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Monday 05.31.2010 — wow, it’s a weekend / weekday hybrid!

May 31, 2010

I awoke in the morning to my dad not going to dialysis. Yesterday, he said he wasn’t going due to the pain in the area where he had his surgery, so I contacted the only person I know who could help — his sister. After that, he said he was going. But of course, he didn’t go. Ugh.. I fell asleep for a few hours, then soon holed myself up in my room for a few more. By then, it was already nearing afternoon. I took over the TV again and watched the first four episodes of X-Men: Volume 4 (I really want to get this series over with, so here we go :p ..I found it difficult to pay attention to it at times, but it was okay).

After that, I got onto ModNation Racers for the rest of the afternoon. I downloaded a bunch of new creations, hung out in ModSpot, and did some races (of course). Some of the races were only to collect tokens though. It was sorta funny going through the tracks all slow, looking for them :p You collect five tokens in each career track and can use them to buy randomly-selected items for your creations. It’s how I got the Cosmo body (that makes your kart resemble a rocket) and Pulse engine (not sure on that name, looks like a glowing purple crystal). Today, I downloaded a Aang mod and its matching Appa kart. I couldn’t believe it when the latter had a beating heart for an engine. Wow. O_O

Click here to check out my ModNation Racers online stats and lame little creations that I’ve published. :p ..I was doing one more race before shutting off the PS3 for the day (and doing reasonably well.. for once) before a power brownout momentarily shut off every damn thing in the house. Ugh. So I got the PS3 back in working order and shut it off, then had to set up the computer all over again. However, I.. haven’t really rebooted the thing in quite a while so it worked somewhat better afterward. Yay? ..I got online to news-gather, then we had some supper.

There was nothing at all on TV tonight, and even moreso because my dad had to watch the Indy 500 Victory Banquet. Yes, nothing more great than watching all the drivers accept their monies. -_- I got online for the rest of the night instead. It gave me the time to finally watch History of Power Rangers: in Space. I got all emotional again, and these were only clips this time. :p This really made me want to watch PRiS again, or at least more Rangers. But there’s no time. I must finish X-Men and watch True Blood: Season 2 before Season 3 starts before I can finally watch.. Power Rangers Ninja Storm. Blargh. But I’m going through the seasons in order, so that’s how it has to be. :/

And that was it for another day.. Say yuh!

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[ Partial Confirmation Schlumberger Left Before Blowout ]
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[ Turkey Vents Fury At Israeli Armed Action ]
[ Bungled Israeli Assault Draws World Outrage ]
[ Turkey To Send New Flotilla – Defended By The Turkish Navy ]
[ Makow – Again, Zionists Setting Up Jews For ‘Holocaust’ ]
[ Blacks Call For Extermination Of All SA Whites ]


Sunday 05.30.2010 —

May 30, 2010

Last night (after the entry), I watched Red Dead Redemption (the machinima “movie” special.. not that bad, I guess.. but mainly one long promo for the game :p ).. and not long after that, I got onto ModNation Racers.. all damn night. I did a little bit of everything again, then finally shut it off at about.. 5AM or so.. I awoke shortly after 9AM, looked through the morning newspaper for Tuesday’s ads, and had some breakfast.

I then watched Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood (very good episode), Kekkaishi (it almost lost me at the start, too stupid.. but there’s something about it I liked.. will watch again next week 🙂 ) and Doctor Who (wow, a bit unexpected there.. great episode). And soon after that, I played some more ModNation Racers. Yup. I can’t stop. I worked on my work-in-progress alien mod & kart (Krill.. google it.. or click here :p ), then took it out for some races.

But during that, the cable internet disconnected. I thought it was just the modem acting up again. But once I shut it off, I noticed the cable TV wasn’t working either. Uuuugh. . Due to all my TV domination, my dad went to bed and listened to this Indy 500 race or whatever ( :p ). And so when I told him about it, he didn’t care. After all, His NASCAR race wasn’t on until tonight. And the Indianapolis 500 that takes place right here in town in blacked out from airing until tonight. :/

My dad eventually woke up and called them though. They told him the entire area was out and that they were working on it. Oh. My dad eventually headed back to bed.. and the cable soon returned. And then I returned to ModNation Racers. Yay. Someone on my PSN friends list finally got the game. 🙂 But I didn’t have much longer to stay online. I shut off the PS3 by 5PM so my dad could watch his NASCAR race. Then I got online. And again, I wasted the whole night away online. Argh. :/

Well.. see ya.

