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August 31, 2005

The main three networks are planning to air Hurricane Katrina news specials tonight (CBS at 8PM, NBC at 9PM, ABC at 10PM)… which would’ve already aired by the time I post this. Hm.. But three networks of NBC are planning to air “A Concert For Hurricane Relief” on Friday, September 2nd…

Slow news day.. yup.. >_>

I went to sleep after the the usual LJ stuff, like.. usual.. I awoke in the morning to my dad feeding the cat. Damn hard cat food. 😦 I got online for a bit and checked my email. Yay. I’ve been invited to beta test a game for PlayStation… on the PSP. *sigh* ..I watched some usual morning TV. I gave my dad some spare change I had to buy a little more food. He gets a small check tomorrow. While he was out, I looked though the DVR and watched last night’s episode of Stella. I guess it was a season finale, because something else replaces it next week. The three finally got put in a psychiatric hospital. Or so it seemed. :p ..My dads returned and we had a meal while I watched / taped today’s season finale of Edgemont. Awesome episode. Great ending to the season. And that cliffhanger. Ack. O_O Can’t wait for Season 4.. tomorrow. :p ..I got online briefly to check on the gas prices for my dad. The local station is up to $3.19. Gawd. *mutters expletives about Bush’s gas-gouging, making sure not to voice any specifics too loudly so our dictator’s gestapo won’t come and take me away*

We watched some more of the usual morning TV. I played a little more with the cat. Before I knew it, it was time for Passions Intense episode today. Gwen ignoring Theresa getting raped is gonna come back and bite her in the ass. I hope so. She’s a bitch.. I wish they hadn’t interrupted the show for some non-new news though. Grr.. Once that was over, I rampaged in Jak II a little. I also got lost in Dead Town for a while. But it’s getting boring for me already. So I may switch to something else tomorrow. I really wish I still had Going Commando. *pouts* .. *considers digging out an old demo disc of it* My dad was cooking something for supper later, but it didn’t work out the way he wanted it to. So we had the first half of supper then.. I turned off the game at around 5:30PM and got online to news-gather.

I finished my work online a little past 7PM. But my dad decided to leave at that point. Grr. So I got a few things done, watched.. something on the DVR.. At 8PM, my dad returned and we watched The Craft on DVD. I’ve seen this movie a few times, and really liked it. So I finally bought the DVD. πŸ™‚ ..After that, we watched tonight’s Mind of Mencia (rofl) and yesterday’s Reno 911! (rofl) on DVR. Sooo funny. Can’t believe the season finale for the latter is next week already. 😦 Once that was over, I returned to my room for the night..

Today was boring. But the media in primetime helped a lot (especially the comedy). Tomorrow, my dad gets a little of his monthly money. I don’t get mine until Friday. 😦 ..See ya..

[ Weather Modification Board – Chemtrails Coming Out Of The Closet? ]
[ Bush Blames Terrorists For Katrina ]
[ Who Opened The New Orleans Floodgates? ]
[ WTC Witness Hero William Rodriquez’ Apt Burglarized ]
[ Informant Names JFK Jr’s Assassins ]
[ How Bush’s Grandfather Helped Hitler Rise To Power ]
[ Huge US Military Base In Israel Nears Completion ]
[ Battle Of LA UFO – Stunning NEW Photo Enhancements ]


supernatural long / elfen lied & gantz dvds / aeon flux complete dvd / today

August 30, 2005

The WB is announcing that the upcoming premiere episode of Supernatural will run about seven minutes long, the Zap2It Web site reported. The network is giving viewers a couple of weeks’ notice to set their recording devices to capture the entire opening installment of the show, which stars Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles as brothers who hit the road in search of strange phenomena. The debut episode of Supernatural will air at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Sept. 13 and will end at 10:07 p.m.

Yup. Ya just gotta fit those extra commercials in there somewhere.. :p

ADV Films has revealed that Elfen Lied, Volume 4 – Vector Four & Gantz, Volume 9 – Judge, Jury & Executioner will both be released on November 15th. Sooo can’t wait for these. πŸ™‚ has revealed that an Aeon Flux – The Complete Animated Collection 2-DVD set will hit stores on November 22nd. Yay. Now everyone can enjoy the real thing instead of seeing the crappy movie.. :p

After all the online stuff was done, I fit in another great chapter of Extreme Zone #6 before falling asleep.. I awoke in the morning to the news. But I chose to get online for a bit. :p I went looking for a song for a future mp3 share, and found this awesome thread of Power Rangers tracks instead. So I got rather busy downloading all the ones I didn’t have. But they still didn’t have what I was originally looking for. 😦 But I still downloaded and listened all morning long. Before I knew it, it was already half past noon. Ack. I returned to the living room and read my mail up until Passions started. Today’s episode was pretty cool. Plenty happened..

