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Saturday 1.31.04: “Me? A reporter? Maybe in another lifetime!”

January 31, 2004

I’m betting it’s going to be pretty difficult today. I did only go to bed at about 4-4:30AM, then woke at 7AM. Then fell asleep for about 30mins on the couch. Argh… That new basic Jetix promo was pretty interesting, I guess…

I passed on watching “The Mutiny, Part III” since I was transferring the trilogy from DVR to VHS later this week anyway. The DVR didn’t mind alerting me it was almost out of space and the last two minutes were never recorded. Ah well. Just another few-months-to-a-year wait for the next chance. *sigh*

My first comment on today’s new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles episode, “Secret Origins, Part Three”: WOW. Simply amazing. I loved all the references to the original TMNT series, like April’s previous job and a Utrom named Krang. It was a perfect finale to ten episodes of a great continuing storyline. …Can’t wait for the DVDs… 😉 Now I have some errands to run…

I went out, deposited that check, and picked up a few things. This Mars special on Discovery Channel has inspired me to get back to work on Operation Stranger. Maybe I can get another “file” done this weekend…

…And I have! Check out Operation Stranger – File Zero Two: Capture now… unless you haven’t read File Zero One yet… :p I’m also thinking out possible plans for an additional trilogy after this one with the same characters…

Today has been pretty boring.. the second half anyway. The first half was slightly less-so. I’m sure I’ll be more bored tomorrow though. No Power Rangers at all in the morning. Then all I have to look forward to is the Super Bowl.. ads. Bah. Or maybe I’ll finally watch Thirteen… Happy birthday to me.. I guess… *sigh*

ABC Family’s Tokyo Pig on DVD: Someone reading this must be interested in this news. I’m only angered that Disney decides to release everything but Power Rangers on DVD (I’m talking past seasons, not the new stuff)…

See ya…

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smallville & roswell dvd / sisco / today / mystery / links

January 30, 2004

KryptonSite comes through with some Smallville Season 2 DVD specs! There’s some awesome features there. I still haven’t seen those “Chloe Chronicles” webisodes yet… and I’m glad we don’t have to wait until September. 🙂

But, more important than Smallville, it’s new info on the Roswell: The Complete First Season DVD set! has recieved an early copy and discovered it actually has every episode in animorphic widescreen, not full screen like originally reported. The audio and subtitles have also been upgraded. This just made my day. I can’t wait for February 17th now more than ever… Oh, and expect a Roswell Season 1 review at TVShowsOnDVD “ASAP”. 🙂

Another awesome TV series cut down way too early… 😦

I can tell today is set to be pretty boring.. I watched Passions, Buffy ep 3 & 4, and another Fist of the North Star.. and dad left for work again by Buffy. So I won’t get my check deposited until tomorrow.. Ah well. My dad’s jealous that I’m getting as much as him now.. :p

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I’ve found this white powdery substance in my house. It’s in a small baggie and it was hidden in the kitchen. Weird. I hope it’s not what I think it is… *sigh*

See ya.

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jdf’s break / site / today / gas / vcr / links

January 29, 2004

Here’s some neat info from Jason David Frank’s official website:

Watch Power Rangers Dino Thunder weekend mornings starting on February 14th. Check you local listing for the exact time. Jason is back in California but he’s leaving again for New Zealand in March to finish up the season.

…I wonder why such a long break? I had thought he returned to CA just before Christmas… Anyway, the page also has a slightly different version of that Dino Thunder ad.. but it’s so dang small. 😦

Ooh, a new nice-looking Power Rangers site

And thanks for that Power Rangers Dino Thunder trading card, Ryan Johnson. Now there’s only one basic card to find, MZ05, and it’s rare, so… : /

Blah. Today sucked. I didn’t get to anything until way late. I sorta slept in an hour again today, and woke up to them already hard at work replacing water heater. At least we have hot water again. 🙂 …Then, I watched Passions, Buffy episode 2, last night’s Chapelle’s Show, and another Fist of the North Star. My dad’s working again today. Whee… I then slept though most of the afternoon and evening and watched that back-to-back CSI. 🙂

I think my dad doesn’t want to turn on the furnace because he got a near-$100 gas bill last month. So he’s using boiling water and the oven to heat the apartment instead. And so I’m freezing my friggin’ ass off right now…

At least I’ll be picking up a new VCR this weekend (still too poor for that DVD Recorder). I’ll be able to tape again. And my dad says he will get me that hard drive with the tax refund. Yay.

