Sunday 08.29.2010 —

I awoke in the morning and checked out the newspaper’s ads for Tuesday.. and Friday. Yup, I said there was nothing for me to get.. and now there is, of course. Best Buy exclusively released Anchorman on Blu-ray TODAY for $19.99 (store exclusive through the end of the year anyway.. and I hear it includes all special features from the previous DVDs, including the Best Buy bonus disc 🙂 ). That I just gotta pick up Now 35. Damnit. :p

I told my dad how HBO & Showtime were already turned on and he found a movie to watch for a bit (I first discovered it.. erm.. late last night).. We had some breakfast, then I watched Kekkaishi (pretty good episode), Bleach (man, if they had aired this episode with all those others and just dropped the story like that, I would have been PISSED.. but it’s the first new one in a while, so yeah.. it was alright, I guess.. I still miss this show when it was fun though), first four episodes of Lost: Season 6 on Blu-ray (finally got these started, yay.. good episodes, looking forward to seeing all these again.. maybe I’ll understand it this time :p ) and Rookie Blue (good episode, found it difficult to keep my attention though 😦 ).

I got online and once again checked out the CSToys stream of Power Morphicon.. all afternoon.. and into the night too. :p It was cool seeing all the Power Rangers cosplayers and actors. But this was at the CSToys table. They mainly only featured the Japanese stuff. And me being only a Power Rangers fan, all the henshins and names for names for items just went right over my head. I felt totally out of place. They mentioned PR every once in a while, but it was mainly not. The guy hosting the stream once called the Ninjetti (from Mighty Morphin Season 3) cosplayers the Ninja Storm Rangers. :p Can’t believe they sold a dino buckler (aka MMPR morpher) for over a $1,000! Forgot the real number because the chatters kept throwing up other prices. :p

In primetime, it would have been nice to finally watch True Blood as it aired for once now that we have HBO. But that wasn’t possible. My dad and I watched most of the Emmys instead. Glad to see Jim Parsons finally get an Emmy for his role as Sheldon on Big Bang Theory. Sooo watching that show over Community in the fall. I don’t see Modern Family being as great as these guys think it is though. And I’ve never seen Mad Man, but it sounds like something I’d easily fall asleep during.. like I did during that first episode of Rubicon. :/

That was about it. See ya.


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  1. the big bang theory free streaming Says:

    Hey, do you know where I can purchase the full seasons’ dvd set? Me and my wife have been looking for this since forever lol. Thanks in advance.

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