Once that was over though, I watched / taped yesterday’s episode of Edgemont. Awesomeness. Then I played Jak II up until 6PM. I mostly just rampaged this time, like I do in the GTA games. I did have more fun than I did last time. *blows away the futuristic coppers* >:) At 6PM, I got online to news-gather. We had another “whatever you can find” supper during..

I returned to the living room and we soon watched Ghostbusters II. Close, but I liked this one more than the first film. Teehee @ my spotting of Mary Ellen Trainor (who plays Max & Isabel’s human mother on Roswell) at the opening of the film. :p Just watching the opening credit thing of the Ghostbusters cartoon episodes brought me back to a way simpler time in my life a loooong time ago, where I watched this and the classic TMNT series on Saturday morning. *sighs* I’ll have to find some time to watch these episodes in the future.. Once that was over, I my dad went outside for a moment and I watched / taped today’s episode of Edgemont. Great episode, and I’m finally caught up with the DVRings. πŸ™‚ ..After that, I watched the Home Media Retailing promo / trailer DVD that came in the mail today. My dad thought it was a TV channel. >_> I filled the rest of the hour by watching X-Play. Then I returned to my room for the night. I turned on Cinematech: Nocturnal Emissions in there. I couldn’t keep my eyes away from it for long. There sure are some strange video games in Japan.. :p

Today was below average. It still sucks being broke. And it’s only Tuesday. Why can’t the week go any faster? 😦 ..See ya..

[ New Orleans Under Martial Law ]
[ Looters On Rampage Empty New Orleans Stores, Homes ]
[ More Than 95% Of Gulf Oil Production Lost ]
[ Venezuela To Sell Cut-Price Heating Oil To US Poor ]
[ The President, Cindy Sheehan, And How Words Die ]
[ Buchanan Suggests Impeachment Of Bush Over Illegals ]
[ Most Early US Astronauts Are Masons ]
[ State Dept – Top ‘Conspiracy’ News Site ]

prspd dvd 4 & 5 / lost dvd bonus & pics / edgemont sched / tribe syn / today

August 29, 2005

With Power Rangers S.P.D., Volume 2: Stakeout & Volume 3: Wired hitting DVD shelves on September 6th, already has a few details and cover art for Volume 4: Boom & Volume 5: Zapped. They will be released on December 6th, and will most likely include 1516: “Boom”, 1517: “Recognition”, 1518: “Samurai” & 1519: “Dismissed” on Volume 4 and 1520: “Perspective”, 1521: “Messenger, Part 1”, 1522: “Messenger, Part 2”, 1523: “Zapped”, 1524: “Reflection, Part 1” & 1525: “Reflection, Part 2” on Volume 5. Unfortunately, it’s doubtful any more S.P.D. episodes will be released beyond these five volumes.. 😦

TheDigitalBits revealed that Best Buy will have an exclusive bonus DVD packaged with Lost: The Complete First Season. It will include “the 43-minute Lost Journeys [season recap] episode, the Flashbacks & Mythology mini-documentary that explores the stories and storytelling methods of the show and 2 Lost: On Location behind-the-scenes featurettes (White Rabbit and The Moth).” Nice. So getting it there. πŸ™‚

While on topic, someone was nice enough to post pictures of the DVD packaging for Lost: The Complete First Season, which officially arrives in stores on September 6th. Ugh. Fold-out and over-lapping DVDs. I hate that style of packaging. Cheap Buena Vista bastards.. 😑

Here’s some great news for those US fans watching Edgemont on Encore Wam for the first time. Season Three concludes on August 31st. But according to Yahoo!’s TV listings, Season Four (of 18 episodes) will begin the next day (September 1st). The show continues to run one episode per day at 7:30AM & 5:30PM ET (and sometimes even 1:30PM). Yay. No break this time. πŸ™‚ ..I hope Encore Wam has picked up the fifth and final season by now, or will soon..

