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July 31, 2007

Here’s some more details concerning the upcoming Power Rangers Super Legends video game. Rangerboard member Sensurround conducted an interview with Disney Interactive. He reveals that… “Lord Zedd returns and starts recruiting villains from previous seasons, 16 rangers from the series must fight their way through missions to stop history from being altered. All characters remained morphed. Disney went for an extremely comicbook-esque feel. Although the game is geared for a younger crowd, they did throw in a lot of things that would make the game appealing for an older age group as well. I got to demo the game for about an hour and I must say I was pretty impressed. As you progress through the game you unlock other rangers and levels. There are ZORD BATTLES as well. I thought that would be appealing to most of you.”

Click the corresponding retailer for their ad for the week of August 5th to 11th: Best Buy, Circuit City & Target. All three stores have TMNT 2007 for $16.99, but Circuit City has a toy with their copy.. and Target has a 2-Disc Deluxe Edition for $22.99. I’m definitely getting the latter. I was worried we would have to wait to get the Region 4 2-disc version here. I hope it has the same special features anyway. I hear it does have the same cover (brick window slipcover over the original cover art). *yay @ not having to own the stupid “fun” cover that the basic release has* I was surprised when Best Buy didn’t have anything special for it though.. Circuit City also has the 3-disc TMNT 1987 Season 5 DVD set on sale for $17.99. Nice.. Meanwhile, Best Buy has Shooter & Stranger Than Fiction for only $9.99 this week. Very good films..

I guess Hollow Man 2 just didn’t sell as well as Sony expected. So on October 16th, they’ll be releasing a Hollow Man: Director’s Cut onto DVD & Blu-ray. Argh. :p *chants for extended Rhona Mitra nudity*

I awoke in the morning and soon got ready to media buy. Since I didn’t have enough in the bank for the DVD I had planned to look for, I took my Robotech Remastered DVDs to sell at GameStop. But after a while of just standing around waiting, I discover that they don’t accept DVDs for cash anymore. Ugh. I returned home, dropped off the DVDs, then went to a CoinStar machine to cash in some change instead. After that, I headed to Best Buy.. and they didn’t have the DVD I hoped they would have.. a week early. I saw one of Manga’s re-releases: a shiny-covered Blood The Last Vampire with bonus Ghost In The Shell UMD. But I’ve heard someone bought one without it inside. *rolls eyes* I laughed at the tiny size of Best Buy’s 300 helmet while rethinking a purchase of the basic 2-disc later in the week, saw that hot checkout girl again from afar, then left with nothing. I did get an icee on the way home though. 🙂

We returned home and soon watched Passions (lol’s @ Pretty Crane being so “ugly”.. her life is ruined by a small scar on the side of her face, boohoo :p). My dad fell asleep as I watched TMNT II: The Secret of the Ooze. A few of the more subtle aspects of the film make sense now that I heard scenes were deleted depicting that TGRI scientist as an Utrom. Wish they had kept that in.. Once that was over, I played Scarface (*collects lots more money with the cheat code* woohoo *actually does a mission for once and unlocks a drug supplier* double woohoo :p).

I shut it off near 5:30, had a crappy supper, then got online to news-gather. I finally got around to listening to the Now 25 CD. I only skipped eight tracks too. :p ..At 8PM, we watched America’s Got Talent (*votes Sideswipe because he’s pretty sure all the others he likes will be voted back*), The Singing Bee (80s, cooool), Just For Laughs (lol) and Bill Engvall Show (ah, how very generic 😐 ). My dad went outside a few times and fed the strays even though he was trying not to.. I soon returned to my room for the night.

See ya.

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July 30, 2007

[Current Music Download|The Last Goodnight – Pictures Of You @ SendSpace]

More Power Rangers news from the San Diego Comic-Con. According to the Power Rangers Super Legends booth, the PlayStation 2 game out this November will have all Rangers available for play. Not only that, but there’s also a Ranger vs Ranger tournament mode. Cooool. 🙂

Can’t wait for the new season of Avatar: The Last Airbender to begin on September 21st? A trailer has shown up on YouTube. Check it out. 🙂

TVShowsOnDVD reports that Amazon now has a DVD listing for The Secret World Of Alex Mack: Season 1. The 2-disc, 12-episode set is said to be released on October 2nd. Coooool. Though I hope that “12-episode” part is incorrect because the first season is actually 13 episodes. I liked this show more than Pete & Pete, so I’m pretty sure I’ll get myself a copy, unlike with the previous Nickelodeon DVDs. I still remember watching the series finale and wishing that I had more on tape. :p

DVDActive now has some nice hi-res versions of cover art for the many DVD editions of Blade Runner: The Final Cut. Look at all the useless crap filling that briefcase. Cool. 🙂

Surprise, Surprise. The Hostel: Part II DVD will arrive in stores on October 23rd, just a week before Halloween. And a new Hostel: 2-Disc Director’s Cut DVD will arrive with it. Nice. I liked the first film, so I may double-dip for that one. Dunno about the sequel yet though..