See ya.

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January 28, 2004

Check out these international Power Rangers DVD covers… and weep. It seems like every other country is getting more. It’s just not fair.
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers – Volume 1 [Japan / I first thought this was a DVD, but it’s probably VHS]
Power Rangers Time Force – Volume 1, Volume 2, Volume 3 [dubbed / Germany]
Power Rangers Wild Force – Volume 1, Volume 2, Volume 3, Volume 4 [forced subtitles / Netherlands]
Yup, those Time Force and Wild Force DVDs contain the episodes in order, three per disc, and there’s more planned (including PRWF for Germany too). They’re getting what we here in the US should be getting.. *sigh* E-mail Buena Vista and let them know you would like full releases here too. Maybe they’ll even listen.. 🙂

To the Canadian PR fans reading this, Canada’s Family Channel premieres Power Rangers Dino Thunder on March 20th at 7PM…

Today, I woke up.. a few hours late. Damn alarm. So I watched Passions, Buffy episode 1 (awesome), and the last two episodes of the Robotech Remastered 1 DVDs. I can’t believe I was still trying not to fall asleep after all that. I should have gotten enough sleep by then. Grr.

I was wanting to try my own version of a PhonePost (a wav recording changed into an mp3) since I’m too poor for long distance calls… but I discovered I had nothing to say. Or it could have been my damn shyness getting in the way. Damnit. Ah well…

Well, see ya…

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[ NASA Says Second Mars Rover Experiencing Problems ]
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media buys 1.27.04 / prdt / jdf hoax / tmnt early? / tess / today / links

January 27, 2004

Thirteen DVD Season One DVD

There wasn’t much to buy this week. All it took was a small visit to Best Buy.. in the snow. I bought Thirteen blind (like most DVDs I buy now), but I have heard a lot of good things about. I also like the genre this movie falls into… I’ve been eyeing Buffy for quite a while ever since I watched about half of this season on FX a year or so ago. Best Buy’s $20 sale price (this week only) is what finally got me to buy it. So much so, that I had to borrow that $20 from my dad. He’ll get paid back this weekend, when my next check arrives…

Tommy Lawson has posted the next week of Power Rangers ABC Family listings to RangerBoard, including short spoilerific descriptions for the season’s first two episodes, “Day Of The Dino” Part I & II. Check it out (and expect the listing to appear on my airing schedules page ASAP).

Saturday, February 14, 2004
Power Rangers DinoThunder (8:30 a.m., ET/PT) “Day of the Dino, Part 1” —
In the premiere episode of the latest Power Rangers saga, three students from Reefside high, Conner, Kira, and Ethan, stumble upon the Dino Gems and are given special powers. Their fascination turns to fear, however, when Kira is kidnapped by menacing tyranodrones.

Sunday, February 15, 2004
Power Rangers DinoThunder (9:00 a.m., ET/PT) “Day of the Dino, Part 2” —
Kira escapes from the tyranodrones and meets up with the others in the forest. When Mesogog releases the Bio Zords to wreak havoc on the city, Tommy turns Conner, Kira, and Ethan into Power Rangers.

Also check out this awesome new Dino Thunder ad from the new issue of Nintendo Power. Thanks for scanning it, . 🙂

Also, Doug Sloan has confirmed what I thought all along: the Jason David Frank posts on RangerBoard was a hoax. Haha.

This week’s issue of Video Business came in the mail today and it lists the next Ninja Turtles 2003 DVDs, Vol 7: Return To New York & Vol 8: Search For Splinter, in its kids-themed buying guide. But the odd thing is that the release date listed (March 16th) is a whole week before every shopping site is saying. And usually, this magazine gets the information directly from the publishers for its themed guides every week… Interesting.