Check out this list of broadcasters airing the syndicated episodes of The Tribe in the USA. They begin airing September 3rd. But no affiliates in my state have yet picked up the show.. 😦

I got a day behind on the LJ friends page reading, so I got that out of the way first. Then I took a look at my DVD collection. I’m actually considering selling some. :/ Then I go and look where I left some of them. And they’re gone. Maybe I already sold them. Or they were stolen too.. It was getting too late for an extensive search, so I finally went to sleep just short of 2AM.. I awoke the next morning and watched some of the usual morning TV. But soon changed it over to hurricane Katrina coverage. I had a little late breakfast, then got online for a bit. Played with the cat, watched some TV, then got back online.. :p

Soon, it was time for Passions. Today’s episode was okay. lol @ my dad and I bitching about Noah’s cheap date.. Once that was over, I watched Ghostbusters on DVD. I’ve never really seen this movie. At least, within my memory. But I enjoyed it. It was a fun movie. I think I like the sequel, that I’ve seen many times on TV, a little more though. Then I watched / taped another awesome episode of Edgemont. I’m still one day behind. 😦 I got done with that and got online to news-gather. Eventually, I had supper during it..

I got done online just in time for Wildfire. Great episode this week too. Amy Jo Johnson’s character was a real bitch. :p Once that was over, we watched the two-hour Prison Break series premiere. This show has a definite future. Loved these episodes. Especially the whole government conspiracy deal. If you like 24, you’ll surely like this show too. I’m hooked. Can’t wait for next week’s episode. πŸ™‚ ..Next, my dad took a short break outside as I watched the new episode of Power Rangers S.P.D. from earlier this morning — “Robotpalooza”. Badly-titled episode, badly-done episode. :/ It opens with yet another new opening credits sequence (the one first seen with the accidental airing of “Wormhole”). Broodwing meets with some aliens he helped out in the past and demands they attack the Rangers. Meanwhile, Bridge dreams a trio of robots beating down the Rangers. He believes it was a premonition. And he’s the only one. :p ..Gruumm asks Morgana (now acting like Mora again.. ugh) to create a monster like the Rangers have never seen before. She creates some sort of purple floating blob thing. Gruumm promises Morgana that if the Rangers are defeated, he’ll return her to her child-like form of Mora. The monster attacks the Rangers in a robot and gets destroyed — er captured — in mere minutes. *yawn* But Gruumm refuses to give up. Morgana creates another monster. Another 2-minute battle with that monster commences. Guess the climax. 😐 Hmm, those two monsters didn’t work. Why not another? Yup. Morgana makes another. It gets sent out for another brief battle and you know the rest. All these battles are tiring the Rangers. Especially Bridge, who is found sleeping between them. He describes the dream robots to Kat, and she says robots like that destroyed the “Alpha 5” star system recently. *rolls eyes @ reference* After the last brief battle, Bridge has another premonition that leads him to the alien trio that Broodwing recruited. He goes alone, but the others soon join him. Some X- & Orangeheads are thrown in their path to help in the trio’s getaway. The Rangers take them out like they were nothing with their new SWAT mode. Now that part was cool.. The Rangers catch up to the three aliens in the three robots from Bridge’s dreams. They battle them using their new SWAT Flyers and Megazord. Awesome. Especially that finishing move on that last one. They rocketed him into space, then blew him away with the SWAT Megazord in some kind of Delta Enforcer mode. Damn, that was a huge gun. πŸ™‚ In the end, Gruumm questions Broodwing concerning who may have sent those other robots. Broodwing lies and says he doesn’t know. Gruumm now realizes he has competition for the take-over of Earth. ..Once I finished watching / taping that, I returned to my room for the night..

Today was a little below average at times. It sucks being broke. 😦 ..The rain from hurricane Katrina is coming here later tonight. And they say we’ll have rain until Wednesday. Ack.. With the possibility of the government being able to control the weather, I wonder if Katrina was powered up intentionally when it entered the Gulf of Mexico. Bush will or has gained from it. The oil rigs in the gulf had to be shut down for the hurricane coming in. And they are said to produce a million barrels a day. So this shortage is just another excuse to jack up our gas prices, giving Bush and his rich friends even more money. His plan to make the rich richer and the poor poorer is succeeding…

See ya.

