I awoke… and had to get only to finish the previous entry. :/ ..We watched some of the basic morning TV, but we soon headed out to.. store. So I was finally able to spent most of my remaining monies until Friday on some junk food.. to hold me out until then. Yay.. We returned home.. and I got on PlayStation Home for a few hours. Grr, damn tattered clothes. 😦

I soon took a break from that and instead watched Star Wars: The Clone Wars (last Friday’s episode.. should really keep up with this one.. pretty damn good episode 🙂 ) and Greek (spring break finale.. also a very good episode, wow). But.. then I returned to PlayStation Home for another hour or two.

We had some supper, then I got online to news-gather.. In primetime, we watched Castle (still pretty good, though a bit deflated compared to Part 1.. but the ratings for this two-parter were apparently good enough to get the show a Season 3 pick-up, so yay), Ricky Gervais Show (lol), Lost (another very good episode, of course.. eight episodes left.. just can’t contemplate a Lost-free existence 😦 ) and finally.. V (the long-awaited return.. pretty good start, look forward to what’s to come).

And.. see ya.

[ Tax Horror – White House Secretly Passes Currency Controls ]
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[ Zionist-Controlled Congress Sends $3 Billion To Israel ]
[ 300 Zionist-Controlled Reps ‘Sign’ Allegiance To Israel ]
[ Makow – Illuminati Created The US To Advance New World Order ]
[ Lovelock – Put Democracy On Hold For Climate ]
[ Magnets To Brain Lessen Morality – Cell Phones, Too? ]
[ Archaeologists Find ‘Door To Afterlife’ ]


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