I awoke very early (5AM) and got online to finish up the previous entry, then checked out PlayStation Home. But then I fell asleep.. until about 10AM. :p I returned to PlayStation Home for a bit, then my dad returned home from dialysis. We soon watched Ellen.. but I eventually made my way back to PlayStation Home. A couple more cable & internet outages occurred and they got me rather annoyed. And eventually, I got bored of it and got online way earlier than usual (about 4:30 or so).

I got online early to news-gather, then we eventually had some supper.. I also headed to the bedroom DVR and fit in two episodes of Supernatural (“Sam Interrupted” & “Swap Meat”.. very good episodes, wow.. maybe I should catch up with this one next). My dad quietly returned to bed for the evening, screwing up our night again. But oh well. Instead of the new shows that I DVRed instead, I watched Chuck (another great episode, of course 🙂 ), two episodes of Caprica (caught up on it now.. it’s been getting better, surprisingly enough.. and that “finale”.. wow), tonight’s South Park (lol, good episode.. the pope protecting pedophiles and reference to Caprica, nice :p) and Ugly Americans (lol.. the hot demon chick wasn’t on the episode last week.. but she returned this week, yay :p).

My dad woke up just in time for the news, of course.. as if he were just laying in there waiting to get up or something. But no luck. I was watching South Park by that point. Hawhaw.. I returned to my room for the night.. and got April fooled by KryptonSite right at Midnight. lol. D’oh. :p

See ya.

[ ObamaCare Will Send Old People To ‘Death Panels’ ]
[ Shulman’s IRS Tax Police To Enforce Health Care ]
[ Health Care Battle Ends – War On Social Security Begins ]
[ Video: Another Reason Why The Congress Is Useless ]
[ Another Militia Group Indicted By The Feds ]
[ Video: Lt Col Risks Court Martial Over Obama Citizenship ]
[ Obama – Hated By The Chicago Law School Faculty ]
[ More ‘Change’ – Obama OKs East Coast Oil Drilling ]
[ Video: Understanding The Mechanics Of A Police State ]
[ Drockton – ‘Heil Canada’? – New Law Would Surrender Sovereignty ]
[ Swine Flu No Big Deal? Look At Years Of Life Lost ]
[ Grandma Electronically Tagged For Selling Goldfish To Teen ]
[ UK Cops Get New Metal Detector Glove ]
[ Vatican – 3 Reasons Not Liable For Sex Abuse, Coverups ]
[ Man Jumps From Empire State Building ]
[ Common Toads Can Detect Earthquakes In Advance ]


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