I awoke in the morning and got online for a bit, then I soon watched a couple episodes of Scream Queens 2 (hmm, not bad I guess..). But I fell asleep during the second one until after my dad had returned home. The cat woke me. :p ..I got online for a little bit, then my dad had to go to bed again. He sometimes eats something after dialysis.. and other times not. The times he does, he appears to feel better. You’d think he’d learn.. but nope.. 😦

I watched the first three episodes of Dexter: Season 4 (very good start to the season.. looking forward to seeing where this goes πŸ™‚ ), then played Red Dead Redemption.. until right up to 8PM (more multiplayer, trying to unlock some trophies.. and leveling up, of course.. it’s pretty annoying though when someone just wants to shoot any player in sight.. including the one only wanting to collect flowers >_> ..I waited until one killed me enough times to get wanted, then took that asshole out.. then he left, haha :p).

My dad awoke somewhere before 8PM, had another damn TV dinner for supper.. then proceeded back into his bed for a bit. I am sick of microwave food all day long. I at least want some “real” stuff for the main meal of the day.. but no. I at least somewhat understand it though, since today is a dialysis day and all.. I guess.. I watched The Secret Life of the American Teenager (hahahaa–ugh), then my dad returned and we watched some Regis & Kelly (today’s episode that I thought was new but wasn’t.. damn DVR lied to me!) before the first two episodes of Big Lake (lol, this one makes fun of the basic sitcom premise.. it was pretty good).

And then I returned to my room for the


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