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October 31, 2006

RedEagleRanger over on RangerBoard claims that the Green Ranger’s infamous Dragon Dagger will be unearthed and will turn into Red Ranger’s gold dagger to match Boukenger’s sentai footage in next year’s Power Rangers Operation Overdrive. Neat. Oh, and he also helped confirm the multi-generational team-up set to take place next year as well. :p

Another Power Rangers Mystic Force toy has shown up on eBay with a bonus DVD. Only this one is a 30-minute karate instructional video for a bash bag toy. The oddest thing is that the instructor is named “Rex Ranger”, when the Operation Overdrive Red Ranger is also named Rex. Hmm. Start keeping your eyes peeled for a commercial featuring Rex Ranger as well.. or download.. or check it out on YouTube..

Lionsgate has scheduled the next Marvel Animated Features direct-to-DVD release, The Invincible Iron Man, for release on January 24th 2007. It will also be available in a Marvel Animated Features Gift Set alongside the Ultimate Avengers I & II DVDs and a limited edition Iron Man bust. So can’t wait. 🙂

Spike TV has issued a press release concerning its upcoming Afro Samurai animated mini-series, which is animated by Japanese studio Gonzo and will be released on DVD by FUNimation. Ron Perlman & Kelly Hu have been cast in the series alongside Samuel L. Jackson, who will voice the title role. The five-episode series begins on Thursday January 4th 2007..

I awoke in the morning, read the rest of Gantz manga Volume 8, and downloaded Volume 9. Then we watched some morning TV and had some breakfast. I watched last night’s Countdown (pretty good) and Oban Star-Racers (wow @ the inner Oban, great episode). I also began typing Prisoner’s Story into the PC. I took a break for Passions (oh, here comes the town meeting again.. where everyone just happens to be in the same place at one time) and three more DVD episodes of Justice League Unlimited: Season 1 (wow, great “Question Authority”/”Flashpoint” storyline.. I wish they hadn’t placed “Hunter’s Moon” on the DVD between this multi-episode story though).

I then returned to my room and got back to work typing Prisoner’s Story. I finished and uploaded it. I recommend you read The Prisoner first though, if you haven’t already.. We had some supper, then I news-gathered..

At 8PM, we watched Standoff (pretty good episode) and House (whoa, awesome). But then my dad still wasn’t feeling great, so he headed off to bed early again. He’s been getting shakes in his arms. He says it used to come and go, but now it’s been happening for two days. The only time it stops is when he sleeps… *sigh*

See ya.

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October 30, 2006

I awoke in the morning and watched Ned’s Declassified (lol, Halloween episode), Robot Chicken (lol) and Frisky Dingo (lol). I followed that up with some usual morning TV and GTA San Andreas (*drives up mountain, parachutes down, shoots many many virtual people*). My dad returned home and we had some lunch. I got online for a while, then wrote some more Prisoner’s Story (okay, one more scene for chapter 1 :p). We also watched Passions (*rolls eyes @ ..everything..*).

Next, I watched three more DVD episodes of Justice League Unlimited: Season 1 (oops, skipped one yesterday and didn’t notice until today :p ..great episodes though). I went to my bedroom DVR and watched Nightmare Before Christmas (this was my first time watching it too.. it was pretty good 🙂 ). Once all that was over, it was 5PM: time to get online and news-gather again. My dad wasn’t feeling great and took a nap. I finished up online pretty early and didn’t find any news. 😦 Instead, I finished the first chapter of Prisoner’s Story (probably won’t be online until tomorrow though) and read some more Gantz (yay @ original storyline now that I’ve read through the anime’s story.. so awesome). Then my dad woke up and made a late supper.

At 8PM, because the CBS shows were all reruns, we watched Prison Break (another great episode). But then my dad still wasn’t feeling great, so he went back to sleep afterward. I went ahead and watched Heroes (watching it live for the first time, yay.. very awesome episode too *so hopes for DVD next fall*) and the new Power Rangers Mystic Force. Yup, “The Return” aired today.. and it wasn’t all that bad. It was one of those “finale prologue” episodes. Nice way of recapping the story through Toby instead of wasting an entire episode in flashback. 🙂 Now we must wait two weeks for the one-hour two-part finale, on November 13th at 7:30PM ET. :/

The Prisoner is based on fact as far I understand what happened on September 11th. Except for the “victims still being alive” part. The evidence makes it look like the planes were switched that day, but who knows what really happened to the passengers. Unfortunately, I don’t think they’re alive. But I made the story as a “what if”. What if they were alive, and what if that caused the revealing of the true terrorists that reside within our own government? Someday, I hope they are revealed and get the punishment they deserve. See ya.

