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May 31, 2006

I had quite a few fall TV DVD release announcements a while back. And now here’s another.. now has some details, a release date, and cover art for Smallville: The Complete Fifth Season. The 22-episode, six-disc set will arrive in stores on September 12th. Yay. So can’t wait to see these all over again. πŸ™‚

Well, Warner has barraged us with plenty of Superman-themed stuff to promote the new theatrical film Superman Returns, especially the June 20th release date with at least six DVD releases. And now there’s a CD on the way. Sound Of Superman is a collection of Superman-themed songs performed by “today’s most popular new bands” and is set for release on June 13th. Click here to preview the tracks.. Meanwhile, Superman Returns‘ theatrical release date has been pushed up a couple days from June 30th to June 28th. πŸ™‚

Warner Home Video will finally re-release Ace Ventura on DVD. A new Deluxe Double Feature DVD set is expected in stores on September 5th. It will include newly remastered anamorphic widescreen editions of both Pet Detective and When Nature Calls, three episodes of the animated series, and other special features. The original film will include the 87-minute home video extended cut, but without the deleted scenes shown on TV. 😦

Comedy Central has issued a couple of press releases today. The first reveals the special features to be included on the July 25th DVD release, Chappelle’s Show: The Lost Episodes Uncensored. There’s over an hour of them, so that’s an over two-hour DVD in all (I hope whoever wrote up this release knows that “neverbeforeseen” isn’t one word :p).. The second announces some summer and fall premieres for the network, including Chappelle’s Show: The Lost Episodes, Mind of Mencia, Reno 911! (all back on Sunday July 9th), and South Park (returning October 4th). The network has also picked up weekday reruns of Scrubs, which begin Monday September 19th. πŸ™‚

DVDriven once again has the Best Buy & Circuit City retail ads for the week of June 4th to June 10th (Target doesn’t seem to have an ad next week). Looks like I’ll be price-matching Circuit City’s price at Best Buy for GTA Liberty City Stories for PS2 — $15. I don’t want to wait until 5PM. :/ Best Buy doesn’t set a time, just the date. But they got it for $20. Looks like I’ll be getting a couple DVDs at Best Buy as well. Never should’ve bought that bare-bones Mr & Mrs Smith DVD.. Power Rangers Mystic Force, Volume 1: Broken Spell is also out that week, but it isn’t in their ads. Best Buy will have it for the usual $18.99 (ugh), while Circuit City is claiming $17.99. I just hope Toys R Us has it in their ad again (they usually have it cheaper — it was $15 each for SPD Vol 4 & 5).. πŸ™‚

I awoke in the morning and watched the usual morning TV. Blah. My dad went off and spent a couple more bucks for some basic food. He gets his check tomorrow. I helped him check his T-Mobile balance on the website since it doesn’t say it on his ancient phone. Then we went off and I stayed online. It reached 1PM and my dad still wasn’t back. So I watched the first two episodes of the TMNT Vol 21 DVD (impressive how these two episodes fit together so well.. even though they’re a season apart). My dad returned then and we watched Passions (pretty good again.. ‘cept the plotholes.. and I read up some spoilers online so I already know who the monk is 😦 ). Then I watched two more DVD episodes of Night Stalker (awesome.. can’t wait to see the conclusion to that two-parter that ABC refused to complete).

When that was over, I returned to my room and got online to news-gather. We had some supper, then I finished up online at about 7PM. I took the time up to 8PM to write some more of The Prisoner. Since this part takes place in Colorado, I made a brief cameo of some characters from Truth Seekers. Very brief. Not even important to the story. But I thought it would be cool to do so nonetheless. :p .. At 8PM, we watched the new hour of Blue Collar TV (lol), Deal Or No Deal (lol I wanted to see this one), and Gameshow Marathon ( *drools a bit @ the TPIR beauties in schoolgirl outfits jumping on a trampoline* >_> ). Once all that was over, I returned to my room for the night.

