About PrometheusUFO

I’m just a horny 25-year-old male from the midwest with no life whatsoever and obsessed with TV series like Power Rangers, Lost, Arrested Development, How I Met Your Mother, Roswell and X-Files and subjects like anime, sci-fi, and UFOs… I spend way too much time chatting (er, idling) on IRC, watching TV & DVDs, and being bored, lonely and depressed.

I feel that I have failed at life and have decided to just wait until I die (and with my health, that may not be too far off). I dropped out of high school during my freshman year, but the drama still followed me. I wish I could escape this curse that is my life, but I’m too much of a coward to end it myself. So I purchase & watch DVDs and other media to get my mind off of how horrible it is. My dad is having money and health problems now, but I still buy media with my own monthly check to keep myself sane, within this shell

I retired from writing my own science fiction stories in February 2002 (some are on FictionPress). After over 300 short stories (most on paper), I just ran out of ideas. Every once in awhile, I actually get a pretty good idea, but I usually never make much of them and move on.. My Prometheus Realm website was pretty nice while it lasted. Unfortunately, due to my severely-outdated computer being purged of all files at a time when I could only save files to floppy disks, I no longer update it. And I’m too damn lazy to build it all up again..

This LiveJournal has become not only an extremely boring journal of non-events, but also a page for news I find interesting. So feel free to read the news, don’t show that you appreciate my work, and just skip all the personal crap..


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