This caught my interest (and since I’m a fan of Emilie, it also saddens me): SCI FI BBoard: Roswell writers’ plans for Tess [Reply #3]. Thanks to PHMustang2000 for pointing out this Roswell behind the scenes info…

Today was a boring day before my dad got home from work. He actually likes Passions, so I decided to keep the episode until later. But I did watch DVRed episodes of Fist of the North Star (whee) and Dragonball GT (I’m liking this series more every week.. maybe it’s because I had heard so many bad things about it).

I was looking into finally getting a new hard drive with this February’s check (since it’s a lighter media buying month.. and this computer’s telling me to backup and replace.. which I can’t do). But with the VCR screwing up, I have to look into getting a new one since I’m the one who wore down the old one (my dad never even uses it anymore.. while I use it almost every day.. and I must have a working one by the Dino Thunder premiere). So that’ll be the closest thing to a birthday present this year, I guess… Unless my dad gets the hard drive for me with the refund.. but we’re so poor right now, that I doubt it..

Blah. See ya.

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jetix / mmpr interview / robotech dvd / degrassi / today / water / links

January 26, 2004

ToonZone.Net’s Matt Williams has provided us with Toon Disney’s Jetix block schedule, which begins Saturday, February 14th:

7:00pm The Legend of Tarzan
7:30pm Power Rangers Ninja Storm
8:00 Digimon (season unspecified)
8:30 Buzz Lightyear of Star Command

7:00pm The Legend of Tarzan
7:30pm Power Rangers Dino Thunder
8:00pm Digimon (season unspecified)
8:30pm Beyblade V-Force

*headache at the thought of adding these six extra timeslots to the airing schedules page*

Check out this blast from the power past (if you can stand the poor video quality): Regis & Kathy Lee Interview Video (circa 1994) (9:22 WMV, 6.65MB). It features David Yost, Amy Jo Johnson, and Jason David Frank. Good find, Ranger923. And I would download now, since he says it will only be online for a week or two.

Yup, I’m definately hooked. Video Universe is already reporting a March 23rd, 2004 release date for Robotech Remastered: Extended Edition – The Macross Saga, Collection 2 . And they have cover art. 🙂

I was watching The Division today and I came across an ad for a little TV movie called She’s Too Young. What attracted me to this (besides the subject matter), you ask? The title role will be played by Degrassi: The Next Generation‘s Miriam McDonald (Degrassi’s Emma). She’s Too Young premieres February 16th at 8PM ET on Lifetime… Also, since I believe Degrassi TNG started airing new episodes today in Canada, The N shouldn’t be too far behind… 🙂

Today was.. average: Passions, Division, John Henson Project, another Fist of the North Star (i think i’m starting to get bored by it because it’s the same plot every episode: people in trouble, Ken helps, people saved, then one tiny step forward in the series storyline), and two more episodes of Robotech (I’m actually liking it more with every episode, but it’s too bad there’s already only 4 episodes left before the wait for March’s Collection 2).

The water heater’s gone out. Whee. And the landlord has given the task of replacing it to our next door nieghbor, who does maintanence for the apartment complex. Yes, the same one that most likely stole our previous car stereo out of our truck last year. He has keys to the apartments, and the hallway closet that leads to the crawlspace under the apartments. My dad suspects he’s stealing cable. And a drug dealer… My dad’s going to try hold him off a few days to a day when he’s home. He works tomorrow. And just because of some damn snow, he may cancel my all-important media buying after he gets off work. He better not. Damnit. 😡

Edit (3:28PM): Phew! It took a complete rebuilding of the airing schedules page to get it updated again, but it’s done. I’m glad the schedule additions were minor this time around though. An extra week has been added for all three shows, with Power Rangers’ being incomplete except for the first airing of Dino Thunder… Maybe I’ll update it again as soon as I get that next week of listings. 🙂

Also, my 21st birthday’s this Sunday.. and I’m sure I’ll be getting nothing.. See ya…

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Sunday 01.25.04: my life sucks.. but then I’ll die..

