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journeyman finale / sick day 4

November 30, 2007

NBC has scheduled the last two first season installments of the Monday night time travel drama Journeyman (episodes 12 & 13) for December 17th & 19th at 10PM ET. The network asked for three more scripts last month (before the writers’ strike), but has yet to pick it up for another season. *pouts* 😦 Meanwhile, Chuck has been picked up the rest of its 22-episode season. I really should get around to watching that on the bedroom DVR. I just don’t think I’d want to delete them, and I always need DVR space, so.. :/

I awoke in the morning at 6AM, to my dad’s dialysis driver waking me up. Ugh. I told him what was up, then I couldn’t get back to sleep. And I had just gone to sleep at 3AM. I got online for a bit, then watched the final three episodes of Teen Titans: Season 4 (nice.. in the special features, they say how they made the light-hearted episodes to even out with the darker season-long-story episodes.. but it all just seemed disjointed to me :/ ). Once that was over with, I also watched another episode of Avatar: The Last Airbender (definitely not going to catch up by tonight’s mid-season finale, but still.. I guess like with the previous series, they needed to do a light-hearted plot this episode to even out the darkness that is to come.. damn, I wish I could afford these season sets).

It reached 11AM and I.. ran out of things to do. I thought my dad would be home by now. 😦 I got online for a while to waste some time, then watched a couple hours of Attack Of The Show on G4 and got the mail. 2PM and still not here. 😦 ..I eventually watched another episode of Avatar: The Last Airbender (great episode.. the last of the chibi shorts though, aw). I got a text saying that my dad wouldn’t be returning home until tomorrow now because they want to check his heart. *sigh*

Next, I watched another two episodes of TMNT 1987 Season 4 (perhaps I’ll finally finish this 40-episode set tomorrow :p), followed by that special “Ratchet & Clank” episode of X-Play (I wants PS3 so bad 😦 ) and some Ellen (yesterday, I just deleted it.. today, I fast forwarded through half of it). Before I knew it, it was already 5PM. I got online to news-gather, while watching CSI NY on the bedroom DVR in between (last week’s, not this week’s.. so behind.. awesome ending though.. definitely my favorite ongoing story between the three of them right now).

My dad called briefly.. and I once again heard that change in his voice due to how he was “snoring” all day, which caused a whole new torrent of guilt. *sigh* ..I returned to the living room before 8PM. And because there wasn’t really anything better on, I watched two more episodes of Avatar: The Last Airbender (good episodes) with the last two episodes of TMNT 1987 Season 4 in between (haha’s @ all the skeptical things said about UFOs in “Unidentified Flying Leonardo”.. when the turtles have met aliens before -_- ..and “The Turtles And The Hare” was pretty good too.. instead of the basic A–to-B-to-C plot, it was more like A-B-C-D-E-F :p). Surprisingly enough, watching all these classic TMNT episodes so close together have begun to give me a new appreciation for the series..

Near the end of the night, a call from the nurse at the hospital changed my life forever. My dad was wanting to leave, claiming I told him that I was out of electric or something? I said I was almost out of food, but not.. out. She put me on the phone with him in his room next and I convinced him to stay. My dad was talking like one of those nursing home people who have lost their mind. He said the doctor was a “quack” and he wanted to leave. It took a lot of strength not to break down right there on the phone. But I convinced him that I had enough food, which was a half-lie. Then he hung up.

I’m running really low on food, and there’s no way to get any more (24 and without a drivers license, go me.. plus my aunt lives far away and has already left). The oven that we used to help heat the apartment has gone wrong somehow. And the electric heaters just aren’t enough. The nights and mornings are cold. My fingers and toes are currently frozen. I don’t think my father’s coming home anytime soon. It seems like the father I knew is gone anyway. Forever. And now I’m all alone with all these unfixable problems. I guess the world has finally decided to deal me my final torturous blow. I just wish they had gone with the quick end that I had been pleading for for so long, rather than the long and painful one…

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nbc netflix / fox xmas press / sick day 3

November 29, 2007

NBC has made a deal with Netflix so that subscribers can view episodes of Heroes as soon as the day after they air on television. Neat.

FOX has issued a press release detailing its holiday programming (or lack thereof) throughout December. There’s only two new episodes there. 😐

I awoke the next morning and had a little breakfast. Then I watched some morning TV, as well as two more episodes of TMNT 1987 Season 4 (yup, still on Season 4.. with four to go). I tried my best to stay quiet so my dad could sleep. He went back to bed at about 6AM, then I did too.. Next, I watched four more episodes of Teen Titans: Season 4 (good episodes.. three-part finale to go).