I try my best to stay positive, to keep happy in the face of near-neverending depressing events. It’s very difficult. My dad hit a major blow into my shell when he revealed to me that this dialysis he’s doing two times a week may have to be done for the rest of his life. And that he may only live from one to five more years… *sigh*

[ Don’t Rely On ‘Experts’ To Fight The New World Order ]
[ New CIA Boss Plans Massive Citizen Spying ]
[ US Supreme Court Rules Against Govt Whistleblowers ]
[ Pesticide Industry Plotted Bush Human Testing Policy ]
[ Bush Shows No True Contrition Over Mistakes ]
[ Bush Orders More Troops Into Iraq Cauldron ]
[ Haditha Massacre – Product Of A Phony, Failed War ]
[ Countless US My Lai Massacres in Iraq ]
[ US Troops Kill Two More Iraqi Women – One Pregnant ]
[ 6 Yr Old Girl Charged With Felony For Kicking ]
[ Dutch Pedophile Political Party Wants Legal Sex Age Of 12 ]


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May 30, 2006

I have a feeling that the October 3rd release date for Lost: The Complete Second Season on DVD could be incorrect. First, there’s talk that Lost‘s third season will begin on October 4th (the next day!). The latest installment of the official podcast even claims a late September start (with six episodes, then a long break until February, when the rest of Season 3 will begin). And now the insert included with today’s DVD release of Night Stalker: The Complete Series advertises a “September 2006” release. It was originally announced for September 5th before being changed to October 3rd. Get it straight, Buena Vista! Sheesh..

SciFi Channel has released its July airing schedule. The two Stargate series return with new seasons on July 14th, Eureka premieres with a two-hour installment on July 18th, and Stan Lee’s Who Wants To Be A Superhero debuts on July 27th. Night Stalker (the DVD I purchased today) will run all ten episodes of its series on SciFi (including the four unaired episodes) beginning Friday July 28th at 8PM ET. Also, Showtime’s Dead Like Me will begin airing on July 18th, with two back-to-back episodes every week. Yay. I’ll finally have a chance to see this. πŸ™‚

FOX has scheduled a re-airing of 24‘s fifth season, which just ended. Two back-to-back hours will air every Friday night starting June 16th at 8PM ET. But I predict it’ll probably get low ratings and they cut it short. :p ..Celebrity Deathmatch is returning to television with an all new season. It will open a new animation block on MTV2, June 10th at 12PM ET..

NBC has picked up Passions for an eighth season. Yay.

I woke up, watched some morning TV, then went out to media buy…

Since I have so little left, I only stopped by Best Buy to check out how well stocked the four DVD releases I plan to purchase before price-matching Circuit City’s price on Night Stalker: The Complete Series. The others will have to wait until Friday.. I also paid for some more gas and some milk. And now I’m broke.. until Friday.. We returned home, watched some more TV, then I got online to inventory the new DVD. *rolls eyes @ Disney putting this release in a standard two-disc DVD case with those damn clasps that I’ll have to reopen every day* 😐 I also started work on a new MP3 Share entry.

I got offline in time for Passions (*rolls eyes @ Fancy’s injury that doesn’t make any sense.. and Beth’s getaway.. and Theresa losing again*), then watched the first two DVD episodes of Night Stalker (awesome) and DVD episodes 19 & 20 of Full Metal Alchemist (also awesome). My dad left for another hospital appointment rather early into those DVDs. Once those were done, I wrote some more. I finally got past the writer’s block.. I got online to news-gather next. I also finished the MP3 Share and posted it earlier than expected. Then my dad returned all angry again. Mostly because we don’t have much food or money at the moment. I got offline close to 9PM, then we watched According To Jim (pretty good), Less Than Perfect (rofl) and Pepper Dennis (awesome *sighs @ this being canceled already*). Once that was over, I returned to my room for the night.

Phew, three entries in one day for the first time in quite a while. I was going to hold back a day on the MP3 Share, but I wanted it out there, so yeah.. See ya.

