gay pr goes mainstream 2 / today

The news continues to spread… to TV Guide, CNN.. and Baltimore Sun (yeah, pretty much just taking whatever links I find). Oh, and here’s another article at TMZ where Scott Page-Pagter appears to refute David Yost’s claims. Oh boy. :/ ..How long before it reaches TV? Seeing that he has two projects slated for 2010 on imdb, he’s probably looking for some publicity for them. So that’s possibly why these interviews are happening now.. I’m hearing that TMZ will also be crashing Power Morphicon 2 due to all this. Ugh. 😦

I awoke and got online, then eventually watched two episodes of Degrassi TNG (oh, sorry.. just Degrassi now, my on-screen guide made it official.. took them long enough.. the two-part finale, very good episodes.. especially the ending, wow.. already looking forward to get season 🙂 ), Unnatural History (heh, good episode) and Make It Or Break It (wow.. why are all these people still friends with her, let alone talking to her? such a bitch, lol :p ..good episode, looking forward to the finale). My dad returned home from dialysis.

Eventually, I got online for a bit.. and my dad eventually went to bed for a nap. I returned and watched Warehouse 13 (haha, body-switching episode.. a bit disappointing we couldn’t see more of Laura Harris though, as in scenes.. and skin.. >_> ..when’s The Faculty coming to Blu-ray anyway? ..oh yeah, it was a pretty good episode 🙂 ). Some cable company rep came out soliciting additional crap.. and I fell for it.. only because he said our cable bill wouldn’t change. But it did, by just a couple bucks though (I pay just about the entire thing anyway). For the HBO’s, Showtime’s and a phone line we probably won’t use? When my dad awoke, he said he would talk with them.. but didn’t call and instead said he would talk to them when they come out next week. :/

I soon watched two more episodes of True Blood (ah, that was one the possibilities about who she was that I was guessing.. so I’m slightly underwhelmed.. but very good episodes though, and female nudity is always helpful in that decision :p ). I also looked through the Kamen Rider Dragon Knight data DVDs that I had burned today, making sure they were in good shape. But they were in too good shape. I don’t want to delete the encodes now. I would do a season torrent, but.. the folder’s 12GB. I saved a lot of trailers, CW4Kids promos and interviews. In addition to the episodes themselves, which are mostly dekabroken encodes.. like my Power Rangers RPM torrent which I’m still seeding. :p I also have the widescreen dvdrip of the first episode, and the unaired pilot with a different actor for the title character..

We had some supper (fast food.. why not?), then I got online to news-gather.. In primetime? Nothing on. well, not much. I watched the new Victorious (lol, funny episode.. no Felix Ryan though.. damnit imdb, lying to us twice!) and got online for a bit.. then watched Futurama (lol, the comic convention segments were sooo hilarious.. it was definitely downhill from there though :p ) and The Soup (lol).

And that was about it yet again.. See ya.



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