January 25, 2004

Ugh. I’m glad I set the DVR to record “The Mutiny, Part II”. The damn alarm didn’t wake me up in time again. It looks like I’ll be DVRing a lot until I get that new VCR anyway… That new Power Rangers Dino Thunder promo took me by surprise just now. It seemed liked an “Day Of The Dino” episodic / villains promo showcasing Mesogog and Ilsa… (and it seems like GrnPsycoDragon has dropped the ball on this one as he doesn’t have the promo for download yet.. but who would’ve expected a new promo on a Sunday? :p ).

I finally tried to show my dad Bowling For Columbine.. and he went to sleep in his chair almost immediately (*doesn’t mention he himself did too..but for different reasons*). I guess he just doesn’t want to hear it. Ignorant bastard. He grew up in a younger America. He’s over 60 years old and thinks Marilyn Manson is a druggie just because of what he saw in a music video. And that Christina Aguilera is a whore for the same reason (at least he admits she’s a better singer than Britney :p ). He just refuses to see the bigger picture. Now he’s off to work. And it’s snowing. 4-8 inches expected. Whee. I’m sure glad I’m not able to go out. And have a life. And friends. And.. fun.. *sigh*

A part of me really would like to make my entries more personal. But I know that once I do, I’ll just go off on another “my life is useless” trip (even if it is true.. but annoying to others). So.. it’s mostly about what I physically do everyday instead. Blah blah blah.. my life fucking sucks.

Anyway, for those looking for today’s new Dino Thunder promo, check out The PRDT Information Archive’s Promos page and scroll all the way to the bottom. These are in Real Media though…

I just finished watching two more Robotech episodes, and another Fist of the North Star. Both are awesome, but a part of me is getting tired of Fist

entry time
NBC’s pushing Scrubs back to Tuesday because of that Apprentice bullshit. Grrrr. 😡

I’ve just heard from PowerDigiDragon that Toon Disney has begun showing promos for its upcoming Jetix block, with clips of shows to air in that block. These clips include previous season of Power Rangers… could it be possible that they will air VR Troopers and Beetleborgs, like Chris Funaro has predicted before the channel’s Dino Thunder airings were ever officially announced? I guess we must wait and see… I can already see them starting out with a three-hour block of what was in the teaser (Digimon, Beyblade, Buzz Lightyear, Tarzan, Best of Power Rangers, and Dino Thunder), with BoPR airing at 7PM. 🙂

This is an interesting new layout for my entries.. but I doubt I’ll use it regularly. See ya…

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Saturday 01.24.04: *VCR explodes* *growls*

January 24, 2004

My alarm wakes me up and I watch Digimon for no real reason, except to catch a new Power Rangers Dino Thunder promo. And within minutes, I am rewarded with a pretty cool new promo mentioning the hour-long premiere for the first time on ABC Family. The ending also has the new Jetix look that we’ll have to get used to. Pretty cool stuff. And it doesn’t take long for GrnPsychoDragon to get his download of the episode online (right-click here). 😀

Then it gets more strange. Could this RangerBoard thread really be posted by Jason David Frank? Heh. We may never know… even though I’m starting to doubt it…

“The Mutiny, Part I” was awesome. I hadn’t seen it in a while. But what made me groan was the new announcer (for the new promo above) being added to the Kira profile promo. I miss the old announcer already…

Ugh. That VCR is really starting to get annoying. With the addition of the DVR, I find myself taping even more. This wears down the VCR. It’s starting to really screw up. I might buy another one when the next check comes, but I had been wanting to get a new hard drive instead. 😦 Anyway… the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles episode, “Secret Origins, Part Two”, was great, as usual.. for what I saw of it. My favorite line of the episode had to be the reference to The Matrix. :p But the VCR was affecting the picture pretty badly at the start just because it was recording the episode. There’s no way I’m taping Dino Thunder with this peice of crap… *goes back to mst3k*

Post-MST3k this morning, I watched episode 3 of Code Name Identity (ep 1 wasn’t that good, ep 2 was an improvement.. but this one just sucked), as well as a few other.. shows. Then I waited in and out of sleep until my dad laft for work. Now it’s only boring. 😦