I awoke in the morning and soon watched two more episodes of TMNT 1987 Season 4 (Season 5 is out next week and I’m barely halfway through Season 4 :p) and the original TMNT movie (definitely the best of the trilogy). My dad returned home from dialysis and I gave the TV over to him once the movie was over. I then got online for a bit.. We watched Passions (*Theresa divorced* “Triple wedding!” ..I half expected Eve & Julian to arrive at the prison and someone announce “Quadruple wedding!” :p ..and where the hell are the guards anyway? Looks like Luis and everyone else could just walk outta there).

A little later, my dad and I went out to a few places. I got my dad $10 of gas since he was so low, then we went to the grocery store.. and I spent too much. I had chosen not to get 300 anyway, but still.. We soon returned home and I played some Scarface (*uses cheat codes to pile the money* >:) ). My dad got bored and brought in one of the cats he had been feeding outside. He’s already given up on ours and is looking for a replacement. Ass. And this one really doesn’t want to stay inside..

I eventually get online to news-gather, then had some supper. I stay online for a while.. and before I knew it, it was already a little past 8PM. Ack. I ran into the living room and rewound the DVRing. I watched Kyle XY (pretty good episode.. though next week looks better), Greek (great show) and two installments of Whose Line (lol). All that in between a few brief visits outside.. to where my dad was for most of the night. My dad thought he was one of the strays running after another cat, so I took off out there. But I only found the stray.. I read a chapter of Harry Potter 7, then returned to my room for the night..

All they want you for is your cat food, you ass. *sigh* ..See ya..

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Sunday 07.29.2007 — why isn’t it August yet?

July 29, 2007

I had a dream where our cat returned… But then he somehow broke a window and escaped the same way he did before (window screen). *sigh*

I awoke in the morning and looked through the newspaper’s ads for Tuesday. Damnit. Target’s Deluxe Edition of 300 doesn’t have a third bonus disc like I had thought. It’s just the regular two-disc with some stupid downloadable version of the movie. Maybe I won’t get 300 after all.. I watched Bleach (wow), Blood Plus (cool) and the remaining two episodes of Tru Calling: Season 2 (very good episodes.. heh @ the “it was nice while it lasted” line in the final episode even though they were referring to something else.. *shakes fist @ FOX*).

Once they were taken care of, I took a walk in search of our cat. Quite a long one too, and I’m not exactly in shape for that kind of stuff. I didn’t find him though. I found another smaller cat back there, but he wasn’t ours. My dad’s given up already. The lazy fool. 😦

I went to the bedroom DVR and watched three episodes of On The Lot (had to catch up.. though I mainly only watched the films themselves) and Friday’s Painkiller Jane (*watches for ten minutes* ..I give up.. *deletes it and Friday’s future recording* *sighs in relief at last*).. And that’s about it..

My dad and I had some supper (with the very little food left now), then we watched my next Netflix selection — The Number 23: Unrated. It was pretty good. I enjoyed it. Glad I didn’t but it though. :p It’s better as a rental.. Not long after that was over, I watched The 4400 (awesome, loooove the continuing storyline), Mind of Mencia (lol) and American Body Shop (haha). After all that, I finally returned to my room for the night..

See ya. *melts upon viewing this Hayden Panetierre image*

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Saturday 07.28.2007 — today

July 28, 2007

I awoke to my alarm,, then slept until almost 11AM. Ugh. My dad told me that he saw our cat this morning at around 5AM, humping another cat outside our back window. But he opened the door and interrupted them. They looked his way and took off. 😦

I took over the TV and watched Best Week Ever (ha), Degrassi TNG (ooh strippers that don’t strip onscreen.. of course :p), The Best Years (great episode), I Hate My 30’s (wow, so cheesy.. yet I somewhat liked it.. for some reason *drools a bit @ Jill Ritchie*) and three more episodes of Tru Calling: Season 2 (so much potential.. cut short by FOX, like so many other shows with potential 😦 two tomorrow)..

