Saturday 03.27.2010 — ONLY Clowning Around is more like it.

I awoke in the morning and got online for a bit, then soon had some breakfast. And then I watched the first five episodes of 10 Things I Hate About You: Volume 1 (haha @ the hollow acting in a certain scene in the first episode.. don;t know why I didn’t notice it the first time.. lol, very good show though.. looking forward to the new episodes that start Monday), followed by Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Back To The Sewer (a special episodic airing of the 13-part webisode series “Mayhem From Mutant Island”.. plays out even worse all together.. I know Nicktoons will at least be able to make something better than this, right? :/), The Soup (lol).. and Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Reversioned (the classically silly “No Clowning Around“.. hahahaa, not too much BS added this week.. saving it all for “Green With Evil” next week I guess.. Part 1 & 2 air the next two weeks.. then no more for all of April.. ugh 😦 ).

I got online for a bit and.. waited for my dad as he waited for the mail. But he eventually gave up and we headed out to the grocery store. I really wasn’t sure where to spend my remaining money (until Friday), so I attempted to split in between groceries and Home. I got a bit of groceries.. and ended up with $4.99 in the bank. D’oh. ($5.00 is the minimum credit card charge on PSN wallet and Home.) Oh well. I’ll just have to wait until Friday to complete my Aliens vs Predator costume collection. Teehee. They’re only available until the end of April. 😦

We returned home and my dad quickly took off to a few more stores. I got onto PlayStation Home and returned to IREM Beach. There’s a second wave of free treasure item to collect.. and it seems more difficult to collect here than it did months ago on my Japan account. Wants the tattered castaway-style clothes damnit. Every fifteen minutes, a new shiny.. and most of the time.. it’s something I already have. Got the sea slug today. That was pretty neat I guess. :p

My dad and I had some supper, then he complained as it reached 7PM. And so I shut off the PS3, returned to my room and got online. :p ..After some time online, I went to the bedroom DVR and watched two more episodes of Bones (finally caught up on one show anyway.. until Thursday.. good episodes though 🙂 ). Then I returned to the living room and we watched some Wanda Sykes.. and then I fell asleep..

See ya.

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