[ Harvard Grad Warns Of ‘Hell On Earth’ Planned By NWO ]
[ Chomsky – Why It’s Over For America ]
[ Expatriation – I’m Outta Here! ]
[ Is The Bush Regime A Sponsor Of State Terrorism? ]
[ Cindy Sheehan – ‘Stop This Bullshit War For Profit’ ]
[ US National Debt Increasing By $2.43 Billion Daily ]
[ US Soldiers Must Now Buy Own Uniforms ]
[ – Join The Fight For Internet Freedom ]
[ One In Three Americans Now Have Diabetes ]

MP3 Share #16: Best of Anti-Bush & Anti-War

May 30, 2006

If you are against Bush and his false war, enjoy these tracks. If not, learn a lesson or two about how evil this dictator really is…

Pink feat. Indigo Girls – Dear Mr. President – 4:33 – LyricsSendSpace / RapidShare
When I heard Pink had an anti-bush track on her new album, I was expecting something more upbeat, but that doesn’t mean this isn’t awesome. It is the first one presented here after all. :p

Paris – What Would You Do? (Long Version) – 6:02 – LyricsSendSpace / RapidShare
This is an awesome anti-bush rap anthem. It’s my favorite of all of these.. even though it’s listed second..

Neil Young – Let’s Impeach The President – 5:10 — SendSpace / RapidShare
I like this one somewhat, and it fits the theme.. so here it is..

Dixie Chicks – Not Ready To Make Nice – 3:52 — SendSpace / RapidShare
This track is all about the anti-bush comment made a while back and all the backlash that came from it.

Allen Watty – Hurricane Song – 7:06 — SendSpace / RapidShare
This one doesn’t fit the theme that well, but it’s about the lack of help arriving after Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans.. which was sorta Bush’s fault..

Enjoy. My RapidShare folder also still includes the Mystic Force themes & Ron Wasserman compilation zip files, for anyone interested in those..

Simple Plan – Jump

May 30, 2006

I don’t wanna wake up today
‘Cuz every day’s the same
And I’ve been waiting so long
For things to change

I’m sick of this town, sick of my job
Sick of my friends ’cause everyone’s jaded
Sick of this place, I wanna break free
I’m so frustrated
I just wanna jump (jump)

Don’t wanna think about tomorrow (jump)
I just don’t care tonight
I just wanna jump (jump)
Don’t wanna think about my sorrow
Let’s go, whoa
Forget your problems
I just wanna jump

I don’t wanna wake up one day
And find out it’s too late
To do all the things I wanna do
So I’m gonna pack up my bags
I’m never coming back
‘Cuz the years are passing by
And I’m wasting all my t-t-time

I’m sick of this house, sick of being broke,
Sick of this town that’s bringing me down
I’m sick of this place, I wanna break free,
I’m so frustrated
I just wanna jump (jump)

Don’t wanna think about tomorrow (jump)
I just don’t care tonight
I just wanna jump (jump)
Don’t wanna think about my sorrow
Let’s go, whoa
Forget your problems
I just wanna jump
I just wanna jump

I can’t take it anymore
I can’t take it anymore
I can’t take it anymore

Forget tomorrow
I just wanna jump (jump)

Don’t wanna think about tomorrow (jump)
I just don’t care tonight
I just wanna jump (jump)
Don’t wanna think about my sorrow
Let’s go, whoa
Forget your problems
Time to let them go
Forget tomorrow
I just wanna jump (jump)
I just wanna jump (jump)
I just wanna jump (jump)
I just wanna jump

chappelle lost dvd / spidey 3 filming / 4400 recap / today

May 29, 2006

Comedy Central is releasing the final three episodes of Chappelle’s Show, which were the beginnings of Season 3, on DVD July 25th. And I bet the retail price TVShowsOnDVD uncovered isn’t a mistake, despite the DVD’s 68-minute runtime. This is most likely their last chance to rake in the money off him, so they’re taking advantage. But I’m pretty sure it’ll be under $20 in stores for week of release anyway..

AintItCoolNews has some cool shots of Spider-Man 3 filming in New York City, including Topher Grace as Eddie Brock and a tiny look at the black Spidey suit. Check ’em out. πŸ™‚

For those wanting to catch USA’s The 4400: Unlocking The Secrets recap special next Sunday night before the two-hour third season premiere on June 11th, here’s a surprise. NBC (who owns USA) has scheduled to air the special a day early, this coming Saturday at 9PM ET.

