Sunday 05.24.2009 — booooorrrrreeeeedddd -_-

Once I finished up the previous entry, I.. got on PlayStation Home. But as usual, I didn’t last too long. I got on EU Home to get my inFamous VIP T-shirt via PSN code. I wonder if they’ll distribute it in the US Home too.. I briefly awoke a couple times, eventually getting the PS3 closed and shut off.. Then I awoke around 4AM and started watched some On Demand stuff.. My dad woke up and he eventually watched some news. It really doesn’t make much sense that the news is on all morning for Indy 500.. yet the actual race is blacked out and airs in primetime instead.

Eventually, I took over the TV and watched two episodes of Bleach (eh, it’s getting all-serious again.. and I’m disliking it again 😦 ). I fell asleep during the latter of the two episodes.. for a few hours, I think. Then I tried to watch the missed part again.. and fell asleep again. But then I watched two episodes of Code Geass (wow, great episodes), the last six episodes of Get Smart: Season 2 (I watched three.. then watched three more.. my dad was glued to the radio listening to the Indy 500 and I took advantage.. maybe I’ll watch some movies tomorrow), Party Down (season finale.. pretty good) and Legend of the Seeker (one more down, three to go.. a particularly good episode too).

By this point, the Indy 500 was over and my dad was preparing to watch the NASCAR race. I got online for a bit, then headed to the bedroom DVR and watched Gossip Girl (season finale.. very good episode, and yay @ the very last scene :p) and Ugly Betty (pretty good I guess.. I’m behind on this and Supernatural on the bedroom DVR 😦 ). Then I got online and pretty much wasted the rest of my night there. :/

Updating my personal Spectacular Spider-Man episode list today, I noticed that it’s going be just over a YEAR since new episodes have aired in the US. Damn. The Season 1 finale is all 06/14/2008, and now the US Season 2 premiere on Disney XD is 06/22/2009 (a one-hour, two-episode premiere). Ack. I cannot wait to see these episodes.. and I’ve waited long enough. Yes, I downloaded the UK airings or whatever, but opted to wait for the US airings to watch them instead..

See ya.

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[ HR 985 To Protect Obama From Birth Certificate Fraud ]
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[ Tony Blair Believed God Wanted Him To Kill ]
[ Who Is An Anti-Semite? ]
[ Mother, Son Still Hiding From Forced Chemo ]
[ Video: Memphis UFOs – Jetliners Stacked Up On Airport Approach? ]


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