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emma lahana forum & mp3s / roswell returns to weekdays / today

May 31, 2004

Power Rangers Dino Thunder‘s Emma Lahana has posted a new thread at Rangerboard, where she says she’s finally heading to LA today to pursue her music career and that she now has an official forum (to which she plans to post on from LA) at… Good luck, Emma! Can’t wait to buy your CD… Speaking of her upcoming CD, now has two mp3s for download in the ‘listen’ section: “Freak You Out” & “Patiently“. πŸ™‚

In a surprising move, the SciFi Channel has taken its repeats of Roswell out of the random weekday Daytime Rotation mini-marathons and back onto a regular weekday timeslot. Beginning June 28th, the SciFi Channel will begin airing the series in order from the beginning on a weekday basis at 4PM ET. And according to SciFi, it will continue to run as long as the ratings stay.. I don’t care much for this since I already have Season 1 on DVD.. but for those unsure on a purchase, tune in and let it sway you… πŸ™‚

Today I.. did a lot. In the morning, I watched two more Smallville DVD episodes (of course): “Fever” & “Rosetta”. They were both great episodes, with the second being the better one, of course. By the time “Rosetta” aired, I was truly hooked onto this show and have seen every episode since.. After Passions (my dad’s starting to not like it because it’s getting “silly”).. and my dad left for work,.. I finally delved into Robotech Remastered: Macross Collection 3 DVDs with the first two episodes (25/26). I’m really liking this series, partly for telling a story of alien contact more closely to how it will actually happen. πŸ™‚ Then I rampaged in Vice City pretty much the rest of the evening. I think it’s time to take a break from it again. Maybe I can return to GTA3… :p

Well.. see ya..

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Sunday 5.30.04: more on DT vs Aba & ..not much else…

May 30, 2004

Ooh, another The Fall Guy update. Production pictures have been added to the official site as well as a press release saying this Jason David Frank-starrer will make it to theaters in early 2005…

Maybe there’s hope for the upcoming ‘sentai team-up’ episode of Dino Thunder after all, if this description from the PR section of TVTome is true: “Worlds collide as the dimension-jumping monster Warpiplex battles both the Dino Thunder Rangers and their otherdimensional counterparts, the Abarangers.” Neat.

In a surprising turn, the infamous Funaroverse PR news website has been updated. Included in the update are links to an Amit Bhaumik interview from PRN, and the long-salivated-for original script for the Turbo movie, “Race To The Volcano”. πŸ™‚

I woke up nearly three hours ago… but fell asleep again. There, I had another dream about my only ex-girlfriend, Tami. I was invited into her home. I felt totally out of place. I looked away from her mother for just a moment, and upon looking back.. she was Tami. Quite strange. I just continued to disappoint Tami over and over by not doing things she wanted to do together. The only time I got to see her beautiful smile… was when I called myself a dumbass for not doing said things. *sigh* It’s like I miss her every day anymore.. and it’s been many many years since I had last seen her… 😦

My dad went to work today after all. All day. *yawn* I’ve finally got my DVR recording of “Hawaii Zeo” onto VHS, and I also watched and/or deleted a whole bunch of crap from the DVR.. including the three remaining Gargoyles episodes from last weekend.. πŸ™‚ I guess I’ll a watch a DVD next.. *shrug*

Instead of a movie, I played some Air Combat 04 & Vice City.. This was the first time using a rocket launcher… I think I’ll turn off my PC for now. Damn tornado warnings….

