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December 31, 2008

TheDigitalBits Rumor Mill reports to possibly expect Star Wars: The Clone Wars – Season One, Volume One on DVD (and possibly Blu-ray) on March 25th. But don’t worry, they’re not doing some lame 4-6 episode release like another show I know. This is expected to include the first “10 to 12 episodes” of the CG-animated series. Yay. I was hoping they’d do this kind of release (or a complete season.. at least it’s not a 4-6 episode disc). I hope it’s actually 13 episodes though, so that the remaining 13 episodes of the first season can be put on a second set, quite like TMNT 2k3‘s half-season sets. πŸ™‚

And here go again, only on a much larger scale.. Remember when my cable company Bright House refused to pay up to our local CBS affiliate and we lost the channel altogether for most of October 2008..? Well, Bright House Networks parent company Time Warner Cable is now refusing to pay carriage fees to Viacom for their nineteen channels. If a settlement isn’t reached, those nineteen channels will be lost to 13 million subscribers (including us) as early as late tonight. That’s surely a lot more than just three or so affiliates like last time. And we’re talking some major channels here — Comedy Central, all the MTV & VH1 channels, The N, Nickelodeon, Spike.. All gone. Ugh. 😑

“In a ironic twist of fate, one of the companies that might be testing out the PS3 Home is Microsoft. There is a project in progress with the goal of researching the viability of using the PS3 Home for holding business meetings in a virtual world in order to save time and money.” lol. Also funny is “As it turns out the PS3 Home is considered to be one of the most advanced virtual environments out there.” compared to Microsoft’s previous comment “It feels like 2005 tech in 2008. I’m not sure that’s what people want.”. lol. :p

So I awoke in the morning.. and got online.. then we had some breakfast. We watched a little morning TV, but mainly waited for the mail. It came and my dad took off with his first check for the month.. I then watched the remaining six episodes of Scrubs: Season 7 (lol.. a bit sad Kelso plotline though.. I bet they wanted to go in a certain direction with that, but NBC fucked that all up when they canceled it 😑 ). My dad then returned home.. as I was getting on Home.

But since not many of my PSN friends were online in Home, I soon left and tried out a couple recently-downloaded demos instead. First, I checked out Sonic Unleashed. I like it. But I made sure to go slow to pick up all the rings and break everything, defeating the one thing this game is about. :p ..And then I checked out WipEout HD Trial Version (from the Hong King PS Store). Wow. I loved this. Almost the whole time I played it, I was like “I gotta buy the full version”. Then I got on PS Store and saw it cost $20.. and then that changed to “oh… nevermind. 😦 “. I want it.. but just that’s a bit too high, methinks. I probably would’ve gotten it for $15. :/

My dad went out and got some Hardee’s for supper. omg, great thickburgers.. After that, I got online to news-gather. I got that over quickly, then heard about the New Years T-shirts on Home Japan & Hong Kong servers. So I partly took over the TV while my dad was watching it (only took over during the commercials) in order to get shirts for each of my JP & HK accounts. Only available for a limited time, and they’re in three different versions (“2”. “0” & “9”). I only got 0’s on my two HK accounts, and since the Japan shirt is kanji.. I can’t read that. :/

So anyway.. In primetime, we watched Knight Rider (wow, great episode.. I’m probably going to miss episodes like this when they revamp this series next year 😦 *closing credits preview* omgfuckingawesome.. KARR!) and another Leverage (oh, a nemesis.. I like it.. good episode), then I returned to my room. Though I did go back into the living room for the big 12:00.. but that was about it..

Happy New Year.. See ya.

[ Israel Mocks World – Continues Gaza Massacre ]
[ Israel To Keep Killing Until ‘Goals Reached’ ]
[ Israelis Glory At Killing Civilians ]
[ Israeli Military Posts Death Videos On YouTube ]
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[ US Worried About ‘Defeat In Gaza’ ]
[ Video: Cynthia McKinney Slams Israel ]
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[ Iran On Full Military Alert ]
[ Medvedev Sings Law Extending Presidential Terms ]
[ Definitive Proof BoE Saw Economic Crisis Coming ]
[ Yellowstone Shaken By 100s Of Small Earthquakes ]