[ 1996 USAF Report – Weather As A Force Multiplier: Owning The Weather ]
[ Katrina Damages Hit At Least $26 Billion ]
[ New Orleans Residents Warned To Stay Away ]
[ New Orleans Could Become A Toxic Cesspool ]
[ Oil Soars Over $70 A Barrel ]
[ Study Shows Pre-Born Children Cry In The Womb ]

Sun 08.28.05 — guess: another very uneventful day..

August 28, 2005

I went to sleep earlier than usual.. I woke up in the morning and watched some TV and looked through the newspaper for Friday. Eventually, I watched / taped two more episodes of Edgemont from the DVR (from Friday & Saturday). I was really hoping the latter one with the slumber party would end with a girl-on-girl kiss involving Shannon (the lesbian). Damnit. *pouts* ..Then I watched another MST3k DVD — “Mitchell” (rofl).

Then I got bored. So I pulled out Jak II and started playing with it. For quite a few hours. It’s not as good as Ratchet & Clank though, which I am longing for more than ever now. Ratchet & Clank 3: Up Your Arsenal was just added to the Greatest Hits line, and Circuit City has it for only $15 this week. So I may just buy both that and Going Commando on Friday. :p ..But Friday seems like 3576746543 years away.. *sigh*

Once that game froze, I decided to play some of the Namco Museum games instead (Pac-Man, Pole Position, Dig Dug). But my dad soon arrived home from.. shoplifting groceries to keep us alive. He interjected after a late lunch that he’d rather watch some movies. So I eventually shut it off. We came across the coverage of hurricane Katrina. Damn. Hope everyone gets to a safe place in time. I couldn’t help but wonder if this hurricane happened to be a part of the government’s weather control testing, like that time where hurricane after hurricane hit the Florida area. Then some of the bodies were secretly hauled away to places unknown.. Anyway, we soon found and watched the latter half of Broken Arrow on FX. I never knew how great that movie was until now.. Now my dad’s trying to watch Basic. I just couldn’t get into it. So I’m bored once more.. 😐

After some time wasted online, I read two more exciting chapters of Extreme Zone #6. πŸ™‚ Then at 7PM, we watched some America’s Funniest Videos. During that, my dad went outside again. Next, I watched / taped the second season finale of The 4400. Awesome episode. Great ending to the season. And a great cliffhanger too. All the surprises. You only see cliffhangers like that on Smallville anymore. So can’t wait for the Season 2 DVD, and the airing of Season 3. πŸ™‚ ..After that, I waited a while for my dad to come in. But eventually watched My Kind Of Town anyway. He came back in during it.

After that, we watched the week’s episode of Over There on a live airing for the first time. I enjoyed the episode, not counting the glaring inaccuracies. A soldier accidentally shoots two Iraqi civilians and the military begins a serious investigation. *rolls eyes* In reality, innocent Iraqis are killed everyday. We just don’t hear anything about it. Bush just doesn’t care. And they’re really only risking their lives to protect the freedoms they have now. ..The writers of the show even twisted it to make the soldier who screwed up look not so bad. He was set up. -_- Also, they’re copying the whole Nick Berg thing, which was bullshit too. The beheading video was so faked.. Get used to what’s happening in Iraq. We’ll be dealing with the same things on our streets eventually. Bush is taking away the freedoms of the Iraqi people. And soon, he’ll take away the rest of ours as well. The ones he hasn’t taken away already…

See ya.

[ Countdown To Next Bush Terrorist Act ]
[ Nationwide Call To Report All Dead US Soldiers In Iraq ]
[ Pro-war Demonstrators Display Ignorance, Deception ]
[ Winning The ‘War On Terrorism’ ]
[ Video Of Vote-Rigging Programmer Admitting Software Fix ]
[ Formal Announcement Of Bird Flu In Europe Expected ]
[ Map Showing Rapid Spread Of H5N1 Bird Flu ]
[ Vanished! – Unexplained Disappearances ]

[ Katrina At Category 5 – Full Evacuation Of New Orleans Ordered ]

Sat 08.27.05 — keywords: very uneventful

August 27, 2005

I’ve finished up everything online for tonight. I didn’t expect to stay up this late. But I should’ve. I wasted some time earlier. :/ So.. g’night..

Very uneventful morning. I awoke to my dad watching the news. He allowed me to take over and I watched some of the VH1 Top 20 Countdown. Then I finally watched / taped last Wednesday’s & Thursday’s episodes of Edgemont. Great episodes. πŸ™‚ My dad just slept all morning. Now I’m here, bored..