Wow. Those were some storms. I think they were about as bad as the storms of September 2002. These got very close to us too. A tornado damaged a nursing home just miles away. 😐 Luckily, only the power went out for a short time here (maybe a total of 15-20 mins). But over 12,000 homes are reported without power. 😦

Uh oh. Here’s what Doug Sloan had to say at Rangerboard about the “Lost & Found in Translation” episode of Dino Thunder (and the episode description I reported above): “No one in this thread has figured it out yet. The ep is in no way what you think it is going to be. I promise you that. The T.V. Tome thing, by the way…uh, in a word…garbage. Just wait, and enjoy. It is a complete trip.” And Power Rangers @ TVTome co-editor Zarius had this to say: “Jesse has a reason for putting up that synopsis, one which he is yet to reveal. If I tried to remove it, he’d put it back up again to further his goal. Better to let the storm ride and see what happens.” Interesting…

Make sure to check out at least the first link below. Not only is it informative, but pretty damn funny. lol.. See ya.

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Saturday 5.29.04: abaranger vs dinothunder? ..and an epic trilogy concluded..

May 29, 2004

Damnit. A Dino ThunderMade In Japan-athon” promo. Now I’m stuck watching Digicrap all morning until it airs again.. *shakes fist* The new episode should be interesting, even though I couldn’t care less for sentai…

Well, that’s taken care of.. already. Now to settle back into the boredom. My dad and I were going out for breakfast, but then he decided against it just because I haven’t found it useful to bathe recently (I rarely get out, so..). I would like to get out of this home more, but I have no drivers license so I’m stuck at home. My dad even goes out and has fun with his true family on occasion, while I am forced to stay home in boredom. Then he lies to cover it up. So there’s another reason I media buy. It’s an excuse to actually go out.. and do things I would like to do..

With E!’s 101 Reasons The 90’s Ruled airing a few months ago with a Power Rangers segment, I was interested to see a I Love The 90’s promo on VH1 just now, in the form of a Beverly Hills 90210 spoof. It starts July 12th. I wonder if Power Rangers will be featured on that too…

I watched two more Smallville DVD episodes earlier: “Rush” & “Prodigal”. Awesome episodes.. especially the first, which was another one I don’t remember seeing. :p Then the second was only slightly familiar. Woohoo. Nine episodes left. Then my dad and I watched Vegas Vacation again on TBS until he had to get to work.. Now I’m gonna go watch LotR: RotK… πŸ™‚

WOW. Just finished watching Lord of the Rings: Return of the King. Definitely a brilliant film, but I probably don’t have to tell you that. :p It was even the best of the trilogy, in my opinion. Now I can’t wait to purchase the Extended Edition… πŸ™‚ It was best not to catch it in theaters like I did with Two Towers. The movie would’ve been too.. I dunno. After seeing it twice, then watching it a third time within a year.. was just too much. I’ll probably be watching all three Extended Editions once more around the time the last one is released though..

This news article about Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles‘ new third season due to begin airing this fall reveals some very interesting spoilers…

Season 3 features an intergalactic space war comes to the Turtles’ part of the galaxy when the Triceratons decide to invade the Earth. If the green team supreme can survive alien combat on their home planet, they still must face time-traveling wizards, mind-controlling monsters, genetically enhanced bounty hunters, the surprise return of one of their most deadly enemies and the final fate of the Shredder.

There should be even more details and all 26 episode titles of Season 3 coming up next month from the official site..

Well, I guess today wasn’t all that bad… Heh. But tomorrow will most likely be a different story. More often than not, my Sundays are boring. :/

I’ll be interested in seeing the upcoming sentai episode of Power Rangers Dino Thunder (“Lost & Found In Translation”), but I doubt it’ll be anywhere near a “Forever Red” (or even “Legacy of Power”) level of awesomeness, like some on RangerBoard have been saying. I just hope they don’t screw it all up… [ has the ‘Made In Japan-athon’ promo up for download for anyone who missed it this morning…]

See ya.