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December 30, 2008

Click the corresponding retailer for their ad for the week of January 4th to 10th: Best Buy, Target & Circuit City. Besides a few modest sale prices on some Blu-rays, there isn’t much here for me again this week. And just like last week with Eagle Eye, I’m considering to buy the Pineapple Express 2-disc DVD ($22.99 everywhere), get the Blu-ray for a price that is still a bit too high for me ($26.99 at Best Buy and Target).. or not buy it at all and wait for the Blu to get cheaper..? *sigh* I enjoyed it.. reasonably enough.. in the theater that I could hold off on it for a bit.. Hm.. webmaster Dan Burger has revealed that Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Back To The Sewer will be the eighth and final season of the animated series that began in 2003. No new episodes are being produced “at this time”. 😦 Two episodes remain unaired, as well as a three-episode TMNT 25th anniversary OVA “movie”. None of them have airdates at this time. The Ninja Turtles celebrate their 25th anniversary in 2009..

Yeah, so I fell asleep too early, before my previous entry was done. I awoke at 7AM to find that power had browned out or something. So I got the computer back on and finished up that entry. I returned to the living room just to watch Robot Chicken (lol.. liking the episode titles this season too lol — “Help Me” “I’m Trapped” “In A DVD Factory”), then got back online again. And I stayed online for a little while after my dad returned home from dialysis. But then we got ready and soon headed out to news-gather..

I have sooo missed this. It’s not just the DVDs I get, but the.. getting out of the house.. that I also enjoy. Even though I still find it hard to talk to anyone but my dad besides the occasional mutterings of “thanks” and “you too” (in reply to “have a nice day”).. First, I went to WalMart and found nothing. I was hoping Kyle XY would be cheaper there, but nope. It probably would’ve been. There was two other ABC Family DVDs out today and those were in all the ads. WalMart had one of them for $29.98, what I expected Kyle to be. Grrr. The DVD lady there got a little wise about it, talking like if they didn’t have it, it must not have been released at all. :/ I did see some cheap Blu-rays on Tuesday. May come back Friday to look those over again.

Next, I moved on to Best Buy and immediately picked up one of their five copies of Kyle XY: Season 2, made sure the packaging was perfect (as well as look over a few other DVDs), then got out of there. It wasn’t until I got out to the car that I noticed the Best Buy $34.99 sale price this week was actually the regular price. Ugh. Disney must’ve stopped caring about Kyle XY on DVD. The two others are on sale and in every ad, but this one gets barely one mention.. I went to Speedway and got the icee I had missed, as well as a some 20oz Pepsis just for the points. Pepsi Stuff ends tomorrow and I’m only three points away from something reasonably worth getting..

I returned home and put all three Pepsi codes online and ordered. Another USB drive would be nice, I guess. Wish it were bigger then the ones I’ve already got though.. I then watched the first five episodes of Scrubs: Season 7 (lol, good episodes.. I liked seeing the tiny continuing plot points that I has missed upon first airing), then got on Home for the rest of the afternoon. Y’know what’s more annoying than the perverts trying to flirt with female avatars in Home? Having your 60+-year-old dad looking over your shoulder and asking you to grab a female avatar’s breasts. -_-

The Hong Kong & Japan Home servers have an Open Beta Commemorative Object available for doing a survey in the Theater. It looks just like the Closed Beta version that I’ve always wanted (a silver trophy of the Home logo with a small LED display running around it). But due to region-locking, I still can’t own it on my US account. Damnit, Sony. Port these rewards, you bastards. Or at least re-open the regions. 😦 ..We had some supper, then I shut off the PS3 a little while after 6PM. I’m trying to download the Wipeout HD free demo from Hong Kong’s PS Store. But its so big.. and it only downloads when not using bandwidth. So its taking forever.. I got back online to news-gather.

In primetime — surprise, surprise — nothing to watch. So we watched yet another movie — Mirrors. I went in not expecting too much and ended up liking it. There’s definitely some cheesy “ha”-worthy moments, but otherwise.. I liked the story. haha’s @ all the random anime posters placed in this little kid’s room. A few of them looked a little too fanservice-y for someone that age. :p And then they had to do that twist ending that I didn’t exactly like all that much. *shrug* ..After that was over, we watched the night’s new episode of According To Jim (lol…). And then I returned to my room for the night.

See ya.

