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lost & invasion / simpsons movie / smith UNRATED / king kong 4-disc / today

March 31, 2006

This week’s new episode of Lost will now repeat this Saturday (April 1st) at 10PM ET, while next Wednesday night’s new episode will run 65 minutes. Also, check out these better looks at the Dharma map seen in last week’s episode: Hi-Res 2741×2274, Lo-Res 800×661 and a transcription.. Meanwhile, ABC Family has scheduled an Invasion marathon for Saturday, April 15th. Neat. πŸ™‚

Ain’t It Cool News & MSNBC report that a pair of teaser trailers for Simpsons: The Movie are attached to select prints of Ice Age: The Meltdown. Wow. The Simpsons film is currently set for theatrical release on July 27th, 2007..

20th Century Fox has scheduled a Mr & Mrs Smith: Unrated Collector’s Edition DVD for release on June 6th. The 2-disc set will include a new 125-minute cut of the film. About damn time.. But check out the cover art. lol. UNRATED!!!!!!!!11

TheDigitalBits reports that Peter Jackson has held back significant content from the recently-released King Kong 2-Disc DVD in order to released a more elaborate 4-disc release later this year.. >_>

I awoke in the morning and passed on the morning TV because it was all reruns. Instead, we watched Mind Of Mencia (lol), Will & Grace (haha @ the anti-Bush/Republican stuff), this morning’s SciFi episode of Passions (lol staaalllling) and Bones (pretty good episode). Before we knew it, it was noon already. My aunt came for a visit. She’s going to help my dad get signed up for medicaid, then he’s more likely to get his surgery. And of course he schedules the sign-up meeting thing on Tuesday morning. Ugh. He says he completely forgot about my Tuesday media buying, but I doubt that. *rolls eyes* Ah well. As I long as I get to go on Tuesday damnit.

My dad was too wrapped up in waiting for the mail. His check was due today. But since we got the stand-in mailman today instead of the regular guy, he didn’t get it. Just like I didn’t get mine last month. So there goes our weekend.. I watched the last five Robot Chicken: Season 1 DVD episodes (lol) as my dad waited for the mail. Then I played some more True Crime NYC. I like the subway & taxi systems where you choose where to go, unlike GTA‘s subway where there’s a route.. I also went and bought all the weapons, then played around with planting landmines in the middle of streets and sidewalks. >:) Once it goes off on the sidewalk, you even see a body part or two lying around.. I shut it off close to 4PM and watched the day’s new Passions (yay Luis). Then I got online to news-gather.

I finished up online in time for some supper and to watch Veronica Mars on my bedroom DVR (another great episode). Then I watched / taped John Doe (Part 2, yay). Unfortunately, the VCR stopped at the earliest point ever: just 20 minutes in. *sigh* It was also hard to enjoy the episode when my dad was moaning and groaning about all his bad luck today (no check, cell minutes running out, bad health). Like I could do anything about it. Eventually, he went back out to the mailbox. The retarded mailman returned later to deliver the check. So now he can’t get it in until tomorrow, and he thinks the mailman did it on purpose because of our call the last time he pulled this.. I was having a hard time what to watch next, Ghost Whisperer or Deal Or No Deal. Unfortunately, the weather made the decision for me. Both channels were showing severe weather bullshit instead. 😐 By 9PM, they had gone back to regular programming. After finding out Reba was a repeat, we watched the rest of Close To Home (pretty good) and Modern Men (lol). Not long after that was over, I returned to my room for the night..

Today wasn’t that great either. I hope tomorrow’s better.. See ya.

[ ‘We Have Got To Eliminate The Gringos’ ]
[ Thailand Govt Institute Reports Dogs, Cats With H5N1 ]
[ New High-Tech Bolts, Latches, Fasteners ]
[ Scientists Speculate Cavemen Sang ]


tmnt ep screw-up & titles / ron interview / apr 2-8 dvd ads / today

March 30, 2006

It’s been revealed that 4KidsTV did in fact skip an episode of the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series titled #97: “Insane In The Membrane” earlier this season. It dealt with the return of Baxter Stockman and 4Kids supposedly decided it was too graphic to air. Grrrr. 😑 Click here for the details, including the airing episode order and original storyline episode order. “Tale Of Master Yoshi” was the real episode #100. Thanks for screwing over the fans once again, 4Kids! -_-

Meanwhile, the final episode titles of Ninja Turtles‘ season have been revealed as well.. 102: “Good Genes, Part One” will air this Saturday, April 1st. Then 103: “Good Genes, Part Two” airs April 8th and the Season Finale 104: “The Ninja Tribunal” will air on April 15th. Expect the fifth season, “Fast Forward”, to begin airing in September. We still have no idea when they’ll release that Lost Season on DVD though (it was scrapped after 13 episodes and replaced with the “Fast Forward” storyline)..