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prdt dvd titles / prdt vol 1 back cover / more latham / today

May 28, 2004

The Dino Thunder DVD news seems to just be getting worse and worse. DVDPlanet has added listings for Power Rangers Dino Thunder, Vol. 2: Legacy of Power and Power Rangers Dino Thunder, Vol. 3: White Thunder. Now unless the Vol. 2 DVD will have 5 to 7 episodes.. it looks as if they’ll be skipping some. Ugh… has added a scan of the back cover art for Power Rangers Dino Thunder, Vol. 1: Day of the Dino, concretely confirming the episodes included within the credits. Haha. The two Ninja Storm episodes are titled as Dino Thunder episodes there. And there’s the Yellow Ranger on the Red Raptor. :p ..Unless my dad calls off work Tuesday (which he may do.. since he’s getting angry with his employers).. I’ll have to wait until Wednesday for media buying.. 😦

Latham Gaines continued to answer some non-spoiler questions at Rangerboard today. It’s cool that even though he’s played lots of villains in the past, he likes Mesogog the most and tried to play his character to more than just the kid audience that Power Rangers Dino Thunder is aiming for. πŸ™‚

I had another dream last night. I gave my only ex-girlfriend, Tami, a ride.. on a bus. Anyway.. we began catching up, talking about her job and a lack of mine. I couldn’t take my eyes off of her. I told her that I couldn’t stop thinking about her all these years (which is true). But she didn’t reply, and I repeated. Again, no reply. Then it was time to get off the bus.. and the dream ended there… *sigh* Anyway.. I slept all morning. But later, after Passions, I watched two more Smallville DVD episodes: “Insurgence” and “Suspect”, the first being great but I’m bored by already seeing it twice before.. and the second being very well-done and one I never got to see until now. It’s great having my holes in the storyline being filled. And in high quality picture and sound. πŸ™‚ The evening was just plain boring (a preview of the weekend, no doubt). Again, nothing better to do than go web surfing while my dad watches his all-important basketball game once again. Blah.

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prdt actors @ rb / tmnt:nm on uk dvd / new arrested development ep / today

May 27, 2004

Today was a very busy day for Rangerboard. Power Rangers Dino Thunder‘s Emma Lahana (Kira) and Latham Gaines (Dr. Anton Mercer / Mesogog) made their first posts… only the latter was actually about two weeks ago. :/ But only Mr. Gaines has found the time to reply. He discussed the costumes and the transformations between Anton and Mesogog. Of course, my favorite tidbit of his so far would have to be… “Favorite episode………probably the one where I finally tell trent how mesogog came into being, it’s well directed. My real favorite would be one you haven’t seen yet!” Can’t wait to see those episodes. πŸ™‚

It looks as if Buena Vista, who now owns Saban’s short-lived Ninja Turtles: The Next Mutation live action TV series (I’m guessing), is planning to release it on DVD… in the UK. Volume 1 looks to be due on July 26th, while Volume 2 will arrive October 11th. I wonder if Region 1 will get anything similar…

According to, the “lost” season finale episode of Arrested Development, “Let ‘Em Eat Cake”, will finally have its first airing on June 6th at 8:30PM ET. Yay. πŸ™‚ Also, the series pilot will be repeated later, at 9:30PM ET…

GTA “Bomb Scare” Leads to Jail Time — Aiyaiyai…

In the morning, I finally watched the Tru Calling season finale. It was great. I didn’t expect that the one who died.. would be the one who died. Now I’m ready for season 2… in November.. :p After Passions (yay.. a new supernatural storyline), I watched two more Smallville DVD episodes: “Skinwalker” (yum Kyla) and “Visage” (yum Tina.. though I liked the actress’ roles in The Pitts and that Jason Mraz video more). I didn’t expect both to be ones I never got to see before. I believe these first aired around that time I started staying up really late.. then ended up falling asleep earlier.. so I missed a few. But I think I’ve seen all the other episodes to the end of this season now. And I’ve definitely seen all of season 3.. Later, I rampaged in Vice City. For nearly five hours. Whee. My dad and I were planning some things for Sunday (not 500-related).. but now we can’t do them because he’s scheduled for work all day that day. *sigh*

Damn. Today kinda feels like Friday already. I’m already worried this weekend’s gonna suck… See ya..