Ah, that was fun… until it all went to hell again. First, I watched DVRed Dragonball GT and Fist of the North Star episodes. Then it was time to finally tape/watch the two final season 4 episodes of The Tribe. Only I can’t watch them because the VCR is crapping out so much. I may have to save everything I planned to tape to DVR instead (and be forced to buy a new one as soon as the next check comes). This VCR is only getting worse. *sigh*

More Power Rangers Dino Thunder publicity (with no new information) has been found by Ryan Johnson: ‘Power Rangers’ back – in time. 🙂

02/14/2004- 08:30AM – PRDT – 1401: “Day Of The Dino, Part I” (ABC Family)
02/14/2004- 09:00AM – PRDT – 1402: “Day Of The Dino, Part II” (ABC Family)
02/14/2004- 07:30PM – PRDT – 1401: “Day Of The Dino, Part I” (Toon Disney)
02/15/2004- 08:30AM – PRDT – 1401: “Day Of The Dino, Part I” (ABC Family)
02/15/2004- 09:00AM – PRDT – 1402: “Day Of The Dino, Part II” (ABC Family)
02/15/2004- 07:30PM – PRDT – 1402: “Day Of The Dino, Part II” (Toon Disney)

02/16/2004- 08:00AM – PRDT – 1401: “Day Of The Dino, Part I” (ABC Family)
02/16/2004- 08:30AM – PRDT – 1402: “Day Of The Dino, Part II” (ABC Family)
02/17/2004- 08:00AM – PRDT – 1401: “Day Of The Dino, Part I” (ABC Family)
02/17/2004- 08:30AM – PRDT – 1402: “Day Of The Dino, Part II” (ABC Family)
02/18/2004- 08:00AM – PRDT – 1401: “Day Of The Dino, Part I” (ABC Family)
02/18/2004- 08:30AM – PRDT – 1402: “Day Of The Dino, Part II” (ABC Family)
02/19/2004- 08:00AM – PRDT – 1401: “Day Of The Dino, Part I” (ABC Family)
02/19/2004- 08:30AM – PRDT – 1402: “Day Of The Dino, Part II” (ABC Family)
02/20/2004- 08:00AM – PRDT – 1401: “Day Of The Dino, Part I” (ABC Family)
02/20/2004- 08:30AM – PRDT – 1402: “Day Of The Dino, Part II” (ABC Family)

02/21/2004- 08:30AM – PRDT – 1403: Title TBA (ABC Family)
02/21/2004- 11:30AM – PRDT – 1401: “Day Of The Dino, Part I” (ABC)
02/21/2004- 12:00PM – PRDT – 1402: “Day Of The Dino, Part II” (ABC)
02/21/2004- 07:30PM – PRDT – 1402: “Day Of The Dino, Part II” (Toon Disney) [educated guess]
02/22/2004- 08:30AM – PRDT – 1403: Title TBA (ABC Family)
02/22/2004- 07:30PM – PRDT – 1403: Title TBA (Toon Disney)

See ya…

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The Power Rangers Dino Thunder Press Release…finally…

January 24, 2004

Yup, here it is, courtesy of Burgundy Ranger… 🙂

But first, here’s the significant cast and schedule info from the release:

* The premiere on ABC Family on Feb. 14 is ONE HOUR, meaning the first two episodes are on a week before ABC Kids.

* PRDT will also be shown on TOON DISNEY, at 7:30 p.m. each Saturday and Sunday night, also a week before ABC Kids.

* The cast:
Jason David Frank — Tommy Oliver/Black Ranger
Kevin Duhaney — Ethan James/Blue Ranger
Emma Lahana — Kira Ford/Yellow Ranger
James Napier — Connor McKnight/Red Ranger
Jeffrey Parazzo — Trent
Latham Gaines — Dr. Anton Mercer/Mesogog
Miriama Smith — Ilsa and Mrs. Randall
Katrina Devine — Cassidy
Tom Hern — Devin
Islay Johnston — Hayley

The phenomenon of Power Rangers meets the fascination of dinosaurs in “Power Rangers DinoThunder,” the newest series in the #1 global action/adventure franchise

— Series Premieres During the New Jetix Programming Block —
— Saturday, February 14 on ABC Family —

BURBANK, CA, January 23, 2004 . . . The marvel of seemingly typical teens morphing into mighty heroes is now combined with the awe of dinosaurs in “Power Rangers DinoThunder,” the 12th installment of the world’s most popular kids’ action/adventure franchise, “Power Rangers.”