Once I finished all of them, it was past 2PM.. and my dad still hadn’t woken up. He’s snoring and sometimes groaning, so he must be reasonably okay right? Though him sleeping with his eyes open is kind of creepy. I don’t think his sleep will last much longer though. The sunlight from the bedroom window is slowly moving up toward his face.. I, on the other hand, haven’t shown any further symptoms of this stomach flu or whatever it is since last night’s sweating. Due to my watery diarrhea, my.. number two has now become constipation instead. :/

With nothing better to do, I soon watched / transferred the first episode of Avatar: The Last Airbender – Season 3. I had been keeping the entire season so far on DVR. First because I had no tape to transfer it to, then.. due to laziness. Once that was over, it was 4PM. And my dad still didn’t wake up. I went into his room and tried to wake him by shaking him, yelling at him and lightly slapping him. But he simply muttered something that sounded like “go to sleep” and stayed asleep. 😦

Once, he may have said something that sounded like “I am awake”.. but he was still snoring at the same time. I finally called 911 and got an ambulance to come and pick him up. They asked me all kinds of questions, and I could barely answer half of them. For some reason, I asked to stay behind at home while they took him away. I have no way to drive myself there. *no license at 24* 😦

I tried calling my dad’s sister, but she didn’t answer. I should have called 911 sooner. He’d been snoring and sleeping with his eyes somewhat open since I woke up. *sigh* I should have known something was wrong the moment he asked if I was okay, twice, from the chair early this morning. I finally contacted my aunt, then.. got online to news-gather. But then I finally broke down and cried. I’ll never make it on my own. I never even intended to live this long.

I had fallen asleep last night watching Hidden Temple on Nick GaS. My dad had gone to bed. I awoke at about 3:30AM to find my dad sitting in his chair. The TV had changed to a local news channel and it’s volume had been turned all the way down. My dad groaned and said something about not feeling good, but I thought he was talking in his sleep. I went to my computer to finish my journal entry. It was then that my dad stood up and went to the kitchen to get a root beer. On his way back, he fell down against a foldaway closet door in the kitchen. I ran in and saw his legs sticking out of the closet. He told me he got dizzy in slurred speech, as I helped him to his feet and eventually back to his chair. I picked up his cell phone and was prepared to call 911, but he told me not to and that he “only fell down”. He drank some root beer and thanked me for helping him. Once I thought he was okay, I returned to my room and finished the journal entry. During the process, he asked me two separate times from his chair if I was okay. I came back into the living room each time. Once I was done online, I returned to the living room and prepared to sleep. He said he wanted to go back to bed like three times, then he finally did. By this time, it was 6AM. I fell asleep soon afterward…

Please don’t tell me this is how it’s all going to end…?

I got another call from my aunt, saying she was on her way to the hospital, then I finished up online. I felt hungry, but I wasn’t in the mood to eat. Which may be good because I have very little food left here and no way to get any more now. While I had my back toward the TV, something somehow activated the cable’s on-screen guide. I turned and saw it across the bottom of the screen, grabbed my remote and turned it off. Hmm. There was no way I could have done it.

I got another update via text message from my aunt, then she actually came by to pick up some clothes for him. She told me that my dad’s blood sugar had gotten very low, but they were now trying to get it back up. He was going to be okay. She left just before 8PM. After this new information, I got something to eat and watched My Name Is Earl (lol, best episode this season so far), 30 Rock (lol, especially @ the subtle Bush commentary with the little league subplot.. oh, who the heck am I kidding? everyone’s already done that already, and better), Shrek The Halls (lol– but useless, like Shrek 3.. except for the characters’ different Christmas stories and a few fleeting comedy moments in between), Scrubs (good episode.. though I saw that final scene coming as soon as his age was revealed) and Shrek 2D (the Shrek 3D thing, only aired on Nickelodeon around the time Shrek 3 came out.. this was more interesting, if only it weren’t so short.. now I really wants it on DVD.. but I must re-buy Shrek 1 or 2 just to get the damn thing, grr).