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prspd scriptlet / batmobile / fall guy update / tmnt2k3 s3 / roswell dvd / 24 s4 / today

May 26, 2004

CyberBlack, who is auditioning for a part in Power Rangers S.P.D., teases us once again with another piece of casting scriptlet from the show’s 13th season:

Yo’ Z what it be?

My brother sent you didn’t he?


That’s his name isn’t it?

Don’t ask me. You’re his sister

Funny. Now go back and tell him I’m Ranger history.

Tell who?


You’re brother?

Your parents let you skateboard without a helmet, didn’t they?
My brother….Jack. He sent you try and talk me out of leaving.

I haven’t talked to him, Jack or you brother all morning. Why you
checking out?

Miss Goody-two shoes. She’s so……

“The newly redesigned Batmobile, featured in the upcoming film Batman Begins, will make its first public appearance on June 8 at the Licensing 2004 show at the Jacob Javits Convention Center in New York City, Warner Brothers announced.” That should be cool to see, alongside the first details on Power Rangers S.P.D. πŸ™‚

Also, according to the official website for Jason David Frank’s latest movie, The Fall Guy, filming is already completed and is now in post-production. I wish I could see it when it’s released but I would have to wait for the DVD…

According to Dan Berger from the official TMNT website, Fox Box will be showing repeats of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2003) all summer… until the “Big Brawl, Part Two” Fox Box season premiere on Saturday, September 11th… 😐

I’ve found a few more minor details on the BBFC site concerning the upcoming Roswell: The Complete Second Season DVD set. There’s going to be atleast three commentary tracks, for the episodes “Ask Not”, “A Roswell Christmas Carol”, and “Cry Your Name”. No idea on who will be doing the commentaries though.. As a refresher, the UK release date looks to be August 9th, while us Americans will have to wait until fourth quarter (October – December).

Here’s some info on the next season of 24:

24 will open and close with two-hour installments as well as feature a two-hour special event episode in the middle of the season. Said moves are designed so that 24 will be able to run for 21 consecutive weeks beginning in January and close by the end of May sweeps. In addition, several cast changes are in store for the drama. Both Reiko Aylesworth and James Badge Dale have been informed their options for the show’s fourth season have not been picked up while Carlos Bernard, Mary Lynn Rajskub, Zachary Quinto and Daniel Dae Kim’s futures remain up in the air (Kim is currently attached to the ABC drama Lost). As for regulars Kiefer Sutherland, Dennis Haysbert and Elisha Cuthbert, all three are expected to return with Cuthbert more than likely being demoted to recurring status due to her feature commitments. Nevertheless, fans of the series should take note that in previous seasons Sarah Clarke and Penny Johnson Jerald’s options weren’t picked up however each went on to play critical roles in both this season and last season.

I watched two more Smallville DVD episodes this morning: “Ryan” & “Dichotic”. Both were great, and I think the second one I hadn’t even seen until now. πŸ™‚ Then, the rest of the day was.. nothing.. except Passions (Paloma = yum). With most of the TV shows over, my DVR’s getting empty. All I can think of to watch and delete on there now is last weekend’s Gargoyles on ABC Family (no hurry due to them being pre-empted this weekend).. and the 2-hour Tru Calling season finale (which I’ll finally most likely get to tomorrow). And nothing much happened in the evening either. Just a nap, then messing around online for a few hours… *shakes fist @ Amazon for becoming more like the devil shop, Wal-Mart* They’ve “discontinued” a few hentai titles I had in my wishlist.. *pouts* Not that I.. watch stuff like that.. *hides the word ‘hentai’ in his LJ userinfo.. and the hentai title in his dvd collection* *cough* Anyway… see ya.. *runs*

I used my real name since my LJ name doesn’t sound as much like me as this one does.. :p

R Refined
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H Humorous
A Appreciative
R Radical
D Devious