After some time online, I went to the bedroom DVR and watched two episodes of Doctor Who (“Gridlock” & “Daleks In Manhattan” Part 1.. awesome) and Hex (the anticlimactic series finale, ooooh.. why did the onscreen Torchwood things say the premiere date is August 8th when the promo during Doctor Who say September 8th? :/). We had some supper in there somewhere, then I eventually read two more chapters of Harry Potter 7. I just haven’t been in the mood to do so since the cat took off. 😦

After a brief time online, I returned to the bedroom DVR and watched Naruto (great) and BoBoBo-Bo Bo-BoBo (lol @ the parody character voiced by Johnny Yong Bosch.. he keeps saying he’s a man of peace, then keeps beating up the bad guy anyway :p). After that, I got.. online again.. and watched the MadTV repeat..

See ya.

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[ FDA Sees Nanotech Challenges In Every Category ]
[ USDA Waters Down ‘Organic’ – Betrays Consumers ]
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July 27, 2007

Click here to check out NBC’s press release concerning DC Comics’ hardcover collection of the Heroes online graphic novels, being released this fall. I’m glad I stopped reading. I just don’t have the hard drive space to store all the PDFs. And when it’s released, I can read them wherever I want.. instead of in front of this ancient computer. Yay. 🙂 This NBC press release details even more Heroes merchandise expected beginning later this year, including a novel covering the time Hiro spent in the past with Charlie during Season 1. There’s also talk of a video game, trading cards, toys, a 2008 calendar, posters.. and even apparel. Ack..

Another interesting piece of news out of the San Diego Comic-Con is that the third and final season of Avatar: The Last Airbender finally has a Nickelodeon premiere date — September 21st 2007. The first five episodes of said season are already expected on the Book 3: Fire – Volume 1 DVD on October 30th. Only six episodes would’ve aired by then. Now that’s fast. :p

Also at San Diego Comic-Con, J.J. Abrams revealed that the mysterious 01-18-08 (aka Cloverfield) is in fact a monster movie. They also revealed a teaser poster for the film. Cool. 🙂 ..Also, check out this SAW IV poster. The MPAA has just given their first cut of SAW IV an NC-17 rating and they are considering to either cut it down to an R rating or release it as it is. The film, starring Tobin Bell, is once again expected in theaters this Halloween..

Yup, even more revealed at San Diego Comic-Con. :p Grindhouse Presents: Planet Terror & Grindhouse Presents: Death Proof will each have seperate “Extended & Unrated 2-Disc Special Editions” on DVD. Death Proof arrives first on September 18th, followed by Planet Terror on October 16th. Click here for a look at the cover arts, and the Best Buy exclusive steelbooks with an exclusive bonus disc. *drools* Scroll down for more specs & info. They do intend to release the combined theatrical cut later on in a 2-disc set.. Also, check out this cover art for Kill Bill: The Whole Bloody Affair. 🙂

The theatrical bomb DOA: Dead Or Alive (or was it even in US theaters at all?) will be released onto DVD on September 11th. Hmm.. >_>

Since our cat seemed to be more awake at night, I kept looking outside all night long for him. 12:30, 1:30, 3:30, 5:30 (I couldn’t sleep so well). But he didn’t return. We’ve had him for three years, so we got pretty attached. But I guess he’s really gone. My dad told me this fact, so I got online to get away from it. Then it took me admitting what happened in a chat room to finally get my first tears to come. 😦 And then I had a problem making them stop. They would just keep coming back..

We (somewhat) watched Passions, then I watched the final two episodes of Tru Calling: Season 1 and the first of Season 2 (damn, even the menus are the same.. this so needed to be one DVD release here too.. just add one more thin case.. five episodes to go, and I haven’t even seen the final unaired Christmas episode before 🙂 ). After watching a Soup special from Monday (cooool @ the subliminal ad for I Know Who Killed Me with the words that pop up so fast you must pause to read them), I got online to news-gather, then had some supper..

At 8PM, we watched Set For Life (interesting), Greek (nice), The Soup (haha) and Bill Engvall Show (hmm, few differences between first & second episodes here too.. nice to see the actor who played the original UFO Museum guy on Roswell in a new role, though I did cringe at the the “Maui! Wowie!” line.. *dog suddenly inserted as plot device and will probably never be seen again* :p).

