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I’m too obsessed with DVD, damnit…

May 31, 2003

This is for anyone who hasn’t heard this yet: The Power Rangers Ninja Storm, Vol. 1: Prelude To A Storm DVD has some problems. A few retailers have broken street date already and placed the DVDs on the shelves. Bad news: They’re hacked up apparently. This is what ShadowForce has to report at the newsgroup:

VHS hackage:
“The only separate episode is “Prelude To A Storm”. There’s a set of opening credits, then “There’s No ‘I’ In Team” and “Beauty And The Beach” run right after the other, minus the end credits to “There’s No ‘I’ In Team” and the opening credits for “Beauty And The Beach”. The “written by” and “directed by” credits, plus the separate title for “Beauty And The Beach” are present. I’m pretty sure that both Copybot and Magnet Dude are credited at the end, but I haven’t gotten that far yet to see for myself.”

DVD hackage:
“As if the VHS hacking of the episodes wasn’t bad enough, the DVD does it one better! “Prelude To A Storm” is by itself, followed by “There’s No “I” In Team”. However, the end credits that follow the episode are those for “Beauty And The Beach” (no joke), followed by the start of “Beauty And The Beach” (no opening credits), which ends with… you guessed it, the end credits to “There’s No “I” In Team”. Way to go, Buena Vista!”

Ugh. I’ll definitely still be getting this though. At least the actual scenes are still intact. And ShadowForce also reported that the video quality is still “excellent” on this DVD, which includes “nice, interactive menus”. I’ll most likely have an entry just to review the DVD on Tuesday or so…

If you want to know, ShadowForce found the VHS at Borders and the DVD at Best Buy, where I’ll be going to get it this Tuesday. The VHS includes a “Pirates Of The Caribbean” trailer, while the DVD doesn’t. Yet the DVD includes a “Ninja Storm on ABC Family” promo, while the VHS has the old “Wild Force on ABC Family” promo.

Anyway, I ordered the new novels, Roswell: A New Beginning and Dark Angel: After The Dark and the former already shipped today. Yay.

See ya.



May 31, 2003
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5th Update – 06/08/2003 3:13AM ET

Saturday morning 5/31/03

May 31, 2003

Another Saturday morning… My dad actually has to go to work today. He only goes three days a week though.

Anyway, first up: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. Today’s episode: “Food Fight”. Another classic episode from the series’ first season. I enjoyed every minute of this episode. Then I even stuck around for the Ninja Storm repeat, “Pork Chopped”, as well.

I’m not really in the mood this morning to write this weekly entry. So if it’s shorter than usual, now you know why…

Wow. I just checked out and the all-new Power Rangers Ninja Storm episode airing on June 14th isn’t “Snip It, Snip It Good”, like I first thought. Instead, it’s an episode titled “The Scent Of A Ranger”. Let the speculation begin. Heh.

Then I waited for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to begin. Today’s episode, “The King”, is dedicated to Jack Kirby, “the king of comics”. This was another great episode. Definitely my favorite stand-alone episode so far. I especially liked the quote at the end: “Life at best is bittersweet”. So true.

Oh look. Lizzie McGuire. I somewhat like this series. It’s a good thing to watch while waiting for Pirate Islands anyway. Today’s episode is the usual: one I’ve seen thousands of times already…

Let me go off topic for a sec. It looks like I’ll be checking out Best Buy this Tuesday. I’m glad my dad won’t be working that day (the 3 days a week are random). I wonder if I will be able to sneak that South Park pilot bonus DVD for free without buying the South Park Season 2 set, like I have done before with their demo DVDs before. And there’s quite a few items to get this week too: 2 (possibly 3 or 4) DVDs, and 1 (possibly 2) CDs. Wow.

Anyway, time for Pirate Islands. Today’s episode: “Ghost Attack”. Another great episode. I found it funny at times. And it looks as if FoxBox aired the wrong “next episode” promo last week because they aired it again this week. Next week’s episode looks really exciting. Can’t wait.

Kim Possible. It’s on ABC Kids and it isn’t Filmore or Ninja Storm, so it’s auto repeats. The same few episodes. Over and over. Like today’s KP. I’ve seen it plenty of times already. I hope ABC grows a brain and at least begins airing the new episodes after they premiere on Disney Channel beginning this July. I may actually WATCH.