Very uneventful afternoon too. I rampaged in True Crime: Streets Of LA.. but it was only slightly less boring than if I hadn’t played it. Damn, I wish I still had Rachet & Clank: Going Commando. But the assholes stole it. 😑 ..I took a short break so my dad could check on the weather, then returned. *sigh* I soon turned it off, and got my next free issue of Official PlayStation magazine in the mail. I’d rather buy it and get the better disc case though. So I didn’t open it.. We also got a warning of legal action from the TV rental guys.. 😦

We watched a few hours of MadTV and played with the cat. It was briefly interrupted by the cable going out again for a short time. :/ Eventually, we had a supper that actually resembled supper (thanks to the handout place), then we watched an hour of MXC on Spike TV. πŸ™‚ Now my dad’s taken over the TV for his night of NASCAR & football.. *sigh*

..And a somewhat uneventful evening. First, I posted the new MP3 Share. Then I read two more exciting chapters of Extreme Zone #6. Then I watched my dad’s sports crap for a while because I could think of nothing better to do in my room. At 8PM, I watched this week’s episodes of Justice League Unlimited (whoa) and Zatch Bell (lol @ Suzee.. er however you spell it). Then I was bored once again. The maintenance guys were removing some old air conditioning crap from the side of the building. At 8:30PM. That was kinda odd. :/ I looked through the old bedroom DVR for a while, then watched a little more of my dad’s sports. After a while, I gave up and returned to my room to get online.

Hmm. I just can;t think of the right word for today. Oh, that’s right — uneventful. :p ..Happy 12th birthday, Power Rangers! The very first episode, “Day Of The Dumpster”, aired twelve years ago tomorrow (Sunday). But most of you may already know that by the MP3 Share below.. πŸ˜‰

See ya.

[ Bush-Cheney Heading For Nuclear Rendevous At Desert One ]
[ Buchanan – Cheney Preparing Tactical Nuclear Strike On Iran ]
[ Bush Sr Linked To Bin Laden / Al Qaeda Financial Network ]
[ Sheehan’s Antiwar Movement Grows – Sharpton To Visit ]
[ De Menezes Murder – ALL Facts Point To Coverup ]
[ Makow – Human Zoo Stunt Is Elite Psy-Op – Caged Animals ]
[ Bush OKs New Hellfire Thermobaric Warhead – With Fluoride ]
[ JFK Ready To Use Nukes On China, Tapes Reveal ]

MP3 Share #7: Power Rangers 12th Anniversary Theme Song Collection

August 27, 2005

Tomorrow (Sunday) is the 12th anniversary of Power Rangers. The first episode, “Day Of The Dumpster”, originally aired on August 28th 1993. So I thought I would celebrate. This zip file contains every opening and closing theme to date. There are also some official & fan-made extended versions and preview versions… — RapidShare / MegaUpload – 30 files @ 43.88MB

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers theme (Extended Opening & Closing)
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers theme (Extended Club Mix)
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers theme (Official 2003 Remix)
Mighty Morphin Alien Rangers theme (TV Opening)
Power Rangers Zeo theme (TV Opening & Closing)
Power Rangers Turbo theme (TV Opening & Closing)
Power Rangers Turbo theme (The Mighty RAW – Alternate Version)
Power Rangers in Space theme (Extended Opening & TV Closing)
Power Rangers Lost Galaxy theme (TV Opening & Closing)
Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue theme (TV Opening & Closing)
Power Rangers Time Force theme (TV Opening & Closing)
Power Rangers Wild Force theme (Preview)
Power Rangers Wild Force theme (TV Opening & Closing)
Power Rangers Ninja Storm theme (Preview)
Power Rangers Ninja Storm theme (TV Opening & Closing)
Power Rangers Dino Thunder theme (TV Opening & Closing)
Power Rangers Dino Thunder theme (Kaze’s Extended Remix)
Power Rangers S.P.D. theme (TV Opening & Closing)
Power Rangers S.P.D. theme (Red Delta’s Extended Remix)

Enjoy. πŸ™‚

[The MP3 Share Archives]

another pr interview / fall promo / ffvii film dvd bad news / adult swim / drawn together / today

August 26, 2005

Dodge_ball provides Rangerboard with an interview with Roger Braunstien, who has done special effects work on Power Rangers Wild Force. It’s yawnworthy, but still somewhat interesting.. πŸ™‚

With the fall season right around the corner, the networks have decided to begin promoting the hell out of their new episodes to come. FOX has already confirmed a two-night, four-hour season premiere for 24 on January 8th & 9th 2006. Click here for the spoilery details concerning this season’s cast and plot. Fox is also promoting the fall premieres of Family Guy, American Dad, and Simpsons on September 11th. As well as their House season premiere on September 13th. Meanwhile, CBS hypes the two-hour season premiere of what I see as the least-likely-to-succeed of the three new “alien invasion” TV series, Threshold. And ABC Family has revealed details about Wildfire‘s season finale (and MMPR‘s Amy Jo Johnson continues to guest star)..