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prdt dvd update / wonderfalls on dvd / media buys 5.25.04 / today

May 25, 2004

Well, I guess there goes my “whole season in volumes” hopes for the Power Rangers Dino Thunder DVDs. Nutty88 reports from the UK that he has already received his Power Rangers Dino Thunder, Vol. 1: Day of the Dino DVD. And there are two things we expected that are missing: the episodes “Legacy of Power” and “Back in Black” (even though the damn DVD trailer even had a scene from the latter). Yup, it seems we’re only getting the last two of Ninja Storm and first three of Dino Thunder, most likely leaving it at a cliffhanger until September’s DVD releases. Ugh… More DVD details: the sneak peeks include Spiderman (animated series), Aladdin Special Edition, and Bionicle 2 (which I personally have been looking forward to). The Virtual Trading Cards are Kira, Ethan, Vexacus and Kelzacs. He also reports that the Ninja Storm episodes are “there in full”, while the first three Dino Thunder episodes have been edited down to the dreaded “movie format”, with one set of opening and closing credits…

From comes some exciting news. 20th Century Fox is very interested in releasing all 13 episodes of Wonderfalls on DVD (including the 9 unaired ones). A “December / Holiday” time of release was mentioned. But on the flip side, Fox still wants to save in the music licensing department, so some songs featured in the episodes may be dropped for more affordable ones, like the recent Roswell DVD release… In the meantime, check out this neat webpage for some cool Wonderfalls stuff, such as shooting scripts for most of the episodes and a full version mp3 of the theme song. πŸ™‚

The Return Of The King (2-Disc Widescreen Theatrical Edition) DVD with free LoTR special collector's issue of Entertainment Weekly

Yup, that’s all I got today at Best Buy. And it looks like a few things I wanted this week, I’ll be getting next week (for somewhat higher prices) since I’m virtually broke until Monday. Whee… Everything else was just a blur today. I watched today’s two DVD episodes of Smallville (“Redux” & “Lineage”), played a little Ace Combat 04, and pretty much stayed on the computer almost the whole time my dad was at work (mostly because of the news above).. And the night was.. boring. Since my dad’s most likely commandeering the HDTV for tomorrow night for some country music awards and more basketball (ugh x2).. I suppose I could watch one of those DVDs that are piling up.. so I won’t be completely bored..

See ya..

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prdt vol 1 retailer ad / gits dvds / today

May 24, 2004

Well, I finally got off my lazy ass and pieced together the retailer ad for the Power Rangers Dino Thunder, Vol. 1: Day of the Dino DVD. I stayed up past 3AM working on it so… enjoy. πŸ™‚ [photoshop + little RAM = no fun] And for those who missed it, check out the 1 minute video trailer for the DVD release. πŸ™‚

According to, the anime series Ghost In The Shell: Stand Alone Complex will be released to DVD on quite an irregular schedule: Volume 1 — 7/27/2004; Volume 2 — 9/28/2004; Volume 3 — 10/26/2004; Volume 4 — 1/25/2005; Volume 5 — 3/22/2005; Volume 6 — 5/24/2005; Volume 7 — 6/29/2005.

I went out to a few places today to spend a bit more. I’m running low again, so it’s only one DVD to buy tomorrow. πŸ˜‰ I should have enough for what I want next Tuesday though… My dad told me he had a strange dream last night. These two people in shadows held him down and injected something into his arm. Then this morning, he finds a small red dot and an itching sensation on his left arm, exactly where he was injected in the.. dream. He has also had a hard bump on his back for a while now (years). It sticks up out from his upper back a little, like a mound.. but with some kind of hole in the center. Hmm..

