power rangers homophobia / today

The Power Rangers fandom was shaken up a bit today by a tweet from the actor to play the Blue Ranger in next year’s 18th season, Najee De-Tiege… “RT @iRipRunways Any dude that says any gay shit to me will be unfollowed and or blocked. I don’t mind gay ppl I’m just not one of them so dont disrespect me.” He has since apologized.. This coming just a few days after an interview with the original Blue Ranger, David Yost, was released by No Pink Spandex in which he revealed he experienced homophobia from crew members on the set of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. 😦

Before going to bed last night, I stayed up past 3AM and watched Futurama (lol, good episode), The Hard Times Of RJ Berger (lol.. and wow, some ending.. soo glad Season 2 is coming.. now if only Amazon’s Season 1 was real pressed DVDs and not DVD-Rs which degrade faster 😦 .. *burns data DVD of illegal encodes instead.. for now*) and that episode of Scream Queens 2 that I missed the ending of (pretty close to dropping this.. I only watched all of Season 1 due to Lindsay Felton :p ..not enough here to keep me watching this time). Eventually, I fell asleep.

I awoke in the morning and got online for a bit. Then I had some breakfast and watched three more episodes of Dexter: Season 4 (wow, great episodes today.. especially the Thanksgiving episode.. looking forward to the final episodes tomorrow). My dad soon returned home from dialysis (well, not all that.. soon.. he took the driver today.. he hates all the time wasted waiting on him to pick him up), then I eventually got online again.

Not long after my dad went to bed for his usual nap, I returned. I chose not to play a video game and instead watched Haven (pretty close to dropping this one too.. barely enough here to keep me watching), Warehouse 13 (good episode here, as expected :p) and two episodes of Persons Unknown (Saturday’s aired episode 10 & the website-only episode 11.. what was up with the scene from the earlier episode in ep 10? I was all “wtf”, then it went back to the episode :/ ..and very bad move putting episode 11 only on the NBC site, there were some revelations there that may make some feel lost during next week’s two-episode finale 😦 ..good episodes though).

I got online, then we eventually had some supper (hmm, same old burgers.. or TV dinners.. the only two options given anymore, blah -_-). And then I stayed online past 9PM because he just had to watch the Minute To Win It thing that I’m just tired of now. I did catch most of America’s Got Talent however. And then I watched two episodes of Big Lake (hahaha.. tolerable) and The Big C (the previous show made this one look a bit better, haha.. good show, this is.. no clue why she doesn’t tell everyone? but then again, all the light-heartedness I’m enjoying may exit if done so.. as in the episode’s plot, I agree: Laura Linney has a nice rack, lol :p ).

And that was about it.. See ya.

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