My dad is really missing our cat. He probably left because he was getting jealous. My dad was starting to feed a few stray cats outside. I petted a few and he kept meowing at the window. 😦 ..When we first got him, I don’t think he was even weened yet. He sucked on my earlobe for a brief time, but soon grew out of it. He seemed to see me as his mother ever since. :p He was getting pretty big when he decided to leave. 😦 ..I went out to the other cats (that just aren’t the same) and saw something else sitting near the end of the building, where I thought I had seen our cat before and had been chased off. I followed him, but he ran off in the same way he had before. He didn’t seem like our cat now that I’ve seen it again. *sigh*

He’s gone. -_-

[ Bush/Cheney Martial Law Threat Is Real ]
[ New Evidence Clearly Indicates Pat Tillman Was Executed ]
[ US Military To Crack Down On NAU Protestors ]
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[ Strong Evidence Some Crop Circles NOT Man-Made ]
[ $100 Laptop Production Begins ]

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July 26, 2007

ComingSoon.Net has an image of the Power Rangers Super Legends booth at San Diego Comic-Con. Nice helmets. And look closer to see the game’s menu in the background. Then read the thread to see people jumping to conclusions about the playable Rangers in the game just because of the helmets displayed. :p Also, Johnny Yong Bosch will be appearing at SDCC this weekend..

Warner has announced seven versions of Blade Runner: The Final Cut — 2-Disc Special Edition ($20.97 SRP), 4-Disc Collector’s Edition ($34.99 SRP), 5-Disc Ultimate Collector’s Edition packaged in a Deckard Briefcase ($78.92 SRP), HD-DVD & Blu-ray in Deckard Briefcases, and HD-DVD & Blu-ray 5-Disc Digipak versions in slipcovers. All Deckard Briefcase versions will be limited & numbered. Phew. All versions are expected in stores on December 18th. Click here for details on special features. *looks over the briefcase packaging and drools a bit* ..Soo, is this movie any good? I haven’t seen it yet. :p

Sony will release Close Encounters Of The Third Kind: 3-Disc 30th Anniversary Ultimate Edition on DVD & Blu-ray on November 13th. Each will include three seamlessly-branched versions of the film. *haha’s @ all the three’s* I wondered why a version I saw on TV had scenes I didn’t have on my Collector’s Edition. I may just double-dip on this. Or wait until I can get the Blu-ray due to it’s exclusive special features. -_-

Disney will release Pirates Of The Caribbean: At World’s End on December 4th, in the expected 1-Disc DVD, 2-Disc Special Edition DVD & 2-Disc Special Edition Blu-ray. Looking forward to this. With the commentary only listed under the 1-disc in the press release, I hope they aren’t pulling the “different special features” BS that the Talladega Nights & Reno 911 Movie DVDs did. I hate that..

TVShowsOnDVD has posted a press release detailing a disc-by-disc special features breakdown of August 28th release of Heroes: Season 1 on DVD & HD-DVD. Below the list of HD-exclusive features is a list of all the special features. And there seems to be some DVD-exclusive stuff too, but the italics weren’t kept on when copy-pasting I guess.. *looks over all the deleted scene titles* So can’t wait. 🙂 Also, a Heroes video game is in the works and is set for release in late 2008.. And don’t forget the printed version of the Heroes online comics coming this fall from DC Comics. *yay’s @ hardcover*

Yeah, this is probably old. But so what? Rockstar Games now has its first Grand Theft Auto IV-related website online: Rockstar is asking for the fans to call in and leave messages for inclusion on an in-game radio station. Wow. 🙂

I accidentally fell asleep too early in the living room. Conan had been on. Then I woke up just before 5AM and took another look outside. I saw our cat a little ways away. He had come back. But another cat saw him too, and chased him away. 😦 I awoke my dad right after, but it was no use. They were both nowhere to be seen. The one that ran him off eventually returned though.. I got online, finished up the previous entry, then read that transcript linked to in the previous post. So, these bastards are finally going to try the fake alien invasion, eh? Interesting. I first heard of that plan quite a while back. But I have a feeling that a fake attack to gain support for war won’t work again…

I kept going outside and looking for the cat. And of course, the landlord chose today to cut down the weeds all around the building, scaring away all cats. *sigh* My dad returned and started talking as if we won’t be seeing him again and it made me feel that much worse.. I got online for a while, then read my new arrivals in the mail. My aunt arrived on a surprise visit and seem insincere about the missing cat. Passions started.. and I fell asleep for part of it..

