Sunday 08.22.2010 — Time to punch the fuck out of it!

I awoke in the morning and got online, then soon watched Kekkaishi (haha, pretty good episode), The Troop (season finale.. and a good one at that.. looking forward to Season 2 🙂 ) and Titan Maximum: Season 1 (yup, all nine episodes.. just under two hours.. it does play a little better this way, instead of one 15min episode a week.. with this DVD release being uncensored, I expected the bleeps to be gone.. but not the fuzziness over Sasha’s Barbie boobies in episode 2.. noice, lol :p ..the comic isn’t a closing to the series as I said before, it’s more of a prequel.. please bring this one back for Season 2 *pouts*).

After all that, I eventually snuck onto PlayStation Home to check my sweet new sub sandwich for my avatar. lol. It and a t-shirt are a part of Subway’s promotion of their new Fiery Footlongs. I’ve been quite active in their contest, since it features many PlayStation-released prizes. So far, I have won TWO copies of LittleBigPlanet 2 (releasing to stores in mid-November, but winners are promised to get them a bit earlier than that *crosses fingers*), a PSP game download of Locoroco 2 (don’t have a PSP yet, so it’s useless.. yet I like the mobile game version I bought on my phone), a couple PSN video rentals of Men In Black (a movie I own on DVD at least two times over so far, so they’re also useless to me) and another video rental for Clash of the Titans (the new version, I think.. and I haven’t seen this yet, so I may consider using it).

My dad woke up and soon wanted to head out to eat for lunch. We headed out to Hardee’s and got some of their new chicken strips (yum), then returned home.. Upon arrival, we watched five episodes of Leverage (great catching up on this show.. a lot of good episodes, especially the one with Bill Engvall and Malese Jow.. yum.. at the latter, not the former :p I only have two more to watch before being caught up :p). My dad got us more fast food for supper, even though I wasn’t really all that hungry.

We watched some animated comedy reruns on FOX. before I gave up and got online instead. There I watched History of Power Rangers: Time Force. Another great installment. Makes me want to watch Time Force again. Damn. :p I also agree on his few early thoughts on Wild Force. It is underrated IMO.

And that was pretty much it for another night.. and day, I guess. See ya.


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