I awoke in the morning and got online for a while, then watched Childrens Hospital (haha–waitwtf? O_o) and four more episodes of Lost: Season 6 (I especially enjoyed “Lighthouse”, good seeing that again.. “Dr Linus” was good too, so miss seeing Tania Raymonde more often 😉 ). My dad returned home from dialyss, we watched some morning TV, then he eventually went to bed.

I watched Haven (eh..), then wasted some hours in PlayStation Home (considering returning to Dead Space now that I’m tired of Red Dead for now.. but not sure yet.. so this :p). I got online to news-gather.. and my dad made me order a pizza for supper. :/ ..And then I was just a few minutes past 8PM.. but too late, My dad watched his baseball game and I stayed online for a lot of the night.

He went to bed later though. I watched The Secret Life of the American Teenager (head desk) and True Blood (DVRed from HBO.. pretty cool seeing the stuff before and after for once.. very good episode too 🙂 ). My dad coincidentally awoke (yeah right) a little after 11PM. The he saw some late night TV as I returned to my room.

Blah. [Translation: Too lazy and/or feeling crappy to collect bottom links today. Sorry.] See ya.


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