The goliath “Power Rangers” franchise has captivated tens of millions of kids for over a decade. Today, it is the #1 boys’ action brand in the marketplace. This year, it expands on TV and will be seen on two basic cable networks and one broadcast network in 17 timeslots (mornings and evenings) each week. It is also seen in 140 countries around the world. Off TV, “Power Rangers” dominates as the perennial favorite among boys, spanning action figures and toys that, since 1993, continue to top the charts as the number one action figure brand. “Power Rangers” also span across multiple categories of consumer products including home videos/DVD titles, publishing, interactive and apparel.

“Power Rangers DinoThunder” premieres in an exciting one hour episode as part of the new Jetix programming block SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 14 (8:30 a.m., ET/PT) on ABC Family and will be seen there every Saturday and Sunday (8:30 a.m., ET/PT). It also premieres that same night during the Jetix programming block (7:30 p.m.) on Toon Disney and will be seen there every Saturday and Sunday evening (7:30 p.m., ET/PT). In addition, “Power Rangers DinoThunder” premieres on the ABC Television Network’s “ABC Kids” SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 21 (11:30 a.m., ET/10:30 a.m., CT/PT and 12:00 noon ET/11:00 a.m., CT/PT).

“Power Rangers DinoThunder” features adventure, drama and humor while emphasizing the importance of being a team player. Stories are punctuated by exhilarating sports and music scenes, martial arts and acrobatics, special effects and relatable young characters that, in addition to the typical challenges of their teenage lives, are given the new responsibility to help champion good over evil.

Following a similar structure as last season, “Power Rangers DinoThunder” premieres with three Power Rangers (Red, Blue and Yellow). Two others, a Black Power Ranger and a White Power Ranger, emerge later in the storyline.

The newest series is highlighted by the return of onetime Power Ranger Tommy Oliver (1993-97). Tommy is now a high school science teacher in the town of Reefside, California, a refuge he returned to after years of working alongside the late scientist Dr. Anton Mercer. Their top secret experiment combined dinosaur DNA and modern technology and resulted in the invention of Dino Zords, creatures of incredible strength and brilliance. Tommy hoped this innovation would benefit man’s understanding of dinosaurs but the lab and its secret work was viciously destroyed by a warped scientist, later known as Mesogog, who conspired to return the world to the age of the dinosaurs.

Believing that chapter of his life is closed, Tommy is focusing on teaching but unbeknownst to him, Mesogog intends to see his distorted plan through. Among Tommy’s students are: Connor, a star soccer player, Kira, a wannabe rocker, and Ethan, an internet guru and champion on-line gamer.

While on a class field trip, the trio comes across ancient Dino Gems, stones from the asteroid that destroyed the dinosaur population long ago. The strange stones have immense power, bond their special magic to each kid and before long, will transform them into superheroes known as the Power Rangers.

When Mesogog resurfaces and attacks the city with his fearsome Tyrannodrones — plus two robotic cyborgs, Elsa and Zeltrax — Tommy must quickly teach his three students to harness the power of the Dino Zords — a giant Tyrannosaurus, Triceratops and Pteranodon. Although they are hesitant, the teens rise to challenge. Through the Dino Gems and with their special call out, “DinoThunder! Power Up!,” Connor morphs into the Red Ranger with super speed, Kira becomes the Yellow Ranger with a piercing and powerful scream, and Ethan is the Blue Ranger with the ability to grow impenetrable armor for skin.

Mesogog knows the Power Rangers are the sole obstacle to his plan and sets out to seize the Dino Gems. Then, an important secret about the teens’ teacher is revealed — he was once the leader of the Power Rangers. The students implore Tommy to reignite his Ranger powers and ultimately, he joins them as the Black Power Ranger.