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Saturday 05.29.2010 — nothing, literally.. ‘cept the bottom links.

May 29, 2010

My dad was up at 5AM, so I ended up waking up at 5AM. I got online to finish up the previous entry, then.. eventually fell asleep again. I awoke and got online, then we had some breakfast.. but I eventually fell asleep again. My dad headed off to the pantry to get some free food since we were lacking. He didn’t get all that many good things like usual though. He claimed the guy in charge was drunk and that you could smell it on him. Wow. :p

My dad then went to bed a few times while I watched Party Down (lol, good episode), Gravity (also good) and then Dr Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog on Blu-ray. Loved it all over again. :p I took a look at the special features (nice), then played Commentary! The Musical as well. Haha. :p

My dad awoke again and I wasn’t really in the mood to watch any other movie right now. And he would just fall asleep anyway, like always. So I just got online.. for pretty much the rest of the day really.. We had a rather lame supper, then I returned online.. And yeah. That’s about it. :/

…See ya?

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[ N Korea Warns It Will Respond With ‘All Out War’ ]
[ Nintendo To Investigate Foxconn Deaths ]
[ Bill Gates Funds Secret Vaccine Nanotech ]
[ Spying On The Public Via Cell Phone ]

star wars the clone wars s2 dvd blu / bay for tmnt / green lantern cn / apocalypse / today

May 27, 2010

Lucasfilm have announced the October 26th DVD & Blu-ray releases of Star Wars: The Clone Wars – The Complete Season Two. Unlike the first season, this will feature no director’s cut episodes and only four episodic featurettes (compared to a featurette for every single Season 1 episode). But like last season, it will be packaged in a digibook with a 64-page production journal and the Blu-ray exclusive “The Jedi Temple Archives”. Disappointed by the differences, but I really liked this season and cannot wait to add the Blu-ray to my collection. Great cover art, by the way. 🙂

Michael Bay has been selected by Paramount and Nickelodeon to produce the upcoming Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles live-action reboot feature film… Oh boy. But then again, it could be good, right? ..Right? I had my doubts when they chose M. Night Shyamalan to direct The Last Airbender, but trailers have looked great so far.. *shrug*

If there’s a superhero movie on the way, there’s usually an animated series in the works as well. Wolverine And The X-Men & X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Batman Begins & The Batman Iron Man & Iron Man: Armored Adventures. Well, now here’s another one. The Green Lantern feature film is set for theatrical release on June 17th 2011, and of course Cartoon Network is already planning a Green Lantern: The Animated Series to possibly start as soon as the following fall season. Neat. 🙂

The back cover art for the DVD & Blu-ray release of Batman: Under The Red Hood has already revealed the title of the next DC Universe Animated Original Movie — Superman / Batman: Apocalypse. 🙂

I awoke in the morning, got online for about an hour or so to finish the previous entry.. then went to the living room.. and fell asleep all morning. My dad finally woke me up after 1PM with the words “Are you going to sleep all day?”. Ha. I guess I needed to get the hours of sleep that I lost the other night. :p After some time, we headed out to some stores again. Don’t have all that much money left at all now. :/ I bought the milk since my dad couldn’t, and got some Code Red & Dr Pepper Cherry too.

We returned home and almost immediately.. I got onto PlayStation Home. There, I bought the new trench coat (sweet) and the personal Yoda fountain (been wanting that since it showed up in Central Plaza).. and then I checked out the new ModNation Racers space. Very nice. I’m horrible at the minigame though. My highest score is maybe 6700, but you need over 40000 to get the reward. Damn.

After that, I moved on to ModNation Racers and played that for some hours. I played a couple career races, then some online XP races, then made another mod. I really wish those alien eyes would unlock for me. :p Unlike LittleBigPlanet, you can download characters, karts & tracks from the community. If you download one that features paid DLC items that you didn’t buy, you can still use it but just can’t edit. Glad for that. I really wanted that pre-order DLC golf kart. :p I finally turned it off at 7PM (after some bitching from my dad). He watched his news and we had our supper. I got online to news-gather.