Once it was over, I watched last night’s Don’t Forget The Lyrics! and three more episodes of Tru Calling: Season 1 (ooh, getting good). Once they ended, I got online to news-gather. We had some supper, then I finished online by 8PM. We watched Don’t Forget The Lyrics! (watched live for the first time) and Who Wants To Be A Superhero? (also first live watching). I fell asleep watching the latter, in the first half and then right at the end.. I didn’t wake until after 12:30AM. Ack. I went outside to check for him, but there was still no sign. 😦

See ya.

[ US Military To Crack Down On NAU Protestors ]
[ US Christian Zionists Lust For Israel, Armageddon ]
[ Defiant Korey Rowe – ‘I’m Not Going Anywhere’ ]
[ Rowe Arrested Despite Honorable Discharge Papers ]
[ Leahy Issues Subpoena For Karl Rove ]
[ Judge Strikes Down City’s Anti-Illegal Laws ]
[ Wooldridge – Is ‘War On Drugs’ Good For Teens? ]
[ West Nile Cases Soar – Epidemic Near? ]
[ US Cat ‘Predicts’ Nursing Home Patient Deaths ]
[ Some Astronauts Were Drunk At Launch ]

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July 25, 2007

In an interview with DarkHorizons, Avi Arad reveals that talks are starting with Sony on a Spider-Man 4. But more interesting is the fact that a Venom movie is also in the works. Coooool. 🙂 ..Hope it doesn’t suck.. like Spidey 3 partly did..

TVShowsOnDVD reports an October 30th DVD release date for Scrubs: Season Six. With the seventh (and final) season premiering on NBC on October 25th, the DVD releases just about catch up, with just five days in between.. The site also reports that Lost: The Complete Third Season will be released on Blu-ray Disc as well as DVD on December 11th. Though the Blu-ray version is going for a $124.99 retail price. Ack. :p

ABC has finally announced their fall premiere dates in the form of this press release. Ugly Betty & Grey’s Anatomy return on September 27th, while the latter’s spin-off Private Practice starts the night before on September 26th. Desperate Housewives follows on September 30th. But out of the new ABC series, I’m most looking forward to Pushing Daisies. The scifi-ish series will premiere on October 3rd.. In case you haven’t heard, Lost won’t return until mid-season. And I’ll guess the date right now: February 6th 2008. That’s about the same time the series returned from its lengthy hiatus last season, to air 17 straight episodes. This next season will run for 18 episodes. And don’t forget the importance of February sweeps. 😉

FUNimation will now test the Blu-ray waters on November 13th, when they’ll release Dragonball Z Movie 8 – Broly: The Legendary Super Saiyan & Dragonball Z Movie 10 – Broly: The Second Coming on one Blu-ray Disc. Expect both films to include newly remastered video and new 5.1 audio mixes. Among the special features is a featurette titled “Dragonball Z: A New Look”, a look at the remastering of the films. *yawn* Expect more details when the release is officially announced at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con..

My dad woke me up after 3AM with some very unfortunate news. Our cat had managed to shove the screen off of our front window just enough to get out. My dad claims he looked around for a while before waking me up. I said no words to him as I looked and looked, trying my best not to get angry at my dad. He should’ve closed that window like he did the previous night. 😡 I soon gave up for a bit, then wordlessly returned to my room and closed the door. My dad eventually took off for dialysis. I kept going outside and looking for him. *sigh*

I fell asleep for a little while, then played some Scarface. *shrug* My dad soon returned home and was very sad over the loss of our cat. I already miss him too. 😦 I got online for a bit, then I watched Passions while my dad mostly.. slept.. Once it ended, I watched three more episodes of Tru Calling: Season 1 (gotta stay on schedule). When those were over, I checked outside for our combined 2538th time.. then got online again, to news-gather..

Ever since my dad returned home, we have barely spoken a word to each other for most of the day. I could plainly see he was more emotional than I was over our cat. Since my shell blocked my emotions, I couldn’t do the same. And I tried. A lot. So that just made everything worse. I felt sad, then it doubled when I realized that I couldn’t show it. 😦

There wasn’t really all that much on tonight. At 8PM, we watched Outrageous Moments and Just For Laughs. Then my dad took off outside looking for the cat while I watched Tokko (wow, dubbing was less-than-great this episode.. with that a bit of fanservice, it was like I was watching hentai without the payoff 😦 ..still good story though). Then we watched most of Dateline NBC: To Catch A Predator before I returned to my room and my dad headed outside again.