An audio interview with Power Rangers‘ Ron Wasserman (“The Mighty RAW”) that was recorded but never made it to air on Emerson College’s radio station has been put up for download. Check it out. πŸ™‚

Some people reading seem to want to know next week’s DVD release prices ahead of time, so I thought I would provide. Click here for the prices in the April 2nd – 8th ads for Best Buy, Circuit City & Target. Looks like I’ll have to get the Narnia 2-disc for $22.99 at Target. $26.99 at Best Buy definitely isn’t the.. best buy.. >_>

I stayed up pretty late last night, transferring the rest of Lost to VHS (it stopped early again.. grr) and watching the new South Park (lol). I finally got to sleep sometime after 3AM.. I awoke a bit after 9AM and watched some of the usual morning TV. We also watched today’s SciFi episode of Passions (woohoo @ that ending :p).. My dad keeps getting phone calls from the hospital. And now just because his medicare doesn’t start until June, the hospital doesn’t want to do the surgery. 😦 He may end up going to a different hospital, the one he still doesn’t like because they were the ones that took my mother away. *sigh*

My dad went off to his scheduled hospital appointment anyway, and after some time online, I watched five more DVD episodes of Robot Chicken: Season 1 (rofl) a bit early. Then I played some more True Crime NYC (mostly rampaged.. and had a lot of fun with those waltrops or whatever.. you throw them in the street and tires go flat when they go over them lol).. Eventually, my dad returned home with even more bad news. The hospital won’t do the surgery next week since we can’t pay $800,000 right fucking now. A friend of my dad’s says he can file a lawsuit against them for it and has already talked to a lawyer about it.. I soon shut off the game and we watched the new Passions (oh, so the Vendetta storyline is just a Da Vinci Code rip-off.. no wonder I’m not liking it).

After that, I returned to my room to news-gather. Upon looking at some unimportant Donnie Darko news, I look back and finally notice that my copy of the original DVD has been stolen too. *sigh* I would tell my dad, but he’s shown in the past that he doesn’t give a shit about my stolen property. At least I still have the Director’s Cut DVD (for now). I really wanted to see that “Mad World” music video not on the new DVD though damnit.. I finished up online a little after 6PM, then had some supper and watched Unan1mous (lol so lame) and The Unit (wow pretty good) on the bedroom DVR..

At 8PM, we watched Smallville (great episode.. *pictures an army of Brainiacs in the season finale*), CSI Vegas (wow, better than the usual episode), My Name Is Earl (rofl, one of the funniest episodes in awhile) and The Office (lol). My dad was really depressed about the canceled operation tonight. And since I’m so damn detached, I tried my best to push my sadness away and focus on TV. I was actually partly relieved that I won’t be missing a Tuesday while he was in the hospital. *sigh* I fucking suck..

[ Actor Ed Asner Says Govt 911 Story A Fable & Fraud ]
[ Venezuela To Launch International 911 Investigation ]
[ The Pentagon Exit Hole Part I & Part II ]
[ Race Riots Could Lead To Camps For Americans & Illegals ]
[ Drone Airplanes May Surveil America Soon ]
[ Seattle HS Students Told To Censor Antiwar T-Shirts ]
[ Bush Spends 1.6 Billion For Advertising And PR ]
[ Former OH Attorney Jailed Again On Trumped-Up Charges ]
[ Biggest Euro Aspartame Producer To Quit Production ]
[ H5N1 Kills 2nd In Egypt – 24th Suspected In Indonesia ]
[ Bird Flu Reported In Israel, Pakistan, Czech, Denmark, India ]
[ Steiger On The Serious Dangers Of Ouija Boards ]

tv bytes / today

March 29, 2006

Here’s some TV news… Prison Break has already been given a second season (yay), Arrested Development is officially over.. “for now” (boo), and The 4400 has begun filming its third season (yay.. the new season begins June 4th on USA). πŸ™‚

I awoke quite late in the morning. My dad got another call from the hospital. They’re worried about getting their damn money. My dad just got his Medicare card or whatever, but my dad heard the surgery itself may cost as much at $800,000. Ack. 😐 I stayed in my room for quite awhile, fine-tuning a new CD to burn.