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Sunday 10.29.2006 — clash of the teevee titan

October 29, 2006

I awoke too early in the morning and watched some TV. I eventually nodded off, but woke back up when my dad did. He got the paper and I looked through the ads for Tuesday.. er, later in the week. We watched some MadTV repeats and had some breakfast. I took over the TV too late and watched Trinity Blood (wow, now that was good), Bleach (also pretty good), Eureka 7 (still my favorite of the three though), three more DVD episodes of Justice League Unlimited: Season 1 (awesome, especially “Task Force X”) and Beakman’s World (I stumbled upon it.. okay, I DVRed it this time :p). Once all that was over, I looked for PRMF promos while my dad scared the cat with the vacuum cleaner. 😦 I saw “The Return” promo again this morning. :p Then my dad took over the TV, and I’m back here in my room..

I soon went to the bedroom DVR and watched Battlestar Galactica (ah, back to the more boring stuff.. *nearly falls asleep*). I got online for a bit after that, then watched Jericho (boooorrrrring *deletes for the last time before watching most of the episode*), Kidnapped (whoa, one of the best episodes yet.. and yum @ Madchen Amick 😉 ), Justice (wow, one of the best episodes yet for this series as well.. I’ve been waiting for one with a twist like that) and another episode of Everybody Hates Chris (haha, I guess.. *rolls eyes @ the assassination dream that copies the Zapruder film*)..

I actually stayed online for quite awhile, not finishing up until after 8:30PM.. I returned to the living room to find my dad watching Extreme Makeover: Home Edition again. *rolls eyes* I mostly wrote more of Prisonor’s Story instead (I’ve added another scene onto chapter 1, it’s almost finished). Then we watched the new Desperate Housewives (pretty good episode *drools @ Eva Longoria* ..and next week looks even better *hostage situation*). We also fought over who would be watching the living room TV next Sunday night. There’s two DVRings going at the same time at one point, but he doesn’t understand why that would stop him from watching his bullshit football game on the living room TV. Ass. I am so going to take control for those measly two hours damnit. :p

See ya…

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Saturday 10.28.2006 — oh yes, there will be blood.. seeping from a broken sword

October 28, 2006

I saw Bill O’Reilly appearing on Letterman again. Bill is right at home on Fox News, with all the other ignorant pro-Bush idiots. But Letterman isn’t exactly pro-Bush, so they went at it a little, just like last time. It was nice to see something like this on a network again. But then Letterman just had to say that he didn’t know what he was talking about, as if he was wussing out of his great anti-Bush comments to save his pathetic ass. So lame. *rolls eyes*

Before falling asleep, I managed to watch SCI FI Investigates Mothman (there’s no way to solve the mystery.. but the eyewitness were nice, I guess). I awoke the next morning and watched Best Week Ever (lol) and The Soup (lol). I went searching for the Power Rangers Mystic Force‘s “The Return” episodic promo on Toon Disney and soon saw it for myself. They’re still airing it. Maybe it will air on Monday night at 8PM ET after all.. *shrug*

Next, I watched TMNT Fast Forward (“ooh, it’s the future, so let’s redesign the Turtle Titan costume for the time period and don’t mention in-show that it’s been redesigned in any way.” *rolls eyes* It just gets worse and worse doesn’t it?), Countdown (uh.. I’m getting bored of it..) and Oban Star-Racers episode 5 (transferred from DVR to VHS, barely watched really).