Electronic Gaming Monthly Magazine has reported that the American release of the Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children movie has been delayed from September 13th until this winter. The movie will still be released in Japan on September 13th. The American release of the movie will be available in UMD format and special edition double disc DVD format. Unfortunately, the American 2-disc DVD set will include trailers, behind-the-scenes clips and other features, but will not include the Last Order: Final Fantasy VII anime OAV included in the Japanese limited edition DVD set.

*reads first part* *sighs* *reads second part* *gets angry* 😑

Adult Swim has announced that Ghost In The Shell: Stand Alone Complex 2nd Gig and Samurai Champloo will begin new episodes on November 19th… πŸ™‚ has replied to some questions about the official details for the Drawn Together: Season One Uncensored DVD release. The unaired episode from Season 1 will not be included. Instead, it will air during Season 2 and be released on that DVD set. Also, the music replacement only effects one song.. πŸ™‚

Before I knew it, I was asleep for the night once more.. I had dream that a Power Rangers event was actually happening downtown. But I foolishly stayed away from that part of it and stayed with my family at some other thing. Then I had to go to the restroom and somehow made my way to the PR event just as it was ending. There was a whole bunch of people there from the online community. Some of them seemed happy to see me and knew who I was right away somehow. But then they mostly left me alone. 😦 Then I woke up.. I was 9AM. I got online to document the dream, then stayed to check out a few other things. Then I watched the new episode of Stella on DVR as my dad slept. This show is so stupid. Yet I keep watching. :p ..We watched a little morning TV, then we went out to get a few groceries. My dad went to one place. While I was alone in the car, I looked at myself in that overhead mirror thing and cried a little. *sigh* ..Then I went to another place to buy a couple things, including the new TV Guide with the Lost audio / video mini CD (for CD player & computer). Then we had lunch and I played with the cat s’more. πŸ™‚ Then I got online for a while to check out the Lost CD.. It’s a nice collection. Definitely worth the $3 for the magazine. In the CD player is only plays Driveshaft’s “You All Everybody” for about a minute and an a half. But the CD-ROM part has some nice goodies. Some taken from the Lost: Season 1 DVDs, and some exclusive to this disc. And the menu even looks similar to the upcoming DVDs’ menus. πŸ™‚

Welcome To Oahu (featurette)
Deleted Scenes
-Chicken Or Lasagna
-For Vincent (TV Guide Exclusive)
-Where Did You Go? (TV Guide Exclusive)
Lost On Location: Whatever The Case May Be (featurette)
Photos From The Set (TV Guide Exclusive)
Draveshaft – You All Everybody
Lost: The Complete First Season (promo)
Lost Season 2 ( teaser)
Lost Extras (links to

I returned to the living room and looked through my mail up until Passions started. Today’s episode was somewhat eventful. lol @ switching the actress who plays Sheridan all of a sudden “temporarily”.. After that, I emptied my DVR. I watched the week’s episodes of Tripping The Rift (lol), Hidden Howie (lol @ few and far between funny parts) & Mind Of Mencia (lol @ the Dee Dee Dee Awards). Then I watched / taped Tuesday’s episode of Edgemont. Great episode. I should really try and catch up a little over the weekend. There’s three episodes still waiting on the DVR right now.. I played with the cat and watched a little Oprah for about the next hour. Then about 20 before 5PM, I got online to news-gather. I had supper during it..