Project Prometheus: The Depress-Mix
Blink 182 – Adam’s Song
Simple Plan – Welcome To My Life
Michael Andrews featuring Gary Jules – Mad World
Johnny Cash – Hurt
Green Day – Boulevard Of Broken Dreams
Stacie Orrico – (There’s Gotta Be) More To Life
Pras featuring Sharlie McQueen – Haven’t Found
Simple Plan – Untitled (How Could This Happen To Me?)
Avril Lavigne – Nobody’s Home
Daniel Powter – Bad Day
Nine Days – End Up Alone
The Verve – Bittersweet Symphony
Akon – Lonely
Filter – One
Train – Cab
The Verve Pipe – The Freshman
Pearl Jam – Last Kiss
Good Charlotte – Hold On
REM – Everybody Hurts

Eventually, I burned it, gave my dad $10 mostly for more gas, and we had a pretty late breakfast.. We watched today’s SciFi episode of Passions (lol pretty good, even without the witch). After a while, we watched the new Passions (I’m liking this whole terrorist storyline more than Whitney’s Vendetta crap).

Once that was over, I watched five more hilarious DVD episodes of Robot Chicken: Season 1. Then I played more True Crime NYC, actually playing the storyline quite a bit rather than just rampaging. πŸ™‚ They gave me a choice between three cases to play. I guess I play the others later.. My dad went out somewhere, then noticed the assholes upstairs who recently got their electricity shut off were now stealing it from the downstairs hallway plug-in. Outside of our apartment, but it’s from our electric bill. Ugh. And now the hospital bitching just because his Medicare doesn’t start until June, so they can’t get their money right away. Ugh.. again.. Before I knew it, it was 5PM. I shut off the PS2 and got online to news-gather..

We had pancakes for supper (yuck), then I got done online at about 6:30. So I watched last night’s episodes of Sons & Daughters (I was about to stop watching, but these episodes made the series just the tiniest bit better.. damnit, now I have to keep watching).. At 8PM, we watched Out of Practice (haha), Courting Alex (haha.. why is this still on?), Lost (whoa, awesome episode.. especially that ending) & Heist (not as exciting as the first episode, but still fairly interesting.. don’t know if I’ll keep watching and missing CSI NY though). Once all that was over, I returned to my room for the night..

Today was okay. Again. *shrug* ..Until the computer screwed up and I had to recollect all the bottom links.. -_- See ya.

[ Pillaging The Treasury And The Constitution ]
[ Navy Preps Carrier Group For ‘Major Training Exercise’ ]
[ Congresswoman McKinney Allegedly Punches Cop ]
[ America Drowns In IIlegal Alien Invasion Aided & Abetted By Bush ]
[ Connolly Admitted Supporting JFK Cover-up ]
[ Death Rates Drop After City Cleans Air – Big Surprise… ]
[ Congo – Bird Flu Outbreak Would Be ‘Catastrophic’ ]
[ Aspartame Danger To Children, Future Generations ]

arrested over? / vh1 top 20 / media buys / today

March 28, 2006

Arrested Development creator Mitch Hurwitz says he won’t be involved with the show, possibly putting the last nail in the series’ coffin.. *sigh* 😦

VH1 has finally decided to transform their weekly Top 20 Countdown into something more resembling MTV’s TRL. Ugh.. >_>

I woke up in the morning and watched some of the usual morning TV. But soon, it was time to media buy..

I went to Best Buy and picked up Avatar: Book 1, Volume 2 and Robot Chicken: Season 1. I got $5 off Best Buy’s price on the latter with a Target price-match.. Next, I moved on to Target and picked up the King Kong special edition with comic book. They only had two copies left. :/ And I don’t think they even had Robot Chicken. I got an Icee and returned home..

