tmnt 25th anniv dtv details / today

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4Kids representative TMNT4Kids has revealed more somewhat minor details concerning the 25th Anniversary Direct-to-Video movie. The film will air as multi-part episodes on TheCW4Kids before being released uncut on DVD & Blu-ray “before year end”. It’s an original story that takes place in the TMNT 2k3 universe and it will not be in the animation style of BTTS (yay). There was talk of the film getting a screening at the San Diego Comic Con this year, but those may just be rumors..

I awoke in the morning, watched Mighty Boosh (haha), then got on PlayStation Home for a little while. But then my dad woke up and I eventually let him watch some of his boring mornings shows (including Ellen) while I got online for a while. I kept looking and looking for a UPS truck. Must. Have. inFamous.. Finally, I retook the TV and watched last night’s Greek (very good episode this week).

And then inFamous arrived during it. And it did include the Uncharted 2 Multiplayer Beta code (I’m more looking forward to the Home clothes though.. the code that’s e-mailed to me later 😦 ). Once it was over, I put the disc in and played through the first few missions.. then checked out PlayStation Home for a bit.. and played through a few more inFamous missions (as well as a little rampaging and goofing off.. lol @ the peds saying I was showing off when I actually was :p ..then they said I was crazy when I was jumping across these short columns down the sidewalk, haha).. then briefly visited PlayStation Home again. Heh. I already got five new trophies out of it too. Nice. πŸ™‚

My dad got some fast food for supper (blah), then I eventually returned to my room to news-gather. Usually lately, I’ve been keeping my PS3 online as late at 7PM. But I retired at about 5:30 today. Probably because I wanted to get in on some people giving away the inFamous GameStop-exclusive Gigawatt Blades codes in some forums. I want them too. *pouts* 😦

In primetime, we watched two episodes of According To Jim (haha), Mental (season premiere.. those head zipper bumpers before every commercial were a bit annoying.. but I liked it.. *sees Jacqueline McKenzie* ..I miss The 4400.. *cries*) and another CSI New York (very good episode.. again.. surprisingly :p). And then I returned to my room for the night.. See ya.

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