I read two more exciting chapters of Extreme Zone #6, then took over the TV to watch the new episodes of Degrassi TNG (awesome) and Instant Star (wow). Then I found an episode of Mighty Morphin to watch for the 4336535th time over on Toon Disney — “The Mutiny, Part 2”. I lost interest a little for the latter half. Then I found an episode of Judgment Day to watch. πŸ™‚ After that, I could fins absolutely nothing. So I took out the latest OPM demo disc and played the rest of the demos that I hadn’t got around to before. I especially liked the demos for Mortal Kombat: Shaolin Monks and Beat Down. Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction looks great.. but the demo only runs for about a minute or so. Ugh. 😦 The Evil Dead demo was pretty weird. :p ..My dad soon came in and I watched the remainder of that “Sex In Games” news thing on G4, then gave the TV back to my dad for his news. But I didn’t leave yet. I stuck around until after it was over, mostly having s’more quality time with the cat. πŸ™‚ Then I finally returned to my room..

Sooo bored today. And it’s only Friday. There’s more boredom to come.. See ya.

[ Rep. Congressman Joins Demand For Downing Documents ]
[ American Legion Declares War On Anti-War Americans ]
[ Sheehan Planning Bus Tour Around The Country ]
[ The 911 North Tower Demolition Explained ]
[ EPA Unions Call For Moratorium On Fluoridation ]
[ Confirmed – Earth’s Core Rotates Faster Than Surface ]
[ New Child’s Doll Able To Do Human Things ]

new pr spd ep titles / pr holiday promo / tmnt season 4 / today

August 25, 2005

BurgundyRanger has come across some odd information concerning upcoming episodes of Power Rangers S.P.D.. As stated before, “Impact” will premiere on Toon Disney September 19th. He now has the next episode title as well — 1529: “Katastrophe” (yay, a Kat focus episode at last). But wait, wasn’t “Impact” numbered 1529? It’s been discovered that “Impact” is actually numbered 1533. Hmmmm, interesting. πŸ™‚ They must’ve filmed the DT / SPD teamup episodes together, but intended them to be separated. Much like how “Forever Red” was filmed closer to “Reinforcements From The Future”, then aired more apart from each other. It’s all about actor availability.. So I’m thinking “Wormhole” may be 1534.. And I wonder if the same space rock that supposedly de-ages the DT Rangers.. also de-ages Morgana back to Mora? (She was back to the ‘annoying little girl’ form in “Wormhole”.)

Jason38uk has provided Rangerboard with screencaps of a Power Rangers Generations promo airing on Jetix UK. The promo features some Rangers from Wild Force, Dino Thunder and Turbo taking a holiday. Man, I wish Jetix US would get off their asses and make promos more like this.. :p

4KidsTV has changed around their Saturday morning schedule starting September 10th. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles‘ fourth season begins September 10th and will now air at 11:30AM. πŸ™‚ ..I’m wondering if the premiere episodes of SPD were moved to Toon Disney so the other Saturday morning blocks wouldn’t feel like scheduling similar programming against it. Over the last few years, 4Kids has always tried to put TMNT opposite PR. Now they’ve just moved it to as close as they can to the ABC Kids’ timeslot. Hmm..

I went to sleep pretty much right after I was done online. I awoke the next morning and watched some morning TV. My dad had already left to visit a handout place. After a little more TV (including watching / taping Monday’s great episode of Edgemont) and playing with the cat, I played another level of Ratchet & Clank. I’m so hooked to this game. Too bad it looks like the next level is the last. 😦 My dad returned home during it with less food than usual. And it’s closed next week for Labor Day. Ugh. I hope we can make it.. I soon turned off the game, got some early lunch, and got online for a bit. I already uploaded the next MP3 Share, but I don’t think I should post it until it’s closer to the weekend. Maybe tomorrow, or Saturday.. I check the number of downloads I’m getting at RapidShare. 18 downloads of the rare Ron Wasserman tracks, and one download of “Untitled”. Zero on everything else. I guess I’ll have to take this into consideration: Power Rangers and recently popular songs. Hmm..

I checked out MySpace a little, then rebooted. I let Scandisk run for once as I played with the cat the rest of morning. Soon, it was time for Passions. Today’s episode was actually pretty good. There wasn’t too much stalling today, and thare was a good fight or two. :p Once that was over though, I took over and played more Ratchet & Clank. I finished the game, then used the game save to find more gold bolts across the planets (in order to buy some gold weapons). I need to repurchase Going Commando ASAP damnit.. I turned it off about 5:30PM and finally put the game away with the others for awhile. We prepared ourselves our own supper of whatever we could find. It’s going to be tough again this next week. We’re low of some stuff, and we’re pretty much broke until the end of next week. *sigh* I got online to news-gather.