In primetime, there wasn’t all that much on again. And not really any movies both of us would like waiting to be watched on disc. So we watched a How I Met Your Mother rerun before putting in the Netflix PS3 Instant Streaming Disc and ended up watching Fletch. Not bad.. for an old movie. :p And.. that was pretty much it actually..

See ya.

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[ Satellite Collision Could Destroy Earth Communications ]
[ President Eisenhower Told Aliens Are On Earth – Rep. McElroy ]

conan writers special / today

May 26, 2010

TBS has scheduled a.. Conan-esque comedy special to be filmed on June 17th during TBS’ comedy festival and then it will air on the network June 27th. The special, titled Team Coco Present Conan’s Writers Live, will feature Conan sidekick Andy Richter and.. well, Conan’s writers. :p But Conan will not appear. This should be interesting. 🙂

So I stayed up late and played some ModNation Racers. Pretty cool game. Can’t believe the detail in some of these community mods. I even found some Power Rangers as well. Of course they’re mainly the original team, with the most being Green Ranger. But there is also Time Force Red, Mystic Force Green.. and a rather impressive Masked Rider. Here’s some pictures of those. You can also check out these and other Mods on the game’s website. My dad woke up and then fell asleep next me on the couch. Ugh. :p And I eventually to sleep myself.. at around 3:30AM or so..

I awoke in the morning and pretty much immediately watched the season’s last episodes of Chuck (wow, great episodes.. after they brought up something, I knew it would come back later.. just didn’t expect it that soon :p ..cannot wait for Season 4.. and Season 3 on Blu of course 🙂 ). I got online for a bit, then played some more ModNation Racers. I like the ModSpot online lobby. Voice chat and text chat, unlike Home. Not so much liking how the game goes on and offline at random though. It’s happened a few times today.

My dad returned home and soon demanded some morning TV.. and so that’s what we watched. And then I returned to ModNation Racers. It’s difficult to get into an online XP race. You need at least four players to start the race, so you have to wait and wait until there are four. Players keep coming in and impatiently going out. Ugh. :p I took a break from the game to watch the final two episodes of Legend of the Seeker (wow, great finale to the series.. though the very last scene sure tested my gag reflex, ack :p).

And then guess what? …I returned to ModNation Racers. Like with LittleBigPlanet, there’s three tiers of items to unlock with every single player level. The first one usually just asks you to be in the top 3 at the end of the race, while others ask you to complete various objectives.. and land in 1st place as well. That part is so difficult for me. I was lucky to win one race today. Heh. Those online XP races are also more difficult since no one on my PSN friends list appears to have the game yet. :/

My dad soon awoke from his nap and eventually made some supper. And then I got online to news-gather.. In primetime, there was.. nothing on at all. So I let my dad watched that reality crap called Undercover Boss (eh.. slightly better than expected I guess), then we watched my next Netflix selection that just happened to come in today — It’s Complicated. lol. It took a little while to get me interested, but we both liked it. It was pretty funny stuff. 🙂

And that’s was pretty much it. I returned to my room for the night.. and got a laugh out of Twitter spoiling the winner of American Idol. As in the number one trending topic actually being “________ won American Idol”. lol. Even though I hate the show, I don’t want to spread the spoiler. Ain’t I nice? :p ..In this case anyway..

Well, see ya.

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[ Working Doctor, 100, Has Delivered 18,000 Babies ]
[ Scientist ‘Infected’ With Computer Virus ]
[ Von Braun – Illuminati Plan For ET Deception ]
[ 8 Cops Nab Grandpa For Drunk-Driving On 4mph Scooter ]

smallville s9 dvd art / media / today

May 25, 2010

KryptonSite has scored a scoop in the form of DVD cover art for the upcoming release of Smallville: The Complete Ninth Season. Cover art looks awesome. Cannot wait to own and watch it all over again this fall. 🙂 The official release date has yet to be revealed though.