I awoke, got online for a bit, had some breakfast, then fell back to sleep watching the usual morning TV> When I awoke, we watched last week’s Pepper Dennis (I’m really starting to get into this show from some of the people behind Roswell.. but it’s already been canceled). I got back online until Passions started (yay 4 Theresa.. even though it looks like everything will be pulled away from her –for now– tomorrow.. lol @ Beth somehow getting through the sealed ceiling within seconds in order to hide). Once that ended, I watched the final two DVD episodes of The 4400: Season 2. These were awesome. The three featurettes were pretty cool too. One discusses the success of the miniseries (season one), another discusses season two, and the last is about the realities of time travel. πŸ™‚

After all that, I didn’t have time to watch anything else and returned to my room to news-gather a bit early. We had some supper, then I didn’t get offline until nearly 8:30. There’s nothing new on TV tonight, so I just listened the Lost post-season finale official podcast (ooh @ the very little new info.. I’ve collected all 21 of them on a CD but haven’t listened to quite a few of them). I got online for a bit, then watched some TV. I returned to my room at about 10:30 because I could no longer stand my dad’s endless bitching about his lack of money lately. We’re running low on just about everything, and even when we get more money at the end of the week, most of it will be gone within that first week. And the rest must stretch for the whole month. -_- I’m so sick of all this. See ya.

[ Bush Planted Fake News Stories On US TV ]
[ Bush Delusional As US Debt Load Buries America ]
[ Bush Worshippers Are The True Un-Americans ]
[ Wooldridge – The United States Is Going To Die ]
[ Rayburn Building False Alarm Provides Martial Law Drill ]
[ Fake Soldier Confession Video Covers Real Slaughter ]
[ Germans Should Stop Feeling Holocaust Guilt – Iran ]
[ Tucson Puts RFID Tags On 12,000 Bus-Riding Students ]
[ Bacteria Discovered That Turns Water Into Hydrogen ]
[ Scientists Ponder The Possibility Of Invisibility ]
[ AOL Tops List Of 25 Worst Tech Products In History ]

“I’m sick of this house, sick of being broke, sick of this town that’s bringing me down. I’m sick of this place, I wanna break free. I’m so frustrated. I just wanna jump.” — Simple Plan – Jump

Sunday 05.28.2006 — NASCAR & Indy 500 *megayawn*

May 28, 2006

I awoke 15 minutes before the 7AM alarm.. but my dad had already taken over the TV. Damnit. He watched the pre-race news coverage crap (which is pretty stupid when the race itself is pre-empted locally until tonight). So I was incredibly bored for the most part.. until he went out to pick up a few things a couple hours later. I took over and watched Samurai 7 (I slept all the way through it.. so I had to start the episode over.. it’s about time it got interesting πŸ™‚ ), Eureka 7 (lol great episode.. so want to start collecting the DVDs already) and one more DVD episode of The 4400: Season 2 (I liked the lockdown story a bit more the second time around.. last two episodes up for tomorrow). I then returned the TV to the pre-race crap and.. now I’m here.

Can’t believe someone on #power-rangers was able to actually make an encode of the new Power Rangers Mystic Force episode off that site. I was planning to wait until its TV debut whether the site worked for me or not though. The title has me worried after seeing some bits of the sentai series, so I’m in no hurry to see that. But now I must dodge spoilers for a whole damn week. Thanks so much, Jetix! 😑

After some time online, I watched all of 10.5: Apocalypse on my bedroom DVR. Might as well since I saw the first miniseries as well. lol, it was so cheesy. *rides down elevator just fine* *doors open to earthquakage* -_- Man, there were a lot of commercials. It was like every ten minutes. O_o I finally finished it.. but now have a whole night of nothing to watch or do. *sigh* Can’t exactly write some more, because I’ve hit a writer’s block with The Prisoner for the moment. And my dad really wants to watch the damn NASCAR race that’s just starting. Ugh. It’s going to be a long night..

And so it was. I just watched my dad watch his NASCAR race while also checking out the Indy 500 during commercials. NASCAR has some fuuunnny commercials though. I was lightly rooting for Jeff Gordon, like I used to a long time ago.. I was thinking about watching something after the race was over, but it ended too late. Ah well.. And now I’m back in my room. So bored.. and -ing..

K, See ya.