We watched today’s SciFi episode of Passions (haha pretty good.. I see why it won Best Soap back in the day), then I got online to inventory the new DVDs. Then we watched the new Passions. Not all that that much really happened, and it felt like forever because I was looking forward to.. Robot Chicken, which I watched after that. The first five (11-minute) episodes anyway. Sooo funny. πŸ™‚ Then I played True Crime NYC, mostly wasting time driving across town to buy cars. What’s annoying is that cars aren’t repaired when stored in a garage. If it blows up, it’s back in the police garage, all tore up. You have to repair it yourself, with cash. :p ..I shut if off at about 5:30 and got online to news-gather. I finished up earlier than expected and watched last night’s 24 (wow.. and omfg @ that ending! O_O)..

At 8PM, we watched According To Jim (lol), Hope & Faith (haha @ all the Regis & Kelly references), House (another very good episode), Scrubs (lol great episode) & Teachers (nice start.. yay @ having that hottie from Coupling UK back on TV). I returned to my room for the night soon after.. My dad claims it’s too much trouble to disconnect the car battery. But he’s finally going to get a new one on Friday. Until then, he has to keep starting it and wasting gas he has left. The battery only went like this after the car was broken into and the stereo was taken out. So I’m thinking the new one will run out of power too. But my dad don’t care yet.. *shrug* See ya.

[ CNN Fears 911 Truth – Cancels Ed Asner’s Appearance ]
[ VA Training Manual – Property Rights Activists Are Terrorists ]
[ Woman Fined For ‘Bushit’ Bumper Sticker ]
[ Card Resigns – Bush Say US To Fight ‘Global War’ ]
[ US Immigration Race War Creeps Closer ]
[ Fluoride Levels Too High Say National Academies ]

new avatar april / dvd dates / today

March 27, 2006

Nickelodeon has issued a press release about what’s to come in April, including the new episodes of Avatar: The Last Airbender. Click here, but beware the spoilers for 203: “Return To Omashu” on April 7th, 204: “The Swamp” on April 14th, and 205: “Avatar Day” & 206: “The Earthbending Tournament” on April 28th.. as well as the other Friday night shows I care nothing about. πŸ™‚

TheDigitalBits Rumor Mill reports to expect the DVD releases of Date Movie on June 13th & The Hills Have Eyes (with Lost‘s Emilie De Ravin) on June 20th. Can’t wait. πŸ™‚

I managed to transfer the new Free Ride to VHS before falling asleep.. I then had a dream about these strange people that led me back to school. Then that led me on a hunt with some younger friends through medical waste of many colors. Yuck. Then the town began flooding. A huge storm was coming yet there were no plans for evacuation. By the time we got back, we were swimming. We got to a stable. One of the two I was with went inside. I went in another way and was suddenly in an unflooded area. Then I looked in the stable and saw a large group of those strange people from earlier, all glowing and see-through. But then I woke up. Damnit. :p

We watched the usual morning TV and had the usual breakfast. I then got a kick out of this idiot on my AIM list trying to give me a virus by masking an exe file as a jpg. So silly. After I rebooted, they sent the link again and forgot to mask it. Oops.. Eventually, I watched today’s SciFi rerun of Passions (pretty good again, and Jason Faunt was in in it again). Then I waited until the new one started while playing with the cat. Eventually, Passions started. (lol @ Sheridan getting married again while married to the other guy.. I have a feeling the whole thing with Maya has to do with the Crane “catastrophe”).

At 2PM, there was nothing to watch, so I just played True Crime NYC for three hours. Whee. *clears precinct of crime* *rampages* *still wants to buy bike* :p I also found out that song I was interested in downloading. Yay.. I shut it off at 5PM, had a little supper, and got online to news-gather. I finished up online in time for the new episode of Power Rangers Mystic Force — 1607: “Fire Heart”. Unsurprisingly, I enjoyed this episode as well. The Rangers steal a copy of a map and travel through some forest in search of the Fire Heart.. whatever that is. And Xander learns a lesson along the way. While Red Ranger steals the thunder once again in a “new bike vs monster taxi” battle. In the end, Phineas actually helps the Rangers through the forest (and save them from a huge spider).. to find.. another map. Necrolai & Pink struggle for it and rip it in two. They each take their half back home in defeat. Though I have a feeling we may hear of this again later in the season.. Next week: “Stranger Within Part 1” — Necrolai goes through with the plan hinted at during the end of this episode. Some hypnotizing music plays at a club and Vida is turned into a vampire! Cooool. πŸ™‚

Since most of the CBS shows were reruns, we watched the new Prison Break as it aired instead (great episode again this week).. I took a break since there was nothing new to watch, but returned for Old Christine (lol). Then we (eventually) watched the encore of the Heist premiere (soo good.. sooo tempted to pass up CSI NY for this). Once all this was over, I returned to my room for the night.