*sigh* See ya.

[ Transcript: Secrets Of The Illuminati – Benjamin Fulford On Jeff Rense Part 2 ]
[ Transcript: Secrets Of The Illuminati – Benjamin Fulford On Jeff Rense Part 1 ]
[ Showdown Looming Over Executive Privilege ]
[ House Panel Finds Bush Aides In Contempt ]
[ Disfavor, Outrage For Bush Hits New Heights ]
[ Video: BCC – How Bush Stole The ’04 Elections In FL ]
[ House Votes To Ban Permanent Bases In Iraq ]
[ Neocons Busy With Next 911 Scam? ]
[ Loose Change Co-Producer Arrested ]
[ Neocons Cheer Arrest Of Korey Rowe ]
[ Brown Wants To Double ‘Terror’ Detention ]
[ EU Constitution Is Back – Even More Dangerous ]
[ UK Study – Cell Phone Tower Distress ‘Mental’ ]
[ Kirwan – Imperial Assumptions Are Reaching Critical Mass ]
[ LA Man Dies From Virus After Falling In Gulf Of Mexico ]
[ The ‘All Natural’ Food Scam ]
[ Attack Of The Mutant Rice ]
[ $1,000 Speeding Tickets Await You In VA ]
[ DOD Creating Computer Parallel Planet Earth ]

“So I talked on your show, and a senior member of the Japanese security police told me that because of what you leaked on the Internet, they are going to attack Nigata with their earthquake weapons. I said, “Oh, come on. I don’t believe that.” Then, BOOM! BOOM! Two days in succession, [there were] identical earthquakes — right under the nuclear power plant! And I got an email [from the Rockefeller Illuminati] saying, “You got your answer.”” “These [Rockefeller-led] people are desperate. They are planning something horrendous in August. That’s not going to be allowed to take place.” — Benjamin Fulford, Transcript Part 2

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July 24, 2007

Kamen Rider Dragon Knight recently started filming and some new cast members have shown up on IMDb. Yay. Now the bad news. IMDb claims that lead actor Matt Smith has been recast to a younger actor, Stephen Lunsford. And according to “Nathan Long’s blog”, the first five episodes of Dragon Knight have been rewritten for a younger audience. *sigh* I had a feeling it was too good to be true. 😦

TVShowsOnDVD has cover art for the October 2nd DVD release of How I Met Your Mother: Season Two. *looks* Hmm. Not bad. I guess. *shrug* What matters most is what’s on the inside after all. So can’t wait. 🙂

Click the corresponding retailer for their ads for the week of July 28th to August 4th: Best Buy, Circuit City & Target. Best Buy has some useless mini-helmet replica with their “Limited Edition” 300 DVD that costs about $12 more than the 2-Disc Special Edition. I was hoping they would have the Canadian Futureshop’s Steelbook version here too (Best Buy owns Futureshop and they previously released the Departed steelbook in both chains). I was quite disappointed when I heard V For Vendetta had a Futureshop Steelbook too (quite possibly my favorite movie), then Best Buy only had a mini-mask Limited Edition for it. Ugh. Like that time, I guess I’m going with Target yet again. Their 300 “Deluxe Edition” is $22.99 and has a bonus 3rd disc (Target’s V Deluxe had a graphic novel excerpt and a lenticular slipcover).

Man, my viewing of “Once A Ranger” sucked. First, Toon Disney screwed my schedule and canceled the 12:30AM re-airing mere days before (I didn’t find out until the wrong episode started).. Then the DVR went into shutdown mode on-screen, making me retape some of it. And the cat had to be an ass too. So I’ll probably end up watching it again later. In fact, I’m considering retaping it from next Monday & Tuesday’s 12:30AM clean-credits airings. Hope they don’t cancel those.. I awoke the next morning, soon got ready, then went out to media buy.