[ Bush – The Iraq War Is ‘Only The Beginning’ ]
[ Bush Holds More Than 60 Children At Gitmo – Report ]
[ People Have Had It With AIPAC’s Control Of America ]
[ Zionist Neocon Manifesto – Directing The Age Of Tyranny ]
[ Communist Agenda To Destroy American Culture, Morality ]
[ Gonzales Wants Telecoms To Track Our Internet Use ]
[ Photos Indicate Marines Killed Iraqi Civilians Execution-Style ]
[ Illegal Alien Accused Raping, Impregnating 10 Yr Old ]
[ One Of Every 4 UK Adults Downloaded Porn In 2005 ]

Saturday 05.27.2006 — Indy 500 parade.. *yawn*

May 27, 2006

The Jetix Video Player now has the upcoming June 5th episode of Power Rangers Mystic Force — 1613: “Scaredy Cat”. Since my computer is a piece of crap, it just “performs an illegal operation and must be shut down”. Then it froze when I tried again.. I hear only the USA can view the episode though. 😦

I stayed up online for a bit. And before I knew it, it was now. Crap. I gotta get to sleep. *runs off*

I awoke to the alarm at 7AM. Then fell back to sleep for about 90 minutes. I finally awoke and watched 4KidsTV a bit, looking for TMNT shorts. They didn’t air any this morning, as far I saw. Grrr. I also watched Best Week Ever (lol) and The Soup (lol) during. My dad got lucky and was able to go to his hospital appointment quite early. Once 4KidsTV was over, I watched two more DVD episodes of The 4400: Season 2. It’s really getting good now. But now there’s only three more episodes left. 😦 So can’t wait for Season 3 next month on USA..

I got online for quite awhile, then watched lots of miscellaneous crap on TV while going in and out of sleep and playing with the cat. My dad soon returned. We found and watched most of White Chicks (glad I passed on that DVD). Then we had some supper and watched Funniest Videos (lol) and the Indy 500 Festival Parade (*megayawn*). But once my dad saw Danica Patrick, he was content. So I took over and watched Zatch Bell (awesome), Naruto (awesomer) and BoBoBo-Bo Bo-BoBo (lol). Now I’m watching MadTV. It looks like a rerun, but it’s new to me.. so.. k..

See ya.

[ Upcoming American Holocaust – Is This America’s Last Memorial Day? ]
[ Iran Says Ready To Retaliate Against Any US Strike ]
[ Turn 911 Rubble Into A Killing Machine? Hello? ]
[ White House Compares Illegal Immigration To Speeding… ]
[ Immigration Bill Is Even Worse Than You Think ]
[ Company Pushes RFID Implants For Immigrants ]
[ India Way Ahead Of US In Fluoride Awareness ]
[ Global Warming – Don’t Ignore ‘An Inconvenient Truth’ ]
[ More Amazing Dubya Quotes ]

blade runner / scary movie 4 / full metal to funi / nbc fall resched / today

May 26, 2006

TheDigitalBits has details on the money-raking release strategy for Blade Runner: The Final Cut. First, a remastered version of the 1992 Director’s Cut will be released on DVD in September 2006, then placed into moratorium after four months. And then, the Final Cut will have a limited 25th anniversary theatrical run in 2007 before being released within a Special Edition DVD multi-disc set including all four cuts of the film (1982 Domestic Cut, 1982 International Cut, 1992 Director’s Cut, 2007 Final Cut). Ack.. Is this movie any good? I’ve never seen it. :p

DavisDVD has final DVD specs for the August 15th release of Scary Movie 4: Unrated & Uncensored. The new 91-minute version will be available in both widescreen and full screen, while the 84-minute theatrical cut will be available in full screen only..

FUNimation has captured the license to release Full Metal Panic: The Second Raid in the USA. The first volume is scheduled for release on October 3rd. Crap. I hope they at least get the same voice actors as ADV Films did for the first two seasons.. and don’t edit it like FUNi just loves to do. I’ve heard this series is more intense than the previous two, so I’m worried. Click here for the press release.. Maybe they got confused and thought it was another season of Full Metal Alchemist..? They’re wrapping up that series on DVD just a week before this. :p

It’s been what, a week since NBC announced their fall TV schedule..? Well, now they’re changing it already. They’ve moved some shows around. Also, Crossing Jordan‘s season premiere has been pushed up to fall, while Medium will now fall back to a mid-season start with Scrubs. *sigh* Click here for the press release with all the details..