Today was.. okay.. See ya.

[ US Fascist Neocon Govt Is Danger To The World ]
[ Treasonous Senate Panel Approves Immigration Bill ]
[ 5,000 Illegal Aliens March In Charlotte With ZERO Visible Police ]
[ How Contractors And US Govt Raped Iraq Of Billions ]
[ Charlie Sheen’s Statement To The London Guardian ]
[ CNN Poll Ends At 83% Supporting Sheen ]
[ FBI Watches Ordinary US Citizen Activists ]
[ Ohio Attorney Persecuted, Jailed Under Nazi-Like Treatment ]
[ Bird Flu Could Be The End Of Small Poultry Farms ]
[ NASA Plans Base On Moon ]

Sunday 03.26.2006 — ..lotsa teevee..

March 26, 2006

I awoke at 8AM, looked through the newspaper’s ads for Tuesday (yay @ $17.99 for Robot Chicken at Target *price-match*), and had some breakfast. Once I got control of the TV, I watched the first two DVD episodes of Full Metal Alchemist. I thought it best to wait until CN’s run ends before watching the episodes again on DVD. I see why they replaced the early theme song on CN. I don’t like the original one all that much. I’ve scheduled my viewing of these episodes to end just as the last DVD volume is released (Oct. 3rd, same as the movie DVD). Heh..

Once that was over, I just played more True Crime NYC. I cleaned a couple more precincts (yay, I’m up to Rank 1).. then rampaged quite a bit. lol @ *killing many people & cops, blowing up cars* *minor demotion* *repeat* *same demotion* *etc* The effect when you hit another car with yours head-on and the driver just flies through the windshield is pretty cool. :p I still want to know what that song that plays when you enter a car dealership is called though.. My dad said his sports crap was starting at 12:30, so I shut it off a bit early. Then found out it wasn’t starting until 1PM. Damnit. :/

I got on my bedroom DVR and watched a whole bunch of stuff left over from the last week: the George Lopez/Freddie crossover (lol it was okay), two episodes of Sons & Daughters (blah, boring.. “funniest show” my ass), That 70s Show (lol), The Loop (lol), Veronica Mars (another great episode.. and omg, Arrested Development‘s Allie Shawkat is in the next episode.. bald O_O It should be interesting how they write that into the next season), Doctor Who (this one was great, next week looks awesomer) and One Tree Hill (this episode was rather good, I shed some tears for relating.. just had to see the shooting episode even though I’ve never seen this show before.. wish I had seen some of Jimmy’s backstory though). By the time I finished up, it was.. now. I have a lot of recordings this week. Might have to watch quite a few more during the week..

We got together a little supper and watched Malcolm in the Middle (lol), some Funniest Videos (a little kid singing a song badly in the snow won.. it wasn’t funny whatsoever.. i was waiting for something to happen since it seemed like a set-up.. but no), Simpsons (haha great episode.. the UK live-action opening fits with the episode, which featured a British family), War At Home (lol), Desperate Housewives (very good episode), Family Guy (rofl and great action scenes from Stewie’s storyline) and Free Ride (lol crazy). Once that was all over, I returned to my room for the night.

My dad wasn’t feeling bad. But at least he says he’ll be able to get back on his medication tomorrow, since pre-op’s on Thursday. Do people stay in the hospital from the pre-op date to day of operation? I was wondering that, but my dad doesn’t think so. I just need to know since I’ll have to restock the kitchen with stuff I can actually make again. And I can’t do that until next Monday (4/3). 😐 See ya..