My dad called me from my aunt’s cell phone later that night. Now that he was there, they’re going to keep him overnight, do his usual dialysis in the morning, then possibly bring him back home afterward. I’m now worrying if and how long he was laying there conscious and barely able to move and speak or something. And I just left him there, thinking he was only sleeping.. all day. I’m so fucking stupid. -_-

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sick day 2

November 28, 2007

I awoke in the morning, watched some morning TV and had some breakfast. But again, I wasn’t all that hungry. I went to my bedroom DVR and watched Aliens in America (haha.. O_O @ his sister.. bouncing all around) and Samantha Who? (hahah– *falls asleep for the rest of it*). I returned to the living room.. and fell asleep there too. For a few hours. Once we both woke up, we watched Ellen. Then I watched three more episodes of Teen Titans: Season 4 (nice, especially “Troq”).

But during those, I began getting the shakes. Muscle spasms or something. They started small, then got bigger. But once I breathed through my mouth and instead of my cold nose, it stopped. Weird. My dad took off on another errand as I tried another VHS transfer and got online for a bit. When it failed twice, I moved on to The Soup Presents (*waste of time for the most part*). I began feeling weak again at about this point. 😦 I got online to news-gather, turned down supper because I still wasn’t hungry, then watched Notes From The Underbelly on the bedroom DVR (blah).

I had one sandwich, I sweated for some reason.. and then the weak feeling went away. Weird.. At 8PM, we watched ‘Til Death (eh it was alright) and Pushing Daisies (ha, great episode). But then I watched some Legends of the Hidden Temple (Nick GaS is ending at the end of the year, so.. 😦 ) after my dad headed to bed and then nodded off on the couch soon after..

At about 3AM, I awoke to my dad murmuring about not feeling good. I got some water, then prepared to finish up this journal entry. All of sudden, there was a loud crash from the kitchen. I went to see what was the matter and found my dad had fallen down. His speech was slurred and he said he was dizzy. I tried to help him up, and he eventually made his way back to his chair. I asked if he would like me to call 911, but he refused. This sickness is definitely affecting him way worse than me. 😦

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jl new frontier press / angel s6 comic / media / sick day

November 27, 2007

Warner Bros has issued a press release for the February 26th DVD, Blu-ray & HD-DVD releases of Justice League: The New Frontier, including a complete rundown of the special features on the two DVD versions and a slightly larger look at the cover art. The first disc will include a sneak peek of that “Batman Anime” we’ve been hearing about — Batman: Gotham Knight — as well as two audio commentaries and a documentary. The second disc on the 2-Disc Special Edition will include a few more documentaries and three episodes of Justice League Unlimited “hand-picked by Bruce Timm”. Hmm. :p

IDW Publishing has now begun releasing a new comic book series called Angel: After The Fall. The five-page preview at the link picks up right where the series left off. Neat. The art though.. eh..

My dad woke up the next morning short of breath. Even though he was feeling better the night before. 😦 I woke up with a pain inside my chest. I fed even though I didn’t like what little I had to choose from. Then I felt a sick feeling, like I was about to throw up. Maybe that pain wasn’t hunger after all. I didn’t finish my breakfast, then fell asleep for a couple hours. When I awoke, I felt better. My dad was feeling weak again though. But we had to go out…

First, I headed to Target and picked up the Power Rangers Operation Overdrive, Volume 3 – Blue Sapphire DVD. Then we headed over to the grocery store. My dad still didn’t think he could walk that much, so he gave me some money and what he wanted. After that, I got an icee and returned home.. When I returned home, I discovered that some asshole had once again gone in our apartment. But because I locked my room with all the DVDs inside, he only took a candy bar I had in a slightly-open drawer.. that was more closed than I had left it. Ugh.

As I watched the first three episodes of Teen Titans: Season 4 (eh, they were alright.. mostly the 1st and 3rd), I started getting weak again. And my dad said he was too, and his vision was going a bit bad. I watched the PROO Vol 3 special features (oh, the Vehicles featurette is about the zords.. but after failing the game in its quiz stage twice, I gave up) and Heroes (pretty good), then almost felt like I was about to throw up again. My dad realized he should have gone somewhere else and did so all by himself in order to get some medicine. I got online to inventory and news-gather.