Once I finished that up, I did some DVR cleaning. I deleted some old promo recordings (of about a few minutes each) and some other things, then was surprised by how much space I had freed up.. I then watched three more DVD episodes of Justice League Unlimited: Season 1 (awesome episodes). After that, I just found some random stuff to watch.. until I finally decided to watch Saw II: Uncut (just as awesome as it was the first time I watched it). This DVD was retitled to just a “Special Edition” though, so I doubt there’s any difference to the movie between the two DVDs I now own. Even though the back cover claims that it’s an “alternate cut”, I didn’t notice anything different. :p

Now it’s time for supper…

After some time online, I returned to the living room and my dad was watching some old sitcom reruns. But at 8PM, I took over the TV and watched Fantastic Four (pretty good, I guess), some Deal Or No Deal (while waiting for..), Naruto (whoa, surprisingly better than usual) and Hellboy: Sword of Storms (it was alright). Once all that was over, I returned to my room for the night…

Okay… See ya. 😐

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October 27, 2006

This is just a programming warning since this is most likely the last news post until very late Monday night… A Power Rangers Mystic Force episodic promo continues to air on Toon Disney, claiming that episode 1630: “The Return” may just premiere next Monday October 30th at 8PM ET. Despite the schedules claiming it won’t air until November 13th at 7PM ET, just before the two-part “Mystic Fate” finale. Also, it looks like Jetix UK will be premiering this episode on Friday November 3rd at 5PM, and may just air the two-part finale first by November 5th. Ugh.. Update: “Mystic Fate” I & II premieres on Jetix UK Saturday November 4th starting at 4:30PM. -_-

The Disney Video website has finally added Power Rangers Mystic Force, Volume 2: Legendary Catastros and Power Rangers Mystic Force, Volume 3: Fire Heart. Too bad they chose to add the retailer ad versions with altered fonts. Check out the old TVShowsOnDVD article for the real covers. Since these are the last two volumes, Disney doesn’t seem to care about order anymore. Here’s the episode lists again.. Volume 2 includes 1606: “Legendary Catastros”, 1611: “The Gatekeeper”, 1612: “The Gatekeeper II” and 1605: “Whispering Voices”. Volume 3 includes 1607: “Fire Heart”, 1610: “Petrified Xander”, 1613: “Scaredy Cat” and 1617: “Ranger Down”. Expect both to be in stores on November 28th…

Ain’t It Cool News reports that Warner Bros is going ahead with a sequel to Superman Returns now that they’ve earned back the $200 million budget. The budget is said to be a little lower for the next film, which will feature “strongly ramped up” action and “a non-Lex DC villain”. Cooool. *hopes for Brainiac* 🙂

FOX has ordered thirteen episodes of a new sci-fi series called Beyond, about a virus-carrying asteroid that must be deflected before it hits Earth. VH1 VJ Rachel Perry stars. Sounds cool, I guess… but knowing FOX, they’ll probably cancel it by episode 3 or 4.. :/

I awoke in the morning and watched some of the usual morning TV. Again, blah. I eventually got online, then my dad eventually returned home for the hospital appointment. I watched last night’s Countdown, then fell asleep until we had a late breakfast and watched Passions (yay, stuff still happening). Once that ended, we watched the Butterfly Effect 2 DVD (definitely not as good as the first one.. it’s like a simpler and cheaper carbon copy of the first movie.. I mostly got it for Erica’s Durance’s sex scene.. that was cut short just as you saw some topless action, drat :p) and two more DVD episodes of Justice League Unlimited: Season 1 (awesome, except I didn’t particularly like “Dark Heart” the first time and I had to sit through it again).

Once those were over, I got online to news-gather. We had a rather lame supper, then I finished up online and read some more Gantz. At 8PM, we watched Ghost Whisperer (ooh, mix it up a bit by having her out of town.. yay @ Jay Mohr appearing again, love his character), Close To Home (haha, fake college name.. and Hoosier Dome? It hasn’t been called that in years) and 1 vs 100 (now that I’ve seen it a few times, I don’t care for it as much anymore.. but my dad wanted to see it so I had to change my DVRing plans 😦 ). Once all that was over, I returned to my room for the night.

Blahbity blah blah. 😐 See ya.