Originally, I intended to get Number 23 & the Spawn Animated Series Steelbook. But due to bad reviews on the former etc, that soon changed to Zodiac. Then it just got more confusing from there. I was considering Zodiac all the way to Best Buy, but changed my mind when I got there. *saves some money for once* Luckily, I’ll be able to Netflix it after I view today’s arrival of Number 23. They always seem to fall into a “short wait” soon after release. Instead, I got Equilibrium and From Dusk Till Dawn for $5.99 each. I’ve been wanting to get the latter since first I saw it (butchered) on TV. But since it seems to be a studio-backed sale, they’ll probably announce a new edition soon. :p Also noticed they jacked up the Angel seasons a bit ($32.99 to $34.99). Grr.. The hot checkout girl was there again. She talked, I was actually surprised when I talked back. 🙂 Too bad I probably will have no need for a Best Buy visit next week (*points @ DVD ad news above*) and won’t get to see her. *makes note to look over the Best Buy ad again just in case* 😉

After visits to some other places, I didn’t get my icee ( 😦 ) and we returned home. We had some lunch and watched Passions (blah), followed by American Body Shop (lol). After that, I watched three more episodes of Tru Calling: Season 1 (still great). When those were over, it was already 5PM. I got online to news-gather, then we got some McDonalds for supper. :/

At 8PM, we eventually watched America’s Got Talent (not bad).. then my dad ran off outside again. Grr. I watched Singing Bee (*shrug*) and Noein (I missed last week’s episode.. but it’s getting pretty damn good) before he returned. So we got to watch one episode of Just For Laughs before it reached 11PM. -_- I returned to my room for the night…

See ya.

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prsl ps2 screens / doa dvd art / today / proo

July 23, 2007

IGN has gotten their hands on the first screens for Power Rangers Super Legends for PS2.. and someone posted them to Rangerboard. They feature the Crimson Thunder Ranger at his dojo, SPD Shadow Ranger in what is most likely New Tech City, Lost Galaxy Red Ranger taking on some Stingwingers, and the Overdrive Red Ranger battling near some ruins. And SPD’s Nova Ranger even seems to appear. Or is that Omega? Either way, I’m looking forward to this one.. 🙂

DVDActive has cover art for the upcoming DVD release of DOA: Dead Or Alive. And that’s it. No release date yet. “The Best Movie Adaptation Of A Video Game So Far.” ROFLMAO! >_>

I awoke in the morning and got online, then watched some music videos, both on the Nickelback DVD from the “All The Right Reasons” special edition CD (no “Rockstar” music video 😦 ..the 20-some-minute tour video was neat though) and on VH1.. Before I knew it, it was 11AM already. I tried Scarface again and managed to beat that mission on the second try.. with plenty of cheats. Yay’s @ all kinds of crap being unlocked. Next time, I gotta find where to get more drugs to sell. Dealing is definitely my favorite part so far. :p ..My dad returned home from dialysis, I shut off the PS2, and we had some late breakfast. After that, I got online again..

We watched Passions (haha’s @ Norma/Edna), then Simple Life (lol scripted). After that, I watched three more episodes of Tru Calling: Season 1 (great episodes.. they really should’ve re-released Seasons 1 & 2 together.. I bought the six-episode Season 2 back when it was Best Buy exclusive for $24, then I recently bought the twenty-episode Season 1 for $20 :p). Once they ended, it was 5PM already. I got online to news-gather and had another less-than-good supper.

At 8PM, we watched the new Kyle XY (great episode.. I wonder how they’re going to release this on DVD now that Season 2 has been expanded to 23 episodes: 13 now, 10 more early next year.. a “Season 2 Part 1” DVD before the second part airs? *shrug*). Then my dad took over the TV at 9PM to watch his country music crap.. and I let him walk all over me. Gawdamnit. I returned to my room and got back online for those two hours. At 11PM, we eventually watched last night’s Mind of Mencia (lol).. and then I returned to my room again..

A while after my dad headed off to bed, it was time to watch the 12:30AM repeat of tonight’s new episodes of Power Rangers Operation Overdrive — 1720-1721: “Once A Ranger” Parts 1 & 2. Only Toon Disney chose to air another episode at the last second instead. Grr. Luckily, I DVRed it at 8PM as well, so I watched / taped that instead. This is definitely no “Forever Red”. Definitely not. But it wasn’t that bad. I guess. Except for two screwings of Saban continuity. Thrax looked more like the offspring of Zedd & Grimlord than Zedd & Rita. Ew. So Thrax joins all the current PROO villains together to take down the Rangers, then he severs their connection to the “Universal Morphin Grid”. This had to be the part I hated most. Was the Morphin Grid ever confirmed to be a real place? Because it sure is now. -_-

