases yet… 🙂

According to various consumers, Warner has defaced their DVD version of Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban for a couple frames to include a three-digit number. Some think this is to help track down bootleggers. It appears in the lower left of the screen at 17:37. Most have reported a “301”, though others also reported a “302” and “657”…

Some have experienced a total erasing of the PlayStation2 memory card while playing the Viewtiful Joe 2 demo on the PlayStation Underground Holiday 2004 demo disc (the one I received yesterday). Just a warning to others. I’m sure glad I heard this before I started playing it (I’ll just take the memory cards out before playing the disc)…

I stayed up late last night.. for a short time.. playing more San Andreas. I woke up in the morning ti breakfast.. and the cat being more evil that ever. My dad is really getting pissed. I bet he’ll be gone by the end of the month.. Once my dad left (to get a few more bucks for groceries out of some cheap rings), I watched Sunday’s Super Milk Chan (rofl) and Saturday’s The Batman on DVR. 🙂 I had to keep rewinding during the latter. Damn heavy eyelids.. Passions was interesting. But my dad received word during it that he’s been turned down for unemployment payments. And we’re barely surviving as it is. So our roller coaster ride to hell continues… After that, I tried to watch Smallville, but the living room DVD player deemed it unplayable. I think a combination of the cheap DVD player and the disc itself is at fault. I watched the episodes (“Resurrection” and “Crisis”) on my bedroom DVD player just fine. Awesome episodes, some of the best this season, in fact. Then, I watched Oprah only because Jim Carrey was on it. 🙂 The rain came in during that. And it’s changing over to snow tonight. The first snow of the season. Not to mention the tornadoes down south… We had a picnic’s-worth for supper, then I got online.. In primetime we watched That 70s Show, Quintuplets, King of Queens, Center of the Universe, and CSI NY. Pretty good episodes of each (with the lowest point being Universe, of course). I swear I told my dad that It’d be cool if two CSI investigations became one just before it actually happened. Heh. :p And that was about it for the day.

It probably won’t be a happy one whatsoever for me but.. Happy Thanksgiving nonetheless. See ya.

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pr warehouse / erin sighting / pr toy transition / family guy unbanned / media buys / today

November 23, 2004

Mark Siry, a former employee of Fox Kids, has put together a photo gallery containing photos from the Power Rangers warehouse in California.. before Disney came in and destroyed most of it.. 😦 *sigh*

Sorry for the short notice, but it is said that Power Rangers Time Force‘s Erin Cahill will appear on tomorrow’s (Wednesday’s) General Hospital. Just a heads-up…

Here’s a piece of news I thought some would be interested in (but I’m sure not)… Bandai has sent out the first wave of Power Rangers S.P.D. toys, and they should arrive in stores around December 5th (just possibly not on the shelves just yet). But the stores won’t be putting the Dino Thunder stuff on sale. It’ll simply be taken off the shelves, so I’d get buying if you plan to get anymore PRDT toys…

FOX has finally decided to air the previously-banned episode of Family Guy, “When You Wish Upon A Weinstein”, on December 10th. It will air following a repeat of “A Very Special Family Guy Freakin’ Christmas” at 9PM ET. Can’t wait to see how many edits there are… :p

I stayed up late online.. because of how incredibly slow my computer is.. In the morning, we had breakfast, and eventually went media buying…

My dad drove me to Best Buy even though he was very low on gas. There, I bought the Harry Potter 3 and Ghost In The Shell: SAC Vol 3 DVDs. On the way back, I had to buy $5 for gas or we wouldn’t have made it back. Now I have maybe $5 left to my name until the beginning of the month, and my dad’s probably about the same. And he’s too embaressed to ask family for help. They’re going out for Thanksgiving.. but each has to pay for themselves, so we can’t go. Instead, we have some charity meals coming. What do I have to be thankful for? Nothing!