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avatar sched / today

October 26, 2006

As you may have noticed, the second of two new Avatar: The Last Airbender episodes to air in October didn’t air when originally scheduled. *waps Nickelodeon with rolled-up newspaper* According to, 217: “Lake Laogai” has been re-scheduled for November 3rd. The next new episode, 218: “The Earth King”, will then air on November 17th. I hope they aren’t starting the new-episode-every-other-week thing again. That’s so annoying..

Since I had unintentionally fallen asleep too early last night, I woke up rather early too. Before 6AM. :/ I got online for a bit, tried to catch the new PRMF promos, then got online again when my dad woke up. :p Then I read some more Gantz (ooh, it’s starting to depart from the anime story now.. neat). I watched last night’s Drawn Together (lol, especially @ the embry-afro.. okay, I just wanted to say embry-afro), South Park (lol) and Countdown (pretty good) while my dad went off to a few places.

He returned in time for us to watch the day’s Passions (yay, the story’s almost going too fast now :p), then I watched three more DVD episodes of Justice League Unlimited: Season 1 (awesome, especially the forming thing with the government). Once that was over, we had a rather early supper, then I got online to news-gather early as well. I fit in some more writing of Prisoner’s Story (I don’t know if I should make where I stopped the end of chapter 1 or continue.. hmm) before 8PM..

Because pretty much everything else was reruns, we watched Smallville (awesome, but next week looks even better 🙂 ), Supernatural (great episode, my dad couldn’t get into it.. maybe because he’s seen maybe 3 episodes since it’s started) and Ugly Betty (lol, I liked this episode.. but my dad didn’t get into it either.. *jawdrops @ next week promo featuring Salma Hayek’s wonderful cleavage* O_O). Once they were all over, I returned to my room for the night.

See ya.

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pr 15th anniv team-up update / proo toys preorder / scrubs season 6 / today

October 25, 2006

Poweranimals provides word that Brandon Jay McLaren has pulled out of the mainly Disney-centric Power Rangers team-up that is set to film in February 2007 and coincides with the series’ 15th anniversary. If you’ve forgotten, the team-up was rumored to include MMPR‘s Johnny Yong Bosch, PRNS‘ Sally Martin, PRDT‘s Emma Lahana, PRSPD‘s Brandon Jay McLaren, and PRMF‘s Richard Brancatisano (last heard to be still in negotiations). No word yet on who’s to replace Brandon though, who decided to ditch this for another role.. I’m glad about this news really. I thought Jack was the most annoying Red Ranger ever.

Power Rangers Mystic Force isn’t even over yet and already has pre-order listings for Power Rangers Operation Overdrive action figures, vehicles & roleplay. :p

Last year, we had to wait until January for the new season of Scrubs. But now NBC has made plans to move out Deal Or No Deal on Thursdays and replace it with new episodes of Scrubs & 30 Rock. The new two-hour comedy block begins on November 16th, then is joined by Scrubs on November 30th. Great to have the show back early. I just hope that Scrubs going on opposite CSI Vegas, Grey’s Anatomy and Supernatural doesn’t mean cancellation if it doesn’t do well in the ratings.. 😦

I awoke way too early. Even before my dad woke up and took off for his hospital appointment. I watched some morning TV, got online, had breakfast. Blah. I eventually watched Oban Star-Racers (another older episode finally taped), then played some more GTA San Andreas (fun). My dad returned home eventually, then we watched Passions (yay’s @ the very end). Once that was over, I watched three more DVD episodes of Justice League Unlimited: Season 1 (awesome).. and then tried to load one of my free discs on the old Dolby 5.1 DVD player. Not only did it take forever to get the tray to work, but it couldn’t even load it. It loaded a Spider-Man 3 teaser trailer VCD pretty well a little while back (after much screwing with the tray). 😦

I eventually gave up on that and got back online to news-gather. We had a surprisingly good supper, then I finished up online close to 7PM. I then watched one of the three Everybody Hates Chris episodes piling up on my bedroom DVR and read some more Gantz manga (I’d much prefer an uncensored US English release rather than these scanlations though).. At 8PM, we watched 30 Rock (lol), Twenty Good Years (lol), Lost (whoa.. another great episode) and CSI NY (eh pretty good). My dad went to bed before the last one was over. *shrug* I eventually returned to my room for the night.

See ya.

