dvd ads may 24-30 / ghostbusters come home / today

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Click on the corresponding retailer for their ad for the week of May 24th to 30th: Best Buy & Target. Wow. Absolutely nothing in these ads for me… Nope, nothing… *eyes new Mandy Moore CD* :/

Loot, creators of the Living Room Stage Set personal space for PlayStation Home, have released a funny new trailer promoting the May 28th debut of Ghostbusters.. in PlayStation Home. There’s been talk of a themed space as well as virtual versions of the famous Ghostbusters costumes. Cooool. šŸ™‚

I awoke some time around 4AM to my dad getting ready to leave. Damn. I had fallen asleep prematurely again.. I got online and finished up the previous entry. Then my dad left and I eventually got the PS3 online again and went to PlayStation Home. I hung out at a few places.. then I think I briefly fell asleep.. I awoke and soon did the Xi thing for the day. I was pretty surprised when I saw it was a LittleBigPlanet community level that needed to be played to get the next code. I then eventually completed it and inputted the code.. Next, I watched four more episodes of Get Smart: Season 2 (hahaha).

My dad returned home soon after I started the episodes, then he eventually went to bed for a nap.. I played the InFamous Demo some more (I finished the first mission and mainly just rampaged otherwise :p), then soon returned to PlayStation Home.. where I pretty much stayed all afternoon. First, I tried to glitch in the Resistance space for a bit, then headed over to EA Complex for a game of poker. There’s some weird glitches there now. People sitting strangely and the points during the game don’t seem to add up either. One guy in my game put all in and lost, then still got some back. And near the end, I almost won a game. So close.

I see a poker bracelet a lot more likely to unlock than those damn Resistance items. Complete Waves 1-4 for the white T-shirt that was just thrown together in 10 seconds. I’m unable to complete Wave 3. Every single time. Complete Waves 1-4 to 100% (destroy all ships) to get the cool-yet-silly-looking spaceship hat. And now there’s a rather frickin’ cool looking jacket you can unlock.. if you achieve 1,000,000 points. I think only a handful or so have done that so far.. But anyway.. I got bored with it all and got off of it ah hour earlier than the norm lately, then got online to news-gather. We also had some supper.

And then in primetime, we continued to catch up since there was nothing new on again tonight. We watched The Mentalist (very good episode.. that 20-something teenager was sorta hot.. >_> ), CSI New York (wow, they went all intense with the holocaust stuff.. all *throwing it in your face* ..had to make sure I was still watching the same show), The Mentalist (the season finale.. pretty good here too) and The Soup (lol). And that was about it for the night..

So it seems the inFamous Cole Home costume from downloading the demo will actually become available in the coming week. Yay. And double yay because I just now got a shipping confirmation from Amazon on inFamous. UPS via “Next Day Air Saver”. Cannot wait to start playing when it arrives on Tuesday. :p See ya..

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