After Passions (i still miss the supernatural storylines 😦 ), I watched today’s two Smallville DVD episodes: “Red and “Nocturne”. I swear I saw Max & Liz kissing for a moment when Clark & Lana were in “Red”. The shows are just so much alike.. only I’m thinking Smallville has somewhat better writers. *cough* Both episodes were great. I really liked this quote from “Nocturne”: Lionel: “You know, Lex, Zeus had a son, an adopted son, who thought he could find a home among mortals. You know what happened to the well-intentioned Prometheus?” Lex: “His dad had him chained to a rock and his liver was eaten by vultures. Why?” Lionel: “Prometheus was immortal, Lex. No matter how much he wanted to escape the world he was born into, the world of the gods, he never could. It wasn’t possible.” I never knew this name I took online was so.. right. I’m trying to escape the world I live in through media. And it isn’t working out too well…

Watching most of the primetime shows just aren’t the same without my dad there with me. Anymore, I expect him to pull the disappearing act. And almost every time, he does. When asked today, he even said he was going to watch the shows tonight for the most part, instead of watching his useless basketball game. When he got home? Right to my bedroom TV to watch the game. When it hit halftime, he did the disappearing act yet again. I hate being alone. But it’s most likely the way I’ll die… A part of me just hopes it’s soon to end the misery.

See ya..

Sunday 5.23.04 — bbbooorrreeeddd.. thanks dad

May 23, 2004

I woke up pretty early, my dad got some breakfast and I watched BoPR and most of the PRDT repeat.. before I fell asleep again. :/ I wandered in and out of sleep for a while. When I woke, my dad had gone off to church again. Ugh.

I wonder why they’re releasing Popular Mechanics for Kids on DVD now? Could it be for the educational value? …Or that then-underage hottie Elisha Cuthbert hosted? πŸ™‚ *gets that perv look on his face for a moment* *ahem* Anyway…

For all two of you who probably still don’t know, the Disney Channel is airing yet another sequel to Zenon next month, titled Z3 for short. I liked the first one, but didn’t quite like the second one… Why did I bring this up, you ask? Well, former Ninja Storm Power Ranger Glenn McMillan seems to have a pretty big role in the movie, as he’s in the commercial quite a few times. I guess I’ll check it out.. *shrug* [Edit: The movie debuts Friday June 11th at 8PM ET. I’m pretty sure there will be plenty or repeats as well.]

Booooorrrreeeddd. It’s the word of the day. My dad’s been gone all day again. For “church”. He’ll probably come up with another damn lie before he even comes in the door though. Lake last time. I’m thinking he goes out to eat to some buffet or something with his real family after church while I sit here all day with the choices of bologna…and bologna. I hate bologna. Then he probably spends the rest of the time at their home. Or go to see movies. Or any kind of fun stuff. While I sit here and go into a Vice City daze for hours without end. Since there’s not much better to do. He failed in raising me right after my mom passed away (I remember a time when I was seven where I was left alone for so long, I began to cry. The next door neighbor rescued me from my loneliness.. but I believe my dad eventually lost his job and our apartment there for what he had done). So I guess he has to escape some times… I just wish I could…

Anyway.. Megas XLR just ended. I’ve never seen this new series before, but the live action ads intrigued me. Yesterday, I had heard the new episode included a storyline involving a Power Rangers spoof group called “S-Force”. So I just watched it tonight. They didn’t bag on PR.. that bad. :p They even had a giant floating head too. And Zorbs. lol. For those wanting to see it (again), the episode (“The Bad Guy”) re-airs next Saturday at 12:30PM ET on Cartoon Network…

He claims he was at the hospital again. For his ex’s brother… *shrug* I still don’t know if I should believe him though. He’s lied so many times before. I remember a time a long time ago when he claimed he had won a vacation for two to the Bahamas in a contest. Then he decides to just shrug it off when I have to have ear surgery. *rolls eyes* He probably even thinks I’ve forgotten that I’m a ‘bastard’ son. *sigh* Well.. see ya..

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Saturday 5.22.04 — the dino thunder power hour.. and many dvds..