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[ Hamas Rocket Death Toll 19… Since 2002 ]
[ Early 9-11 Reporting Mentioned Anomalies ]
[ Phil Berg Goes Back To SCOTUS Vs Obama ]
[ Automatic Speed-Limiting Devices For Cars? ]

“It is interesting to observe that what are often referred to by defenders of the government’s 9-11 storyline as ‘conspiracy theories’ were first articulated by mainstream commentators and experts.” — Early 9-11 Reporting Mentioned Anomalies

kyle xy fancast / today

December 29, 2008

[Current Music Download|Trillion – Super Size My Aspartame @ MediaFire] will debut the third season premiere of Kyle XY on January 7th, five days before it makes its TV debut on ABC Family January 12th. And on January 5th, the website will host a chat with series star Matt Dallas at 4-5PM PT. πŸ™‚

I awoke in the morning and.. got online for quite a while. I also played with our cat a little.. Once my dad was finished with his news, I watched episodes of Crusoe (ooh, good episode.. about time :p) and Crash (another very good episode), then got on Home for the rest of the afternoon (had a good time, something I haven’t had there in a little while now.. well, I was having a good time until the end of it anyway 😦 ). We had some supper, then I got back online to news-gather (wow, found something :p).

In primetime, we watched Big Bang Theory & How I Met Your Mother even though they were reruns because my dad wanted to see them. But then we watched Lakeview Terrace after that. Pretty good movie. Definitely worth a rental at least. After that was over, it was already nearing 11PM, so I returned to my room for the night. I stayed up late, then sorta fell asleep too early. 😦

Well.. see ya..

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[ The Bush Plan For ‘Peace’ ]
[ Israel Warns US Again Over Not Attacking Iran ]
[ Oil, Gold Prices Sharply Higher On Gaza Killing ]
[ Fallout Starts After ‘Horrific’ Holiday Retail Season ]
[ GMAC Gets $5 Billion Bailout ]
[ US Faces Immigration Nightmare In 2009 ]
[ Yellowstone Supervolcano Rumbles, Many Small Quakes ]
[ 2008 – The Global Warming Hoax Exposed ]
[ Holocaust Remembrance – Who’s Behind It? ]
[ The Anne Frank Diary Fraud ]
[ The Medical Mafia – Over 20 Cures For Cancer Alone ]
[ Music Video: Super Size My Aspartame by Trillion ]
[ A Computer Inside A Molecule ]

Sunday 12.28.2008 —

December 28, 2008

I awoke in the morning and looked through the newspaper’s ads for Tuesday. I was thinking about getting Eagle Eye Blu-ray right away.. but perhaps I’ll wait now. Hmm. The Dark Knight Blu is already just $22 in this week’s Target ad. :p Target & Walgreen’s are re-promoting Mountain Dew Voltage, which gets its retail re-release this week. Yay.. I then watched Bleach (yeah, there’s parts I like.. they’re just more few and far between than they used to be.. liked this episode though), the Degrassi TNG Minis (should’ve watched these Holiday webisodes earlier.. was wanting to wait and watch all of the parts together.. nice though) and Smile, You’re Under Arrest (Fox Reality Channel’s new hidden camera show where fugitives are pranked then arrested, haha.. I could tell the budget was cheap though, and it felt too much like Cops, not enough like Punk’d).

I followed that by playing some more GTA IV (whee *hits other cars & runs over peds* :p), then shut it off when my dad’s football game was starting. I got online for a while, then burned another data disc. I found out how to burn them slower.. but the only two options were max (16x) or 1x. No in-between. But I burned it slow anyway. I need more blank DVDs, and luckily Best Buy has Verbatims in their ad this week (50pk for $12.99). πŸ™‚

I eventually made my way to the bedroom DVR and watched Graham Norton: Doctor Who Special (oh, wasn’t much to that.. but still pretty funny) and two episodes of Naruto (very good episodes.. I should really get caught up with the CN airings).. I returned to the living room by that evening. We had some supper, then watched Penelope (aw, cute movie.. we both liked it) and Cry Wolf (I watched just for Sandra McCoy.. and liked this one more than I expected, though even I got a bit confused by all the “he did this, she did that” flashbacks that must’ve taken up about 15 minutes of the movie :p, doubt it’s on Blu yet). And then I returned to my room and got online again. And before I knew it, it was almost 2AM already. Ack..