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prmf return / venom / painkiller jane tv / skyland / dvd ads oct 29-nov 4 / media / today

October 24, 2006

There’s now some confusion over when Power Rangers Mystic Force episode 1630: “The Return” will first air. A Toon Disney promo claims October 30th while Yahoo! TV claims November 3rd. Aiyaiyai. At this time, the official schedules still claim that it will premiere just before the “Mystic Fate” two-part finale on November 13th at 7PM ET. :/ I’d tune in Monday at 8PM ET just in case..

AintItCoolNews has provided a cool look at some upcoming Spider-Man 3 collectibles… including a look at what Venom will look like in the film. Awesome. I rarely go to theaters to see movies, but I have a feeling I’ll be there come May 2007. 🙂 Update: Sony asks the images be removed and the whimpering dog AICN obeys. And I was stupid enough to not consider saving them. But you can still see the main image here..

Terminator 3‘s Kristianna Loken has been cast in the title role in the upcoming SciFi Channel series Painkiller Jane, which is based on the SciFi Channel original movie that originally starred Smallville‘s Emmanuelle Vaugier.. and both of them are based on the original graphic novel series. The basic premise sounds cool. Wish I could have seen that movie first though. I passed on it when it originally aired. 😦

After briefly being placed on Nickelodeon’s Friday night line-up a few months back and being removed before it ever aired, the animated sci-fi adventure series Skyland will now premiere on Nicktoons Network Saturday November 18th at 9PM ET. The episodes will also be available on iTunes the day before their premieres. The premise sounds cool, so I’ll be checking it out..

Click here for the Best Buy, Circuit City & Target retailer ads for the week of October 29th to November 4th. All I see worth getting that week is Mission Impossible III two-disc at Best Buy with store-exclusive third disc. I hope they don’t run out of copies with the extra disc before Friday. 😦

I stayed up later than usual finally reading the rest of Gantz manga volume 7, burning it, and downloaded volume 8. I also fit in some more work on Prisoner’s Story before finally heading to sleep at sometime past 3AM. Ack.. I awoke the next morning, got ready, and went out media buying..

First, I visited Best Buy and tried to replace Sims 2 there instead. But no receipt, no replace. Gawdamnit. Then I bought Justice League Unlimited: Season 1, Saw II Uncut, Eureka Seven Vol 4 and Wendy Wu. They also had a free “Babes Blades Blood Beauty” disc from FUNimation, featuring four full subbed & dubbed episodes from Desert Punk, Basilisk, Trinity Blood & Speed Grapher (along with a LOT of trailers). Neat. 🙂 ..I moved on to Borders and they still didn’t have what I wanted. 😦 Then I went to the grocery store and spent pretty much the rest of my money for the month on food rather than keeping it for the M:I III DVD next week (I’ll just have to wait until Friday). I picked up.. two Pitch Black Icees on the way home. Mmm. Target’s “large” is just too small.. :/

We returned home and I inventoried the new DVDs. We had a late breakfast, checked out a DVRing of last night’s Countdown (Keith Olbermann’s show.. who voices his anti-Bush-ness on a national news channel, yay 🙂 ), then soon watched Passions (yay, the actual story is coming along well). After that, I watched Heroes (so awesome, me wants season DVD) and the first three DVD episodes of Justice League Unlimited: Season 1 (mmm, Supergirl– I mean, also awesome >_>). When those were over, I fit in a little more work on Prisoner’s Story (I believe I’ve already reached the last scene of chapter one 🙂 ) before getting online to news-gather. We had supper, then I finished up online at 7PM..

I watched the final two episodes of Dead Like Me (aww @ the very end.. nice scheduling on SciFi’s part with the Halloween episode / series finale), Veronica Mars (great episode) and last night’s Prison Break (whoa, that episode went by fast.. great one though). Once all that was over, I returned to my room for the night.

The next week is going to be rough again. Just being broke is depressing, even if you have nothing to buy.. Who am I kidding? I always have something to buy but can’t ever afford. PC. PS3. PSP. VCR. DVD (player). *sigh* And next month promises to be another DVD (disc)-heavy month. Damnit. 😦 See ya.

