ron wasserman rock band / family guy v8 & american dad v5 dvd / ps home mar 25 2010 / today

Here’s some old news for ya.. since I don’t visit Rangerboard as often as I should anymore. 😦 ..Anyway, a couple Ron Wasserman songs have shown up on the Rock Band Network (songs available for purchase and play on Rock Band 2) — “Revengers” (probably a rejected theme for the upcoming The Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes animated series with a changed word so it could be released) and Ron’s tribute to his Mighty Morphin Power Rangers days “Fight Back“. Both are available now for Xbox 360 and will likely follow on PlayStation3 & Wii. I don’t really care for these kinds of games.. but this is pretty cool nonetheless. 🙂

Fox Home Entertainment has revealed that both Family Guy: Volume Eight and American Dad: Volume Five are scheduled for DVD release on June 15th. Family Guy will feature 15 more episodes for the hefty retail price of $49.96 SRP. Ack. Special features include a featurette, some deleted scenes and a crapload of “karaoke”. American Dad will include 14 more episodes for a $39.98 SRP. Its special features include commentaries on every single episode, deleted scenes and.. a couple other things. Oh, and both releases now mention that they’ll feature uncensored audio tracks. Nice.. I’ll probably be the sucker who picks up both on release date. Never seen them released on the same date before. :/ ..No way am I getting that Cleveland Show garbage though, whenever it’s released..

PlayStation Home will see a pretty good update tomorrow. The North American region will open the new Assassin’s Creed II space, finally redecorate the SingStar VIP space (the door to the space no longer works, but I have it in my favorites and it’s still done up for Christmas, lol), and features Aliens Vs Predator virtual costumes in the Mall “far a limited time” (aka until the end of April).. in order to jack up the sales. The new “Anime” personal space doesn’t really look all that much like anime to me. :/ ..Meanwhile, EU Home continues its annoyingly-exclusive movie promotions with a couple of Kick-Ass superhero costumes. And they’re free, just like the past costumes for Watchmen, Star Trek and GI Joe. There was even a free Avatar shirt. 😦

I awoke in the morning.. and pretty much stayed online all morning. I was covering taking over the TV.. but my dad woke up and took over for his usual morning TV. Too late. We had some late breakfast.. And by about noon, I did take over and checked out PlayStation Home for a bit. For the first time in a little while, I checked out the other two main regions of Home and a few of their exclusive spaces. That Hustle Kings space needs to be here is NA now. :p As does a more realistic space suit.. like the one from the GAME Moonbase in the EU.

I watched the first couple episodes of Kids In The Hall: Death Comes To Town (finally starting this.. now that it’s over.. will probably need to rewatch the second one again later though, missed a good part of it 😦 ). I bought another pizza for supper (Pizza Hut’s $10 deal is awesome.. Meat Lover’s + Chicken, woohoo) and shut off the PS3 way earlier than usual. :p And I eventually got online to news-gather.

In primetime, we watched Modern Family (rerun), The Middle (lol), Modern Family (lol.. “I just ate the sun!”), Cougar Town (especially good episode this week, lol) and Life Unexpected (another very good episode.. I’m really enjoying this show.. and now I think my dad is hooked as well, hahahaa). And.. that’s it. See ya.

[ Rep Dingle – ‘ObamaCare Will Eventually CONTROL THE PEOPLE’ ]
[ Health Bill A TRANSFER OF POWER, Kills The Constitution ]
[ There Is No ‘Good & Welfare Clause’ In The Constitution ]
[ Video: National Bankruptcy Will Repeal ObamaCare ]
[ States Health Care Lawsuits Don’t Have A Chance ]
[ PDF: Transcript Of States Lawsuit ]
[ Obama, In 1980, Said He Was Born In Mombasa, Kenya ]
[ Reporting The Dirty, Nasty, Vile Truth About Our Govt ]
[ Exploding Breast Implants Could Blow Up Jetliners ]
[ Heathrow Worker ‘Ogled Colleague On Body Scanner’ ]
[ D225G Transmission In Duke University Cases ]
[ DHS Sec Director Convicted In Illegal Alien Case ]
[ Ban Smoking In Cars Say Big Pharma Drug Pushers ]
[ Tobacco Linked To Mental Illness ]
[ Facebook Linked To Rise In Syphilis ]
[ Can It Really Be The End Time? ]


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