robot chicken star wars ii dvd extras / today

Warner Bros has revealed a July 21st release date for Robot Chicken: Star Wars Episode II. The single-disc DVD will feature the TV version as well as an extended cut of the half-hour special, plus over 90 minutes of special features. Cool. 🙂

The morning started awesomely, I suppose. I awoke, got online briefly, then checked out PlayStation Home in order to do the day’s Xi puzzle. After that, I watched Donnie Darko on Blu (theatrical version.. awesome, loved it, will have to watch director’s cut again someday), followed by S. Darko: A Donnie Darko Tale on Blu (lame clone direct-to-video sequel.. didn’t really like it, then I fell asleep like halfway through it..). If I knew my dad was in his room in bed rather than at dialysis where was was supposed to be, I probably probably wouldn’t have watched the movies today at all. I had to turn the first one’s volume up quite a bit just to understand what the heck they were whispering. Haha.

My dad came out of his room once the movie loudly started, then returned there once I turned it up too loud for him.. But he came back out after the second film and we watched his Ellen. Then I made the mistake of changing it over to the NASCAR race that was rained-out yesterday. I though he’d just check it out for a bit, then I’d take over again. I kept the PS3 online and everything. But instead, I ended up just sitting there waiting. For hours and hours. In fact, I wasted the whole afternoon. I think I must’ve fallen asleep a few times too. And when I noticed the time was finally reaching 5PM, I said “fuck it” and returned to my room. Ugh. But perhaps I deserve it after all the TV time I’ve taken from him lately..

So I got online to news-gather and we eventually had some supper.. that I wasn’t particularly hungry for.. The news-gathering didn’t take as long as usual (possibly due to the holiday), so I had to waste some time online after that. Boooorrrreeedd.. And my dad ensured an even longer bout of boredom by deciding to watch the two-hour Indy 500 award ceremony. Watch as each driver gets their paychecks and make their usual yawnworthy speeches. Gawdamnit.

Once that was finally over, we watched the latest two episodes of Ghost Whisperer (the first episode was alright — Alexa Vega — but the season finale was a bit better.. when I brought up Medium airing after this show in the fall, my dad complained about that show always being the same and I said Ghost Whisperer is more “the same”). And then I returned to my room for the night..

The wait for inFamous tomorrow is killing me. Probably because I’m so damn bored right now. But it’s coming release-date delivery via UPS tomorrow, with Uncharted 2 multiplayer beta code.. and eventually the pre-order exclusive PlayStation Home clothing. Yeesss.. See ya.

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