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ron on prmf theme / fox nov / smallville s5 hd art / nobody / today

October 23, 2006

The GKA Times have posted to RangerBoard some Power Rangers-centric excerpts from their interview with Power Rangers composer Ron Wasserman. My favorite question? This one..

GKA: Before we get to the fan questions I have one burning question, did you REALLY like the Mystic Force song?
Ron: Yes and I especially loved the original version by the Black Eyed Peas called “Pump It”.

lol. 🙂

Fox has issued a press release covering the new episodes to come during the November sweeps period. I’ve so missed House.. and Prison Break.. and the Sunday comedies.. But why intentionally air the Simpsons Halloween episode after Halloween every single year?! :/

TVShowsOnDVD has a look at the packaging for the first TV HD-DVD — Smallville: The Complete Fifth Season. This release is going to be in a translucent plastic case too. Interesting..

ABC Family has greenlit production on a new drama pilot titled Nobody, based on the graphic novel series about a paranormal investigator who can change her facial features. Neat. 🙂

I awoke in the morning and watched some morning TV and had some breakfast. Then I watched last night’s Robot Chicken (lol, especially @ the Penguin bit) and Frisky Dingo (lol), and checked out some music videos. I got online for a bit next, then my dad returned home from his hospital appointment. I found some time to write more of Prisoner’s Story (it’s getting awesome, in my opinion). Then we watched Passions (ah I see.. the real Sheridan actress is back from maternity leave, so now we can actually have a story instead of that stalling bullshit.. yay).

I wanted to watch a movie, but my dad was feeling bad and he said he would be taking a nap again. So I played around in GTA San Andreas for a few hours instead (ah the comforting hobbies of riding a motorcycle through the country, gambling, playing pool.. and killing many many virtual people :p). But then my dad didn’t nap. So I’ll be lucky to fit in the movie on Saturday now. Gawdamnit. 😡 ..I got online to news-gather not long after 5PM. Then had some supper and finished up just in time for 8PM..

We watched How I Met Your Mother (lol, awesome), The Class (funnier than usual), Two & A Half Men (lol, best episode in a while), Old Christine (lol, Andy Richter’s awesome) and CSI Miami (ooh spooky Halloween episode.. lol @ the explosion scene *parks car in middle of abandoned beach, removes sunglasses* *walks away from car as it explodes, puts sunglasses back on after just taking them off* “burn baby burn”? so cheesy :p). Once all that was over, I returned to my room for the night.

The last huge media buying Tuesday of the month tomorrow. So can’t wait to start Justice League Unlimited either. See ya. 🙂

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Sunday 10.22.2006 — media absorbing..

October 22, 2006

I awoke in the morning, looked through the newspaper’s ads for Tuesday, and had some breakfast. Then I watched Trinity Blood (eh pretty good), Bleach (also pretty good) and Eureka 7 (omg awesome). Then I discovered Friday’s Avatar was actually a rerun and found some Beakman’s World (ah memories of much simpler times). Then I gave the TV back over to my dad for the day and now I’m back online..

After quite a bit of time online, I went to my bedroom DVR and watched Battlestar Galactica (pretty good episode, but the usage of “frack” always takes me out of the drama of the show 😦 ), Supernatural (awesome), Ugly Betty (great series), Jericho (there’s like 5 minutes of interesting story in each hour of the show, but I must keep watching all of the crap for those measly 5 minutes.. it’s so frustrating!! 😡 ), Runaway (most likely the last episode to ever air.. this show was pretty good too 😦 ) and Kidnapped (great episode.. hope the show sticks around). We had some supper in there somewhere. I’ve been saving Doctor Who on the DVR until they re-air the first second season episode, but I don’t think that’s going to happen anytime soon. 😦

I returned t o the living room and we watched some Funniest Videos (lol, but not really the funniest), Extreme Makeover: Home Edition (this show is retarded, but my dad likes it and there isn’t anything else on.. *rolls eyes* @ “go to Italy” *goes to Olive Garden that isn’t really in Italy* ..why would someone say someone is from there when they’re supposed to be there? -_-) and Desperate Housewives (great season so far). Once that ended, I returned to my room for the night.

So.. I’m finally considering getting a new computer.. Are Dells any good? See ya.

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