[ Bush And The 2006 Elections ]
[ Leader Worship… Don’t Vote – Revolt! ]
[ Bush’s Shock & Awe Offensive… Against The Media ]
[ Human Rights Museum – Monument To Hypocrisy ]
[ Radioactive US Tanks From Iraq Sit In Open In Kansas, Etc ]
[ Highly-Contagious Multi-State Dog Flu Confirmed ]
[ Rising Seas Raising Alarms ]

Saturday 03.25.2006 — teevee & teecee

March 25, 2006

I stayed up a bit late last night and transferred the last Free Ride episode to VHS, then eventually fell asleep. I awoke in the morning to gum in my mouth that I had probably put in there while sleeping.. and to the news that my dad had some blood in his urine again. And now he’s throwing up. Perfect start. -_- *sigh*

I watched some 4KidsTV to try and catch a TMNT short.. But I got bored, so I watched Best Week Ever (lol) and some music videos. I eventually went back to 4KidsTV and kept looking until the end. The new 100th episode of Ninja Turtles was awesome. Can’t wait to see what happens next.. My dad went out to a handout place and returned with a few useful food things, surprisingly.

I took control of the living room TV all afternoon as my dad slept and went out somewhere. He had nothing to watch anyway. I watched Suite Life (man, that was stupid), Web Junk 20 (more “best of”? ugh) and The Soup (lol). Then I played some True Crime NYC. For over 3 hours. Eventually, I got tired of that and watched last night’s Avatar: The Last Airbender. Another great episode. That was a nice way to leave it: did they kiss or didn’t they? Will we ever know? And Nickelodeon continues to show how stupid they are, by restarted Season 2 all over again next Friday.. But then again, the Book 1, Volume 2 DVD out next Tuesday is supposed to have a Season 2 preview, so.. *shrug* Next, I watched DBZ Uncut Vol 8. Awesome, a less boring form of filler now that the battle has begun. Can’t wait for the next volume. They should release them closer together damnit.. I’m hungry. *runs off*

I had some supper then got bored online. So I watched Everybody Hates Chris (lol), Unan1mous (ugh), Ned’s Declassified (lol) & BoBoBo-Bo Bo-BoBo (lol) over the course of the night. I was also online for awhile, did some reading, playing with the cat.. etc..

Today was alright.. See ya.

[ Bush May Have Started WWIII – Delta Force Founder ]
[ Handy Blueprint Of World Order ]
[ Alex Jones On Sheen On Showbiz Tonight – Transcript ]
[ ‘Israel Controls US Govt, Pentagon, Foreign Policy & Media’ ]
[ Pharmaceuticals Show Up In More US Drinking Water ]
[ Bird Flu Coverup? – Over 500 Pigs Die Quickly In India ]
[ How Cambodian Girl Became Infected With Bird Flu ]

free ride over? / misc tv dvd / mars moves / today

March 24, 2006

FOX has slated American Dad to return to its original timeslot on Sunday April 23rd. Where’s Erin Cahill’s new series Free Ride? They have yet to schedule any new episodes past April 9th.. The network is going to try out War At Home in its timeslot on April 16th, then American Dad returns the next week. Uh oh. 😦

Buena Vista has issued a press release for the May 30th DVD release of Night Stalker: The Complete Series. I’m looking forward to picking this one up.. TVShowsOnDVD also reports that Reno 911!: The Complete Third Season has been scheduled for a July 11th DVD release.. πŸ™‚

UPN has decided to move their hit series Veronica Mars to Tuesday night beginning April 11th. Mark those calendars. It probably had something to do with the reruns that have been airing on Tuesday recently.. Oh, and there are some spoilers at the link, so beware..

I stayed up a little late last night and transferred another Free Ride episode to VHS. Then I tried to watch the first episode of Diamond Daydreams on Anime Network.. but I fell asleep before it barely even started. 😦 ..I awoke the next morning, watched the usual morning TV and the usual breakfast. Then we watched today’s SciFi repeat of Passions (lol great episode.. not to mention that Time Force‘s Jason Faunt showed up again). Next, I got online for a bit as my dad went out to pick up a few things.. Eventually, we watched today’s new Passions (which was pretty good too)..