Hottt.. See ya. >:)

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[ US For Sale – States To Sell Off Parks, Roads! ]
[ Menorahs Allowed While Crosses Banned ]
[ Rather $70M Suit To Hit Bush ‘Legacy’ Hard ]
[ Obama Eligibility Still Focus Of SCOTUS Conference ]
[ Sinclair Vehicle’s Brake Sensor Line CutPhotos ]
[ 10 Things That Won’t Survive The Recession ]
[ Anger Over Newest Fake Holocaust Story ]
[ Another Holocaust Fabrication Exposed ]

Saturday 12.27.2008 —

December 27, 2008

I awoke in the morning and got online for a bit.. but then I eventually watched the Doctor Who Christmas Special (pretty good, already looking forward to the next special.. Easter, I see.. wonder if Torchwood would’ve aired by then, since its one-week five-episode season is set for “Spring”).. followed by the first episode of Gundam 00 (hmm, not bad really..).

My dad returned home from some places, then I watched Hellboy II: The Golden Army on DVD. Great film. I really liked it. My dad ignored every single second.. Next up, Restraint. Australian Teresa Palmer, yum (‘specially when she’s nekkid). But it was a very good movie as well.. and then the file went corrupted. Grrr. I gave up on it too, then went and downloaded the two movies again upon realizing it was probably the disc burn causing both this and Postal to screw up. Wish I could find how to set the burning slower, as recommended by others. :/

We eventually had some supper, then I got online for.. quite a while. I should have made some time for the bedroom DVR.. but I didn’t. Instead, it was the aforementioned time online, playing with the cat and reading s’more Twilight.. And that was about it. Except when I watched some Not Another Teen Movie on Comedy Central (lol, I should pull out one of my two DVDs and watch it all again soon).. before my dad abruptly changed the channel because he didn’t believe SNL could be a rerun. … Yes, really. After that, I returned to my room for the night. See ya.

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[ Returning Americans Must Prove Citizenship ]
[ GM Becomes Bank To Get On Gravy Train ]
[ US Shopping Season Worst In Over 40 Years ]
[ US Hospital Strife – Bad Debt, Too Many Patients ]
[ Israelis Slaughter 200, Wound 400 In Gaza Strip ]
[ Israel Says Gaza Strikes ‘Only The Beginning’ ]
[ Iran Preps Humanitarian Aid Ship To Gaza ]
[ Zionist Obama ‘No Comment’ On Gaza Slaughter ]
[ CIA Uses Viagra To ‘Win Friends In Afghanistan’ ]
[ Americans Dump Newspapers For Internet ]
[ America The Illiterate ]
[ Inhuman – Baby Rapes Continue In S Africa ]

no news.. duh / today

December 26, 2008

Once my dad went to bed, I.. pretty much got on Home.. and stayed on it all night long. I finally shut it off and got to sleep.. at about 8AM.. I awoke to my dad returning home from dialysis about 3 hours later. I got online for a while, then returned to the living room and watched Disaster Movie: Unrated. Another hour & a half I’ll never get back. Ugh. I liked moments, but the movie sucked overall.. of course. This was probably the worst one from these guys yet. I mainly kept watching due to Vanessa Minnillo. She needs to be in more movies, ones that DON’T completely suck..

I tried watching the Doctor Who Christmas Special.. but the file wouldn’t play on my PS3. Hooray. It acted difficult copying it to the PS3 as well.. So I got the PS3 online and played GTA IV.. in single-player. I needs trophies. I only have one. 😦 During this session, I got pretty close to one though.. I shut it off at 6PM, then got online.. to.. news-gather. Then I woke my dad up at about 6:30. He hadn’t intended to sleep that long.

We had some supper. Then there was nothing new on TV yet again, so we watched a couple more movies — Hamlet 2 (haha, loved this movie.. the movie’s message about people overreacting to politically incorrect stuff is great.. “Raped in the face!” lol.. I can see myself buying this one at some point & it’s definitely worth a rental.. my dad thought it was weird though) and Babylon A.D. (wow.. it felt sorta like Fifth Element, only a little more grungy and.. not as awesome.. like Hancock, the first two-thirds or so are pretty good.. then it all falls apart in the conclusion.. but unlike Hancock, I don’t see myself buying this one.. maybe worth a rental for the good parts though, including MΓ©lanie Thierry.. she’s cute.. and should be in more English movies :p).

My dad fell asleep again about halfway through the second movie. He’s feeling worse than usual, maybe because they had to take out more than usual in dialysis this morning. 😦 Once the movies were over, I returned to my room for the night.. See ya.