I woke up later than expected in the morning, watched the usual morning TV and had some breakfast. I also wrote some more. πŸ™‚ Then I got online up until Passions started (it was pretty good.. even though the current Ethan actor leaving the show for a bit due to maternity leave brought me out of the story a bit.. hope he gets back before the huge revelation damnit). Once that was over, we went out to a few places. I had to get more Pepsi. So now I may have to only get one DVD release on Tuesday and the rest Friday (new check). *sigh*

We returned and watched two more DVD episodes of The 4400: Season 2 (seeing these again is starting to make me see what’s coming in Season 3). Then I got online to news-gather. We eventually had some supper, and I finished up online at about 7PM. I wrote some more for awhile, then watched / taped Avatar: The Last Airbender as it aired for once (awesome.. I even liked the humor.. even though it may have gone a bit overboard again). After that, we just watched Twins (blah) and a Close To Home repeat we never saw (pretty good). I soon returned to my room for the night..

It was hard to ignore my dad’s neverending bitching about money today. And now it sounds like he’s just going to ignore the cable bill completely next month. Gawdamnit. Then what will I be giving up $50 for next week? 😑 ..See ya..

[ Top 10 Signs Of The Impending US Police State ]
[ Is America Already Dead? ]
[ National Impeachment Movement Ignored By Corp. Media ]
[ Bush Smirked After ‘Admitting Mistakes’ ]
[ Tony Blair Will Make UK Look Like It Lost To The Nazis ]
[ Saddam No More Guilty Than US Politicians ]
[ Lay Convicted, Bush Walks ]
[ Autopsies Show No Arabs On Flight 77 ]
[ Business As Usual – 911 And The Fall Of America ]
[ Mass Amnesty And The End Of America ]
[ Strange Rectangular UFO Captured On Film ]

jetix summer press / tmnt unaired & lost / lost s3 / fma movie extras / wwe scifi / today

May 25, 2006

Animation Insider has posted a press release concerning the Jetix Big Blockbuster Summer promotion. Beware though, there’s one Power Rangers Mystic Force spoiler within. :p

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series producer Lloyd Goldfine sent a statement for posting on the Official TMNT Website concerning the unaired episode “Insane In The Membrane”. It was in fact deemed unsuitable for air by Fox BS&P. BS is right..

“The final edited and mixed version of the notorious ‘Insane in the Membrane’ was deemed unsuitable for air by Fox Broadcast Standards and Practices. Apparently, in between the time the episode was written, storyboarded, animated and edited (all stages approved by Fox BS&P), and the time the show was mixed for air, there was a change of personnel in the Fox BS&P offices, and no one involved in the original approvals was still employed at Fox. Upon seeing the episode, they were said to be ‘horrified’ and that there was no way they could air the episode. I’m not sure I disagree with them – had there been BS&P comments earlier in the process, we certainly would have handled the show differently. But as it was approved at every stage, we went full steam ahead. In the end, I was told it was bad judgment on my part… so there you have it. I believe this episode will eventually be available, but plans have not been finalized.”

Meanwhile, an insider named TheBoardman has revealed that the upcoming Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Lost Season DVD will be a two-disc set with six episodes on each. These episodes will continue from where last season’s finale, “The Ninja Tribunal”, left off. This season was scrapped to make a more kid-friendly season to help plug a new toyline. Ugh. The season, subtitled Fast Forward, will begin airing on 4KidsTV in September..

SciFi Wire has a new article revealing just a little of what to expect in the third season of Lost. Sooo can’t wait. πŸ™‚

RightStuf now has the special features to be included on September 26th’s standard and limited edition DVDs of Full Metal Alchemist: The Movie. I’ll probably get the limited edition. Damnit.. :/

World Wrestling Entertainment is coming to SciFi Channel. Will it be the next channel to become some lame “guy” channel like SpikeTV and G4? Stay tuned…

I awoke in the morning.. and got online for a bit. During which, I made a new LJ tag: poetry. Some of it isn’t posted anywhere else.. and they’re pretty old.. Before I knew it, it was already past 10AM. Ack. I watched some of the usual morning TV and had some breakfast. We watched the last SciFi Passions (I guess the ratings just weren’t there.. too bad I won’t be able to see those classic supernatural storylines again), then I finished writing the next chapter and began copying it to a text file. I only stopped to watch new Passions (pretty good once again) and two more DVD episodes of The 4400: Season 2 (great episodes.. some stuff makes more sense now after seeing all of Season 2 already).

