Saturday 05.30.2009 — prlg german dvd cover art / playstation home e3 press

MarioRanger has posted a look at the German DVD cover art for the June release of Power Rangers Lost Galaxy: The Complete Season. I’ll agree with Golden_Lightning and say “Eh it’s alright.” And also add “Haha, those Rangers look like action figures.” :p

It’s now been confirmed that Sony’s E3 press conference on June 2nd will be streamed in PlayStation Home this year, at the new Presentation Podium space. Unfortunately, it will be on delay by one or two hours.. “-NO, picture frames won’t be available yet with the 1.21 update, but YES, we are getting them. You will hear more about them very soon, we promise (hint: it’s a good idea to hang out in Home during E3!)”. Interesting…

I awoke pretty early in the morning and watched Best Week Ever (haha).. then fell asleep again.. A few hours later, I awoke again and began watching / VHSing TMNT Back To The Sewer (the series finale that I missed taping months ago finally re-aired this morning.. a nice send-off…. probably could’ve been better). Then I eventually followed that with Batman: The Brave And The Bold (wow, could this be my favorite episode in the series so far? possibly.. lol, mostly because of all the lampooning it does.. there’s some funny stuff here, particularly during the convention scene :p).

I was thinking about watching the rerun of last week’s Power Rangers RPM episode 1913: “Brother’s Keeper”.. but I changed my mind. *cough* ..As my dad headed out to the grocery store, I took the chance to get the PS3 online. I played completely through the inFamous Demo (it’s been confirmed that the Home Cole costume will unlock on June 4th if you beat the demo, so.. now it’s done šŸ™‚ ), then got into inFamous for a while too (wow, really enjoying the story.. difficult not to just keep doing the story missions :p).

My dad returned home, saw me playing, then went to sleep.. I got on PlayStation Home for a bit, then eventually wanted to watch a movie. My dad woke up at this point, so we watched Sex Drive (I downloaded the joke unrated version and liked it, so I bought the DVD with Best Buy bonus disc on release week.. then waited until now to watch it.. my dad really enjoyed it too, very funny movie). We had some fast food for supper and watched some Deal Or No Deal (first time I’ve really watched it in ages), then returned to my room and got online for a while..

And then I.. stayed online all night.. and nothing else happened. :/ See ya.

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