All right. Now for the grand finale to this Saturday morning of awesomeness, Power Rangers Ninja Storm. First, it’s a re-airing of “The Samurai’s Journey, Part I” followed by the all-new “The Samurai’s Journey, Part II”. I sat down to enjoy Part 1 (again) only to have it interrupted because of some bomber being caught. Great news, but I wanted to see Ninja Storm, damnit. ABC went back to Part 1 half way into the episode. At least Part 2 was uninterrupted. Part 2 had to be the best Ninja Storm episode to date. At least, in my opinion anyway. I think I’ll definitely be watching again sometime during the week on DVR. It was that great. Can’t wait for Part 3 next week!

I don’t comment much on the episodes because I don’t do reviews that good…and I want to leave spoilers out.

Anyway, another Saturday down. See ya.

LJ bar code

May 30, 2003
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personal crap..

May 30, 2003

My dad’s ex-wife recently asked him if we would like to move to Florida with them when they move back there. I’m glad he said no.

Also, my dad’s check didn’t come in the mail today when mine did. And we probably won’t get this month’s food stamps until Monday. So our house is pretty much food-free until then. Ugh. At least he’s got a job again. Delivering for CarQuest. I think he still has a month or so to go until retirement…

Anyway, I can’t wait for tomorrow morning. Every show is new again. Well, the ones that matter anyway.

See ya.

dream / smallville on dvd

May 30, 2003

I had a dream that I met a friend I knew from school long ago. He reunited me with Tami. I found out I still had feelings for her when she no longer did for me. Then, I began thinking how to incorporate this into a future Truth Seekers story. I wrote it down with all the other ideas once I woke up. The tentative title is “The Final Goodbye”…

Anyway, I heard yesterday that Smallville will already be hitting DVD this September through Columbia House’s TV Greats subscription service wherein you get one disc of episodes every 4-6 weeks (at an over-inflated price, in my opinion). I don’t know yet if this is just rumor or what. It may mean that season boxed sets aren’t that far behind because TV Greats also began carrying X-Files once season sets began being released of that series.

I have go get ready for the day today. I’m probably getting my monthly check today. Yay.

See ya.


May 30, 2003

Ugh. I’m so busy with… EVERYTHING. I had to do all this crap all day long. I wanted to play the War of the Monsters PS2 demo again. Damnit.

I better go to bed. I have a busy day tomorrow as well. See ya.

Dominion’s days are numbered…

May 29, 2003

“Dominion has been taken over by morons. It is no longer dominion. It is a faggotry festival.” –Psykosonik

Friends depart,
As evil dictators rise,
Geriatrics and losers take over,
Goofiness is obliterated,
Offensiveness is outlawed,
The times have changed,
Ruled by a sadistic bitch,
Your dominion is now a faggotry festival.

Dominion: Rest In Peace.


May 29, 2003

Wow. I don’t think I’ve entryed all day. Anyway, here’s some news I found interesting…

[ Lord of the Rings… THE MUSICAL ]

Haha. That is all.

Sk8er Boi: The Hollywood Reporter indicates the catchy Avril Lavigne song about a girl who develops a crush on a skater boy (what else) even though her friends disapprove, has been optioned by Paramount and MTV Films to become a feature film.

I will only buy this movie on DVD if they cast Avril in the lead role…

24 (DVD): An August 11th release date is set for the UK version of Season Two on DVD according to The R2 Project. The US disc will hit in September. Unlike last season, this time there’ll be an extras disc along with commentaries and deleted scenes.

This is the most exciting news to me. Can’t wait. (Amazon already reports a Sept 2nd release date.)

See ya.


May 29, 2003

IGN now has more details on the upcoming PlayStation Portable, or PSP. This sounds awesome. And yes, that disc in the slides is the kind the PSP will be using. Can’t wait to get this.

I’m also starting to get hyped about the new Harry Potter book. I pre-ordered it on Amazon back in April once I heard about the arrive-on-release-date deal. I decided to do that so I won’t have to deal with the possible large amounts of people in the book stores. Now I must try to keep at least $20-some in the bank by the end of the month…

I think I’ll go and attempt sleep now. See ya.