Once that was over, I finally watched DBZ Uncut Vol 7 (it’s about time the Saiyans got to Earth.. lol @ King Kai & Bubbles’ pissing contest). Then I played some more True Crime NYC. I actually played through some of the main storyline. Wish I hadn’t left that motorcycle there though. I want to own one damnit.. A little after 5PM, I shut it off and got online to news-gather. I soon had some supper and finished up online by 7PM.

First, I watched / taped John Doe (yay, this was one of my favorites.. can’t wait for Part 2 next week). Then we watched Deal Or No Deal (wow, big losers this time), Reba (lol) and Modern Men (lol). I had to delete the Avatar DVRing and reset the second chance DVRing over on Nick2 (west coast feed) because the fucking retards at Nickelodeon started the new episode seven minutes early. Grrr. Once it became 10PM and there was nothing else to watch, I returned to my room for the night.

Today was alright, I guess. But not as good as yesterday.. See ya.

[ Charlie Sheen – A True American Patriot ]
[ Charlie Sheen – ‘Challenge Me On the Facts’ ]
[ No Longer A Minority – 82% Support Charlie Sheen ]
[ Bush – Patriot Act Requirement Doesn’t Apply To Him ]
[ Bush Wants To Build Big US Bases In Iraq ]
[ State After State Repudiates Bush ]
[ Microsoft’s Endless Internet Explorer Holes ]
[ Bush, Feds Can Quarantine Anyone With ‘Flu-Like’ Diseases ]
[ Bird Flu Kills Girl In Cambodia ]

pr alum passing / aquaman tv update / simpsons live-action / today

March 23, 2006

Bob Papenbrook, best known for voicing the likes of Rito Revolto, Deviot & various monsters-of-the-week in Power Rangers‘ golden days, passed away on March 17th. He was 50. 😦 ..I hope they place an “in memory of” on a future episode..

Here’s some more casting news concerning the upcoming Aquaman series. The cast seems to be shaping up nicely. *drools a bit over the possibility of seeing Adrianne Palicki weekly at last (the girl supposedly from Krypton in that Smallville episode)* Beware though, there is some spoilers hidden within this huge paragraph..

UNTITLED AQUAMAN PROJECT (The CW) – Lou Diamond Phillips (Meeno Paloma on “The Triangle”) is set to play the adoptive father of the DC Comics hero (Justin Hartley) in the drama pilot, which has also added Graham Bentz (a guest star on “Judging Amy”), Adrianne Palicki (Brianna on “South Beach”) and Daniella Deutscher (a guest star on “24”) to its roster. Phillips’s character, Tom Curry, is detailed in the casting notice as: “Late 30s to early 40s, A.C.’s stepfather. He was born and raised in Chicago but fell in love with Keys while he was a student at the University of Miami. He was an outstanding athlete and was a member of the gold medal winning US Water Polo team at the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics. He joined the Coast Guard in 1986 and has made a good career out of it, rising to the rank of Captain. While he was still a rookie Coast Guard his life took a dramatic turn. While out on a routine night patrol he came across three people bobbing in shark-infested waters — a woman, a baby and an old man. There was no sign of a boat or plane and the water was mirror still. When he got them back to land he discovered they had no ID and nowhere to go. Taking pity on them, Tom took them home. Tom quickly became enchanted with the beautiful woman, ATLANNA, and her baby son ORIN. Within a year Tom and Atlanna were married and Tom adopted her baby son as his own. They renamed the boy ARTHUR. The old man, McCAFFERY, took a job as the Atlas Point Lighthouse keeper, a position he still holds to this day. As Arthur grew up, Atlanna made Tom promise not to tell him about her connection to McCaffery. He reluctantly agreed.” Deutscher then is set as Atlanna, the mother of Hartley’s character with Bentz playing Arthur Curry as a young boy while Palicki will play Siren. Denise QuiΓ±ones, Rick Peters and Ving Rhames also star in the Warner Bros. Television-based hour, which comes from executive producers Alfred Gough and Miles Millar. Greg Beeman is directing.

The famed live-action Simpsons intro that has been on the internet for awhile will air with this Sunday’s all-new episode at 8PM ET on FOX. Cool.. I still haven’t seen it yet..