I awoke pretty early in the morning (before 6AM) and got online to finish the previous entry after prematurely falling asleep again. Damnit.. My dad left early on a visit to the grocery store. I took over the TV and watched the final two episodes of 10 Things I Hate About You (i can name more things that I hate about ABC Family for canceling this and many other shows.. good episodes though, particularly the cheerleader bikini car wash complete with a water fight.. now that’s what I call a great season finale :p).

My dad returned and we watched some morning TV before I returned online. I fell asleep for a little while, then eventually took over the TV again. While I waited for forever for UPS, my dad and I watched Til Death (lol.. series finale.. yet there’s still a few episode left to air :/ ), House (awesome finale.. even it being more interesting than usual didn’t stop my dad from falling asleep.. he sure woke up during that final scene though :p) and The Good Guys (wow, lots of action.. we both really liked it, too bad the wait is a little long before episode 2 😦 ). I then found some on demand stuff to take up my time. But finally, UPS arrived with ModNation Racers a little before 4PM. Argh. As soon as that was over, I headed out to media buy..

First, I headed to Target and picked up True Blood: Season 2 with their exclusive Paley Festival Cast Q&A bonus disc. By they time I had gotten there, they had plenty of DVDs, but only one more Blu-ray on the shelf. And no way was I getting that wit h the spider security device attached that really screws up the packaging. Ugh. I wanted it on DVD anyway.

I moved on to Best Buy and picked up Dr Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog Blu-ray (with Best Buy exclusive mini comic book glued to the back), FullMetal Alchemist: Brotherhood – Part One DVD set (yeah I got it.. damnit.. because I’ll most likely not watch it for months, until I have the complete series), and the very last bottle of Tru Blood ($3.99 for a 14oz bottle, phew.. heavy glass one too.. more expensive online.. wanted to get two though, so I could at least drink one.. damn).

I got my icee and we finally returned home. I installed ModNation Racers as he watched his news, then managed to play a little while my dad was making supper. A 3.2GB install. Grrrrr. Had to delete some game data now just to put this in. I had already gotten rid of all the music and video that I had transferred to it. I played one race (the tutorial) then created my first mod.. and got two trophies already. :p Didn’t have enough time to get it online though. Perhaps tomorrow. :/

We had some supper, then I got online to news-gather. There wasn’t much on tonight, so I stayed online an extra hour, then I watched Glee live for like the first time ever (either torrent or DVR before). Very good episode. My dad didn’t pay attention to it much, then came back near the end and made a big deal about how good singers they were. :p

Well.. that’s about it. I got online early to finish this entry early. Maybe I could get some video gaming time in late tonight.. before I fall asleep in front of it. :p See ya.

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[ US-S Korea Naval Exercise To Pressure North ]
[ ‘Iran Was Not What We Had Thought’ ]
[ 63% Favor Repeal Of National Health Care Plan ]
[ 24 Miles Of Louisiana Is Destroyed – Everything Is Dead ]
[ White House – Undoubtedly The Worst Oil Disaster Ever For US ]
[ Gulf States Prepare To Seize Control Of Botched Clean Up ]
[ Video: Chemtrails – What In The World Are They Spraying? ]
[ Hubble Discovers Planet Being Consumed By Star ]
[ Satanic Cult Teens ‘Sacrificed’ Victims, Ate Them ]

glee season three / today

May 24, 2010

Entertainment Weekly reports that FOX’s hit series Glee has been picked up for a third season. Impressive… The first season will conclude on June 8th. :p

I awoke and got online. And then I soon watched The Boondocks (lol, definitely a favorite) and Legend of the Seeker (another down, still two to go.. I’m going to miss this show 😦 ..especially after this episode with scantily clad Kara, mm). My dad returned home from dialysis and we watched the usual Ellen before I got online for a bit.

My dad headed to bed, then I got onto PlayStation Home for a bit. I watched The Simpsons (lol @ the chalkboard saying that Lost was all the dog’s dream and you should watch “us” instead :p ..getting SOOO fucking sick of hearing about American Idol everywhere though) and The Cleveland Show (they finally structure a series correctly.. and now the complete season will be on DVD, no expensive “volumes” like with the other two :/ ).