My dad went off to another hospital appointment as I returned to my chapter copying of The Prisoner. It was close to 5PM when I finally got the whole thing copied and uploaded. Grr @ the damn site removing the indents and some punctuation again. 😦 ..I got some supper and got online to news-gather. I didn’t finish up online until almost 8PM. My dad returned from the hospital pretty close to 8:30, then we watched the Deal Or No Deal repeat on CNBC and the Supernatural pilot episode repeat on WB. I also fit in writing the start of the next Prisoner chapter. My dad got pissed when I turned on Whose Line at 10PM. He bitched about how his life sucks, called me a retard over something I have no control over, and went to sleep early. I enjoyed the hour of Whose Line, even though I had seen the latter episode before. lol @ the promos for Karate Dog (the dog talks and knows karate? the end is near) and Kyle XY (I might check this one out.. even though it looks like a very cheesy remake of John Doe). When that was over, I returned to my room for the night.

The neighbors upstairs had barely been here for a few months. Then they move out, stealing stuff from the outer hallways on their final late night visit. I only find it funny because most of the stuff taken was the druggie neighbor’s tools he kept in a outer hallway closet. It was now vulnerable for theft due to him hooking into our cable line in there and locking it up (my dad broke it open). So haha..

Enjoy The Prisoner Chapter 2.. and Chapter 1 if you haven’t checked that out yet. Just imagine the website didn’t steal the indents.. See ya.

[ Senate To Give Illegals Privileges US Citizens Don’t Have! ]
[ 911 – Controlling The Message Of Israeli Involvement ]
[ Just Talk To Iran – An Open Letter To President Bush ]
[ Another Zionist Neocon Attempt To Smear Iran Fails ]
[ Iran Offered Peace With Isreal – Rejected By Bush ]
[ Bush Tabs Wal-Mart Cheerleader Top Domestic Advisor ]
[ A Shockingly Eco-Friendly Plan – Can You Still Hate Wal-Mart? ]
[ Flawed WHO Surveillance Of H5N1 Human Transmission ]
[ Music Can Reduce Pain, Depression By Up To 25% ]

surface art / the batman & teen titans s2 dvd / vendetta egg / house s2 / today

May 24, 2006 now has some DVD cover art for the August 15th release of Surface: The Complete Series (yup, it’s not coming back). The art looks nice though. I might just pick it up.. also has the details for the September 26th releases of The Batman: The Complete Second Season and Teen Titans: The Complete Second Season. I personally can’t wait to pick up the latter release. I’ve been salivating for more Teen Titans since finishing the first season release. πŸ™‚ Don’t like the cover art all that much though. It just looks like the Season 1 art, but white instead. :/ has posted the back cover art for August 1st’s DVD release of V For Vendetta: Two-Disc Special Edition, revealing that Natalie Portman’s recent rap skit from Saturday Night Live will be included as an easter egg. Haha.. :p

House is enough of a success now to get single-sided discs for its second season DVD set. You lucky bastards. :p The Complete Second Season will include all 24 episodes and will be released on August 22nd. πŸ™‚

I awoke, watched the usual morning TV, and had some breakfast. Then we watched SciFi Passions (it was okay.. too bad tomorrow’s the last one since SciFi has pulled it) and Medium (pretty good season finale πŸ™‚ ).. After that, we went out to a few places. I returned Bloodrayne before ever opening it. Maybe I’ll wait for it to get very cheap before buying it now.. Then we went to a food handout place and I went to Kroger for some more groceries. We returned home and watched new Passions (lol @ Gwen freaking out.. can’t wait for her secret to be revealed). By then, I called it too late to watch anything else, wrote some more (I may be close to finishing the next chapter), and got online a bit early to news-gather.

We eventually had a rather good supper, then I finished up online at about 7PM. Then I watched two more DVD episodes of The 4400: Season 2 (great episodes) and eventually the Lost two-hour season finale (omfgsoawesomecantwaitfordvd). Once all that was over, I returned to my room for the night..

See ya.

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