Passions was the same old blah. 😐 But I got another free demo disc from PlayStation Underground. Yay. After Passions, I watched two more Smallville Season 3 DVD episodes: “Velocity” & “Obsession”. The latter was definitely my favorite though. *drools as that hottie from Los Luchadores straddles Clark while scantily clad* >_> Anyway.. the damn DVD player caused more problems. During Smallville, it paused slightly over and over, more and more. Then, I watched my Mighty Morphin Season 3 Vol 13 VCD and had more of the same. *sigh* But after sleeping through the end of the 2nd episode and the beginning of the 3rd, I just shut it off and decided to watch them later. I had some time online and lunch for supper. Once my dad left to watch his basketball game with a friend, I abandoned my computer and went to the living room TV. I watched those remaining MMPR episodes on VCD, then watched Saturday’s Full Metal Alchemist (it’s pretty cool) and last Wednesday’s South Park (lol) on DVR. After that, it was time for Scrubs. It was a great episode too. 🙂 Then I played around with the cat for a bit.. and that was it.

Today was alright.. but mostly just because of the media buying. :/ See ya…

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prdt award / life on tv / lax grounded / chappelle s2 & lost dvd / miriam dvd / today

November 22, 2004

The recent Power Rangers Dino Thunder video game has received an award from FamilyFun magazine. It was rated best kids’ game for ages 6 to 8 by 1,500 kid testers…

ABC has given a vote of confidence to the freshman high school drama life as we know it. 🙂 New episodes will return to ABC Thursday nights beginning December 2nd, and the network has ordered four more scripts. They have also struck a repurposing deal with MTV to air repeats of the series (Episodes 1-3 repeat Nov 27th 6-9PM ET, and Episodes 4-7 repeat Dec 4th 7-11PM ET). *crosses fingers* I love this show, and hope it gets better ratings..

NBC has officially announced that they have canceled the drama series LAX, and plan to halt production after the 13th episode. It also doesn’t look like the network will be airing the final three episodes anytime soon, since specials are scheduled in its time slot for the next three weeks. *sigh* The best shows are always sacrificed…

Grrrr. A minor defect is now plaguing Ghost In The Shell: Stand Alone Complex – Volume 3 on DVD, out tomorrow (Tuesday). At least it isn’t as bad as the previous two volumes, but still annoying nonetheless…

Anime on DVD reports that there is a minor sound issue with the English track’s opening sequence of Stand Alone Complex episode 10 on the DTS Special Edition volume 3 and on the standard edition DVD. The problem, where some channels lose volume, only affects the opening, not the actual episode.

Paramount has revealed the cover art for the Chappelle’s Show: Season 2 Uncensored DVD set. Nice. 🙂 TVShowsOnDVD also reveal that the Season 1 DVDs will be selling for just $9.99 at an unnamed retailer this coming Friday… reports the news I reported previously, concerning Lost on DVD… but they also have a few more tidbits: A DVD team has been on the set of the series in Hawaii since filming of the pilot episode. Like the linked page, I also expect Lost: Season 1 to be released sometime before Season 2’s TV debut…

Warner has announced a March 15th 2005 DVD release date for She’s Too Young, a Lifetime TV movie starring Degrassi TNG‘s Miriam McDonald. And while we’re on-topic, I’d like to remind that Degrassi TNG will begin airing new episodes on The N this coming Friday… 🙂

I stayed up late last night inputting some new San Andreas cheat codes on that Ultimate Cords disc, then I used it for a little bit. “Very Low Gravity” was very weird. The cars start floating and turning over too easily. :p In the morning.. nothing much really happened, as usual. Passions was actually interesting.. but I barely watched it. :/ After that, we watched two more Smallville Season DVD episodes (“Delete” & “Hereafter” — awesome). Then I watched ,y Mighty Morphin Season 3 Vol 12 VCD (“Alien Rangers Of Aquitar” Parts 1 & 2, “Climb Every Fountain”). I have no idea why some don’t like the Alien Rangers saga. I personally thought it and Season 3 was MMPR at it’s best, for the most part. 🙂 After that, I got online for a while, had supper… In primetime, we watched all of the usual CBS comedies and CSI Miami. lmao @ the NetZero ad during the latter show. It was a complete clone of the AOL Customer Support ad — y’know, the one with “every AOL member”? This ad had the same group coming to discontinue their AOL service for NetZero’s. Sooo funny! And that was pretty much it for the day.. See ya.