[ Homeland Security Predicts Five Year Terror Threat ]
[ Bankrupt States = Con-Con & New States Constitutions ]
[ Chinese Pockets Fill As Americans Empty ]
[ UK Plans Secret Tax On ‘Nice’ Homes ]
[ Freedom Of Press Fading In Germany ]
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[ Full Text Ahmadinejad’s Christmas Message ]
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[ Pakistan Moves Troops To India Borders ]
[ Pakistan Will Deal Firmly With India ‘Surgical’ Strikes ]
[ Lusitania Lie Exposed – Tons Of Munitions Onboard ]
[ Leaked NASA Photo – Piece Of Wood On Mars ]

christmas day

December 25, 2008

I awoke to the alarm in the morning.. and got online for a while. But then I had to get ready to go out. And eventually, we were off down south to my aunt’s place. It took nearly 40 minutes each way. After a while of talking and getting to know her four cats, the four of us went out to a church to eat a short free Christmas meal. We then returned to their place.. then went home. I hadn’t seen so much empty land in a long time. Not to mention my aunt’s Christmas tree. She makes it up real nice. My dad hasn’t put up our tree in years and uses the cat as an excuse. 😦

So we returned home.. and had the extra food my dad got on the way out of the place for dinner. My aunt gave her brother / my dad a blanket.. and me a bag of leftover Halloween candy. ..Yay.. But my dad didn’t get anything for them, so.. yeah.. Not long after 5PM, I got online to.. news-gather? Nope, nothing. Of course. I got through all the usual websites quickly, then got bored while waiting for today’s Doctor Who Christmas Special to download. So slow. So I read some more Twilight..

In primetime, my dad wanted to watch that Deal Or No Deal garbage.. so I read some more Twilight.. I also played with the cat some, got online and watched some of the following Office reruns before returning to my room for the night.. See ya.

[ India’s 30-Day Deadline For Pakistan Ends 12-26 ]
[ India Nuke Command In Secret Meeting ]
[ Pakistan In War Fear Frenzy – Troops On Move ]
[ Created Crisis Causing Losses Across The Board ]
[ The Federal Reserve Abolition Act ]
[ The Fed OKs GMAC To Become A Bank ]
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[ Obama Wants Bush War Team To Stay ]
[ Brit Zionist Led Aristocracy Mass Internet Censorship ]
[ Photo Captures Image Of Light Being In NC Hospital ]

dvd ads dec 28-jan 3 / krdk ktla / christmas eve?

December 24, 2008

[Current Music Download|Fountains Of Wayne – I Want An Alien For Christmas @ MediaFire]
[Current Music Download|Dido – Christmas Day @ MediaFire]

Click the corresponding retail for their ads for the week of December 28th 2008 to January 3rd 2009: Best Buy, Target & Circuit City. My only purchase this week was going to be Kyle XY: Season 2 DVD, which only Best Buy advertises, for $34.99. But after watching Eagle Eye recently, I’d like to pick that up as well. But I only have enough for one or the other.. until the following Friday anyway. Eagle Eye‘s 2-disc DVD is offered everywhere for $22.99, while its 2-disc Blu-ray is offered for $26.99 everywhere. This will likely be my next Blu-ray, and Best Buy is offering $10 off the Tropic Thunder or Cloverfield Blu-ray when one of them is purchased together with the Eagle Eye Blu-ray. Hmm..

I was wanting to get Resident Evil: Degeneration as well. But now they’ve pushed up the release date to this week and the sale prices aren’t all that great, so I probably won’t get it now. The DVD is going for $19.99 at Best Buy and Target and $17.99 at Circuit City, while the Blu-ray is $29.99 at Circuit & Target and $27.99 at Best Buy.. Best Buy really wants you buy the toilet of a movie American Carol. It’s being offered for $14.99 on DVD and $29.99 on Blu-ray. And no other retailer thought the release deserved a mention. Haha.. And in order to help spend your new Christmas gift cards, Best Buy has a selection of DVDs & Blu-rays in their ad.. for their regular prices. Ugh.. I’d like to finally pick up Prison Break: Season 3 for Target’s sale price of $19.99.. but I think I’ll wait on that too. And probably the same on their Wall-E 2-disc Blu-ray for $19.99 as well. :/

Kamen Rider Dragon Knight stars Matt Mullins and Yvonne Arias recentlly appeared on KTLA-5’s morning news promoting their new series, premiering January 3rd at 11:30AM ET. Click here to check out a video of their appearance. πŸ™‚

I awoke in the morning and watched the usual boring morning TV. But then I got online for a while. Quite a while. After 1PM, I returned to the living room and watched eventually watched another Leverage ( least the pilot was good.. and this one was okay too I guess.. I only didn’t like how they got their HQ immediately like that.. should’ve been a few episodes later.. but haha’s @ their whole “one more time” thing :p).