With their powers gone, Sentinel Knight assembles a new team of former Rangers (completely off screen) to take their place. Even though Bridge technically isn’t a former Ranger since he’s from the future. Oh well. With no powers, the Overdrive Rangers give up (Will for the third time!) and return to their normal lives. Except Mack who eventually goes off to find the only sword that can harm Sentinel Knight.. Maybe the rumors about Saban retaining music rights are true? In a Retro Rangers battle, all the theme songs play during each Ranger’s section of fighting.. except for Adam, who only has some basic techno to play. :/

Wanting to fix the connection to the Morphin Grid, Adam goes to some warehouse with crates everywhere and eventually finds the one he’s looking for. Inside is Alpha 6, whose voice now sounds more like Frax. Ugh. Alpha walks in and soon fixes the Morphin Grid. *Alpha gets shocked* Alpha: “What would Zordon doooo?!” The sword Mack went after is soon recovered and it returns Sentinel Knight to his true form. Then the Overdrive Rangers & Retro Rangers battle all the villains at once. *cue multiple theme songs / techno again* Sentinel Knight even joins the fight and takes out Thrax WAY too easy. Two hits and he ‘splodes. *headdesk* And what were those cars doing there in the rock quarry? Did the baddies or Rangers drive there? Ack.. In the final scene, we get an update on what each former Ranger is doing now.. except Bridge, who seems to have gotten way too addicted to *wiggles fingers* toast. Spencer makes a huge stack for him. Tori is now designing surfboards.. instead of teaching at the Wind Ninja Academy, where we last left her. Kira is continuing her music career, Xander still works at Rock Porium, and Adam asks Alpha to help him out at his dojo in Angel Grove. :p

We can all tell that Disney is going to be the downfall of Power Rangers. First, they fired just about everybody and moved production to New Zealand. They chose to bring back a former crew member to try their hand at the show. I have a feeling that he fought for originality, but Disney wasn’t wanting that. Originality = bigger budget, after all. So he ended up leaving the show. The two seasons he produced ended up being good. Not quite as good as what came before, but definitely better than what came afterward. They replaced him with someone who would do whatever Disney told him to do. As I just said, the following seasons got worse. I used to enjoy just about every episode back in the Saban days. But now I’m lucky if I enjoy one out of a handful of them. We blame the guy for Disney’s decisions. He is to blame, though I doubt as much as we think.

Yeah, I wrote whole last paragraph a few days ago, but held it back until now.. And in closing, enjoy this teamup-related comic. I sure did. 🙂 See ya.

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Sunday 07.22.2007 —- 7002.22.70 yadnuS

July 22, 2007

I awoke in the morning and looked through the newspaper’s ads for Tuesday. Ooh, Equilibrium for $5.99 at Best Buy. Was that any good? I heard it was. That and the “Forget The Matrix” quote on the cover. :p ..We got ready and headed out for breakfast. Once we returned home, I watched Bleach (coool.. *shakes fist @ stopping Orihime from removing her clothes* :p), Blood Plus (good stuff) and Ergo Proxy (cool).

Next, I watched three more episodes of Tru Calling: Season 1 (I was actually somewhat interested this time.. It’s hard watching a lot of new-to-me TV on DVD, let alone it being the awesome Angel & Buffy, then moving right on to something I’ve already seen.. maybe I didn’t like this show as much as I had thought.. but then I saw “Star Crossed” and was reminded why I did 🙂 ). My dad took off during that, then returned. I gave him the TV after that, while I got online for a bit..

After that online time, I finally read two more measly chapters of Harry Potter 7. :p Definitely better than the last two. It’s just that I don’t have the time and skills to read the whole thing in four hours like someone I know has done (three times, no less). That and I keep getting distracted. I gotta find a better reading place…

We had barely anything for supper, then I got online a bit. I mostly edited my LJ interests. I mostly removed some canceled TV series and added some new ones.. At 9PM, I went to the living room and my dad ran off outside while I watched The 4400 (ooh, great episode *conspiracies!*). When my dad didn’t come back in at 10, I passed on some other shows and left them to the DVR. Instead, I transferred the other Greek episode to VHS while reading another chapter of Harry Potter 7.. My dad seems to think he’s going to watch some stupid country music concert tomorrow night. I was thinking about letting him watch, but since he’s attempting to force it on me.. I’m no longer so sure. It’s on..

I returned to my room for the night. Again. See ya.

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