We had a supper, which wasn’t all that great. I had to stop when I felt that I was getting sick again. I finished up online at 7PM, then watched Journeyman (wow, great episode) on the bedroom DVR. A fever started to form. At 8PM, we watched Bones (ha, nice.. a Christmas episode so damn early.. *falls asleep for a bit though*) and House (pretty good). Then I didn’t feel like watching anything else because that sick feeling was coming back again. And I’ve had diarrhea all day, but didn’t want to mention it because it’s gross. My headache got worse, but the fever went away.

I returned to my room for the night. Ugh. See ya.

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appleseed ex machina dvd / blade series dvd / today

November 26, 2007

Warner Home Video will release the sequel Appleseed: Ex Machina on DVD, Blu-ray Disc and HD-DVD on March 11th 2008. A part of me was hoping for another limited 2-disc steelbook like with the first film. But with a different company licensing the film this time around, I doubted it (could a store exclusive still be a possibility?). DVDActive has no mention of it, but TheDigitalBits is claiming there will be a 2-Disc DVD Digipak release as well ($34.98 SRP). Maybe that’s where the superior HD cover art will be on DVD. Definitely picking it up, as I quite enjoyed the first film. 🙂

After fooling many out of their money with the DVD release of the Blade: The Series unrated pilot episode, New Line will now release Blade: The Series – The Complete Series in a 4-disc, 13-episode set on February 12th 2008 for a retail price of $39.98. And yes, the episodes will still be “unrated and extended”. Click the link for some cover art. That’s a thin case for four discs..

I awoke in the morning a bit later than usual. It nearly 11AM already. I had fallen asleep in my chair while completing the previous entry, then woke up a few hours later and went to sleep. :p So I woke up and passed up most of Ellen to get online a bit.. and to get away from my groaning father. Once he fell asleep, I read another chapter of Harry Potter 7, then watched Tim & Eric’s Awesome Show, Great Job! (hmm, I have noticed a slight improvement this season thus far.. though it’s still retarded) and the final three episodes of Angel: Season 5 (the grand finale, awesome.. now I really wants Buffy: Season 8)..

All that finished a little after 4PM, then I read the mail and got online to news-gather as my dad made the simplest supper possible due to his condition. We’re seeing a slight improvement though.. I finished up online at 8PM. We then watched How I Met Your Mother (lol), Aliens in America (lol), Two & A Half Men (lol), Rules of Engagement (damnit, a rerun) and CSI Miami (eh it was alright). Then I just returned to my room for the night.

See ya.

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Sunday 11.25.2007 — #dominion now on

November 25, 2007

I awoke in the morning, then looked through the newspaper’s ads for Tuesday (haha, how useless is that *broke ‘cept for the one DVD*) and had some breakfast. That one DVD is Power Rangers Operation Overdrive, Volume 3 – Blue Sapphire. And Meijer is the only store I see with it in their ad. No price, just save $6 when you buy Volume 3 with Volumes 1 or 2. *shrug*

I took over the TV and watched Futurama (lol @ the planet’s name.. my dad actually laughed.. at animation), Death Note (not as great as previous episodes, but still pretty good 🙂 ), Blood Plus (wow, airing two seasons back to back really confused me for a sec.. i didn’t know how much time had passed between 30 & 31 until now — ep 32), Heroes: The Post Show (hm, not as great as I thought it would be.. may keep watching though), two more episodes of Angel: Season 5 (wow, good stuff.. three episodes left) and Aquaman (so why did Warner screw this Best Buy bonus disc over by putting it in full screen when it was filmed and released on iTunes in widescreen? *crap gets cut off the sides of the screen, including the series title* bastards 😦 ..but I do see why it wasn’t picked up..).

After all that was over, I returned to my room and got online…

I soon went to the bedroom DVR and watched Torchwood (good episode) and Battlestar Galactica: Razor (eh, it was alright.. there’s always exciting parts and really boring parts). I also fit in another chapter of Harry Potter 7 somewhere in between. Go me. The Heroes novel is coming out next month, so I gotta get this one done. :p

After some more time online, I went to the living room and eventually watched the new episodes of Simpsons (lol, Sideshow Bob.. great) and Family Guy (lol). Then I also fit in another chapter of Harry Potter 7. But my dad suddenly got pretty sick today, so I kept Desperate Housewives on the DVR for later. In the late afternoon, my dad started feeling weak and cold, so he went to bed. Then he threw up a few times. 😦 He called off his dialysis driver for tomorrow and he even helped out with some medicine. He lives rather close by..