I stayed up quite late last night and watched the new South Park (rofl, best episode in a while) and taped the first episode of Free Ride (might as well.. I taped that MDN crap Erin was in too). I got to sleep by maybe 3AM.. I awoke to find my dad still in bed. I passed on the usual morning TV and got online instead. My dad woke up at 11AM, saying he had a major headache due to not being able to take the prescription. We had the usual breakfast a little late and watched Mind Of Mencia (lol, especially at the George W. Bush part) & today’s Passions SciFi repeat (lol crazy). Then we eventually watched the new Passions too (not all much happened)..

After that I went out to some places and bought about $40 in groceries for us.. since I now only need so much money for the last Tuesday of the month. >_> We returned home about two hours later and I watched the remaining two episodes on the GitS SAC 2nd Gig Vol 4 DVD (great episodes.. but the series continues to make me feel stupid at times *looks away for five seconds during a fast conversation scene* “What’s going on?” *rewinds*). When those were over, I got online to news-gather. I finished up before 7PM, had some supper and watched Monday’s 24 on the bedroom DVR (omfg @ that ending.. totally wasn’t expecting that).

Once 8PM came around, we watched Will & Grace (haha), two episodes of My Name Is Earl (one rerun, one great new flashback episode) and The Office (lol). But I only watched the latter until I discovered it was a rerun, then we watched last night’s Bones instead (pretty good episode yet again).. I convinced my dad to have a real supper for once and it made him feel better. He hadn’t been eating much lately.. Once Bones was over, my dad went to let the car run for a bit and I returned to my room for the night..

Today was okay, I guess. I think I might’ve gotten a little too close to how much I need for Tuesday though.. See ya.

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prmf press cast pics / lj member survey / today

March 22, 2006

Not that much news today.. But enjoy these high-resolution pictures of the Power Rangers Mystic Force cast from ABC’s press site.. Helmetless, Mystic Uniforms & Civilians.. Thanks to ForeverBlack for getting them out of that press-locked site for us. πŸ™‚

LiveJournal is asking for its members’ feedback on such topics as an expanded ScrapBook capable of storing audio & video and a new user level where you don’t pay for extra features but get ads on your LJ (ugh). Click here to fill out the survey.. πŸ™‚

I awoke in the morning, watched the usual morning TV and had some usual breakfast.. Eventually, I was able to watch the latest two episodes of SciFi’s Passions (haha @ the “don’t try this at home” bits* :p great episodes.. can’t wait to they get to the really good supernatural stuff).. And eventually, we watched the new Passions as well (*yawn* ..cept for the end.. and the new mystery..). We got a electric bill in the mail. Another disconnect notice. So my dad got all whiny again. Even after I offered to pay how much I used to for the cable internet part of the cable bill (I used to get the smaller check and give him the amount from that, but he eventually started taking the whole thing and has since forgotten part was for cable internet). He also talked about not showing up for the surgery at all, since he just couldn’t afford it. *sigh*

After Passions ended, he left somewhere and I watched episode 13 & 14 of GitS SAC 2nd Gig. I enjoyed 14 more than 13. But this second season still isn’t as great as the first.. After that, I played more Ultimate Spider-Man. I couldn’t rampage as Venom damnit. So I just went around solving city event after city event, fighting to stay awake at the same time. Those events are so repetitive. And the invisible walls are annoying. May switch back to True Crime NYC tomorrow.. At 5PM, I shut it off and got online to news-gather. I finished that up and ordered some pizza for supper because we barely have anything here. I also ordered for a $3 off coupon for Tuesday’s King Kong DVD.. but we didn’t get one. Grrr. I returned to my room and watched Sunday’s Malcolm in the Middle on the DVR (sooo funny)..

Once it hit 8PM, we watched Out Of Practice (lol), Courting Alex (haha), Lost (great as usual.. but next week looks way better) & CSI NY (pretty good episode). Well, I watched. My dad was feeling bad because he was trying to keep the rest of his prescription until it comes closer to pre-operation. *sigh*

I suck. Or should I say whatever or whoever has control over our lives sucks. Over the years, a lot of bad things have happened to us. My dad gets depressed over it. I hide from them behind TV, DVDs & internet. Its harder to hide from it when your dad is just feet away from you looking all depressed. A part of me tries to ignore him, another wishes I could make him feel better. But I know that’s impossible. And so bad things will continue to happen and everything will get worse and worse. It’s only a matter of time…

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