I awoke at about 8AM and got online for a bit. And then I watched Chuck (wow, very good episode.. I was a bit worried when I heard Subway would be sponsoring the show more.. to keep it on the air at all.. but they’ve integrated it fairly well), Kids In The Hall: Death Comes To Town (just the one I missed most of the other day), Leverage (another huge viewing gap between the two-part finale.. the second time for me out of two seasons.. apparently, the show was going to be canceled.. but new funding came through, so it isn’t.. man, I would’ve HATED for the series to end this way :p) and Caprica (better not get THREE episodes behind, so here we are.. not that bad of an episode, actually.. I watch the show for the scifi and they barely put any in it, just like with Battlestar Galactica.. ugh.. but there was more scifi here than usual, so yay.. and that ending.. wow).

After all that, I got back online for a bit. Soon, my dad returned home from dialysis, we had some lunch then he went off to bed as usual..I checked out PlayStation Home for a little bit…. Okay, all afternoon.. and up until about. 8PM. I went around to all four regions though. It’s been a while since I’ve done that.. My dad awoke once in the afternoon, but eventually returned t o bed. Then he awoke just before 8PM. It was then that we had some later supper.

We then watched Human Target (another great episode, of course.. and Grace Park *drools*), Blue Mountain State (lol, oil change.. quick ending though) and two episodes of United States of Tara (wow, nice start to the season..). My dad began feeling quite bad again and returned to bed. 😦 ..I returned to PlayStation Home.. and soon fell asleep..

See ya.


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