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Sunday 11.21.04 — “S.P.D.! EMERGENCY! HA!”

November 21, 2004

My journal is called _____ because _____.
My journal is called “Within This Shell”, because.. well, it’s explained pretty well in my user info… ”

My subtitle is _____ because _____.
My subtitle is “The Non-Life Of An Alien Hunter”, because I sorta used to research UFOs, aliens etc.. and it was title of my previous online journals elsewhere.. that were added to my LJ archive..

My friends page is called _____ because _____.
My friends page is called “The Alien Hunter’s LiveJournal Friends”, because I was too lazy / couldn’t think of anything better..

My username is ____ because _____.
My username is prometheusufo, because my original online handle was Prometheus and I later added UFO after previously-mentioned “research”.

My default userpic is _____ because_____.
My default userpic is currently the Blue Dino Thunder Ranger, because I simply like PR and blue goes with the rest of my LJ layout. :p Expect it to change over to SPD soon.

Tomorrow’s going to be very boring. I hope there’s a new S.P.D. preview tomorrow morning.. or waking up early will be for nothing… 😦

*bangs sweaty head against desk repeatedly* I simply cannot find my Love Actually DVD. Anywhere. I even looked in both places I usually keep my DVDs, as well as the ‘pile’ of stuff in the corner. I wanted to watch it again soon. Christmas theme, y’know.. I even remember looking for it once before, only not as thoroughly then. ..I give up.. *sigh* G’night.

In the morning, I ended up waking even before the alarm (uh oh). I tuned into the Dino Thunder marathon only to watch / DVR the S.P.D. teasers. There were two new ones this morning, as far as I could tell: an extended version of the one we got during the finale yesterday, and an all new one with plenty of “US” footage. They show unmorphed Rangers and the US version of Anubis “Doggie” Cruger. I think he looks awesome (much better than the sentai version).. but maybe that’s just the Anti-Sentite in me liking anything showing originality in PR. I didn’t expect this much so soon. 🙂 (Download them here.. and for captures, check out Will-Powered’s gallery and my SPD gallery.) Besides those promos, I was mostly bored though. the only episode I really payed attention to was “Legacy of Power”. :p After awhile, I gave up on seeing any more new promos, and watched the remainder of VH1’s countdown (Top 20 recap & number 1 video). I sorta also watched most of Best Week Ever. Again. Then, I finally watched another Smallville Season 3 DVD episode (“Whisper”), and “Big Brawl” Part 3 & 4 on the TMNT Vol 13 DVD.. between sleep. Damnit. Once that was done, the TV was taken over by my dad to watch his usual sports. *sigh* And here I am… k.

I managed to watch last Wednesday’s 70s Show and Friday’s Joan of Arcadia. Both were pretty good… Now I’m reading mail and it’s not taking forever to load like last time. Wheee– Besides that, I’m quite bored. *shrug*

My dad conveniently returned once primetime was over.. while I watched Malcolm In The Middle (cut in half once again due to football coverage.. I bet this show won’t be running much longer, like Futurama), The Simpsons (lol), Arrested Development (lmao), and Desperate Housewives (intense.. and next week looks even better). The promo played after Dino Thunder‘s final episode on Toon Disney was just that extended version from this morning on ABC Family, only with “Toon Disney” at the end instead.. I really hope I get that Evangelion Vol 1 DVD back soon. I’m really itching to start watching them now that I have three volumes already.. And I think I might just buy Love Actually on DVD again next month. It’s only $15 at Best Buy anyway…

This weekend was mostly boring.. like most though. *shrug* See ya.

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