I’m thinking he overexaggerates it too in order to try and get my attention. I once walked into a room and he suddenly laid his back and groaned a bit. He’s in bed now.. and I’m in a chat laughing my ass off, so.. he tries even harder to get my attention. …I’m an ass…

See ya.

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Saturday 11.25.2007 — no more drama plz

November 24, 2007

I awoke.. and watched the rest of the nicktoon first episodes — Angry Beavers (lol) and Ren & Stimpy Show (*sings along with the Log song.. then says some lines before they are said onscreen* :p). Ah, classics. Much better than the crap they make now (not counting Avatar, of course). My dad woke up and we had some breakfast.

We then watched The Soup Presents (aired last Monday.. didn’t have time / forgot it until now :p) and Thursday’s Grey’s Anatomy (Seth Green is too awesome to die, nooooo! 😦 closing scene though *to be continued in two weeks* *goes into a fit of rage* :p ..and it’s not like there’s special programming next week, it’s just a rerun.. ugh).

My dad took off on a few errands, so I watched two more episodes of Angel: Season 5 (so sad about the death.. five episodes to go) and the last episode of Jetix UK magazine’s Power Rangers Generations DVD (omg the day I like Turbo over the Disney crap.. it is the end, isn’t it? I so must buy MMPR Season 1. On Friday. Even though my dad’s moving bullshit may fuck it all up.).

My dad returned home and we finally watched my next Netflix selection — The Fountain. After a friend of mine told me he hated it, I wasn’t expecting much. But in the end, I came out liking and appreciating it.. even though I didn’t completely understand what was going on. My dad, on the other hand, hated it and quickly fell asleep for most of it. :p

So we got some supper and I went to my bedroom DVR and watched CSI (haha, good light-hearted episode) and Ugly Betty (great episode). But then I had to deal with an IRC problem and couldn’t watch any more. I somehow lost like 50 quotes in my file and had to go back in the logs one by one to get them back. In the end, I lost only four. :/ I should re-upload it..

So anyways… see ya.

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playstation phone / today

November 23, 2007

“After several months of rumors, it has just been confirmed that Sony is currently indeed working on the Playstation Phone project to bring the power of a video game console to a mobile phone device. A high ranking official inside Sony Japan said that Sony wants to grab the two fastest growing electronics markets at once with the Playstation Phone, which are : gaming and mobile telecommunication.” Oh boy. >_>

I awoke in the morning and watched a lot of Nicktoon first episodes that I had DVRed yesterday — Aaahh!!! Real Monsters (ah memories), Doug (ah memories), Rocko’s Modern Life (ah me– i mean, this was my favorite nicktoon ever.. really wish it were on dvd 😦 ) and Rugrats (er, yeah.. memories). My dad arrived home from dialysis and we watched some Ellen. Then I got ready and we went out to media buy once again.. on Black Friday. *thunderclap*

So I went to Target and had to listen to my dad’s endless bitching about getting a close parking space until I finally got him to take one reasonable close. I went in looking for the stolen Sheryl Crow CD. No luck, of course. PROO Vol 3 wasn’t in early either. At least on the shelf. The ass was too lazy to look in the back for me.. I moved on to Dollar General, then made my way to WalMart. The store sucks, but the world’s going to hell anyway, so whatever. No Sheryl Crow, no PROO Vol 3. But I did pick up the other DVD I wanted — the WalMart exclusive Nickelback: The Ultimate Video Collection. Twelve music videos for $10, including “Rockstar”. Yay.. So I had to stop and get out of others’ way a little more than usual. Not that big of a deal. Actually, it felt a little more.. adventurous than usual (as you know, I don’t get out much). *humandroolfountains upon viewing the new Ratchet & Clank on PS3* I needs it. With backwards compatibility for an extra $100. Gr. 😦

We returned home and I watched three more episodes of Angel: Season 5 (great episodes.. and “Smile Time” wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.. *stares @ nude werewolf girl* 🙂 ). Eventually, I returned to my room and got online to news-gather. My dad took off to spend some time with.. the friend he spent time with last night. No supper for me again, I suppose. I finished up online at about 8PM, then watched Ghost Whisperer (wow, best episode in a while). But I kept pausing it, so I got way behind on the DVR.

My dad returned home and mentioned a buffet, as if he possibly went there with his real family while I stayed home. *shrug* We watched some Don’t Forget The Lyrics!, followed by The Soup (lol) and Wildest Cop Show Moments 2 (er whatever it was called..). Once all that was over, I returned to my room for the night.