My dad wasn’t paying much attention, I went ahead and got the PS3 online. I made an account at Pandora Internet Radio immediately after hearing that I could listen while playing Home or any game. But I didn’t try it out. I listened to it a little, then shut it off before getting on Home. Not much going on. Though I was surprised when my echochrome suit that I earned yesterday didn’t disappear again. Hmm..

I shut off Home pretty quickly though, then I watched Home Alone for the 2345345th time. Good movie.. Once that was over, I got online to news-gather, then we had some supper. We then soon watched Home Alone 2: Lost in New York. Mo wonder the cast change for the third one. This was like a bit-more-kid-friendly carbon copy of the first movie.. We followed that with Postal. A film by Uwe Boll, so I was expecting crap.. but I liked it.. for the opening scene and about the first 30 minutes. Then it just went horrible. Worse than I could have ever imagined. There were tiny moments here and there that gave me a laugh after that point. Such as the bits about George W. Bush being “an actor” and how Bush asked Osama to bomb an oil pipeline. Haha. :p But ugh @ most of it. Verne Troyer was raped by monkeys. Really. I couldn’t believe it either. It all went bad when I thought the plot was wrapping up.. only to discover it was just half over. That with the version I downloaded and burned was a corrupted file. Once it stopped for the third time with about 30 minutes left.. I just gave up on that crap.

I then returned to my room for the night.. Oh, Merry Christmas and all those other miscellaneous holidays. They’ll no doubt be better than mine.. See ya..

[ US Needs Nuke Attack At Home For World Dictatorship ]
[ Video: Ron Paul On Martial Law ]
[ US Army ‘Ready’ If Downturn Gets Nasty ]
[ US Economy Shrinks Fastest Since 9-11 ]
[ California Runs Out Of Money In February ]
[ Executive Orders Can Be Changed Secretly ]
[ Bush And Cronies Must Face Reckoning ]
[ Did Obama, Sister Falsify Grandma’s Death Records? ]
[ Update On Grandma Dunham Death Records ]
[ Rahm Gave Blago Choices For Obama Seat ]
[ Anti-Freeze Tainted Toothpaste In UK ]
[ Plastic Surgeon Used Client Fat To Run Cars ]
[ California UFO ‘Drones’ Mystery Solved By Sarah Connor Chronicles? ]

spidey s2 to disney xd / city hunter tv / home sales / today

December 23, 2008

The Spectacular Spider-Man will be back in 2009! ..And I’m way behind in its news. :/ Canada’s Teletoon channel will premiere the show’s second season on January 11th at 10:30AM ET. Disney XD (currently Toon Disney) will premiere the second season in the US.. in March 2009. Grr, forcing me to download.. The series’ crew has slowly left the show over the past few months due to no Season 3 pick-up. And at the end of January, the series will lose producers Greg Weisman & Victor Cook if it isn’t picked up. Nonetheless, word is that Disney XD won’t pick it up for Season 3 until they see how it does in ratings on their network. Ugh. So this means there may be some or all new crew members when Season 3 is produced, which would most likely affect the quality of the show. It’s been great so far, but with new people.. Oh, and here’s some spoiler-filled descriptions for all the upcoming Season 2 episodes. πŸ™‚

Fox TV Studios is co-producing a new live-action comedy series based on the City Hunter manga. The series will be written in English, shot in Seoul and Tokyo, and casted with Hollywood stars alongside the popular Korean star Jung Woo-sung in the lead role of Ryō Saeba, a private eye with unrivaled marksmanship and an over-the-top obsession for the opposite sex. Coool. I never checked out the anime (due to its R1 DVD release being subtitled only), but I did collect the translated manga volumes until they stopped being released. Hope this brings the manga back to the US. It was the first manga I had ever read.. then it just stopped after five volumes. 😦

According to Susan Panico, Senior Director of the PlayStation Network, the nickel and dime charges in Home produced more money for Sony in its first four days of launch than the $15 movies in the video store did in their first week. As for the hottest item in Home? The ridiculously overpriced Santa suit.” lol. And I am considering buying more virtual clothes for real money soon.. :p

I stayed up until 2AM last night.. but I didn’t get on Home at all. The time was mostly spent online, then I went to sleep.. I went in and out of sleep all morning until my dad arrived home from dialysis. He then called the maintenance guy again and he began the long and probably-and-probably-purposely-drawn-out task of replacing our oven. He came in, removed the old one.. then got busy with other things for a long time. All the while my dad tried his best to stay awake and conscious due to the usual post-dialysis weak feeling.. waiting for this ass to return with a working oven..