May 22, 2004

And so the day begins. For once, I’m not asleep on the couch at this time.. and so the new Dino Thunder episodes aren’t on until later. :p At least, TMNT is over until the fall… next Saturday looks so boring though. There’s nothing on then.. except maybe another ABC Kids DT episode to put on tape…

Right now, I’m guessing that the Power Rangers Dino Thunder, Vol 2 DVD contains “Diva In Distress”, “Game On”, “Golden Boy”, “Beneath The Surface” and “Ocean Alert”.. While Vol 3 contains “White Thunder, Part 1”, “White Thunder, Part 2”, “White Thunder, Part 3”, “Truth And Consequences” and “Leader Of The Whack”. And maybe even “Burning At Both Ends” for a ‘5 & 6’ DVD episode count until the end of the season. I hope so, anyway…

9:31AM (Dino Thunder spoiler warning)
Now those were two awesome episodes of Power Rangers Dino Thunder. πŸ™‚ First up was “Burning At Both Ends”, where the evil White Dino Gem took further control over Trent. He’s now evil in his human form as well.. Trent and Mesogog join forces to trick the rangers.. and gives Tommy an ATV. O_o They battle it out a bit, Trent steals two more dino zords, and he double-crosses Mesogog. Then the ending finally revealed that our villain Mesogog is really Anton Mercer on the inside, and White Ranger uses his dino power of blending in with his surroundings to discover this too. I really liked this episode. Next was “The Missing Bone”. We learn that Anton Mercer has been chosen to substitute teach while Tommy’s.. occupied. Kira gets separated from the group while on Mr. Mercer’s field trip to his dino museum. She is taken control of by Fossildor (those evil contacts freaked me out) and is commanded to retrieve… the missing bone. Fossildor is completed and attacks the city. You know the rest.. That was some zord formation with only the red and blue dino zords. Neat. Kira eventually joins the fight with one awesome unmorphed entrance atop her Ptera Zord. πŸ™‚ At the end we see Anton in his lab trying desperately to complete an antidote for his Mesogog transformations. But he doesn’t complete it in time and again transforms into Mesogog… I really enjoyed both of these episodes about the same. I really like the new evil Trent (human form). I hope he sticks around for a bit. But again, it looked as if the others barely cared about Tommy’s new unmorphing problem in these episodes, like they did with the amber encased one. I’m not really liking that too much. Next week: nothing. Why else would we get two episodes in one week (besides a finale)? Damn Digimon… In two weeks, I’m guessing we’re getting “Bully For Ethan”.. but there was no preview so we don’t really know yet…

Now that was a long day. After finally taping the two ABC Kids episodes of PRDT (with an annoying weather warning crap in the corner.. gotta tape at least the second one again), I watched the Smallville season 1 finale followed by the season 2 premiere (the latter was still mostly boring to me after the opening scene). Then, because my dad kept asking for it, we watched Paycheck. It’s a great sci-fi action movie. It’s somewhat similar to The Bourne Identity (which I also liked), only here with the sci-fi plot taking place in the near future (mostly 2007). I now even like Paycheck slightly more than Bourne for the cool sci-fi aspects (I won’t give away the mystery though :p )… I was also in awe by the Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow trailer also on the disc. Looks like a very cool vintage sci-fi film (taking place in the 1920s I believe.. and it stars Angelina Jolie.. mm). It doesn’t come to theaters until September though. :/

And is anyone else already sick and tired of the Shrek 2 overmerchandising? I sure am. Ooh, Shrek M&Ms and a Shrek ‘Operation’ board game… *rolls eyes*

Yay, Conan O’Brien on DVD! πŸ™‚

Disney Video’s website now has a pretty awesome 1 minute video trailer for Power Rangers Dino Thunder, Vol. 1: Day of the Dino. I’m real glad to see they’re promoting these more. I just wish I could save it though… 😦

Tonight has been pretty boring. I’ve been on the computer all night as my dad watched these two sports events at the same time. There was nothing better to do… *sigh* Well.. see ya…