But the Rangers have another threat upon them when a renegade White Power Ranger strikes the city. Unsure of his motives, it’s up to the Power Rangers to first uncover his identity and then somehow convince him to join the ranks and fight evil alongside the Power Rangers. When Mesogog ups the ante in his quest to capture the powers of the Dino Gems for himself, it will be up to five Power Rangers to utilize new Zords, new weapons and new powers to defeat him. All the while, they must keep their Power Ranger identities secret from two fellow students Cassidy and Devin, reporters for the school TV station.

Starring are Jason David Frank (“The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers”) as Tommy Oliver/Black Power Ranger; Kevin Duhaney (Disney Channel’s “Tru Confessions”) as Ethan James/Blue Power Ranger; Emma Lahana (Disney Channel’s “You Wish!”) as Kira Ford/Yellow Power Ranger; James Napier (“The Tribe”) as Connor McKnight/Red Power Ranger; Jeffrey Parazzo as Trent; Latham Gaines as Mesogog; Miriama Smith (“Mercy Peak”) as Ilsa and Mrs. Randall; Katrina Devine (“Power Rangers Ninja Storm”) as Cassidy; Tom Hern as Devin and Islay Johnston as Hayley.

The executive producers are Douglas J. Sloan and Ann Austen, Humanitas Prize finalists for Disney Channel’s Original Movie “Johnny Tsunami,” executive producers on “Power Rangers Ninja Storm” and former writers/producers on “Power Rangers” (1993-97). Koichi Sakamoto, a 17-year veteran of the global franchise, is the co-executive producer and episodic director. Janine Dickins is the producer.

“Power Rangers DinoThunder” is produced in studio and on location in Auckland, New Zealand. It is from Village Roadshow KP Productions Ltd.

[ Prometheus Realm’s Power Rangers Dino Thunder Webpage ]

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January 23, 2004

I’m sure the Power Rangers Dino Thunder publicity machine is only beginning. Check out Reuters: ‘Rangers’ on Prehistoric Trip and a DT mention in a recent Cinescape editorial. 🙂

In other exciting news, Joe Rovang’s infamous yet abandoned “Writer’s Guide To The Power Rangers Universe” website’s updating has been picked up by longtime Power Rangers fan SirSTACK. 🙂

Here’s some recent mentionable things from the Power Rangers newsgroup:
ShadowForce – Blast from the Power Past: Japanese-dubbed ”Power Rangers Turbo”! (limited time)
Ryan Johnson – New & upcoming “Dino Thunder” toy releases…

Yay. My 21st birthday is almost a week away. Buy me something. 😀 …haha. I knew that wouldn’t work…

Anyway.. I must admit that the previous entry was actually entered at about 5-6AM this morning. Not 11:52PM. I’ve been redating the entries every once in a while only because I want the entries to be within the day it’s about. :p I actually slept from 11PM to about 4AM. It just.. happened too. I just stood up from the computer and lied down on the bed. And, at first, I couldn’t even remember myself doing that. Weird.

Friday is still a weekday, so we watched Passions, the last two Tru Calling episodes that had started to pile up on the DVR (awesome show), then I transferred a South Park episode from DVR to VHS that had been waiting for almost a month.. After that, I watched two more episodes of Robotech. I think I can say that I am somewhat hooked now. :p Then, I tried to watch another Fist of the North Star episode.. and mostly failed. Then I slept some more. And I woke up hours later with a headache. Now my dad would rather watch the neighbors’ bullshit outside than listen to me. Ah well. Not much different there.. since no one gives a crap about me anyway..

Then tonight was only worse. So bad, I don’t want to go into it. Blah. At least I don’t have to miss the new Ninja Turtles as it airs tomorrow. I planned on taping tomorrow’s episode of MST3k, but that episode was announced to be coming to DVD (in March) just this week. Yay. I’m still taping said TMNT and “The Mutiny, Part I” on BoPR. 🙂

See ya…

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[ Bush To Industrialize Largest Remaining Wilderness In US ]
[ Milk – Something Very Bad Has Happened ]
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[ European Mars Express Confirms Water Ice On Planet ]
[ Spirit Mars Rover Revives – Sends Small Amount Of Data ]
[ Eleven Year Old Gives Birth In Ukraine ]

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