Next, I played some more GTA Ballad of Gay Tony (finally beat another mission or two.. but one of them is pretty tough.. don’t know how to fly a helicopter all that well :/ ). My dad awoke and we had some supper, then I got online to news-gather.. In primetime, we watched the season finales of How I Met Your Mother (not bad for a finale.. aw @ Barney), Rules of Engagement (lol), Two & A Half Men (rofl), The Big Bang Theory (lol.. wow @ the very last scene.. yet so brief 😦 ) and CSI Miami (cliffhanger’d! as expected.. I liked the “season finale cliffhanger”.. until every damn show started doing them :/ ).

And that’s about it. See ya.

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[ BP Faces Calls For Boycott Of Its US Products ]
[ US May Bar BP From Federal Contracts ]
[ Explosions And Sea Floor Collapse At Blowout? ]
[ Makow – Oil Spill An Illuminati Covert War On America ]
[ Oil Brings Death In Ocean From Top To Bottom ]
[ Hundreds Of Brown Pelicans Dead On Gulf Beaches ]
[ Cleaning Oil-Soaked Wetlands May Be Impossible ]
[ How To Save Environment – Get Gore Away From It ]
[ Britain Bans Doctor Who Linked Autism To Vaccine ]
[ Scientists Reveal Secrets Of Easter Island Statues ]
[ Environmentalists Fight To Keep Synthetic Life In Lab ]
[ Quantum Teleportation Over 10 Miles Of Free Space ]
[ Books In Home Boost Kids Education (This Was A Paid Study) ]

[ CSI NY Paints Conspiracy Researchers As ‘Terrorists’ ]

Sunday 05.23.2010 — 4 8 15 16 23 42

May 23, 2010

I awoke in the morning and got online very briefly. My dad eventually went out to get the newspaper and I looked through its ads for Tuesday.. I also watched Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood (now it’s really starting to get different, hooray.. liking it so far 🙂 ), Doctor Who (wow, very good episode.. and that ending! O_O ), Mercy (was holding off a bit on watching this due to it being the last episode of the series EVER! –really– but I finally watched, and I really liked it.. the somewhat cliffhanger endings came out of nowhere though.. I’ll miss this one 😦 ) and
Fringe (wow, very good finale.. I had a feeling everything was coming to a too-perfect conclusion.. then it didn’t, haha.. nice job 😉 ).

And after that, I finally got online for a little while. I watched some of the local baseball game with my dad while a DVD burned (gaining a lot of space now that TV seasons are over.. yay). And then I returned online. Pretty much all afternoon. And then it reached 5PM and we had some supper… But at 7PM, the Lost finale “event” began. I usually pass on the recap specials. But I heard this one would have interviews as well, and it was was the last one.. so I watched. They recapped while interviewing. Pretty neat.

lol @ the Target commercials tonight. The first one featured a guy typing “the numbers” into the computer and then the enter key wouldn’t work, so he began pounding the keyboard. Then a keyboard and a price pop up on screen. But I liked the one that aired during Jimmy Kimmel a lot more. The smoke monster comes out of the jungle and onto the beach. Smoke detector and price pop up. lol. :p

Anyway.. once the special was over, it was time for the big event — the Lost two-and-a-half-hour series finale. It seemed a little padded. Probably didn’t need the whole extra half hour. :p But all in all, I liked it.. My dad went to bed during the special, then awoke during the last half-hour, then went to sleep again. And woke up again and we watched most of Jimmy Kimmel Live: Aloha To Lost. The “three alternate endings” that were heavily promoted as being shown during this special were nothing more than jokes as part of a sketch. The Lost cast pretty much just does scenes from the series finales of Survivor (ugh), Sopranos and Bob Newhart. False advertisement. And what a huge sausage fest. Emilie de Ravin was the only female cast member to show up for the interview (though she is my favorite). :p

Jimmy Kimmel also revealed the package art for Lost: The Complete Sixth Season and Lost: The Complete Series on DVD & Blu-ray August 24th. I’m still not sure which one I’m going to get on Blu. Hope I can afford the series set, but since it’s coming later in the month.. Argh.. Hope to get a better look at these packagings tomorrow on some sites.