I got online for quite awhile to get away from all the BS, but I finally gave up and got online with Home. The items are back.. well, some of them. Mainly the Namco ones. I foolishly thought that I could keep any rewards I earned back and got everything back from echochrome.. then lost it all with a server error from trying to report some idiot. 😦 I added the echochrome suit to the snowman mask and.. awesome. Until the server error, where I had to re-earn it again..

The maintenance guy finally arrived with the “new” oven at about 3:30. As soon as it was in, my dad made supper almost two hours early. :p And then not long after that, my dad went to bed because he still wasn’t feeling that great. Since he was sleeping, I decided to stay in Home past the usual 6PM.. but then I just fell asleep for about a half hour anyway. :p I awoke and got back online to news-gather..

In primetime, every thing reruns again. So we watched a couple more movies — Burn After Reading (ooh, I’d like to own this one.. took a while for me to get interested, but great movie πŸ™‚ ) and.. Another Cinderella Story (not that bad for a direct-to-video movie.. mmm, Selena Gomez *pedophile*). And that was about it for the night… See ya.

[ Federal Reserve Is THE Reason For US Demise ]
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hq pr images / today

December 22, 2008

A large amount of high quality Power Rangers images have been discovered at the French film website ToutLeCine. They range from Mighty Morphin all the way up to Dino Thunder and feature cast photos, still images and some clean video cover arts. There’s even looks at a few costumes that never made it to TV. Check out this Funaroboard thread for all the individual gallery links, or go to this ZIP file on MegaUpload (made by BlueStreak from RangerBoard) for “about 95%” of the images. Or how about checking out my RAR file on MediaFire, where I filled in the missing images. There was only about 5-8 images missing from the original ZIP, so I just filled in the blanks. πŸ™‚

I stayed up late on Home again, as usual. And I actually managed to stay awake for a longer time. Though without the unlockables, it’s starting to become a pretty boring experience really. Or maybe it’s because I’ve been on it pretty much every day since mid-October. Or maybe it’s because with all the new people, I can no longer hang out with the cool closed beta people that aren’t on my friends list. There is a club I’m in with them, but I barely got a chance to be in there before the club system became “unavailable”. Plus due to said new people, every single time I log on it’s always guys chasing girls and talking sex. Ugh. Getting sick of that..

As I was on that though, our oven finally went out. Our electric heaters weren’t doing the job, so my dad’s been turning it on to heat the place more. During a hospital visit long ago, the bottom coil stopped working. And now the top coil has stopped heating as well. It got cold pretty quick, due to the single-digit temps outside. Just great.. I soon fell asleep.. I awoke in the morning and we had some breakfast, then I got online for a while.

Once my dad nodded off to sleep close to the afternoon, I took over the TV and watched more episodes of Legend of the Seeker (this is pretty good show, really.. though keep in mind I never watched Xena or Hercules :p) and Crash (another great episode.. definitely reaching DVD purchase territory.. if I can afford it that is). Then I just got on Home for a few hours. I spent most of my time in the Mall today.. just loitering.. and getting a lot of idiot guys to follow my female avatar around like hungry puppies. Yuck..

So the oven went out last night. My dad called the maintenance guy to fix or replace it. He claimed to be busy at another apartment complex.. then he didn’t arrive until real late.. and didn’t even really do anything. He’ll be back tomorrow now. And so we had to had to have some cheap TV dinners rather than something from the oven. Oh, and we had to freeze in our home all afternoon and night too. 😐

I got online to news-gather, then finished up.. by 8:30. Didn’t even realize the time until it was after 8. But there wasn’t anything on until later, so it was okay. I read some Twilight (eh, it’s alright.. for a shoplifted book anyway >_>), then we watched Prison Break (fall finale.. pretty good episode, ha’s @ this whole episode setting up that surprise ending that didn’t surprise me at all :p). My dad went to bed soon after that, then I returned to my room for the night..

See ya.

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