Damn. How long has G4 been doing this Heroes: The Post Show, with cast interviews and stuff? It’s on tomorrow night, after last Monday’s episode. I thought it was only gonna be regular repurposed reruns. 😦 ..See ya..

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Thanksgiving 2007 — dad’s backstabbery continues

November 22, 2007

I awoke in the morning, five hours after I had got to sleep, to the usual Thanksgiving parade craptivities on TV. I got online for a bit and played wit h the cat a little to pass the time. Then I finally read a few more chapters of Harry Potter 7. Yup, I’m still not done with it. I just.. stopped reading it.. and now I don’t exactly remember what happened in the first half. Ha.

I eventually took over the TV and watched three more episodes of Angel: Season 5 (wow, great episodes.. especially “You’re Welcome”.. omg @ ending). My dad kept on bitching about the free Thanksgiving dinners not arriving. There some handout thing you call and they deliver. And we’re both pretty much broke.. or my dad’s a real stingy bastard. It finally arrived and all it was was turkey, stuffing and a roll. *leftovers.. since we heard they had more different things than that*

I got online to news-gather (yeah I know, useless), then finished up close to 6PM. My dad went off to a friend’s house to watch the colts game.. and family members ended up being there for a family gathering.. on Thanksgiving.. and I wasn’t invited.. I went to my bedroom DVR and watched Flash Gordon (ooh, great episode), Journeyman (wow, awesome) and Ben 10: Race Against Time (i’ve never seen the animated show, but knew the basic premise.. this live action movie doesn’t really make me want to check it out any more than before I watched it.. it was okay i guess).

And that was about it. My dad loves ruining holidays for me. This definitely wouldn’t be the first time. And I highly doubt its the last. See ya at Christmas!

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jl tnf dvd art / today

November 21, 2007

The next DC Universe Animated Original Movie, Justice League: The New Frontier, will now arrive in two DVD editions on February 26th — a Standard 1-Disc Edition for a $19.98 SRP and a Two-Disc Special Edition for a $24.98 SRP (these will likely translate to $15 and $20 sale prices on release week). And as with usual, I like the one-disc art better but must get the two-disc. *sigh*

I awoke in the morning and.. watched some TV. We also had some breakfast. But I eventually took over and watched Heroes (omfgawesome). Since my dad took off somewhere, I also watched another episode on that UK Power Rangers Generations DVD (ohsogood.. it’s really making me want to get MMPR Season 1 at the beginning of next month.. even though I probably can’t due to my dad’s fucking moving bullshit). When he returned, we watched Ellen (ha). My dad took off again, so I got online while attempting another VHS transfer.

When it eventually failed, I watched another three episodes of Angel: Season 5 (whoa, awesome episodes.. especially “Destiny” & “Harm’s Way” ..and I just now got the latter title.. Harmony, ha). I tried a VHS transfer again, then watched Frank TV (ugh, horrible). I fell asleep during that.. and so did my dad. I woke up briefly to delete that crap.. then didn’t wake up until nearly 6PM. Ack. 😐 I woke my dad up because he complained when I let him sleep this long before, then got online to news-gather.

We had some supper, then I finished up online close to 7PM. It was about this time that I discovered that one of my most favorite CDs had been stolen. And it was probably stolen with all those DVDs 2845 years ago, but I didn’t notice until I actually wanted to play it again. The stolen CD hurts a lot more than the DVDs did. I had more of an emotional connection to it, I guess. Now I must wait until Friday to try and buy a new one. If I can even find it in stores since it was released in 1996. 😦

I went to the bedroom DVR and watched CSI NY (oh neat.. *watches halfway through, can’t care enough and deletes*) and Samantha Who? (haha.. *doesn’t care much more than the previous show*). At 8PM, we watched Pushing Daisies (wow, good episode *dad & I stare @ Kristin Chenowith’s cleavage* dad: “I’m really liking this show” *me rolls eyes* lol). But with nothing better to watch at 9PM, I let my dad watch Deal Or No Deal.. while I ended up getting online instead. Unless I’m playing, the thing’s boring to me now.

So I got online.. and wasted time trying to find a mIRC 6.3 keygen that doesn’t need an altered mirc.exe file.. then wasted time trying to fix my The program refuses to install the winamp update. Grrrrr. And before I knew it, it was already after midnight. *sigh* See ya.

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