See ya.

[ Obama Wins Right To Detain People Without Habeas Review ]
[ Coca-Cola’s Murderous Record Of Anti-Union Activity In Colombia Exposed ]

Saturday 05.23.2010 — wait two weeks for GWE4, wait two weeks for GWE5..

May 22, 2010

I awoke in the morning, briefly got online, then soon had some breakfast. And then I watched Degrassi TNG (good episode), two episodes of The Mentalist (wrapped for the season, yay.. nice end), The Ricky Gervais Show (lol) and Gravity (also good, I suppose). And then I watched this week’s Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Reversioned (the Green With Evil 3 rerun before the Green With Evil 4 premiere.. wow, a lot of annoying onscreen “stamps” in GWE4 :/ ..ack @ the balloon at the end: “Tommy Is The Evil Ranger!” >_> ).

My dad found some racing crap to watch while I got online for a while. But then we watched my next Netflix selection — Crazy Heart. I chose it only because my dad likes country music, and the “best actor” award interested me too. But we both ended up luke-warm on the movie. It was okay.. I followed that with Party Down (lol, not bad). And we eventually had some supper.

After some time online, I went to the bedroom DVR and watched Bones (nice finale.. looking forward to this episode in reverse come next season :p), Gossip Girl (crazy finale.. they crammed a lot of story elements into one episode, almost too many, ack :p) and two episodes of Supernatural. The final episodes EVER.. of “this story”. The series’ original creators are leaving, but the show will return next season anyway. Very good episodes here, especially the finale. I learned with my Truth-Seekers stories that an escalating continuing storyline just can’t keep escalating forever. There needs to be an end. And that’s what this was.. I just wish I was able to give my Truth-Seekers the ending that I had planned out for them.

I got back online for a while, then I eventually fell asleep prematurely.. Damnit. 😦

dvd ads may 23-29 / iron man armored adventures s2 press / today

May 21, 2010

The postings of retail ads are starting to become more regular again, so why not start these weekly news bits again..? Click the retailer for their DVD ads for the week of May 23rd to 29th: Best Buy & Target. True Blood: Season Two appears to be the major release this week. Best Buy is offering the DVD for just $32.99 and the Blu-ray version for $39.99. Target will be offering them at higher prices — $34.99 DVD, $44.99 Blu — but both versions will include a Target exclusive bonus disc featuring a cast Q&A. So that’s probably where I’m getting it.. on DVD, since I have Season 1 that way. :/ I may pick up a bottle or two of Tru Blood at Best Buy though. Only $3.99 a bottle. :p ..Since Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood – Part One isn’t featured in either ad, I may hold off on getting it right away. Even more surprised by no mention of the Dr Horrible Blu-ray, which Best Buy is supposed to have an exclusive (comic) book for. Hope I can find it on the shelf Tuesday. And it’ll probably be late Tuesday since ModNation Racers is coming sometime that day. The video games from Amazon are always left at the door, and this is a bad neighborhood.. so.. damnit, it better arrive ASAP. 😦

Nicktoons has issued a press release including some new details on the second season of Iron Man: Armored Adventures, set to air on the network in 2011. I think they’re jumping the gun a bit with such an early announcement, but okay. Expect more characters from the Marvel universe to show up in these 26 episodes — including Nick Fury, Whiplash, Dr. Doom and Magneto. Cool. 🙂

I awoke in the morning and got online. And then I watched two episodes of CSI (the second one actually got me interested, not bad..).. and got online again. My dad soon returned home and we watched some Ellen. But I got online again as he watched his news. But once he was done with that, I got onto PlayStation Home for a while. Must have those free items. Gimmegimmegimme. :p I finally got away from that by 4:30, then played some GTA Ballad of Gay Tony. Broken record but.. still better than Lost And Damned.. even though I didn’t really give it much of a chance. :p

We had some supper, then I got online.. to news-gather.. In primetime, we watched I Get That Alot (lol, very good special.. hope they keep making these), Primetime: What Would You Do? (also good..), The Soup (lol) and Romantically Challenged (lol.. they really didn’t give this show much of a chance, damn).

..See ya.

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