I got done online just after 7:30PM. I returned to the living room and we watched Rings and The Ring Two. Rings, the 15-minute prequel, was kinda cool. And Two was also pretty good. It took me a while to get into it though. I still like the first one better.. I thought Samara was kinda hot. But maybe that’s just because I have a thing for the goth look. :p ..Once the movie was over (as well as a few of the special features), I returned it to regular TV and my dad watched A Current Affair. I soon returned to my room for the night.

Like that song I shared the other day… why do we all end up alone? Because most of us are too damn shallow. That’s why. I used to hang out on the chat server for quite a while before it was shut down. I even.. had cyber sex a few times. >_> Then, my picture shows up online and most of the female friends around me just disappeared. That’s why I try not to have my picture online all that publicly anymore. Most of my MySpace friends just happen to be attractive females now. I bet a good amount of them would disappear from my friend list like that once I uploaded a real picture there. There was even a girl here on LJ. We began levitating toward each other. I finally ‘voice post’ and the sound of my voice doesn’t match the voice she expected. She’s been more distant ever since. Though I admit that I’m a bit shallow too. I guess I’m just destined to end up alone..

See ya.

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drawn together s1 dvd info / the grays / today

August 24, 2005 now has specs and cover art for the October 4th DVD release of Drawn Together: Season One Uncensored.. πŸ™‚

Sony Pictures will pay screenwriter Ken Nolan (Black Hawk Down) $3 million for his 75-page “script-ment” (less than a script, but more than a treatment) of Whitley Strieber’s as-yet-unpublished alien SF novel The Grays, one of the studio’s largest payments for a treatment, Variety reported.

Cooool. I’ll be looking forward to this one.. πŸ™‚

After the usual LJ stuff, I was off to sleep. Blah.. I awoke in the morning and got online for a bit. I finally updated AIM and they took away the free blue smileys that I’ve had for a while. Stingy assholes, making us pay a monthly fee for fucking sets of smileys.. After some morning TV, went went out to a few places. I cashed in my coins at a CoinStar for a few extra bucks, didn’t find the new TV Guide (for the exclusive Lost audio & video CD), then picked up a couple more things at Walgreens. Out and back, we drove by the University of Indianapolis. I get so jealous, thinking of how fun college must be (not counting actual class). I dropped out of high school, so there’s no chance of me going to any college. *stares at the college babes out the car window like a perv and sighs* ..Anyway, we got home.. and I got online again. I put together a new MP3 Share and posted it, then began work on the next one for posting sometime over the weekend. πŸ˜‰ I got interrupted in order to watch Passions though. I was more interested in looking through my mail for part of the episode though. The episode wasn’t that exciting anyway. More stalling. Ugh. But it did have some good parts. Tomorrow’s episode looks so much better..

Once that was over, I played more Ratchet & Clank. I had to win a hoverboard race in order to continue with the game. Ugh. It got so aggravating. I kept losing over and over again. I even considered quitting.. until I got lucky and actually won. Then I actually played partway through supper to finish an area. But soon turned it off so my dad could watch his news. I finished up supper and got online to news-gather. I finished it up and returned to the living room..

My dad went out to check on his car. I thought I had lost him for the night again. But he soon came back in. We finally watched The Ring. Great movie. Finally can’t wait to watch Ring Two tomorrow night.. if my dad stays in long enough. After that, we watched last night’s new episode of Reno 911!. rofl. Soo funny. Then I just returned to my room for the night..

Today was okay.. See ya.

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MP3 Share #6: End Up Alone, Mad World, Untitled

August 24, 2005

Here’s some more songs that are personal to me…

Nine Days – End Up AloneRapidShare – 3:58 @ 192kbps – lyrics
I’ve said for a while that this is my theme song. It asks a question I ask myself just about everyday: why do we all end up alone? ..Too bad it’s so upbeat. :p

Michael Andrews featuring Gary Jules – Mad WorldRapidShare – 3:41 @ 128kbps – lyrics
This one’s pretty depressing. But I usually play it when I’m already depressed.. which is quite frequently..

Simple Plan – Untitled (How Could This Happen To Me?)RapidShare – 3:29 @ 184kbps
When I first heard this song, I was expecting something slightly different for the music video than what they actually did. But I do like the video..

Enjoy. RapidShare & MegaUpload usually only deletes the uploaded files after 30 days of no downloads, so fell free to check out the MP3 Share archives. πŸ™‚