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I awoke in the morning and.. watched some morning TV. We had some breakfast, then soon headed out to media buy…

I headed to Target and picked up the Now 33 CD. Yup, that’s pretty much it. And I didn’t even know it was coming out until I saw the ad on TV. And I have all 33 volumes. :p ..I got an icee, then my dad made a quick visit to the grocery store. We returned home and watched Ellen (well, Obama and his sham of a health care bill took over for most of the hour, ugh). I got online, then watched Tim & Eric Awesome Show, Great Job (hm), Simpsons (lol) and Scrubs (hahaha… Zach Braff says the show is ending though.. and I hope so..)

After that, I then got onto PlayStation Home.. and ended up staying there for pretty much the rest of the afternoon.. and up to 7PM. We had supper, then I got online to news-gather.. In primetime, we watched Castle (just had to see this one right away.. very good episode, wow @ that ending.. with the early talk of a “movie”, perhaps they were hinting to this two-parter being one.. if ABC chose to air them back-to-back or something?), Life Unexpected (another very good episode, really liking this show), Sons of Tucson (lol).. and the new episode of Lost (wow, great episode this week.. explained quite a bit šŸ™‚ ).

And.. that was pretty much it again. See ya.

[ Obama Signs Near Trillion Dollar Health ‘Reform’ Bill ]
[ A Bad Day For America ]
[ Twitter Users Call For ‘Bullet For Obama’ Over Health Bill ]
[ Could Obama Face Impeachment Over ‘Slaughter Solution’? ]
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[ Uninsured Idiots – ‘It’s Going To Be Like Christmas!’ ]
[ IRS Needs $10 Billion More To Enforce ObamaCare ]
[ ObamaCare To Be Enforced By IRS ‘Bounty Hunters’ ]
[ ObamaCare To Cost US Families $15,200 A Year ]
[ More Than States Will Sue Over Unconstitutional Health ‘Law’ ]
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[ The Zionist Face Of American Government ]
[ 30 Million Kids Got Vaccine Tainted With Pig Virus ]
[ Rotavirus Contaminated With Pig Virus – No Risks!? ]
[ Severely Toxic Chinese Fluorides In Your Water? ]
[ Fox Poll – 79% Say US Economy Could Collapse ]
[ Broadband Plan Would Expand Government Power Over Internet ]
[ The Real Story Of The Men Who Stare At Goats ]
[ Video: Mass Mind Control – Bernays Explains How He Got US Women To Smoke ]
[ Mars Photos – NASA’s Most Extraordinary Images EVER ]


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